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04-10-02, 14:09
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Cpt Chubby
02-09-04, 12:23
Not much going on here! Does anyone know about any action in Evanston? It's a short drive for me and I was wondering if there are any fsmp or anything of the like here?


02-22-04, 20:40
I will be in Devils Tower for eight weeks, anything out there ?

03-10-04, 15:25
You have got to be kidding Rockhunter!!! Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if you can find something at one of the larger hotel bars in Newcastle. It always helps if you are staying there but I have also had luck in Wyoming when I was staying at another hotel and went to the closest large hotel (read holiday inn) which had a bar. Sit at the bar and if someone is working, they will approach you for a drink. Worst case senerio is that you have a few pleasent drinks with a non-working women and then go back to your room with her. Good luck.

p.s. Don't spend time looking for street action. It doesn't exist.

Mickey Mouse
06-04-04, 20:46
I may be throwing a Blind Dart here, but I will be in Jackson Hole in 2 weeks and would appreciate it if anyone knew of any ladies in the area whether traveling or local.
Please PM me with any knowledge you may have.
Many Thanks,
The Mouse

Rent One
08-23-04, 15:57
Report on Rock Springs: Hung out at a bar/steak house at the first exit to Rock Springs after Green River (East bound) a place called Ted's Cafe. Couple of ladies looking for trouble helped me out being a out-of-town visitor. One took me home and showed me why the song "Save a horse and ride a Cowboy" was her theme song. Next day I almost bought a hat and boots!! Was told that friday nights is the time to be at Ted's. Not a place for young bodies but ladies with a few miles looking for a good time. Nothing like a experienced lady in need!! Happy hunting.

Satans Revenge
10-06-04, 03:16
I've been thinking of a road trip to Cheyenne. What is the action like their. Any info would be great