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05-11-02, 22:57
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07-08-02, 22:42
any action in the Burlington area? I saw on the old forum where a guy said you could get handjobs in Burlington, but never said where. The adult bookstore used to have girls that would jack you off and give head, but not any more. Any info???

04-21-03, 17:10
Any luck anywhere in Burlington??????

05-05-03, 16:13
Try the strip clubs accross the river in Gulfport, IL

07-24-03, 04:02
Go to the "Other Areas" AND look for the report I posted in 2002 after my last trip to Burlington. Hope this helps.

(There wasn't a Burlingtion section when I posted it.)

I haven't been back there in quite a while, but I still would stand by my river at around midnight to 2:00am theroy. That would seem like the best spot in town to catch the ocasional SW\full time job elsewhere and walking home women.

The problem with small towns is your either in the know or just don't know. If someone does know. Post it for my homies in Iowa. LOL :)



11-07-03, 17:38
Went across the river to Gulfport as suggested by this board. Three clubs to choose from. Scooter's Cabaret, Boss Hoggs, and another club with no name. All on the same road about 1 mile between the three. Girls are mostly late 30's into 40's. Nothing great. A couple acceptable girls. Take out was available but I was not approached by the 2 gals I thought were acceptable. The gals I spoke to said they were from Galesburg. Good luck.

11-22-03, 13:21
Posting this both here and in Illinois other areas, since it applies.

Was in Burlington about a week ago and found the tone to be totally dead, keep hearing rumours that things are available there. I wound up over in Gulfport and found that 2 of the 3 strip clubs were closed (it was Sunday) the one that was not was having abnd playing, althoughw as told theyw ere almost done. Waited around and discovered the girls there were from all three clubs they all have the same owner. Some were OK looking others not, did talk to a couple of the beter looking dancers and although did not come out and directly ask it did not appear as if any take out was available.

03-29-04, 04:34
I was passing through tonight and stoped in Gulfport.Went to Boss Hoggs about 7 girls working. Very good for a sunday.4 black dancers down from Milawaukee brought in by the new owner,all were pissed off because they were not making any money,they were losing money by the time they paid for hotels etc.I saw this as an opportunity to see if take out might be availible.Talked to all but one,Strike One,Strike Two,Strike Three.I hinted around in a discreet manner,to no avail.Did get the number of a good looking white stripper who said she would do out call private shows, but she stressed no extras.Maybe more would have panned out but did not have enough time to invest ,and go away empty handed.I guess I don't have the paitience for it.I'll stick to SW and incalls.
Stay Safe,

10-06-04, 22:11
I'll be in Mason City & Clear Lake the end of the month. I'm looking for some action in my old home town.