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08-10-08, 15:05
Note: This actually turned out to be two reports on related CL women (Allison and Sally) rolled into one report. I hope it doesn't become too confusing for you guys. I posted a similar report into the RI forum for the Ri area guys.


I recently answered Allison's ad from CL. Allison charges $150 for an hour of sensual massage with a "no hands" happy ending. I had been with Allison in the past, and had a good time. She gives a mediocre body rub, with plenty of unscented oil. (almost too much for my liking). Even so, she gives a fantastic bbbj ending that is one of the best I've had. She also offers a shower afterwards, which I appreciate. Need to wash of all that oil.

The thing about Allison is she has a woman named "Sally" answer her phone and make her appointments for her. Sally leads you to believe on the phone that you will be meeting with her (Sally) in Pawtucket as she speaks in the first person tense (eg "I" will meet you at the RT 1A Mobil station, and you can follow ME back to MY place). Not until you meet Allison off site and she takes you to her duplex in Pawtucket do you realize she's not the one you spoke to on the phone.

Sally also does rub & tug massages in Wareham. Sally only does a tug, nothing more for extras available. I've tried "Sally" in Wareham, but again, the girl giving the rub & tug wasn't the "Sally" I had spoken to on the phone. Also, The Sally I met in Wareham didn't live up to the hyped services Allison told me to expect. I wouldn't repeat with Sally in Wareham, as it was that much of a disappointment.

Sally in Wareham has big boobs, but that's because she's a BBW, which nobody had disclosed previously when I asked for a physical description of her. Unfortunately, she would only allow roaming over her top. Prior to the flip, there was no teasing either. Finally, once I started to cum, she grabbed my unit and squeezed as hard as she could without providing any motion. It completely ruined the finish for me, as it was totally anti-climatic. It just wasn't worth it. (I Could have gone to Lilly's and saved a long drive, gas, and the extra $50, and had a better looking girl and a happier ending.)

When I realized my massage in Pawtucket would be with Allison again, I nearly called and cancelled. I thought I was answering an ad for someone completely new and different. I then fondly remembered the ending Allison had given me and I decided to procede as planned. I was happy I did.

The only real criticism I have with Allison/Sally/whoever is that I know for a fact that they keep notes on clients. Sally mentioned something specific about me that I remember mentioning to Allison during my previous visit months ago. There's no other way "Sally" could have known the details of that previous conversation, without Allison telling her and having kept it as a note somewhere. It goes without saying I don't want my name, (or description) popping up if they ever get busted.

I also don't appreciate the verbal bait and switch on the phone. If she had just been up front with me and stated she was taking appointments for Allison, or Sally, I would have been fine with that. Showing up in Wareham and having the girl not match the physical description, performance (or voice) of the woman I was lead to believe I would be meeting kind of pissed me off.

Will I repeat with Allison? Only if I can't find something that suits my needs better within the same price range.
Will I repeat with "Sally" in Wareham? No.

I just thought all of you would want to know.