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12-31-99, 20:00
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Truth Sayer
08-03-10, 17:48
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Bait and switch. Never as promised. Hassle.

08-04-10, 14:59
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Bait and switch. Never as promised. Hassle.
I appreciate the report but Dude, this isn't twitter. You're allowed to used more than 140 letters. Frankly, I don't know what the report says.

I do get the jist of it is to avoid this one and she's not the girl in the pictures. But feel free to tell us what else happened.

Did the girl who showed up actually provide any service? Was it a dance only? Massage? Cash and dash? Was it promised as GFE but you only got a HJ? Was the hassle in contacting? She didn't return calls? Or was it that she made you go through a screening? Was there a driver she gave the $ to and then tried an upsell?

Again, thank you for the post. Let's have more. With details. I've got my popcorn ready. These posts are my primary source of entertainment now that "Lost" and "24" are off the air!

11-16-12, 01:36
You'd think after enough time at this I'd avoid this sort of thing, but this ad for an incall / outcall escort is actually a "dancer" offering self service. Not the girl in the pic, though actually better looking than the girl in the pic, if totally useless. Was confused because most of this ilk is outcall only."Shannon" is part of some kind of agency actually. Stay away.


I should have taken a clue from the "treat yourself" part I guess, LOL.

I'll post the pix in case the ad comes down.