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Permanent Wood
04-01-10, 22:10
Well, I fucked Eva, but things didn't unfold as planned, and I ended up holding back on the balance of her fee. I paid $100 upfront for the gamble of fucking her, with a balance of $60 to be paid upon completion. She stopped me at 15 minutes into the pounding because she couldn't take it any more. I pulled out, then on top of the hard pounding she couldn't take, she saw I had been fucking her bare-back, since the condom was nowhere to be found. She then threw a 10 minute hissy-fit, poking inside her cu*nt for the condom, then finally got back on my cock with her mouth. I was to finish in 5 fucking minutes after all her tantrums were over, total BS. Like I'm supposed to resume where we left off like nothing happened?

I ended up nutting with my cock still in her mouth, I got off two huge squirts before she flinched, turned her head, and the cum sloshed out of her mouth onto the bed-spread. I continued nutting, coating her nose, right-cheek, and right eye-ball socket, a compromise to how it should have been. She blew up at me again, bi*tching about why I nutted in her mouth, blah, blah, blah. She denied me 15 minutes of pounding her pussy, I knew at that point, she wasn't deserving of the balance due. I offered her $40 more, but she was so disgusted with me, she said "It doesn't even matter," so I put it back in my pocket.

There was a dude in the apartment too, who I caught a glimpse of when I went to use the bathroom, laying propped up on Eva's bed. I could hear him in the hallway while I was fucking Eva, not the most becoming of conditions, but I didn't let it hold me back from giving her a hard pounding. I saw tears in her eyes a few times during the first 15 minutes, as though she just wasn't up for what she was charging for. Any girl who charges top dollar, better be prepared to deliver, she wasn't.

She's a cute little shit, 5 foot 1 inch and 120 pounds with 32ddd tits, and a round booty. She cannot tolerate having her legs bent back and pinned to the bed, not even close. In those first 15 minutes, she also whined about her legs hurting, just from regular mish, Jesus Christ, 20 years old and flexible as an oak plank. She was curious about naughty talk, and wanted to try it, so I said something like, "okay you fuckin' bi*tch, on your knees and suck my cock." She looked appalled, and told me she didn't expect it to be like that, expecting stuff like talking about her "tight little pussy" and what not. So I laid off the naughty talk, but never heard the end of it. During her hissy-fits, she told me I disrespected her by calling her a bi*tch and wh*ore. That's right, I called her a who*re probably one time too while fucking her, but I meant no disrespect, a wh*ore is my favorite type of woman.

I may have nutted, but considering I had to use my hand for 15 minutes while she threw her hissy-fits, I think I did the right thing holding back on the balance.
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Date: 2010-04-01, 7:50PM CDT

Hey guys It's eva and I'm back and better than ever. With a new attitude and deals that are better than ever right now is the perfect time to call
six zero eight six two two one seven nine eight.
So what are you waiting for call now!

X Factor414
04-02-10, 00:25
Awesome report! lol

Manny Vtec
04-03-10, 05:15
Damn she is pretty hot though.

Permanent Wood
11-07-10, 10:50
So, has anyone else seen Eva? I see she has ads up currently so what gives? I thought by now there would be other reports of this chick. So no one else has stepped in dog shit by walking through her apartment? So no one else has seen her pimp boy who lays propped up on her nice bed while you fuck her on the floor?

One time waiting for her to come out of the shower I sat in her living room. I looked outside and on her balcony / deck was a few land-mines planted by Fighto. Is she that busy she can't even walk the pooch?

Anyone else have her suck your cock bare-back? She does mine so I don't imagine I'm the only one.