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09-15-07, 13:13
Does anyone have info on any of these ladies? Adds look promising, but we all know how those can be. Thanks

09-20-07, 22:21
Does anyone have info on any of these ladies? Adds look promising, but we all know how those can be. Thanks
I'm intrigued with the look of Frankee. I like a busty girl. I'd be interested in knowing what her rates are. Unfortunately she doesn't say in her posts, and I won't be available to call her for some time.

If she were as good as Champagne, I'd be in heaven...


09-26-07, 19:01
I just posted this in the Other RI - Escorts thread. I'm reposting it here in case people typically look here...


In response to my own question about Frankee, I TOFTT with Frankee the other day. I had a little extra time and happened to be in the Rhode Island area, so I figured what the hell.
I called and left a message, and she promptly called back. She said she charges $200 per an hour of FS. It's a bit steep, but I liked the description and the busty photos she posted. (It's amazing how the right software can enhance an otherwise poor quality photo.)

She uses a "friends" apartment in a mixed use commercial/residentail building in Cumberland. Not the best of apartments, but it serves the purpose. Unfortunately there's no bed, so we did it on the living room couch.
Strike One!

When she got undressed, it was apparent that the photos were a bit dated. She's added a few pounds, and her 36DD boobs were rather droopy. They may have been 36DD at one point in time, but not any more.
Strike Two!

While the services were good, it was one pop and Time is up.
Strike Three!

For what she's charging, I expected a lot more.
I certainly won't be back. I'm sticking with Champagne for now on. No comparison in quality or price. And with Champagne you get the full hour. Add to that the fact that Champagne runs specials for $125 an hour, and gives a $25 discount on return visits, Champagne wins hands down.

I just thought you'd want to know and save yourself a mediocre experiece at best. If Frankee dropped her prices to something much more reasonable, it might be a different story, but as it is, I recommend you go elsewhere.


09-29-07, 20:32
Had the pleasure of visiting Champagne last week. Very nice visit for $. 25 which to me is a reasonable price. Pics are real and accurate. As advertised it was an unrushed GFE. CBJ, mish doggy were good quality. I would recommend.