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04-10-02, 14:07
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04-22-02, 16:56
Mainly a message for visitors: If you are traveling to the Fox Cites or Green bay , pick up a newspaper called the Entertainer. There are listings for bars, bands, escorts, and strip clubs. i didn't hire anyone, although i made some calls.

Heywood Jablow
05-09-02, 23:13
Happy, what kind of info did you get from them? I haven't called any of the services in the entertainer for a long time. Almost all of the ads disappeard last year when LE started busting services. Any ideas who is legit and who does FS or not???

05-15-02, 18:01
Has anyone run across a nice young blonde named Wendy from West Allis? Ran into her in "the big city" in Milwaukee on night, when she was driving around.

Very nice, but very hyper from some recreational pharmaceuticals. Wondered how she'd ever make it home, much less back.

05-16-02, 17:45
This Wendy from West Allis sounds nice...Where did you run into her??

any more information about her?

05-18-02, 01:16
Of course she's nice. That's why I'm trying to find her again.

If I knew more (duh) I wouldn't have to ask.

Simply a late night encounter on National. She was driving, I was driving.

05-19-02, 21:05
I don't suppose anyone knows of any action in the Kenosha area?

05-19-02, 22:04
Sorry if I "flamed" a little, or seemed to be a little "short" with people the other night. Difficult day.

06-23-02, 16:05
Am visiting LaCrosse this weekend and was wondering if anyone could help me with some fun things to do? E-mail Hank7552@yahoo Thanks in advance

06-30-02, 20:15
Advice wanted .... I'm in the Wausau area and have read about occasional "dating" possibilities at showtime (what about the New Yorker or other local bars?) ... the last time I was at showtime, no go. Any suggestions - who should I talk to or not talk to? Any help from someone local and "intimately" familiar would be much appreciated ... I've read that some of the black dancers might nor might not date on the side, but they're not my cup of tea. Contact me off list, pls ... cadott1961@yahoo.com

Mr. Bill
07-03-02, 17:11
As far as Showtime goes have had several girls have propositioned me there. None I would want to have taken up on the offer. Most of the dark girls will work for extra. If you become a regular around there you will notice which girls will work. They will usually take you to the Marjon motel. Once I was in the rear end club watching the show there. There was a real stuck up type dancing, but VERY good looking. She wouldnt even go totally naked. The guy next to me offered her 200.00 for a lil after hours fun and she went with him. So it goes to show you never know who will work.

Good luck


07-15-02, 21:39
I had the same feeling about that book store. There always seemed to be a few ladies browsing and there is more space on the the outside than the inside. There is definitely space for a "backroom" but I never got anything there (except porn).

Craven Morehead
09-18-02, 19:05
Kenosha - Below average looking sw sighted on 57th St by 20th Ave around 10pm on Tuesday, obviously looking for a paying customer. Not worth slowing down for. No other action in this area at that time. Kenosha seems to be as exciting as Racine.

11-13-02, 16:40
I'm sure lots of us are heading up north for deer season. Anyone have tips or contacts in the northwoods?


11-13-02, 18:01
Happy here are some e-mails of ladies up north.
Andrea of Wausau

Member #4943
11-20-02, 16:04
i usually post on the illinois board, but does anyone know of any action ie massage parlors, adult bookstores, sw in the kenosha gurnee area? thanks in advance...

11-20-02, 22:25
Si7 - I don't know of anything interesting in Kenosha, but if you can get a little farther north to Racine you will find the famous Nancy Rae's spa. Cheapest hj in the world in a country with regular electrical service and safe water. Also, at Rosecrans Rd and US-41 (not far from Gurnee) there used to be a strip club and two adult book stores. Good luck in the latter. In fact, good luck in the former - there did not used to be a lot of touching allowed.

Heywood Jablow
11-21-02, 23:06
just in case you guys get up to GB...

there have been busts and stings going on in GB this week. Here are some links, should be on the news tonight as well. Be careful all!!!! The cops have ads in the Entertainer and are busting you when you go to the hotel.




Craven Morehead
11-22-02, 00:41
si7 - Action in Kenosha is poor & v hard to find. In Gurnee it's non-existant. Your best bet is to drive 30 mins north up to Milwaukee, where the real action is. You could make a day of it - see the famous Milwaukee Domes, visit the Potowatomi Casino, take in the culture at the new Milwaukee Art Museum, then get a bj on Lincoln.

Member #4943
11-26-02, 11:33
hey guys thanks for the tips, what is that spa called with the cheap HJ's? prices for services provided? thanks, and keep hunting....

Craven Morehead
11-27-02, 00:40
Nancy-Rae's Spa on Douglas in Racine is not so cheap for a hj. $40 gets you in the door & they encourage you to tip. The providers must be close to retirement now. I refuse to visit until they get some younger employees pumping the flesh.

11-27-02, 01:05
I did not experience any pressure for a tip at Nancy Rae's, but I did get an offer for topless for a small additional donation. Being a sucker for new experiences, I made the domation, and had the (dis)pleasure of the hardest breasts I have ever touched.

The place is filthy, the shower stalls are rusting, the ladies are not cute, young, or interesting, but I have to recommend it. Everyone in this hobby should try it once, just for the chance to experience unabashed squalor.

12-02-02, 18:05

I have always gotten a good hj at Nancy Raes and never any pressure to tip. Always been 40 for the service. However, I only use this place as a last resort as I believe the women are butt ugly. Oh well, cant win em all.

12-04-02, 02:54
This shold probably be in the Racine area, but the last post couldn't be more accurate. When I lived in Racine, I went to Nancy Rae's a few times. Sampled 3 different ladies. All butt ugly but all knew how to give a great HJ. Nancy told me that no one there offers anything else. Not that you'd want it anyway.

Looking to get a new job soon with more pay and more travel. Hopefully my hobbying can be more frequent and I can give more info to the board.

If anyone has phone numbers for any older ladies in the Madison area who can be had for a modest fee, backchannel me at bostonpride33@hotmail.com

Thanks and good luck.

Remember, if it smells bad, don't eat it.


12-16-02, 05:41
Had to try Raes just to see it for myself. Have to agree that it is the cheapest place I've been to. But after going to the Chicago area AMP's for a while, Raes was a change of pace. I have to agree on the poor quaility of the women, but everyone needs to experience the trailer park feel of the place at least once in thier life.

01-18-03, 22:12
Gentlemen ... any current suggestions as to local providers in the Wausau area? I've read the current threads and would generally agree with the comments. However, not having any luck hooking up (so to speak), would like to know of any cell # or emails of reliable providers that someone could provide. If you leave an email ... I will reply. thanks!

01-20-03, 11:15
has anyone got information about the Lake Geneva area? I know there is alot of action there, but unsure where.

Bigg Dogg
01-26-03, 16:56
Milwaukee was a bust, but Sheboygan was better. Went to Club Infinity picked up a latina and got a freebie. Who says there's no free lunch.

02-27-03, 02:05
B.Dogg, tell me about Club Infinity. I've had some fun at topless bars in Sheboygan, but I don't know this place.

Bigg Dogg
02-28-03, 00:48

It's the old Downtown Club, a dance club. There are some decent opportunities but you just have to play your cards right. No sw's but some good ol freeky women looking for some mutual action.

03-02-03, 19:39
Just wondering if anybody has any info on any action in the great north woods (i.e. woodruff, eagle river regions) Haven't ever heard much about this area. Would be greatful for any info.

04-27-03, 13:04

is it really that bad out there, has LE really cleaned up, is it all dried up, it's been almost two months since the last post in here

please post your encounters and sighting info

do the dancers at the strip club in Wausau still provide out of club action

and what is happening at Naughty Girls in Oshkosh

will the Loft ever reopen, heard there's a place like that somewhere around Sterling, Illinois but not sure where (maybe just a rumor)

how bout the SW scene in Waukesha, Janesville, Fond du Lac, Kenosha ???

seen a (escort-dancer) provider last week in Milwaukee that told me she just got back from a road trip to the southern states and things were really jumping down there

Beaver Pleaser
04-27-03, 21:51
The strip clubs are not too good. Either that or I am playing them wrong. I have had luck getting take out at a few central WI ones but have struck out more often than not. Just got back from Hurley where there are only two clubs open now. I thought with the bad economy and no jobs there that the dancers would work on the side, but they all said they do not do that. A few places that did have carry out have been busted and are under new management - Birnamwood. I guess the dancers are all afraid of a sting or something.

04-30-03, 10:00
Oshkosh: A few black SWs from Milwaukee work from their cars in the parking lots of Naughty Girls and Landmark Club after dark. They will take you for a ride to a dark alley. They ask for $40 but will take $30 for BJ. Availability is very intermittent.

05-04-03, 12:28
very informative post (thanks)
this was a practice by providers some years ago at or around strip clubs also truck stops they even took you to a motel for a few extra $ but LE started setting up stings that way (be careful) i was out to the SC's the other night just took a few lapp dances until the right mood comes along

05-06-03, 21:33
Regarding the clubs in northern Wisconsin, I haven't had much luck. I got take out at one of the Hurley clubs a couple of years ago. Since then, I haven't had much luck. The one in Marinette is a rip-off, in my opinion, and the one close to it in Peshtigo isn't as wild as it used to be. I heard it got busted. I was at the clubs in Hayward and Eland this summer, and they were ok, but not good prospects for takeout, in my opinion. There was a new dancer at the Eland bar who might have been willing, but the owner kept very close tabs on her and made sure she didn't allow too much to go on. The place north of Spooner might be a better bet, but I've only stopped in on my way through, and haven't tried to make any arrangements.
On the other hand, Naughty Girls in Oshkosh seems to be practically a guarantee. I haven't run into the parking lot crowd that RetiredGord mentions, but I only stop there occasionally. But my impression is that every dancer there is willing to date after work. I think that the place in Plymouth is also very promising, although I haven't had a chance to make arrangements there.
Has anyone asked for takeout at the Bear Chest in Beloit? I've had a great time there when I've stopped in, but I've never had an opportunity to stay late. The dancers seem very friendly, mostly, and better looking than Naughty Girls or the Plymouth place.

05-12-03, 18:08
Does anyone know anything on the LaCrosse SW scene?? Where to look etc?

05-26-03, 09:12
Went to the Gold Nugget in Florence Saturday night just to check things out - haven't been there in several years. In the old days, take-out was possible with some of the girls. Now it doesn't look likely. I spent a little time buying drinks and talking with three of the dancers, and one seemed like she may have "dated" customers, but on Saturday she was suffering from a knee injury and she seemed a little drugged out on pain killers. The best dancer, and in my opinion the best looking dancer of the evening, was downright prudish - she didn't allow any body contact while collecting tips, although she was rather friendly when I bought her a drink. She seems to think that guys are there just to watch her talented dancing. A third dancer, a blonde bombshell type, was the only dancer willing to take me into a VIP room for a private dance. She has an excellent body and cheerful personality, but her dancing is rather stiff. She let me touch her tits, but made it clear that anything beyond that was out of bounds.

05-28-03, 14:40
Has anyone tried Miss Kitty of Beloit? She advertises in various places, apparently does both escorting and massage (napropathic, I think, though I don't know what that is). Any feedback would be welcome, including private remarks to my handle at yahho.

05-28-03, 20:51
I haven't tried Miss Kitty, but I ran across her ad at another site last night. She says she's 53, but the pictures didn't make her look like a young 53. I haven't heard anything else about her.

Mr. Bill
05-31-03, 15:42
Was in the Showtime Wausau last week There was a waifish girl named Dakota who turned my eye. Asked her how she got the name and she said she got it from a book she read and the main character, a hooker was named that. Never got a chance to talk too much to her as she was always busy. Anyways the next morning sitting in the gas station up pulls a Silver Mercedes S class and out pop two of the girls from Showtime, one of them being Dakota. The driver of this car was an older Black guy, looked the classic pimp style. Was going to ask him how much for the younger one, but had no time to enjoy her. Has anyone had any recent luck with the girls from there. Know there used to be a few there that dated.

Take care all
Mr Bill

05-31-03, 18:21
I used to go to Showtime all the time when I was working in Wausau. Damn near all the girls dated. I recall a big titted one called Bambi who was into anal. Most of the black gals their were very aggressive about dating. Most were from Minneapolis or Milwaukee and would get a room at the Marjon Motel downtown and turn tricks during the day. Generally $100 was the going rate. A local chiropractor did a barter deal with most of them. What a scam this guy had going. There was one little dweesil who would sit in there all night every night. He got some kind of insurance settlement and spent all his money on the girls. Had them all and was very helpful in setting me up with anyone l liked. A new crop would come in every week along with the regular local dancers. Sunday night was ameture night but very few of them would openly date.

The Miss Kitty that someone recently wrote about - I wonder if that is the trailor trash escort from Milwaukee I saw once. Is there a pic of her on the internet?

05-31-03, 18:26
Nope thats not Miss Kitty - I found her on the net. Don't imagine that one will stay in business long.

07-01-03, 00:56
I had my usual good luck at Naughty Girls in Oshkosh last weekend. They had a couple of new bartenders, but they were nearly as fun as the old ones. They both got pretty drunk. One had an incredible body - big tits and big sexy ass, all packed into a skin tight outfit. Anyway, I ended up with one of the dancers. Average body, but a sexy attitude and good FS for $150. I also hit the place in Fond du Lac - I think it's called the Other Place. There were a lot of cute dancers there, and one of them offered to meet after work. She did FS for $150, too. Anything but Greek.
The only problem with these places is that the dancers' drinks are expensive, and if you buy one a drink, a bunch will descend on you if there aren't many guys in the place. The Oshkosh place was worse for this, because the bartenders were constantly hitting guys up to buy them a drink if they got a dancer one. Since they both had huge tits, it worked for them.

07-17-03, 22:51
I did the Rear End south of Marshfield last Friday. Was a fun night. Bar maid/owner ??? didn't like my Canadian imitation with laying down on dance floor with a George standing up in my mouth. I did leave my room # with more than several of the "girls". Only one showed around 3 PM. She wanted 200 and I had 60 for her. She bitched the whole time but I got some relief then kicked her out. I must say even after spending 70 to 80 at the bar that I did enjoy my self.

07-20-03, 12:30
Oshkosh air show is next week. I'll be looking for some action in the evenings/ nights. Any recommendations? Dancers needing a room for the night are always welcome.

07-21-03, 00:39
flyboy, you can't miss at NaughtyGirls in Oshkosh. It's a little north of downtown on the main drag. Most of the girls date. It may be crowded that week. Also, the dancer's drinks cost a forture.

07-30-03, 17:45

I'm in Oshkosh for the week. Although I did hook up with a Milwaukee provider last year at Naughty Girls, I had no luck this year. A dancer named Sky approached me for a drink which I bought. I ask her if she dated and she said no and she knew of no one at the club that did. Any way things were slow there so I went to Landmark. Things were hopping at Landmark. They had several good looking dancers from Milwaukee and Oshkosh. Serveral were providers. I hooked up with an Oshkosh dancer that was a 8 and a 22 yo. Visited her at ther apartment several times while in town.

07-30-03, 22:46
Your experience is the opposite of mine, flyboy. Everytime that I've been to Naughty Girls, there have been several dancers who have been very clear about wanting to date. I haven't spent as much time at the Landmark, but I'll have to try it out based on what you say. Hopefully, it's cheaper to buy drinks for the dancers there. That's the big problem with Naughty Girls. It didn't use to be so bad, but they're getting ridiculous lately.

07-30-03, 23:58
Has anyone heard anything about SW in LaCrosse?? Do they exist? Where do I look.

Thanks in advance.

07-31-03, 22:49
Had a session with Miss Kitty recently in Beloit. This was a weird one. As warned on this board, she is not young. I am not young either, but she some years on me. Maybe more than some. She only does outcall, which was a drag, and an additional expense on top of the session, which as 2.5 big ones.

Anyway, she is a very nice grandmotherly lady, most of the time. Starts with an interesting massge, very different technique, for you serious massage folks, with lots of stretches that I have not had before.

After she has worked over the rest of the body she starts on the groin area, and the grandmotherly stuff ends. Off comes her shirt and bra. If you think Nancy Rae's in Racine is a trip, you have to try Miss Kitty. Maybe I am getting perverse, but having a 60-something year old nipple attached to a saggy tit slipped into my mouth by an elderly lady who is murmuring filth while pounding my oiled up dick had a hell of an effect - the strongest ejaculation in some time.

I am not going to try this again, but I am not sorry I tried it once.

08-12-03, 22:08
Travelling soon, to Fond du Lac, Appleton, and Elkhart Lake areas. Anything interesting in these places? I like massage, fbsm, AMPs, whatever. A quick search of the board did not turn up much. Can these places really be so stodgy? Help a guy out! TIA.

Heywood Jablow
08-14-03, 00:28
there are no MP's or AMPs around here at all. Suprising too, since there are so many strip clubs and SO many asian/hmong women around here. You'd think there would be an AMP somewhere... I think your best best is Naughty Girls in Oshkosh, I heard some of the girls do side work or date. I've been propositioned at the Landmark Lounge in Oshkosh too. NEVER at Beansnappers or Paradise Club in Appleton though. Some great LD's at the Snapper though, check out their website, I highly recommend Rachel Steele, who is in town this month.

08-14-03, 21:50
yes , things are dead around there these days for massages parlor's (unless someone knows different) the only action seems to be the strip clubs and try OP's in Fondulac if it's still open seems when i was there you had to take a number and wait in line at the bar (so to speak) some years back there was some SW'er activity around there but i think LE cleaned up on this.

and the only action i know in Elkhart lakes is Road America but that's off topic to this group

Heywood Jablow
08-15-03, 12:29
ok, just as I say the action is dead around here, I hit the jackpot!
I stopped by Pure Pleasure (porn shop) in Oshkosh, and saw they were closed at 1:00 am. As I was walking back to my car, a girl in another car asked me where the party was. She was pretty good looking and sitting w/ a guy in their car. She asked again if I wanted to party w/ them, so I asked what that meant, and she said she wanted to do me while her hubby watched. Ok.... So I follow them to the HoJo's a couple blocks away, he gets a room, we go in (I'm pretty nervous and scan the room), all was cool. He sits down, she gets naked and asks if she can f**k me. Ok! It was a cool experience, no 'male contact' at all, he just wanted to watch.

Anyway, at HoJo's, I saw a couple of young black girls walking into rooms with older white guys. Somehow I think they might have been providers.... It was around 1:15, so the strip clubs weren't closed. These girls must have been doing take out from some strip club or they were there as independants. So, check out the Oshkosh scene.
One warning, and I didn't have this problem this time, but when The Loft was open, LE knew girls went to HoJos and they used to patrol the parking lot very often. Just be careful if you go there looking for a provider or go there WITH a provider. Just have your story straight in case they question you. I.E., you're there for breakfast, met a girl at a downtown bar who gave you her room #, etc...

Heywood Jablow
08-15-03, 12:31
forgot one thing. Speaking of The Loft, the old barn is completely torn down now!!! It's been empty for a good 3-4 years now, but they completely razed the site now.

I may have asked this before, but does anyone remember exactly what happened there? How did they get busted and what how long did they serve???

08-17-03, 08:23

When in OSH go to Landmark and hook-up with Renea.

08-20-03, 07:43
Hi all,

I post in the South Bend Ind Board. Im heading to Manitowac in a few days for work. Is there any action in that town, was there about 5 yrs ago and some of bars were good, but never found any working girls. Please help out a fellow hobbiest.


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09-03-03, 14:21
I will be in the Oshkosh area and just curious what exactly to expect from Naughty Girls. Any extras?

Mark User
09-27-03, 16:11
To my beloved Cheeseheads:

Recently started posting in the Carolinas, but now find I am going to be in Beloit for a while on business. What do you all recommend? Is there any action in Beloit? What are the closest towns that are likely to be fruitful for hunting?

The only thing I can find here (yes, I did RTFF! :) is Miss Kitty, but she sounds too, well, let's just say "too too".

Any advice or pointers would be appreciated. I'll be glad to reciprocate for visitors to the east.


09-29-03, 21:20
To Mark user-

If you are in beloit the best place to go is donw to Rockford which is less than a half hour drive away. Check out the Rockford section in Illinois for details.

09-30-03, 01:02
Saw a couple of posts on the board looking for sw in La Crosse but with no replies. I've heard there is action in Lax, though not neccesarly SWs. I'm looking for info on any action in Lax or the surrounding area.

Stay smart, stay safe

Member #1063
09-30-03, 15:38
Hello Mark-
I can't tell you to much about Beloit. The best action for you will be in Rockford. Rockford is 20 to 25 min from Beloit. There's more in Rockford than Madison, Janesville, and Beloit combined. Good luck.

09-30-03, 17:36
I agree with member # 1036 - get to Rockford -

All that I know of in Beloit is the bear chest lounge on Wisconsin Ave. Its kinda fun - but thats all

Heavens Keeper
10-04-03, 15:29
I just want to post a cool link to a few of the Independent Provides in the Wisconsin Area. I hope I ain't stepping on anyones toe's?


11-11-03, 10:39

The nude club Vixens in Menasha has closed and is being replaced by a girly bar called Cyotes where the girl bartenders dance. I haven't checked it out yet.

11-13-03, 23:41
Looks like I will be traveling to Fondulac on a weekly basis for the next few months. Does anybody have any info on where the strolls are there or the names of any providers in the immediate area?

Much thanks for any info in advance!

11-18-03, 01:28
Duck, try the tittybar called "The Other Place" north of downtown on the main street. I've had some luck there. Reasonable, too.

11-23-03, 12:17
Anyone heard of any action up near the Eagle River area?

11-29-03, 19:18

Thanks for the heads-up. Sorry for the delay in replying for I've been laid up. Any chance you might be able to recommend a specific dancer who does take out? If you are uncomfortable leaving a name out in the open feel free to pm. me. Your help is much appreciated!

01-20-04, 00:01
Has anyone checked out the club in Arena. The old Sandbar. A buddy of mine told me that he got take out there, reasonable price and the girl wasnt bad looking. He also told me that it was a pretty regular occurance. Just thought I'd let yall know

01-29-04, 05:30
I went to the new club in Arena tonight. It's called the Triangle, but it used to be called the Sandbar, and that's what is says on the door. Anyway, I was reasonably impressed. I favor friendly dancers and lots of contact over beautiful dancers and no contact, but this place was a good combination. Not as wild as some places, but not bad. The lap dances are $20 and in a room off the bar. Most of the dancers allowed good contact, including groping some boobs and ass. Drinks for the dancers aren't any more than for customers, which is a break.

Now, for the news you really want, lots of take out is available. 3 dancers offered me their numbers. The catch is that they were all represented by a service, so I'm expecting the fee to be high. But a couple of them gave me direct phone numbers for them, so I'm hoping for something more reasonable than $2.50/hr. The dancers were nearly all 7-9 range. Some nice big natural boobs on a few.

As a bonus, there were (on a Wednesday night) about 4-5 local girls at the bar getting pretty drunk. They knew a lot of the guys, and a couple of them bartend there sometimes. One of them suggested getting together. She was bombed on her ass, which I like in a horny girl. They tend to be more willing to do some fun stuff then. I couldn't take her up on it tonight, but I'll get back there soon and see what I can work out. I had the impression that she's bombed on her ass most nights, but she's young enough that it hasn't taken a big toll yet.

I'm going to call the dancers who gave me their numbers to see if the fees are anywhere near reasonable. I'll let you know what the deal is.

04-11-04, 01:31
Has anyone had any contact lately with Lisa, who used to be listed at WisconsinNights under Horny Housewife. I had a couple of good sessions with her for a reasonable price. She's a little heavy, but a lot of the weight is in her boobs and ass, which suits me just fine. She was very enthusiastic, including bbbj immediately after fs. It's been a year since I've seen her, and I don't have her contact information anymore. Anybody out there with something on her?

04-13-04, 17:49
Look for Lisa on [Email address deleted by Admin].

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05-02-04, 18:50
I was at The Other Place this weekend in Fond du Lac. I chatted with a very nice dancer who sat on my knee and rubbed herself. Also let me feel her panties in the right places. She also showed down below to me a few times. Not sure, but next time I'll try for some take out.

05-16-04, 13:38
Hi All any action iN Manatowoc WI, cause i got a week with inlaws up there, and need the hobby to get me thru. I post in IND and MI forums Thanks TAZZ

05-27-04, 04:20

I have been a lurker on this board for many months and decided it was time to start contributing.

On Friday, May 21, I was at The Gold Nugget in Spread Eagle, WI. This is just across the border from Iron Mountain, MI - maybe a five minute drive west of the city on US Hwy 2.

The club is generally pretty small. There were 6 dancers that I recall. None were spectacular by any means. I would rate them all between a 3 and a 6.

There was no cover charge. They get you on the drinks. A can of beer was $3.50. To buy a drink for the dancers was $7. The dancers were very aggressive about hustling drinks. I once came back from the private dance area and made a pit stop in the bathroom. I get back to the bar and the dancer had ordered a shot of tequila. The bartender told me I owed $7. I paid for that drink, but told the bartender I wasn't buying any more dancers drinks. If he poured another drink for a dancer she was paying for it. He apologized and said he understood my frustration.

There were two black dancers up from Milwaukee. They each asked me for private dances. There is a token system there that you have to buy from the bar. One dance = $12 which is a pretty good bargain, but I was hustled for tips (requested $20) by both of the black dancers - Toy and Platinum. So a $12 dollar dance quickly ballooned to $32.

I only bought one dance each from them because of the tip hustling which cost them in the long run because I tried out some of the other dancers and was not hustled from tips. One of the white girls was also very high mileage. All of the high mileage girls were from out of town. The local girls were much more conservative in the private dances.

The dances are high mileage. There are two private dance rooms, each built for privacy. I couldn't see any cameras anywhere. The girls get aked and climb right on board. Lots of touching was allowed by the black girls, especially Toy.

Both Platinum and Toy grabbed my joint in the private room and asked me if I was going to be around after closing time. I am not really into hooking up with dancers so I told them I wasn't going to be around. I should have asked how much to report to you guys here on the board.

All in all, it was a good time. Just keep a leash on the bartender when he is pouring drinks for girls when you aren't even present.

06-11-04, 18:33
I'm certain this has been asked before, but with summer approaching, is anyone aware of any amps, mp's, or provider's of any type in the Minocqua/Lac du Flambeau area. I'll be doing some fishing up there and am certain I'll need to relax after such hectic daytime activity. PM if you don't want to post on the board. Thanks in advance.

06-24-04, 14:01
Going to be in central Wisconsin July 9 through July 12. I have RTFF from the beginning. Will be in Marshfield, Wausa and Eau Claire areas. Looking for new or additional information on the best strip clubs, escorts or reliable agencies and sw activities.

As I get out this area several times a year (and I have posted here before) I have always been suprised why there is no apparent action over in Stevens Point.

Any and all help is appreciated and I will post after my visit. PM if you wish.


Red Draggin
06-27-04, 00:11
Central WI is a black hole for escorting. Your best bet is to get take out at someplace like the Showtime in Wausau. Talent is uneven, but you might get lucky. I'd guess at least half the girls on a given night are available.

St. Point has nothing for nobody. The best you can do there is head north to the New Yorker north of Mosinee.

07-05-04, 08:55

Shooters is in Elk Mound About 15 miles west on 94 from Euclaire. Take out can be had on occassion.


Please Me II
07-07-04, 05:41
Anything available in the Hurley area? Heard there are a couple of topless joints, but have not heard if extras are available.

07-07-04, 16:21
Thanks Mick and Red Draggin, I will report back next week when I get home.

All is well in PA land.

Red Draggin
07-09-04, 00:50
Hurley has like 5 clubs for a small town. Unbelievable! As for takeout, ymmv, but definitely possible. I'd try Club Carnival and stay alert.

Please Me II
07-10-04, 08:40
Thanks Red. When I get sent up there I will definitely sample.

07-11-04, 12:09
Airventure starts in Oshkosh in two weeks, July 27. I've had good luck the last two finding providers. Any news on the Oshkosh scene right now would be appreciated. PM me if you wish.

07-11-04, 15:02
I have had take out a few times in Hurley. It was from a club I believe is named Silver City. This has been over 3 years ago, but I have heard nothing that things have changed in Hurley. There are definite busier times and dead times to go. My experience is during deer season and in the winter during snowmobile season.

It was always with black girls from Milwaukee. The common rate I was charged was $100 and it is just til you are done, you don't get the hour. But I have heard some guys say that some will stay for the night. As always YMMV.

07-12-04, 01:00
The name of the club in Hurley that i have expereince with is 21 Silver Street, not Silver City.

Chilly Willy
07-13-04, 11:23

I lived in Eau Claire for 10 years (80s - 90s) and never found a thing, but then again, never found any boards like this one back then, either.

Coincidentally, I did meet at least 2 different providers in the Twin Cities area who were from EC. One worked at the old Cosmopolitan Club in St Paul (massage + extras place); I met her in the early 80s. The other worked through an outcall service in the eastern metro/St Paul area; I met her in the mid-90s. Just mentioned it because I think if there had been any places closer to EC, they would not have relocated to St Paul.


07-14-04, 02:22
Hi all,

Moved to the Eau Claire area a few years ago from la la land and severly miss the AMPs. For that matter, any decent massage provider would be a great find. If anyone could advise of any fun to be had in west central Wisconsin, it would be of great help!

07-16-04, 22:45

I would have to suggest you travel to Wausau (90+ miles) and the strip club. I've known my brother in-law for 18+ years now. I just learned (via his cousin, last weekend) that he had take out many years ago. I've read recent reports as well. The next time Iím in Wausau I'll be hitting this club.

1709 N Merrill Ave
Wausau, Wisconsin, USA
(715) 675-9933

I do not work for them and have never been there, just trying to help a brother in need. Good luck and happy hunting.

Deep Subman
07-17-04, 08:05

Going to the North Woods (Woodruff, Minoqua area) this week. Can anyone PM me about escorts or strip clubs within 50 miles of that area? Went to Weasels in Eagle River, but dont know if any action can be had. Any help would be appreciated.


07-17-04, 22:02
Thanks for the earlier posts I had some success on my trip to mid-cheeseland last week. I started with the strip joint west of Eau Claire on Thursday eve. Even though I was unable to wrestle up any after hours action I could not have followed through because I had a 7 AM meeting. Probably the cleanest of the three joints that I visited, actually a bit to clean even though their filly line up was the best looking.

Friday night I visited the Rearend over by Marshfield. Had five girl line up, only a couple of them worthy. But I must admit this was my favorite joint because it's so slutty, the way it's suppose to be. The best girl was taken early by this old bearded bastard. He must have thrown at least $300 at her over several hours. It got so bad that when she did dance nobody would sit ring side or spend money on her because this guy would just throw more at her.

There was a skinny/petite thing that had some interesting moves. She was the only girl there that knew how to play the crowd on and off the stage. I gave her my room number but never thought she would show. I left around 11 and went back to the motel. Around 3 AM someone knocking on my door. Miss petite shows up. She comes in, gets comfortable. She wants $200, I show her $100, she a happy camper. We take a shower, she does the bbbj then we put a little shower cap on Mr. Smiley. We do some different positions with Ms. Petite seeming to enjoy herself too. She picks up the c note on the way out around 4:30 and I go back to sleep. OOO yah!

Did the joint northside of Wausau Saturday early evening. I got to be at the Central Wisconsin airport by 6 AM so I am not looking to score just doing some recon for next time. Had a hell of time to find this place even though I have the address. This was probably the best run of the three. Lots of girls dancing on the floor and in the rooms. Just guessing but seems like take out might be availible. I didn't work at it to find out but a gut feel.

Thanks for the info, I had a good time. If you are in the Baltimore area let me know or just check out the very active board. Lots of great guys for help and info.

All is well in PA land

Red Draggin
07-18-04, 00:05
I guarantee that Showtime has takeout, because I've been asked several times and took one up on it. Very attractive blonde with big natural tits from Milw. Went to her hotel and although she wasn't real experienced, just f**king a real beauty that was giving me a lapper an hour earlier was a great time.

Pilot Prod
07-19-04, 12:19
Well, it's Airshow time at Oshkosh again. I'll be there for the first time in 4 years. I wasn't much of a hobbiest then so I have no idea where any action would be. Would appreciate any information.

07-21-04, 16:55

Anybody know of a decent provider in the Sheboygan/Mantiowoc area? There are ladies who travel through occassionally from Milwaukee or GB, but am really looking for someone to see on a semi-regular basis closer to this area.

Any helop would be appreciated,


07-24-04, 23:17

There is a pretty good gal in Chilton, though the beer I just finished is preventing me from remembering her name. If you can get to Chilton, let me know (here or via PM) and I'll have remembered by then. She is a bit heavy, even by Wisconsin standards, but smart, nice, and enthusiastic.


07-26-04, 08:56

I know the lady well. Her name is Lisa. Excellent provider even if she is a bit heavy. Unfortunately, she moved to the far side of Appleton recently. A little bit of a lengthy drive now for a quick bit of delight - would like to find something closer. Thanks for the thought, though.


Avery Anderson
07-26-04, 21:03

The Chilton lady you're thinking of is Lisa, aka The Horny Housewife. She's a full-fledged BBW who swngs with her husband, and does some incalls as well.

I saw her in June, and she was terrific - she has top-notch oral skills. I'm almost 60, and she coaxed 3 BBBJTCIM's out of me in two hours. I left her condo with rubber legs! Apparently, she does it all, including DFK, DATY, BBBJTCIM, CFS and Greek. I never got to the CFS, though. That silky smooth mouth was too good to forgo.

Her husband is around the whole time for her safety, but you never see him. It didn't bother me at all, because he was so discreet.

07-26-04, 22:48
I can second the motion on Showtime. My guess is more often than not you can get take out. Its not cheap, expect to pay $100 to $150 on average.

There used to be a blonde gal with big tits who would do anal.

All the black girls to take out there.

Some work out of a hotel during the day called the Mar-Jon downtown.

I haven't been in a few years but I would guess it hasn't changed.

The last time I stayed up there it was in this big round shaped Ramada Inn. I had one of the black girls over after hours - I had to stick around and drive her over. She gave me a hand job for $50. Nothing else, but that was fine with me.

07-28-04, 15:11
Looking for information on SW's in Janesville. Does anyone have any information to share?

Goat Rancher
07-29-04, 12:56
Going to be in River Falls the first of next week. Any action to be found around there?


Red Draggin
08-04-04, 00:21
Yeah, I've heard the Marjon is where a lot of the dancers stay. Rooms are like $30. My little honey stayed at a place on Grand Ave-don't remember the name of the place.

Lefty, was that big titted blonde Brandi Boom Boom by any chance? She was an absolute doll. What a rack!

08-04-04, 07:05
Anyone know if anything is available in Lake Geneva are? Massage with extras or escort.

08-05-04, 18:22
Yes, it was Bambi Boom Boom. She would date if you were a regular. There used to be this total nerd loser who would come in and all the girls would fall all over him. I found out he was paying them all $100-200 a crack to sleep with him. Seems he had an endless supply of cash.

Wonder if Bambi is still there? Havent seen her in 9 years.

Red Draggin
08-08-04, 00:36
Bambi retired a couple of years ago at least. I didn't learn about her until too late unfortunately. Things haven't changed much at Showtime though. Count on all the black girls from Milw being providers. The only place with more hos in it is the Whitetail in Keshena.

08-08-04, 21:20
Not a bad idea for the Milwaukee hobbyists who are now feeling LE heat. Going to the up north clubs to meet them and then hooking up with them locally. Some years back when the Loft was open I did this and they say they seldom danced in Milwaukee clubs.

Janesville has ho's but I never seen them on the streets, but I haven't been there in several years most went to Madison or Milwaukee to stroll.

Anyone check out that new strip club just north of watertown I heard some Milwaukee dancers are working out there but I don't know if there's outside action.

I got a little behind the times on out of Milwaukee action

08-10-04, 16:15
Reg Draggin - Showtime used to house the girls next door. I used to pick them up and drive them to a motel. I don't know when these girls slept. They would be dancing from 4pm to 2am, go suck dicks til dawn, then I would pick them up for sex at noon until 2pm. Then they would have me drop them off at the next customer's place. Usually a doctor, dentist, or chiropractor.

A lot of Milwaukee dancers had all their health care providers in Wausau because they did it barter style.

Some had old men they would hang out with who would just take them to the mall to go shopping.

Red Draggin
08-14-04, 01:50

Been to the club near Watertown and I think you might be on to something. There was more action there than the Dane Cty clubs. Wouldn't be surprised if you could get some takeout.

BJ Daty
08-14-04, 21:22
I was at a club on rout 14 near the IL. border. I do not recall the name but one of you should be able to post the name. It is the last club before IL.

Anyway I was there a few nights ago, un f**king real a chick in her teens she said she was too yopung to drink gave me a lap dance that almost got me off $20. I then was greated by a blond named savana (I think) she grabed my package and off we went to the vip room. I toucher and kissed everything no diggets but wow I asked her what she did for kicks out side the club. SHe gave me a grin and said for $300 ANYTHING I want. I asked where we could meet up and she said be outside a two.

I was there till 11:00 but had to leave so I told her maby next time she grabed my croch and said anytime.

Has anyone expereanced this at this joint? She did not hesitate to offer extras outside. Do you think she is shinning me on or do you think it is for real.

All the girls were hot and most walked around the join topless.

Kev 3X
08-15-04, 10:26
Anyone know of any fun to be had in Sheboygan? I am going to be there one night this week and am looking for a good quickie.

On Parole
08-16-04, 23:19
Where is the club near Watertown?

BJ Daty
08-17-04, 23:47
I went to a strip club on rout 14 friday night and oh my it was the best strip joint i have ever been to. Hands can rome anywhere. Girls are nice looking and not pushy.

One of the girls gave my package a grab then I bought a dance she kept hinting that she got off at 2 and she needed a ride home. I had no money for extras and told her that she said well next time. I said how much and she was vage but I think she was indicating 100.

Has anyone been to this place I do not know the name but it is the last strip club before the IL. border.

08-20-04, 08:57
Im not familiar with that club on Route 14...

Anyone available to provide a name or directions???

Packer Fan
08-20-04, 09:28
I think he may be talking about Show Palace by Darien. That is not a bad club, and I have been offered carry out there as well. Inside its hard to get more than a good handshake though.

08-20-04, 13:59
BJ Daty are you talking about the Showpalace? This place rocks
on a Saturday night with a good mix of girls and the lappers are

08-20-04, 14:22
Well, if my stripclublist and rand mcnally search is correct, looks like it is "Vegas Gentlemens Club" that BJ Daty went to.
Although, reading the comments left on stripclublist, it sounds like a lot of guys feel hustled in there.
Anyway, that was the club name I came up with on Route 14.

08-20-04, 22:45

Check out tnt club in clyman. a couple miles north west of Watertown. then check out Cocktails and Dreams in Juneau, 12 miles north of Juneau.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

Red Draggin
08-21-04, 01:27
A little hard to understand what BJ Daty was trying to say, but the Show Palace would be the "last" club before the IL border. If you run into the right girl, its not unusual to have stuff like this happen. Last time I was at VGC, I got plenty of hands-on action, but its not typical.

A club I was at last week had a girl that allowed me to touch her anywhere in the private dance area, but I bet most of the dancers there that night wouldn't let you do that--ymmv.

The club near Watertown is the TNT in Clyman, just off Hwy 26, a few mi north.

BJ Daty
08-24-04, 00:24
Ok, the show place sounds correct I am going up there again in about three days. I' ll try to stop by. the nice thing is the parking lot is big and I can get my rig in and out without a hasle.

This time the truck I am in has a sleeper, so we will see.

I will get the name this time.

Mr Stinky
08-26-04, 14:01
BJ DATY may very well be referring to the Vegas Gentlemans place on 14 just west of Delevan. I've only stopped during the day. They have a nice lunch and some very pretty dancers. The lap dances are pretty good for a daytime show. All the dancers seem nice. Last time there, I was having lunch and a dancer came over and sat down. Very nice girl. We talked for about 45 and then she had to go on. Didn't ask for a drink or anything. Just wanted to talk. When she finished her dance, she asked if I'd like a lapper, but didn't have time. As I left, she gave me a hug and a kiss. Kinda cool.


Ran D S
09-04-04, 03:41
So which is it? I have been to both the last couple of weeks and the show is a much better place in my opinion. Still have not been able to find any take out. Came real close this wed, but fell thru. Can anyone fill me in on the best take out places, if there are any.


Past Tense
09-17-04, 23:25
Paradise City Gentleman's club is on 33 just West of the Interstate, technically in Portage. Spent a couple of hours there last Friday.

12? girls, of the 12 one was black, one was a latina. Fair variety of body types slim to chunky. Door was $8, but from what I could see, no table or private dances were offered. It was wierd being in a strip club and not being hussled for extras but it sure was easier on the wallet.

Another interesting thing about this place was the buses in the parking lot. One busload of guys was just leaving as I got there, another arrived before I left. All in all, not the best time I have had at a club but a good diversion in an area with limited nightlife.

09-19-04, 16:36
Regarding Paradise City and Past Tense's report, private lap dances are available in a room in the back. They also have some sort of shower dance booth. Lap dances are almost always "hands off", although I have had a couple of dancers allow some touching.

Next time you are there, go to the end of the bar furthest from the stage. Dances are arranged back there and the room is directly beyond the end of the bar.

Really not sure about take out at P.C., seems very unlikely.

Keep it cheesy!


BJ Daty
09-21-04, 21:02
Ok men stoped at THe SHow Place on my flip run commin outa the UP the truck I had has a big sleeper. I went in with three hundred. spent like 130. touched everywhere and was touched by meny.

As I was leaving a girl named Cindy asked me which way I was going I said north and she asked for a ride. I asked where she was going she said Tenn. I told her I was not going nearly that far she said we should go out to the truck and make travel plans.

In the truck she said she just wanted to get out of the club. She asked if I liked to party and pulled out some weed we smoked up and then she told me 150 got full access to the goods. She gave a good gfe but I only went as far as bbbjcim I do not know if she spit or not she took a drink of coke and never finished the can so you be the judge.

I think the rig was the bait she liked the truck I even let her drive accross the parking lot. I will go back soon. this is beeter than Rockford.

Nice place.

Like Head
09-27-04, 13:18
Went north this weekend. Stoped in at the Outpost outside of Neilsville. It is close to my weekend place. The girls there were friendly, most of them about a 7. The only thing I don't understand is Why the management would let in the dancers boyfriends. This is so stupid who wants to get a lapper with some ass watching you the whole time, making sure you don't grope his chick.

From the girls I talked to take-out wasn't on the menu. I just sat and talked to Bella all night with no pressure to by drinks or lappers. So if you make it up there be nice to her she is one of the nicest dancers I have ever met. Good Luck To All

On Parole
09-29-04, 00:12
Checked out Massages By Jennifer in town called MT Horeb just west of Madison. A legit. massage place , on my 3rd trip to her I offer 2 jeffs for handshake and got it. This could lead to better things. Massages by Jennifer [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of telephone numbers in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly to via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

Iowa Guy
09-30-04, 16:51
On Parole

You paid 2 Jeff's for a hand job?

Can't find where this girl is listed, I checked phone book and Isthmus.

On Parole
10-03-04, 06:06
Stopped at a place in Oshkosh called Nates , on the outside it looked a nudie bar but inside I got hustled by 2 older alcholic women and seen 2 guys makin out , i had 2 beers and left. Any info on this place?

Indy Wingman
10-05-04, 00:25
I know I shouldn't assume things, but seeing as, iirc, Jefferson is on the $2 bill, I think On Parole meant to say 2 Jacksons. I could be wrong though.

Either way, seeing as I'm in Mt. Horeb about every other week I think I'll have to check it out.

Thanks for the info OP!

10-05-04, 05:37
You paid 2 Jeff's for a hand job?

Two Jeffersons, that's, let's see...$4?

Maybe that's not what he meant.

Iowa Guy
10-05-04, 16:17
Deacon Blue,

If you check it out be sure to get me an address.

And a full report on your massage time would be nice too.

10-07-04, 14:14
Does anyone know of any women providers in and around Sparta, Wi area near Fort McCoy?

Craven Morehead
10-07-04, 19:32
Fellas - Here's a new one to me:


I called them & they wanted 135 for a 1 hour visit & 195 for a "TLC" session (They Lick Cock?). No incall available yet. The chicks in the photos look OK-I've seen worse on the north side of Milwaukee.

Anyone been here yet?


10-07-04, 22:17
Some folks on another site have reviewed at least one of the bbnrscorts ladies, and the agency seems legit. A couple of them look familiar to me, but I cannot place them. It sounds like the TLC charge is for fs, the lower charge is for sensual massage.

My guess is that their sensual massage is lousy massage, maybe nude, followed by hj, but I could be wrong. The guy used a credit card and said it was handled properly (billed to a candle store).

Outcall only.

The one thing I liked about the site is that their stats seemed honest. Body types were described as "average" and the stated ages seemed accurate. In fact, they seem a little naive - under "languages" they actually listed the languages the women spoke. As in speech, ... like, ... talking! Kind of cute.

10-08-04, 19:26
Hi everyone.

I am in Watertown on business from Arizona. I am wondering if there is any outcall service in Watertown. I have done some searching on the internet, but haven't found any ads.

If anyone here knows of decent, non-ripoff, outcall please reply here or drop me a PM.


Cigar Smoker
10-28-04, 20:25
I get up to the Stevens Point area from time to time for work ans was wondering if there was any daytime SW activity there?

10-29-04, 11:07
I get up to the Stevens Point area from time to time for work ans was wondering if there was any daytime SW activity there?

SWs in a town of 25,000? The Wausau-Point-Rapids-Marshfield metroplex is hardly a hot-bed of P4P activity. The only source that's ever mentioned for this area is black dancers at Showtime in Wausau who sometimes offer takeout.

But then, anything is possible. I did once see a skanky looking woman sitting on a bench in downtown Point, and as I walked by, she asked for a cigarette. She may have been OFB...

10-31-04, 07:57
You most likely won't find much professional out call provider service in Watertown it's just a small town but there are some bar ho amateurs on the weekends (part timers) just hanging out.

Another hit or miss place is just south of Watertown at that interstate truck stop on HY26 also there has been a few reports on that new strip club just north of the city. You will need luck to find something is this area.

11-01-04, 08:10
Actually there is take-out available at most strip clubs in the fox and wolf river valley areas. When you go to these clubs, and there are quite a few, and you look around and notice that there are almost as many patrons as dancers, well it stands to reason that the only way these gals make a living is on their backs. Just takes a bit of time and a lot of cash.

With the hunting season coming on , availability will become tougher. Go early and go often. Those fellas looking for $20 bj's might as well stay home and beat-off, ain't street action up here.

Red Draggin
11-20-04, 17:34
If you go to the Showtime, don't forget the white girls too. I would also recommend Teaser's in Stratford but they stay on the premises, so you'll have to arrange a daytime meeting.

12-09-04, 23:07
I was wondering if anyone knew of any good providers, strip clubs, massage parlors etc. in the Manitowoc area. Any comments are appreciated.

12-10-04, 15:36
Eric21 -- The only MPs in Wisconsin are in Madison (and Racine, if you count Nancy Rae's, but you don't want to go there, trust me...). Your best bet for strip clubs is probably Appleton, I've heard good things about, what's it called? Beansnappers? Never been there. There are independent escorts available in the Green Bay and Fox Valley areas if you're willing to spend the cash; they regularly advertise on another Wisconsin-oriented escort website, PM me for more info if you're interested.

Red Draggin
12-12-04, 01:00
I was wondering if anyone knew of any good providers, strip clubs, massage parlors etc. in the Manitowoc area. Any comments are appreciated.I've had good luck at Bonker's as far as getting extras in the LD area. As usual, the black girls will be more likely to go that way. You can get pretty good mileage at TopHat too, but I think your best bet is Bonker's.

12-13-04, 19:18
Thanks for the info guys. I'm not familiar with where Bonkers is. I've driven past the Top Hat and Golddiggers quite a few times, but haven't seen Bonkers.

12-17-04, 14:08
Showtime and Teasers are almost can't miss for extras.

I travel there about 8 times a year and haven't missed yet!

Red Draggin
12-19-04, 00:35
Thanks for the info guys. I'm not familiar with where Bonkers is. I've driven past the Top Hat and Golddiggers quite a few times, but haven't seen Bonkers.Bonker's is outside of Manty on the north side a few miles from TH. Its on Cty R, but I only recognize how to get there when I'm actually there. Recommend getting the address from stripclublist.com and using a map site to get directions.