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04-22-02, 17:17
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05-03-02, 19:34
Any SW acation in Springfield??????????

05-18-02, 10:02
You can usually find an SW in the south end of Main St from Union St south to M'cdonalds most are addicts but once in a while theres a decent looking one.

05-18-02, 11:49
Is there any MP action in springfield. Ct has a bunch and it's not far to springfield. also any action at any of the strip clubs. i've been to mardi gras a few times and it seems take out might be possible

06-05-02, 14:43
Anybody aware of the Aristocrat in Springfield? What's the offering? American or Asian and do any others exist?


06-05-02, 20:06
Originally posted by bookie
Anybody aware of the Aristocrat in Springfield? What's the offering? American or Asian and do any others exist?
I looked in smartpages.com and cannot find any business by that name. Are you sure you are not thinking about the Aristrocrat in Hartford? It was a full service american style massage parlour in Hartford but has been shut down for years.

06-07-02, 06:58
Don't think there are any MP's in Springfield wish there were.I usually go down to Waterbury,its an hour drive.If anyone knows of an incall or MP in Spfld. I'd love to check it out.

06-07-02, 09:25
Originally posted by GordonFreeman

I looked in smartpages.com and cannot find any business by that name. Are you sure you are not thinking about the Aristrocrat in Hartford? It was a full service american style massage parlour in Hartford but has been shut down for years.

Yes, I remember that Hartford one. This Springfield stablishment looks like a new one located on Sumner or Summner Ave Springfield. I seen it the other day in my travels but couldn't stop because I was with a non hobbiest. It said mens spa and had the classic look of a MP. That's all I can say for now. Hopefully, someone can add to my findings.

06-07-02, 23:14
It can't be the same owner. She's on practical lock down even now.

I'll look into it. Thats local for me if it is.

07-29-02, 21:17
to lgkok--is that sw action during the day ever???


07-30-02, 06:56
Have seen some during the day,but it's slim pickins'. Try after dark
there are usually 3 or 4 girls. Most of them are 4-6's, but once in a while you'll see a nicer looking girl. Last Wednesday I picked up a girl, short blonde hair, about 30-35 . Seemed like a nice girl,talked alittle to much, but gave me one of the best bbbj I've had in a long time. Sometimes there is absolutley no action down there, but on a warm summer nite you can usually find something.

07-30-02, 22:06
Hey fellas....anyone know any good strip bars out here with any extras???? I haven't found one yet...

10-23-02, 16:12
This summer I had some luck finding SW action on south end of Main St and on Walnut near State. Lately I haven't seen anyone out - anyone have an update on Springfield/Holyoke street action?

Also, has anyone tried any of the girls listed in the Advocate? I'd like to give some of them a try, but would appreciate some tips on who's hot and who's not!

10-25-02, 15:15
I know a few contacts you're way. If you interested, post up and let me know. Or check the CT boards in the Other areas or Vernon.

Plenty to be had at 1/2 cost.


10-28-02, 07:32
Hey Stoner, I live up here in Springfield,and like he is saying,its slim pickins' up here. Any numbers or info is greatly appreciated.E- Mail lgkok@hotmail.com

10-28-02, 20:47
Hi Stoner,

please let us know more! I looked in CT under Vernon and Other and didn't find any helpful info... How far back should I look?

10-28-02, 20:53
stoner- you can contact me at egman01301@yahoo.com

10-28-02, 22:02
Sorry...2nd page of the Other section has the discourse. Its a stripper whos turned pro. Quite nice. Just sharing the wealth. I'll say she's damn near PSE as I ever had it.

I'll email you, probably on Thursday or Friday.

10-31-02, 17:08
Hi guys,

Here’s a quick report on the 2 escort services listed in the Valley Advocate that I’ve tried:

LISA’S BACK – 737-**** - Lisa is an extra-large black momma in a flowing mumu. She gave a good massage (a bit oily for my taste) and a HJ – and charged $100 (this was several years ago). Setting is incall in her house in southern Springfield. No extras offered, and I wasn’t about to ask for anything more! Advertises every week in the Valley Advocate “Massage/Escort” section

I can’t find the other one in this week’s Advocate, but they usually advertise something about great massage in a lovely country setting. This one is also incall, in a house out in the woods in Montague – long set of directions, phone # is 367-****. Anyway, the girl described herself as pretty and busty, which she was, but forgot to mention she weighed about 180. Pretty good massage, plus BJ with condom for $100. She said she just covered the phone sometimes for the usual girl, who wouldn’t do more than a HJ, and that only after a couple of sessions.

Both were a waste of money! Now come on guys, I’ve just saved you $200 finding out that these 2 aren’t worth a phone call. How about sharing some of your experiences with available ladies? This BBS will only work if we all pitch in and share what we know (being careful that we don’t run anyone afoul of LE). So…

Reward! I believe, one good turn deserves another! Any contact info that leads to successful experiences will be returned with equally good contact info for a hot, slim 30 yr old Latina I found in Spfld who will do it all for $40, in the privacy of her own apartment! So post some good info or email me at egman01301@yahoo.com


11-13-02, 00:36
With cold weather setting in soon, any ideas on what bars the SWs hang in around Sfield?

11-24-02, 08:30
SW action has'nt been what it was for years. There's hardly anything downtown anymore. Main ST in the south end, and Hancock St near the State ST intersection are the only places I've seen any recently. Around Hancock mostly lower end 2-5's. S.Main not much better, theres a girl with short blond hair in her 30's gives a really nice bbbj. but she's no looker. Theres a short PR chick,auburn to reddish hair, worst bbbj I've ever had,bar none

Wish there were some incall services up here in Springfield, or an AMP, hate that hour drive to Waterbury,but its worth it.

11-24-02, 12:13
Hey igkok,

Thanks for the update on recent sw activity in springfield. I've been cruising & perusing other areas (mainly fitchburg), where the action is a lot more reliable (plus young and interesting).

As for the 1 hr drive to Waterbury for an AMP, I've passed on that in favor of Alpha (see numerous Hartford posts).

12-13-02, 03:20
Hey igkok,

I followed up on your report of south end Main St. sw action, and it was so hot the snow 'bout all melted! I arrived at 6pm and immediately tagged Tanya - 5'10" long blond hair. Did the motel thing in West Springfield with her and she was so outstanding I gave her a $20 tip. Totally unrushed hour+ session, very good ride and a lot of fun to be with. I'll do her again!

I dropped her off near McD's then just out of curiosity cruised down Main St. again - now around 7:30. Holy shit, the joint was jumpin' with really hot chicks - white, latina, no blacks. I counted 8, with a couple of 8's and 7's and some nice young ones, too.

I decided to ride around and look for other action spots to report back to the gang, and to give myself time to recover from my first date. Saw a couple of latinas in the north end, then headed up State Street, where I saw a very nice young thing on the corner of Maple. Too bad it was so soon - she was hot!

Maple was dead, so headed further east up State to cvheck the action around AIC - nthing doing.

By 9:30 I was feeling primed again, so I cruised down to south Main again - this time lower quality was out - some 5's and worse. Just for laughs i checked out a couple of the bars along the strip (between the TicTAc Club to the norht and the side street by McD's to the south). After several passes I hooked up with a very cute girl named Aaron - 22 yrs old from NH, weird accent - though she spoke french fluently! She was very enthusiastic, and didn't have the hard air of the street yet (she said she's only been out a couple of months).

One thing I learned tonite: Tanya mentioned that she sometimes hangs on the street corner with a guy, for LE cover. Aaron said the same thing, so this must be the Springfield method. So, even if a girl is with a guy, she may still be walkin'...

Oh, and no LE in sight all night!

12-13-02, 03:26
A question for the board: any recommendations for motels in Springfield or West Springfield? My tip: Don't go to the River View Motel in West Springfield - $50 for a lousy room, bad bed.

12-18-02, 15:02
A few visists to report:

Scored a fine double last week with Lydia and her friend China. We went to Knights Inn in West Springfield - good king size bed, everything clean and in good condition - $49.00. Lydia was hot - admitted to 38 but with the body of a 25 year old. Firm and in shape. She's about 5'2" long curly black hair, half Italian and half Hispanic. Excellent attitude - a real party girl. You'll spot her from her limp - very pronounced - from a weight-lifting accident. China's her protege, 22 and a newbie, probably not out on the street much, pretty and lots of fun. 2 hrs of cfs/daty/bbbjtc action set me back $120 (thank you vitakin V!). Recommend these girls highly.

Last night 6PM I scored a bbbjtc with Lysette - hispanic, dark hair, 30ish, kinda pretty. $20 plus $5 tip. Not highly recommended - she didn't want me to cum in her mouth, but finally agreed. Attittude is so important!

On the way home spotted 2 other girls on the stroll, around 6:30.
Another occasion I checked out Hancock ST & State - saw only one girl, a 2, and passed her by.

Now come on guys - how 'bout some reports on other South End cuties? I've seen a few beauties getting in somebody's car, so someone must have something to report!

12-18-02, 16:21
Springfield would be a haul for me I think. Tell me, how long of a drive is it from the Burg? I'm 20 mins East. Is it worth the hike?

12-19-02, 01:43
Hey guess,

If you're down that way it's worth a stop. But with the pickings in Fburg you can't go wrong. If I hadn't been ridden out of town on a rail it'd be a tough choice.

Night Cruiser
12-19-02, 03:46
Hey, here is a good one. I was over at MCI Framingham (You guys know this place right?) visiting someone and wouldn't you know...... a sw from Fitchburg was there.... I just gave her the thumbs up....... One of these days I am gonna go in there and I am gonna meet half of the girls I've been with..... :)

12-19-02, 09:31
nghtcrsr: Yes, I was a regular visitor at MCI during the period 1988-1993 since I was a "sugar-daddy" to several of the gals. It really was amusing (and sometimes embarassing) to see other gals there who had 'polished your knob' but were not the one that you were visiting! I was living in Chelmsford at the time, so was a daily visitor to the Lowell scene.

I'm not living in the area now and I don't visit the area anymore. I was in Phoenix a year ago and found the street action sporadic there but I did have some good times. Same with Spokane this past August. BUT, with all the LE action everywhere, my desires have certainly diminished. (Getting older has helped in that respect too!)

Good luck to you all. Monger on but do it safely.

12-20-02, 08:47
Hey Guys, did the S.Main St. area last nite. Found a tall blonde, kinda skinny with small tits, her names Alisha. Wanted $25 for BJ offered her $20 and she said OK. Did the quiet side street thing,on the way she slides over next to me puts her head on my shoulder and rubs my leg and cock all the way to the side street. I park and she starts kissing me and rubbing my cock, goes down and gave me a great bbbj and swallows every drop. Definately worth the $20.

12-20-02, 11:07
Any takeout available at any of the springfield strip bars? And if so when's the best time...day or night shift?

Night Cruiser
12-21-02, 01:46
Hambone, I wish I was a sugar daddy.... know what you mean about getting older.... There is no action like MA action though.

12-21-02, 02:06
I also cruised the South End last night (12/19) at 7:30 pm and it was dry of anything I'd pick up. A couple of 2s was all I saw other than an early sighting that someone else picked up. I didn't know what to make of this until I saw the 11 pm news reports that LE has a new foot patrol and increased squad car presence in the entertainment district (which may or may not include our beloved south end). Be careful out there.

12-21-02, 02:09
hey igkok - did your Alisha have bad teeth and long bleach bvlond hair? I wonder if she's the same as my Tanya from last week (but using a different name)?

12-22-02, 01:12
A few girls were out tonight (Saturday) at 5PM. Beware of a blond named Lucy - 35, shortish blond hair, kinda cute, but she's a nut case. I couldn't get her to stop talking while trying to deliver a cbj. I finally told her to shut up and suck it, and that didn't help - she did such a terrible job that I gave up without positive results. She kept twitching & wiggling around the whole time she was in the car, like she was in withdrawal. I've only seen her once before, and a girl I was with said she was crazy. Too bad I didn't figure out it was the same one until too late.

12-22-02, 09:39
Not the same girl Egg, I know the one you're talking about, bottleblonde,front tooth crooked. The one I'm talking about is younger, said she was 20..looked to be about that.I would'nt let Tanya in the car,not really my type, I guess you have, was she any good?? If I see Alisha again I'll try and get a phone#,shes' nice girl pleasant personality and great at what she did!

Night Cruiser
12-23-02, 02:31
Egg, that's what's call called a crack addict. Next time you see someone doing that boot them out right away.

12-23-02, 16:29
thanks, nghtcrsr - I figured as much, but was put off by the smell of beer.

Igkok, I wouldn't mind checking out Alisha - sounds hot. If you get her # let me know. As for Tanya, I though she was pretty hot - never did a car date with her, but she was definitely a GFE in a motel room. Funny thing was, she even held my hand when we were walking together... surprisingly sweet. For me, attitude is very important, and she was willing to do everything I wanted, provided unrushed service with a smile and seemed really to enjoy it, too. Except for small tits, she was really good. Also, if you like to do DATY on big labia (outies), she's your girl! Never asked if she'd do anal...

Here's another report: a tall, thin, Hispanic goes by Peaches (real name Elizabeth), very long reddish wavy hair, claims to have 4 month old twins. Thin face, big lips, maybe a 5-6 for looks. She was very paranoid, and claims to not do this except to buy diapers for the kids (of sure...). She had me pick her up at the gas station 2 blocks up the street - very cautious. Anyway, gave a fair bbbj but not tc - had napkins with her. Got into some hot ball licking, which was nice. I wouldn't go with her again because I like to come in a girls mouth, but to each his own.

Question: I saw two pairs of girls last night that appeared to be on the stroll. Anyone have any experience with this - I wasn't sure what to make of it - I always assume I'm looking for a solo girl. BTW, at 7:30 pm on a Sunday I saw about 5 girls out, not counting the pairs. One more thing: saw Erin again, but not on Main Street - she was one block over on the next street to the east. Maybe a new haunt?

12-27-02, 02:04
Scored a nice bbbj from Patti (35, dark curly hair pulled back in a bun), about a 5 for looks but 8 for attitude & service. $20. Picked her up about 7pm. When I dropped her at 8 the street had come alive - I saw half a dozen girls, including a 9-10 down in front of McDs. Too bad I had to split - she was very very nice. Several other 8-9's out about the same time.

12-29-02, 12:59

I’ve been reading you all for a few weeks and the information has been invaluable. I have a few things I might be able to add here. Please be patient with me as I am new to this.

I visited the South End in November and found a Puerto Rican girl (said her name was angel) she looked to be in her mid thirties. We negotiated price of $20 then went off to find a nice secluded parking spot. She wanted a coffee the Citgo station which I paid for along with a pack of smokes. She was jumpy and danced around a lot like she had to pee. Anyway I received a bbbj during which she kept stopping to talk and I left unsatisfied.

After reading here I went again last night around 7:00 and found a blonde who appeared to be in her twenties. She was very quiet and after negotiating for $25 we found a quiet place where she provided a bbbj-tc. Although she didn’t seem very friendly, overall it was a better experience than my first and would visit her again. Since I’m in the middle of a divorce I don’t really want to talk with any woman too much haw haw.

Thank you all for your tips and advise, there is no place to learn technique for finding and procuring SW’s except here.

12-30-02, 02:49
Hey, all -

For an out-of-towner, where exactly is the south end? Someone mentioned about two blocks from the B-ball museum? I've driven around the town, but have had no luck at all finding the SW's. Is the south end the same side of the highway as the museum? Is the McD's a good landmark to start from?

In advance, thanks!


12-30-02, 15:40
First some directions for you tourists:

The target real estate is on Main Street from McDonalds on the south to State Street on the north. Look on MapQuest for the corner of Main & State, then follow Main down to the Y intersection at Locust (McD's is on the West at this junction). There's a handy island there for turning around to make another swing north. Actually, the last few blocks toward State are pretty dead - the action is pretty much concentrated on the southernmost 6-8 blocks.

The best times this time of year are from 6 PM - 10 pm (I've never checked any later than that), though I wouldn't be surprised if there are afew girls out in the daytime.

Liquidize - thanks for stepping out of the shadows and posting! You were lucky with Angel - I would never offer to take a girl to a store, too much chance of her scoring drugs or of her&me getting busted (many of the cops know these girls by sight). Once they are in the car, it's for business only, and I get off of Main Street and out of the area as quickly as possible. Also, I'd say Angel was a strung out crack addict - the fidgeting & non-stop talking fit the bill. The blond sounds like the Alisha that Igkok reported on 12/20. Did you score her number?

A suggestion to help us all: when sharing your experience with a SW, it is helpful to give her name, age, physical descrition, and distinguishing characteristics (and of course the price and comments on the services rendered!). That way we can all learn from each others' successess and failures. For example, I'm still looking forward to hooking up with this Alisha, adn will avoid Angel!

And now for my latest report: I was u-turning in McD's when a short, good-looking Hispanic strolled by & gave me the eye. I was just thinking about turning around, and almost missed it! She has longish dark hair, is maybe 5'2", skinny (nice butt), small tits, 29 yrs old, goes by Wanda. You won't forget her smile: 100 watt power, nice white teeth, well cared for, and she really lights up when she smiles. She says she is married with a 5yr old son, and rarely goes out - I was skeptical at first but ended up believing her - she didn't ask if I was a cop, and didn't ask for $ up front (this never happens!). Wanda gave an excellent, very sensual unrushed bbbj-tc with very nice ball stroking, and swallowed at my request (she claimed she had never swallowed before!). I was very pleased, and gave her $30 plus I scored her phone number. I'll check her out for a phone date, and if it works out I'll let you all know.

This kind of girl is one of the things I like about the Springfield SW scene - there are a lot of amateurs who work sporadically when times are tough or they need help to pay the rent. These girls can be gems!

12-30-02, 16:03

I figured angel was a crack addict, but your advice about the store was something I hadn't thought of. Being new to this I just hadn't thought about LE recognizing her. Thanks

As for the name of the secong girl, I just plain forgot what it was .... I think she said Andrea or some other name starting with A. Just slipped my mind.

Thanks again for pointing out my errors, It sure is easier to learn from you all then from the courts!!

01-02-03, 00:34
You're welcome, liquidize! That's why we all share here - street smarts don't come cheap!

01-05-03, 17:53
Wow - hit Springfield the Saturday night after Christmas....plenty of action. Saw at least 5 out early evening (6-8:30 PM), many in the 4-7 range. Just sort of scouted out the area to become familiar, as I often am out West on the Pike but am new to Springfield. The area around Mcdonald's was hopping. One girl (cacasion, dark hair, a 5 or so) practically strolling in the parking lot, occasionalls checking in on patrons in cars outside. 2 other younger hispanic girls out near the McD sign. Also spotted a thin younger light skinned latino girl way down on Main St near the Holiday Inn. I was just getting comfortable with surroundings Sat. No action, no attempts.

I did stay over and went for a "breakfast stroll" Sunday morning. The activity between 7:45 - 9:30 AM on a Sunday was astounding. Saw two blondes working together on opposite sides of the street about 2 blocks before McDonalds. One was bleach blonde, a little bit chunky but not bad. The 2nd was a legit 7.5 or 8. Dirty blonde, leather jacket, sunglasses and tight jeans to show off her really nice ass. Seemed too good to be true so I went on exploring - would check on her later. Saw a hispanic that was only a 3 or 4 by McD lot, and another dark haired girl all bundled up walking right down the middle of the road up the hill past McDonalds. Also saw the light skinned latino mentioned from previous night again(nice body, not a great face) down in hotel area. May have seen two more that looked nice (latina's again). Only saw them once so I was not sure if they were working...they gave the eye.

Went back to check on the thinner blonde, still around in a slightly different area near bar with green awning. She saw me & stared big time, I slowed & hit next side street. She was there soon, jumped in and put her hand on my leg. Actually very nice & tried to give the GF impression. I negotiated time rather than a specific act....a couple hours in my room for $60 plus a tip if all was good. She stayed 2 1/2 hours until checkout, gave her $75 and all was very good!

01-06-03, 16:58
Thanks for the great report, Adam! Sounds like you hit the jackpot. Good strategy that - negotiating for time rather than what will happen.

I was out for a stroll on Sunday about 7:30 PM - with a choice of 4 or 5 girls out I hooked up with Rocky (short for Roxanne) in the Gulf station lot on S. Main. She's blond, hair tied back in ponytail, about 5'6", 7 in looks, 31 yrs. She's a bit chunky around the middle (nice legs & ass, though), but I had a good time sucking her natural 38C tits. She gave a pretty fair cbj for $20, and had a fun attitude. On the way back pointed out all the hookers on the street (one she said was 17!). All in all not a bad time.

I continue to be amazed at the variety and number of girls who are out & about in an 8-block stretch - we should count our lucky stars, guys!


01-07-03, 20:28
just got back from mardi gras and a visit with my favorite enteratiner petra. i've been trying for my last couple visits to get her on the outside but no luck. today she quoted me a rate for the champange room 100 to the house and 300 to her! needless to say i declined. does anyone have any info on a negosiated rate for upstairs and if any xtras are avaiable? also took a ride down main street on my way home (about 5pm) and saw nothing. as a matter of fact the are looked too good for sw's. i was north of mcd's, was i in the right spot?

01-08-03, 01:56
myhobby -

sounds like you were in the right spot - the stroll is about 8 blocks from McD's going north (or vica versa). As for Mardi Gras, $400!!! You can get fs from a sw for $50-60, and another $50 for a room, so let's say $100, s you could get laid at least 4 times for that amount, and lots of the girls are better looking than the strippers at Mardi Gras, I'll bet. I'd guess that 5Pm is tad early, but there should have been some girls out. Do you know how to spot a working girl?


01-08-03, 08:19
Originally posted by egg
myhobby -

I'd guess that 5Pm is tad early, but there should have been some girls out. Do you know how to spot a working girl?


Maybe i was a little early but the few ladies i did see looked to be with guys. the loners i saw didn't give the look. btw if you do get to mardi gras check out petra not worth 400 but would do a roll with her for 2-250 if i could convince her

01-09-03, 22:56
Took a stroll last night at 6:00 pm, and saw 3 working girls. Picked up Tammi for a first time try - 31, short but not too bad a body - good tits. Kinda cute, short dark hair. I was nervous because she was acting a little strange on the street, but finally pulled in around the corner from her and she followed me over and got in. She wasn't too wierd. Got a nice bbbjtc (no swallowing) in the car for $20. She kept bugging me to give her $25, and after we finished she wanted me to take her to a drive thru at Taco Belle. No way!

I've noticed that though most of the girls will give you a pretty good eye, and some are very discreet. I was checking out one girl I haven't seen before, she was on the pay phone on the corner near the 24 Hour store across from DD, but I couldn't catch her eye. I thought, I bet she's a SW, and almost pulled down the side street. Later, after I had Tammi in the car we saw her walking and Tammi said, "Oh that's my friend Amy - she's a hooker, too!"

I didn't see a single LE the whole time I was cruising.

01-14-03, 18:20
Checked the streets last night at 10 PM - it was cold out, and I only saw one possible target (I was only doing academic research for my Phd on the Street Ladies of Springfield - I was on my way home from a visit to Alpha). I could be wrong, but it seems the early evening hours are the best (6-9 pm).

01-14-03, 23:13
spent several hours at the mardi gras last saturday. when i was done i cruised down main st looking for a little releif. about 3 blocks from McDonalds, i picked up a latino girl named nancy. she directed me to a parking area behind a row of apartments just off main st. this kinda freaked me out at first, but it turned out fine. she gave me a microphone check for 30 and did a nice job. unfortunately she could not give me a phone #

while i was at Mardi Gras, i received several dances from a hot number i first met several weeks ago. i live in boston and only get out to s'field once in a while, so im not a regular. this particular dancer gave me more mileage in the table dance area than any other dancer i have been with.

she told me that they have a champagne room upstairs which is "a lot more private and personal. we get to make our own rules" she quoted me 240 for 30 min (65 to house; 175 to her) or 400 for an hour (100 to house and 300 to her)

i dont want to say which dancer it is because im pretty sure that whatever she is offering is against club rules. my question is whether anyone here has ever had a champagne dance. how far do most dancers go? is it like montreal or san francisco where u can do anything? or is it just more grinding like downstairs?

01-15-03, 10:09
egg, do you have any contact info for Alpha? I am not having a good time getting contact info. Any help would be great.

I have posted (haven't checked its availability yet since I am still moderated) a review on Yoko in the providence boards.

Thanks for all the help to the newer guys in this fictional hobby.

01-16-03, 00:10
luvinfun -

Alpha has gottten pretty tough on newbies - read the Hartford board for some reports on what it takes to get in. They have a phone number 860-525-8634 and they are on Maple St. in Hartford - a 2 story tan brick building, they're on the 2nd floor. You may have to bring a paycheck or something if you've never been - I think they explain it in the Hartford board. Good luck!

The cost is $50 for 45 minutes to the house, and a $1 to the attendant of your choice.


01-16-03, 21:11
Originally posted by egg
luvinfun -

Alpha has gottten pretty tough on newbies - read the Hartford board for some reports on what it takes to get in. They have a phone number 860-525-8634 and they are on Maple St. in Hartford - a 2 story tan brick building, they're on the 2nd floor. You may have to bring a paycheck or something if you've never been - I think they explain it in the Hartford board. Good luck!

The cost is $50 for 45 minutes to the house, and a $1 to the attendant of your choice.

egg phone #is correct address is franklin ave which is off of maple

01-17-03, 23:13
Usually on the Boston / Other areas boards, will be visiting your fine city of Springfield to go to ESE for a few hours.. will be checking out your streets while I'm there.

hopefully late afternoon delights can be found?

Located the Mickey D's via Yahoo and mardi gras aslo so I believe I will be in the right area.

Thanks in advance Guys (and girls?) for where to cast my rod...

01-20-03, 01:54
In spite of frigid temps (6 degrees at 7:30 pm Sunday night) I found Marisol on Hancock St. just down from the Walgreens on the corner of State & Hancock (another fertile area if Main St. is dead, which it was!). She's a 25 yo Latina, cute, couldn't tell about her bod as she was all bundled up. Gave a good bbbj for $20. She had a great spot, too - very private but well lit so I could see the entire show. I hate it when they say, "Don't come in my mouth" - then I have to see if $5 or $10 extra will convince them ($5 did the trick). Duh - of course I want to come in your mouth, girl!

Daytime hours can be hit or miss redstreak. good hunting and give us a report!

01-22-03, 19:02
Egg, thanks for the info. I called ahead and they wanted to know just about everything about me. I wasn't willing to provide so much information. I wish for my hobby to remain fairly discreet. ;)

I am gonna cruise the burg tonight, maybe stop in a couple dive bars and see what is going on. Will report on it later.

Cheers and remember, it is cold out so cover up. ;)

01-28-03, 16:07
Anyone have any info on http://www.desireee.com?
Careful - there's loud music on the site...

01-29-03, 17:24
Thank you all for saving me much time wondering the streets of SPFLD. I've hit the area a bunch, but always thought it was the other end of Main that was hot.

Last week I drove up and down Main and saw one ugly Chica. Hey even mongers have to have standards for bjs. I ran into Tami walking along heading north. Asked if she wanted a ride and off we went. Big thanks for the suggestion to ask the woman to "show me something cops can't" before discusing price. We drove south and she asked if I could just give her a ride home first. Hey I was game. I pulled in next to her house, she ran in and came back out and ask if I want to come in. I'm young but I could see she was looking for a kid or a fool. I walked in holding my keys ready to hit. She asked what I wanted once she closed the door. 20 for bj and 40 for 50/50. I had 35 and she agreed. We went to her bedroom, grabbed me by the business handle and away she sucked. Three position later and 20 min, I pulled and fired one off w/o the cover on her ass. She smiled thanked me and gave me her number. Nice tits, full in the middle, good to look at, full ass, tight.

Its been to cold lately but I'm happy to see others enjoying SPFLD while I wait for warmer weather.

02-01-03, 00:30
Originally posted by alwsintime
Thank you all for saving me much time wondering the streets of SPFLD. I've hit the area a bunch, but always thought it was the other end of Main that was hot.

Last week I drove up and down Main and saw one ugly Chica. Hey even mongers have to have standards for bjs. I ran into Tami walking along heading north. Asked if she wanted a ride and off we went. Big thanks for the suggestion to ask the woman to "show me something cops can't" before discusing price. We drove south and she asked if I could just give her a ride home first. Hey I was game. I pulled in next to her house, she ran in and came back out and ask if I want to come in. I'm young but I could see she was looking for a kid or a fool. I walked in holding my keys ready to hit. She asked what I wanted once she closed the door. 20 for bj and 40 for 50/50. I had 35 and she agreed. We went to her bedroom, grabbed me by the business handle and away she sucked. Three position later and 20 min, I pulled and fired one off w/o the cover on her ass. She smiled thanked me and gave me her number. Nice tits, full in the middle, good to look at, full ass, tight.

Its been to cold lately but I'm happy to see others enjoying SPFLD while I wait for warmer weather. Hey alwsintime, would please share the phone number.....I'd
love to try this chick.......my E-mail: ronca01@hotmail.com

02-04-03, 15:40
Picked up maria on main street on friday early evening. she was short & thin; latina; and way older than i like (definitely 40s) but i was so horny from several hours at the mardi gras that i went ahead anyway.

She charged 25 for a mic check and let me finish in her mouth. she said she didnt have a phone number so i continue my search for a regular i can call after a trip to mardi gras.

I had a return trip on sunday afternoon as i came back to boston, but no girls were out at 5 pm.

I posted a message a while back asking about champagne dances at the mardi gras - anyone ever have one?

02-04-03, 16:57

I have only had success on main street. do you recommend state and hancock as a good alternative? ever done any searching on an early sunday evening? where do you park? i always park on one of the side streets that connect main to the road parallel to 91. ever park in the springfield cemetary?

02-04-03, 20:21
Tonight...I'm dining in Springfield! You boys had better back off so I can get a piece of pie, or I will get awfully pissed!


See yah!

02-05-03, 09:03
Springfield announces it will be laying off 76 police officers, candyland cometh!, thanks Mitt!!!!

02-05-03, 14:00
hey guys,

thanks for keeping the sw's warm while I'm on the road. I've posted reports in Harrisburg PA, Memphis TN, Juarez, Tucson, and Phoenix so far if you want to follow my road trip.
Warning: I've been a busy boy! Hard to chose, but Phoenix is my favorite so far.

luvdozer: yes, if Main st. is dead then Hancock jsut south of State is the only alternative I know of. Sorry, I don't think we should share our parking spaces here - in case LE is monitoring that's to risky.

Great news about the layoffs!

Hey alwsintime, can you give us a description of Tami? Also, if you would share the phone number I'd love to try this chick too when I return... E-mail: egman01301@yahoo.com



02-05-03, 16:11
Egg & Razor

I would like to share Tami's number, but for her own protection from LE I can't. She told me that she is out during the week nights, from 6-10 main st. mostly. DD area to McD's. 30ish, dark brown hair, it was up in a ponytail. Looks like she was into hairbands back in high school. Leather jacket, black jeans, black boots.

To all the group;

I didn't vote for Mitt but he is on the right track with the fewer cops thing.

02-05-03, 19:22
Hi Group, used to post years ago, came back recently, I live in RI now but travel back to Spfld for business weekly. Main Street has been great but Egg is correct if its dead try Hancock. I have also had luck driving around the old Club 418 and the tri-angle around State and Pearl..you need to be carefull there because the Police Station is right up the Road but I have had luck in the past.

I was out Monday night, decent action but I lost a few by not being quick enough..wrong side of the road, too long to turn around, etc...around 11:00 PM I picked up Rosa, young, cute, across from the Store 24..$25.00 for a BBBJTC offered more, said she had a place in W.Spfld but I was running late..

Any info on Holyoke these days ?

Good Hunting...I will share more.

02-06-03, 12:13

You are right about the parking - sorry

02-09-03, 00:21
drove around main s.t. and checked out handcock s.t. early this evening. Not much to choose from that early 4:30 p.m-7:30 p.m.
I did see a fairly cute latina on handcock but by the time I turned aroun she was gone. probably better action later on at night.

02-13-03, 11:05
Drove the stroll on Main st Tuesday, around 4:30 pm. Nothing. One LE standing around near McDonalds, otherwise not a single Chica in sight.

02-15-03, 03:27
Hello everyone. I've been a lurker at this forum for quite some time and have decided to contibute. Boomer - about Holyoke. Man, that city should have a board of its own. You can always find some SW most times of the day. From my experience, the action is better there than the South End. Mostly 4-6's walking, sometimes even an 8 or a 9. Most latina, a few white. For the best times try 9-11pm on a Fri or Sat aroud Elm st., Suffolk st., Essex st.(Post Office, Bowling Alley, Billiard Hall, One-Stop Liquors). In the summer I would see 5-8 girls in one cruise. But be careful bros, sometimes there is heavy LE presence both state and local. On the contrary, sometimes they are busy busting someone on High st. or are not present at all. There's also alot of drug dealers in this area, so be careful. If LE is heavy, beat a hasty retreat over the South Hadley bridge above the dam.

Now, my question to all of you, where can I find the best Black SW experience. I haven't seen much in the Spfld South End. Should I try Hartford, Lynn, or Blue Hill Ave in Boston? Thanks in advance.

02-16-03, 18:10
Ranger, welcome to the board all of your questions regarding Black SWS in Lynn and Boston will be answered in the Boston forum.Come on over and pull a chair!

Money Shot
02-17-03, 03:39
Hello everone.

My best friend mentioned this site and I thought I'd throw my 2 Abe Lincolns in. I agree with that bro about Holyoke. It can be SW heaven. Most girls can be bartered with too. I've scored 1/2 & 1/2 for $10 before. Picked up one very hot Latina one time, easily a 9...Was a little buzzed and wanted more than the car experience and It was a must that I do the "Martin" on her. (The "Martin" is when you have a girl doggy-style and that ass looks so good you MUST spread it wide to get a full moneyshot...If you've never done the "Martin" before, you must) So anyway, I bring this girl back to my house, she called herself "Kat" she had brown hair, perfect DSL's and a 10 for an ass. As Luvdozer would say, I got a microphone check (good one) for a good thirty minutes, "Martin", doggy, cowgirl...In all she was at my place for an hour and a half and was well worth $50- Got her # but I think one of my ex girlfriends threw it out. I can't wait for the summer. SW's are out all times of the day, sometimes 10 or more at a time. Theres plenty to go around for all of us. Member "75th Ranger" nailed the "zone" right on the money. And don't forget about the "hasty retreat" out of the "zone" over the South Hadley bridge 75th Ranger was on the money with that one too.

One question for you all: Where is the action when it's cold out? Do SW's hang in bars? Anyone got any #'s the can share? PLMK and thanks in advance.

02-21-03, 13:38
A big thank you to $Money$hot$ and Ranger 75 for sharing the info on the Holyoke sw scene. I've been looking for SWs in Holyoke for a while and never found any. A few questions: Do they stroll in the winter? What are "perfect DSL's"?

As for strolling in the South End and on Hancock, the girls have been out all winter, though the pickings have been a bit lean. Best times are between 6-10 most any day. I haven't found any bars where the girls hang yet.

I'm almost home from my traveling adventures to Tucson, Phoenix, Nogales, and more. Can't wait to check out the local pussy again!

Ranger - I've never seen a black sw in Springfield. Probably the closest shot would be in Hartford at the projects near Hartford Hospital or in East Hartford around Dunkin Donuts (look back through the Hartford postings for the last few months to find the details of where & when). If you go back far enough you'll also see some discussion of Hartford's North End, which should have the best black sw's but may not be safe enough to risk.

Money Shot
02-21-03, 14:56
Hello everyone.

Egg, yes some SW's still roam during the winter, but the pickings are slim. DSL's are dick sucking lips. I know we all like those. I went for a stroll last night through Holyoke and saw 3 SW's out. Picked one up who was 6.5 You guys would never guess what she accepted for payment...A $10 scratch ticket winner that I kept forgeting to cash! Got a nice BJ and she said her jaw was starting to hurt. So I asked her if I could hit it and she said yes. I did the "Martin" on her, strapped up and rogered out both her holes...all for a $10 scratch ticket winner. When I went home I noticed something on the floor of my car and picked it up. This chicks I.D., ATM, and EBT card fell on the floor as I was pounding her out. Jeez, next time I'll probably be able to get my shit off in exchange for her stuff. Spring is almost here, I know all of us are looking forward towards the increased selection. For those of you who have never trolled through Holyoke...You Must!! You guys need to check it out come spring time, you will be pleased. Just follow the directions in 75th Ranger's post below.

02-21-03, 15:38
DSL is dick sucking lips

02-21-03, 19:17
DSLs = "dick sucking lips"


02-21-03, 23:29
Well, I must keep a closer eye on what's going on over here. What with the AMP's in PVD being shut down and suite possibly not reopening.

02-24-03, 14:20
Ranger Black sw action in Hartford is mostly in this area. A shley St. Huntington St, Garden St between Albany Ave and Ashley St . It is safe as long as you use common sense an leave the area with the girl. Prices 10 to 30 dollars.
Can anyone give me directions to hancock st. I know Main St in Springfield an Springfield CC area. Thanks in advance.
Also how far south of Springfield CC is the stroll on Main?

Money Shot
02-24-03, 19:36
Monger, follow these directions to Hancock: Go down Main St., turn up State St. (United bank on corner) go up the hill till you see Walgreen's, make a right at the Walgreens and your on Hancock. I just trolled around that area today with my friend. We saw one girl that was possibly a SW, but she was gone when we made antother pass. We trolled through Holyoke and saw a few SW's. Most were nasty looking. Might scout out Blue Hill Ave. tonight.


02-25-03, 13:13
Howdy $money$hot$,

I am not trying to pass a judgement on you but I do have something to advise you. It would be to fellow Johns benefit if you can return the girl's personal belongings gracefully. Don't try to exploit the occassion please. Nasty things done to the SWs will come back to hount other Johns later on. Don't make things uglier than it has to be please.

02-25-03, 15:57
Thanks for directions. Where is State St on Main St? How far down Main St from Springfiels CC does the Main St stroll start?

Money Shot
02-26-03, 02:25
BigJohnHo, you make it out like I stole from her, which I didn't. I was just making a joke out of it. I was gonna drop her stuff in the mailbox because I haven't seen her lately. Thought it might get back to her that way. I have not seen her out in a while so I don't know what to do with it...I don't want it. She's nice anyway and would hook me up anyways I think.

Monger, Drive down Main St. with the Civic Ctr. on your left. Take a left onto State St. at the United Bank on your left. I believe it's the first left after the CC.


02-26-03, 14:38
For those still looking for the Main St stroll, the area is along both sides of Main St from just before the Dunkin Dunuts to McDonalds, with some sw's a bit further up and down and occasionally on the side streets. The area is about 6 blocks south from the Civic Center.

Happy hunting!

03-04-03, 01:04
hit the streets this afternoon at 4:00 after striking out in Holyoke. Not a ho in sight on the whole Main st. stroll... damn!


03-04-03, 12:48
It's too friggin' cold, Egg! I gotta say this: After this cold and snowy miserable winter, I sure hope there's an abundance of SW's out looking to catch up on lost business the first nice week we get. Damn.

03-04-03, 16:29
you're right, auto -

my big head knows its too cold, but my little head just wants to get warmed up in some hot girl's mouth...

03-04-03, 20:35
I bet you theres some sw thinking:

"DAMN, its too cold. I bet no guy would ever drive out in this shyte just for a little pootytang. He'd have to be desperate as hell!"

If she only knew, eh? She'd make a killing! lol

Hang in there, egg.

03-07-03, 01:48
7:30 last night - thick fog, but saw 4 SWs, mostly 3s and 4s. Settled for Lisa - you can't miss her, she's got long curly dark black hair and she's tall, about a 5.5 for looks. Up close you'll see she has a bit too much weight on her, but she's got a nice slow action and sucked me dry in a couple of minutes... damn, I was in too much of a hurry. She wanted $30 and I said I've got $15, plus a tip if it's good. She was ready for that. If you pick her up, tell her not to stop when you come - she stopped at just the wrong moment, so no tip for her(pun intended). After I dropped her off I saw a really cute, really young babe - not 100% sure she was working, but if I see her again I'll pick her up in a flash. Why is it that you always see someone really hot AFTER you just got done by a 5 or 6?


03-10-03, 06:01
Hey Egg, I'm thinking of checking out Springfield soon, the Boston/C-town action has been pretty dead, I've got the stroll mapped out, prime time seems to be between 6p and 11p, but what days are best(ie:weekend nite vs. week nite, quantity, quality, least amount of LE activity),or is it just a crap shoot with the weather playing an important role, also is McD's parking lot a safe place to "hang" between laps and/or dates. It's 125 mile drive one way for me, so between tolls and gas I'm not going to be saving much dough, but at least if theres something to troll for it might be worth it, and I want hang around in case that 9 comes out. Thought about Holyoke, but I think LE is too active there, with out of state plates I'll stick out like sore thumb. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


03-10-03, 12:16
First stroll in Springfield Sat pm. No action on Main St. Thanks for the good directions guys. Question, Hancock St is one way. Where does action start. I entered it from St near United Bank.
Where do you take them? safe places nearby? Also coming up from Htfd. is there a prime time to cruise.? What is ave age of girls? Are they mostly latinas?
I to wonder bought out of state plates.
Any advice appreciated.

03-11-03, 01:48
hey monger and reconbob,

Hancock sT action starts right after the Walgreens parking lot, and runs about 5-6 blocks. The side streets int aht neighborhod are very quiet, and I've parked there with no hassles. Just ask the girl if she knows a quiet spot...

AS for prime times, I think 6-10 any night; after that the streets are so dead you stand out like a sore thumb. I've been seeing mostly Latinas in Springfield of late, and no 8s or 9s for a while. If you can, pick a night when it isn't cold - I think they'll be coming out in droves when it warms up. I've had good luck on different nights of the week - I think it's more weather related than anything else right now. Average age of girls is probably mid-20's to mid 30s. I don't know about out of town plates, but I'd say it's an extra safety factor (Gee officer, I'm lost... I was looking for the Basketball Hall of FAme...). On my recent travels to AZ I never worried about my MA plates... seemed to be reassuring to the girls, too.

I often use the McD's as a pit stop when I have to pee. Seems safe enuf, and you may spot a looker as she approaches the stroll from the south (I found one of my best finds just that way).

With recent budget cuts and layoffs LE has been light of late, both in springfield and Holyoke. The 2 are only about 15 minutes apart, so if one isn't hot the other is worth checking.

Also of note, there was a protest written up in the paper with 30 women lobbying the Springfield police chief (a woman) not to arrest prostitutes. Hope it works!

AS for whether it will b worth the drive, YMMV as you know... I've had my share of disappointments when I drove down and found nothing. You might want to do some reading on the Hartford CT board so you have a back up plan if no one is out in Springfiled of Hoyoke (unlikely but always a possibility).

Good luck!


03-11-03, 02:14
Thanks Egg, I'll check it out soon.


03-11-03, 15:05
Thanks Egg...6 Blocks north of Walgreens on Hancock if i read you right an not south of Walgreens

03-12-03, 01:57
Nope- that's south of Walgreens - if you're going east on State St. from Main St, turn right (south) on Hancock at the Walgreens and start looking. Don't get confused where State St. goes straight and another ave forks off to the left, about 3-4 blocks before Hancock.

03-12-03, 18:31
Sorry it toke me so long to get back online. Monday night I ran through SPFLD. As always I didn't believe that there was this much action right in my own back yard.

Again Main st. filled its usefulness. I passes one chica (fake blond with glasses), only a low 4. Thinking "its to damn cold out" I headed towards 91. Down near McD's I saw a white girl standing by the bus stop. Seemed ironic. She jumped in and passed the cost line of what I needed. 20 for bbbj. We headed up Hancock and found a dark parking lot. She preformed a long mic check, and fininished me off by taking my baby batter in her mouth. We talked for a few while I drove her back to Main st. Her name is Melissa I think. Ok bod, nice rack, but a 5-6 on the face-o-meter.

I descied to take the 75th Rangers advice and run through Holyoke. I'll post in that page.

Hey mongers! If you ever get to go to sunny San Diego hit TJ. It is by the far the best for our hobbie.

03-14-03, 17:37
I'm planning on hitting the streets this weekend. Has anyone found a sw early in the day? say 12-3.

03-17-03, 14:08
hey alwsintime - I've had no luck during the day in Springfield.

03-19-03, 01:01
Originally posted by egg
hey alwsintime - I've had no luck during the day in Springfield. Egg,

Thanks man. I ran through Monday and only found one woman that must've given birth to eve. I'll keep hitting the later hours.

03-19-03, 02:26
Scored Monday night @ 12:30 am on Main ST. - picked up Diana, late 30's, multi-tinted long curly hair, 5'6", a tad heavy, gapped front teeth... it was tricky due to heavy LE presence. I went around the block and waited on a side street and she found me, then we scooted to the parking lot behind her apartment... shit, I've been here before says I, and done Mary on the 2nd floor... Mary she says, I know her... to make a long story short, we go to Mary's apartment and use her bedroom for $3! I give Diana $40 for bbbj and cfs... wouldn't do her again, her legs were her nicest feature.

I drive around for a while and spot a suspect on State St near Hancock... I go around the block and then down Hancock, and there she is, looking early 30s and quite nice... I go around the corner and wait and she appears at the car door and hops in. Karen is her name, turns out she's actually 41 but sure doesn't look it... slender, 5'5", nice bod, great smile, good teeth, curly dark hair kinda short...she's a (former) LPN making a living on the streets as she's out of work, no car, no apartment...been out walking for a couple of hours and she was hungry. Again to cut to the chase we find a cozy spot and she delivers an awesome bbbjtc, slow and patient as I had come not long before, but quite talented in the deepthroat department. Shot a wet load for her, and she chuckled as I came. Nice! She says she usually walks Hancock or else the street that goes up the hill past McD's, past the gas station at the light - Belmont St I think. I've never cruised there but will check it out. I'd like to try this girl in a bed sometime...

Money Shot
03-19-03, 03:03
Trolled Maint St. around 12:30...Not too much out. Saw 2 on the low end for looks. I decided to make it a full night dedicated to strolling. I started out in Holyoke, made my way to Springfield and finally decided to head to Hartford (Ashley/Hancock St.'s) Will post on that board.

03-24-03, 18:41
Did a quick first cruise to get familiar with streets fri nite 600 to 630. had a friend with me case i was stopped by looking obvious. she was cool. 2 nice looking 20s latina 1 block from mcdonalds made me wish she was not there. Thanks Egg your directions were good. found hancock ok.
Question...We drove up main on way to look at holyoke. It looked like the blocks of Main street north of downtown would be prime latina SW action. The blocks between 2500 Main St an 3300 Main St looked like they should be good for cruising. Am i wrong about this?

03-24-03, 23:31
Just curious here. Did your friend know what you were looking for? If so, didn't she give you shit? Now that's an open relationship.

03-25-03, 01:41
hey monger,

would you mind bringing your friend over for me to "talk" with her in private? lol

Glad to hear the directions were good, and that there was some action at that hour (a bit early, but with the warm weather it may have brought out some talent). I agree with you about the north end of Main st looking like prime territory, and I've cruised there many times to no avail. I've even picked up one girl (Erin) who said she was living up there, and had to take a bus down to the south end to do her stroll, so go figure. My guess is the girls are as locked into walking their strolls as we are in cruising our favorite beats, but Who knows - and I don't mean GuessWho ;<)

03-25-03, 11:41
North End is dead for SW's but one place to try if the South End is slow is around the Post Office and the Peter Pan Bus Terminal.

Go north up main street until you pass under the railway bridge, the Post Office is on your right and Peter Pan Bus Terminal is on your left. take a right and circle that block ( its one way ) Also take the next right up, can't remeber the name but there is a shopping center there and Pasta resturant down on the right. have had luck in this area at night in the past

Safe hunting


03-25-03, 12:12
Guess Who...im overly cotious i guess. when i scout a new stroll with out of state plates i figure i may take a wrong turn , go to slow lookin for SW an parking spots, best routes in an out etc.
So i bring a normal looking Htfd girl with me so if stopped i can sa
y we are lost looking for good place to eat or springfield cc etc.
The girl with me knew the score an story to use. She was not a GF.
Anyone know the $25 4 hour motel in west spring area to take one of these latinas?
Thanks Egg for N Main explaination.

Money Shot
03-25-03, 14:07
Monger I supplied the info about the $25/4 hour motel and the quick retreat out of Holyoke over the bridge on the Holyoke board. $

03-27-03, 11:41
I was amazed that it was raining so damn hard but they were out. I passed main a few times first to see what was out there. Lots of LE out last night aroung 9:30. There were a few Sw but in the 2-3 range. "Not with some one elses dick!" kind of girls. I ran up the spots of state, hancock, and belmont. Nothing but the 3 on main. Then I saw nini, 20something (tops of 23), body a 9. Nice small rack. Great ass!. Dark hair up in a clip. 5'6", 110lbs. The face was a 5 maybe, she had bad skin issues. I stopped across from McD's and waited for her to walk my way up toward belmont. I asked if she wanted a ride to get out of the rain to where she was going. Once in the car she was all business. Flash those nice nipps to insure that she was not LE, grabbed my crotch to do the same for me. She quoted 20 for bj, of course i countered with 15 knowing she was walking in the cold rain. She agreed and off we went up hancock. She took me deep and gave lots of hand. She let me face F*ck her and I droped a wet one. She told me that she worked that area mostly and sometimes the state/walgreens area.

I had to be greedy and run throuh Holyoke. I saw a bunch but then I kept seeing LE everywhere so I hit the bridge back up 202 and counted my blessings.

PS. Can someone email me what the acrynom of bbbj, and ccbj is to blacklover6@yahoo.com?

Good hunting all!

03-27-03, 12:55
Money could you tell me the name of the motel an where it is. Thanks. An directions to it. Is it close enough to be used when i cruise Springfield and Holyoke? I occasionally like to use a room with a hot one an i dont know the area up there that well. Thats why i did my little scout trip last week. Egg gave me good Holyoke stroll directions, so im cool there. Tell me from the post office where is the bridge out of town if one has to make a hasty exit? Thanks

Money Shot
04-02-03, 16:48
Monger-I'm not sure of the name of that motel. I'll ask my buddy 75th, and I also go by that area at least once a week. So if I can't get it when I hang out with him tonight, check back next week and I should have it for you. With the name of the motel we can check if the $25/4 hour is legite or just an urban legend. It's right off the Mass Pike though. As soon as you make a right off the Westfield exit, you'll see it on your right behind the now closed Nick's Restaurant. If any of you guys know the name of it off hand chime in for all of us.

For the hasty retreat over the South Hadley bridge to get out of Holyoke: With the post office on your Left go straight till you come to a set of lights (Beech St.) make a right, keep going straight till you see the bridge (there's a sign that says South Hadley) There you go, in less than 2 minutes your out of Holyoke if LE it to hot.

Member #5605
04-04-03, 00:25
Just wondering if anyone in this area has been to the "Mardi Gras" club. and if so, have you had any encounters witH Leanni Lei, the ex-adult movie actress that works there. I am hoping to visit there someday (assuming Leanni still works there!), and have a "personal encounter" if it is to be had.

04-04-03, 22:57
I just looked it up on Yahoo Yellow Pages:

Westfield Motor Inn
2 Southampton Rd, Westfield, MA 01085
Phone: (413) 568-2821

Sorry, the wife is home so I can't call...will someone please post the results...

Another possibility to check is in Chicopee on Memorial Drive -

Creative Pines
(413) 532-2422

As I recall they have "theme" rooms (like jungle, etc.) that seem targeted to the illicit sex crowd, so maybe they have hourly rates. And they're only 5 minutes from downtown Holyoke...

thanks guys...


04-08-03, 10:46
Originally posted by egg
I just looked it up on Yahoo Yellow Pages:

Westfield Motor Inn
2 Southampton Rd, Westfield, MA 01085
Phone: (413) 568-2821

Sorry, the wife is home so I can't call...will someone please post the results...

Another possibility to check is in Chicopee on Memorial Drive -

Creative Pines
(413) 532-2422

As I recall they have "theme" rooms (like jungle, etc.) that seem targeted to the illicit sex crowd, so maybe they have hourly rates. And they're only 5 minutes from downtown Holyoke...

Thanks guys...

egg You are right about both of thiese places. I have been to the West (about a year ago) and use a room for 4 hours, $35. They say that its great for folks who are travleing the pike and just need a place to clean up and conduct some business before heading east or towards NY. The rooms are clean and no one gives you a hassle.

The pine on the other hand... does cater to those of use who are deviants . Lots of married folks trying to save marriages on the weekends. They do have "fun" rooms. Last time I was there, I think it was $50 for week nights $75 weekends.

04-10-03, 00:54
First, if the Westfield place is $35, then Elsie's on Riverdal Dr. in West Springfield has a day rate of $35 and is a lot closer.

Next, this afternoon at 3:45 I picked up a white chick, 25 yr. old, cute sort of wry smile and noticable arched eyebrows. Pretty face, short cropped brown hair, 5'5", 36-24-36 with a D cup! Damn if I can remember her name - if it comes back I'll post it later. This girl is dynamite! When we did the "are you a cop" thing and I saw skinny belly and big tits I decided to do a motel date with her. It was very hard to tell in her street clothes (baggy jeans, baggy sweatshirt, scarf over her hair), but she had a body to die for - 9.5 easy. And, it was a real GFE, with very very good attitude about everything from the shower together to DATY (she had a massive orgasm, shivering & shaking), then BBBJ, the CFS in all positions, and finished with an awesome 30 minute bbbjtc with masterful pacing to prolong the expereince to the max... and she has a pierced tongue to add to the fun. Damn I wish I could remember her name - something with 3 syllables. I'll give her 8.5 for face, 9.5 for body (the D's sagged a bit, but with that much weight...), and a 10+ for attitude/experience, for a combined 28/30. Top score getter for me in a looong while. I'll be looking for her again, believe me! Wish I had made a date to meet her tomorrow night!


04-10-03, 02:54
I went cruizing through southend wed. morn 5am. I picked up Lisa very cute latino. 9.5 face. Met her twice last year she had the best tits ever big round mellons. She must have been lactating then cause they aint the same now. But man what a cute face she is definitly the cutiest I've seen down there. The first time I met her she swallowed the last time she didn't but well worth it watching her suck. If you like young looking cute latino's she is it. Would love to do the motel thing with her just to see what the rest of her looks like.

04-10-03, 09:44
Sounds like you scored a winner there, Egg. It might be your high score all season, so I hope you savored it, and I hope you tipped her well.

How about we all pitch in and buy her a bus ticket east so us Metro Boston guys can take a shot?

04-10-03, 10:24
Or better still...remeber her name and phone number. lol.

Don't you love when you unwrap a gift and find out it was more than you ever expected! I've had that experience before and its a real treat for sure.

Next time, Egg...be industrious. First order of business before you pull up them pants is to write down that name and phone number, ok? Help us out here! There are starving brethren all over New England!


Good score, egg.

04-10-03, 15:35
Congrats on the score egg, but you blew it about the name and number

Where exactly on the stroll did you pick her up?

04-11-03, 00:41
Originally posted by egg
First, if the Westfield place is $35, then Elsie's on Riverdal Dr. in West Springfield has a day rate of $35 and is a lot closer.

Next, this afternoon at 3:45 I picked up a white chick, 25 yr. old, cute sort of wry smile and noticable arched eyebrows. Pretty face, short cropped brown hair, 5'5", 36-24-36 with a D cup! Damn if I can remember her name - if it comes back I'll post it later. This girl is dynamite! When we did the "are you a cop" thing and I saw skinny belly and big tits I decided to do a motel date with her. It was very hard to tell in her street clothes (baggy jeans, baggy sweatshirt, scarf over her hair), but she had a body to die for - 9.5 easy. And, it was a real GFE, with very very good attitude about everything from the shower together to DATY (she had a massive orgasm, shivering & shaking), then BBBJ, the CFS in all positions, and finished with an awesome 30 minute bbbjtc with masterful pacing to prolong the expereince to the max... and she has a pierced tongue to add to the fun. Damn I wish I could remember her name - something with 3 syllables. I'll give her 8.5 for face, 9.5 for body (the D's sagged a bit, but with that much weight...), and a 10+ for attitude/experience, for a combined 28/30. Top score getter for me in a looong while. I'll be looking for her again, believe me! Wish I had made a date to meet her tomorrow night!


Damn good egg!!!...Sounds like the chick I had last month where she took me to her house. It sounds similar!...Oh Ludozer wants the #...he he

04-11-03, 01:22
thanks for the applause...

To add a few tidbits, her name is Kimberly (see, I'm not brain dead yet...), and she doesn't have a phone number, let alone a place to live... definitely a chick in transition. Two other hints: she looks Irish, and has these funny highly arched eyebrows. If you're lucky enuf to pick her up, head directly to the nearest motel!

I went looking for her again tonite, but no luck. Actually, I tried Holyoke first at 8 pm and the streets were dead. I was surprised...

then I hit the S.Main stroll and that was dead, too! Wazup, asks I... the gods must be evening out the score from last night...

So I go up to try the new area I'd been tipped on - go straight past McD's up the hill, thru the light and straight again (funny intersection, but just go straight and up the hill). I drive up about half a mile with no sightings then boom, an Italian beauty with long black hair, name of Lisa Marie (no, not Presley). She delivered a ball draining bbbjtc, and did it very nicely. You'll know her if you pick her up: she was injured in a car accident and can hardly manage a stage whisper. Asked $30, I gave her $20. If there are 2 girls there, then there's bound to be more lurking in the bushes (or do we lurk in their bushes?).

So now we have a new area to stroll if S.Main is dead (and before hitting Hancock)! The street's called Belmont Ave. Go get 'em!

04-11-03, 11:59

I have covered that stroll for a few years now, Belmont actually runs up to the "X" where it Intersects with Sumner, if you drive it from MacDonalds end up the hill there is usually action on the left hand side right up to the intersection with Sumner, best spot is right across from the Lil'Peech store, sometimes they will even be on the pay phone right on the corner. always white, usually out from 8:00 to 12:00 after that they are too obvious to LE...

I have seen LE run stings up their becasue it is a decent residential nieghborhood so be carefull, I would also clear that area quickly after a score becasue there is Neighborhood watch that will grap your plate number especially in the good weather.

Question: has anyone tried the block around the old "Club 418", used to be a good spot for day time action, in and out side of the club.

Be safe..


04-11-03, 15:31
Egg which short time motel did u use? Elsies?
Leanni lea at Madi Gras? For real? She is one hot Philippino
Just a rumor or can anyone confirm.
I think ill look for that speachless Italian on Belmont this weekend.

04-12-03, 00:54
monger- I was too late for Elsie's (they're daytime only), so had to use Knight's Inn @ $50. Funny when the room costs more than the girl, isn't it?


04-12-03, 15:35
boomer - where's Club 418? I need a regular spot for daytime action and haven't found one yet.

04-12-03, 18:32
Club 418 is a nice spot the ladies in there are in th 5-8 range but the club is closed during the day it opens at 4 I think I havent been in a while but there is potential they have private room dances not your typical lap dance.

Member #5605
04-13-03, 19:26
I understand confirmation of Leanni Lei being at the Mardi Gras club here in Springfield can be found at the club's web-site: www.mardigrasclub.com. Leanni's existence there is also on the "Yahoo Groups: Leanni_lei_fans". Please let me know if she IS indeed there, and DOES EXIST IN THE FLESH! ;)

04-14-03, 00:27
Yes Leanni Lei the super hot porn star is a dancer at mardi gras. I have received many lap dances from her. She is as sexy and cute in real life as on film.

I have been to mardi gras many times and received many high grindage lap dances. However, I have yet to venture upstairs to the VIP lounge. Dancers say the rules are much more lax up there, but I want to know how far that goes.

Since no one who posts hear ever mentioned the club, I assume its not sex. But I hope to hear from someone who can give details

04-14-03, 06:22
Club 418 recently reopened 2 or 3 blocks down Dwight St. From Madigras right on Dwight St. left side of road. It used to be real dive but may have changed with new owners.

Sun. afternoon I saw nice chick up on Belmont on the phone gave me the eye. When I went back she was gone looked good long brown curly hair tyed up. Sorry I missed her. This was at 11am.

Tonight went for the cruise southend 2:30am saw realy hot looking latina with long black hair and tight jeans. Man what an ass on her. She went into store 24 so I turned around went back but some asian guy beat me to her. Damm, just not my day I guess.

Made another loop just for the hell of it saw Crystal. I decided I needed something new after all I have her # if I get desperate. I saw a cute blonde small slim young looking picked her up. She starts giving a sob story and I'm losing interest. Up close she's older then I like but I offered her 20 to shut her up. She was enthusiastic and swallowed but all I really wanted the tight ass. Oh well maybe tommorow.

Didn't see one cop untill I was leaving area. Cool.

Be safe and just do it!!

04-14-03, 17:38
Egg, I used to live in the Springfield area but moved to RI a few years ago, I get back their a few times a month on business and check out the old strolls from time to time. As a result my info may be a little out dated but still worth a shot.

For day time action Spring and Pearl Street around the little park there and in front of Spring Street Drug all the way down Spring street past Sate Street to the end ( name changes after you cross State St. I think ) used to be good and I scored on Spring Street a few months ago during the day. Watch out, the Police station is near Spring and Pearl.

Also, the old Club 418 was a dump but it opened at noon and there was a few SW's that strolled that block during the day. make that left just as you pass the club and climb that hill then take another left at the light and make a full circle and you should spot a few.

Good Luck..Boomer

04-20-03, 18:19
School st. is the st. your talking about and there is action there. I drove through Sun. at 10 am and saw young latino and very cute white girl who gave me the look. Turned around went back but she was gone. Went back to main st. and she was right by DD picked her up. Not so great up close but nice smile wanted 30 for bj offered 20. She swallowed was very good may do that again.. She said she had a room on State st, but I declined that maybe next time. I'm still looking for miss tight jeans won't be happy till I blow one in her face.

04-21-03, 01:09
Cruised thru all the haunts in Springfield on Thursday evening around 7-7:30, and couldn't find a decent SW to be had. 2 out on lower Main were so ugly I couldn't do it. Hancock was dead, as there was LE at an intersection blocking traffic; Blemont was dead. Ended up going back to Holyoke to score.

Member #5605
04-23-03, 19:56
Just out of curiosity, what did the lap dances with Leanni cost? How many did you have, and did you get anything more then "grinding" out of her??

Originally posted by luvdozer
Yes Leanni Lei the super hot porn star is a dancer at mardi gras. I have received many lap dances from her. She is as sexy and cute in real life as on film.

I have been to mardi gras many times and received many high grindage lap dances. However, I have yet to venture upstairs to the VIP lounge. Dancers say the rules are much more lax up there, but I want to know how far that goes.

Since no one who posts hear ever mentioned the club, I assume its not sex. But I hope to hear from someone who can give details

04-23-03, 22:00
All lap dances at mardi gras are $20 per song. All the dancers at mardi gras grind their body against you and your cock - some a little more and some a little less. I havent had a dance from Leanni in a little while, but the dances i have received from her have been about middle of the road for mardi gras lap dances.

None of the mardi gras dancers give air dances, the differences between dancers is what they will let YOU do. Some will let your hands and even mouth wander a little; however, this is also dependant on how much of a fascist the manager on duty feels like being. I have never attempted to let my hands and mouth wander on leanni, but i will soon.

Most importantly, I have never received a VIP dance in the upstairs rooms. I am told that there are "fewer rules" up there. What does that mean? I dont know. What i do know is that its is friggin expensive so I better at least get a microphone check.

04-23-03, 23:22
Leanni at mardi gras all the time? Looked on their web site an did not see her dancing this week. What in the world is she doing here? she has been in over 50 xxx movies since 1998.
She is one hot Pinay. Love to get her after work.
Anyone have any more info on her?

04-24-03, 13:53
Go back into the archives and you will see occassional mentions of her.

She has been dancing at MG for several years because she goes to school in connecticut. I would guess that she is not dancing this week because she might be close to exams - She was dancing last week. Also, there are times when she only seems to dance at the Mardi Gras in Connecticut.

In the past she has flown to CA in the summer time to crank out a bunch of movies and then return to school, but I don't think she did last year.

It is kind of an odd set up: the club has a prolific porn star dancing there, but they do nothing to promote it. It seems that this Leanni's desire. When i talked to her, I mentioned that should could rake in more cash as a feature, or at least negotiate some special role at this club. She told me she has no interest in that, she prefers to be much more low key. When you do see her dance at MG you would never guess she is a porn star if you didnt know because she is one of the least assuming dancers in the club. She once told me that she likes it that way because she is shy - I pointed out the obvious irony of being shy while having sex on film and dancing naked. Her response was that it had nothing to do with sex or nudity, rather, she just doesnt want to be the center of attention. Whatever the reason, I dont complain because how else would i get lap dances from a pornstar and then talk to her over drinks afterwards.

04-24-03, 13:59
Thanks Luvdozer
Very interesting, Lycos has over 1700 pics of her on a site. her Yahoo club has several videos free. Any action with her after her shift? Id pay to play with her after seeing some of her vids. Who wouldnt...I wonder what Ct. college. No exams until May15 in college.

04-25-03, 00:12
Monger...you're mind works like my own.

I'm already computing that its some where not too too far, and not too cheap...and worth the hassle of working Springfield vs any other fantastic place in CT where she could make a small killing.

I'm thinking either University of Hartford, or even Trinity...though UCONN wouldn't be out of the realm. Them damn college kids wouldn't have a clue what they have strutting around their campus.

Oh well...

Hey...I know one of the mongers here is a teacher...(I won't say who of course)...may be HE can find her. Lucky bastard could even have her in his class!

I can see it now..."Well honey, if you really want that A, you have to show me just how badly you really want it. I could tutor you, but it could take time...months...even years... ;)"

04-25-03, 09:28
Stoner been looking in Lycos Leanni group. some really nice ivids of her in action plus 1700 pictures. Makes me want to go back to college. One recent post has her as a UCONN student. UConn has a Philippino student club. She is Chinese/Philippino an of course has a different name.

05-05-03, 02:14
well i finally bit the bullet and had a VIP dance at mardi gras.

I was with a dancer named Cassidy - she said it was her first day. I cannot begin to describe how hot this girl is. Face like Sheryl Crow and a body like Devon the pornstar.

Sadly, i discovered that the upstairs VIP dances do not provide significant action. They are quite nice since your hands and sometimes even mouth can roam freely. I am sure that mileage varies greatly by the girl, but its not like you are in a private room so it is obvious to me that a customer could never get a blowjob or handjob

05-05-03, 17:21
Well I've been trying to find my little tight jean latino for a coupla weeks now to no avail. Picked up this girl named Teresa coupla sat mornings ago in the drizzle. She looked like carmen electra from a distance ( really need to have my eye's checked) still kinda a cute white girl,a little wide in the hips but nice rack. Took her across the river and got a real pro bj for 20. Not exactly what I like but it was ouick and she spit. Last sat. I'm on the prowl, south end theres this white chick skinny weird eye's smilling at me I pass her by as usual cause I figure she's a last resort and I see her all the time there. Not kidding all the tme late nights and afternoons. Anyway out of the corner of my eye I see 2 latinos sitting on the base of a sign. I circle around the block as I pull down the street I see one's a cute little latino I've seen before the other one's not as nice but I figue what the hey. I grab em both. Over the bridge and down the trail I go. This is the first time I ever had 2 chicks suck me. Man it was the best 40 I ever spent.
One of these day's I'm gonna take them to a motel and shoot the works. Oh I'm still looking for ms tight jeans hope I haven't blown it by not grabbing her when I had the chance, course I could be seeing things.

Happy mongering!!!

Member #5605
05-05-03, 21:08
So what did the dance at the VIP level of Mardi Gras run anyway? I would sacrifice a gonad to have a private session with Leanni, but if there is nothing more the grinding, it may not be worth the trip. I live in CA, and if she comes out here for some "filiming", maybe THIS is the place to investto see her at! ;)

05-05-03, 21:35
Redneck She wont be Cali bound. Go to her Yahoo site for some pics posted today of Leanna at the Mardi Gras. You can touch, feel an grind away but thats all in the club. Outside the club????Well thats a different story....

05-06-03, 10:44

If you know more about what can be had outside the club at mardi gras, dont hold out on us!

05-06-03, 22:35
just with Leanna not with others. In Hartford..

05-07-03, 01:28
I need to get this straight... you have *real* lapdances in Springfield? Not bullshit Mass 'table dances'?

05-07-03, 13:11
Webdog - You can also get real lap dances - but you can't touch the dancer - at the King's Inn in Dartmouth. You can get more comfortable in the Champagne Room, but it's alot more money.

05-07-03, 13:20

Leanna? or Leanni?

Dude, you and I NEED to talk and I mean soon (unless I am misunderstanding you. I could really benefit from your "wisdom"

Shoot me an email at luvdozerNOSPAM@hotmail.com, but be sure to get rid of nospam

05-07-03, 13:23

Yes it is very odd, but Mardi Gras in Springfield provides honest to goodness lap dances with maximum grindage in the table dance area as well as the champagne court.

Touching the dancers is technically not allowed in the table dance area, but this varies greatly from dancer to dancer and manager to manager. Greater latitude is found upstairs in the champagne court. but there is still variability from dancer to dancer

05-07-03, 13:29

Prices at Mardi Gras Springfield:

Regular lap dances downstairs are $20 per song as they are most places. I have heard of guys negotiating $100 for 30 min, but that could be B.S.

VIP room upstairs Cassidy quoted me $65 for 30 min and $100 for 60 min, plus 2 drinks - but I was never charged for the drinks. These fees all go to the house and you arrange a tip with the dancer. For some reason, the dancer must tell the house how much her tip is. She must also tip out the bartender $15. I negotiated $100

Dolly (another tiny bod with huge implants) quoted me all inclusive rates which i assume would have covered all this stuff. Unfortunately, I cant remember what they were. Somehow, $400 for an hour sticks in my head, but i could be wrong.

05-07-03, 13:31

Do you have a place across the river where you leave your car and walk into the woods? With the warm weather approaching, that would be nice

05-07-03, 15:31
Its Leanni, pls excuse my typo Luv...Her real name is Anna
Thats the mixup with the a

05-08-03, 01:16

Theres the dike that runs along the westfeild river behind the old fiber box plant. which is kinda behind the big Y. I was there this afternoon with a real gem. Stayed in the truck though cause I didn't have alot of time as I was on lunch break.

I met the most incredible sl*t today.I'm driving down main st. and I caught a glimpse of this blonde getting in a car at the store across from dd. I'm thinking naw just wishful thinking couldn'd be. So I continue going to micky d's figuering it would be just my luck to miss out on new talent. I get my lunch head back by the store and low and behold there she is sitting in a blue car in the store lot. I decide to take a closer look and drive around the block. As I drive by she's in this car with some guy must be her boyfriend or somethin smilling and waving. So I stop she comes over and gets in say's her name is Alexis. So we do the small talk thing and I say's so how much for a bj she say's $40 and half and half she'd do for 60 cause I look clean. Well I'm thinking of stoping at an ATM but I tell her all I have is 30 she say's I can do bj for that I guess. This girl justify's her price by saying look at me I've seen the other girls who work down here I think I'm worth more. I agreed blonde 22 beautiful face nice personality great body from what I could see and feel and very good technique. I'm calling her tomorrow she's thinking of seting up an incall location as she's not comfortable on the street. I can't wait till tomorrow.

Lickit Lickit
05-08-03, 13:10
I am an older recently retired hobbiest from south of Boston with expieriences in Tijuana and Thailand (happy to answer any questions and Nothwest has some incredibly cheap web airfares to BKK now) but alas with no more corporate travel have to stay closer to home.

I am thinking of a daytrip to Springfield, never been. Any comments or suggestons appreciated. Is it worh the trip?


05-08-03, 15:29

i would really appreciate the chance to chat with you offline about leanni. I have had several nice conversations with her but im not really sure about broaching the subject about extras. could you please email me at luvdozerNOSPAM@hotmail.com but be sure to remove the NOSPAM

05-08-03, 18:59
Will do. Have to be next week. You wanna meet her in Hartford?
Or you talken club? Have to build some trust you know. She is not your average girl.

05-08-03, 23:42
I have met her one several occasions - although it has been a while. I certainly know how special she is. I live in Boston so Hartford and Springfield are equally distant

05-09-03, 11:31
Springfield report:

I was working in Mass yesterday and decided to stop off in Springfield on my way thru back to CT to see what was going on... I've never done the SW thing before -- this was a first for me; I usually go to AMPs in Waterbury.

I cruised School, Spring and Pearl streets mostly for about an hour between 5 and 6 pm and saw 2 or 3 ladies out. One white, looked pretty strung out, one really hot young latino who might have been working, but I wasn't sure, and another latino who gave me the wave as I passed by. Made a trip around the block, and she was still there. On a closer look, she turned out to be about a 4-5 at best, mid 30's, but I was running out of time, so I decided to pull over and see if she needed a ride.

She got in and immediately got busy with her speech as I drove off -- I'm not a cop, here's my rates, etc. I didn't say anything until we were at least a block away -- wanted to make sure she would let me drive off -- figure that's a good sign that she's not LE.

We parked in a vacant lot of her suggesting and she told me .3 BBBJ, .5 BBBJTC, .8 FS. We agreed on .5/FS, which was probably a bit too much to pay for her, but like I said, I was running out of time.

Service overall was fair, and she had a freshly shaven kitty but her b-cup tits were really saggy and she smelled kinda like she hadn't showered in a while, so I don't really recommend. I got her #, but I don't think it's worth keeping.

The kicker on my trip to Springfield -- As I was dropping my girl off, I saw another really hot looking, young (22 tops), dressed up latino getting out of a car -- driver stayed in, she got out. I'm pretty sure she was ending a date. Too bad I missed her.

All in all, I'm not sure the SW thing is for me... might try again, might not. I really like the AMP experience, and the service is more predictable, plus you get a nice massage.


05-09-03, 16:41

I too would like to hear about this if you would be so kind as to back channel me on how this could be set up.



School st from state to the end and sometimes left or right at the light in between is active at various times. However Main st, from DD to MickyD's is always active. I've scored at all times of day and night there. I scored there yesterday at 2pm and the day before at 1230 pm. Last week I scored at 8 am. and I'm kinda picky.

05-11-03, 08:29
hey guys, i post mostly on the albany ny board. any chance somebody could help me out? i'm thinking about a trip early next week to your area... looking for directions to the main prowl, info on cheap motels, and general advice? thanks, happy hunting.

05-11-03, 11:01
Originally posted by gunny

School st from state to the end and sometimes left or right at the light in between is active at various times. However Main st, from DD to MickyD's is always active. I've scored at all times of day and night there. I scored there yesterday at 2pm and the day before at 1230 pm. Last week I scored at 8 am. and I'm kinda picky.

Thanks, gunny. I'd read about that stroll on this board between McD's and DD, but didn't have the time to drive around and look for it the day I was there (I'm not very familiar with the Springfield area). Is the talent on Main generally regarded as better than on School and Spring? I will check it out the next time I'm in town and, of course, post a report. Thanks for the info, man!


05-11-03, 16:20
There's alot of trolls in both areas but if your patient you can stumble on to some jems here and there. I've seen a couple on spring that I have yet to connect with cause of bad timing, same with Main st.. But Main is generally better then Spring in my humble opinion.

Be safe!

05-11-03, 16:26

I forgot to mention if you take a right at lights on School st. go to the second light that's Main st. take a left and DD is on the left.

05-14-03, 01:28
Originally posted by clarence
hey guys, i post mostly on the albany ny board. any chance somebody could help me out? i'm thinking about a trip early next week to your area... looking for directions to the main prowl, info on cheap motels, and general advice? thanks, happy hunting.

Sup, Clarence. I was in your area just a few months ago on business. Your best bet is to do some searching on the Springfield and Holyoke from January to now. Plenty of cheap spots to stay...I think thats mentioned in there too.

Good luck. :) If you need a number to call in the area, let me know. I got connect on a stripper turned pro. Just ask and post your email. Later.

05-14-03, 09:45

Where did she formerly strip and what can I do to earn the number?

05-14-03, 17:13
Stoner, Trade you my ex striper for yours......... [email deleted by admin] p.s I have pic..........Agawam girl

The purpose of the WSG Forum is to provide a public place for the exchange of information for men who are looking for sex with women. Unfortunately, there has been a recent escalation in the number of new members whose only contribution to the Forum have been requests for information to be "backchanneled" to them via their email address. Obviously, this does nothing to enhance the value of the Forum's collective database.

Therefore, following the policies of other Forums, I have decided that Regular Members may not post email or website addresses in their reports. Any reports from Regular Members containing email or website addresses will be edited. Subsequence reports will be deleted in their entirety.

If you have information, then post it. If you want information, then post a question.

Senior Members, by virtue of their significant contributions to the Forum, are exempted from this limitation and thus may post email and website addresses in their reports if they so desire.

As always, your comments are welcome, although if you want me to read them you should post them in the "Comment on Site Rules" area of the Administration Section of the Forum.



05-14-03, 22:40
Mardi Gras, Electric Blue, and some other places up your way.

To earn her number...its available, I suppose. She's no $20 trick though. If you want, post your email and I'll send it to you. Don't backchannel it though. If someone wants it, they should just ask.

Shes a cutey. 26 yr old. Nice ass, good breasts (B or C). Well enjoyed, but she was in West Springlfield area. Too long of a haul for me from CT. Some other WSGers have had a good time with her though.

Her friend was about 21, tall and thin, but shapely. One of THE most talented tongues, BBBJTC.

Dark blonde, all about business, but skilled and willing. She and her friend was my first and only PSE. Damn, it was unbearable, but I did my duty for god and country. Donated about $1.50 to her college fund. Quite nice.

I passed out her info before on the springfield board but folks chickened out for various reasons (legit or whatever).

05-17-03, 07:42
thanks for the offer stoner! i'd love her contact info, you can reach me at clinspace@yahoo.com.

i didn't make it to spfld this week, too much work, work, work. the street action in my hometown (pittsfield, ma) exists but is too erratic, i'm tired of coming home empty handed... schenectady is the same way after all the busts a few weeks back. there are a couple of reliable agencies and indies in the albany ny area, but the really good ones are pricey. a buck and a half is just about my speed :-)

05-20-03, 16:37
Ok, Do not drop off dates on Loring St. one block down from store 24. I've been scoping this place out and it aint good. They like to be dropped off here when they need to score. I'm pretty sure it's being watched by others not so friendly. However if you park at the very begining keep low you will see most of that nights menu stroll by sooner or later. Catch them when they leave and you'll have a good time. I saw cute suburban girls going in there in the day time and I think it's only a matter of time before their out on the street too. Which brings me to last night or this morning really. Very hottt latino with great smile and tight little a**walked right into my snare. 20 bucks for bbbjtc very enthusiastic to say the least. I will do her again in a heart beat. Also spoted what I thought was asian girl tue morn. 430am. I only caught a glmpse cause the f**king guy in front of me slammed on his brakes and pulled a u turn and I divirted my eye to watch him zoom back and grab her the lucky sob.Sometimes ya gotta get while the gettins good. Anyway watch out for the crack house (white) halfway down.

05-21-03, 10:53
Newsflash! Possible Asian SW sighting!

Originally posted by gunny
Also spoted what I thought was asian girl tue morn. 430am. I only caught a glmpse cause the f**king guy in front of me slammed on his brakes and pulled a u turn and I divirted my eye to watch him zoom back and grab her the lucky sob.Sometimes ya gotta get while the gettins good. Anyway watch out for the crack house (white) halfway down.

ahh the mythological asian SW. I have had many possible sightings myself, but they have always turned out to be false hope. The search is beginning to resemble the quest for the loch ness monster

05-21-03, 12:01
Luvdozer - I actually had about a half dozen dates with an Asian SW who called herself Kathy about ten years ago in downtown Boston. She liked to park on the Beacon Street side of the Public Gardens, and she had an amazing ass. She worked off an on in Boston, whenever things got too hot in the Big Apple where she said she worked in an AMP. That was my only sighting and experience with a real female Asian SW - there are plenty of TS Asian SWs around, but that's another thing entirely.

05-26-03, 17:16
Luvdozer, Monger, Stoner?

The name "Leanni" has come up on this board recently, and I have registered at WSG so that I may post here, too, and ask a few questions. I can also share my experiences in Springfield with Leanni and my recent sexual adventures throughout NE.

I will be doing some searching in the archives for any additional info on Leanni. I hope you guys will allow me to take part in the current exchange of information! I'll be returning to the East Coast in a few weeks, and I would like to meet Leanni again.

Thanks! --- DogmanX

05-27-03, 13:33
Originally posted by Stoner
Mardi Gras, Electric Blue, and some other places up your way.

To earn her number...its available, I suppose. She's no $20 trick though. If you want, post your email and I'll send it to you. Don't backchannel it though. If someone wants it, they should just ask.

Shes a cutey. 26 yr old. Nice ass, good breasts (B or C). Well enjoyed, but she was in West Springlfield area. Too long of a haul for me from CT. Some other WSGers have had a good time with her though.

Her friend was about 21, tall and thin, but shapely. One of THE most talented tongues, BBBJTC.

Dark blonde, all about business, but skilled and willing. She and her friend was my first and only PSE. Damn, it was unbearable, but I did my duty for god and country. Donated about $1.50 to her college fund. Quite nice.

I passed out her info before on the springfield board but folks chickened out for various reasons (legit or whatever).

Well, I sure would appreciate her number if that's ok. My email is luvdozerNOSPAM@hotmail.com, just remove the NOSPAM. I have other questions, but I can ask them offline.

05-27-03, 15:28
Monger22?? Luvdozer??

Trying to learn format here at WSG, excuse me.

Can someone help with that contact info on Leanni?

Also, I can't seem to find any posts about L. buried in the archives -- suggestions? Was I getting the drift correctly? I would really appreciate any help in meeting her privately! I'll be back in NE in a few weeks.


05-31-03, 23:30
3pm on Wednesday I found Betty on School STreet - wearing shorts & a halter top, 5'10" long blond hair & a body to die for... face is a little worn, but not bad for 39. We visited the cemetary for a nice bbbjtc for $20. Recommended.


06-01-03, 02:37
Hey egg,

The archives are from way back. Do a search on this forum instead.

06-01-03, 17:37
Thanks, but Forum search reveals only a few people asking about Leanni, no hard contact info.

For those wondering if she actually dances at Mardis Gras, the answer is yes. I've spent much time with her there. She is very nice and follows all the rules.

I was wondering if there was any "street" 411 on a discrete way to meet her privately. Just asking.

06-01-03, 18:57

there is no contact info in leanni to be had. You should go to Mardi Gras in Springfield in order to meet her, but she has not been on the schedule for some time.

I have exchanged many emails with Monger22 about Leanni as he states he is friednds with her, but he has been extremely vague and provides no details. In the end, he informed me that she does escort.

06-02-03, 01:24
Luvdozer...I got your request. I'll email you soon. Sorry for the delay...

As for Leanni, whoever was asking...you are more than likely out of luck. You going to have to some homework and investigating. Head down to Mardi Gras and ask around a bit. Someone is probably friends with her and could hook you two lovebirds up. Prepare to pay for the info though...

If you're lucky, you'll find out when she's on schedule.
I'd also check to see if she has a fan club or whatever. She may even post up.

Good luck. If you want more dialog or need help putting pieces in the jigsaw puzzle together, ask away.

Personally...there are many other fish in the sea that looks MUCH greater than that chick. No offense to her local fans...but I've had better, even at AMPs in CT. I'm sure the noteriety makes up for the looks...

06-02-03, 08:25
don't forget me, stoner! clinspace at yahoo dot com.

i know in boston they think that "western mass" means worcester... but even in the springfied area it seems nobody realizes there's another hour of driving west before you hit new york state :-) if you ever do get this far west, check out my pittsfield, ma street report on the albany (ny) board. i have found two new girls as well, recently discovered: michelle, short chunky nice long dark hair, plain face, round little boobs too small for the body but at least they are there :) she's clean, she only works occasionally, and i have her number. candy, my little superstar. 5'6, 120#, nothing on top (a cups, both nipples pierced), but 34-26-34 with great ass and legs. shaved and clean. i'm trying to help candy get off the street and become an escort; she has a great attitude, fun, sexy, and not a crackhead like most of the girls around here.

06-02-03, 12:02
any info in private email is just that. Private.

06-02-03, 21:45
Clarence...Yes...I did forget. Give me a day or two...I'll pass along as well.

06-02-03, 22:54
Monger 22,

This is DogmanX, in L.A.! I enjoyed Springfield when I was there a few months ago, look forward to returning this summer.

Do you have private information on Leanni, or can you point me in the right direction? I've been around The Gras and spent time with Leanni. If she escorts, everyone there wanted to keep it a secret from this city boy! Is there anyone in particular who can arrange it? This would be worth a lot to me!

Thanks! ----- DogmanX

06-03-03, 14:48
Hey Clarence, I'd be interested in either of your pittsfield friends.

06-04-03, 16:30
Dog not able to help you with her. sorry.

06-06-03, 18:32
Monger 22,

Where's the Love? Where's the Credibility? You know something about Leanni, you don't, or you just won't help me?

Look, I'm not LE, I'm just a LL fan out in LA who's looking for an "inside" line when I'm in NE. Most people say such a line doesn't exist, but I don't believe it. Do you want some personal info on me first? Name it.

I'm a good guy and I remember my friends. Give me a break, Monger.


DogmanX, in Los Angeles

06-06-03, 19:44
i have photos of candy available. i have also discovered that she has a friend and they are interested in doing doubles. the friend is very hot. i will be photographing both of them on saturday, as well as sampling the wares :-) i have already set up a couple of dates for them in my rea. you can email me at clinspace at yahoo dot com for details and photos.

06-09-03, 15:56

Monger is not giving you the runaround. Leanni does not escort. If you want to meet her, the only way is to go to Mardi Gras when she is working - which is rarely these days.

06-09-03, 23:04
Dog As i respectfully said i am not able to help you at this time.
You also might like to know after her birthday on the sixth she went to California to visit her family. So you actually are closer to her right now than I am.

06-10-03, 18:37

I appreciate the ear. From your comments about LL it does sound like you know her, though, and that does re-build some credibility with me. I understand the need for appearances. None of these girls escort or have sex for money, if asked.

Can't help being intrigued somewhat with the "respectfully, not at this time" line in your response. Am I reading too much into that? Perhaps I can build a bridge of trust. If you do know her, and could encourage (non-sexual) contact outside the MG, then that would suffice. My interest in LL goes beyond a personal encounter. Certainly there is a tremendous story here. I am attempting to obtain some journalistic credentials so that I can persue LL's story officially, in depth. Book rights, movie rights, etc. If you know her, then you can ask her about that "bartender out in L.A." -- she'll know me.

Again, Monger, thanks for your help so far. You are my window on Springfield. Anytime I can be of service to you in L.A., just let me know.


06-12-03, 03:54
Anyone got any tips on the area? I'll be visiting from Seattle the next couple weeks, and I'm unfamiliar with the area. Anyone have landmarks, cruises, or maps to share?



06-16-03, 21:05
Dog Emerile s owner remembers you.

06-18-03, 16:50
Monger 22,

I knew she would. Now, would you communicate a few things to her? Thanks!

1) I apologise for any unease my interest in her may have caused. I have no wish to invade her privacy.

2) I left Mardi Gras thinking she probably thought I was LE, so I need some way of assuring her I am not. Nor am I a "house spotter" for MG. I am what I say I am. On my return to NE (coming soon!) I would like to meet her outside of MG, hopefully. She could structure that any way she wants. It can be purely non-sexual, conversational-type meeting. It could be whatever she wants it to be. "On her own terms" is how she likes things. Her friend Bobby can accompany us, if she wishes. It could be arranged thru you (you can meet me in CT. or MA. and check me out to your own satisfaction). I need some help contacting you more directly, Monger. Suggestions? At this point, on this board, I'm not allowed to include my personal information, so please assist!

THANKS!!!!!! --------- Dog

06-18-03, 23:54
Picked up Nikki this afternoon on S. Main, and she offered to take me back to her her room. She's a 5'10" 115 dark skinned Hispanic with curly hair tied up in a bun and wearing tight blue jeans, nice smile, A-cup tits, complexion a little rough (but what do you expect for a 21 yr old). Gave bbbj plus cfs for $40, including a superb doggy style ride. Recommended. You can't evne get a room for $40, let alone sex with a young thang...

06-19-03, 05:01

Could anyone refer someone that is clean and trustworthy for a couples experience? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


06-20-03, 07:37
rotts - email me at clinspace at yahoo dot com, and we can talk about what you are looking for. i may have just the young lady for you.

Help Needed
06-24-03, 22:23
I decided to start this whole sw thing about 2 weeks ago. First few days I just drove around Main street / State street / Hancock just to learn the area since I am not from Springfield, I live around 10 minutes away.

After I was confident that I won't get lost if I start going on small streets I decided to look for sw's. The first night I spent a few hours and saw a few, but none that I really wanted to pick up. Then the next day I went back(All around 10pm-4am around 2-3 hours at a time). After some scouting and not seeing many LE out I spotted a nice looking wsw on main street. As I slowly drive by she gives me the eye and I pull up behind her into a side street. So I am looking over my shoulder, waiting for her to come in when suddenly I feel there is someone at my passanger door. I look over and there is another sw there who opens the door and gets in. I thought to myself wierd, but she looked nice so I drove off and she guided me to a very safe spot, behind some factory looking building, felt very safe.

So that was my first time and she gave me a very good bbbjtc and even swallowed. Was a few pounds overweight, but nothing major and had a very good attitude. Since this was the first time, I didn't really know if this was good, average or bad service she did I decided not to ask for a name/number. She charged 30 dollars and once again since this was my first time I decided not to bargan.

A few nights later I went back and after driving around a bit I see a bsw on oak street who started waving me down as I drove by. She looked very very good so I stopped and she got in. At closer look she was a lot older then I thought(35 or so and looked 20 or so from far). She was slim and the face wasn't too bad. She told me $20 for a bj and I countered with 15 since this was around 3am now and I knew she would accept it. She guided me into a parking lot behind some apartment. I didn't feel all that safe but decided not to argue with the location. She also asked for the 15 first and I decided to give it to her(never again). After 20 seconds or so she stopped sucking and said "Yre you coming yet? We have been here for a while now." Now the first time took around 15 or so minutes so I didn't expect her to think that this will be over in a minute so I said ofcourse not and she went back at it. Then after another 20 seconds stopped again and said if I want to fuck her for an extra $10. My first thought was no because I didn't want to do it in a car because it wouldn't be all that comfortable. But I asked her to show me her pussy and it was totally shaven and really tight. So I decided why not and hopped on her. After around 1 minute she stopped me once again and said she has done everything and I still haven't come. Now we have been parked for around 5 minutes total and she has been working for around 2 minutes total so now I was starting to get pissed with all the interruption. She said she needs to go to that house(and she pointed behind us) to score some coke and then she would be back she says. She asked me to wait for her since I was her ride back, so since I saw this was not going anywhere at all I let her out. I turned the car back on to get air condition going since it did get hot inside, and also to listen to the radio. I decided to keep the lights off. After around 1 minute a cop drives by right on the side(I didn't even know there was a street there, thought a forest so if I was still screwing her they would have clearly seen it). So after 15 more minutes and of her still being gone I left.

So now I have a few questions. First is Hancock totally dead now? In around 2 weeks with probably 16 or so hours of driving around Hancock I haven't seen more then 2 sw's total. Main Street seems to be the best around. Also what is the average time you guys get for a bbbjtc? Also when you pass by a sw, do you look for anything in particular in them? Like not exactly body wise, but something that would tell what skill they have.

06-26-03, 00:30
Congrats on blowin' your cherry, Help Needed.

Best advice I can give is to always follow your gut. As soon as you saw she was a piss-poor for a bbbj, you can trust she would be worse for FS. She wanted you to go FS because she could finish you off quicker and leave to get her fix.

Always realize that its never about you. Even as they are doing there thing on you're johnson, its still not about you. Its about that monkey on their back for a majority of the street sws.

My tactic is, when they are giving a poor bbbj, and they complain, I offer to be be quicker with a FS....but I don't offer or accept an offer for more dollars. If they won't accept my offer, I move on. I could rub one out myself for free...the thrill is gone with her and I'm happy to send her on her way. If she asks snotty, I make her walk from where we parked. Its cruel, but then...rushing a man in heat is even more cruel.

You asked:

"Also what is the average time you guys get for a bbbjtc? Also when you pass by a sw, do you look for anything in particular in them? Like not exactly body wise, but something that would tell what skill they have."

Time...however long it takes really. If she's good, and circumstances arousing, it could be just 3-5 minutes.

As for what to look for...I look to see if they are high. If they are high, then it may not be so bad. If they are in need of getting high...expect it to be a real pain. They are uncooperative and will make some dumb decisions, including trying to run or berate you.

If she is clean...thats a big bonus. BIG.

If she is too clean...I will do a double take and look around the block one more time. She has to be trouble, in my book...so I look for vans or non-regulars in the area. Always be careful.

06-26-03, 05:45
Hancock st is mostly dead now a day's. Main st south end is the place to shop. Any of these girls are hit and miss when it comes to skills. One may rock your world one night and be lousy the next. School st has some action night and day. Picked up a girl named Maria one afternoon there was very cute itailian girl realised she had something wrong with her when she got in. Some kinda of twich with her face and couldn't sit still. She was cute at least a 6 or 7 took her to graveyard off of Maple st. She sucked and did the swallow and spit deal very nice. They will all try to get it over as soon as they can you must play the game.I never ask them how much I offer them what I think it's worth and go from there.

Egg I've been blown by Nikki in the break down lane on 91 nice ass, but bad skin. She looks real hot at night though from a distance. I wont pick her up again though cause she don't swallow. PS never let them leave with your money cause they never come back.

06-26-03, 10:13
Help - I don't know anything about average time for BBBJTC, but I sure remember my shortest one which upsets my own average. It was about 15 years ago, in CT's heyday, a nice young brunette, easily a 7 or 8, who, once we parked in my car, told me that she'd only bob 30 times so I'd better come quick. When she started, she was like a piston and it seemed to be over before it started, and she was gone in a flash. Needless to say, it was not a satisfying encounter, and I became a better negotiator after that.

06-26-03, 11:31
Good work there Help. I bet most if not all of us seasoned veterans of the street have been ripped off at one time or another. You'd think that a guy would learn after the very first time he gives a chick some seed money in advance only to never see her again, but it's happened to me a few times, probably 3-4. I do trust people by nature, and in my early days I have paid some chicks up front to 'pay the babysitter' (a common excuse to rip you off) that do in fact return, but they were usually repeat sw's who I trust not to fuck me over. 99 times out of 100 if you pay her and she wants to run an errand before the deed, you'll never see her or your moola again.

A couple of rules of thumb regarding this particular situation:
*Don't pay the girl untill she's naked enough so she can't just bolt out of the door and dissapear into the urban nightlife. One exception to this rule would be if you're way out in the woods some where where it's a long friggin' walk back to civilization.

*If you're going for a full service experience, have the chick take her pants off before you pay her. A couple of reasons for this one: a, no way she's gonna bolt bare-assed, and b, you get to take a look at the honeypot before you fork over all the dough. I've had chicks with pussies so ugly I wouldn't fuck 'em with Bill Clinton's dick, and was able to negotiate down to a BJ or toss a $10 to the chick for her time and call the whole thing off. It's awkward, sure, but damn if I could get Mr. Johnson up for a fucking pussy that's all scabbed over oozing puss. A limp dick is a natural defense mechanism for us guys I guess. Works for me.

*Stoner's 100% right on, heed his words: If it doesn't 'feel' right, you're probably going to get ripped off, have a bad experience, or get arrested. Many a times I have put in substantial cruise time with plenty of cooze on the streets, but for whatever reason I've gone home empty handed. Best to turn and walk away and live to prowl another day.

On my shortest BJ? I fucking hate to admit it here, but wtf. Last summer I picked up a truly gorgeous chick who was without a doubt the best looking sw I've seen, and ranks right up there with any memeber of the female population. This chick had the nicest ass, pure unblemished skin, a great attitude, and a shaved-slick box that she wasn't afraid to diddle for me. I signed on for a full service ride, we were way out in the woods, and she stripped right down to her damn socks. Talk about a sexy picture. Dude, my dick usually is about 20% hard until the chick starts to suck on it, but after watching this chick do all kinds of stuff to herself and really enjoying it I was at full attention. She probably got in only 3 or 4 bareback bobs, her on her knees, me standing up, before I gave her tonsils the treatment. Boy was I embarrased, but the chick was really cool and said that lots of guys finish fast, some even before she touches them. On average I'd say between 3 - 5 minutes of good solid sucking will do the job for me, and when I do the full service, I go for a suck until I'm hard, then I can fuck for maybe 5 - 10 minutes, let's be honest, probably closer to the 5, but I like to switch positions once or twice during the FS if the girl is getting into it. Like they say, the most erogenous zone is the brain!

06-26-03, 15:26
Welcome Help,
Professors Stoner and auto give good advice so pay attention in class. Heh heh!

You ask:

Also what is the average time you guys get for a bbbjtc?
That all depends really. I'd say I average 5 minutes if she's a find, but I've gone as long as a 1/2 hour or more with a SW I know. I tend to have stamina which can be fun but just as much a problem sometimes. When they like you they don't complain. Once you put some time in and get to know a few, treat them right and it will payoff.

Also when you pass by a sw, do you look for anything in particular in them?
I like variety myself, sometimes I like brunettes, blonds, younger, older, etc. I rarely and I mean rarely go for BSW's. I'm not racist by any means, I've just never had a good time with one. This is kind of funny, but look for chicks with their hair up, that's one of the tell tale signs.

I actually can tell 90% of the time if I'm in for a shitty tryst or possible trouble once the chick gets in. If you smell trouble leave her be, or drop her off. Sometimes you need to give em a few bucks to shut them up. I can't say how many times I've done that. One recent ***** demanded $40 for her time. I gave her $35. I figured I had to, it was late, no traffic, and she was so loud I was in fear of passing LE. She would have screamed something I know for sure. For the first time ever I actually comtemplated knocking her out and dropping her off. I realized it was a real bad idea and let her on her way.

In short, be aware of the surroundings. Make sure they are mobile and not in one place. Last but not least (far from it), if she insists on staying in a shitty pickup spot (like 75% do), leave her
be. Use your head and watch your ass.

Stay safe man!

06-28-03, 09:46
Back in the USA

Help: A few observations from an old raccoon who is somewhere between the pop on sighting and where's the blue pill stage:

1. You will get ripped off, and you will get unsatisfactory service; it is an occupational hazzard.

2. You can minimize your downside risk by sticking to a few regulars, but you lose the thrill of the chase and the expectation that the best bbbj or best FS ever is just around the corner. If you play it safe with a regular you probably won't be disappointed, but you will begin to feel that it is like sex in marriage; why are you out there in the first place?

3. It all depends on your personality, mood and horniness at the moment. If it's been a bad week and you just want to get it off, odds are you will find relief, but if you set the bar higher than cruise my man, cruise.

4. Like others I've got an open mind but I prefer the white sw all things being equal.

5. There is usually a trade off between looks and performance. My experience is that young and pretty is looking to max out the night's takehome pay. Older and pretty/Ok looking are looking to develop regulars and are much more likely to go the extra mile. older and ugly? you need help son unless you are just out there with the coins from your wife or Mom's purse.

6. If you get ANY comment on "are you comming?" cut your losses; at best its going to be an OK day, but the odds are you are with a "never again" pick-up.

Happy hunting

06-30-03, 08:58
I picked up Amanda this morning 730am Mon. I've seen her around before but never picked her up till today. Saw her around 3am while working and it was the first time she wore something that you could tell what shape she was in. Man what a shape! When I went back to find her I lucked out she was across from the redemtion center. I pulled around the block and stoped at the stop sign on main. She's to my right and Nikki is to my left. Nikki say's hi. I point to Amanda and she tells she is better then her. I shrug and pick up Amanda and I'm glad I did she is smoking. She has a so so face bottled red hair And an ass that's just perfect. Her chest isn't bad either. I'm an ass man love to rub em and grab em while I'm being serviced and what service. If you like a ball draining BJ she's the one. She swallowed and spit but not before she sucked out every last drop unbeleave. She had these tight thin pants with a zipper down the back and no pantys. I pulled the zipper down and had a field day. She seemed to enjoy what she was doing cause when I played with her tits her nipples got hard. I almost had to pull her off my dick at the end ohhhh. All in all an A+ experence highly recomend Ofered her $20 but gave her $5 tip.

Oh yeah next time I see Nikki I'll tell her no F****** way not even close.

06-30-03, 17:12
Senior...you are 110% on. Thanks for contributing, dude.

Oh...and welcome back in the states. I hope to read about your exploits.

07-01-03, 13:55
Ran down the Main last Thursday. I was supprise to see a few that were in the 8-9 range. To damn bad I was riding my motorcycle. Anyone see this little latina hanging out by the wendys parking lot lately. Looked really nice. 5'4", 110, dark hair, incredible ass. Give her a 9 on body, 7 on face. Couldn't be more than 22. Has anyone had luck with State street walgreens area lately? What about belmont?

Good hunting!

The Duke
07-02-03, 18:53
Will be visiting in two weeks the Mardi Gras club and might stay overnight at a hotel. How far is the Main Street you guys are talking about from the club? Any info would be appreciated.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

07-05-03, 01:23
You could not be any more straight forward than what you wrote. Those are definitely words of wisdom.....very true and insightful indeed.

07-05-03, 17:50

The Dogman is awaiting your return.

Summer travel to NE looms nearer. I want to throw a ball in the park, for Emeril, while I'm there.

Throw me a bone, Monger, I'm a good dog.


07-06-03, 21:05
She has returned from Newport Beach an LA. Good news for me. However she does feel you may be connected to LE in some way even though you say you tend bar. Your last visit created doubt.
Just being honest with you.

07-07-03, 00:01

Might be worthwhile to help me prove I'm not, for everyone.

Here in L.A. a DL and a look-over has been enough, plus anyone can find me at my hotel if they want to check me out.

Sorry if I gave our friend that impression, but what was I to do? I wanted more than was on the menu, I was straightforward about it. I don't know another way.

I appreciate the dialogue this forum offers. There's gotta be a way, Mong! Help me work something out, please.

I'm unsure how to reach you to provide my info. I'm unsure what's required here. Give me a hand up. Thanks!


Help Needed
07-07-03, 00:18
After a long vacation decided to go back out looking for some fun. After driving around Main / Hancock / Union street for almost two hours I was about to go home, decided to go one more run on Main street.

I see a SW that has been walking Main street none stop for all two hours I was there. She was too skanky for me to stop, but I saw around 10 people stop for her in those 2 hours and she didn't get into any cars, so I decided to drive around one more circle just to see what the hell this chick was doing, when I get to Union Street I turn on it and was going to go to State Street from there and go home, but I see a person walking towards me. It was so dark I didn't notice her till I was driving right by her. She was wearing a bikini top and tight tight pants. She was SMOKING HOT. As I drove by she gave me the look so I decided to turn around, but there was no room to do so, I decided to go to the first stop light and turn around there, but there were a bunch of cars there blocking so I ended up turning there and got to State street. At this point I was so pissed because I knew she will be picked up in a second. So I race around state street to Main street and back to Union and I see her still walking down towards Main Street. I also see a car further down turning around and a car behind me singaling to the sw. But I was able to get her attention and I think she remembered my car when I drove by first time so she decided to go towards me instead of the other two people.

Her name was Terrisa(sp?) and she was 26, although she looked 19 or so, had long blond hair, great tits and looked really clean. We went to a fairly unsafe location, but after driving for two hours and not seeing even one LE I didn't really care at that point. She gave a great bbbjtc for 25. Body a 9.5, personallity 6(was very nice, but spoke too softly, hard to understand), and ability 7.

07-08-03, 21:29
Originally posted by DogmanX
I wanted more than was on the menu, I was straightforward about it. I don't know another way.
DogmanX Interesting, I've actually had the same problem every now and then. When you're TOO forward about your wants (especially at a club). They think you're fishing for committment on the illicits and they're probably thinking you're LE. A conundrum for sure. It's easier I think with SWs. In the 1st 10 seconds one or both of you are trying to prove your NOT LE but baring some skin.

Any advice for us newbies as to the proper "lingo" and "etiquette" so as not to invite the smell of bacon??

I'd be interested in hearing how some of you guys go through the (1) proving you're not LE and (2) negotiating for the deed process. Shoot, I'm a sales guy myself but listening to others pitches always improves MY ability to "close the deal" lol

07-09-03, 02:37
Dogman X...with all the women on this damn planet, why are you so fixated on this one lady? Cause she's asian and did porn? Dude...ease up. If the man can't help you, the man can't help you. That simple, guy.

Kachta & others who care to listen:
My favorite action will always be strippers.

SWs are ok for cheap easy stuff, but the level of service varies, they stink, they carry drugs up in your car, and damn...you run lots of risks I don't even like to think about.

I've had pretty good success rate so far, but I don't drop fishing lines all over the damn place. Its so much like fishing.

I'll tell you what works for me:

1. Target a decent size club to fish.
Places where there are lots of big fish all over the place KNOW their value. They know men with cash are all over the place and will drop a bundle on them, just to kiss their toes and beg to get pissed on.

For that reason alone, Mardi Gras is NOT a good place to fish. I'm not saying you can't have success, but its tougher.

I try to aim for middle of the road good spots. Good lookin girls who just want to make some money and have fun. My favorite spot is Electric Blue in Tolland, CT. Man, its almost too easy there if you know what to do and how to do it. I've also had success at Kings (Mass), Glass Slipper (Mass), Platinum (Maine & South Carolina), Kahoots (Vernon,Ct), Mr Happy's (Waterbury,CT) and a few spots along I-95 that I can't remember right now.

Now when I referring to action, I'm talkin take out, not incall per se. If you want easy damn fare, check the boards in Bridgeport, CT.

2. Next is your bait. Two things about bait. You only have two lures...your persona and your wallet. Without persona, you are nothing more than a creep to some of these girls.

I find an interesting paradigm is at work with girls that work strip clubs. They often have morals, ethics, and lines drawn in the sand of things they just won't do. They may parade in full nudity and make motions to suck your penis dry for $20, but the idea of accepting gifts to actually fulfill those fantasies...just plain old inconceivable to them. Go figure.

When you go, dress to impress a bit. Comfy, but good. Don't over do it. Think of it like, you are going on a date with a babe and you got cash to make sure she has a good time to. Showered. Good cologne. Nothing tacky. Have your wife help you pick out nice clothes. ;)

Again...persona. You have to look attractive to some extent. I've seen some ugly mofos get some pull cause they got some persona. I find that picking up sws actually hampers your persona cause you're view of women gets a bit twisted. SW want to impress you...not the other way around. Strippers want to be impressed upon by you...keep that in mind. Never over do it and seem corny or wimpy though.

3. Next thing that works for me is to first pay attention and spend money. Take your time and find one that you sort of "click" with. Not just lust after, per se, but one you could possibly talk to a bit.

Some ladies are real obvious they are workin for that cash, and may be advertising to your face that for the right man with the right amount in hand, she's yours after the show. She's the one workin' hard in the lapdance area and being mad attentive to keepin you satisfied and the money pouring.

Other ladies are not so obvious. They are alone and watching others. Perhaps they are new, or got stigmatized by some other bombshell at the place who's getting all the customers attention. Some are not happy about the little bit of money they are making tonite and it shows on their face. You have to pay attention to this.

Without a doubt, you will need to spend some cash. Don't even think you can easily escape without it. You MAY get lucky and keep some cash, but plan otherwise.

If a girl is making mad dough, she's probably all set and with a boyfriend/pimp at home. Why would she jeapordize her job and rep to hang out with you and get $1 or $2, when she could make that in an hour? Keep this in mind, Dogman X. She may do some escorting...but its selective. This is almost categorically true of any lady with breast augmentation. They've undergone several grand worth of surgery and almost always on some one else's dollar bill. Shes someone's investment.

Try to find some of the former ladies I mentioned, and not the latter type. Why? Greater chance of success, and less damaging if you get rejected. You don't find yourself wimpering on some web board like a love sick dog beggin.

Spend time with her, but respect that she's tryin to make that money. Thats what I do. I ask her what her drink is, and keep her happy and wanting to come back and sit with me when she's not on the set or on the prowl. Take your time.

Be prepared to stay beyond late...to the point that you will shut the place down, if need be. She's not leaving until she tips out anyways, right? So let her know you're shuttin the place down to, as you both enjoy your drinks, make small talk.

IMPORTANT...Small talk. It shouldn't be about sex, fellas. Really, shes still a woman who tells her husband/boyfriend that she's got a headache and not tonite. Her energy needs to replenish, be refreshed. Thats your job. Be that refresher. It almost like courting her, but you respect her to make the money elsewhere with other guys. You even offer to give her a small back massage if she's achy. (If you do, try not to get sexual, or get a woody, boys.)

Do lap dances with her. A few (but not too many). I've gotten away with no dance, just drinks and talk, but rarely. Don't get freaky either...enjoy yourself and be gentle. Your trying to incite her a bit (hence the cologne, the shower, well dressed, etc). Complement her at different points. Not about her ass, per se, but about her eyes, her hair, etc. When possible, try not to leer unless you let her share in your leer. I use lines like "I'm lovin them legs...you must work out a lot, huh?" or "You have like the best pair of breasts in this place....I love natural breasts. I hope you'll never get them plastic ones...you don't need it at all, girl."

At some point while things are slow...pay attention. She may be hungry, or can't wait to get home. If she's lookin to blow that popsicle stand, then realize, this may not work as planned and you'll need to build up for your next visit or possibly outside contact. She may drop other hints...ones that allure to her really liking you or enjoying your company. Ask if she's ever done private parties or whatever. Timing is key here. You should have a repoire by this point. Shes feeling comfortable around you and you've met her needs.

If she says:

A. "No...I'd never do bachelor parties"
Ask if she's done any thing more romantic like dinner or private sessions.

As a salesman, you know that strippers have killer negotiating skills. If she reels back like you have two heads, you know you've failed, Leisure Suit Larry. Time to move on.

If she does anything else that keeps it slightly open to interest, its up to you to make a gentle offer to hang out when she has some free time.

B. If she says "Yes..."
then its up to you make that gentle offer. if tonites the night, feel free, quietly, to see if she's open at all after the show...and that you can make it worth her while.

Don't DARE mention money. Ever. Thats pig alert.

See, here is the thing...pigs don't do all this to get one chick to meet them outside of the spot. Thats entrapment and it won't stick. Pigs don't have such time and money to blow just fishin. if you go straight to the chase, you are acting like a pig...back the fuck up...and take your time.

Now...I will say this...ladies have preferences like we do. Some love women more than men. Some love black men only, and aren't attracted to white guys. Some don't like young guys and don't trust them one bit...Some have smiling poker faces and you'll never get in their panties. Just be prepared for this.

Yet...sometimes, sometimes...if you play it right...you can get them hooked on you. They will blow off customers, blow off money, and just HATE when they get called for the next dance. You've got them...and if you play it right...for not a single dime. Seriously.

These days, thats what I aim for. Once you get in that 'sweet spot' in their heart, you are in...and you'll find that it opens doors with other ladies who work at that spot too. You gain mystique. Very, very important. I've had some good poontang offered up like Cake at a party. Be careful and attentive though. You don't want a bad rep at all. I avoid it always, but I've seen how they treat repeat customers who keep knocking on their doors. It just ain't happening, and their chances sink harder and faster...never to recover.

You have to take your time. Bide your time. Be willing to pause thing and pickup later. Do remember their names, boys. Use your own as well. Yeah, your real one.

Sometimes you'll stumble on a lady who may be frank about escorting outside the joint...its rare. Realize that 99% of the clubs around here frown on that, and her coming out to you point blank like that is jeapordizing her lifestyle. Your attempt to just be "upfront" can be just as damaging or more so. Other ladies will report other ladies...especially if they think a stripper is dating a customer. Again...its not allowed and they will lose their job over it. Yep...just for wanting to meet her outside. You're $1.00 ain't going to do much for her when she's unemployed and can't get work that pays.

You really have to court them and bide your time. Be prepared to walk away and save dignity.

Do know, that other girls notice. If you are not discreet, it will bite back at you. They do talk about customers all the time and compare notes. Sometimes, its a good idea to stop while you are ahead and try to pickup later that week or month.

I'm hittin it with a lady now from "The Blue" as I affectionately call it. She's a sweet passionate woman. Last time I was at the Glass Slipper, I got it on with one of the girls there that turned me on like crazy. We romped till breakfast, and then she paid for breakfast. :) It took me spending almost $500+ in drinks, and such to get to that point...but it was damn worth it. Wish I maintained contact with her...but I don't live that way. Her name was Isabelle.

I know this is damn long...but I don't really care how long it is. :) I thought I'd share things I've learned.

Good luck.

07-10-03, 00:16
Excellent advice, Stoner. Thanks!

I don't dismiss ANY of your advice but if I'm going to pay $5.00 for a night in the sack, she better be DAMNED good. LOL.

From all that I've heard about that place in Bridgeport, CT. Teddie's? Sounds like its pretty much like ordering off the menu. From what I've read, you pay your .6 and its off to the races. Sounds much more time efficient.

07-10-03, 06:38

07-11-03, 08:24

I have only posted to WSG once before, but I am a regular lurker. First off I'd like to thank everyone for what they write here, I had only dabbled with this hobby a few times before reading here and I really had no idea how to go about things.

From strolls to technique I have learned much from you all and it is appreciated. and now a little contribution.

I have been frequenting the south end on main street for a few months now and have picked up more often than not. there are a few that stick out in my mind.

First was a WSW I found walking down state street one afternoon a few weeks ago. She was young and very cute for the street. I negotiated $25 for FS and we went to her friends hotel room, a place just across from walgreens on state. She took her time, didnt feel rushed, and I was very happy with the experience. I didnt get her number and her name has slipped my mind. sorry

Wednesday evening I found a very good looking spanish SW on main near McDonalds. She said she had just turned 30. We parked in one of my favorite spots and she gave BBBJTC. she was slow and it was the best BJ I have had so far from a sw. Her name was wanda and I did get her number. I will ask her if its ok to share next time I talk to her, although she gave me times when I could call and said her husband didnt know what she was up to.

Again, thank you all for your help and advise. I dont know where else you could learn. Dad never taught me this!

This has been a Liquid Fantasy.

07-12-03, 08:25
lol...you are right in that sense. but then...where is the thrill in that? And almost categorically they are the rejects of other strip clubs, even the marginal ones. Not always...but often.

They are almost all Dominican...which is not a bad thing either.
Lets do some math though, my friend. In Teddies, you have roughly 4-5 minutes to negotiate and do the duty for $.60. She's fast, you're barely spent, and frankly, you feel like a $20 bill is tattooed on your forehead.

With $5.00 adventure, you have all nite if you can hang it. Everyone has a great time, and you can wake up and say..."I may have just banged the next Pamela Anderson".

You do the math, my friend. ;)

But to each their own, right. As always, the YMMV is in operation.

Help Needed
07-13-03, 20:29
I am now pretty comfotable with picking up sw around Springfield area, the problem I have now is finding a spot to park. I am getting tired of being led to parking lots as I don't think they are safe at all so would like to get a spot of my own. Ofcourse I couldn't find anything close to being safe, couldn't even find a safe spot to take a piss.... Anyone has any suggestions on this subject?

07-14-03, 23:34
Hi Help,

there are lots of good spots within 5 minutes drive of the south end, some across a bridge, some not, but for obvious reasons they will not be described here on the board (lurking LE would make them passe). I'd suggest you do some hunting to find one that's to your liking.

07-15-03, 22:21
Originally posted by Stoner
In Teddies, you have roughly 4-5 minutes to negotiate and do the duty for $.60. She's fast, you're barely spent, and frankly, you feel like a $20 bill is tattooed on your forehead.

With $5.00 adventure, you have all nite if you can hang it. Everyone has a great time, and you can wake up and say "I may have just banged the next Pamela Anderson".
Haha We could probably do Pamela Anderson NOW for a 5 spot!

Anyways, you're RIGHT about the "thrill". I'm still a newbie to the hobby so it does the trick for me for the time being. I picked up a SW in Lawrence the other day and it was definately a rush, but she was a lot more skanky than the girls at Teddies. I would just LOVE to find a place like Teddie's a little closer to NH!

As for the timing, due to my confidence in this forum, I was negotiating the 1/2 and 1/2 inside of 30 seconds and she was sucky sucky inside of 2 minutes. Oh and as for longevity. Last night I had Wendy in her little booth for a good 20 minutes slamming away! We were both pretty hammered and I was a friggin GOD. She and I both got a work out. LOL.

Dammit, I need Teddie's to expand into Boston or even Providence would be a better trip. Any ideas?

07-16-03, 20:00
Hey Stoner, been reading your reports for a while now. What is your favorite time at "The Blue"? I don't work Mondays, so usually hang with the Monday day shift, this and other places.

Rspd on CT - other areas if yah don't mind.

Still Stiff
07-18-03, 10:30
Mongered a lot in my wild youth in Hartford/Springfield, and still visit on business frequently. I remember a “divey” strip club at the corner of Park and Washington in Hartford, and next door was Marty’s Massage Parlor. Vernon Street near Trinity College was the place for Latina SWs, and the old 418 Club in Springfield was my favorite working class strip club. Hated higher class clubs where they pressured you to drop a lot of dough buying drinks. Got a rush from the hit and miss, but eventually successful SW pickup, versus the sure thing of a costly MP. Picked up only motel quality ones, and went to the Berlin Turnpike or Route 5 west of Springfield. Avoided car action always. Afraid of gang violence or police.

Later preferred bars/clubs frequented by the better SWs , where I could get to know her as a person after a few drinks. Always looked for an older one, maybe a still slim former stripper or MP worker (not necessarily a raving beauty because they can have too much attitude) who had responsibilities, possibly a child or a legit part time job, the good sense not to go near drugs, and a stable address and phone # she rarely gave out . Odds were far higher the money is helping out her real needs, instead of financing a drug habit.

After first time at a motel, we’d go to her place, and I’d gladly give more than the street rate for BBBJTC with some deepthroat , by an experienced lady who is extremely good at it. Most are not. I preferred to see the same one on a regular basis, and saw only a Hispanic woman for 5 years before she moved to another State. Could be wrong, but I think Spanish gals are much better at BBBJTC. It’s a cultural thing I think. Read once that Spanish men expect it of their wives and girlfriends more than non-Spanish. My regular date said her first husband taught her how to perform the best oral and she was good because she had years of practice.

Been away from that scene for years. I’m even more conservative now, but my old hankering for a mistress has returned. Maybe someone might take pity and throw me a name/number, if she says it’s OK. Perhaps she’s too old for you, but fits my description. I’ll respect her phone number, because that’s the unwritten code of monger ethics, or it should be. (my old steady remarried but she still trusted my discretion with her #). My Email is: olderandwiserguy@hotmail.com.

I promise to post on the club and bar scene, but you guys like the young hot 8 to 10’s, while I want experience. That might add variety to the MessageBoard. What Hartford / Springfield bars or clubs do you recommend? Is there someone specific I should ask for?

Thanks in advance.

07-18-03, 17:12

I also happen to hang at the Blue and have has some success, I also read your report on how to "ACT" when in there and you are right on. I have a particular instance that I would be curious as to what you think. I usally go there on Sat. night and this one particular lady tends to lead me away from the stage and bring me over to the game machine at the bar, we'll sit there chat about stuff and when it's her time to dance she is hesitant to go on stage seems to rather hang with me, she also does not let me spend money on her drinks, LD etc. except for an occasional bottle of water, I have tried to get her to see me after hours to no avail.

She in no way try's to hustle me and was curious of what you think of this practice from her??? I'm sure you have seen her REAL TALL from Cambodia. There are a couple in there that are easy hits that I score with from time to time. just a little puzzled with this other one.



07-19-03, 03:00
I know the girl your talking about. I can't remember her name, though...not my type.

In any case, imo, and its just that, she may not be up for the hustle associated with being a stripper and enjoys the company of a regular. You would too...its not easy for them putting out all that sexual energy for every guy who leers there way.

You've become safe, a nice guy. You efforts are rebuffed, and you're money is brushed aside because she is keeping you in a safe zone. Nothing owed...do you understand what I mean?
You can be equals and she can recover respect or dignity she may feel a bit lacking in. It helps her validity as a person that she is more than a piece of meat or object of men's sexual desires.

Not all the girls go through this, its amateurish. But she's found a way to cope that works well for both of you.

Enjoy it. I would enjoy the comraderie and reap some ego from it. I have similar with a stripper named Eve who worked at numerous places including the Gentleman's Quarters. Gorgeous girl, and we click like you wouldn't beleive. but when we meet, we discuss politics and society. We discuss behavioral science and other things which are associated with such topics in the realm of strip clubs. We always have a ball, and we've even met up (after 3 years!) for coffee on UCONN campus where she went to school. I couldn't fuk her if I she asked. We're...some how...friends. I know all about her dumbass boyfriend and her adorable kid.

Like I said...enjoy it. It can be lots of fun and she can give you insight on other girls in the club. She may even let you know about the girls she despises because they do too much in the LD area...file such info away and smile to yourself. You may even get on the inside of a few things.

Memebership has its priviledges as I've come to expect at the Blue. Trust me. This is one of those self-evident truths are forefather fought for, my friend. I get this when I go to a few places, cause I like to cultivate relationships. I had a trip to the Glass Slipper (another of my favorite haunts in Boston) and was greeted by a big ass hug and a kiss from some of the girls who remember me.

Damn it felt good.

07-20-03, 07:12
monger 22,

it sounds like the sw scene in springfield is better than some of the clubs! i've never gotten into it (here in la) because of some of the problems that even famous celebs have encountered, and i'm thinking hugh grant and eddie murphy.

i have picked up numerous young girls in manila, philippines. i travel there occasionally for visits with my wife's family. i've got clearance to do the strip-club scene there and raise some hell, as my step-son knows every available bar girl in the city. he manages a dance troupe that performs at all the major hotels and sometimes he books a few dancers into the local strip bars.

i know the club scene in manila and, as i said, i know the back streets as well. around 2-3 in the morning when it cools off and the humidity isn't so bad you can find groups of scantily clad teen-age girls in the shadows under the palm trees near the edsa shangri-la. many are what we'd consider "****". i've taken three and four at a time to certain "rendezvous" hotels where my step-son and i, and his friends, have gotten these girls high on crack (which filipinos call "tabu") and booze and f**ked them silly until dawn.

i'm still interested in our mutual friend, however, probably because she's such a perfect example of paradise. my e-mail is spanielman@aol.com if you want to reach me. let's just say i'm focused. i have plenty of porn-star contacts here in la if you ever get out here. i'll blend you up a cadillac margarita, we'll do the sky bar, then i know a place in sherman oaks where you'll recognise a few of the ladies from their recent video work.

waiting to hear from you or stoner or anyone that knows my girl. in the meantime, guys, happy hunting!


07-21-03, 20:56
I will be going to the Basket ball Hall of Fame in the coming week. Some guys were telling my while I was in Springfield I should check out Teddie B's. They said the bar is a sleazy hole in the wall but they push the Mass contact rules to the limit. Is this true and what can a newbie expect in this bar??

Help Needed
07-21-03, 23:24
For the past few weeks I've noticed something real strange. I've noticed taxi cabs pulling up to sws to block them from getting into anyones car. At first I thought they were trying to pick them up and were doing it so openly because cops couldn't really catch them since they have a good excuse to pull up to someone, but after a few hours I realized what they were accually doing. I've even had a taxi guy follow me around school street and wouldn't back off till I went up state street.

Can they legally harrase sws and johns?

Another thing is I see a lot of sws out with pimps. I saw one guy with 2 real real hot young wsw's and he had the whole cane thing and the big hat going. He walked around main street for like 4 hours, so I am pretty sure he was a real pimp. How do I approach this?

07-24-03, 03:17
Im sure you are sincere but you seem fixated on Anna. Lots of other fish in the sea. I was in Philippines last year for couple weeks so i agree its a place thats off the wall for girls. Everywhere. LA must be quite expensive compared to here but the quality must be much better. I have tried an Asian MP in Bell Gardens over the years when visiting Seal Beach. Found somebeauties there on occasion.

07-24-03, 12:58
Hey Help,
First off, be careful regarding those taxis. Sometimes they are LE. Years back they did this in Boston.

Secondly, pimps are annoying. They also draw way too much attention. Your chances of getting bagged are greater with chicks that draw attention. Move on I say.

07-24-03, 16:44

You're killing me, Dude! What's the point of dropping little pieces of information inferring you have more than a passing relationship with our friend if you won't at least TRY to hook us up? You're just hurting HER, fella!

And please, no offense, but but let's drop the patronizing remarks -- "Meatman" (?), "fixation", etc. If you'd spent the time and energy I have you'd be a bit fixated as well! I travelled across the country to line her wallet, I talked to half the people she worked with here in L.A., and now I'm using the internet. I'm here on this board because someone alerted me that YOU were offering to hook someone up with her "either in Springfield or Hartford". Now you're trying to trash my interest? C'mon!!!

I've slept with a few of her colleagues. Right now I'm looking at an invite from Mimi Miyagi. She's expensive, bro, and I'd rather spend the money in Springfield.

Give me a shout. Not too late to work something out!


07-24-03, 21:15
Never walk up to a pimp, never talk to them on the street. Never ask them to "hook" you up.

Best method in such cases is to wait at a certain spot where you are noticed and wait for the contact. Usually he will approach you're car or she may approach. In either case, they will vouch for the other if you are legit.

Think of is this way...he is her boyfriend, and he doesn't want her going to jail (again). Its sticky, but its been the "safer" method for years....the ladies take dumb chances...the "pimp" helps out.

Be careful though. Sometime the pimp will ask you for cash. Never do that. On some occassions, he isn't her pimp at all...he's a thug who basically wants a taste of every dollar she gets. That taste may be a hand out from you, or he hooks the girl on drugs and charges her exorbitant money for it...sometimes...they slap and threaten to beat her just to prove a point to you. I've seen this once and just drove away.

Another tactic with "pimpwannabees" is that they mention a brothel for you to partake in. For $20 to as much as $40, they will tell you where it is, or allow you entrance. 9 times out of 10, there is no such place or lady available...she's just an ornament. On a rare occassion, you are introduced to a drug spot where fiends are open for quick sex for quick cash. Its not underheard of for a john to get robbed in such instances...I've haven't heard of it here in a while...but it happens.

Personally...in my experiences...just leave them the hell alone. No surprises that way.

This ranks up there with the advice to never pay first and allow her to "pay the baby sitter" or "get her purse" or blah blah blah "be right back, baby".

I will tell you a tactic that has worked for me though in such cases. I get a local who'll do you a favor for a ten spot.
Goes something like this:
"Hey, guy...do you know that girl over there?"
"Yeah...thats Tracey"
"I'll give you a ten if you tell her to come over here and help me out a bit."
"No problem...I'll bring her right back."

This has worked for me in Hartford, Willimantic, DC, and at the Point in NYC.

07-25-03, 22:24
Guys, what is the name of the hotel on 291 and the Pike?

07-25-03, 23:28
Just to keep the subject where it usually is, here's a street report from Thursday night:

around 8:30 saw a choice of 6-8 girls in the South End/Main ST. strolls. White, Black, Hispanic - take your pick. Talent ranged from 3-7. I selected Lynn, a 29 y.o. with denim shorts, nice legs, and firm c-cups. Not street weary at all, new to the scene. Gave a nice bbbjtc for $20.

I cruised Holyoke earlier and only saw 2 skanky sw's. What's up there?

07-27-03, 20:09
Dogmanx My apoligys Did not mean to patronize. Meatman reference was for another monger in Boston who shares same love of Pinays. Accedently put meat instead of dog. I had just emailed him.

07-28-03, 03:47

Myself, I've never been brave enough for the SW action anywhere except Manila (where I had a lot of help). Can't afford to be taken down -- I have a wife, a family, a decent job, etc.

In the San Fernando Valley, where I live, there was once a thriving SW and Asian MP trade along certain sections of Ventura Blvd. in Studio City (an overflow from the Hollywood area) and good SW's up on Sepulveda Blvd. where many strip clubs operated in proximity to cheap motels. None of that exists anymore.

I often wish I had taken advantage of girls I had seen, many were very beautiful even by Southern California standards. I had enough call-girl action at work to keep me occupied, and I was afraid of being an easy target for street criminals.

Now, I have this forum to help me learn. And I'm still looking for that girl in "Asian Street Hookers"...


07-28-03, 10:05

I think your reffering to the Plantation Inn right at the junction of 291 and Mass Pike. Rooms are $69.00 plus tax. There is also a Ramada up the street a little ways.


07-28-03, 22:49
No offense, Dogman X, but may I suggest a blow up doll? Or perhaps a body cast of her cooch. I'm sure its for sale around here somewhere. ;)

BTW...if you find my miyagi not to your...taste? Or you happen to run into Kobe Tai...feel free to have them look me up...I'm in the Yellow Pages, or they can find me here. I'll get back to them at my convenience. :)

07-29-03, 10:32
Originally posted by monger22
Im sure you are sincere but you seem fixated on Anna. Lots of other fish in the sea. I was in Philippines last year for couple weeks so i agree its a place thats off the wall for girls. Everywhere. LA must be quite expensive compared to here but the quality must be much better. I have tried an Asian MP in Bell Gardens over the years when visiting Seal Beach. Found somebeauties there on occasion.

You got the wrong guy monger..I don't know who the hell she is.. fixation?...Never that!

07-31-03, 08:29
Hello again gentlemen,

I was out last week and last night night again. Last week I was cruising for about 2 hours, spied a few of the regulars on south main, same old addicts that I always drive by. But then I saw rose, I had passed McDonalds going left at the split and she was at the light. I had picked her up before, not real pretty but she provides a nice unrushed BBBJTC, I gave her $20 and she seemed very grateful, talked about taking her kid to the movies with it.

Last night (Wednesday), I ran into my favorite street provider, Wanda. She looks to be about .3, but no obvious street wear, she has a nose piercing. The was street work going on with a traffic cop in the middle of the stroll so I was leaving the area when I found her. Again it was past McDonalds only to the right this time. We went to one of my favorite spots, a little rushed this time, she said she only had about 15 minutes because her husband was expecting her home, I didnt need 15 minutes this time. She is by far the best BJ Ive had with a SW, Ive picked her up 3 times now and each time has been very good.

She wants .25 for BBBJ and .30 for BBJTC. Well worth it IMO. I did ask her if it would be ok to give her number out to friends but she declined. She works usually between 7-9pm and I have always found her near the south end of the stroll. Happy Hunting!

This has been a Liquid Dream

Mass Couple
07-31-03, 08:53

I'm planning a daytime trip to the Springfield, Holyoke, Chicopee areas on Monday. I normally take my rides in either Worcester or Fitchburg. I was just wondering if someone could help me out and point me in the general direction of the best cruises? Anyone ever thought of putting together "cruise" maps for people new to different cities? :)

Now, for the part that is a bit odd, my lady and I do this together. She likes to watch me with others and we're hoping someday to find a bi-sw who is of her liking for a little 3way action. Am I nutz expecting to find this situation on the street? What's the population of bi sw's? We have been been approached when together and have had some luck in Fitchburg and on a recent trip to Montreal, so I know it can happen but, how few and far between do you think these occurances will be? Should we stick to escorts who advertise as bi for this?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Help Needed
07-31-03, 18:19
A good amount are I think. A few days ago I picked up the best/strangest sw yet.

She was near walnut/union intersection and she is part asian part latino, early 20's which made her around a 7. She had the best technique I've seen. She put her seat back, turn around sitting backwards in it. That way I had complete view and access to her tits and pussy while she was blowing me. We did this at her apartment parking lot, and right in the middle of it I look over to the side and I see someone standing there. As I tell(I think she called herself nicole) that there is someone looking into the car she turned around and said oh thats my girlfriend. So I turned on the car and she rolled down the window and started talking with her while still blowing me! What ended up happening is her girlfriend was horny and wanted to go up to their apartment and have sex. So Nicole asks me if I would like to join them for an extra tip and ofcourse I said sure and had a very nice 3-some for a total of 20 for BJ and an extra tip of 30 for the 3-some(I think she expected around a 10 dollar tip, but they both were so hot and young I had to give more to make sure this will happen again). She asked me not to give out her phone number so sorry can't share =(.

Overall she was 7 looks, 10 attitude and a 9 performance.

07-31-03, 23:49
Sometimes you just get lucky... like tonight @ 8 pm in the South End. Picked up Amanda, a genuine 9+ for looks, 8.5 for body with B-cups (no sag), slim and well-muscled. Reddish blond hair put up in a bun, very pretty, very fair skin, not drugged out. We stopped for a condom and she took me to a new (to me) spot for excellent BBBJ, CFS, then BBBJTC. Totally unrushed, excellent service in every regard. This is a jewel you will be lucky to find; well worth $50 for fs. Oddly, she had no compunctions about getting totally naked in the car, and she left on the light to show off her very fine body. Her main stroll is on South Main between the back of WEndy's and the liguor store half way to McD's. No set times, and alas, no phone. If you find her, let her lead you to her spot.

Oh yes, I forgot - she says she's 21 but looks a couple of years younger.

08-02-03, 21:15
Anyone know of any AMPs or other Asian action up a bit north of Springfield, especially around Northampton? I'll be spending a week or so up there and would be grateful for any tips. Or any action at all there? Imagine with the colleges nearby things might be heavily LE-ed.


08-05-03, 06:01
Hey, Everyone! (and MONGER 22)...

I have a friend in Springfield that is astonished that a guy in L.A. (me) knows so much about the SW scene in his hometown. He immediately cruised the Walnut / Union intersection looking for Nicole (my friend, also, has a thing for Asians) and spotted her on her stroll being harrassed by a swarm of kids on bicycles. She was on the wrong side of the street. By the time he made a U-turn, she was gone.

So, gentlemen, I pass along the info, and at least someone gets the advantage of your collective experience. I haven't mentioned this site, I just tell him I have a "source". He makes his living as a bean-counter, btw, in case anyone is thinking otherwise.

Monger 22, you've been very quiet! I expected another morsel of information about our mutual friend, Anna. Can you tell me the true reason for her current situation? I know it drives the other posters nuts when we discuss her, I guess they feel left out!!


The Dog

And no more smart-ass comments from the gallery about blow-up dolls, or I won't share my Mimi Miyagi stories with anybody.

08-05-03, 11:18

Thanks for your view on the blue sorry it took so long to get back to you was on a little vacation, I was in there again this Sat. had a blast as usual with my little err, tall friend. stage is TIA. I do enjoy her "special" attention her dances for me are quite different than what she gives the other fellas. (-;.

We have some very serious conversations and she has clued me in on a lot of her personal life so that must mean I am definitely in the safe mode with her. I will continue to pursue as a challange though to see if I can get her to see me under differant circumstances.

It's all a game isn't it??



08-05-03, 16:12
I went to the National Basketball Hall of Fame and after that I cruised Main Street and I picked up a Sw named Wanda by the gas station. She gave me a CBJ for 15 dollars. I love when she looooked in my eyes when strokin me.

I will visit Springfield again. I went on a Sunday afternooon and there were about 7-9 girls out there.

Keep it PI man, you a dig.

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A J Bond
08-05-03, 20:41
Does anyone have any experiences with the girls at Maxim lingerie? Is it worth the trip and the money?

08-07-03, 23:45

Cruised Main St. about 6:30 PM tonite, and the only sw out was the skinny black girl with buck teeth hangin' near the liquor store. I was afraid she'd chomp my dick, so I decided to try School ST and BINGO picked up a really hot PR girl name of Blanca (aka Iris)... about 5'4", body a strong 7, looks 8.5, would have been higher except for a scar on her left cheek from a car accident (kinda sexy, I think, like a pirate girl). 26 y.o., very willing. Medium length VERY curly hair. She took me to her favorite street spot for a $20 bbbj, and after about 5 mintues she stops, looks up at me with her amazing golden brown eyes and says, "Wanna fuck?" I say, "sure , but not here. I know a quieter spot across the river." She's like, "OK, whatever," and away we go. Over there I get the ride of life time - she lays back , spreads her pussy, and says, "How do you like Puerto Rican pussy?" I say I love it, and proceed to give her DATY on one of the tastiest pussies I've ever had. Also, she had a clit that stood up and saluted when I sucked it! Then she starts moaning about how she wants my dick in there, and opens up the pussy lips for me. I climb on, and go for a ride. After a wild fuck, with her talking tdirty the whole time, I pull out and ask her to suck m some more. She does so, then after about 10 minutes says, "I ahve to come on your dick." She turns over for doggy style, and I oblige, ending with a really good blast. Needless to say I gave her a tip comensurate with her A+ performance.

She's really sweet and hot, says she's only been working the streets for about a month (and looks it), and amazingly is in a stable enuf place to actually have a house and a phone #. I'll try it out soon, and will see if it can be shared, but don't get your hopes up - I've yet to have a # that worked for more than a couple of days, and I'm super busy until next week.

Here's hoping, though... with this girl I could become a regular!

08-08-03, 08:57
Originally posted by DogmanX

And no more smart-ass comments from the gallery about blow-up dolls, or I won't share my Mimi Miyagi stories with anybody. [/i]

Can't help myself...enjoy, Mr. Big Dogg.


Good luck dude. Yes, Tia is quite the notion. Listen...if you get the chance, email me. We can talk off board in more detail. We may be in a position to help each other out as I've been slippin the sausage with one of the other ladies there.

Also...I am caught wind of a SYRIAN chick working there. Yummm...