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12-31-05, 23:00
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04-04-09, 07:37
Looking forsome who wants to watch us and maybe join.

Good looking ocuple in our 30's hit back asap.

05-21-09, 12:55
Who is going to TOFTT? Anything CL is suspect at this point.

Be careful. I'd meet her at the McDonalds for lunch first. Seriously. If you ever go out there for the team, be smart about it. And don't ever use your computer for the purpose of anything illegal (federal crime).

Be smart with the big head.

I am a sexy sassy readhead. I love what I do and I am great at doing it ;-) I obviously cant go into specifics because of safety reasons, but go to my website for some sassy sexy pictures, trades for services I have available, and donations asked. you are also welcome to call me or email me, but please WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE and talk safe. also, know what my donations are BEFORE you call. there is a list of fetishes on my page and extra add-ons, and the rates are pretty much all-inclusive for time spent... if you know what I mean ;-)

I am ready and geared up to see you on Thursday and Friday of memorial weekend! and if I have enough requests I'll also play on memorial monday.

75 coffee beans for a single CUP of coffee (not a full pot)
120 coffee beans for a half hour FULL POT of coffee
180 coffee beans for a full hour FULL POT of coffee

I am all worked up and hot for you ;-) come let me please you and rock your world! Im pretty, sassy, sexy and GOOD at what I do :) which of COURSE is drinking coffee ;-)

~~~setting coffee dates ONLY CERTAIN DAYS!!! When my apartment is ready I can do any day (almost) but for work days please check the front page of my site BEFORE contacting me :)
phone is turned on 10am most days, off at 11pm.
if you call and get my voice mail, leave me the TIME AND YOUR NUMBER!~~~
***FIRST APPT @ 11am- LAST CALL @ 10pm***

keep in mind that all money is for my time and companionship ONLY. you are paying for some time to sit around and drink coffee with me. whatever happens is between us, but sex is NEVER guaranteed or promised. this is a legal binding contract and by contacting me in ANY WAY you agree with this and give your consent.

05-21-09, 14:15
No guarantees, but I believe I have read a favorble review of Jenny that involved a pleasurable dream

10-20-12, 02:51

This one doesn't seem quite right. She's a NURSING student in collage (sic) and has a handfull of spelling errors in her ad? Have college admission standards sunk so low or is she a student at a diploma mill? I hope she's never MY nurse or she just MIGHT kill me with a mistaken pharmaceutical dispensation. Somehow, I suspect a stretching of the truth. Perhaps more is exaggerated?