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The John
07-07-06, 13:05
I am following my own suggestion from a recent post on the Seattle page. That we should have a thread dedicated just to general tips of how to pick up a SW, where to go, and not go. These are generic tips on how to be safer, avoid getting into serious trouble with LEO, etc. Any bad date warnings should be posted on the city page(s) where you think that provider or her pimp works. Mongers might also provide tips about Strip Clubs, AMP's etc, but again this is not about individual clubs, this is for general information.

I am going to see if I can find some really good posts that have been made in the past. If I can not I will make some original posts here. I hope my fellow mongers will too.

The John
07-19-06, 18:09
Its taken me a while to post here. I tried to do it the easy way and use the "quote" option to make this a lot easier. Unfortunately all of the material I wanted to quote from was too old to be quoted. Instead I printed it out and now must re-do it all from scratch. It was a bit daunting because many of these were long posts. The silver lining is that many of these posts elicited lively discussion, and many of my fellow mongers contributed good advice as well. In fact some of these threads had been stated by other experienced mongers; I will try to remeber to give attributation when appropriate.

Some of this topic may have been OTBE (Over taken By Events). Over the last year there has been some hot debate over the government trying to monitor cellular phones, especially the "disposable" or pay-as-you-go phones. Much of the hull-a-ba-loo came over a few instances of some "swarthy" men perchasing a "large number" (40-100) of these phone from a Wal-Mart. IMHO this has little that will effect a monger (unless he is swarthy and wants to purchase a considerable number of these units at one time).

For anyting the average monger is likely to do these phones are quite handy. I will try to put this under several headings to help keep things in order, but will likely repeat myself since some advantages apply to several areas.

1) PRIVACY: I generally only use a phone like this when I am mongering, or if I am calling a provider, or in rare cases if I am expecting a provider to call me. Otherwise it is turned off. There is NO BILL with incriminating numbers that your wife or S.O. (Significant Other) might ask you about. These are the two best reasons overall. Also this is a virtually "untraceable" number when you call a provider. (This tends to arouse considerable debate, while it is possible for someone, even the Govt. to listen in on any cel-phone conversation; its not done for minor vice crimes. Further the number does not attach to your name as a home phone or billable celluar phone; especially if you use cash to buy the phone and minutes card.)

2) SAFETY: Even a careful monger might be robbed, either directly or by a sly provider who's sticky fingers might grab small objects such as cash, CD players, or cel-phones. If you were to loose, forget, or have your phone stolen; you should NOT have any phone numbers in the memory of this disposable phone, at least not of you wife, boss, S.O., etc., although other providers might be ok. There have even been some rare occasions that I have allowed a provider to use my phone (usually after we did the deed, or at least the first round); something I would be more hesitant to do with my regular phone. Also if stolen you will not be out a possibly expensive (at least to replace) phone, nor subject to big bills.

3) Untraceable: Those who believe what they see on 24 or read too much Tom Clancy (I think it was Mr Peepers who said that in an earlier post) might believe the govt can quickly and easily trace any phone. While the debate may rage about just how possible/probable it is to "listen in" on cellular phone conversations; that is not what is relevant. (for that matter I do not "discuss business over any phone. No matter how secure your phone is, in the Fantasticly Unlikely event the provider on the other end is part of a sting and her end of the conversation is recorded it doesn't matter if you have a "Jimmy Kirk" communicator. I usually arrange to meet at a McDonnald's or a Starbucks, usually some distance from any track; more on this in future posts. But obviously not incriminating.) While the authorities, and possibly some providers, pimps, and "techno-weenies" might recognize your number as that of a "Disposable" phone, they will not know who it goes to (at least no where near as easy as they will with a standard billable phone). I also always buy the phone, minutes cards, etc., with cash, never credit cards.

The above presumes that you NEVER use your "mongering" (pay-as-you-go) phone to call your S.O., or anyone else who is not in the game. One of the biggest advantages to having one of these phones is helping to keep your mongering activities seperate from your mundane life!

To conclude the pay-as-you-go / "disposable" cellular phone is cheap and convienant to get; and if neccesary to replace. It will not easily incriminate you to your S.O. (I got it honey because I always drop calls when I go fishing, driving to (or for work), etc.). And when you turn it off you'll not get bugged by a provider calling.

I welcome any other comments or suggestions. More to follow later.

Good Luck, and Good Mongering