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Permanent Wood
10-25-09, 14:01

Age - 30 (approximate)
Height - 5' 9"
Weight - 140 - 150 lbs.
Hair Color - Brunette
Breast Size - 34c

Avoid like the plague sums it up for Cherie. She has tattoos all over her back-side. From up high between her shoulders, down her back, to the width of her lower back. Lots of ink. She is big-boned with a very meaty build. Her ass lags behind her when she walks, like she can't stand up straight. She does have an attractive face, with straight hair that goes just past her shoulders. She's pushy, deceiving, and a flat-out liar.

I met Cherie at her motel, and offered her $150 for an hour, with $100 to be paid upfront, $50 to be paid at the end of the hour, she said she needed it all upfront. I then told her I'd leave the last fifty on the table, not to be touched, but would be hers when the hour was over, that she accepted. I no more than handed her the hundred, and placed the fifty on the table, when she took the fifty off the table bunched it with the hundred and put it in her bag. I told her that fifty was supposed to stay put, which she said to relax, and everything is fine. I told her how she lied to me. She goes "oh my god, you are like the most difficult customer I've ever had." And something about not to worry, I'd be very satisfied. Now I could have went all ape-shit right then, but I didn't, anyway, the money was out of the way, onto the hour.

She pulled her pants off, which she struggled with, they were so tight. When she got them down her ass piled out, like when you gut a deer, how the guts go from a nice tight internal cavity, to just sprawling out on the ground. Then her top comes off, exposing small titties and all those tattoos. I see she's a big meaty woman, not my thing. I'll have to get better at gauging ass size when restrained in tight jeans.

So we both got our clothes off and she wants me to lay on the bed, while I see her grab some lotion. I'm thinking what the fuck, a massage? Fuck that, I told her I wanted her to get on the bed, she asked why. I told her I'll show you why if you would just do it. So she gets on the bed, but in the upper corner, exactly like Sky did. I'm getting to think these wannabe wh0res do this shit just to waste time. After telling her to get in the middle of the bed, she starts to, but I about had to pull her part way when finally she did slide down, fuckin' bi-tch.

She spread her legs apart, then I moved my hand towards her pussy when she stopped me, telling me she doesn't allow touching. She has a bump on the left side of her pussy, about the size of a pencil eraser, but only half as high as one. I asked her to spread her cu-nt apart, she did, holy fuck, I saw the biggest cu-nt ever I do believe. Fucker's huge. She spread her cu-nt lips apart, and her cu-nt hole opens up and practically yawns. I'd say you could pass a quarter through it broadside without it touching. Her pee hole was equally as huge, comparable in size to a nozzle on a Dawn dish washing soap bottle.

Cherie has a huge set of hips, a pussy you could park a truck in, and an ass that sprawls like a pile of deer guts, boy ain't I the lucky one. Well I thought I'd fuck her now, so I asked for a condom, she got one out. I go to touch her and she stops me, telling me now that I've touched my dick, I can't touch her. I told her I'd wash my hands then and you can take over with the condom, she says ok. I go in the bathroom and run the water and come back out.

I told her to suck on it first, and finish rolling the condom on. She starts to suck on it and rolls the condom on, I go to put my hands on her head when she stops me, telling me she doesn't like her head touched. Frankly I don't care what she likes, it's supposed to be about what I like, and touching a woman's head while getting your dick sucked is the norm.

After some lousy dick sucking, more hand than mouth on her part, I told her I'd just put it in her now. She says no, that it was either a blow job, or fucking, one or the other. I told her that was a helluva way to spring that choice on me, after the fact. Total bull shit guys, total B.S. Short of forcing myself on her, not much I could do. I told her I'd be spending the better part of an hour in her mouth then. She said you're getting a half hour, one-fifty is for a half hour. I said the deal was for an hour. I knew there would be trouble at this point for sure, but I held my cool, and let her continue the lousy blow job. I didn't think it could get worse, but it did, she then pulls off my dick to tell me I can't cum in her mouth, even though I had a god damn condom on. Total B.S. It was about 20 minutes and I did cum, just after she pulled off it, so I squirted while my dick poked in the air.

I flushed the condom, then asked her if she was sure about only providing a half hour session when the deal had been for an hour. She said yes, one-fifty is for a half hour sweetie. Hmm, I got dressed while my blood boiled, she stayed naked. I gave her the choice of handing back over the fifty (remember, that was hers only after the hour was up) as a refund for time not provided. She refused. So, remembering where she tucked the money, I forced the refund. That is where things got ugly.

There aren't that many 5' 9" brunettes with a big-boned meaty build, with an attractive face, especially ones with a back-side of tattoos. But you won't see those until you've handed over the money and she takes her top off. So if you want to avoid her, since she may change her name and number, remember her description. She also told me she's from Las Vegas, and has been doing this for 10 years.

Avoid Like the Plague


Hot Hot Hot!!! - 22
posted: October 23, 2009, 09:40 PM

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Poster's age: 22
Location: Madison

Permanent Wood
11-06-09, 05:11
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