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12-31-99, 20:00
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08-13-18, 14:17
OK, so as little more from my trip to se iowa.

I visited three ridgeway lounge on a Wednesday night. Got there about 9 ish, stayed til 12.

This place screams "hillbilly heaven" , outside looks like its about to fall apart, inside, not much better. 1970's style wood panel walls, some pool tables, chairs / stools, high top tables. The "stage" is just and area with rails around it at one end of the room.

So I sit at one of the high tops near the "stage", some trailer trash white girl is dancing, she's got some serious baby damage. The other girls are all at the bar, talking about life in the trailer park (I'm guessing). As soon as I sit at my table, this ugly, chubby, older AA is all over me. I didn't even get to have a drink of my beer (in a can) before her hands are working up my thigh. I trey to let her down easy, not she won't go away. Not til she's called to the stage, so I get a break.

This is definitely a townie bar, about 20 customers drinking, playing pool, and just hanging out.

I head to three bar and happen to start talking to a girl I missed when I walked in. A tall red head, awesome legs, thin, nice fits, and a amazing smile. She's was the best looking one in the bar. We talked awhile, and I bit some dances from her. Fully nude, looked even better. She knew how to drive a man nuts, that's for sure. That ass was perfect!

Talked some more, hard some drinks, and the night was better then I heard hoped. (The AA from before kept giving me dirty looks, LOL).

As I was getting ready to leave, Red invited me to hangout at another ber she worked at (not a stripclub) the next night. Unfortunately, I want able to go, got stuck worth people from work that night.

Over all I would go back just because of Red.

Also, from the "vibe" of three club, I would guess takeout is available. I'm sure I saw some "play" going on in the private dance area. Plus some of the girls would step out with some customers from time to time.