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Permanent Wood
08-26-09, 19:43
Leah from backpage/craigslist

19 years old
34d bust - looked and felt real
5' 6" tall
112 lbs.
long dirty blond hair
shaved pussy
no kissing
Leah is petite, but compared to Amanda, has a softer body, Amanda has a more toned body.

$100 - 15 min. (Time starts when the fun starts)
$150 - 30 min. (Will negotiate to $130)
$180 - 60 min.

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Permanent Wood
10-03-09, 12:31
"Emily" has been added to her list of aliases.

She also now has a phone number posted in her ads, it's 262-408-7668.

Permanent Wood
11-07-09, 04:03
So perusing CL and BP I noticed another 19 year old advertising. I liked what I could see of her picture, so I put her on the "to do" list.

It wasn't long, and I decided to call and try to set something up. I believe she was my first call of the day, not like past times where I call half-a-dozen providers before I get a bite. Anyway, she answers right away, and is interested in meeting me. She gives me her location, room number and all, so I head over.

Just to be polite, I give her a quick ring as I pull in, she says come on up. I park and swig down a pint of sugar-water. It gives a nice energy boost, and fucking a 19 year old takes energy.

I go to her room and knock, door opens, there she is. 19 years old, looked untouched. No make-up, hair just laying there, just a young, natural, fairly cute girl. She does have some big knockers, which were restrained behind her flimsy t-shirt.

We had never discussed money, and there I stood looking her over. I lifted up her shirt to get a better look, tummy protruded some, almost like a slightly pregnant look. (or maybe she just had Pizza Hut and was bloated) So I reached around her and grabbed her ass, with both hands planted on her ass, I picked her right up. (I just like picking girls up by their ass) Next, I told her I had a hundred, she said OK. I handed her the money and we both took our clothes off.

She grabbed my dick and led me over to the bed. That was the extent of her leading me around, I told her to get on the bed with her ass up in the air. She did so most willingly. (I like it when they follow direction) I got up on the bed and start playing with this 19 year old's ass. I slapped her ass a few times and moved on to spreading her ass cheeks apart. All clean and shaved down around her cu*nt and ass hole. I massaged her ass and started to rub up and down her cu*nt. Then I asked her to flip over and lay on her back.

Laying on her back I spread her legs apart, I went down by her cu*nt with my face, it smelled good. She has a really tiny pussy, not much for external pussy lips to play and tug on. I reached under her ass and lifted up, burying my face in her cu*nt, eating her 19 year old pussy. Her tiny pink pussy was tight, as I had my tongue buried deep, she was able to squeeze down on it. I then finger fucked her, 2 fingers in and then with a twisting motion to swirl her juices around to get things primed for my dick. I didn't feel much happening down there on me, my dick hadn't woke up yet to the goings-on. I knew a closer exploit with her face with my dick would alarm it into readiness.

So I straddle her little body and bring my balls to lay on her chin. I drag around my cock on her cute little 19 year old face, and it gets the waking up needed.

I proceed down between her legs and spread her cu*nt apart. She says not without a condom. She gets one out and puts it on me. She then spreads her legs apart and I line up my cock with her cu*nt, remember she has a tiny pussy. She wanted to add lube, but I said let's try it first.I have to push it in for it to go, constant resistance the whole depth. She squirms a little. I think the earlier fingering which I thought had got her wet, had worn off, because when I pulled part way out from being in her, I didn't see any glistening sign of wetness.

So I start out with a few nice and easy strokes, because I'm a nice guy, but it wasn't long and I was slamming my cock in her long and hard. She breathes hard and moans loud from the get-go. I fuck her some but remember she never sucked my cock, I had totally forgot to put it in her mouth. I told her I wanted her to suck on it, so I pull out and stand up. She gets in front of me and starts to suck on it. She did a lousy job at this really, not putting it straight in, but instead letting my cock bang against her inner cheek. She looked like she had a chew of Skoal in her mouth. This isn't doing much for me, so I ask her "how about some doggie?" "Sure" she says.

So next I have her get on her knees and elbows and fuck her from behind. She looked OK from behind, but didn't really have that small waist and larger hip ratio. Just a straight down shot from her waist down to her hips. I ask her to get back on her back, I want to see those jugs jiggle when I fuck it into you. She most willingly gets on her back, and I get back to pounding her mish. style.

She has some really nice, big, soft titties I couldn't resist sucking on. With me back in her cu*nt mish style, I fuck her good and deep, watching her jugs jiggle and her face squint. She pretty much keeps her eyes closed, but does a fair amount of peeking. I continued to fuck her and enjoy the feel of her 19 year old pussy.

Well I knew this wasn't going to be a marathon session, so I hammered it as hard as I could, (I could feel the sugar water kicking in) and I saw her meek out a smile. She must have thought I was cumming, but I wasn't, I was just driving for the home stretch nearing the big cum. Hammering it really hard as she said "Fuck me" is some good entertainment, don't you think? So after several minutes of intense pounding, I started to feel like the load was loaded and cocked, and just needed the trigger pulled. I continued to fuck her and bam, shot my load, while my condom covered dick was deep in her pussy. I gave her another 60 thrusts for good measure, about a minute's worth I figure. Mission accomplished.

I waited for my dick to shrink down some, pulling the condom off right away can be difficult. Then I got cleaned up and dressed. We made some small talk, and I gave her another hug where I grabbed her ass one last time, and went on my way.

I'm about 5'6", 112 Lbs., slim, fit, busty, and very flexible.
I enjoy what i do, and so will you:)