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12-31-99, 20:00
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06-14-16, 04:33
Came to your area looking for something great. Found this one on backpage.


Agreed on an arrangement. When she arrived she took money and began giving half-hearted BJ. Complained during it. When I asked if she was going to take bottoms off she said that was not part of our arrangement. This was for a half hour not qv. She said she wanted triple what we agreed to. I said no. Told her to give back half. She got ready to leave and told me she doesn't work that way. Didn't fight her on it but DO NOT see this girl. She's a rip off.

08-26-19, 16:20
She will rob you.


Ad title: Quote "TIGHT LIKE A VIRGIN" ;- 24/7 -9825;  (425) 678-.

I've seen her a couple of years back with no problems, at the time was Sheila. She goes now by Channel, added some weight, and hangs now with a shitty crew.

Got to her motel room on Aurora, got naked an start touching each other, when a 6 ft black male enters the room and start asking what's going on? LOL.

Put back my clothes and walked away, as she's telling me she's going to make it up to me later.

It was obvious that he was willing to confront me if I was trying to get in any arguments.