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12-31-99, 20:00
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08-12-18, 11:46
Was looking for something new yesterday and stumbled across this: https://www.adultlook.com/p/2253957.

Melrose Park is close by, and was in the way to where I had to be later in the day. I was pleasantly surprised. Works out of a basement apartment. In the basement apartment, which made me a little apprehensive because, well, it's a basement. Easy to get stuck in a basement. So at any rate, glad I went in. Woman was probably late 20's early 30's and probably a 6 looks wise. She wore some lingerie for the massage which allowed easy roaming, and the roaming was anywahere I chose which was nice. Pretty good massage for about 35 minutes. Then the flip and some more massage and she asks "extra services?" I say yes. She says FS $200, CBJ $100, L1 $60. I tell her I only have $140 for FS and she agrees. Start with a very good CBJ and I say I'm ready, right to doggie for a bit, and then on her back. This woman has really smooth hips and thighs and is not "thick" but definitely a shapely woman. I held her hips and ass and had a great time. She's actually got a really tight pussy as well. Finished up, and got the rest of my hour. Maybe shorted me 5 minutes. So $85 for the hour and then $140 for some great FS.

Enjoy fellas.