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12-31-99, 21:00
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09-27-18, 20:26

Cricket Dick
09-28-18, 00:05
http://everett.skipthegames.com/female-escorts/exotic/6ft-tall-local-nympho-is-wet-w/190452566137Looks very similar to some haggard looking sorts I've seen along Broadway.

Dr Tardis
10-04-18, 01:54
http://everett.skipthegames.com/female-escorts/exotic/6ft-tall-local-nympho-is-wet-w/190452566137She honestly does look about like the pics in person.

Street Troller
10-12-18, 03:07
I've seen her as well earlier this past summer. Her pics are better but that it definitely her in the photos. She's a bit more worn now and she's missing some teeth, particularly a front tooth and also has baby damage. She's nice but she's expensive for the quality of her looks and the incall she chooses. She quoted me $100 for a half-hour with an $80 upcharge for BB. I was pressed for time and she was available so I took it. After I'd arrived and saw that she was a bit more run-down than her photos I considered leaving but I stuck it out. Service was okay and she is friendly and her place was clean for a low-rent incall. I think that you can find younger, better looking and better condition for same services at a cheaper or similar price on Aurora. If you're pressed for time like I was and willing to spend then she'll fix you up.