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12-31-99, 20:00
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07-23-13, 19:36
Every once in a while you find a BP jewel & Nicolez1 is 1. Just plain nice, nice gal. Older & slightly heavier (what a shocker!) than pics, but not at all fat & plenty attractive.

Only had time for a quickie, so didn't get much intel to share.

Likes her toy & will share it with you. Clean, fresh, attractive, good skills in multiple positions.

She's trying to move from ABQ, I saw her in PUB, no tellin' where she'll be.


10-10-13, 11:44
I am a first time user of CraigsList and I lucked out to find an amazing woman also featured on Backpage in Grand Junction. I met Jewel, at first she seemed nervous yet after the donation was accepted we go to know each other better. She is thin, has a gorgeous face and a great personality. She made me feel comfortable and not nervous being that it was my first time with a stranger. I only had time for a quickie but I was amazed at how beautiful her body was. I will always recommend her to others!


02-27-14, 20:22
Interesting fictitious experience a few weeks ago in Pueblo. Can't remember her name, but a little spinner who usually has reddish hair, xxx-xxx-x316. (Hope that's legal here!) She's still posting as of today. Some posts have said two girls, but when I asked her about it she didn't seem to know what I was talking about & said sometimes she changes her hair color! (I have seen posts with pics as blonde, brunette, and redhead).

Can't be sure whether I recommend or not; but she's the "real deal", inexpensive, & was available on short notice. Tight, willing to take direction, and the best nipples I've seen and played with for a long time. Face is certainly acceptable. Downside: way drugged out. Entered the motel room & meds & paraphenalia were everywhere. Literally. I'm always nervous about busts (I knew it wasn't a sting, but they could sure have been surveiling...) the first time with someone, but with her high, stuff everywhere, etc. & was a little wigged out. BTW, she'll do BB (I don't), which I always see as a warning sign, so "buyer beware.".

All in all, a little scary, but a decent, satisfying, climactic experience. If you're into the danger element, want good value, and like spinners, you might well consider it.

04-04-14, 06:23
I've had my fair share of experiences with the " Girls " on backpage and having been left disappointed and feeling ripped off and been ripped off I almost swore off the escorts.

I decided to try something new and called Rain listing herself as a BBW and more mature then the average posters, she has restored my faith that there are still real Women.

She instantly put me in a relaxed state and was in a "very playful" mood.

She really earns her name Rain!

If you love knowing that she's really getting into you there is no doubt with her.

Well worth the donation! Xxx-xxx-6566.

10-06-14, 16:21
Any action in fort Morgan co.

Memphis Putch
10-17-14, 16:49
I'm visiting Boulder next week. Any thoughts on this girl?


10-21-14, 00:20
I'm visiting Boulder next week. Any thoughts on this girl?

http://boulder.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/kalin-cassidy-boulders-luxury-companion-discreet-petite-and-sexy-24/16651798But I can tell you about a Gem I found out there in August. Shoot me a pm.

12-12-14, 22:11
Young, thin, latina spinner. I seldom see non-reviewed gals; but, was going to be in town, so decided to TOFTT. Good return on investment. She's a little timid to begin with but REALLY gets into it. Worth it, I'll repeat, & don't screw this up (http://pueblo.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/inout-gnms-choc-available-now-pm100real/16673339 Happy Hunting!

01-29-15, 10:42
Saw her again last week. Her new ads (http://pueblo.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/tuesday-specials-upsc-utty-available-now-inandout100real/16673339) now show face, which should help her biz, as I find her attractive. Second session almost identical to the first. This girl truly likes what she does and that really makes a difference! She's underpriced for most markets, a little above the Pueblo market, but well worth the differential, IMO. I'm planning to see her again.