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Circle Back Again
12-26-07, 20:25
I saw Nina last Friday at an Olympia in-call location.

All I can say is "Wow." I have seen a lot of women over the years, but Nina was something very special.

Physically, she is 5'10" and very slender. She has shoulder length reddish brown hair and a really cute face. Well proportionated chest with nipples that stand at attention. She has several tatoos and very smooth skin.

I was actually nervous when I arrived and was escorted to a bedroom. She asked that I put the donation on the nightstand, which I did and told me to get comfortable. She left and returned a few minutes later. All I had done was take off my shoes and socks. She asked me if I had ever done this before, to which I simply laughed.

So once I got completely comfortable she joined me on the bed and turned into this warm passionate person. We kissed, caressed, and participated in mutual oral exploration. Nina is a dynamic kisser. One thing led to another and my tongue traveled all the way south and spent a long time at that location. She bucked and squirmed and held my head in place for a very long time. Who was I to complain? My tongue even did slow rim jos around her anus.

We then moved back to more deep French kissing and prepared for the big event (which actually seemed sort of anti-clamatic). Out came the cover and we enjoyed 69 and missionary until this old body gave way. I finished with a HJ and literally exploded on her chest.

After we toweled off, we hopped in the shower and enjoyed some extended carsessing and casual conversation. She told me she came twice during my work.

She was definately higher priced than the average street fare at $$.2 but well worth every minute and dollar. Said she is up her from Texas for the winter and definately has brought with her that southern hospitality.

No photos, but the fuzzed up one on CL is accruate.