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04-10-02, 01:26
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04-12-02, 15:49
I have been checking out VB for quite some time now. If there are any SW or pimps reading this, this is what I suggest you do. Do not continually walk up and down VB. There are too many cops out there to feel safe picking you up on the main drag. It would be best if you walked on VB and then turned down a side road and walked a short distance then turn and go back out to the main drag. Keep doing this and I bet you will get a lot more people stopping. All the SW that I have picked up either turn down a side road or are standing a ways off VB. This goes for all the roads too. Walking the main strip should be for advertisement only. The sale should be done on the side streets.
Let me know if anyone agrees with these ideas.

04-14-02, 02:02
I guess some alternate spots to pick up some SG would be 16th St. from VB north to Camelback... 27th Ave from Indian School to Bethany, 43rd Ave from Camelback to Glendale... West VB from 7th ave to 35 ave.. Buckeye from 27th ave to 35th ave... Usually you will find in looks 3-6, most of them are strung out, but you can usually get FS from $20-$40... If you are paying more than $40 for FS, you are fucking getting ripped off...

04-14-02, 03:06
I'm only a casual visitor to Phoenix and I don't know the local shorthand...am I correct is assuming that it's Van Buren Street? If that's not right what's the full name of "VB"?

I'll be visiting PHX the middle of next week, any suggestions as to where to look for some reasonably safe "companionship"? I'm looking for quality of service over price.

Thanks in advance.


Merlin Magician
04-14-02, 23:14
Have noticed lately that most of the really nicer looking S/W's are walking up 59th Ave and 63rd Ave from McDowell to points north. Saw a really nice one today at 59th Ave and Missouri. Someone got got her before I could turn around.

Went to Stressed Out Massage instead at sw corner 43rd Ave and Bethany Home Rd. Got a really nice walk on back from Korean lady named Nancy. She made Mr. Happy very happy.

04-19-02, 15:32
Lots to talk about. I picked up a hot light skinned black girl on VB on Wed. Big tits, nice round ass, smooth skin, and an intelligent person. A definite 8 or 9. She was not a crack head. She gave a good BJ and let me grope her perfect nude body. Bad part is she suckered me for $60. No FS. The next morning I saw her and another SW being arrested. Musted have talked to under cover cop because I didn't see a john. Now she can't even spend the money she suckered me for. But damn was she smokin!

I've been looking on 27 av and 16 st and 32 st but have only seen a few low quality SW. Not worth stopping for. I have been a bit pickier lately and want some good quality SW.

Saw a short hispanic SW and picked her up on VB. She let me feel her pussy and she wanted $60 for FS. All I had was $40 left and she left me hangin. A few minutes later I tremembered I had another 20 in the glove compartment. Damn! She was about a 6 or 7.

04-20-02, 01:57
hey dirtydave, i think i seen her as well... I saw her earlier this week, she was wearing some orange day glo dress, and honey colored braids, a total knockout, porno style body..damn too bad she got scooped up..
There are two little hottie women, they look like sisters, brown hair in a ponytail possibly 20-23 years old, short, white and nice bodies..they were around 23rd st and VB....couldnt pick them up, too many johns....
merlin, thanks for the advice, i will have to check out the west side more often...
vegas cowboy, you may want to check out eros.com or phx-exotics.net...
check out lucylee, she gets great reviews, offers $250 for FS incall...by the way, VB is Van Bueren!

04-20-02, 07:17
I was fortunate to be visiting Phoenix a few weeks ago. Of course I had done my home work by reading the the locals posts. I just wanted to share my experience. I was staying at a hotel not far from the hotel on VB. I was looking for some morning coffee and company. I found coffee and company at 20th and VB. across from th convenience store. I picked up a compact hot latina honey. She called herself Bubbles. Said she came down from Vegas for a while. She was about 4'11" curly dark brown hair, dark eyes and a 8 rated body topped off with a pair of firm 34c and a great ass. Took her back to my hotel for "breakfast" Much to my surprise I got the GFE as well as great sex. She was great to talk to and be with. For 60 bucks and breakfast after, I got one of the better times I have ever had with a SW. I will look her up again next time I get to town. Thanks everyone for all your posts.

04-22-02, 02:47
MAJOR VB UPDATE!! Things are looking pretty good up and down the famous SW strip tonight...

I saw two really pretty brunette hotties, about 21-24, great bodies, nice C cup natural tits, round ass, look like sisters.....

Another really hot brunette, with this cool cream colored dress, looks about 25, HUGE FUCKING TITS, and a big bubble ass....

Beautiful black woman, think, honey brown skin, D cup tits, ...

All of them were around the 24th st - 32nd st and VB area.. There was a line up of johns and they got snatched up pretty quickly, but i am going back out later..

Get them while the going is good!!!

Son House
04-22-02, 12:40
Be careful of a Hispanic woman named Morena working between 24th and the Airporter. Picked her up last night. She said that she had a room. I was weary, but I don't like to date in my car and I was thinking about saving the $20 that the Desert Wind and the Copa charge. We get to her room. It seems cool. I give her the $$. She goes to the bathroom. Then the knock on the door. Then a louder knock on the door. She comes out and opens the door and this big Ike Turner looking motherfucker talking "What is this" comes in. I don't think this was a scam cause he was just as mad at her as he was at me. They started to argue and I bolted. He chased me, but I had a few steps on him and he gave up quickly to argue with her some more. Once in my truck I listened to them yelling for a couple of minutes. If this was a scam, they got me. I was happy just to get out of there.

I see a lot of reports on 27th Ave and I occasionally cruise, but there are no hourly motels around that I know about. Is all service provided in cars or does somebody know a cheep place to go?

I did see some younger white and latina girls out this weekend between 24th & 32nd, but they didn't seem to be getting in any cars. They were just on the corners driving everyone nuts. They also seemed young. I saw lots of kids on bike following these girls on Sunday.

Merlin Magician
04-22-02, 21:35
WArning!!! Will Robinson!!

Eros.com is loaded with rip offs and cash and dashers. You are taking a very high risk using that site.

Phoenix-Exotics.net is pretty legit and anybody who does ripoffs is very quickly removed from the site.

Arizona Massage.com is good too. Check out their escorts.

04-23-02, 16:32
Looking for a friendly, clean pro. Good customer. Couple afternoons per month.

04-25-02, 17:14
Can anyone recommend some good full service massage parlours in the Phoenix area? I will be down there on Monday and need a good rub down + Extras!

Son House
04-25-02, 19:45
East Van Buren really picked up from 7:00 to 7:30 last night. I saw 10 to 15 SW between 24th and 40th. About half were young white or latinas. Did about 6 passes when I scored and got the best of the bunch, a young white SW named Lucky (7-7.5) with orangish-red hair. I may have seen her on Sunday and this may be one of the SW Superdick posted on. When I picked her up she wanted to negotiate through my window at the convenience store on 28th Street. I wouldn't, but told her if she got in she could touch my cock to assure her I wasn't a cop. After the groping she asked for $80. We settled on $60 for half- &-half. Went to the Desert Wind and had a great time. She had no problem letting me take her from behind. I pounded this girl and she seemed into it. This girl was hot. She could easily work as a stripper except for her pimps name tattooed on her leg.

She did say that her and 4 other girls were on Van Buren this weekend. They're all in from California and # she gave me had a Sacramento area code. As we pulled out of the Desert Wind I saw one of these girls and she was very fuckable.

By the way. The phoenix site has received over 1700 views and 12 post. That’s so weak. Please post. The new forum doesn’t seem to be going away.

04-25-02, 23:02
thanks again Son House...I agree, too many lurkers reading, not enough posts....
I really really need to get with this Lucky......and thanks for all of the info about the Cali Sacramento hotties........I have seen...

the two cute brunettes, about 20-24, perky tits and nice round bubble asses.......

the super busty brunette, looks a bit like tiffany amber theisen, excepts with big , huge melons..i can never pick her up, she is only on the street for like 10 seconds..before some john scoops her up....

i did run into this cute chunky Indian lady named oso, she is 21, dark skinned, Indian looking (from India) and has really big natural jugs......offered FS for $40! wow...met her on 18th st and van bueren...at the bus stop....

04-27-02, 11:41
I am very interested in knowing about massage parlors that pleasure their customers, especially in central Phoenix, but requesting that information on this forum appears to be a catch-22. I and others may enjoy that information temporarily but so may Law Enforcement. Now the girls are being hurt. just a thought.

Merlin Magician
04-27-02, 12:37
Posting reviews on massage establishments here in Phoenix certainly draws the LE Phoenix Taliban police. Hence if one needs to know the real inside info on full service availability in Phoenix and Canada, I suggest a very legitimate private list subscription at the following sites:

Contact Dave at:


04-28-02, 03:11
VB seems to have gotten too hot to cruise. I have been crusing 27th ave. I have seen hot girls there latley. White girls around 20-25 "rate 8" and black girls "9.5" have not tried to pick them up, but they are around the Glendale 27th ave area.

04-28-02, 03:19
Originally posted by Son House
East Van Buren really picked up from 7:00 to 7:30 last night. I saw 10 to 15 SW between 24th and 40th. About half were young white or latinas. Did about 6 passes when I scored and got the best of the bunch, a young white SW named Lucky (7-7.5) with orangish-red hair. I may have seen her on Sunday and this may be one of the SW Superdick posted on. When I picked her up she wanted to negotiate through my window at the convenience store on 28th Street. I wouldn't, but told her if she got in she could touch my cock to assure her I wasn't a cop. After the groping she asked for $80. We settled on $60 for half- &-half. Went to the Desert Wind and had a great time. She had no problem letting me take her from behind. I pounded this girl and she seemed into it. This girl was hot. She could easily work as a stripper except for her pimps name tattooed on her leg.

She did say that her and 4 other girls were on Van Buren this weekend. They're all in from California and # she gave me had a Sacramento area code. As we pulled out of the Desert Wind I saw one of these girls and she was very fuckable.

By the way. The phoenix site has received over 1700 views and 12 post. That’s so weak. Please post. The new forum doesn’t seem to be going away. Amen Son House we need more postings.

Buster Cherry
04-28-02, 12:10
I have noticed for some time, an credible looking white street gal named Donnie in the neighborhood of Bethany Home Road and 43rd Ave. She has these incredible slender legs that go all the way to her armpits. She always wears short shorts.

But, when you get up close, she is really wild eyed and when she is strung out on meth, she is really wild all over. The meth use makes for little scabs all over her body. Really nice looking pussy but totally ruined by the dope.

04-28-02, 18:58
This is my first post.
Reg : Place , you needn't go to motels all time
Sometime back a girl took me to a house near 35+ ave VB.
Very near .
5 $ for half an hour. you will get a nice room.
I asked the fellow whether i can come there again with somebody else and he told OK .
So I become a regular there.
For details ask some girls around 35 + ave side VB , Many girls know that I guess.
It is not safe to post exact details.
Reg New girls in 24 to 32 It is true . I saw them but didn't pick.
How much they charge ? Any idea.

04-29-02, 15:15
Went out last monday looking for a little action. Got stood up by one of my regulars that I can call for a good time so I killed some time at Band-aids strip club. Got several really nice dances from CeCe and petite brunette with a great smile and roving hands. Left there with a definite "need"...cruised VB and picked up a young black girl around 36th St. She was thin and maybe around 20 yo - medium size tits - nice ass...this was around 1:45 pm

We went to a close by motel where she and her friends were holed up -several were milling around making me nervous but then left...i just wanted to blow my load and get out of there...she did a decent BJ for 40 and I was out of there

04-29-02, 20:16
Originally posted by king
This is my first post.
Reg : Place , you needn't go to motels all time
Sometime back a girl took me to a house near 35+ ave VB.
Very near .
5 $ for half an hour. you will get a nice room.
I asked the fellow whether i can come there again with somebody else and he told OK .
So I become a regular there.
For details ask some girls around 35 + ave side VB , Many girls know that I guess.
It is not safe to post exact details.
Reg New girls in 24 to 32 It is true . I saw them but didn't pick.
How much they charge ? Any idea.
Was this someones house? If so, did you feel comfortable and safe there? The reason I ask is that I have been in that area before and there is never a safe place to park.

05-01-02, 01:09
Visting Phoenix for the first time and checked the board (since I got such good scoop on Tampa). Two "reports"

1-Seems as if the best ones were on 16th St heading North. Picked up a hot Latina who turned out to be a rip off. Saw it coming ("I gotta go and check the room") but since it was only $25, I didnt feel like dealing with the hassel.


Her cousin, Gloria, was MOST accomodating, giving an excellent BJ and moving to a most excellent "her on top" in the car. Offerd 2 bills for the entire night in my hotel room and she accepted. I was NOT dissappointed (10pm to 4 am). Her name is Gloria, about 5' and 19. A 9 with nice C cups unravaged by time.

2- I've noticed a few "couples welcome" adult theaters. The ones in Tampa had a lot of action on Fri/Sat nights. Is it the same here? Any experiences?

05-01-02, 22:19
thanks for the info, tampa guy, I will definately be on the lookout for a Gloria, sounds like a little hottie........
I also had luck on 16th st and roovsevelt area, picked up this nice white girl, damn forgot her name, she is about 5'4" 140 pounds, reddish brown hair, freckles, around 30 years old, and HUGE NATURAL TITS>>> they were like 44 DD or something, big jugs,, anyway she told me to go to an adult bookstore on buckeye, we got a video for $7 and got a private viewing room....she offered FS for $30..........we did our own video, so to speak,, a really good time .......she is usually around 16th st and roovsevelt area....

05-01-02, 22:53
Regarding the questions on my previous post,
Yes . It is a house.
being more precise near to 35+ ave.

Went to pick the said to be CA hotties.
They are a group of 4-5 mostly appear together.
Picked the busty white girl , they like to come
in doubles I guess. anyway Two got into the car
and I said I need only one and the other left.
The busty red-head, negotiated 60 for FS.
went to the motel , and she gave a poor bj
and said that is it .
Quotting her "I deserves more since I am a very beautiful girl".
This girl was wearing a jean one day and a blue skirt the other day.
I saw another post saying they give good service , may be
for another girl with them , average sized one.She always wear
short shorts.
So be aware,

05-05-02, 04:22
Well here I am, back at home. Just one last report for the grand city of Phoenix, which I have really "come" to enjoy. Decent women and some lousy poker players (Thanks Casino Arizona) have indeed made this an enjoyable working vacation.

Went on a drive down VB on Friday and met an OUTSTANDING "mullato" woman. 19 about 5'7. Didnt get a name, but she was wearing a Jean dress with the waist cut off. Excellent BBBJ with some "digital exploration" all for $30.

Later that night, met a white girl (Big girl) named "cream" great personality, witty, and...oh...yeah....ANOTHER BBBJ for $30.

Anyhow...adios Phoenix...till next time!

Son House
05-06-02, 17:39
Picked up a 20-year-old name Tiffany last night on VB between the 143 and the 202. She's black with long blonde braids and an excellent body. She asked for $75 for half- &-half. We settled on $60. Took her to an office I have in that area and had probably the best SW date I've ever had. When she took off her clothes I was shocked. No stretch marks, no National Geographic saggy titties, no scars, just a perfect 20-year-old body (C-cup/perfect ass/legs). She started the BJ by licking my balls. I didn't even ask. Had FS from behind. Normally I take a while to finish, but I came faster than I ever have with anyone. She is very tight. Totally worth every penny. Next time I see her I may get an hour. She's in town from Vegas till Thursday. Good Luck.

Son House
05-07-02, 14:40
Picked up Tiffany again last night on VB between 40th & 44th. Received same service as last post for $50. No reason to even ask about an hourly rate, she was in no hurry. She's in town till Thursday and is working with 5 to 6 other girls from all over.

05-08-02, 21:04
son house, thanks again for your excellent posts.. I did some cruising on mon and tues night, around 9pm, and it was DEAD on VB, east side and west side... Tried to find Tiffany and her friends, Cream, Lucky, etc... but to no avail.. Hey Son House, do you have an anoynomous email, i would like to exchange some other info.......

05-08-02, 22:34
Lot's of SW's on VB this afternoon. Mostly black, but some were quite attractive. Most were between 24th street and 32nd street and VB. Talked to an attractive 18 year old near 29th street -- wanted sixty for a bj. Quoted me 75 for fs. I didn't take her up on it, because I did not have that much cash with me.

05-09-02, 08:30
I'd like to reply to: <I've noticed a few "couples welcome" adult theaters. The ones in Tampa had a lot of action on Fri/Sat nights. Is it the same here? Any experiences?>

I was in Phoenix from July of last year until end of January, and spent an average of an evening a week in the adult theaters which allowed couples. I never saw any females.

On the other hand, I spent the previous five winters in the Tampa area, and most every Friday/Saturday evenings in one of the adult theatres which are located in the area just east of Tampa airport. LE in heavy in Tampa for the SW's as well as for the MP's. However the adult theatres, in particular the "Playhouse Theatre" have not to my knowledge been raided. Each of the theatres in the area are "sitdown-type theatres with couches, and are VERY dimly lit. Not always, but often, couples will come in, get relaxed and comfortable, and "do their thing" which sometimes means that the gal will end up giving every interested male a BBBJ. I have partaken of the pleasures there, and as I also immensely enjoy watching others, I've had many an enjoyable evening. While I scored with a number of SW's while in Phoenix, I did miss the Tampa scene during this past winter!

05-10-02, 07:20
On Wed night, I was cruising out by Thomas and 38 St. I stopped off near the Post Office on the corner to get the latest issue of the BEAT. (The newpaper dispenser is in the driveway by the exit.) I started to see who I could call for some late night fun. While I was reading it, this skinny little mulato honey walked by, strutting west down Thomas. She must have just been dropped off, and I don't know where she came from. As I go to pull out of the driveway of the Post Office to see if I can get any action, an Phoenix Police car pulled past me. I figured I would cross the street into the 24 hour WAL-MART parking lot, and see if maybe this was a sting. She was very good looking and overly well dressed, so that made me suspicious. After the cops drove by, all of a sudden several cars, like vultures were on her. She refused all of them, so now I did not know what was going on. She strutted several blocks west and then crossed the street and headed east (Along the WAL-MART parking lot fenceline) SHe was still refusing cars as she headed back to my direction. I parked just past and entrance driveway, figuring she is still going to refuse everyone. As she was crossing that driveway, and small pickup truck came and she got into it they left. I don't know if she was business or just out teasing the general public.

Watching her had given me a taste to get some Street Action, so I just dumped the BEAT into the garbage, and headed up and down Thomas between 24 and 52 St. That was the only girl I saw cruising Thomas and she never came back.

So I headed for 16 St Between Thomas and McDowell, as I had seen in an earlier post. As I was turning left onto 16th, I saw one decent looking blonde SG get into a car. (I crusied 16 for a few mintues and had seen her get dropped off later on, only to be attacked like Vultures by the cars out there.) I also saw a few other SG's cruing up and down, but then the Phoenix LE was cruising 16 St, so everyone scattered. If I was not dealing with staying out of the way of Phoenix LE, I was dealing with vultures scooping in on the girls that were out there. On 16 St I saw about 6 different SG's, three Mexican, two white, one who looked like a Native Indian. (The only problem with the Indian woman, it looked as she may have been a HE in women's clothing - 16th and Van Buren is notorious for TS / TV.) I finally saw my chance of this pretty little skinny white girl, and I went to stop and low and behold, another LE car pulled up right beside me at the light. I figured, OK, I am done on this street for now. Pickings were ok, but the near misses were starting to get too close for comfort.

I left 16St and headed for old faithful VB. I headed west from Central Ave and figured I sweep it to 43 Ave. There was no one SG out there at all, BUT I did glimspe a girl standing in the driveway, behind the wall of a mobile home park, near the AutoZone just off of 35 Ave. I made a U-Turn in the Food City parking lot and pulled into the mobile home park. She was a pretty little thing, and said she was waiting for a friend (I figured damn, just some trailer trash hanging out getting high) That may have been what she was. She sat in my truck, talked a little and then asked for a ride to her friends house. I said OK, thinking I'll see where this is going. She showed me the way to her friend's house and pointed it out. She then said she was drunk, horny and wanted to get fucked. She then said she needs money because she was broke. Now were were getting to business. I told her I got a $20 and she said great. It was a little ackward in the pickup truck, so we opted to go and screw in the bed of the truck. I trusted that this was her friends house in this dead end cul-de-sac. I took the chance and had a great time in the bed of my truck. She complained the metal was cold, but she was so skinny, her ass fit on a towel I had in the truck. We finished, cleaned off with the towel and she sat and chatted for a few more minutes. Then she said I got to go inside and I watch her go into the house; verifying her story. I drove off.

Was she a working girl, most likely, but she acted as if she was just a drunk girl looking to have a good time. For my $20, I will not complain. The house I dropped her off at is just east of 35th Ave heading toward Buckeye, maybe one of you may spot her again.

05-11-02, 18:39
Was in town recently. I checked out Van Buren as suggested on this board. Maybe I was out at the wrong time, but seemed to be quite a bit of LE. Stopped at a strip club north of Van Buren. After a few dances, one of the girls gave me her phone number. After stopping at a strip club, i headed back on University. Some SWs in the area near the nudes clubs, but I didn't stop.

Hooked up with the strip club girl the next day. She was a bit skittish intially. We met at a public location not far from my hotel. Turned out well. After a few drinks and $200 we headed back to the hotel room for fun and games.

Bad Ass Charlie
05-12-02, 18:55
Lots of Sw's (street walkers) on VB (Van Buren st.) jeeez, this poor guy; Van Buren became President of the U.S. just to have a sleazy street named after him.

Sw's in high density between 7th st. and 40th st. on VB. Those guys hanging out in front of the Circle K convenience store on sw corner of 20th & VB are their pimps. Even that white guy with glasses and short hair, casually but nicely dressed, looks like a doctor or accountant.

There's a new pimp in town, from Boston. He looks like a UC (undercover Cop) but is a true pimp. White guy, 20's, very innocent looks, hangs with his "instructor" a black pimp, also from Boston.

These sw's and pimps are part of an organized syndication which operates across state lines. They work awhile in one city and then move on to another

Very heavy drug activity up and down VB. Shootings and stabbings are common between 7th and 40th streets.

Stay away from the Parkview Inn hotel, 3547 E. Van Buren, this week it's being used by drug dealers. You also have a busy drug supplier working out of the sleazy little motel just west of the circle K at 20th & VB. Skinny white girl, running drugs for an unknown guy. This week, those 2 hotels are ones you need to stay away from, high probability of getting in the way of a bad drug deal.

As one pimp told me, all these girls are workin' for someone, either that, or they will be!

05-14-02, 14:11
Hey Son House!!!!
I was going down vb last night and ran into Tiffany and about 4 other girls with her. After your good reviews I had to try her.
As you stated very nice body good gfe overall no rushing at all.
Very nice bj.

Son House
05-15-02, 01:54
Nice handle Payroll. Super dick I'm working on the e-mail. It will be up soon. Tiffany's been around. Seen her regularly. I've picked her up twice on East Van Buren were I posted before. By the way, got a great rim job for an extra $20.

05-17-02, 19:47
I went with a friend to a Strip Club on 7th St called BANDAIDS. (decent club, great milage on the table dances, but that is a different forum)

After closing, I decided to show my friend the sights of phoenix (since he rarely gets a kitchen pass) Cruised the usual spots around 16th St between McDowell and Thomas... Nothing but LE and a few PIMPS looking out.

I next went to cruise Thomas east from 16th, and saw guy drop off a awesome blone girl at the circle k (Maybe 7-11) on the southeast corner of 24th and Thomas. I said I told my friend she was a SW because the car sped off after dropping her off. Out of curiosity, we went in the store to check her out in the light. She was buying a ton of lottery tickets and a soda. This girl was young, not ridden hard, very tight hard body and very, very nice looking. (She looked better than some of the stripers at BANDAIDS) She did not any of the hardened look the regular SW's usually have.

Well, not to be obivious, I figured I not talk her up while behind her in line, I'll give her a chance to hit the street. She paid and left, heading south on 24th St. We the idiot behind the cash register locked up the friggin register, and it was not ringing up the two sodas we were getting. By the time the guy took the money for the soda, she was already past the edge of the parking lot, and I already saw two cars pass the window homing in on her.

We got back to my car and jumped out into traffic going south on 24th, she was walking the same direction on the opposite side of the street..... Well about three cars were already on her like vultures, and she took off in one.... Oh Well... Coulda but didn't.

We got back on Thomas and headed to the area I reported in an earlier post, this time as we came up to the Wal-Mart on Thomas near 36th St, there was an older run down white SW getting picked-up and a nasty, fat black SW still walking in from of the Wal-Mart flaggin us down. She was not desirable, so we passed on her.

Went back to 24th and Thomas and cruised south on 24th to see if we find the young blonde honey again... No luck.

Cruised down to old faithful VB and nothing from 24th St down to 43rd Ave..... Went home after a great night at the strip club, and a near miss on Thomas; and nothing on VB

I will go back another night and see if I can find her.. Has anyone else seen this young "girl next door" looking blonde in that area?

Bad Ass Charlie
05-20-02, 09:46
Lots of drug activity on north side of VB (Van Buren) and 38 st, stay away! or get rolled! Rough & Tough people there this week. Last week the dealers had taken over the ParkView motel across the street.

If on Thomas, watch your speed around 26th street. For at least 20 years the traffic motorcycle cops have been shooting radar here. It's a favorite spot for them.

I think they're now trying to avenge the death of a Phoenix Motorcycle Officer who was killed at that location in the early 80's when a van pulled out in front of his bike. The cop-bike T-boned the van and the Officer was pronounced dead on the scene.

My information is that the Phoenix cops for some reason are leaving the pimps alone. Not sure why, they're easy pickin's. They'll brag to anyone about their work and are very careless.

05-21-02, 06:20
((((((( Word Up )))))))


..... You mean to tell me that you had a foxz SW right in front of you in line and said "NOTHING" then, and then you purchased an item and the idoit cashier screwed thing up, and the SW got away.

MAN you should be Court Marshalled for that !!!! You didn't think to station your friend outside just in case, or just say hello can I give you a ride, or talk to you outside. MAN ???? With decent, good looking, sexz, clean SW out there .... YOU LET ONE GET THROUGH YOUR HOE TRAP .... "COURT MARSHALL !!!!" And you had your home spooled bud with you ... DAMN BRO !!!!


That almost happen to me here where I live, but I gave the cashier $2 bucks and said keep the change, for a $1.19 soda.
I have walked into a store and ask a fine SW if I could by her a beer at the store which was a 24oz can, and got the deal done, and a discount because I pought her a beer ... sometime two !!!!

If one might misses a nice, fine, SW, it should be because so many other fine, sexz ones are arund to choose from. YEA I know that rarely happens .... bbbbbut !!!!

IN CASE YOU WANT TO KNOW I WAS CHECKING OUT AZ./PHX POST because I have a friend who comes into town, every other month, from PHX. , she lets me seriously wax that azz. And she won't tell me anything about the area street action. She says it is not worth the mention.


((((((( WORD UP )))))))


05-21-02, 18:04
Hey has anyone had any luck with any new sw out there.
I have had Tiffany again and two of her friends any new sw in town?

Son House
05-21-02, 19:29
How do Tiffany's friends compare to her? Before she goes out of town I was thinking about having her and a friend at the same time. I've seen one girl w/ her, but not as hot. Please give names, race, and $$ so I can track them down if they're worth it. I have nothing really new to report except I've seen Lucky on VB and 28th with a large blonde white girl. See previous posts on Lucky and you'll know why I posted.

05-21-02, 23:29
Hey Son House!!
She has four others.

T- is the best if you like head.-$60
Candy for good piece of ass.$50
Vita is a little large but okay$45
Jeta is pregnant great 50/50 $80

05-22-02, 04:08
WORDUP - TRUE, on any other given night, I would have been knee deep in that SW.. BUT there are a few things I did not relate in my previous messages about 24th and Thomas. They are:

ONE, my friend is NOT a Hobbyist, and claims he was just curious and he just wanted to check them out. He said he will not PLAY or watch me PLAY with a SW. Also he may NARC to the significant other; I don't trust him well enjoy my HOBBYING and worry about his possible loose lips! (It would be funny if he is a closet hobbyist and does not want me to know about his adventures, thinking I may NARC him out to his significant other.. DAMN the life!)

TWO, even if he was a Hobbyist, all I had was $20 bills and I was not about to leave the idiot cashier a $17.50 tip for two fountain drinks. (We spent all the dollars, fives, and tens at the titty club)

THREE, we were in a small pickup truck, even if ITEM ONE and TWO were not problems, this would be a bigger problem.

FOUR, I do like to do my SW chasing with no witnesses.... This way nothing from anyone else can get back to the significant other. (Unless of course local LE catches me... But then I'd give the significant other the old "I thought she was hitch-hiking honey! I did not know she was a HO!"

So, Wordup, hold your court-marshalling for now. I am a seasoned veteran at this and I was preventing any security breaches on the home front. Next time I will fly solo and try to find her again.

05-23-02, 18:09
Does anyone know anything about a good looking girl by the name SAVANNAH.
Any reports about Pattaya Massage on Thomas
Anyone have anything on a dancer named filipino girl named marcella, worked at HI LITERS?

05-23-02, 20:54
hey j man i go to hi liter often i will ask around about the phillipino marcella i know some ladies there.....hey j man, do you know this hot little latina, she has like a gold tooth, dark brown hair, small a cup tits, but has a big round ass and big hips...She supposedly does "dates" outside the club.....

Are the Sactown ladies still around..... Trying to find Tiffany, Lucky and others, on VB, but no luck..

Mr. Bing
05-25-02, 04:38
There s a cute petite stripper called Savannah at the Candy store.
Either go chek it out or describe her so I can confirm.

05-25-02, 05:08
J-MAN, YMMV depending on the girl/lady you get at PATTAYA!

Linda usually works day shift, best looking girl in the place (My Humble Opinion) looks like she is half asian and half american, but she goes for about $160 for FS, $100 for BJ. A kick ass body!

The Cambodian girl is about 43 years old, (She does not look it, she looks more like early 30's,) and she teases for about $100, of which turns into a glorified HJ; pass on her. I don't know her name because it seems to change every time I see her. (Always trying to get me to take her in back again.... I have done this twice with her, thinking the first time that she may give FS or BJ until second visit! No such luck, same teasing scam. Don't get me wrong, it was great nude handjob, but when I can get BJ from other ladies for less or same price, WTF!)

I have had a few of the other girls/ladies too, and again YMMV. (Your Mileage May Vary) Most do FS, but quote you like $200-$250 for it, you just got to haggle it down a bit to get to the $120-$160 range.

TAKE the BODY SPONGE BATH before the massage, well worth it though!

I wrote a post in the old forum about this place, I don't know if it is still there! I, on average, get what I want done at Pattaya.

Son House
05-26-02, 04:16
Lots of black SW out Saturday night. The best 3 were right in front of the Desert Wind on VB around midnight. Usual action between the Blue Moon and 28th St. I missed Tiffany yesterday and now her # is down. I know her crew reads this board so if someone can tell her to call me if she still in town, "that would be cool". I think she has my #. She'll know me by my tattoo.

05-26-02, 04:58
Hey Son I Was with her last night and I have the new number on her and her firends. Email me at alicia4ulv@yahoo.com and I will give it to you.also where can i go besides vb to get other girls out here?

05-26-02, 05:37
ZELDA, we are not in Thailand, and this is the PHOENIX forum, so I would like to say WHO CARES about Thailand right now; if I wanted to read about Thailand, I would go to the THAILAND area of the WSG.

I just get tired of people bouncing in this Phoenix forum and posting how much better the pussy is elsewhere, i.e. Canda, Mexico, Thailand, Philippines, etc.. This is the Phoenix forum about the pussy you can get in PHOENIX, so CONTRIBUTE, POST LOCAL, and don't post about other places in this forum!

I thought the whole premise behind the WSG, (and I was a regular contributor on the orginal sex guide when we all used to use a anonXXXX@penet.fi anonymous e-mail address,) is to journal our adventures of getting sex in the LOCAL areas by posting in the LOCAL FORUMs. So if I am going to travel to DALLAS, I would research the postings in the DALLAS FORUMs, but I would not advertise PHOENIX there! It is just improper and a waste of a postings, as even is my rebutting our your post ZELDA.

We do what we can to get laid in overpriced Phoenix! Even with ZELDA's misleading statement, a trip to Thailand is NOT cheaper than even a few nights with even the most expensive ****** in Phoenix. If you include all the trip expenses, airfare, hotels, ground transportation, bar fines, 17 plus hours flight times, visas, passports, losing work here locally, etc etc.; you can drop several grand just to get cheap 5 dollar pussy!

I rather spend 150-200 bucks one night bangin a fine HO here in the valley and have enough time to spare to go home, get in bed and get some shut-eye before I have to work the next day! I also like the idea of instant gratification, bang it when I want it, and not plan a trip round the world to get it!

Keep it PHOENIX fellas!

Enuf Said!

Son House
05-27-02, 00:39
My email went down. Do you know if she's out tonight?

Son House
05-27-02, 00:45
Email is back.

Mighty Spearsman
05-27-02, 11:13
Dear j-man:
Please check out a long post in the Old Forum of WSG that I made back in late November 2001 about my adventures at the Pattaya Massage parlor, in addition to reading UnTold's excellent and accurate posting below.

05-29-02, 17:33
Cruised VB this afternoon and need to let everyone know "BEWARE". LE was out in force and had several cars pulled over. Luckily selection was slim and not too inviting. I got out of there quick. By the way what is the best places and times for day time fun?

05-29-02, 21:44
well, with the 110 degree days here, the pickings during 11am-3pm might be a bit slim....... you may want to try early mornings like around 6am-9am.......might get some gems working in the cool times.....btw, no word on marcella at hi liter.......
and still no word on the gold tooth latina with the small tits, big hips and thick ass.......

On the West side, saw a few gems around 19th ave and vb... one really hot mixed black girl, nice black dress, huge DD natural titties, gave me a great BBBJ with hum job and major ball licking for $20............. name was Jade, i think...

there was another lady looks latina mixed, brown hair, wears black skirts and has big D jugs too, but didnt pick her up....

05-30-02, 02:48
I have tried Pattaya several times once with Linda and got a
hand job for $80 from her, she is the prettiest of the bunch.
She let me grab her ass and stick my finger inside her. Then got
another hand job from another lady for the same price. Then
the last 3 times was seen by the cambodian lady named Pam.
Yes, she is a tease, was able to eat her pussy but she would
not fuck or suck my dick only hand job. I've been going to Rose
Garden massage 7th street just north of Virginia. Unfortunately,
you have to spend and arm and a leg to get FS. They have
korean girls there, and one russian girl there. They are very
good at what they do for $140. I've tried rainbow one in
scottsdale on scottsdale rd. and just north of thomas rd. behind
the wendy's. Again paid $140 for a korean girl, nice looking and
was worth it for me. I have tried the massage at 19th ave and
camelback, just south of camelback. Caucasian lady in her 40's
sat on top of me and gave me a hand job, but would not let me
eat her, paid $80. Have tried this latina massage on camelback
and just before 43rd avenue in a strip mall. Paid $80 for a hand job, no fucking, was by a lady in her 50's but had a nice looking
body. I have tried 27th ave & indian school but was disappointed, they wanted way too much money for FS, like
$200. They charge $80 to take top off and another $80 to take
their bottom off. The asian girls are okay but would like to find
a caucasian lady that does FS.

05-31-02, 00:55
Has anyone seen a young petite Latina going by the name of Ana lately around VB between 12th and 22nd Aves?

Very nice figure with medium length brown hair.

05-31-02, 19:12
Ana, hmm on VB between 12th and 22nd ave?? I have seen a few big breasted mixed latinas in that area.. There is a petite 28 latina named Sonja in that area, she does amazing covered bj and ball sucking for $20........I will have to ask for Ana...

06-01-02, 00:34
Hi guys...it's been awhile since I've posted in here but I see everybody's still on top of what's going on in town. I know most of the conversation is on the street scene but this is for those interested in massage.

I just wanted to let you know that I've hired several new therapists for your pampering pleasure at A Touch Of Heaven Massage. For those of you who like a little European flavor, you'll love our blonde Russian honey, Ilena (ill-e-anna), formerly of European Spa. Her pictures have been added to our photo page and I know that you'll like what you see. Debi and Angela have worked at several local shops and enjoy showing their clients how good they can make them feel. (I'll have their pics on our site as soon as I get some ;o) I'm also interviewing a few more so you'll have a variety of therapists to visit. I encourage our clients to experience the many different styles and talents that we all have.

I hope that you'll visit one of our three locations and treat yourself to a wonderful, relaxing massage from any of our therapists. If you see a therapist on our site that you'd like to see, feel free to ask for her when you come in or give us a call and we'll let you know about her availability :o)

Visit our site at http://www.atouchofheavenmassage.com


06-01-02, 08:39
Superdick - She is around 5'0" tall, very petite and healthy looking, around 21 yrs (looks younger though) and does terrific BBBJ. Used to stay with ex-hobbyist who took her in to his house in the Greenway/I-17 area, but think that relationship went sour when he found out she was still working. A terrific find if you see her out there...

Merlin Magician
06-02-02, 02:29
I found another jewel tonite and it had been right under my nose for 2 years or so, but I had never seen it until today. I live in Glendale and I go by this place often but somehow missed it.

Zuchiki Accupressure, an AMP, located at 43rd Ave. and Maryland. Their rates are comparable to everyone else in town. A really gorgeous therapist, Nina, took very very good care of me. They have the iron rails suspended from the ceiling and she can do walk-on-back technique. It is to die for.

I left there tonite, very happy and grinning like a stuck pig in the sunshine.

Will I go back? Oh Hell yes!

Oh yes, Brandy/Ikneadu; the Russki is very pretty.

06-02-02, 06:26
I was out in Central Phoenix tonight, so I figured I'd check out the SW action from Central Ave west down VB (I was at Arizona Center)

I wanted to check out any action there might be and maybe get a quickie on the way home. (I am a west valley person) I went all the way to 67th AVE on VB and all I saw was one hideous SW around 17th Ave who looked like a woman from behind, but as I passed, may have been a no-necked man in drag. Regardless this was the only THING out there on a Saturday night pass at midnight. VB has gone down over the years, I remember on any Friday or Saturday night, Van Buren was hopping with SW's from 56st St all the way to 43rd Ave. NOTHING out there tonight.

06-03-02, 00:50
well, i tried to find that latina last night, cruised west VB from 7th ave to 35th ave, instead found a cutie named "shorty"
mellow looking white woman, young, 20 years old, slim and petite, wore a cute jean skirt and white top, short blonde hair and freckles...looks really innocent.....she jumped in, we agreed for $20 BBBJ........ She gave really good head, deep throating my cock and sucking and licking my nuts... I groped all over her perky tits and nice round ass, she allowed me to jam my finger in her ass and ****... I was really getting turned on while she was slurping on my nuts and shaft, while i was ass banging her with my thumb.. I asked about anal, she said $20 more, and i wrapped a condom on and plowed away on her hot tight asshole..... It was so tight, the grip was amazing, like a vice..... I came fast, and wanted to marry this woman on the spot...lol..located her around 9th ave and vb..

06-03-02, 16:39
There appears to be afternoon specials on VB. Noticed on atleast two occasions during the past week activity of around 4 to 5 girls when driving down VB. Just for those who might want to cool off during the summer heat in the afternoons...this might be just for you. For those who may not want to wait for the evening action...an afternoon of fun might just be your answer.

06-05-02, 02:58
Lot of action on 27th and Indian School. I ssaw two girls both petite at least 8's strolling the lots across from Motel 6. They were looking for alot of money and only f/s. I speculate only because they never seemed to leave, and they spoke too alot of guys. 5 or 6 others, coming and going.

Any one have a private # of someone that does anal. Looking to try and want to try with someone clean and don't want to be rushed. Let me know. Thanks


06-06-02, 18:46
Was in Phoenix on monday night, cruised 19th Ave North of Glendale Ave. saw a SW looking woman waiting near a bus stop, turned and went back, another guy had pulled over, after a quick conversation she hopped in. I have seen quite a few SW's in that area, all the way up to Thunderbird in the late afternoon/early evening.

Cruised Van Buren west from 19th Ave, saw a few scraggly looking ones......cruised east on Van Buren, at about 17th or 18th St. saw a pretty looking SW. Went around the backstreets, came up the sidestreet and she came up. Latina, Angela was her name, nice tight ass, long legs. she suggested a BBBJ while I was driving for $20, said I could cum in her mouth and she would spit it out. None of this "jack you off when you are close to cumming". was able to grab her ass and feel her pussy while getting sucked off.

After I dropped her off, I cruised up 16th St. North from V.B. saw a few SW's getting into various vehicles, including a semi-tractor-trailer rig. Followed them to the truckstop at I think 61st Ave and I-10 ( may have been 50 something ave.) there are truckstops out there at several of those exits. There were a few SW's hanging around, and I saw a few getting into semi's....then into others.....I think the key is to have a cb-radio to get some of that action.

Anyway, I get to phx quite a bit and hope to see more info. in this section.....keep the good info coming....

06-10-02, 22:33
whats the deal here.......everyone die??? you can't tell me everyone just stopped going out looking......comeon guys lets see some posting....

Have cruised by the Walmart I have read about on McDowell or Thomas...can't remember.....never saw anything that resembled a SW....

I am looking to get away from the Van Buren Scene....too much LE there....

Mr. Bing
06-11-02, 03:18
Cruised down Thomas Friday afternoon
Decided to try out A touch of Zen but
the parking in the back was full of cop's cars
About 6 of them!!
I turned around and went to the strip club
near by instead.
Was that a bust or are those cars always there?
How about this mp?
Any good feedback?

06-11-02, 07:10
WorldTraveller: Thomas from 16th St to just past the Wal-Mart is usually hit or miss.

Anyways, in a different light, I went cruising tonight along 16th Street to past Wal-mart tonight; and there was nothing. (But I assure you I have seen action there!) I cruised down 16th Street to VB, and saw just one tall black girl on the east side of 16th just south of McDowell. She looked good, but by the time I looped around, somebody was already loading her into their car.

Cruised VB from 52nd St to 35th Ave. There was nothing really worth picking up east of Central Ave. I did notice many good looking YOUNG white girls along the route that is usually black and hispanic girls. So after I cruised the length of VB, I decided to go back to between 24th St and 40th St where I saw the girls earlier. Just east of 24th Street, I saw this stout long legged blonde wearing knee-hi go-go boots, long vinyl jacket, etc. She just hit the street and since it was a Monday Night, there was not many people chasing here in cars yet. I figured I better swoop on this one and get her before the vultures (a.k.a. other hobbyists) find her too.

I went to an area I have previoulsy scoped south of VB, a dead end street near some train tracks. I got a very nice half and half session for 60 bucks. This girl was pretty damn clean, young and really good looking for a SW. (She had the serious girl next door look!) I think she may have only been around 19-21. I figured since college is on summer break, these young white girls are hitting the streets for quick cash. These girls looked more like school girls than SW's. Regardless they are on the street fessing up the booty.

I still dread the LE on VB anyway. I took my chances tonight even though I stopped at the Circle K earlier on 32th St and VB and saw LE cruising by every few minutes. The guy at Circle K said it was not so much looking for the, "HO's," as he put it, but a TAXI driver was shot and robbed a few hours earlier on 24th St and VB. So the cops were still hunting for the suspects, and really were not harassing the, "HO's." Since LE had bigger and better fish to fry, I was not as worried about them tonight.

06-11-02, 07:32
Mr. Bing, I did the same thing too when Touch of Zen first opened. I thought the cars were cops, so I figured it may be a sting. I used to frequent it when it was the Locker Room (I think that is what it was called) and I had heard it was shut down because that owner had several run-in's with the local LE. Knowing this made me think even more that LE may have taken over her business for a STING. (I heard she is now running two shops in Glendale - GLENDALE MASSAGE and Kneading Muscles Massage)

I have not been there since it was re-opened under this new owner. I did see earlier posts (It may be in the OLD forum) or on arizonamassage.com's forum that the cars are owned by a private security company; and they bought unmarked police cruisers or government cars for the business. I do remember reading reviews about Touch of Zen's massages, but I think everyone said they were mediocore as compared to the old place.

I have yet to try first hand. I usually go to Pattaya Massage, a tried and trusted MP for all my needs. Pattaya Massage is just a few blocks past that strip club. I have not bothered to try Touch of Zen, since I have not seen any outstanding reviews yet. I rather go a few more blocks down the road to Pattaya

Merlin Magician
06-11-02, 10:25
Thomas is good for street pussy between 24th St. and 44th St. I've often found a nice blonde ("farm girl" looking) usually working daytime around the area of 36th St. She is usually on the north side of the street and usually in a parking lot. I've tried her a couple of times and she is good for a $20 BBBJ in the nearby parking lots across the street. I suspect she is mildly retarded but she does do her stuff well.

I tried the Locker Room once last year and the girl who was to do my massage went ass-bonkers when I mentioned "full body." She looked and acted like a "tweeker" anyhow. I got turned off and left. I have not been to the Touch of Zen as reviews I have read indicate that no extras are available there. And, yes, the cop cars belong to a private security company in the same building.

Pattaya I have not tried but I hear from local reviews it can be kind of pricey and YMMV.

I have looked at the new Cleopatra's located where the old Tubbie's used to be at 24 W.Camelback. This place is remodeled in a lavish manner and the old grungy tubs are gone. Plush is the word and the girls are model quality. I suspect the girls are Canadians from their accents. Maybe they will offer Canadian type service, i.e., reverse massage etc.. This place makes me drool.

06-11-02, 18:43
Merlin, your "farm girl" sounds pretty good. I'm not from the area but plan to head down and it's always nice to have a little info. Thanks.

06-12-02, 00:19
Merlin.......about what time of day on the "Retarded Farm Girl"...lol

06-12-02, 15:06
Just went out on the prowl and came up empty. Tried to find the Farm Girl with no luck. Cruised 16th st. to Thomas to 44th st. down to VB then back to 12th st. Saw nothing. LE was not even out in force. What time for Farm Girl is best and is 10:30 a dead zone out there?

06-12-02, 17:04
I will be in phoenix and checking out the scene tomorrow.....

Buster Cherry
06-12-02, 21:07
I saw the "farm girl" yesterday and today. I was going down Thomas at 34th St at about 2:30PM both days. I think Merlin thinks she is a farmer because she wears overalls. I've seen her many times before but I've never stopped. Now I'm obsessed.

Too bad I had my boss with me or I would have taken my daily afternoon "break" with her. I am going back Saturday and I ain't leaving till I find her.

06-12-02, 21:32
Buster......thanks for the info......I will try to check it out tomorrow.......

06-14-02, 00:08
The "farmgirl" search is on!!! lol.... Didnt see anything on Thomas rd between 16th st and 40th st... Went to the old stomping grounds on VB, aournd 24th st and vb, met this nice 28 year old Native American, really petite, dark hair, nice looking , about 100 pounds, A cup, goes by the name of Lena i think... she offered covered BJ for $20, also wanted to include sex, but i didnt want to park anywhere and get caught.. She blew me while we drove, pretty good deep throat action, likes to get gagged while deep throating your dick, also sucks and licks balls, moans and talks dirty..pretty good fun, check her out...

06-17-02, 04:03
wow, vb was kinda hopping tonight... there are a group of hotties from hollywood in town...met this one black latina looking lady named tracy, 24, nice firm natural d cup tits, nice curly hair, fully lips, round ass and thick hips, was wearing a tight red dress, offered FS for $60, but only allowed doggie position, but let me squeeze her big titties and smack her bubble ass.... her and her friends should be in town for a few weeks..located on 29th st and vb..

06-17-02, 19:50
Hey all!!!
Good selection of new girls on the very top end of vb between 40th and 48th street by the 7/11. i have seen them for the last 2 days now about 830pm until?

Buster Cherry
06-17-02, 21:16
I didn't find the farm girl this weekend. I bet I spent over 6 hours Saturday cruising Thomas. I saw a few skanky ho's, nothing I'd let in my car...

Mr. Bing
06-18-02, 18:19
Thanx for the tip Untold.

Can onyone tell me where Pattaya massage is, because I cruised the area looking for that place and just couldn't find it. It has gotten great reviews and I Rellay want to try it.

Finally, I can't find any good action in the Northwest, Glendale area. Any good MP?

06-19-02, 12:04
TBD owners were busted yesterday - we all should probably be a little more careful!

A few links:

Video at

06-20-02, 22:24
ONE ADDED THING...I don't know anything about legal issues, but I wonder if these sites being busted (As in Tampa) will also fall into any freedom of speech issues.

I think what I post is freedom of speech, but with Big Brother watching, I would probably be cited for promoting prostitution, a very heinous and illegal act!

We don't want that loaded penis going off in a prostitute!

It is easier to bust a prostitue and her john, than to chase a bunch of gangbangers into the ghetto!

Enuf Said

06-21-02, 00:26
I'm not normally the type to take on new 'challenges'....lord knows there's already enough in the massage business LOL....but it just really pisses me off to see the AZ massage board gone because of stupidity! TBD fucked up, plain and simple. I hate losing a good thing because of it so I've started a board on my site and the shops' site. I hope that we can see the regulars from Az massage back in there. :o)


06-21-02, 16:53
I have given this situation a lot of thought and I'm sure my favorite massage therapist and the parlor would probably enjoy seeing more money coming in but due to the nature of this forum I will not provide names or places so that LE can come in and deliver harassment.

06-22-02, 11:37
Buster (and others) - See Murphy's post in the Tucson thread. Could be that the "farm girl" has pulled up stakes and moved on to Tucson.

Can we get a better description to see if it's the same girl?

06-27-02, 14:14
Well, the "farm girl" and the girl from Tucson seem to be pretty good. When I get down to the area I will have to find the black latina with D cups too! Yum...


06-30-02, 22:57
Well I'll give a little in hopes of getting a little… First the "give" I just visited a new MP just south of Camelback just east of Scottsdale Rd…. It appears to be brand new… I was looking for the works but I didn't get exactly what I wanted. I paid 40 at the door. . (oriental 8 from the neck down and a 7 from the neck up) quoted me 100 for HJ/JO while I touched her but I talked her down to 60…I normally wouldn't pay this much but I was already pretty worked up by the time she got to the question. She started the session with a very feathery massage. When she asked me if I wanted to turn over my hand went directly up her skirt. She didn't mind so I continued to probe. So for a total of 100 (door and extra service) I got HJ while I fingered her wet tight pussy…over all pretty good deal…

Now the "get"… What I'm really looking for is a MP or a private incall where I can get whatever I want at a fair price… Sometimes a HJ is enough but I'd love to find a place where I can get a BJ, eat some pussy and maybe even go all the way to FS… Please help immediately

By the way I went by Pataya on 30st. and Thomas for my needs but it appears they have closed and moved to Scottsdale… I've heard that they do what I'm asking for but I'm not sure since the move to Scottsdale it may have become more upscale.

Please help with my request right away, as I will only be here in town a while longer.

If any cops are reading this...the whole thing could be fake and I could just be trying to get Cyn. in trouble, people have stolen my email in the past and done things like this.

07-01-02, 17:44
I originally posted this a couple of weeks ago

Pattaya has moved, Sonja moved to 4410 N. Saddlebag, Ste 1. Scottsdale 480-232-7628, (that is around Scottsdale and Camelback Rd.) I believe all of the same girls moved with her. I understand the state gave her a hard time moving down the strip center she was in on Thomas, she needed their permission.

Visit and let me know if it is still good. I want to know about Pam, and if she is worth the it


07-01-02, 18:15
Thanks j-man...

I'll check it out...you think I should see Pam or Sonja... any info on the $$$... By the way the new place that I went to wasn't the new Pattaya... it's name started with an "F", but it must have been just around the corner from the new Pattaya.

07-03-02, 11:10
I have a mission for you guys...

i know this girl that works at a MP, the problem is that she knows me from my place of business thus it would be kinda strange for me to see her especially looking for extras...

You know what I mean?

Now this girl is at least an 8 or 9, "hell" I want to "F" her so bad she sometimes looks like a straight "10"

Here's the other thing, I'm under the impression that this place is a totally legit business... So what I'm really fishing for is someone who knows this girl (or will check out this girl) and if she really does the extras like alot of the other MP's.

If she does, I might just say screw it and goes see her afterall...

Even if this girl doesn't do the good stuff you'll probably like her anyway.

When you find out let me know, either with good vague code words or email me direct at trimminjob@aol.com.

Its located approximatly at 38th Street and Indian School Rd. behind the "Roti Joes Restaurant"

(Dark haired girl with the great ass)

Son House
07-03-02, 12:27
Had Tiffany & Jeta twice since last post. Both times had a blast. I've seen them as far west as 32nd & VB. I'm recuperating this week drinking lots of fluids. Maybe I'll ask if they have a third friend that would like to join.

The House

07-03-02, 13:45
I'm a big believer in you give a little you get a little.. so here goes...

I'm looking for some specifics on F/S MP's with info on $$$ as well as private number on SW that are clean reaonable and at least 7's

You can email specifics to trimminjob@aol.com (no attachments) or give vague coded messages right here

I've been to a few MP and this is what I have to say

I cannot seem to leave any of these places happy for less than 80-100 total including tip and cost of massage

Glendale Massage 6's and 7's and 8's Results may very but usually leave happy... Phoenix Massage 4's 5's and 6's usually leave happy...36th Ave South Side of Camelback 7's and 8's usually leave happy... Touch of Zen 7's and 8's usually leave happy...Fairy Massage 7's and 8's usually leave happy.

by the way how come there's not much info coming lately out of postings

Buster Cherry
07-04-02, 20:40
I espied the farm girl at 11:30 AM today quite by accident. I found her at 32nd st and Van Buren. I turned around in the ARCO parking lot and pulled up to talk and I'll be damned if some asshole in a cab snatched her up before I could get her attention.

I give up....

Merlin Magician
07-04-02, 20:48

I think the place you refer to at 38th st and Indian School may one of the legit places in town. Much like Odyssey further east on Indian School, "extras" may not be available there. If they are, I've never seen reference in the boards. The place has been there awhile too. I'll check it out though, Dave's list will know.

However, if you check it out, just throw the little towel aside. If she keeps putting it back on you, be assured there my well be no extras to be had.

Where is Fairy Massage? Real fairies? LOL!

07-06-02, 17:32
I don't know the actual address on "Fairy" but I know its about one block west of the new Pataya (Phuket ISland)...

You can see the add in the NewTimes I think there's even a coupon.

Just east of Scottsdale Rd. and just south of Camelback Rd.

By the way the place on 38th. St and Indian School that I'm trying to get info on has definitely been there for less than 2 yrs more like 1 year... Don't confuse it with the dump on 35st and Indian School Rd... Don't confuse it with that Suddenly Slimmer body wrap place either...

Like I said this place it right behind the Roti Joes restaurant on the North side of the road.

Happy hunting...this girl is a hotty.

Buster Cherry
07-06-02, 19:20
That place at 35th st and Ind.Sch., the Right Touch, is not a bad dump.

It's in fact, the best bargain in town. I've been going there since 1996.

Granted the gals there are more "supermarket" than "supermodel" quality, but one can get the $15.00 special and go away very happy for about $40 bucks total.

I've never had a bad massage there except once, but Sally, the bi-polar ***** troublemaker, has since moved on to Scottsdale.

Big Mal
07-07-02, 11:04
Odyssey Massage on 42nd st and Indian School rd (North side of street, in strip mall with printer, cabinet showroom) has been there for at least 10 years.

Totally legit as far as I know. A great place for a good massage. No extras that I've ever heard of or gotten. The owner (Diane) is very straight laced, and I think if she knew of someone giving extras, she'd kick 'em out pronto!

Big Mal

07-08-02, 17:42
Anyone know of a good MP in or around Scottsdale that has fine latina or american women? Looking for at least a BJ or FS. Tired of the asian scene if you know what I mean. Also has anyone scene a older latina named Gloria that used to work out in the Phoenix area MPs?

Buster Cherry
07-10-02, 21:15

French Fantasies and University were both lately operated by Kevin, AKA Buddha. I've not heard about him in a while. He may have been run out of town. I hope so. he is such an angry at the world kind of asshole and for no good reason.

Son House
07-16-02, 01:14
Two days ago I may have seen these girls in front of the Blue Moon. I saw a tall blonde with a short light skinned black girl stopping all kinds of traffic and getting in and out of vehicles like they couldn't settle on a price.
I was out last night when the storm hit. Talk about fucked up. The power is still out in many parts of Van Buren tonight.
Tried to take Tiffany to the Desert Wind around 8:00 pm. They were actually closed. Told me they couldn't rent me a clean room. I never thought I'd hear that from that place. Said they’d be open in a half hour. After our date I dropped her off at 18th & Van Buren. She's probably working right in front of the Desert Wind as I type. Read this and go get laid. She'll be the pettiest girl there. Hair back w/ daisy dukes. Back track my post for more details.

The House

07-16-02, 06:38
Okay guys, I'm new to Phoenix, I've read all the archived posts, I"ve bought a map of Phoenix, I've spent dollar after dollar in gas on both sides of town in search of SOMETHING . . . with the exception of seeing a taller blonde on VB with a shorter dark haired "follower" outside the Copa, I've not seen more than a "3", possibly a "4" . . . the blonde/brunette combo NEVER turn a date apparently, just wander aimlessly up and down VB . . . seen them pass a good many opportunities, including myself. . . freaking idiotic . . . and I have YET to see a single SW that knows to move the heck off a main street and down a side street where its safer . . . Phoenix LE is like the damn Taliban . . . WHAT GIVES???????????

Unless I am totally missing something, Phoneix absolutely SUCKS for street action . . . which for a combined metro area of over 4 million absolutley blows my freaking mind . . . I have travelled extensively across the U.S. and I swear by all that is holy I can get more and better action in a town with 250,000 - 500,000 population.

Please don't tell me that 'ole Sheriff Joe has it locked down so tight . . . I guess I'm off to the ads in the New Times . . however, from experience in other cities, its sometimes riskier than hitting a busy corner . . . what's a guy gotta do??? Drive down to Mexico????

07-16-02, 07:32
There are gems out there as posted here by many, but you also must have noticed that patience is a required virtue. I am not surprised by your empty hands at all.

The best advice however that I could possibly give you is to stay away from most all ads in "The Beat", and "New Times" is also risky and ripe with ripoff operations. Never trust providers up front. Dave's list provides excellent information on these publications in his free website section.

Mexico (Nogales specifically) is a sure thing with many young, great looking providers at very reasonable costs. It is however about a 3 hour drive from Phoenix. Well worth it though in my opinion. Checkout the Mexico board posts and archives for details.

Which cities do you find to be the best? I personally think Waikiki, Hawaii is the true SW paradise location. Would appreciate your input...

07-20-02, 04:07
This is getting to be bullshit... Fucking LE everywhere like the god damn gastapo, martial law or something..... Thursday night around midnight cruised VB, it was DEAD... NO ACTION AT ALL..except for these two cute latina ladies looked barely 18, if that , dressed in normal shirts and jeans, looked liked local girls coming from a bar.. They were standing at 18 st and VB, i was about to chat with them, when ALL OF A SUDDEN out of nowhere, FUCKIN LE!!!!! I mean it was like they were staking them out.. Fortunately, they ran across the street and i turned the other way, LE gave them me the evil eye, and i gave them one back... I AM FUCKING TIRED OF THIS SHIT!!! I mean, hell, elections are goddamm four months away and primaries are like two months away, what gives?? I guess with all of the NEW apartments on VB, they want to clean up the mess.......oh well, i guess i need to cruise thomas more........

07-20-02, 22:35
Picked up a hottie at 27 ave and glendale.Good BBBJ for 20 $
at 1 pm today.
Anybody has any information , Anything going on BELL ROAD EAST SIDE AREA ?

07-25-02, 10:08
Hey Jim, Stay in California!

Anyway, this is the message on the site supposedly run by Jim:

"Temporarily Unavailable

The Tripod page you are trying to reach has exceeded its hourly bandwidth limit. The site will be available again in 2 hours!

Thank you!"

Before you invite ARIZONA hobbyists to look at your CALIFORNIA SW site, get your shit together and your ducks in a row!

And finally; don't be a LAMER, get a REAL DOMAIN with a REAL WEB-HOSTING ISP!

BTW; If you get some SW/MP/CALLGIRL ass in PHOENIX ARIZONA, tell us about here in the Phoenix Forums, otherwise keep your stinking SPAM in California!

Son House
07-28-02, 05:10
Busy night. SWs up and down VB. Saw Tiffany early in the evening. She's been either in front of the Desert Wind, but more often is at 44th at the circle K, less girls-less competition. Saw a hot blond while leaving the Wind. Was back down in the area about 11 pm and saw her again between 28th and 32nd on the north side of the street. Her name is Chance. She's tall, long blonde hair and had a skimpy red top on. Got a BJ to cap the night off for $40. She definitely wanted more, but I talked her down. Unrushed and well worth it. Said if I called her she would do 1/2 & 1/2 for $50. Chance may be on drugs, but the body and the service were fine. Said she's in town till the end of the month. Time to rest.
I did see this guys website. Fucking lame. He takes pictures of girls from his car. Not one picture is in focus. Anybody gonna post anything worth while?

The House

07-29-02, 03:05
On Wednesday I went to 35th st and Indian School for the $15 massage. An older (40) gal named Sherri gave me a nice rub down and a handsome extra for $35. She doesn't do anything else, and said noone there did either.

07-31-02, 03:08
saw leana again, the cute 19 year old hispanic cutie on 18th st and van bueren,........ She looked really cute, nice firm bubble ass and natural c cup tits.... offered sex for $30, really hot tight pussy, but didnt get into it, and was very very rushed, wanted me to finish after like 10 minutes!!! i ended up just pulling out and jerking off, playing with her cute titties and tight bald pussy........I think if you let her get her "fix" first, she will be better in the sack, still a good bargin, $30 for sex with a 19 year old hottie...

07-31-02, 18:41
Hey Superdick; was reading a couple of your posts. You seem pretty knowledgable about where to find women in Phoenix. I am
going to FT Huachuca for some training soon for a couple of weeks.

Might be looking for some action while Im there. Never been. If
I could ask, pls shoot me an email on the do's and dont's and
the best places to pick up women. Looking for asian or hispanic

Also would appreciate any info on any decent clubs to go to. Also
need to know how to watch out for sting ops and the cops.

Thks in advance


P.S. If you ever travel Asia.....I can tell you ALL about it.....it is
AWESOME out there.

08-02-02, 06:15
Of course...aves are west and streets are east, got it backwards. Too bad, still looking for Ana the real GFE experience, real girl next door stuff. I haven't noticed that Thomas or 27th have anything hot lately at all...have been ending up in Nogie, the sure thing but a pain in the butt drive...

08-02-02, 13:09
I cruised last night down the usual places (VB from 43rd Ave to 44th St; Thomas between 16th St and 44th, and down 16th between Thomas and VB)

Well I came up with ZERO for wimmen because the Police Dept had the helicopters out and cruisers, crusiers and more cruisers... Every time I see a SW, there would be one cruiser a few cars behind me and at least one coming at me the other direction. The whole area was saturated with LE. I seen more cars pulled over last night than I can recall in recent memory. I even saw a several getting towed by Phoenix PD. In just about every instance when the PD would tag a poor soul looking for a piece of ass on the street, the PD would have at least three cars with lights glaring away; turning the arrest of arrest of that SW's John into a small spectacle. I figured my odds of getting tagged by LE were just too great last night! I just remained in the area for a little while to see how many people LE were tagging. All I can say there are probably a few guys too many having to explain to their wives why they were out buying wimmen!

However, even with Phoenix Police Dept's attempt to harrass the John's and get the girls off the street, there were still several nice looking ladies scattered around. There were some really fine white ladies between 32nd St and 44St. I wonder how many of those ladies were LE Decoys?

08-09-02, 01:01
King, its a few reasons for the gastapo crackdown on johns and sws...

1. Sherriff Joe.. He will always want to use his "war on streetwalkers and pimps" to cover up his legal issues with prisonsers trying to sue him every week...

2. The primary elections are coming up soon..

3. The VB scene is vastly different than it was 5 years ago.. On th 7th there are brand new hotels and apartments, also on 18th st, and 52nd st...... They are trying to clean up the image of VB being crack central......... The new business owners dont want their investment hampered by a bunch of pimps and sws...

You will probably begin to see more action on thomas and mcdowell rd.. as well as 27th ave indian school, and the west valley....

09-11-02, 19:11
well, was able to find the ultimate diamond in the rough last sat night at 3am on VB, found this lovely hot latina crystie, from texas, 18 brown hair, nice full lips, great tight ass, about 5'4" tall and 125 pounds, and nice real 34 C titties, ......she says she needs a ride to get food the the burrito shop on 24th st..
she said that her man is out of town but she is faithful, doesnt mess around... we get to talking, and then she finally agrees to a BBBJ for $40, she said she never "dated" before, but she was a pro, a total deep throat porn queen......... pretty good time, we are supposed to hook up, in the future, she was staying at desert winds i think........
Not a whole lot of other action..going on..

09-17-02, 02:50
Thank you for the good word about Lori and Ilena, Merlin. I'm glad they've been taking good care of you ;o)

Anyone interested in Lori and Ilena can visit our photo page to see them :o)



09-21-02, 17:32
I am new to the area and interested in finding the best places for a massage in the West Valley. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Merlin Magician
09-21-02, 22:05
Newman, it's called the Right Touch. 3500 blk E. Indian School, south side of the street.

They always have a $15.00 (15 minute) special sign out front.

Best bargain in town when you are short on cash or in a hurry.

Recommend? Yes!

Mighty Spearsman
09-26-02, 17:28
Dear happy gardener:

I agree with superdick that you should check out Lucy Lee - she has a posting in the Classified Ads section of WSG. I also recommend that you read the entire Phoenix board carefully, including the 2001 - early 2002 postings, to get a better feel for the scene here. Phoenix seems to be the capital of outcall ladies who grab the cash and then dash, or who simply don't perform up to expectations. Lucy Lee is one of the few outcall girls to have consistently received good posts on this board.

I also had a good experience with "Bianca Arizona" of Skybox Cabaret, but I'm not sure if this place is still in business anymore.

I see that you've made well over 100 postings to WSG - impressive! Good luck, and please post a report on what happens to you during your visit to Phoenix.

09-26-02, 19:38
Hey all. I'm a newbie around this forum and just had my first massage experience here in the valley. As many suggested, I tried out The Right Touch on Indian School, near 32nd street. Visited "Marlene" and was treated in a very warm and friendly manner. Massage was decent and had some fun afterwards. There is the $15 for 15 mins deal. Or you can opt for 30 mins for $25, which is what I went for. Anyhoo, highly recommended from me as well.

09-26-02, 23:03

I'll supply some of Happygardener's answer. I'm from the Chicago board, too. Southside, there's action on Prairie between 43rd and 59th (black), on Madison from United Center to Cicero (black), and sometimes on 47th from Ashland to Cicero (mixed).

There's action on Cicero near Roosevely and also north of Midway (mostly at 47th).

Mannheim is out of my area.

North used to be the best area, but now is in the middle of a highly-politicized crackdown. Stay away.

I'll be in Phoenix in November. Just doing an early check-out. I visit occasionally and am familiar with VB, both east and west, but it appears there may be some action in other areas now, like 27th Avenue. Are these newer areas better?

Come visit the Chicago board before your visit -- it's very active and you can get all the info you need.

09-27-02, 10:53
Thanks for the info, guys.

Last January, I had to come down for a week, so I did quite a bit of research then. It is good advice to check the archives for any city you go to. Because of them, I was aware of the grab-and-go scams. That is why I stayed away from any outcall services.

I was supposed to hook up with an indy off of TBD, but that fell thru due to scheduling problems.

Also stayed away from SWA (even though I could see their sign from my hotel) and some of the other MPs because of the info on this board.

There were several good reports about VB and other streets, so I tried them , but like so many of you, everytime I saw a good one, I could get the car around fast enough to get her.

If you are coming to Chicago, check the board before you go. We have elections in November and city elections in the spring. Our honorable mayor is cracking down hard on the johns. expect to pay $2000 in fines and car towing fees if you get busted, not to mmention lawyer fees, etc.

I have been sticking to AMPS and trading phone numbers with regular provisders and friends. The girls are hiding out in hotels and walking less well-know streets.

Stay off of North Ave in Chicago. Do not pick up ANYONE on Mannheim. Lots of stings there. You can still go in the seedy bars that are having" fashion shows" and possible hook up with a girl there, but don't pick up and SW on the street.

well, I will let you know if I partake while I am there. I may end up meeting friends for dinner instead.

09-27-02, 22:01
I remember seeing a Destiny's Massage on one of the Phoenix Websites, and I don't actually remember where I saw someone asking about a review Destiny's Massage It saw it while web browsing some of the Phoenix Forums.

I was going down Scottsdale Road, (north on Thomas, right next to Zorba's Adult Book Store) and I have seen several reviews of many places in Scottsdale. I see this banner strapped to a car saying Destiny's Massage, suite 204. I pulled in and figured, what the hell, I'll check out the Scottsdale Massage Circuit!

Well I hope Destiny's is not the offering that is normal to Scottsdale. First off, there is no DESTINY, as the black girl in the pictures is the girl I saw today. Her name is not Destiny, as I did not even find out her name because she was so indulged in other things, of to which I will elaborate on. (I was later told it was SABRINA)

The place was very clean, and the room was very nice, but when I walked in, this girl was chattering away on the phone, and barely even paying attention to me. I figured this was a sign that this whole massage could go either way. I chose to stay, as this very cute black girl was skinny and had some nice massive tits. (I assumed store bought!) I figured I'll roll the dice and I'll go for just the half hour for $40.

Well I was left in that room for at least 25 minutes waiting. Long enough where I was even tempted to go ask her for my money back. Just as I was going to get up and leave, she finally comes in the door. After a little chit chat, she starts a lame massage. She has nails from hell and she kept scratching me. She also has several callous' on her plams, so they were also scratching me. I figured, ok, her massage is lame, so this is usually a indicates one thing, she makes her money on extras. The phone rang several times during the massage, and I was left on the table as she sprung out the door to answer the phone on all instances.

Well she finally asked me to flip over and asked me outright what extras I needed. No code words, no whispery inuendos, no tacky sign language antics, just outright MENU, and negotiated like this, "How much money do you have to spend? Handjobs are $80, Topless are $100, and FS is $200. I said those prices are a little spendy and she stated I must get my massages in Phoenix, this is Scottsdale, where things are much more. I thought, "What a piss poor attitude."

I figured I'll negotiate right back. Finally I talked her into a topless handjob. Now this gets even better. She got titties that are hard as rocks, as the silicone is so tight theyare getting ready to bust; and on top of that she has sear marks from a GRILL on her titties. She claimed she was grilling naked and fell into the grill and got the striped burn marks on her tits! She did finish me, but I felt as if she was milking me like a cow versus the nice finishes I am used to in PHOENIX.

This lady was supposedly the owner, I did see three other ladies in the office when I was leaving. They were not bad looking, but if the OWNER's attitude is lame, I don't want to even try her flunky's!

Bottom line for Detiny's Massage -- Scottsdale Attitude, Lame Massage, Overpriced, Treated like Cattle with a very rushed finish!

09-28-02, 12:21
I am wondering if anyone can tell me of a massage parlor with a women with big breasts and knows how to use them. I have only been to a couple of MP's, Right Touch and the closed affordable, and never seen anyone with a set. I know there are BBW's but that is not my thing. Any info and prices would be great.

Merlin Magician
09-28-02, 16:56

I saw a couple of sets of very nice big ones at Cleopatra's at 1 blk west of W. Camelback aand Central.

There is also a nice set you should check out at A Tender Touch, on Central, just a couple of blocks south of Camelback.

At the OK Spa in Mesa, there is a nice Thai lady there with a tremendous set of nice firm ones too.

At Rose Garden, check out Tasha, with her big ole Russian knockers,

09-28-02, 17:13
Mr. Bing, re: your post of 5/25

I got about 10 lap dances from a cutie named Savannah at the Candy Store at the end of July!

I think she is 19, 5' 4", 125, shoulder length dirty blonde hair. Average legs and ass, B cup. Cute face, but not stunning. A real girl next door type who was working hard for her $5 lap dances.

When I talked to her between dances she said she only worked there when she needed money and it was the end of July and the rent was coming due!

Now I only visit the Candy Store near the end of the month.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen her since!

Mighty Spearsman
09-30-02, 10:31
Dear drdrew:

As I mentioned in my last post (which followed a post by superdick), if you want a woman with big breasts and who knows how to use them, then you should check out Lucy Lee. She is NOT a BBW. She's also not in a MP, she's independent, but I'm sure you could get a sweet massage from her. Her rates last winter were $250 for incall. And no, I'm not her agent or connected with her in any way, it's just that there are very few reliable providers in Phoenix other than her!

Please post again and let us know how you made out. Good luck!

Merlin Magician
09-30-02, 21:13
dr drew:

I forgot about the best ones:

Lori at A Touch of Heaven. VERRRY NIIIICE!

Also, Ilena at A Touch of Heaven, a nice set of Russian ones!!

10-02-02, 23:17
Thank you, Merlin, for the good word on Lori and Ilena (who is back from Russia this week!). I'm glad that they're keeping you happy ;o)

TMackDo - I've seen several transexuals advertising in "The Beat" but be careful when seeing someone from an ad in there. There's a lot of rip-offs in this city and they've been know to advertise there. "Pantera" has had an ad in there for a long time so that may be someone to check out. Good luck :o)


El Mojado
10-03-02, 02:59
Heading to Phoenix on Saturday the 5th!

For a conference and I sure want to try and "confer" with at least one lady during my stay...

Superdick, you mentioned "Ice" and "Snow" and the cross streets you found them on as well as the price of $60 for FS. That's the right price range for me and I'll have a nice hotel room in Tempe - hopefully they won't mind the travel distance, but I'll have a suite in the hotel I'll be staying and and all the comforts of home. I'm really looking for an SW that likes good tequila and would hopefully be willing to stay with me a few days. I'm not into sampling many, more like hanging out with one and making sure she is having as wild a time as I am.

I do know that many of these hard working ladies support their families with this so I'd definitely be willing to drop her off near her home and pick her up later. What else is a guy without a girlfriend to do?

Those ladies you mentioned sounded good... anyone else had some positive experiences to report for under $75 USD for FS?

Otherwise... I'm considering the drive from Phoenix to Nogales border in the rental car and leaving the car in a lot while I partake of the Mexican Cuisine that's probably well worth the 4 hour round trip drive. GFE just doesn't happen often in the U.S. even with a real Girl Friend! I'd think it would be rare to find GFE in Phoenix though some posts sounded hopeful.

Thanks in advance... It does sound like you guys have it tough with the LE in the Phoenix area... With the elections coming up on the 5th of November it sounds like it's going to get worse before it gets better... Anyone know about any action at the other border town? (Lukeville - Sonayta Border crossing... the map shows them as tiny cities).


El Mojado

10-03-02, 07:08
Lots of cash and dash in Pheonix, be careful. Try to get recommendations before you go. check this out:

10-03-02, 17:22
Has anyone heard of an escort named "Naughty Amber of Phoenix?" I see her advertising in a few places, but not know whether she's credible or not. Any help would be appreciated.


10-04-02, 00:37
Merlin (and others)

Just to follow up on Rose Garden (you mentioned earlier).

What's your opinion overall (other girls, price, etc...). Would you recomend day or evening?

I'll be in Phoenix next week and was looking for a decent MP. Any info appreciated.

10-04-02, 01:42
Originally posted by newman
I am new to the area and interested in finding the best places for a massage in the West Valley. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I will be arriving in Phoenix around the 1st of November and will be around for several weeks. I am looking for some of the best places for a FS massage. I would appreciate recommendations for places that you have found to be the best for the money. Your help will be greatly appreciated

10-08-02, 22:19
I was wondering if any body knows anything about the Mesa scene because I a picked up a hot looking SW about 9 months ago and she stated that she hated working VB and she preferred working as a SW in Mesa. However, I could never figure out where in Mesa. I can't blame her because there are two things I hate about VB and that is the LE and the pimps. A while back I was on VB, and this particular night I was a little too careless out there on the prowl, and to make a long story short a pimp pulled a hand gun on me. Just a reminder always be weary of pimps.

Wyatt Doodat
10-08-02, 23:19
Well it's been a good while since I've posted here or even hobbied but I got lucky in Mesa couple weeks ago on a business trip. I just happened to see her walking up the side street by that park across from the Morman temple, about 11 PM on a Thursday. A cute little Latina about 18-20 who didn't seem to have much experience at this. Nervous at first but she agreed to come back to my motel & have a few beers & take a swim. Once she relaxed she was very cheerful & fun. She swam in my t-shirt & let me take it off her in the water, since it was pretty dark & the pool was supposed to be closed (but unlocked). Back in the room she was uncommital about the price but I got her to stay most of the night (till about 4AM) for $60!! An extremely pleasant GFE with no hassles, arguments, or limitations.....and the sweetest little butt I've ever sunk my teeth into!

BUT - she wouldn't or couldn't give me a number or any way to contact her again. Said this wasn't something she did often but in her case I believe it. Sigh.........

I should quit now while I'm ahead.

El Mojado
10-09-02, 02:12
Well, nothing to report on Phoenix... The conference was good, but didn't have the time to monger. Did have the time to pick out at some cool places and shop at the outlet malls. :) Too bad the SW's don't work out of the malls... Lots of great looking ladies in the malls. I did strike up a conversation with an attractive sales lady who was going to take a trip to Mexico soon and I gave her some "tips" for that region of Mexico... given time that might have worked into something.

It sounds like you need a fast car in Phoenix to catch the SW before someone else does. Also, people jump out of the exits from stores into the street and go AGAINST traffic blatantly to get into other side of the street and buy something kitty-corner from you. Freaked me out - I thought for sure the two cars were going to collide.

I think I will try Nogale someday :) ;)

10-09-02, 03:52
Maybe i need to check out the east side of Mesa......... is main St happening at all?? VB is dead and worthless, 27th ave is dead, west side is also slow........... Apatche in Tempe is also kinda dead, except for some nasty old crack hoes..

10-09-02, 04:08
I agree Superdick. VB is totally dead, except for very, very ugly girls. Seemed like there was alot of LE over the weekend too. Is it typical for cops to stand on the sidewalks at srategic points in Phoenix, instead of sitting in their cars? I bet I saw 10 cops along the sidewalk from center to 40th street.

10-09-02, 20:06
Pass by VB almost everyday on my way home, and just enjoy the sight of the action. There were very few, but it did appear that LE was all over.....around 16th Street and on VB lurking along the side streets. Saw a pretty SW...but not sure if she was a decoy. The risks often far outweigh the rewards, and one may have a better opportunity at a bar sometimes.

10-10-02, 17:39
Anyone gone to Sweet Peaches club near the airport?

Merlin Magician
10-10-02, 23:25
Mr Blaze, ALERT ALERT!!!!!


Please read the past reports about rip offs and threats to customers from the guy who runs it.

My past warnings still stand. Do not go in any place in the industrial area of the airport. Not one legitimate place operates in this area. Especially any place with a fruit name like peaches for sure. French fantasies is owned by same guy in that area too.

Stay Out Stay Out Stay out. DANGER DANGER

Can I make it any clearer ????

10-11-02, 03:15
Any of you guys ever try out the Arizona School of Massage Therapy up there by Metro Center?

Seems like it might be a good place to get a massage and perhaps something extra from neophyte masseuses...

Just checking,


10-11-02, 21:41
Mr Merlin,

What are you trying to say?? <G> Is SWA OK?

Merlin Magician
10-11-02, 21:52
SWA? Is it not within the area of the Industrial section of the airport? What did I just say? HELLOOOO!!! Wake the fuck up!!

SWA is OK if one wishes to jack off his own self while shelling out a minimum of 300 bucks to do so. That kind of cash for lookee no touchee is crap.

If have this kind of cash to do that with, you may as well go get some really good high quality like at Christies Cabaret or the Hi Liter. At least they'll get in your lap!!!

Buster Cherry
10-11-02, 22:00
The massage school by Metro Center is certainly a place I would never go to if Iwere looking for "extras."

In fact, any massage school will kick out your silly ass just for approaching the subject.

Of course, this is not to say that one cannot find punter oriented providers-in-training at one of these places, but no hanky panky on premises.

10-12-02, 02:50
roger that,

thanks for the info

10-12-02, 04:05
Sorry Scaramanga, buster's right (what's new LOL) about the massage school...and massage schools in general. When I went to massage school they had me so horrified at the whole idea that I was never going to touch a man's genitals again for as long as I lived!!!! (and I was working at a phone sex business while going to school so I wasn't any prude!!!) They generally do a very good brainwashing routine to discourage that sort of thing...I believe they called that class "Ethics". LOL

Just enjoy the ones that you see reviewed well and you'll be a happy camper :o)


10-14-02, 02:22
anyone see Ice and Snow this weekend on VB?? They called me at like 3am needing a ride home.. Ice was wearing a gray top and tight gray pants, mex black mix, tattoos and huge 34 DD natural tits.. Snow was wearing a all black outfit, light skinned about 5'4" talll and a big Jennifer Lopez bubble ass.. I didnt date them since i was broke , just gave them a ride home..Just wondering if anyone tried them out. , or any action on VB......... The scene was dead everywhere, Toured Apatche blvd in Tempe, it was dead, even went down Main St in Mesa by the park it was dead, checked out 27th ave dead and even west vb on 27th ave and vb, dead.......buckeye rd was dead as well.. I hope things pick up after the elections...

10-16-02, 19:28

Do Ileana or Lisa work at your North Cave Creek location. If not who does? I've been to all your places from time to time and have always been treated great but have never met up with Ileana or Lisa.


10-16-02, 22:50
Super D,
You should have at least gotten head for the ride home, nice guys don't get laid succckkkkkeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr.

10-17-02, 02:47
yeah i know, i already boned them both for $60 a piece, and then got some bj from Ice for $40... but to get them together , they want like $200 a piece, anyway, just wondering if anyone saw them lately, ........did a quick drive by VB just to window shop, seems that there are some newbies out there, one tall blond, young looking around 20, and a nice black lady with her, i also saw this thick young looking white girl 20-23 years old, long brown hair wearing red shorts and a red top, nice big tits too, but she was whisked away in a flash...

10-17-02, 14:44
Went hunting on VB last night. I noticed most of the SW are between 11th and 24th streets. I saw some new facestoo and some were of high quality. I saw three super hot latinas around the drive thru liquor store. There was also a couple hot white chicks and a hot light black chick in a pink dress around 19th st.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get any of them. The pickens on VB is so slim that every dude wanting action floods the area. When I pull up to make my move, there are a billion cars and trucks behind me and more pulling in from every direction. I cant tell from the headlights if one of those cars is LE or not so I just pass on by. Somebody with more guts always gets the hotties. But I imagine they will get caught before I do.

In fact I saw one dude get nabbed by LE right infront of the Liqour store. Thats why its best to only pick up if there are very few cars around. That way you can see if there are Le around.

Anyway. I settled for some white chick named Tracy on the corner of 19th st and Washington. I say about a 4. Gave her $40 for FS. She gave me BJ on the way to her motel room. She told me to wait in the car so she could tell her room mate to leave. Suddenly three pimps came out of nowhere and blocked the entrance to her door after she went in. 10 minutes later, I knew I just got ripped off. Bastards!

Later I found a black chick around 19th st named Sherrell. $20 for a BBBJ and I had a happy ending in her mouth.

What a night.

10-18-02, 03:39
thanks for the update dirty dave, i am glad someone has noticed this trend too... it like the johns are there like fucking non stop, but its weird, VB is void of cars when there are no hotties out, then like fucking radar or something, one hottie appears , then like 20 cars come out of nowhere, like fucking piranhas....i had enough of east VB, took a cruise on west vb around 22nd ave and vb and found "d" , a nice looking 28 year old light skinned black woman, about 5'3" 135 pounds, had nice natural c-d cup titties and a cute smile, D said she lives in east mesa, but comes to the west side to work?? i asked her about main st and extension, she said she sometimes works there, and apatche....anyway, she offered $40 for fs and $20 for bj, i settled for a nice covered BJ from her, she really likes to suck dick, she talks dirty, and likes to have your dick slapped against her tits and face...i was swinging my hard dick across her face, calling her names like crack ***** and ****, she was getting all hot and bothered and wanted me to fuck her....she even gave me her number for some hot action on the east side..can be found around 21st ave and vb area...

10-18-02, 11:50
What's the best strip club in Phx?

10-18-02, 19:07
What's the best massage place in Phx?Are there any AMPs( I miss those scrub-down sessions)?The Right Touch place sounds tempting but how homely are the chicks?

Merlin Magician
10-18-02, 21:32
Borderguy: The Right Touch is a very good place to go. I highly recommend it. Granted the girls are not supermodel quality and more like supermarket, but they are all very nice and great to deal with. It wasn't the first one I ever went to when I moved here in 96, but it was the second.

Best bargain in town, in fact unless you are a big time table hog and like hour long massages and stuff.

A Touch of Heaven is my big all time favorite. Miss Brandy and crew do definitely practice customer satisfaction. Repeat business in their forte'. After going to Brandy's place I hate to try new places because I know I may not get a lot of bang for my buck elsewhere.

Merlin Magician
10-18-02, 21:39
Oh I forgot the other part of your message Borderguy, If you like the AMP body scrub scene, try the Rose Garden at 7th St. and Virginia. Lisa, Tasha, and Yoko there are very proficient bath masters. You will enjoy it.

Also I recommend OK Spa in Mesa but only with Nancy there. No one else. Excellent body scrub there.

If you like a hot Jacuzzi deal, go to Mid Town Spa on 16th St. north of McDowell a few blocks. Cindy there is a quite accomplished and refreshing masseuse.

Merlin Magician
10-18-02, 21:56
Mr Blaze: for strip clubs and great table dances, I whole- heartedly recommend Christie's Cabaret at 32nd st and Washington. And next up is the Hi Liter at 12th St. just south of Camelback. Then Eve's Tease on Indian School. and about 35th Ave. All will make us old farts happy.

Buster Cherry
10-18-02, 22:04
Merlin, Borderguy, my favorite AMP is a little upstairs place in central Phoenix.

No table scrub but they do have a shower unit. Most fabulous set of knockers I ever seen. Also a fabulous knockout massage!

I don't want to call any names, but look along Central Avenue.

You may get a table scrub at the Egyptian style day spa at 34 W. Camelback. Asian? Maybe not. But who cares when they are such expert little scrubbers?

10-19-02, 03:13
MM and BC, thanks for the low down.I may/probably will check in for treatment in the next week or so.Why is Tucson AMP free?Maybe this could be a good business venture? I mean really,border corruption is that much closer, large population, where's the qweev?

10-19-02, 05:59
Originally posted by merlin magician
Mr Blaze: for strip clubs and great table dances, I whole- heartedly recommend Christie's Cabaret at 32nd st and Washington. And next up is the Hi Liter at 12th St. just south of Camelback. Then Eve's Tease on Indian School. and about 35th Ave. All will make us old farts happy.

Not if you have ever been to Nogales. The mileage differences are astronomical.

10-19-02, 13:36
In Nogales there are numerous opportunities to grope strippers,get laid, etc.What you can't get in Nogales, or at least I haven't been able to find, is a massage.There is an AMP on the US side of the border but its pricey and only one (old) woman on duty.Sometimes I want more rubbed than just my cock.

10-22-02, 00:55
i saw crys last night, hanging out at 32nd st and VB, looking fine. she is 18, hispanic, brown hair pulled up, great body about 5'3" 135 pounds, great natural c cups, and a nice booty, she insists she doesnt work , just hangs out with her friend Diamond, some white girl, She also states she just does oral only, charges $50 for cbj, a bit pricey , but worth it.......... real good deep throat action, and also likes to get spanked while sucking dick...

10-23-02, 12:31
Buster - Can you be a bit more specific about your favorite AMP, please. Looking along all of Central Ave is a huge task. How about a cross street if you cant mention their name or address. thanks

10-23-02, 12:38
Rev - Danielle of AZmassage.com - no touch and no finish.
Rev - Jewel of AZmassage - tall busty, some goodies offered, no FS
Rev Monica - same site - very attractive limited touch, can be moody and a bit jaded

Does anyone know of Paige or Elizabeth of AZmassage?
Paige quotes $200 per session or 3 sessions for $400 if paid in advance

10-23-02, 18:14
First time poster.

A Tender Touch just south of camelback on central is an upstaairs place. Lee provided excellent service and has big uns. She is the only one I have seen there, do to my preference for rice burners. Don't know if she is still there or not as it has been awhile since my last visit.

What is the Thais nane at the OK SPA with big uns? Anybody know?

Buster Cherry
10-23-02, 22:00
Summersausage, you hit it right on with A Tender Touch. Take note Kramer...It's the only one on Central, BTW.

Summer, you asked about the Thai at OK wiz zee beeg knockairs...In my humble opinion, she aint worth a shit. I got stuck with her once when Nancy was out sick. Just not worth it. Now, with Nancy, however...there is some quality to be had, I garontee.

10-24-02, 01:02
Would love to know the best times and place in Phoenix to look for great gals on the streets, by the way Lynn what's up?

10-24-02, 01:04
Onespa in Scottsdale, behind the Wendy's. Kelly provides pretty good service. I highly reccomend.

10-24-02, 01:10
I thought about taking a trip over to Right Touch to check it out. I am also a big fan of AMP's. I tried One Spa in Scottsdale a couple of months ago. It was 50 for the 30 min. massage + 50 for anything else. The massage was decent but prior to that, the body wash was nice. What can I expect to pay at AMP's in phx including xtras?

10-24-02, 01:13
Where is Onespa in scottsdale? where is the Wendys at?

Merlin Magician
10-24-02, 10:55

One Spa is directly behind the Barrett-Jackson auto auction. The Wendy's is directly south of Barrett. One Spa is in a small complex of offices directly west behind the two. Just drive west thru the Wendy's parking lot and look to your right.

Kind of an unusual setup for a group of businesses to be hidden behind others with a restricted access to them. At best, you run a much lessened risk of people who know you and see you go in there.

Been there-done that-it's A-OK.

Buster Cherry
10-27-02, 12:07
Local message board here has info about a curly haired blonde in a Chevy Celebrity wagon soliciting blow jobs in traffic in Scottsdale. I have seen this person and "she" has an Adam's apple. Be wary.

10-28-02, 00:05
Has anybody been to Rocky Point and tried any of the strip club? I've heard they offer BJ's in back rooms.

10-28-02, 00:48
Does anyone know where the best clubs in Nogales are at, and where are the at least decent girls hang out at?

10-28-02, 00:54
what i meant to say at least ok looking to good looking

10-29-02, 01:00
Originally posted by gpoggioli
what i meant to say at least ok looking to good looking gpoggioli,
La Conga is the best you will enjoy it very much.
The Strip clubs are a rip off, so watch yourself

10-29-02, 01:07
Ya need to watch out for everything in Scottsdale, buster! LOL

10-29-02, 07:00
Originally posted by gpoggioli
Does anyone know where the best clubs in Nogales are at, and where are the at least decent girls hang out at?

Well let me express another opinion on this one. There is a lot of very good information on Nogales in the Mexico/Northwest Border Towns/Nogales section of this website. It goes back quite a few months and gives you a good picture of the strip joints and the one brothel (La Conga).

In general the quality of the girls in the Strip Clubs is a LOT better. I have had some real babes at Placers, Lipstick, and Fernie's. I'm talking about and my tastes run to 18-22 petite young things with girl next door types of looks. There is usually at least one such girl in each of these establishments. But there are many types of girls and a lot to choose from if you go after 9 pm or so.

Maybe some call them "ripoffs" because the "private dances" are conducted in very small rooms with only a chair for furnishings and in dimly lit rooms. Also the price is usually about $20 for this room for 6 minutes of action plus generally $20 CBJ or $40 FS/half and half. However if you go on weeknites (and sometimes weekends too), if you get to know the ticket sellers and/or managers in the clubs, you can negotiate 2 for 1 private room deals. Also usually if you find a girl that you are really hot for, you can negotiate an hour in a larger room with a bed for about $150 including the girls tip. And after seeing a girl once I have also negotiated to see them in a nearby hotel the next night for $75--$125 an hour plus $10-15 for the room.

10-30-02, 22:56
Not to be a spoilsport, but how about keeping the Nogales stuff on the Nogales, Mexico board under Mexico. This board is for Phoenix stuff. There is plenty of info about Nogales already on the Nogales Mexico board. Go look there.

10-31-02, 13:35
I am wondering if anybody has had any luck at these swinger bars. Went to club chameleon on a friday night. Spent lots to get in and found very little of interest or opportunities. Any of the other clubs better? Just wondering and thanks for the tip about Lee. Had a wonderful massage the other day.

10-31-02, 13:59
Hello, has anyone tried that escort called Naughty Amber? I have
tried to set up an appointment with her several times but she is
not responding or showing up when we agree to meet. She seems to be a hard person to meet. Anyway, I tried an AMP that
had an ad in the paper saying Grand Opening. It cost me 2 ben
franklins to get the FS I wanted from a Chinese girl named Jessie. I checked the streets last week and couldn't find what I
wanted so I had to settle for this hispanic lady I picked up on 16th Street, full figured, nice ass for a 46y.o. $40 for FS, she
did the trick for me that night. Monday moring about 6:30am saw this tall blonde walking near 28th street & VB, nice legs, and ass. Turned around to go pick her up and she was gone. Later that
morning about 8:00am there was this blonde with short hair, wearing a red skirt standing in front of a motel near 29th street,
she wouldn't budget from that position so I left her alone. This is
all for now. Later.

10-31-02, 18:36
Naughty Amber is legit, FS, and very good. Maybe not quite a GFE but still very good. She is a little young and isn't exactly a hard body but at $150 for incall she is a pretty good deal.

10-31-02, 22:00
hi all, does anyone know when and where is the best places to go to pick up chicks at night time.....especially on a friday night?

11-01-02, 05:55
Originally posted by denton
Not to be a spoilsport, but how about keeping the Nogales stuff on the Nogales, Mexico board under Mexico. This board is for Phoenix stuff. There is plenty of info about Nogales already on the Nogales Mexico board. Go look there.

denton -

I referred gpoggioli to the Nogales section too. But I also answered his question, which was a fair one. Because of the close proximity of the two areas, some hobbyists will wonder which is a better place to go to. These sort of cross-over questions are not rare on this board. If it went on and on I would understand your concern.

If I want advice from you on how to post on this board, I will ask for it. Perhaps when you have made more than 2 posts here you will get a better feel for it. Until then I suggest that rein in your tendency to attempt to regulate what other people say here...

11-02-02, 00:07
Originally posted by Adventurous1
denton -

I referred gpoggioli to the Nogales section too. But I also answered his question, which was a fair one. Because of the close proximity of the two areas, some hobbyists will wonder which is a better place to go to. These sort of cross-over questions are not rare on this board. If it went on and on I would understand your concern.

If I want advice from you on how to post on this board, I will ask for it. Perhaps when you have made more than 2 posts here you will get a better feel for it. Until then I suggest that rein in your tendency to attempt to regulate what other people say here...

I'll take your condescending lecture under advisement. Thanks.

11-02-02, 05:25
From one "condescender" to another, Thanks... :-)

11-02-02, 05:32
Has anyone seen the farm girl on Thomas lately? Little Ana on VB?

Well, with NASCAR coming in the weekend of 11/9-11/10, VB and the other strolls should be coming alive both with talent and LE.

Good luck out there and be safe...

Buster Cherry
11-02-02, 12:24
The farm girl is still around. I have to be extra careful now since I have changed jobs and coincidentally now work very close to her hanging out area. It's a small world and once she spots me, I have to worry about her showing up on my job when she she needs date money. Been there ...done that before...

11-02-02, 18:36
jeez, that would be a freaking nightmare, SGs showing up at your place of work asking for money, lol... I think the VB street scene will pick up after nov. 4th (elections) It has been really dead on the VB scene for the past month or so... Son House, you still around? any good news to report??

Buster Cherry
11-02-02, 21:39
Like I say, she may show up, but I'm hoping she is as intelligent as I think she is and will use good reasoning. But once they get strung out...hooboy...

11-03-02, 22:21
hello everyone, does anyone know where the best chicks on the street hang out at night, when and where in phoenix is the best places to find these girls? Can anyone refer me? Also where is there any good massage parlors in this town?

11-03-02, 23:19
the best place on the street to pick up girls, hmm. well, .....after tues nov 5th, things should get better... You can try Van Bueren from 7th st to 48th st.. Thomas rd from 16th st to 48th st...... and 27th ave from thomas to northern.... also west VB from 7th ave to 35th ave.. Buckeye rd from 27th ave to 35th ave......I hope that helps a bit... as far as massage parlors, just scroll thru the posts previous.......Also i met Chyrs , a lovely latina, brown hair nice d cup natural tits, 18 does bj only for $40-$60, depending on her mood, says she wont do sex........located around 28th st and VB............

11-04-02, 00:30
have the hookers been hanging out more by 48th and vb lately? i have seen one the other night, all legs, but when i turned around she was gone. do some of them take cell phone #'s too?

11-04-02, 03:17
Julie at J-Spa. about $120 for FS. Very, very excellent.

11-05-02, 21:31
where is j-spa at?

11-05-02, 22:54
J Spa is at 7620 E. Mckellips Suite 2 in Scottsdale
Corner of Miller & Mckellips.
They are open Monday- Sunday 9:30am to 11:30pm.

11-05-02, 23:01
are they pretty good lookin there?

11-05-02, 23:11
Originally posted by gpoggioli
are they pretty good lookin there?

Read the post. azanluver left a name !

11-06-02, 07:33
Originally posted by gpoggioli
hello everyone, does anyone know where the best chicks on the street hang out at night, when and where in phoenix is the best places to find these girls? Can anyone refer me? Also where is there any good massage parlors in this town?

Superdick did a very nice and accurate post below.

IMO - Overall the "best" SWs in my opinion can be had on East VB, or the "streets" side vs. the "avenues" on the west, but not until pretty late (10:00 pm to 2-3 am on weekend nights). As you have seen posted here recently the action the past couple of months has been very slow though.

The west side can produce some nice young gems occaisonally but in general the quality will be pretty low and unappetiising.

I have found Thomas to be very hit and miss and mostly miss.
27th ave area also very hit and miss with spotty quality. Buckeye I have found to be the dregs of the dregs with only occasional "lot lizards" (as they call them) for the truckers hanging around down there.

The above may just be my luck when in those areas and I would be interested in hearing from others out there about their opinions on these areas or others that haven't been discussed.

Again with the snowbirds and nascar coming back in soon, some of the wandering (and often better quality) SWs that travel from city to city should be making their way to our fair city.

11-06-02, 22:30
How is the scene now , especially VB.
Since the elections are over is there any
betterment ?

Buster Cherry
11-10-02, 12:07
I was cruising 27th Ave yesterday (on my way to Safeway, wink,wink).

I saw about 3 fairly good quality girls between Bethany Home and Northern. All of them were white, blonde, and tweeky looking.

Later on Glendale, between 59th Ave and 63rd Ave. I saw a few more, but kind of worse looking ones.

What the hell was I thinking in those old days when I used to "do" street girls??

Makes me even more positive that the parlors are the safe way to go. There are even some very good escort style GFE Providers here like Snow or Willow or Lucy whose sites can be found on the b i g d o g g i e board.

11-10-02, 19:27
Has anyone had any good experiences at the following AMP's with extras.
Uni Day Spa Massage on 111th Ave & Grand.
Red Butterfly on 43rd Ave, the same person also owns Lotusland in N.Phoenix, which I have had good service at Lotusland.
New Orient Massage 1402 N. Miller in Scottsdale.
Yan Asian Massage 609 N. Scottsdale Rd. I stopped there just to check the girls out and the one that was working was pretty and real nice. I plan to get a massage there sometime soon.
I plan to check a few of these places out in the future but was wondering if anyone has any good reviews and experiences.
Buster Cherry you are right, the massage parlors are the safest way to go.

11-12-02, 03:10
the street scene has been pretty lame, saw a handful of hotties on east VB, but nothing extra ordinary. Located an old friend around 24th st and VB, i think her name begins with an S, always forget, lol, she is about 5'5' 135 pounds, reddish brown hair and freckes, about 28 years old, and of course, big, huge natural tits... was gone for awhile, had a kid, but offered a nice cbj for $20.. i really liked playing with her big tits, she took her bra off and it said it was a 34 HHH wow!!!! located around 24th st and vb...

Merlin Magician
11-12-02, 22:15
I'm glad to know the Red Butterfly is owned by the same fool that owns Lotusland up on Bell.

I had a bad experience at the other place only once and I damn sure didn't go back for more.

Good thing I didn't waste my time trying Red Butterfly. I am not near as mellow nowadays about getting ripped off as I used to be.

11-14-02, 02:35
Dead, deader, deadest. The quantity is low and the quality is horrendous outdoors...

Especially that stretch on 27th between Glendale and Northern. Quite a few players about 4am on Sunday morning before Vets day but very, very, scary talent...

11-16-02, 01:04
Went to J-Spa at 7620 E. McKellips Rd. Julie there provides excellent FS for about $120. Attractive asian woman thirty-something, slender, long black hair, nice looking fake tits. She gave me a nice massage. She was cautious at first, afraid I was LE. She loosened up when I got buck ass naked and started to feel her up while she was massaging my chest. Then she said, "So, you want me to take care of you?" I replied, "yes!". She left the room, I put the money on the end table, then she came back and got naked. I kissed her tits, got boob job action, cbj, fs in several positions.
Once she realized that I wasn't LE, she loosened up and had a great playful and attentive attitude. She was very friendly, suggested various positions, acted very hot for me, and told me I made her come. It was a satisfying GFE, and I didn't feel rushed. Even though I wish she had real tits, her great attitude made up for it. She was trying hard to get my repeat business. I'll be going back! Don't tell her you saw her name on the internet!

11-16-02, 23:05
I heard the J-Spa is really good, so is it 120 bucks for full service, do you also have to pay for the massage on top of it also, and are there just asian women there?

11-16-02, 23:13
I think the best topless bar in this town is the hi liter, I won't go anywhere else but there....Dancers there are awesome, and much better to talk to, than some of these others in town.

11-16-02, 23:19
Originally posted by gpoggioli
I heard the J-Spa is really good, so is it 120 bucks for full service, do you also have to pay for the massage on top of it also, and are there just asian women there?

I paid $40 for the massage and $120 to Julie, but I did not negoiate the price. Mostly i was concentrating on convincing her that I wasn't LE. I would like to know what discount a good negotiater could get. If you go, let us know, please.

I only saw asian women there.

11-18-02, 20:31
New to the forum. Have some experiences I'd like to share, but would like you guy's imput on the petition that I'm gonna be asking people to sign

I'm not for legalizing prostitution per se, but what I would like to see is a certification and inspection agency esteblished by the state. This would allow for the existence of bordellos provided that they can pass health and safety criteria.

For those ladies who would like to operate as independents, we could define "bordello" as anyone who could pass the criteria. This way, a legal "bordello" could be one lady operating on her own in her own apartment with a TW ad or as a member of a big house.

The independents would benefit, though, in this situation because they wouldn't have as much overhead as a big house or building, and they could use the savings as a way to compete and bring the price down.

This may, in effect, eliminate the streetwalker because the guys might be willing to pay a little bit more than $20 for a clean, warm environment. Getting these ladies near some hot water would enhance the experience for everyone involved as well.

Any ideas?

We could really get organized guys using this forum.


Buster Cherry
11-19-02, 10:55
As long as drugs exist, one will never eliminate the street girls. I don't care how legal and regulated you make of selling pussy.

One other thing, legalization may be safe and good but as we all know, especially of any of us who have been to Belgium, Holland and Nevada, pussy prices are driven way the hell up by legal availability.

This may not help make my point but, as my old gandpa Watson used to say: " Boy, the only difference between a $20 piece of ass and a $100 one is $80."

11-19-02, 19:07
For the most part, buster cherry is right. I have been all over Europe where prostitution is either legal or accepted in many countries. Amsterdam has high prices as well as many eastern cities like Budapest. Germany has high prices with the exception of Frankfurt. What makes Frankfurt different is the way they have the houses set up. There are several in a couple blocks. They are old hotels or apartment complexes that can be several stories high. Every room has a woman in it waiting to be picked by one of the many guys wandering the halls. It is alot like going to the mall. When I left Germany in 97, prices for BJ and FS together was 40 DM or about $25. I hear it is about $40 now. These prices are always negotiable. I once gave a girl from Cuba anal for only $20. They have girls of all flavors there. Black, hispanic, asian, white, and Turkish. It seams they are seperated by floors. Anyway, in order to keep prices in a bordello down, you would have to create a "mall-like" area with anywhere from 40 to 100 p-tutes per building.

They have better health programs over there too. Here, the tax payers would never want there money going to keep tutes clean.

11-20-02, 02:43
Hello Phoenix!

Does anyone know where I can find either Judy or Megan. They work part time in the Phoenix area but are both from So Cal. I used to see them when they worked in Pomona, CA. If anyone has any info please email me at again77@hotmail.com. Much appreciated!

11-20-02, 02:46
Hello again, Phoenix,

I forgot to mention some stats. Megan is about mid 30's maybe younger, Judy is mid forties. Both are white and have blonde hair and Judy has a very pleasant voice and very large implants. She's also very tall. Again, my email is again77@hotmail.com

11-20-02, 04:24
I'm going to be in phx for a few days on business and was looking for some entertainment. j-spa sounds pretty good and I also found Sliders on the web.
Any recommendations?
How about some outcall ladies?

11-20-02, 08:14
Hello to the PHX forum. I thought nobody posted here anymore but I was wrong, so I thought I would start posting every now & then.

A little about myself – I have been a veteran of the scene (escort, strip, massage & street) here for about 11 years. Most of my posts will be about the street & massage here, since I know LE bums lurk & I don’t want to give the jerks any information they can use (I posted to an old forum, nap dot inter dot net once & they were reading it – I saw & heard about Phx PD vice act on posts a couple of times). Sometimes I change the names of the girls, sometimes I don’t. I will give an email address & IM handle in the future if needed. BTW, I recommend Dave’s list if you are looking for info about the escort scene in Phoenix. Yes, it costs some $, but it is an invaluable resource if you are the traveler to PHX and want to avoid the C&D ripoffs here. You will save money. I want to echo the posts about the airport area – DON’T PATRONIZE THEM!!!

I wanted to post about a couple of experiences I had this week involving strip & street. I just came back from a satisfying session at the 1 hr. motel with a girl named Carolyn (BBBJ & covered sex for $40). Picked her up on 35th near VB. Got her # for a repeat so I’ll be back. Usually works early mornings. I never checked out 35th, so I was pleased with the find. She was older (late 30’s), but nice body. I cruised 16th St. earlier & saw a group of 5 working between Thomas & Osborn (3 black, 2 white, not bad looking) but I figured they were too expensive (I saw cars stop but did not pick any up – that’s a sign for me). BTW, I usually cruise 16th if I am into street action. I really don’t like VB, too much competition & LE there.
Yesterday (Mon), I decided to visit the Blue Moon. I haven’t been there in a year, but I know you can get HJ & BJ if you find the right girl. I visit in the afternoon, since it is slow & the girls stretch the private dances out. I saw one giving a HJ in back, but I had committed to a dance with a skinny brown haired girl (I can’t remember her name, sorry) & it was O.K. Got a little pussy playing with her, but no extras. I asked her if she did private dances, she said no (I always ask). I saw “Net” afterward, chatted with her, she remembered some of the girls who used to work there before (& had those “extras” with), and she said to come back again since I think she knows what I am after now (she said I’ll be happy with her). Who knows, maybe B.S. but I’ll check later & give a report.
Unsatisfied, I left & went to my spot where “dates” happen. I won’t give that away, since I saw LE there after I posted once. A 4 pack of vice cops in a sorry ass Chevy Cavalier questioned me there once but I didn’t have a date (sorry, A**H***s). I know that was a result of a post I made on the old site! I saw a date taking place some distance away (sex) & I followed them back since I had a sure thing. I picked her up, name Sara, blonde, & had a CBJ for $25.
So I wanted to post & share what’s been happening this week. I will post every now & then & may make some comments. Thanks for reading, stay safe, & keep the LE bastards guessing.

Merlin Magician
11-20-02, 10:43
KamperX, you need to read up on Sliders before you waste your hard earned cash. Previous reports in this forum and my own experience indicate Sliders, Fantasy Island, and Ultimate Massage, all in Scottsdale, are guaranteed high dollar ripoffs. Most of the other Scottsdale Asian spas are pretty good, i.e, Fairy Massage on Saddlebag Trail, J Spa, One Spa, or Rainbow Spa. All in Scottsdale. Add to that OK Garden Spa in Mesa. See Nancy there.

In Phoenix, your best shot will be at any of the A Touch of Heaven Spas. They have some real cuties there and even some really nice BBW's if you are that adventurous.

Be wary of any of the places near the industrial area of the airport. There is not one reputable provider in that area. NOT ONE! Go in any place near the airport and it's a pure and simple fact you will be ripped off. Sweet Peaches, French Fantasies, and Southwest Attractions to mention a few. Why pay upwards of $300 to perform self service? Look- no touch? That's crazy as hell.

If you are looking for outcall, you need to look at the phoenix big d o g g i e board. Highly recommended are Snow, Lucy, and Willow. Snow is a bubbly funtime 98 pound fucktoy.

11-20-02, 16:11
But I am so sick and tired of having to worry about some bad cop enforcing the law only when he's got something else against you. Know what I mean?

Prostitution is a lot like drugs. They can use selective enforcement if they want.

Merlin Magician
11-21-02, 10:50
Ossano, I've seen these same undercover cops in the Cavalier Chevy. They stalk some of the massage establishments in town. It's kind of funny they seem to stalk the newer Asian places. In fact, one of those places I've seen them watching, which opened recently on McDowell west of Central, is now shut off and doing tanning beds only.

Evidently they seem to stalk the places which may belong to a certain California Asian group. There may be more to their madness than their method.

Only reason I noticed is one of the officers in the Cavalier was a former student at a college where I work.

11-21-02, 21:04
It's true that LE is paying closer attention to the Asian parlors popping up. They know about them running the girls between here and LA and they have also said that they are spreading out over the US. I got this from a vice cop during our last license check. She said that they were aware of the 'situation' with the Asian shops and looking into it and also looking into how they are buying school transcripts for the girls so they can get licenses here. (LOL...duh, how else would girls who can barely speak any English get massage school transcripts?)

I'm hoping that the Asian girls are being very careful and you gentlemen who are going in and out of them should be very careful too. LE is definately watching!

Buster Cherry
11-22-02, 10:43
WooHoo! I found the Farm Girl yesterday on Thomas. She has a friend working with her now. What a hottie! She made my peepee puke.

Joe Blow
11-22-02, 13:01
I saw someone mention Fairies Massage the other day - I was thinking of checking it out. Can I get any more details other than it's OK? Also, I saw a mention of Oasis a while back, and can definitely recommend it! There's a new one in Ahwatukee - Healing Hands - any input?

Buster Cherry
11-23-02, 11:29
I found a little blonde hottie last night working the intersection of 35th Ave and Indian School. She was niiiice!! Big boobies and nice legs. Only problem was she was moving around---a whole bunch. I kept trying to maneuver in the fairly heavy traffic to get close to her and every time I had the approach made to drive up to her, she'd strut across the street.

I finally parked at the Exxon and walked north past the Marisco's fish joint. Just as I got close, a goddamn taxi drove up and she was gone. I came back after an hour and cruised a while but I never saw her again. SHIT!

11-23-02, 14:51
Yesterday afternoon there was quite a bit of activity on North 19th Ave. Saw 4-5 SW's, problem was I was with my boss at the time.....why is it that about the only time I spot any I am with someone???? Still waiting to meet the farmgirl.....

11-23-02, 19:55
Just thought I'd let everyone know that I might have seen undercover LE at Fairy Massage in Scottsdale today. I was going to go in and give them a try but before pulling in I saw a guy get out of a black Crown Vic that parked up the block. He looked around before walking down to the spa and going in. I drove by the Crown Vic and saw another guy on his cellphone sitting in the front. Be careful if going there.

11-24-02, 02:03
I have to recomend Julie at J-Spa again. Really worth the $160 total

11-24-02, 03:11
I have checked J-Spa a couple of times and only found older Asian women. Is Julie a younger girl??

Watch a little Puerto Rican named Trinity on East VB around 24th St. She agrees to terms for FS and them doesn't want to perform the full deed after being compensated. She is about 5' 4" med blonde hair, small perky titties and a hot little ass. Don't be fooled, she is a ripoff.

11-24-02, 15:02
How can you get busted by going in to a massage parlor if it is staked out. How would the cops know what is going on in there? You could just be going in for a legal massage.. what do the cops have to gain by staking a place out? Do they bug the place or have undercover cops posing as therapists or do they just bust in and hope to catch you in the middle of the act? I'm just trying to stay out of trouble.. haven't been to a massage parlor in awhile but that sounds kind of worrisome..

11-24-02, 16:27
I would say Julie is upper 30's, early 40's. She's only been there a little over a month. She's got a great body and gives a good GFE

11-24-02, 19:03
Has anyone had any dealings with a Native American looking SW on West VB between 7th & 15th Ave? She looks good from a distance, never been able to catch her. She is usually by the new apartments and park between those blocks. Huge titties and nice legs!!!

11-24-02, 20:23
If Julie at J Spa is the same Julie that used to be at One Spa (she left early in the year), she is highly recomended.

11-25-02, 00:57
Yes, it's the same Julie from One Spa.

11-25-02, 02:51
ZeoPro, there is no way that LE can legally bust YOU as a customer going into a massage shop to get a massage. They can attempt to intimidate you into giving up info on what goes on in the place whether you're coming or going. DON'T TALK TO THEM! THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME GOING THERE AND YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT. If you avoid places that nobody knows anything about you can be pretty sure that your therapist isn't part of a LE sting. If you are unfortunate enough to be having a massage during one of their 'visits' JUST KEEP A LEVEL HEAD (no pun intended LOL) and let them know that you were only there getting a good massage...nothing more and nothing less. They will try to get you to say something to get the therapist in trouble but as long as nobody has been caught doing anything illegal and NOBODY ADMITS to doing anything illegal they have no right to do anything to you or your therapist.

What generally happens during a 'license check' is that an undercover officer will come in and get a massage while his buddy/buddies wait in the car. He is wired for sound and will usually go out of his way to very indiscreetly ask for 'extras'. in one way or another. If the therapist handles herself in a professional way there is no reason why she should be doing anything with him to get her in trouble but some of these girls are so greedy and careless that they go for it no matter what...then he will say a code phrase that tips them off outside that he has got her to do something. I heard from one who knows that the LE that got her said, "This must be my lucky day." and she said that she knew immediately something was up and sure enough, LE came a knocking! ;o) And that's how it goes, as soon as they get the therapist to do or say something illegal they move in and EVERYBODY ON THE PREMISES WILL BE QUESTIONED. They will knock on the door and and demand that the therapist open the door and then take the therapist in another room while another one questions you so don't be surprised. Just be calm, polite and clueless and all will be well.

All you can do is try to go to places where the therapists are discreet and the shop is run in a professional manner. The places where the girls look like and act like hootchies are more fun for those with a wilder taste but they are going to be targets for LE.

Hope this helps :o)

Mighty Spearsman
11-26-02, 11:58
From my own experience and that of a few buddies, the information written by Brandy (a/k/a "IkneadU") about how to act during a LE bust is dead-on correct.

Joe Blow
11-26-02, 12:50
Thanks for the info - I think I'll steer clear of trying anything new for awhile and stick with my faves!!

11-26-02, 12:55
Does anyone have an idea what the going rates are these days for MPs? I went to MP recently, service was good, but seemed to cost too much. I got a HJ but I tend to remember it cost me $60 not to mention the house charge. I know in Southern California, I could get full service for $100 including the house charge, and from what I have read FS is out of the question here. Any info is appreciated!

11-26-02, 16:49
Greetings, I have not seen too much on streets lately. I have been having a very hard time hooking up with Naughty Amber, business must be good she keeps breaking my appts. Anyway, I've been to Fairys a couple of times in Scottsdale, did not get what I wanted, only a hj and massage, but the ladies there are nice looking. The other massage place around the corner from Fairys takes care of me very well, Phuket Island I believe the name is. The native american sw you have seen between 7th ave and 15th ave, I think you might mean francine or francetta. She is good in the sack when she wants to be, nice big tits. Has anyone seen Kim or Kimmy (caucasian) has a tatoo on her arm with her name on it, dirty blonde/brown hair, I picked her up between Osborn & Indian School on 7th Ave one Sunday morning, got a room and had an excellent time with her, she takes it up the ole rear end and seems to enjoy it.

11-26-02, 22:52
Mr Lizard, from what I hear (of course I wouldn't know from any personal experience) the rates vary from MP to MP and even from girl to girl in some shops. The average rates can be from $20 on up for the basic hand release with $40 being a good average...$40 on up for topless release with $60 being a good average (some may offer a topless 'body to body' for $80-$100)... $80 on up for nude release with $100 for a good average (some made offer a nude body to body for $120-140)... $100 on up for full service or oral with $150 being a good average. Of course, there are some gorls out there, I refer to them as the 'divas' who charge waaay more that the averages. Guess they only care about the 'suits', corporate well to do gentlemen who can afford to pay their price. The bottom line...ya gotta shop around.

In PhoenixI here the cheapest is The Right Touch on Indian School Road ;o)

I'm glad you guys paid attention to my last post...I want us all to stay safe :o)


11-27-02, 04:36
thanks for all of the updates.. OU812, who is francine, francetta, between 7th ave and 15th ave and VB?? or where?? i did see a nice looking latina, big full c cup tits, brownish hair, with red highlights, lots of makeup, didnt stop her, but she was around the 19th ave and vb area... I am also going to look for this Kimmy person around 7th ave and indian school..
the east VB is a fucking joke, more squard cars than johns last night.. FINALLY saw some cute hot while girls, and as soon as they were on the street, fucking cops swarmed them like they were the Al Queda terrorists......... jeez what are they going to do, kill somebody with their ass and clit?? This shit is getting ridiculous, elections are over, i guess they are trying to keep the streets safe for all of us...
I tried a few other spots, 27th ave to northern was dead, 16th st was dead as well and thomas road was dead too..
Stopped by the phoenix massage 27th ave and indian school. .. saw a chunky latina, and a nasty middle age white woman.. I thought this place was supposed to have some hot big breasted latinas and blacks that do BBBJ and sexo, what the fuck gives???
have a happy holiday.. i am out..

Merlin Magician
11-27-02, 11:12
Yes Superdick the Phoenix cops and the sheriff are very focused and dead set on knocking down only easy targets like johns and hookers instead of concentrating on the more deadly criminals such as meth lab operators, meth sellers; other drug involvement; known burglars, known thieves, and gang bangers.

They can chase down the hookers but oh let the police bother the others, and the ACLU will hammer the shit out of them

Of course, if one looks at the jail roster available online, you will see very few arrests and bookings for prostitution. It has be solely harrassment by police agencies then if this is the case.

Son House
11-27-02, 16:48
I picked up Trinity too. She on the north side of VB across from the Capri. Settled on $50.00 For a CBJ at the Desert Wind. She said she only allows 10 minutes per customer-so everything was rushed. Service sucked, but she is very attractive.

The House

11-27-02, 17:56
I was reading some posts from a few months ago and noticed some information on an old website - arizona massage dot com. I checked it and it seems to be up and running. I am wondering if anyone has been to the site lately that can vouch for its accuracy, or have visited any of the establishments or girls who are listed there. As always - thank you for your insight and help.

Buster Cherry
11-28-02, 13:19

The Arizona Massage site is a good one. Virtually all the ladies on there are real and very credible. Even though they have decided to lose their message board, they still have loads of great and accurate information on therapeutic and erotic massage in the Phoenix area.

I have visited a few of the establishments on that site and I've had great experiences and some sad ones too.

A Touch of Heaven's three locations I have found to be of the highest consistent quality. ATOH has it all, everything from trim blonde hardbodies, Ilena and Lori to really fabulous BBW's, Brandy, Malissa and Taylor. Glendale Massage comes in second (maybe).

Individuals such as Melissa and Jewel are great and affordable. Stacey is great but high dollar.

I have had some bad experiences in some of the others, but you can look at my previous posts about Phoenix in archives to see which ones I mean. I refer to those which may advertise an erotic experience content but what you see is not what you get.

And, I can tell you here and now that any of the Sliders people are a big $ ripoff. Add a couple of other ripoffs not in the site, such as Fantasy Island, and Ultimate. Also, any place near the industrial section of the airport is a pure ripoff.

11-29-02, 02:11
Roamed VB after a long time.

Last saturday afternon around 2 PM found couple of trim blonds around 20 st and few black girls around 32 st.didnt pick them .

yesterday i picked a skinny girl from 20 st, $20 bbbj . good one.
After that saw a good fresh hottie near
32 st . does seems like she just started . but didnt pick her . Also found a well dressed blonde hottie around 28 st around 7 pm . Big line of cars , and she was not getting inside any . Look like she was asking for lot...
Not going nowadays due to this LE as----holes..
Have a safe hunting.

11-29-02, 08:21
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I went out after 2:30 this morning, had a looksee on 27th near Northern, one girl, but a swarm of cars. Dissatisfied, I went to 16th, cruised around for about a ½ hour, saw a gal getting out of a car at 16th & Oak. Went back around, picked her up, turns out it was her car & she decided to do a little work. Name was Valerie, black, 40 or 42 DD titties, satisfying CBJ & covered full service in the vehicle for $45. Got her number, lives nearby, will call next week, she says we’ll do it at her place next time. Very pleasant lady (as opposed to your "traveling" SW) who is building up some regulars, I guess. I like 16th since the women there seem to live in PHX & sometimes need some extra cash, I have seen some women in the past I picked up on 16th for 3-5 months (& do it at their place or mine). Stay safe, I will ask if she wants to have more regulars when I see her next week. BTW, saw no LE at all (must have been booking drunks & DWI's at Madison).

11-30-02, 01:26
thanks again for all of the updates, damn, i think i need to go out late, like 2am-5am time, seems like the only time to get any real action, i definately want to get with this valerie lady, my kind of woman... anyone have any updates on the Phoenix massage?? just wondering....
also, a quick note on those private modeling places. checked out the palace , the one on 19th ave and peoria, anyway its open until 3am every night, checked out this one lovely black goddess, infinity, about 5'10 130 pounds, very slim, long legs, and huge black 40 DD fake tits... really pretty, wanted $20 for admission to private show... then we i got comfortable, she told me the rates.. $200 for HJ, $350 for bj and $550 for around the world.. I was like you are fucking crazy.. and just left.. who the fuck is dropping $550 for FS at these places?? jeez.. i will stick to the SGs.. fuck that shit...

12-02-02, 18:55
First, let me thank those who have responded to my posts, and the other contributors to the site. This is a great resource, and all I can say is thank God for the internet! Anyway, I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with Mystic Waters Day Spa. I saw some picts of a couple of the therapists there and was pretty impressed, but I don’t want to waste my time if the service is not on par with other establishments. Thanks again for all the great info!