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12-31-99, 21:00
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10-28-06, 10:39
All Services Offered Total Gfe!

Somebody Else
07-30-07, 15:12
Hey, have you got a new website, old one ain't working?Last I heard, she's not in the biz anymore.

08-25-09, 01:40
I'm an old school player from the hyma layas, and have found alot of talent in your fair town. In town on biz for 3 month from philly, and have found quite alot of take out available at the local big strips spots, Blush and Chearleaders. Have made take out arrangements at both for the $$ range or so. Not to mention the backpage options. Will post a more detailed report on Jessica Summer(latina from upsate NY) that is legit.

Only way to make this thead thrive is to post. being an outsider here barely for a week thus far, I'm sure locals can provide more insight then me. With the 2 club honey's ( sylivia & Rikki) and one BP broad( Jessica summer, with Kimberly in the waitin) I'm sure this board should be more up to date. Regardeless, my ho ass will at least report on the abundance of ass to be found here!!!!


12-13-11, 07:37
I met up with Sugarbaby in Columbus (she's advertising in your classified thread). She's much much better looking than her pictures. Expect the sweetest, nicest girl around. Her skills are OK, but if what you want is some quality time with a woman with benefits thrown in, give her a call.

09-22-16, 21:36
I found this and it seems better than Craigslist or Back Page.


Some of them look rough.

I would be interested in results other may have.

I've also looked at.


And would like to know if others have had any success there?

I hope I posted this in the correct place?

09-23-16, 11:52
Anyone ever see this one?