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12-31-99, 20:00
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09-22-13, 21:56
I had a recent so so encounter after a crap load of back and forth texting and finally got her to call me. PM for details and. 22yo nice body small tits, good mouth but kind of a starfish. No rush but very little enthusiasm. Works out of the Robinson area.

09-30-13, 07:01
Tried another provider I met through CL amed Joni. Abit hard to connect with as she had phone problems but we got it done. Great attitude, good skills and very cooperative. Could become a regular here as it's closer and no problems and she was very accomadating. BBBJ no CIM 2 jacksons.

10-21-13, 16:14
Have had some pm exchanges with a few members (not to mention names) and have given over some digits in return for others contact info and have recieved nothing. Guys...this is for mutual benefit. Spread the wealth or not but don't make promise you don't intend to keep.

10-18-16, 15:37
Has anyone tried these two girls from McKeesport? One is named Danielle.

10-25-16, 12:39
I put an ad on CL and received bunch of crapy responses. Finally got a response from a Robin 35 why live in Baden Pa. Seems like a UTR and wondering if anyone had a running with her. 100 why for the hour GFE.

11-04-16, 15:06
Has anyone tried these two girls from McKeesport? One is named Danielle.I read that they aren't that great. 6 for 15 BBBJ cim, lots of damage from baby and drugs. Don't know personally, just what I read.