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04-10-02, 01:33
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04-19-02, 17:29
Heading out to Bakersfield, Are there SW's or MP's here??

04-19-02, 20:02
Dterminator1, A few sw on Union, most 3-4, bj about $15, 20-25 for half&half. Lately very slow.

05-08-02, 20:53
Anyone try one of the new MP in town ? One advertises "young ladies". If anyone has any info.,lets hear about it.
Found a nice sw on Baker last weekend, 15 for bbj to finish, hope to see her again. topdog

05-16-02, 06:59
whyisitsohard, there is one amp in town that has a couple of girls that give hj, both worked for amp in Oildale. They left before it shut down, I went in to this amp one day and girl said she remebers me from the amp in Oildale. After small talk, I put my hand on her ass and she pulls down the sheet and gives me a hj. One won't let me feel her tits, other will. I give 30 and they seem happy with that.

05-16-02, 13:48

05-16-02, 20:16
WHYISITSOHARD, your right give yourself a handjob.it is cheaper.

05-17-02, 13:03

05-17-02, 19:31

Where did all the ****** go... I've been off the seen for many years... but I can't believe we have been cleaned out... the BPD isn't that effective.

Top... so is there a "happy ending" AMP still around... if so where...

I haven't been around in a while... I thought maybe they moved the streets or something.

Someone must know.

05-17-02, 20:20
To be honest, I think the public has put pressure to "clean up" the areas that had alot of SWs. Even up to a couple of years ago you could go up and down Union or even No. Chester and see alot of "girls" trying to make money. You could go at any hour of day or night and have your pick.( and pay 10.00 for a bbj) Now more times than not you leave without seeing anyone working. I used to drive into motel parking lots and have 3 or 4 girls opening their doors looking for a customer. Not anymore. The good old days are no longer.

05-30-02, 15:47

05-30-02, 21:59
whyisitsohard, I hope you are kidding 40 bucks ??. I got a bbj for 15 today, saw here up the street from where you were. She was black girl about 5 in the face, 7 on the body. She was wearing a dress, I had my hand under her dress and she opened her legs for me and let me play. She didn't hurry me and seemed like a nice girl. She says she goes out there about 5 to catch the guys that get off work. Try Flower St. saw about 4 girls, 2 hispanic, 1 white and 1 black, all nice looking. I am very cautious, by the time I went around the block they were gone. They are out there just have drive and look. But DON'T pay that much, 20 for half and half, 25 at most.

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06-04-02, 18:23
I'm from Bakersfield and I can't believe that the best thing going is still Union St.

06-04-02, 20:12

06-05-02, 07:43
Has anyone tried the new place that advertises in paper on Stockdale near the freeway ? Looks interesting. If anyone has been there let us know.

06-06-02, 22:10

06-07-02, 02:30
Thanks for the help oh great fishdeity

06-10-02, 00:44
Why is it that people always seem to go with what I consider to be the least likely definition of the word Bass?

06-10-02, 17:48

There was only one true BassGod...that would be Jaco!

There are probably more fishermen in Bakersfield than Jazz fans....

06-13-02, 00:55
Can anyone tell me how long it would take to get from Santa Cruz to Bakersfield?? I looked on yahoo and it said like 4 hours or something......is that an accurate time frame?? Let me know

06-16-02, 10:39
I think you might have been in Bakersfield too long...You have a right to your opinion....Chill OUT!

06-16-02, 10:46
Anybody notice that LE shut down new AMP on Stockdale ? I went in there twice, one young very attrictive asain girl with the best ass I've seen in a long time gave hj but wouldn't give fs. I understand another AMP is coming soon, better get their early, I'm sure it will be target for LE.

06-16-02, 16:50
I wish to apoligise to all members of the Bakersfield forum...except BassGod. To you my friend I must say that I was simply adding a bit of humor to your post about people refering to Bass as fish insted of a musical instrument.

Yes, I know that Jaco had problems, he had severe mental issues to deal with and his bizzare actions did him in. BUT there is no denying that he was a great bass player, not a diety (as you apparently think you are, reach up and pull the plug on your head, It may be a bit larger than it needs to be) but a great bass player none the less. If you were really a musician you would realize that his personal life did not diminish his ability and talent (not just my opinion, but fellow musicians, like Joni Mitchell, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, and oh yes, a little Jazz fusion band called Weather Report, as well as and many other real and well respected musicians) perhaps you should stick to fishin', and leave music to the pros!

By the way, just for the record, I don't "worship" Jaco or any other man. That's why you will remain BassAss in my book!

Sory for the rant folks. Next post will stay on topic!


06-17-02, 01:03
***Guys ignore this post, It isn't interesting. ****

***The only reason I've posted it is because I feel it's necesary to respond.


What happened? Did you stew for a couple of days and take time to think of the perfect flame?

Well my Handle BassGod was pinned to me, not picked by me, and it has stuck. It's really an inside joke, but you'd have no way of knowing that. I continue to use it because I'm known by it by many people in many forums.

I don't agree that Jaco Pastorius was a great musician. I don't even think he was an adequate musician. I think It's a case of the Emperors new clothes. He not only had personal problems, but he truely was mentally chalenged, as in border line mental retardation. Did you ever hear an interview with him? He could barely get a coherent sentence out.
Do you know the story of Jaco Pastorius? He started by playing some kind of horn (Sax i think) to a record player. The thing is that it was a very crappy record player that had a very muddy sound, no definition no way of discerning individual instruments. That is the real true story. It was from a documentary made after he got killed starting a fight with a club bouncer, while in a Heroin daze I might add. When I picture a dopey kid blowing a beat up horn tonelessly to a tinny record player I almost laugh. But that is the way he came at music. He wasn't a great musician he was a dope head that didn't know how to play, and people mistook his incompetence for genius.

Now I probably didn't need to get so mad when you brought up this fool, but being a Bass player I have had to listen to mindless sheep extoling the virtues of Jaco Pastorius on a regular basis, and I'm just a little sick of it.

Jaco Pastorius wasn't fit to kiss the feet of the truely great Bass Players that have had to toil in the shadow of his false splendor; Like Bootsie Collins, or Gezer Butler.

It just occured to me that maybe Pastorius got into Heroin because he knew he was a fraud and couldn't deal with it, hmm?

06-17-02, 15:17

You have your opinion and I have mine...and yes I do know Jaco's story! And yes I know that there are other Bass players that deserve recognition..perhaps even in Bakersfield!

I think I would rather consentrate on the real reason for this Forum...don't you agree?

No hard feelings....Play on "BassGod"

06-17-02, 21:43
yodaman, bassgod-
Use your energetic posts to get me laid dammit...where'd the action go?

06-18-02, 01:18

No problem, I never take message board comments seriously.


I've seen you post on the Thailand forum, so I know that you know the answer to your problem.

06-20-02, 21:02
the problem is that Thailand trips are too far and few to make up for the longing in the states...

06-22-02, 04:08
Hey BassGod,
Now that you stumbled into a useful perpose for the Bakersfield Forum I must say I agree with you... Joco was a babbling fool of a bass player 95% of the time. With that said....
What do you think of:
Less Claypool?
Anthony Jackson?
Percy Jones?
Chris Squire?
Tony Levin?

06-28-02, 21:48

I'm guessing that going to Bakersfield for a month in the summer time isn't by choice.

To answer your question I guess your best bet is to pick up a girl on Union and go back to her motel room. Or you might be able to pick up as girl in a bar and get it for free. Thats the one good thing about bako, it's never that hard to get laid. I'd say that the biggest peril in the Bakersfield bar pick up is that you run the risk of getting beaten/stabbed/shot by some guy that doesn't like you talking to a girl that he thinks is his property.

06-29-02, 02:47
Bass, thanks for the tip.

You know, I'm not in bakersfield for fun...it's necessity. Have family here and I'm helping out. Anyway, that comment about the bar scene is funny. I knew there were some serious neanderthols in bakersfield, but didn't know there was such a high risk of one of them going off on you while picking someone up.

About the bars, don't know them much. Any tips on places you've frequented before? What is it YOU do?

Any advice from others would be appreciated. I arrived yesterday and cruised the east part of town (flower and mt vernon area by KMC) and saw a couple of latinas who seemed to be available for business. I got a hand job for 20 bucks from one of them. Only thing is they all have tatoos and shit and even if they are young...are too trashy to even think of getting a blow job from.

06-29-02, 14:08

It's been quite some time since I lived in Bakersfield but I used to get lucky at the downtown bars.

06-30-02, 17:25
Will be in Bakersfield the end of June for a meeting, can anyone tell me a place I can find some good SW action? Let me know.

07-20-02, 02:32

10-08-02, 22:36
I'll be heading out to Bakersfield for a day or 2 in about a week. Anyone know where the street action is, or if it's even existent? Last time I went (about 4 years ago) there was some decent action (mostly tattoed white broads and a few fat mexicanas) on Union south of the 58, but I havent been up there in a while.

thanks in advance

10-10-02, 02:03
Hey topdog,

I'd be interested in hooking up with your two females if you'd be kind enough to share their info......I could use a good massage. I've had some luck at Paradise Massage near California and Oak with a gal named Judy.....

You can email me direclty at luvs_2lik@hotmail.com,


10-11-02, 18:21
Bigdaddy661, The one girl that works out of her home doesn't want anyone to know what she does. I think she has only a couple of "clients" and I think she only does it to make ends meet. We have become very good friends and she has told me in the past not to give out her number. sorry on that one.
The other girl is 26yrs old, I've been with her about 6-8 times and she was charging only 25, but I was with her last week and she freaked me out when we finished. I left 25 on the table and started to get dressed when she TOLD me to give her 20 more. I told her that was all I had she called me a liar and put her chair in front of the door and sat their and said she knows I have more and asked to see my wallet. I opened my wallet to show her (I use a money clip) and she demanded next time it would cost me more. I wouldn't have a problem giving more (its full service with a long rimjob) but with that sudden freaky attitude, I won't see her again. She did call about 30 min after seeing her and said she was sorry, but I feel she might try something wierd (blackmail ?). To make a long story short you don't her number. Also have been to Paradise. I'm not sure of her name, but one girl their had luck with and about 3 other girls no luck. topdog

10-14-02, 07:28
Hey Bigdaddy661, did you get my email about Myst ?

10-19-02, 17:46
how much are the massages at paradise? I am also wondering where the sw's are? I am at a motel at 901 union. There is a really skanky thing I think might be, but wouldn't touch with a thousand foot pole. I am new to bakersfield and can't find anything. What about Showgirls any girls worth a look. do they date customers?

10-20-02, 10:40
rickshaw, If you can afford a showgirl or a massage at Paradise then you can afford a better motel than anything on Union. That skanky girl at your motel probbly is a sw. There used to be heavy traffic of sw on Union, not much anymore (be still out there) also on Baker and up on Flower by the hospital not a lot out there anymore. Massage at Paradise is 70 hr.

10-20-02, 16:59
thanks topdog. how much do you tip the girls at paradise. los angeles massage parlors are about 100 for f/s. the same here? and if a guy can afford it the showgirls give it up?

10-20-02, 20:22
Don't know about showgirls. At Paradise, I don't think you will get f/s. If anything maybe a hj, then tip about 30. I know they give a good massage but most won't do any more then a massage. You might find one that will give a hj, but thats it. FYI there is a new Chinesse MP that just opened up on Stockdale, look in the local paper, same place that opened up about 6 months ago then closed after 3 or 4 weeks. You might get lucky there. I went to it the first time they opened up and got a good massage and a hj then, tip was 30. If you find out more let us know. topdog

10-31-02, 16:28
I just got back from a two week Bakersfield visit with my parents. I was talking about the best bars to pull drunk girls from with an old friend that lives there, let’s call him “Jack”. “Jack” say’s “Hell, why don’t you just take $80 down to (Shayla Massage on Rosedale highway, in the same strip mall as Rockin Rodeo) and ask” for, let’s call her “Mindy”. He says” It’s all Asian and “Mindy” will lick your ass”. I assumed that she was at least average looking, and I was definitely looking for full service. I didn’t go that nigh but did the next day. I walk in and ask for “Mindy” the lady at the counter asked me what kind of massage I wanted and showed me a confusing price board. There are probably 30 choices from a $30 dollar half hour Swedish to a $110 hour and a half mixed message. I chose a one hour Swedish at $60. I was taken back to a room, told to undress, and was left waiting for 30 minutes. Finally “Mindy” showed up, she’s a fairly old (mid forties) and very unattractive woman (maybe a two) Korean lady. She was so horrid that I new I couldn’t screw her. I tell her that “Jack” sent me. He’s not the blend in type so it wasn’t long before we both described him sufficiently to convince each other that we’re talking about the same guy. She proceeds to give me a very mediocre massage. She tries to wrap things up without even touching my Willy so I ask “do you give happy ending massage”. She said “Jack tell you?” I said “Jack tell me you good lady”. She says “I help you but we must be careful”. She was adequate at spanking it and I showered and tipped her a $20 but I won’t go back.

11-02-02, 15:20
I've been going to Shaylas since they opened up years ago. I go there for a good legit massage, but did come across a girl that worked at AMP in Oildale(she left before it got busted),she remebered me frome there. So I did get a hj, but thats it.(Not sure she is still there)The rest of the girls there I believe are legit and give a decent massage. I have also gotten a haircut there. Anyone going there expecting more will be disapointed. Also it is not all Asain, there was a young white girl that gave massages. If I'm wrong and there is more going on there let us know.

11-02-02, 19:18
Well as I said I did get a hand job but had to ask for it. I probably got it because I don't look like I could possibly be a cop, and my friend is even more un-cop like. I was disapointed because $60 for a mediocre massage is a lot of money and I'd never pay $80 for a hand job besause I can do it myself for free.

11-02-02, 20:28
Bassgod, actually you got a hj because you got the one girl out of maybe 1/2dozen that work there that give more than a massage. The one girl that used to work at the AMP in Oildale must still works at Shaylas.

11-03-02, 15:21

Is this "girl" your refering to an old (mid fourties) very unatractive Korean lady? Thats who I got the $80 hj from.

11-03-02, 15:57
BassGod, could be her. if I remember its starts with a "h" ?

11-03-02, 19:51
The name I was told didn't have an h in it but I doubt it was her real name because it didn't sound very Korean.

You say you go there for straight massage, which massage and which masseuse would you recomend? I can get a very good straight massage here in San Francisco for $45. I paid $60 for a mediocre massage in Bakersfield and found that to be pretty ironic.

11-09-02, 16:19
Top Dog,

I don't suppose you could give us the run down on MP's where you can get FS and what the prices are?

11-09-02, 16:20
Guys ever try the phone chat lines advertised in the newspaper? I've gotten pretty lucky through it. Young girls with nothing better to do. Just watch out, some of the oildale girls are scarrryy!

11-09-02, 18:54
BassGod. I don't know of any MP here in town that provide FS. There used to be a couple, but they don't last long here. The last I knew about was in OIldale, but it got busted about a year or two ago. If there are any here in town, a HJ is about all you get. I think if any girls at a MP give more than a massage,its on the sly. A new place opened up a couple of weeks ago that might show promise, its on Stockdale. It opened at the same place that was shut down by the PD months ago. When I went there when opened up the first time got a massage and HJ by a very cute Chinese girl with the best ass I ever saw on an Asain girl. Tried to get more but HJ was all she would do.

11-10-02, 15:37

Thanks for the info.

11-17-02, 19:21
Where on Stockdale is that MP you're referring to Topdog......And do you have any info on the MP on F street called California Massage??

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

11-18-02, 22:07
On Stockdale 1 blk west of the 99, in a strip mall, can see the sign from Stockdale. As for the MP on "F" st. not familar with it.
Went to a MP on California last Friday, older Asain girl said she got fired awhile back for satisfing customers and when some asshole tried to get hj from another girl there and she wouldn't do it,he said this other girl does it. Well the girl went to the owner and told her what was going on, the older girl got fired. She was out of a job for about 2 months before she begged for job back and got it but promised not to do anything improper. She hinted that she would not have a problem if we met after she got off work sometime. As she put it its OK to satisfy yourself, she even takes care of herself sometimes. She was a little older than I like,but........

12-02-02, 05:06
I am gonna be in Bakersfield for a few weeks in January. Could some one please give me the name of a couple of bars where single women could possibly be met. I am in my mid thirties, so I am not looking for "teen-age" kind of places.
Thanks in advance. J.G.

12-03-02, 22:50
Just a note. If you are looking for a good MP, you have to go out of Bakersfield. About a month ago,happened to be in Oxnard and visited a AMP (tons to choose from) and got a cbj for 40. Went to Upland last week and got FS for 80. (Each was 40 for 1/2hr plus the tip). Each is a distance from Bakersfield, but was out there anyway. Just wish Bakersfield would open up a little more.

12-04-02, 22:28

When I'm in town I hang out at the Mint and at Lucky's downtown. There are a lot of places downtown and lot's of ladies if you don't mind White trash bar hags, I have no Idea where to go if you want to meet attractive women in Bakersfield.

12-17-02, 13:35
Does anyone know a motel that you can utilize by the hour or partial day in the Bfield area. Or one that has in room jacuzzis?

12-17-02, 15:22
Does anyone know of a hotel or motel that rents partial days or by the hour in the Bfield Oildale area???

01-12-03, 10:02
Anybody been crusing the streets lately ? Be carefull out there, never seen so many LE. Tons of cops stoping cars on Union, I think mainly for speeding. But keeps the SW away, over last two weekends saw mayby 4 sw. Hooked up with one BSW,she told me since gang taskforce been patroling,streets have been dead. But did see one WSW off Union, she had to be about 5'10", nice looking but with so many LE out didn't want to take a chance.

01-30-03, 14:49
Wow. Finally located a BB about Our Fair City, Bakersfield. Doesn't surprise me at all that nobody has any good leads on this scene. I've been here for over ten years and Union has just gotten worse and worse in terms of selection. (Doesn't help that the DA and LE here are like Nazis about punting.) Finally decided it was easier to drive to LA or even Tijuana. Spent last weekend in a hostess club in downtown LA and the week before in TJ. Trying to cultivate information on AMPs within reasonable driving range down south, like in Santa Clarita or the SF Valley. Made contact this week via the internet with a woman in Bakersfield who claims to earn a little extra money at night providing comfort with certain "select gentlemen". Don't really know if I qualify, and the prices were like LA/SF, not good old Bakersfield, so I'll probably pass. I'll keep an eye out and post if I see anything worth reporting out there, but don't hold your breath.


02-01-03, 01:01
Matiz. The woman you made contact with in Bakersfield, what kind of money is she talking about? I might be interested. I agree with you about Union, most of the girls working Union and nearby streets are pretty sorry. But once in awhile do get something worth the time. I pickup a WSW on some weekend early morning before the sun cums up that is very good at what she does and is a very nice person. Last weekend she gave me her address and told me she would do a threesome with her girlfriend sometime. Also picked up a HSW last Saturday nite that gave one of the best BBBJ I've ever had. She was a little on the heavy side but I was horny and didn't see anything else out there so I picked her up (glad I did !). Other times can go out there and see nothing. If you get a chance go out to Oxnard area, tons of AMPS and the price is not bad. topdog

02-01-03, 15:56
topdog, the woman quoted $150/hr plus $50 for each additional hour. I arranged a meeting the other day, and decided afterward that it wouldn't work for me. She's a pleasant, middle-aged lady who decided to supplement her regular job with some additional income. But BBW doesn't begin to paint the picture; she is extremely large. Just couldn't see myself cuddling up next to her regardless of the price.

In the last week I've only seen one WSW on N. Chester, a couple of possible HSW candidates on Flower, and a couple of WSW's on Union. Nothing worth following up on.

In years past, I was always able to strike up an ongoing relationship with an SW who was fairly reliable and could be reached on a regular basis. I'm not optimistic of being able to do that right now. It looks pretty grim out there. AMPs in SF and LA definitely are the closest viable options for the time being.

And BTW, is Dejavu the only strip club in Bakersfield? I thought there used to be a couple of others but apparently they got shut down. A friend from LA said he had heard that some of the farming communities like McFarland, Delano, and Wasco, might have some Latino bars that had ladies on the weekend (for dancing and for extra-curricular activities). It seems logical that the Latino workers might want to get laid on the weekend, but I haven't had the time to check it out.


02-01-03, 23:53
Matiz. That price is way out of my league. The Dejavu is the only stripbar in town. I remember their was one out on Edison Hwy, but shut down just as I moved here 13 yrs ago. There was talk of another one coming to town, but it keeps getting turned down.
A few years ago I read in the local paper about some areas in Delano that were being targeted by LE. I think they shut down a lot of bars that had working girls working in them.
If I may ask how did you find the BBW on the internet? I have found two this way, both on the big side. One charged a 100 for a massage then when she was done with the massage, she said she was on her time and anything goes. She lives in OIldale. The other charged 25 for 1/2hr, but I had to get a room. At first it was cool, she loved to give rim jobs, but then she became a real head case. She started acting as if she were my girlfriend (while still taking my money) and started acting too crazy,so I stoped calling her.

02-02-03, 03:41

Found the BBW on a bulletin board for Fresno (used a Google search for "Bakersfield" and "incall" and came up with it). She told me her friend had actually made the post there, and then later decided she couldn't handle the business, retired, and dumped the clients on this lady. She does live in Oildale and she told me her MO is to give a massage first. So it might be the same lady as the one you met. As I said, nice lady, just way too big for me.

I had heard about the bar on Edison Hwy but, like you , I got here about the time it was getting shut down. With all the tiny little strip bars in LA that serve beer and have a couple of ladies going topless, it's a shock that B'field still only has Dejavu. Maybe some of the dancers will give out their numbers for additional income. It's the world's oldest profession, and there's a market here, so it stands to reason tht there's got to be an outlet somewhere here in town. I'm gonna keep looking. I'll let you know if I turn up anything.


02-06-03, 23:12
Shame we have to go out of town to get a erotic massage, had to go out of town a couple of days ago and made arragement with a Filipina girl to get a massage. (met her on the internet) Great sensual massage and h/j. Cost 90 for everything but worth it, She was HOT. Maybe someday hook-up with an Asain girl here for an outcall, but doubt it. topdog

02-10-03, 00:38
The post which discussed the smaller towns north of bakersfield like shafter, wasco, delano etc. got me wondering.

There is a little hole in the wall bar called graddy's on state in shafter. So I cruise in last night, and here is what happened.

What I found was a mexican bar where the price of beer was exceptionally high compared to the bars around this area (3.50 for domestic, >4 for imports) there were about 10 guys, and an equal number of finely dressed spanish ladies who did not seem to be in the company of the men. Half of the ladies sat lined against the wall as though waiting for someone to approach. No-one there spoke English or if they did they did not let on. As I no hable espanol I was pretty much screwed.

The men were buying beers for the ladies at the same priceas their beers but the ladies received a "pony" beer (7oz)

The ladies would flirt with the guys, and get them to buy more beer, stay longer etc. etc. I noticed as I walked by the restrooms the ladies bathroom had a brand new condom
machine but the mens bathroom had none at all. (strange?)

Other than a little butt pinching and tit fondling nothing else out of the ordinary caught my attention. The women may just be the owners way of getting the men in. It seemed like the guys were getting "clipped" to me. But I didn't stay long and I doubt anyone trusted the strange gringo in their bar. So anyway if there are any spanish speaking brothers who care help out a fellow hobbiest who is new to town, I would be grateful. TJ is just TOO far from here.

02-10-03, 15:58

Sounds like that was a typical Mexican fichera bar where the ladies get the guys to buy drinks for them and get a "ficha" or ticket for each drink purchased. At the end of the night, the ladies redeem the tickets for cash (usually a $1 or $2 for each drink). TJ has lots of fichera bars mixed in with the hooker bars. Sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference. You buy a few drinks for a pretty woman and get a "come-on" from her, and at the end of the night you don't know whether you'll have sex or just a table full of empty bottles. Some of the ficha girls are lots of fun and well worth the time and money spent in their company. Others can down a beer like a suction hose every 5-8 minutes. You have to be very selective, which is extra-tough if you don't speak the language. But they can make relatively good money at it without having to provide any sex at all. Some ficheras I know in TJ can earn 25 fichas per shift. Beats working in a factory and earning $3 a day.

There are a couple of encouraging things about your report. First, where there are fichera bars, there are usually pros or semi-pros nearby. After all, the girls know the guys are going to leave these bars horny and unsatisfied. Easy pickins for an enterprising woman.

Second, if you were there on a Thursday night and there were ten chicas, a Friday or Saturday night ought to be a whole lot better. There'll be more guys too, of course, but part-timers will work the weekends to earn more cash. Lots of possibilities there.

I speak enough Spanish to get by in those bars, so I'll try to find some time to get up to Shafter and check it out. And you never know what'll happen. Once they trust you, the fichera girls are sometimes willing to give you their phone number or meet you outside the bar to earn a little extra cash. It's a longshot, I admit, but in this "dry" county, it's worth a try.


02-14-03, 01:34

Thanks for the info, actually I was there on a Sat. this board is GMT which can warp ones sense of time.
If you plan a visit for this weekend leave a message w/ a time if you want to meet. I'm going to TJ the weekend after. (Gotta get out of here!) And the gulf coast the
weekend after that. (for some real fun!)

Word of advice, only a couple were 9's the rest were some meaty 5's at best. I don't do 5's for free.


02-18-03, 02:21
Hello all,

Wondering if anyone has checked that Chinese Massage place in town...opened a few months back. I walked in today to find a cold reception from the twenty something Asian chick working there. Was told it was 44 for half an hour and they only did "deep tissue massage." The place was dead.

Any info on this place? I took off because I had stuff to do...besides, didn't want to blow bucks for nothing other than a mediocre rub down.

02-18-03, 09:25
blobster. Chinese place opened up over a year ago, was open for a couple of months then got shut down. Not sure if new owner or what . When they were open the first time,got OK massage from a very nice looking Chinese girl with a great ass. When it was over she gave HJ (tried for more, she said no) she wanted 40, said all I had was 30.Since it reopened not sure if the same will happen.

03-13-03, 22:37
Looks like with the warmer weather the SW are out. Went out looking this morning about 5:00 saw 4 or 5 girls walking Union and streets off Union, they were BSW hard to tell what they looked like since still dark out. Saw one young blonde on Union near the fairgrounds looked very nice, but was hard to tell if she was working, could only assume but she didn't look over at passing cars, she looked straight ahead. Anyway hooked up with a BSW that had a place at a trailer park she shared with her sister, she was not much to look at but when your horny........

Three X
03-13-03, 23:03
All Chinese places don't give it up on the first or second time. They have to know/trust you on the 3rd or 4th time!

04-05-03, 18:48
Tried the MP on Stockdale this morning, bad massage and the HJ wasn't much better. Will not go back unless I know a different girl will be there, not bad looking but attitude good be better.

04-07-03, 15:39
New in Bakers. Where on Union is the best place to find girls? What time are they usually out?

Thanks for the 411.

04-08-03, 02:02
Stickitin. Welcome to Bakersfield. I've had luck early in the morning, also after 4:00 PM ( i guess guys getting out of work) I don't usually go out late at nite so can't tell about late at nite. Try Union by the fairgounds up to E.Calif. Also try Baker Ave. and Flower. But to tell the truth most if not all are not that good looking. If anything at least they don't charge much. topdog

04-09-03, 22:08

Wondering how much that place on STockdale set you back...I was told 35 or so when I went in there. Did you tip also?

04-09-03, 22:49
1hr=65, I don't think they do 1/2 hr anymore. She wanted 40 tip, I said that was too much, could only get her down to 30. Not worth it, tried to feel her up, she said no. Put my hand front of her pants,again no. Am sure nothing else other than HJ.

04-15-03, 18:48
Christ! Why the hell do the SWs in Bakersfield need to be so damn dirty and ugly??? Seriously, there's some nasty shit out there.

Was cruising the usual spots today and didn't see anything appealing. I know some guys will fuck anything so they don't care much so long as it's cheap, but I can't imagine sticking a portion of my body into some nasty skank.

Then there's the horrid MP scene here. I only know of one and dog gave it some bad reviews.

Anybody have anything good to share?

Maybe I should go visit Peru again!!

04-20-03, 10:54
Originally posted by blobster
Christ! Why the hell do the SWs in Bakersfield need to be so damn dirty and ugly???

If they were clean and pretty, they'd be in West Los Angeles!

04-20-03, 12:08
If they were in WLA they wouldn't be charging $15 for a bj either .

05-28-03, 14:01
I know there has got to be action in this city. It's just that the girls are clandestine about it. Mostly you have to call them to make a date. Why don't they advertise in the classified section so we can do exactly that. Can't call if we don't have numbers. Speaking of numbers the number of dollars they'll make should make the effort worth it. Been here 6 months and have seen nothing to speak of.

07-10-03, 18:13
There ARE some skanks out there on the street, but don't bother looking for anything quality until mid-month because the welfare money gets paid out first of the month. Towards the end, the nicer ones, those who only date on occasion, can be found in old town kern.

I had this great contact, black chick, was gonna set me up with some latinas for a threesome, but she moved and that was it.

07-11-03, 20:55
blobster. I also hooked up with a girl willing to do a 3some, met her off Flower she is Latina. Nice body, ok face, good personality. She said she knew of some girls willing to do a 3some, I told her I wanted to watch them have fun then join in. She said thats cool, but have had a hard time finding her again. If I find her again I'll try to get a number.
Also met a WSW off Union willing to do a 3some, been with her 1/2 doz. times but she said she moved to OIldale area and doesn't hit the streets as much.
On a different subject, met a BSW the other day on my way to work about 5:00am she agreed to do bj for 15 but told me let her know when I was going to cum. I said OK then she said it would cost more if I came her mouth, told her I had another 4.00 but was going to use that to get something to eat before work, she said OK so I finished in her mouth. I gave her the 4 and she tried to give it back telling me she didn't want me to go to work without having breakfast! Been with her before but don't think she remembered me, I had to push the 4.00 on her. Never had that happen to me, a girl trying to give back some of the money.

07-12-03, 05:38
Will be in Bakersfield for the first time next week. Earlier posts mention a CAMP. Any thoughts? comments? good massages with release? Thanks in advance.

Happy hunting.

07-12-03, 14:32
Top dog you mention you saw this girl on Flower. Is that off Union? When are the best times to look? Where is Old Town Kern? As you see I am not from this town.


07-12-03, 16:11
The same girl that used to work at Aero in SB runs the place here(Tina). Older, not very attractive(needs to lose some lbs), bad attitude and bad service. So I would advise looking elsehwere.

07-13-03, 08:33
Originally posted by raybones99
The same girl that used to work at Aero in SB runs the place here(Tina). Older, not very attractive(needs to lose some lbs), bad attitude and bad service. So I would advise looking elsehwere.
Does Pearl still work there? Your right about Tina.

07-13-03, 13:15

What is the name of the place you mention here? Is it on Stockdale? Will be up soon to the area and want to check it out!

07-13-03, 15:17
Ts i have not personally been to this place it is just some info that was passed along via a mutual friend. I would advise against though as it would be a waste of time and $$$.

07-13-03, 21:51
topdog...DID get that chick's number and she has an answering service...can swap numbers if you want. Anyone else want to swap info send to blobster7@hotmail.com

take care all

07-24-03, 15:06
Was on a local chat line yesterday, personals from the paper, and bumped into a black girl who messaged me. She claimed to be a stripper here in town and does personal shows. She told me "full hour is 150 and half hour 140 for private dance and that includes head."

First, I was taken back by the 140-150...difference of only ten bucks for 30 minutes. Anyway, then I confirmed the "head." She said she works for a service and they need their cut. Makes me think of Deja Vu. They have a private outcall service with an guy who drives them around.

I ultimately declined because I'm not that into black chicks and it was expensive for my taste. I was bored during my vacation and tried the phone line, where I actually hooked up with another girl last night...for free.

You might try the phone lines for trouble free mongering, since the bastard BPD likes to pull over anyone who is out at night in the wrong neighborhood just for the hell of it, without cause.


07-25-03, 14:39

Maybe the reason no one else contributes is because there is nothing to report. I have heard the message from this black girl and also declined because she is a con artist. Anyone who says that the people she works for needs their cut will jack the price before they jack you. Ultimately you'll pay around $400 and maybe...maybe get a lackluster cbj.

Good luck

07-29-03, 01:49

No disrespect to you, but as I recall you are relatively new to the Bakersfield area and you don't even know where the old parts of town are...a part of any town of necessity for this kind of hobby. So, my question is: how do you know there's not much going on?

Ok, true this is a smaller town given the rest of the California board and this shit hole town is so isolated from other cities that it does not benefit from the migration of ladies as do counties like LA and San Diego. Still, if you are watchful and actually follow the hobby from time to time, you'll see things going on.

I can give you two examples to support my point. First, I have corresponded with two other guys on this board and they had worthwhile tips from their own experience. Granted, they were for MPs (which I am not really into), but at least it was real info. Second, I just grabbed a HOT latina last night off Flower at midnight. Well, she was a 7...which is indeed HOT for Bakersfield. :) She is not a regular SW, which explains why I had not seen her before.

I basically think there are not enough true contributors here. Locals in this area must think those of us who cruise and post do it for their benefit. It's reflective of the valley attitude (there's pesticide in the water I guess), even though Bakersfield numbers over a quarter million. I think there are some good tips some posters have here, but they just don't want to share. Sound possible?

OH and I agree about the black chick. You are right. I wouldn't bother. Point was to POST in the chance someone else was interested. THAT'S CALLED "SHARING!"

I recommend the "posters" here, and I use that term loosely, check out other boards like Pomona and see the kind of chat that goes on. Sometimes it's not for a good hookup, rather it's to expose the hot and not-so-hot spots, and general environment. So, my moral to this rant is...after you've either hit pay dirt or wound up short, post it so the rest of us know what's going on in that area. That's all I want.

07-30-03, 00:55
I called a service in the yellow pages. TOTAL disapointment!
$200.00 for a nude dance. NO working for tips. Waste of money. She was cute though.

07-31-03, 14:50

Looks like you have the right name. Services are all rip-offs! They quote you $200 not telling you that is just to get the girl to your door. Anything beyond that is going to cost you extra. A whole lot extra!

The only thing worth paying 4 are independent in-calls. They work for themselves and if they invite you to their place it is usually legit. Out-calls where they come to you they stand a good chance of taking your money and running with it. don't get stung because who you going to call? NO 1 that's who.

08-06-03, 03:03
Again, I'm new to this and have never been with a sw but I went cruising on Union around 4 and saw what I tought was a SW on Union by the fairgrounds by 3 hotels. A Latina who was skinny but too inexperienced to stop. Well just thought I would post.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

08-07-03, 03:28
Like I said before, I'm new to this. However, I went cruising around 3 pm and on Union Ave by the fairgrounds saw a few Latina girls hanging around but wasnt sure to stop or not. I then went on Baker ST by the train tracks and saw another 2 girls walkin down the street. They were very pretty and looked at me while I drove by slow but saw LE a block up so didnt even think about stopping. Thats the info for Wednesday.

08-08-03, 05:55
She probably WAS a sw and probably a crack head too. There's some nasty stuff in Bakersfield...and not just the sw girls!

08-09-03, 23:28
Just curious, has anyone been to any of the massage parlors lately? There haven't been any posts about the massage parlors in a while so I was just wondering.

08-13-03, 16:41
I agree with most of the guys on here that Bakersfield action is pretty slow. I did see a lady off N. Chester not too long ago. She's a little on the large side but very enthusiastic and quite orally talented. On my way into her place, the lady below her came out and looked like she might be worth a visit, too. Anyway, like someone else here said, you just have to look a little harder.

08-13-03, 21:31
Well, by looking at previous posts I went to the massage parlor on Stockdale. The massage sucked and no hj. I don't know if it is because it was my first time there or what but no success. Good thing was that it was only $44 so not too bad.

08-14-03, 01:33
Hey, share the wealth and tell us if this one is worth the visit. Have some info to swap. blobster7@hotmail.com

Also, know any latinas?

08-15-03, 00:32
If you are referring to my post, email me marcus_10@yahoo.com.

Originally posted by blobster
Hey, share the wealth and tell us if this one is worth the visit. Have some info to swap. blobster7@hotmail.com

Also, know any latinas?

08-16-03, 22:51
Supprised you guys are having that hard of a time there.
Just passed through a couple of weeks ago and got hit up by a lot lizzard at a Chevron station next to the HWY. Right in front of my girfriend and her kids! Not too bad looking just dumber than a doorknob.

This time last year I rode through there on motorcycle with some bros and we stayed at an Econolodge on California St. ? I believe. The damn motel was crawling with hos. Bimbos even knocked on our door several times that night. I guess they saw 3 bikers in a room and figuered they gotta have a ho. Noisey as hell there didn't get any sleep. Would have rather camped somewhere along the way.

Happy Hoin!

08-17-03, 06:17
PotShot. Your's is the second post saying alot of hos staying at the Econolodge (oak st). I have rented rooms there plenty of times (but never stayed the night) and have not seen any activity there. Maybe it happens at night? What Cheveron did you see the lot lizard at ? thanks topdog

08-18-03, 21:06
Within the first few exits comming into town going south on the 99. Right (west side) of freeway. About 9:00PM Monday night 8/4. Sorry I didn't make note of the exit. Was running on fumes so I hit the first gas station I could see from the FWY at night.
Sandy haired young gal (Face a little older looking than the body.)getting out of a semi at the off ramp. Walked over and hit me up for a ride and/or date while I was swiping my card.

That Econolodge was a trip. Oak St. does sound familiar. Lots of one or two hour room uses going on. Three big guys came in with one small girl,stayed for a couple of hours then split. She wasn't walking too good when they left. Little tag team action I suppose? Lots of partiers coming in getting high and sketching around the building all night.
The hos there were being managed by two little hispanic guys. They had two rooms side by side across the "L" in the balcony from us. Girls would go out walking,come back with johns and the hispanic guys would hang out and shoot the shit on the balcony. Three black chicks one young (Like barely 18.) white girl and one I never quite figuered out maybe hispanic mix. Talked to the white girl on one of her trips out. She acted real sketchy said she had to pick up something at the store but would talk to me on her way back. She just rolled back in a few minutes later in a car with a john.

Happy Hoin!

08-24-03, 12:54
Had my first 3some today! Early this A.M. went looking for SW down the usual streets, saw a few but the good looking ones(if there is such a thing in Bakersfield) were with their "pimps". So kept driving over the same areas again about 3 or 4 times hoping for anything decent. Nothing, then remebered "Shannon?Rita" stay at a motel on Union. I thought one last try before going home, drove into the parking lot slowed down at the last room I saw her (girls don't usually stay at the same place more than a few weeks and it had been about three weeks since we got together). Has I passed her room I looked in rear view mirror to see if her or any girl would show, she came out and I pulled back to her room. As I was locking my truck, a black guy comes out of her room and walks away, the door is open so I walk in and Shannon tells a girl to come out of the bathroom so I will know who there and its cool. After telling her what I want I take my clothes off and lay on the bed and Shannon tells the other girl to wait in the bathroom, after about 2 mins sucking me the other girls comes out of the bathroom and starts kissing Shannons legs and raises Shannon skirt to put her face between her legs. I asked for 1/2 and 1/2 but said to myself this is better,having Shannon blowing me watching this other girl eat her ! Needless to say I blew my load and continued to watch this girls have fun. Hearing the girls talk sounds like this was there first time together and was not planned. As I was leaving Shannon whipered in my ear if I had another 10 or so, I told her that I didn't have any more on me, she was cool with it. One of the better 25 bucks I have spent in a long time. Shannon/Rita is a BSW about 40, been with her 3 times. Last time I was with her she was dressed up and looked great! This time she looked more her age, because she was partying all night. TopDog

08-30-03, 19:17
Has anyone heard about a crackdown on AMPs ? I called three AMPs in town, two of AMPs the phone rang and no one answered. The third one older mamasan answered said no girls working today, being as horny as I was asked if she gave massage. She said yes but come to back door. As so as she opened the door she looked around to see if anyone was following me. I asked about the other girls,she said they were in L.A. shopping (on Labor Day weekend?,I would think they would be busy) I took 1/2 hr for 40, I know she is OLDER (50sh) but was horny and no other place open. During the OK massage I reached over played grab ass, she didn't move away or say anything (I'm thinking HJ), reached between her legs,she playfull slapped my hand and moved my hand to my sides. Needless to say walked away hornier then when I walked in. Drove around the usual streets around town looking for SW, only saw 2 and neither looked good enough to pick-up. Oh well have to go to L.A. on Monday,know of a couple places to go to get taken car of.

09-26-03, 03:32
I've heard of the crackdown on the MP's in town. I have a friend in law enforcement and all he said was that an undercover cop when in there and the girl got him all naked and gave him a massage and that was enough for them to bring it down! That was the place on Stockdale. As for the others I have no clue about. Has anyone had any luck with the street action lately?

10-21-03, 02:49
Just wondering where is everyone? Seems like there hasnt been any posts in awhile.

Country John
12-11-03, 11:51
Heading to Bakersfield in search of he Mattress Monster - Noticed not many posts, maybe Mattress Monster not there. . . . any sightings?

Country John

12-14-03, 19:41
Very dead as far a MP is concearned, I am sure that independent providers are out there but good luck finding them. The street action remains hit and miss, LE and everyone else knows that street action can be found on Union. Flower and Baker streets also remain hit and miss. Did get lucky on FLower a couple of weeks ago with a LSW, she stays with some other girls off Flower. In fact picked a girl this morn. and she took me to the same house, guess who was asleep in the front room? same girl I was with a couple of weeks ago. The girl I was with a couple of weeks ago, was a GFE, never did that with a SW. She is hot!, this morning sneaked out before she woke up, want to be with her again. Both girls only charged 25, usually only pay 20 around town but they had a place that was safe. topdog.

Country John
12-14-03, 21:57
Cruised Bakersfield (with the wife, an unexpected last minute twist) yesterday into the evening and later alone but no time to hunt the mattress monster.

Did see PLENTY on Ming Street and White Ave. Mostly around the shopping centers. No real prizes here, some hard looking women God bless 'em with only 3 or 4 WSW's that I would haver taken had I had the ops. Lots (several) BSW's. I would not say it's dead in Bakersfield, just don't come when it's called is all.

Be safe and BE NICE

Country John

12-15-03, 21:26
If you were looking on Ming or White, those weren't SW.

12-20-03, 16:37
What kind of girls are these? Even the lowliest of crack hoe's in Los Angeles go for 40 on up. $25, these must be some hard up disease ridden tramps.

Very dead as far a MP is concearned, I am sure that independent providers are out there but good luck finding them. The street action remains hit and miss, LE and everyone else knows that street action can be found on Union. Flower and Baker streets also remain hit and miss. Did get lucky on FLower a couple of weeks ago with a LSW, she stays with some other girls off Flower. In fact picked a girl this morn. and she took me to the same house, guess who was asleep in the front room? same girl I was with a couple of weeks ago. The girl I was with a couple of weeks ago, was a GFE, never did that with a SW. She is hot!, this morning sneaked out before she woke up, want to be with her again. Both girls only charged 25, usually only pay 20 around town but they had a place that was safe. topdog.

12-21-03, 13:38
A ho is a ho, doesn't mater where they are. You go ahead a pay your 40, I'll pay my 20-25, end result is the same except mine is cheaper! topdog

12-21-03, 23:48
Crack ho's in Los Angeles will provide service for nearly anything you give them.

The ones I have chatted with asked $20 but caved to $10 without too much effort.

I'd guess 25 to 50 percent of them are HIV positive and all have communicable STDs.

12-28-03, 15:32
Hooked up with Sharmain(Carol) this AM, looked hot! Went to this apt. she uses (gives the renter some $) She had in the past give great service, but today she was rushing me ( after she found out I was going to give her what I usually give her, she thought I was going to give more) she also was talking about how she sometimes gets 300 (yeah right) so half way thru I said forget it and got up to leave. She said she was worried about the guy whos apt she was using was going to come back. She knew I was upset about being rushed and the service, told me she owes me and will make it up next time. Not sure if there will be a next time, she is nice but spends half the talking too much. There has not been too much out the streets lately. topdog.

The Vintage One
12-29-03, 17:37
Looking for a black provider in the south valley, - Bakersfield, Delano or whereever. Any suggestions are greater appreciated.

01-15-04, 08:01
No signs of life out there. LE all over Union.

01-15-04, 20:47
Liv2dive. You might try driving thru the parking lot of the motels on Union, drive slow and you might get girls open their doors or peak thru the windows. Alot of times they will wave at you, stop if you are interested. Make sure to ask if they have anyone in the room, most do but they will kick them out till your done. It may sound scary but never had a problems with the "boyfriends /pimps". take care,topdog

01-20-04, 04:23
Topdog you da man! I thought that might be a good idea. I was concerned about stares from hotel management. I live in EB and was wondering about F* St, am I looking directly on F* Street and the other streets mentioned or off F*?


01-20-04, 21:38
Liv2dive. Hows it going? Go down F* St. all the way east, keep your eyes open mostly HSW,few BSW, once in awhile a WSW. Also go south 1 block, have had luck there too. Its hit and miss, go one day and nothing next see a few out. I mostly go in the AM, and early afternoon. As far as the motels, the owners or managers have to know what going on. I picked up one girl, she didn't have a room but knocked on the managers room and he give her one for 5.00. It used to be great about until a couple of years ago, you could pull into a motel parking lot and have about 1/2 doz. girls coming of rooms trying to get you to "visit" them! AH the good old days. Good luck and be safe. topdog.

02-06-04, 05:35
I just wanted to see whats going on with Bakersfield! This will probably be the last time i get to post and see whats goin on in this town since I'm going into the Air Force! All the posts have helped me and I just wanted to say thanks to all of those who contribute to the board. I had given an earlier post about a girl who did extra's at De Ja Vu and I was just in there a few days ago and a "friend" said she was fired a few months ago for doing "stuff" in the back. As for now at De Ja Vu, None of the dancers will admit to anything, so if your wondering if you should go there for extra's, DON'T! Again, I'm only here till the 24th of February so if ya'll have information it would be appreciated.


02-08-04, 04:57
Good luck B Town. They are gonna F**k with your head in basic. Keep your chin up and remember its all a game. Let us know where you get assigned and of course the details of the exciting shit you are going to see while abroad! C-ya Wingnut!

02-14-04, 18:29
Hooked up with a BSW a couple of weeks ago on Baker. she took me to a hotel on 19th st. She wanted 40, told her I never pay more then 25 for 1/2-1/2. She agreed to 25, went to her hotel and to give the manager 5 to let me up to her room. She was very good. Started cbj, next I moved to edge of bed, I entered her as she sat on me. Without pulling out we moved to her leaning on the bed me as I continued to hit it from behind. We took a break and she finished with cbj. Gave her my last 5, because she was cool and wanted to make sure I was satisfied.
She was a little thick, but was very clean. When I picked her up I wasn't even sure she was a working girl.
take care everyone, topdog.

03-20-04, 01:25
Had the day off,so I went driving around town. Around 2pm,saw a bunch of SW's. Most were HSW,all seemed to be in there 40's. One looked half way decent, by the time I turned around she was gone. None of the others did much for me so crused aroun Union, saw one BSW that was hot! She was off Union wearing short,short jeans and a t-shirt that barely covered her top. I picked her up, she looked around 18-19, felt kinda guilty about picking her up until she asked if I was a cop. I put my hand on her leg and told her no, she pulled out a tit and said to feel her nipple. She had the best breast I have seen in a long time! Her nipples were about 1/2" long and hard. We drove to a spot, I said 20 for a BJ? She seemed very happy with that ( I think she would have taken less,but I did not want to hassle over the money). She gave one of the best BJ's I have ever had! She sucked me dry and then some! Talked to her as I drove her back to where I picked her up, she has been up for 3 days and was amped. She was very cute, about 5' thin (not drug skinny) great tits and ass. Other then being overly chatty, she was great! Doubt if she will be around much longer ( girls around here don't last on the streets long ). But if I see here again, I am getting a motel, have to tap the ass( did I mention, as she was giving me a BJ I fingered her pu**y and her other hole?!) everyone take care,topdog.

04-04-04, 07:52
Been chatting online with some guy who wants a gangbang with his girlfriend (?), he has been looking for at least 4 guys to do her. Last time I talked to him, he did not find enough guys to do her. Then yesterday found the girl on line, she says he has not found enough guys for a gangbang, tried to see if she would just do me, she doesn't like to do guys that married (but will do them in a GB). She lives here in Bakersfield,if anyone is interested in a gangbang let me know and I will check with them. I have never had sex with a girl with other guys around,so it would be a first for me. It is my understanding that she is up for any kind of sex, I have seen pics of her, she is a BBW. It doesn't bother me (I have done big,small,old,young (over18),pretty, ugly....). The good part of this,if it does happen, as far as I can tell no laws are been broken. They sound as if they don't have a place for a GB,but maybe we can share in the expense of a room or if someone has a place... let me know if anyone is interested and I will see what they think. take care,topdog

04-05-04, 23:23
Let me share my experiences. Came through BF a few days ago. Stayed at the most decent hotel i could find on Union. Right behind the Jack in the box/slash gas station.

Saw a few girls all along Union. Saw this one hot ass hispanice chick, but before i could get back she was gone (that DAMN road median!). Even saw a hispanic/black/white sw with a little boy. she wanted a ride to Jack and the box, and cursed me out when i said no. I ain't in to doing that in front of a lil boy...got boundaries.

The next road over parallel to Union ( iguess it's west) there are numerous BW walking. I picked up one and took her to my room for a quick CBJ for $20. Was really nice and sweet. Wanted to check out more, but wasn't to keen on being out too long and late in unfamiliar areas.

I must ask you guys, how the hell do you manage to monger with that damn median in the middle of Union. Everytime I tried to get to a girl that damn median made it hard to do so...by time a uturn was available...one of you had snatched her up.

Take care guys....won't be back in BakerF....

If you go to Sacramento or Jacksonville....let me know...can help ya.


04-09-04, 14:13
Top Dog if you decide to partake in the gb let me know. I PM you. I used to go to clubs in Los angeles even been in a few gonzo flics. Boring here in B-town. Pretty discrete about these things. Thanks ahead of time.

04-12-04, 15:12

blobster7@hotmail.com...get back with any info you have about the GB. Interested in seeing what that chick looks like.

Take care

04-30-04, 14:47
Attatched is a pic of a party I attendied in LA. Let's get something like this in B-town

05-08-04, 14:26
Drove down Union this AM, nothing much out there. So I picked up this WSW near the fairgrounds, she could use stand to loose a few pounds, but did not feel like spending the morning driving around. She asked what I wanted. I told her 1/2&1/2 for 25 ?. She has a room south of Ming, head down there. In the room gave her 25 and undressed, she pulls down her top then puts a cover and starts with head. Not the best BJ but its OK, she lifts her skirt and asks what position? I want to hit from behind, so she gets in position and she reaches around and puts it in. I swear it was the tightest I have had in a long time, for a second I thought I put it in the wrong hole and was going Greek ! Did not take long to nut. After, I drove her down to the "hood" for some smoke,then to mex.fast food. This girl is early 20's,could loose some lbs. but was nice and friendly. She said she has been in town from Jesery for about 2 weeks, hope she sticks around.
PS. last week drove around on a Sat.morining saw almost nothing on the strees. Drove thru the parking lot of a motel, must have been about 6-8 girls open their doors when I drove by. Almost all were BSW,a few WSW.I did not stop, felt a little uneasy having all this working girls "eyeballing" me plus the fact the driveway is only one way, to get back out you have to make a U-turn and backup a couple of times to get turnaround.(not a good thing if you have to make a quick exit). but next time if I find noting on streets I will try this motel.
everone take care. topdog

05-09-04, 07:13

I think I know which motel you are talking about. Chainlink fence on your left and motel on your right. Lots of interesting people. Cruised down f***** and two streets south. Early am. Saw a huge WSW and thats it. Still slim pickins. someday when I'm a veteran such as yourself I will have better luck! Went to TJ last week, did the alley thing. I felt like a kid in a candy store, every size shape you can imagine! Well worth the trip.

05-09-04, 14:50
Hi Liv2dive, Got to get to TJ. sounds like a greast experience ! We are talking about the same motel here in town. A few years back this was the norm at most motels on Union, now it and miss. A few yrs ago at the same motel was this BSW, nice girl we hit it off right away. A couple of times after paying for her services I would leave and come back a few hrs later with a pizza,not expecting anything just have pizza and chill out for awhile. She would get undressed and take off my clothes ( i told her she didn't have to, she didn't want anything in return) I think she was happy that someone would just want to be around her without wanting something. One day went to visit her and she was gone.Damn I miss her.
Down this street from this motel saw a BSW, she must have been close to 6ft, pulled around to talk to her but there started to be alot of traffic so I left. She wasn't bad looking,big boned girl but with nice legs. May have to go back.
everyone take care, topdog

05-13-04, 06:28

We might as well just PM each other, it seems we are the only people posting. You geeks that are reading this start posting! I know Topdog & I aren't the only mongers rolling out there, I've seen you guys. It's not like we are gonna start waving at each other or using a secret handshake. You don't know who I am and, I don't know who you are, nor do I care. I just want to find a decent LSW.

05-13-04, 21:32

I saw your 6ft BSW today across near the fairgrounds. That is a whole lotta woman. I'm not saying she's fat because she isn't, she is just a very big girl. She would fold me up like a pretzel! I've been trying the area by the hospital because it's close to home but still no luck on the LSW scene.

05-14-04, 07:35
Liv2dive. Thats the girl, I may have to try her out, never had a girl that size, could be interesting! The whole city has been up and down, a few weekends ago I was driving around and saw a couple of SW, the next day around the same time I saw at least a doz. fairly nice looking SW of all colors. The area by the hosp. I found was best for LSW, but has been very slow of late. (could it be the cop substation ? )
everyone take care, topdog.

05-18-04, 06:43
Saw a WSW hanging out near the corner of Chester/Roberts Ln. 5 & 5 on the looks. Seemed a little bold, I was in my high profile rig so I decided against engaging conversation.

05-19-04, 06:36
In the past had seen a few WSW on Chester. don't go to that area much anymore. Last time was a few months back before the sun came up,saw a WSW near the baseball park and tried to pick her up by the time I turned around someone else got her.
What this town needs are AMPs, but it will be a few years before they return. Hate having to go to LA area for a "massage", the cost of gas is killing me!, was out there over the weekend and paid 40/60.
everyone take care, topdog.

05-21-04, 01:37
I have tried our local AMPs and they are strictly legit. Whats so wrong with a happy ending? The last massage I got was OK but not that great and for $70. Topdog, PM me with your AMP LA info if you would please.

El Gato
05-22-04, 14:01

I don't hit the B-town boards often, but I'm from that area and have Family there and I'm spending more time there. I may be on the prowl ocasionaly so I'll keep up on these boards on where to go.

I remember the hotel thing from high school, used to go to the B-town motel, and cruse the rows and look for the open doors and take your pick.

I'm in the LA/Pasadena area now Liv2dive and can help you out on the SGV AMPs

05-28-04, 20:57
Saw an ad in the local paper about am AMP, had to check it out. Looked promising, mamsan was wearing form fitting outfit open til 10. They were busy told to wait about 20-25 min. turns out more like 40 min, while waiting in one of the rooms I hear a English voice, not asain, in the next room. Made me wonder,is there white.hispanic girls too? Because I was in a hurry I took the 1/2 hr massage with table shower for 50. This place is legit, the girl who took care me was hispanic/white? young about 20, cute, not trim but still nice. Started off face down, covered, she did not get close to the "boys", but nice firm massage. Went to the table shower, covered the privates still nothing close. Back to the massage table face up, still not close. All the time the door to the massage room was left open about 6in. mamsan would look in. In the shower room, door was left wide open. I would be very surprised if anything else is available. This was the first day of the ad and they were very busy. Talked to the girl who gave me the massage and said this is the most people they have had, she did not know about the ad. Trying to overhear the mamasan talking to her, sounds like she had to call more girls. Never saw any other girls by the time I left. Will go back in a couple of weeks to check it out again, if nothing else got a nice firm massage by a nice looking younger girl. If anyone else checks it, let me know if they think more can be had. take care,topdog

Bus Nut
05-28-04, 23:44
Hi, guys!

There is a good possibility that I will have to deliver a vehicle to friends up in Oregon, and Bakersfield is as good a place as any to stop. Thanks for the info, if I make the trip I will make use of it.

Stay safe!

Bus Nut

(I usually post on the San Diego/Oceanside areas, but I check out where I will be heading)

06-05-04, 15:10
Had an interesting morniing today. Drove the usual spots looking for SW, saw only a couple (ugly), finally saw a half way decent looking girl, she waves me over. Pick her up we go to her motel, before we park I ask "anyone there?" "no". We get there she knocks on the door! Some guy says"not yet", before he finishes I am going back to my truck, she says "wait whats wrong?". I tell she lied to me, gotta go. She says lets go somewhere else,I should have said no and left but part of me thought she would make a secene so I let her in my truck. Went over to a park, I was supposed to ge a 1/2-1/2 for 25. Now just wanted a BJ for 15, go into a stall, its early AM, no one else around, no cars. I am thinking just get a nut and leave. Got my pants around my knees and she has my 15, she starts to get an attitude. Shes says she hears someone coming to wait while she checks it out. I got shorts up, keys in my hand(with one key btween my clinched hand just in case some thinks the are going to jump me.) Wait a couple of min, leave the bathroom, don't see anyone around. Get out of there,pissed I am horny and out 15. Drive around some more, see a WSW on Union, pull to a side street, wave her over. I know she isn't LE, gang tats on back of her neck, tell I am looking for a BJ, she says 20.OK, she asks me if I am a cop as we are driving, I say no. She wants to see my dick, I show her. She asks again if I am cop, I ask her if she wants to feel my dick? She reaches over grabs it, then says she had a cop feel her up while she was feeling his cock and still ended up busting her. I can tell that she is very nervious about me maybe being a cop, she tells me were to go, turn, all the time lookin out the back window to see if we are being followed. She tells me to make a right and pull over, she opens her door and says she wants out. I ask what about my BJ? She says "I don't know what you are talking about". I ended up going home, bummed. Check my email, there is this girl I have IM with who wants a "Gang Bang" tonite. She has invited 6 guys(including myself) all have said yes at first, now that its about to happen, no one but me contacted her. And I have contacted her to tell her I can't make. She is bummed. She had been trying for a long time to make this happen, every time she thinks its about to happen no shows. She is a self described "fat girl". I have seen her pics, and she is very big. I told her I would be part of the GB. (only because I have never been in one, and toughts of "old porn" runs thru my head!). Now that I have been IM her, I kinda feel sorry for her, she really wants a GB. I am going to try to help her get her wish. If anyone wants to get in a GB, let me know. She wants 2 to 6 guys, race and age is not important to her.

Matt Man
06-09-04, 18:16
Hi guys,

I am a long time reader of these reports but until now have been unable to post reports. I am a frequent "hobbiest" in the Bakersfield area and make periodic visits to TJ, so I look forward to being able to report back with any new information I have learned.

As we all know Bakersfield can really be hit or miss with no clue as to when or why it gets better or worse. I just got back (3PM Wednesday) from a cruise down Union and actually saw a couple of above average (for Bakersfield) WSW. Unfortunately I also saw more LE than I am comfortable with so I decided to pass. Note - I had never seen either of these 2 girls there before.

Matt Man
06-14-04, 10:24

I was wondering if you were ever able to arrange the GB for your "friend"? I would be willing to participate also "for the good of the cause".

06-16-04, 20:34

OH NO! You don't want to participate in the GB Top Dog was mentioning. He sent me pics of that chick. She's so fat, I don't know how you could get her legs open wide enough to accept your manhood! You can check out those pics for yourself, but take my word for it...you'd get lost in her folds.

06-17-04, 06:39
Hi Blobster, who the f**k are you. I already said she was a fat girl, and you are telling people not to do her. Guys already know she is fat, and if they are OK with it then fine,If you have a problem with big girls then don't screw them,I have had guys IM to tell me they don't have a problem with it. So go down Union and pick up a "10" on the streets, oh wait this is Bakersfield and the best thats out there might be a 4. topdog

06-18-04, 03:19
Top Dog,

Hey man, there's no reason for you to be such a jerk here. I never directed anything at YOU. We all have a right to an opinion and I was giving out advice to someone else. If you got a problem with that, then post the pics of her here so everyone can make up their mind for themselves.

You got issues, man.

06-18-04, 21:13
blobster, I think its you with the issues problem. Like I said she was a fat girl,you are telling people that they don't want to Gb with her. Let them decide, they know she is big girl. You told me in an email that you don't want her, so don't. If you want to give an opinion, just say shes too big for you and if others want a shot at her, so be it. topdog

06-21-04, 02:14
This is my last message to TOPASS...I mean...TOPDOG regarding the fat chick: If you don't like how I post an opinion, then you have two choices. First, ignore it and move on like a mature gentleman does. Second, counter my opinion with a better argument. You have not been able to do either, perhaps out of a lack of mental capacity to do so. Now you are telling me HOW to post an opinion and what you want me to say in my posting? I got news for you topass...this is America and people can post whatever they like. You can shove that right up your ***.

You know, you have posted meaningless crap on this site before about the nasty chicks you see in Bakersfield. That's fine, I'm sure there are some low-life, old, fat, pathetic asses like you out here in hill billy bakersfield who would be interested in visiting with these women. BUT NOT ONCE DID I EVER CRITICIZE YOU for either dating or posting about these skanks. Stick your D**K in whatever you like, but don't get pissed because the rest of us don't have your low standards for providers.

I don't know where you get off with a personal attack simply because I don't want to see some 300 pounder. Oh, and for those of you guys out there who have not seen the pics, she is not just a fat chick...she is a HUGE, FAT, NASTY chick. But then again, maybe some guys like that stuff. That's cool with me, just giving my two cents.

BOTTOM LINE: how dare TOPASS freak on one of us posters out here just because he has different tastes from us. He is acting almost like a pimp or something...taking it personally because one of us doesn't like HIS GIRL. Get a life, TOPASS!

06-22-04, 08:32

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding women for sex.

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Instead, simply use the "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom of the report to send me an email alerting me of the problem, and I will take the appropriate action, which usually means that I will remove the entire report as I have so obviously done here.

Thank You,


Matt Man
06-23-04, 16:14
Did the Union street cruise last night about 7PM. Found an OK looking blond girl walking with a hispanic girl. I had seen both of these girls previously in the parking lot of a hotel on Union but someone had advised me to watch out for the hispanic as she liked to rip guys off. After chatting for a few minutes, blond and I decided we didn't need the other girl so we left without her. In the car the girl offered a 3 sum with her black girlfriend. We proceeded to the hotel near the Deja Vu and went upstairs.

3 sum consisted of the blond performing oral on the black girl until she came while I fingered the blond and played with the black girls titties. I am pretty sure the orgasm was real but in any event both girls were extremely wet afterwards. The black then left the room and the blond girl gave me head for a while and then wanted to fuck. She was a little reserved until her girlfriend left the room but then seemed to enjoy everything. I would have liked the "3 sum" to have been a little more than a spectator act for me but all in all this was an enjoyable encounter.

06-24-04, 06:48
Matt Man, What did this "3sum" cost? Either of the girls good looking? Think I know the motel by the Vu, may have to take a cruise soon. Thanks and take care, topdog.

06-27-04, 15:12

Got taken yesterday by a black provider off union. Tried calling one of the chat lines in the paper to see if it was worthwhile. Ended up talking to "Nina" and told she was with her friend and wanted a threesome. When I got to her place it was obvious there was no threesome planned and things went bad from there.

Should have walked out at the first sign of trouble, but tried to be optimistic. Went to the bathroom, another bad sign, and had her start with BBBJ. I'll give her credit, it was great. She really knows what she's doing. She wanted cock real bad and wanted to get to it, but had nothing to use and wanted to go BB. Of course I said "NO WAY." She proceeded to masturbate herself while blowing me.

Her room mate came in to interrupt and they got into a yelling match. I walked out without finishing, but of course the BIATCH followed me out and demanded something for her work. I gave her a few green backs and got the hell out of there.

Watch out for NINA. Her number is 834-5257. She is about a "6" BUT WATCH OUT! Only call her if you want to get taken!

I'm not posting this number so you can set up a visit. I'm giving it out as a warning.

Matt Man
06-28-04, 10:45

Both girls were ok. The black girl is better looking and looks pretty good after she showers and "dresses up". The white girl is kinda cute but she tends to dress like a guy. Once the blonde got naked she had a nice body with cute little tits. They only asked for $40 a piece and this seemed reasonable given the service provided (I kinda like watching chicks eat other).

07-13-04, 15:52
Went cruising down Union a few days ago around 8pm. Absolutley dry, didn't see a thing.

I was driving north on Union about a week ago and seen a possible BSW on the other side of the street, made my u-turn and drove past her real slow. Turns out she was just a crazy old woman, I mean old like in her late sixties. I really should wear my glasses when I go.

Has there been a sweep going on, or is it just too hot lately?

Matt Man
07-13-04, 17:40
I have been seeing a few straglers around the truck stop out at Weedpatch and 58. Has anyone had any luck out there or do you have to have a truck to have any success there?

07-14-04, 18:01
I've had a chance recently to resume cruising Union, B****, and F***** street areas. The pickings, as others have noted, are between slim and none (and I believe Slim just left town). Seriously, it's a shock to see how far the trade has fallen in the four or five years that I've been going to Tijuana instead of cruising B'town.

Looking at other boards, it seems like all the central valley cities are hurting. I know the demand hasn't slacked off, so it must be LE. It makes me nostaligic for those days of yore, really only eight or ten years ago, when a cruise down Union would almost always turn up something worthwhile.

Anyway, I am temporarily unable to go to TJ, so I'm trying to re-establish something with one or two local SW's. I met a skinny blonde on F***** last Saturday. Obviously a druggie. Claims she used to run an escort service using BC talent. To hear her talk, she was the Heidi Fleiss of Bakerfield. Right. Since she only offered BJ service, I didn't explore anything else with her. She gave me her phone number but I really can't see calling her.

Ran into a fortysomething LSW also on F***** St. and she took me to her room in central Bako. Twenty for FS but she had a definite paunch that was cleverly hidden by a T-shirt until she took it off. Nice lady and a good price, but the visuals and atmospherics just weren't there. I can certainly go for a mature lady, but she's gotta have the body.

I'll continue looking, but, frankly, I may have to resume my TJ trips if nothing reasonable surfaces in the next few weeks.

BTW, has anyone checked out the Tropicana Bar on Union? Just wondered if there were any pro's or semi-pros hanging there, since the dive motel next door used to be a veritable gold mine of SW's.


C View
07-14-04, 22:36

I remember those days of plenty in Bakersfield. There was a mix of local Kern county talent and girls from LA and San Diego. Bako must have been a regular stop in some type of circuit.

I no longer live in "Bako" but, when I occasionally go through there, I'll drive down Union between 19th and the fairgrounds and see very little. Quality and quantity are way down.

Regarding the Tropicana. I don't know about the motel part o it but avoid the club. It caters to a gay crowd.

Where have all the quality providers in the central valley gone?

What are they doing now to make ends meet?

07-17-04, 00:50
Well, the wife is out of town for her sisters birthday and now is the perfect time to do some late night cruising.

This is my first time and I'm very excited to see whats out there late at night. Are things really scarier at night? :)

I'm so excited I can't explain it, I feel like a kid getting ready to go to Disneyland or something. Yeah, I know it's Bakersfield, not Tijuana, but still it's just the excitement of doing something new I suppose.

Any tips for my late night adventure?


07-17-04, 06:54
Sadly, I just got back from my scavenger hunt. Dry. Bone dry. There might have been one potential, but she wasn't even worth going in for a closer look.

There was just too much LE out tonight. Somebody had three squad cars on him at one of the motels across from Golden West. I think he most likely got stopped for drunk driving.

Took a spin by Showgirls, but they were closed (It was about 3:30am when I got there), I had hoped that maybe, just maybe, there was a pro looking to pick up a horny strip club patron. I even took a drive in the dirty motel behind Showgirls, nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

This town is getting worse and worse by the day, I hope it picks up when the weather cools down.

07-17-04, 12:55
The days of SWs all along Union are pretty much gone, you will still see them, but not as many and for the most part none that you can call "pretty". I myself would be a little nervous if I saw pretty girls walking along Union, I would think there could be a sting going on. This not to say that there are not some nice looking girls out there but are hard to find. Did see one nice looking BSW last week off Union, she was almost "model" pretty with long legs. She was hanging out with some other working girls that I had seen before so I did not think she was with LE. She wanted 30 told her I only had 20 (which I did)she said no and got out of my car. Came back later with more cash but could not find her. (tells you how nice looking she was, I never come back with more cash) everyone take care, topdog

07-29-04, 17:11
Going for a Union cruise while the wife gets her nails done. Hope I'm lucky!

I'll let everyone here know my findings

Scott Langley
08-03-04, 14:39
I am going to Bakersfield for business. Can anyone pm me with a phone number of some girls I can call on? Willing to trade with information from Los Angeles.


08-29-04, 19:42
Went out to the usual places yesterday and almost nothing out there. Went out about 6AM,saw a couple of BSW but nothing that looked good, went out again about 11AM and still nothing, finally about 5PM ran into one SW who I have been with before. She was about the only one out there all day. Not sure why it was so slow, have not been out in the streets of late so not sure if its been that way or just an off day. With the fair coming it will be slower, LE hitting the streets all day and nite. I did pick up a girl that worked the fair booths a couple of years ago, but other then that it slows down when the fair hits town. everyone take care, topdog.

Matt Man
09-14-04, 14:17
OK, this is getting crazy. There hasn't been any action on Union for so long I am starting to get the itch to head for TJ again. It seems it doesn't matter what time you make the cruise there just isn't anything out there any more. Yesterday around 2pm I saw a couple of "chunky" hispanic girls and I started to get excited, BUT on closer expectation they looked a little young and they may not have even been working. Thats how crazy it's getting, you see a girl out there and just hope she's a hooker. What's the problem with these women, I mean all were asking for is some cheap, sleazy sex. The least they can do is make themselves available.

09-14-04, 20:19
Hey Matt Man. When the Fair starts its going to get slower with I am sure more LE around Union area, of course Flower.Baker or even Chester might see more working girls. last time I was on Union (2wks ago) DEAD! Almost picked up on a 60yr old BSW. LOL. take care, topdog.

09-19-04, 19:45
Yep, you guys are right. Isn't shit out there. Even the usual smaller spots with "sure thing" status are desolate. Don't know what to make of it.

Fishin Dude
09-30-04, 03:24
Was in Bakerfield for a long layover with practically nothing to do. I found Shayla's in the phone book on Rosedale and it was within walking distance from my hotel, so I tried it out.

Nothing much new to report. Got a legit 1 hour massage for 60 bones. The lady's name was Alice and she was Vietnamese. She was kinda old (has two kids in their 20's so do the math), but in the dim light she looked ok with her long straight hair and slim body. Absolutely no touching, just a good massage.

By the way, Alice said she also had a latina girl available for those of you that may be interested.

Won't waste my time or money next time. If I just wanted a good massage, I would have stayed married to my massage therapist ex-wife!! ;-)


09-30-04, 20:50
Been to Shylas and the Latina who works there is kinda cute but gives a weak massage and doesn't get even close to the "package" . I've been going there off and on for a few years and the place is legit. (there were a couple of girls that worked there a few yrs back that gave a "happy ending" but left after LE started enforcing "license" laws. I don't think Alice, the owner, knew what was going on. In this town AMPS don't last long.

10-04-04, 14:02
BSW spotted on Bernard Street near Alta Vista. She was in front of this park and looked like she was flagging cars down. Not afraid of LE. Wonder if she was LE. I was with someone so couldn't stop.

10-24-04, 16:59
Hooked up with a BSW on Golden State yesterday, saw her standing in front of a motel with another girl. Asked how much for 1/2 and 1/2, she said 30 which is about what I pay anyway. Her friend had a room at the motel, she borrowed it for 10.00, we went in and she used a piece of wood proped against the door knob to keep anyone from getting in(I'm starting to get nervous) after talking to her she tells me NEVER go to room with any girls hanging out at this motel because some girls and their pimps beat and rob the johns (now REAL nervous) she explains how the guys jump out of the closets and hit guys over the head with a piece of wood. She tells me again NEVER go into room unless I see her there. I begin to wonder is she telling me this for my safety or so I don't see anyone else? We undress and she starts to give me great BJ, then gets on the bed for me to do her dog style, she moans and tells me how big I am (yea what ever). She had a very nice face and big tits and a little pouch of a stomach, but still not bad, she was probably in her 30's. I hope to see her again, but not sure if I would go back to that motel to see if she is around. topdog.

11-26-04, 03:13
Wowee. This board sure has died. :( Well, I hope some of you got Turkey Day Blowjobs.

Come on people, get out there and screw!

12-04-04, 17:09
Hit the streets this morn., didn't really expect to find any working girls as cold as it has been. Drove the usual spots, saw a couple of BSW that didn't do anything for me so drove around once more before heading home, saw one girl working alone and thought "why not". Picked her up drove around and talked as we drove, she had this kinda "school girl" sexy voice and seemed like a nice women. She was around 40,not bad looking. Found a spot east of union and parked, paid her 15 and had one of the best BJ's i've had in a long time! She took her time and made sure I was completly drained. Next time I'm out hope I find her again, maybe hard to spot her, she was wearing a heavy jacket with a "beanie" cap. Said her name was Sabrina and does not go out too often. everyone take care, topdog.

12-05-04, 18:06
Thanx for the post TopDog,

I'm curious about Sabrina though, black, white, latina?? Any info would be appreciated. Private message me if you prefer.

Thanks for your time

12-05-04, 22:29
Sorry. She is a BSW. Felt very comfortable with her, hope to see her again.

12-20-04, 16:22
Hit the streets yesterday, nothing at all! Figure its because of the weather. Ended up getting a massage from Candy, I have seen her before. Older Asian woman, nice woman and feed me some oranges the last time I saw her after the massage and kiss on the cheek and a nice hug. This time on the flip and she was standing next to me, I had my hand all over her ass. She did not respond either way( I figure she could have moved away or moved my hand away but she did neither),finally moved my hand between her legs and still nothing. If anything, she stayed next to me so I could run my hands all over her ass. After my hour was up and I was still laying face up, she gave me kiss on both cheeks and said the massage over. As I was leaving I gave her a 10 tip and got another kiss on the cheek with a tight hug. Man, this was frustrating! I walked out with a woody and could not go out looking for someone to take care of it. I have been to this place before and know thats its legit (talked to a couple of guys online, they say they only get legit massages there too). I guess I keep going back hoping one day there will some girl that will do more for a nice tip. Oh well, this is Bakersfield and it will be awhile before someone form LA tries to start a AMP with extras. Ended up hitting the streets this morning around 6:30, figure I'm up and I might get lucky and some girl might brave the cold for cash. Ended up seeing about 8-10 girls working! Picked up a WSW, went down the street and got a very nice BJ for 20(if I had change, I think I could have gotten it cheaper). She gave a good BJ while playing with the"boys", even massaged my a-hole. Had never seen her before,she said she doesn't do this often(I hear that alot).Hope to see her again. She was a WSW, about late 30, with nice size tits.
Everyone, be safe and take care, topdog.

The Brick
12-21-04, 23:26
Hey Topdog,

Could you give me some street names,locations or kind of point me in the right direction for finding the SW action in Bakersfield? I pass by there alot and am going to start cruising the streets! I am exited to prowel a new area for me and appreciate any help I can get.