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04-09-02, 23:54
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02-06-03, 18:30
I am thinking of moving & I was wondering how the adult entertainment field is? That is what I currently do. Thank You,


04-08-03, 00:06
Married professional male seeks stress relief while visiting Key West. Any massage or fs recommendations (or stay away from) would be appreciated. Mid April. Thanks

10-19-03, 21:20
Well Guys, I am currently on vacation here in Key West.....and since there are no other reports to read about, I thought I'd do som research and report here for everyone else's bennifit.

I started out by checking into a place on Duval Street called "Scrub Club" You can not miss the place....down on the south east end near the motels. They have a lot of advertising including some custom painted vans that they park around town. Anyway, I went inside and talked with the bouncer/Doorman to get prices. The entry fee is $100 for up to 1 hr with the lady of your choice. I also got to meet the ladies and they are very beautiful indeed. I then inquired about tips for the ladies. I learned a long time ago to always get as much info as possible before you ever put down so much as the 1st $. The "Tips" range from $140 - $400 depending on the service that you desire.....now here is the gotcha! Even with the $400 tip, there is absolutely NO PHYSICAL CONTACT! The key thing to note in thier advertising is that they claim to be the only place in Key West of thier type to be legally totally nude....Think about it....they stay legal.......to me this is just NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!

Next, I went down Duval Street and found a little hole in the wall bar called something like Red Carpet Lounge. You can enter it either thru a side alley or thru Dirty Harrys. This place is a strip club with NO Cover. Very small, only a few girls ranging from a 4-7 and not much fun.........

Oh! On the way down Duval, I can across 4 street walkers on the opposite side of the street. 1 Brunette, 2 blondes, and 1 gay. The 2 Blondes and 1 Brunette looked pretty hot but because of the company they had with them, was not sure if I wanted to call them over.....sorry but I just don't swing that way! The 3 ladies looked good from a distance and I thought I might try for a closer look when I returned later on that side of the street.....I could check for Adams Apples and maybe other suprises while passing by and then maybe strike up some interest if the ladies still looked good up close with NO Suprises! Anyway, by the time I returned, they were gone!

I finally ended up in a place called Teasers! Really nice Nude Strip club located on Duval, about mid way down the street on the second floor of a Gift Shop. Very Classy! Lots of Beautiful Girls (7-10's) Contact allowed everywhere exept between thier legs...., lap dances $20, some of the girls even grab your hands and place them on thier tits and asses while on stage! Very Nice Place! Lots of Fun! Be warned! Also 4 of the biggest bouncers I've ever seen, so be cool and have fun!

So thats my report for Key West!

Happy Hunting!


Ron In Fla
01-16-04, 18:32
I've never actually ran into a SW in Key West, but I know they have to be there. The town is awash in tourist money, The atmosphere is charged, the weather is always right and the cops don't fuck with them. Check out the Key West copshop website. They list all arrests in the county, with pics of the perps. I've watched every arrest there for over 6 months now. Not one prostitution bust. None. never. But they are really tough on crack dealers so maybe the girls won't work without a rock.

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Ron In Fla
01-17-04, 15:47
If you're interested, the Keywest cops site is really the Monroe County Sherriffs Dept at www.keysso.net.

I wish all cops had a site like this.

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Ron In Fla
02-10-04, 01:46
If you're in Key West you should check out the Garden of Eden. It's a clothing optional Bar on the roof of the Bull on Duval St. You never know what you'll see. It was pretty empty, as was the whole island when I was there last week, but I've seen some fine ladies sunbathing on that rooftop from time to time.

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02-21-04, 02:43
I was driving down Duvall Street and saw a place called the "Scrub Club" with three rather attractive blondes sitting on the front porch. I thought I saw something that said adult entertainment somwhere so I assume that it's a similiar deal as most of the lingerie places? There do seem to be lots of strip joints on the way down there so you have to wonder what's going on in that part of Florida?

02-21-04, 21:48
I went to the Scrub Club once and found the girls to be really pretty and got a very good massage. I don't remember the price but I remember leaving happy.

I also enjoyed a strip club outside of town, it was about a twenty minute walk/five minute drive from Duvall street heading towards the airport. One side was for gay guys and the other side was for not so gay guys..the girls were hot, the private dancers were full friction and fully nude. No cover before 8 pm.

03-02-04, 21:21

Excellent report thanks. I assume you didn't try Scrubs. In Tampa they got lingerie studios that have a legal license and boast of they're legality, yet FS is still available for the right price.

Scrubs is probably like DC, you'll probably have to drop $$$$ to get some luvn :)

On another note, anyone know if Spring Break is any good down there. Miami is usually boring, police don't let things get wild.

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03-13-04, 11:54
Key West, a drinking island with a tourist problem!

I have lived and worked on this 2mi by 4 mi island for the last year. I have not seen a streetwalker one. This place is like Vegas in what happens in Key West, stays in Key West. People (usually rich) come down here to "get their freak on"! There are so many available women here a working girl would starve.

The Scrub Club is expensive and does not offer FS but the girl of your choice will be more than happy to work with you in the comfort of your hotel room for a fee.

Teasers and The Red Garter are the 2 clubs downtown on Duval street. Usually a good crew in both after 20:00. The club's going north on Rt1 (Truman Ave) towards the airport are the original Teasers and Bare Assets. Bare Assets is the club that used to be a gay club and in now a neighborhood titty bar.

I write this as spring break is going on. There is more young, nubile available young things here than you can shake your stick at. This is the time of year to come here and lower your white count.

The next best time is Fantasy Fest in October. Most of those pictures you get in your email of nude women sporting awesome body paint are from Fantasy Fest. This is a week long hedonistic blow out that should not be missed. Book your rooms early!

Happy hunting!


Chip Cutter
05-25-04, 11:08
Will be down in Key west on vacation 2nd week of June for a family vacation. Any reccomendations on providers available on short notice? Hope to get away for a couple of hours.



China Monger
09-30-04, 09:39
I go to Key West several times a year. I will try Scrubs from time to time. In the past I been able to choose a girl and negociate outcall FS and she would meet me at my hotel room about 30 min later. I've had some decent experiences like this the past few years. But always expensive $$$$$ by the time the night is over. It's really a last resort if it's late and you've struck out on Duval.

However, I went to Scrubs last week and paid the $$$$$ met the girl in my hotel room and then she said "massage only". I was amazed and pissed because I had made my expectations very clear back at Scrubs. So this was a total rip off. I was taken advantage of without recourse. I don't think I would ever go back there again.

10-08-04, 03:20
I must agree with everything FIDO notes. I just got back. No hurricane damage at all. No visible working girls.

Still fewer tourists, but lots of hot women running around at Sloppy Joeís, Hoggís Breath and Irish Kevinís

Jimbo Rawson
10-14-04, 20:03
I was in KW in May and visited KW Rub and Scrub. What a waste of money!! $300 for a hot topless Czech chick to barley rub on me for 30 minutes or so and then i took care of myself while she watched. I could of went back to the hotel room after Teasers and jerked it for free.

Modoc Man
11-13-04, 15:30
Key West is the shits! If you can't get laid here, you must be dirt-ugly as hell. The wife and I spent an entire weekthere, and it was good times and more good times.

I checked out Teasers first, got a couple laps and an offer to go to the champagne room where I was told anything goes. She was a really hot blonde, big tittied and Czech, probably the same chick Jimbo had. But I turned her down since the wife was in the bar downstairs.

Later that night, we and some friends went to the Garden of Eden, and soon we were all dancing naked and having fun. We met another couple who was from Virginia and we all wound up at thier rented house, having a six-person orgy in the hot tub. Ahh...good times.

A couple days later we went back, my wife and I and just one of our female friends. We met yet another couple, this time they were from Marathon, farther up the Keys. We all went back to our hotel and had another group thing in the hotel's hot tub.

I recommend Key West to everybody. There's a freedom and an acceptance here that I find exhilirating.