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04-10-02, 14:02
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04-21-02, 19:06
I picked up 2 girls on 99 close to 164th on Weds.Wanted me to take them to some motel(Drugs probably).I gave them a ride and we went tthrough the what ate you doing and what ate you looking for routine.One was older and not very attractive the other was fat but cute.Both were about 5s.I dropped off the older one and took the fat one home.Pretty good GFE but no BJ.Came t 40.got her # and will try to get her and her friend in a Threesome!

Happy Hunting!!

04-23-02, 11:59
looking for girls in the Marysville area, anyone know where to look? I'm a first time looker and would like any info on what to look for.

04-23-02, 20:34
I've seen a couple of suspected hookers on the southern end of State Ave in Marysville in recent years, and a couple of convincing ones late last year. Other johns also reported activity at that time, but nothing has been seen or reported since. The nearest stroll beyond that is Broadway in Everett--where the most recent sighting was last month.

Seattle-Tacoma-Everett street guide:


04-24-02, 03:55
Good luck trying to find a SW in Everett or Marysville. Everett is particularly bad. You have to watch out for the LE stings as well as LE cameras taking your picture on Broadway. There's also the no cruising ordinance, so don't hang out too long.

SWs are hard to find, even in Seattle. You could literally spend hours searching and not see a single one. Personally, I'd suggest the more sure thing of the AMPs. You'll save the time of searching for a SW. If you don't like who you get, then you can leave without a hassle. Plus, you'll definitely leave relaxed after blowing your load AND getting a massage. Sure, you'll pay a little more, but time is money. I figure you're paying for the convenience of having someone there whenever YOU want.

The closest AMP for you would probably be Tokyo Spa in south Everett. It's conveniently located just off of I-5. To get there, go down I-5 until the 164th St exit. Head east on 164th. It'll be on the left two blocks down, just after Wal-Mart.

From what I remember it's $40 to get in the door. From there it's $60-$100 extra depending on what you want. Don't worry about LE there. If they ever came in, the girls would know about it before they ever walked through the door. And it doesn't matter that you're naked, you're getting a massage.

I would suggest visiting Suzi there at Tokyo Spa. (She's a young looker who could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch!) Unfortunately, she doesn't work there anymore. Anyone else have a AMP girl to suggest?

04-26-02, 13:15
Was out last night about 1am. Saw a possible SW on West Casino - blonde hair, maybe a 6, went down the street a ways, came back and she was no where to be found.

Where on West Casino are most sightings? Toward 99 or toward Airport Road?

Also cruised into Everett (risky due to LE and cams) but saw nothing.

05-08-02, 01:33
Was out between 9 and 10 pm tonight saw three regular girls.All poor quality .Pick ed up one that was about a 2 ,not at all attractive.Wanted 40 for aBJ.I told her I would give her 20 but she she no and didn't even haggle.Dropped her off and told her to have a nice night.Tried to find my regular but she was gone.

05-08-02, 11:22
I'm assuming your pickups were on 99, but north or south of Airport Rd? The county sheriffs did a decoy sting last month, and nailed 25 johns. They now seem to have a policy of not giving the specific location of stings, but the past area was 99 between Airport Rd and Hwy 525 (Mukilteo Speedway).

Seattle-Tacoma-Everett street guide:


05-09-02, 16:07
Yes Uncircumcised,

you are right.I didn't hear about that sting but I think I saw it.I read in the paper today they had another sting down on Broadway.I really can't believe guys are still getting busted down there.

On the upside,I've seen a cute blonde in the 99 Edmonds area,dressed nice but I think she has a pimp.Seen the same black guy standing walking on the other side of the street.didn't approach her.

05-10-02, 13:57
That Herald item doesn't indicate how much jail time (if any) the city is giving johns now, but I know there's another $100 for the john school on top of the $500 fine. Additionally, they are now banned from Everett strolls--meaning that if they show up there again, they go directly to jail. Those johns were probably not readers of my guide or this forum, but they better find us if they're to find other hunting grounds and avoid trouble in the future.

Thanks for the sightings. I haven't seen much in Snohomish County lately, but I'll post anything significant I see.

05-15-02, 20:00
I saw 2 on 99 between Airport Rd and approximately Gibson Rd yesterday in the late evening, both poor quality. One was old and ugly, the other was big and mean-looking (I could almost hear her cursing at me when I didn't pick her up after slowing down to gawk at her). I saw another possible on Evergreen Way between Bruin Blvd and Hwy 526 (Boeing freeway). She was at least fair quality, but I wasn't 100% sure she was working. Nothing on Broadway or the Lynnwood-Edmonds stretch of 99 in the late evening or early afternoon.

05-16-02, 22:56
I was out between 7:30 and 8:30pm yesterday and saw what appeared to be aSW walking North on 99 from Airport RD. She seemed dazed and confused.Older and about a 4.I also noticed 4 unmarked police cars in the areas from Evergeen Way down to where it turns into Rucker.I've never seen thaat before andit made me curious(Maybe it was the nice weather.)

Today I saw a SW on Evergreen ay about a block North of the Home Depot.(Sittting on the brick wall at the Cedar Creek Apts.Used to see girls there all the time.)About a5 older made eye contact and smiled.Had an appointment and didn't get a chance to check it out.

Well the warmer days are here and maybe we'll get some action up here in Snohomish CO!

Un-circumsiced was one of those girls in your last post a thick native looking chick, dressed in black?If so her and her partner are out there all the time.Scary but cheap.


05-17-02, 11:50
I wasn't sure about the ethnicity of the older one. My quick impression was Hispanic, but maybe she was Native. But like I said, definitely bottom of the barrel. The other one struck me as Caucasian, brown hair, and just plain big--as opposed to fat.

I've put Evergreen on "fair" status in my guide, based on your sightings and that suspected one I saw earlier this week.

05-18-02, 06:52
Hey guys, I visit the Edmonds area about once a month, I don't drive so it's kinda tricky pickin up working girls, and too damn poor for spa tpye places, any ideas? what's the best way to approach a girl if your on foot? You can't really slow down and have her jump in your car now can yah? God damn DUI.

05-18-02, 16:52
From what I've seen, there isn't much regular action in Edmonds or within the Lynnwood city limits, so I certainly wouldn't recommend those cities for johns with no car. Most of the Snohomish County sightings these days seem to be on Hwy 99 / Evergreen Way from 164th St SW to around 75th St in Everett. However, the quantity of action in this county has rarely (if ever)
been as great as King or Pierce. A better plan would be to walk around strolls that are more reliable, like Aurora Ave or the northern downtown blocks in Seattle, or Tacoma Ave and S Tacoma Way / Pacific Hwy SW in Tacoma and Lakewood.

I've never picked up hookers on foot, but I know it can be done because I saw a john in New York do it on TV. There's also a guy in Portland who used a bicycle to find and pick up hookers. Obviously, johns without a vehicle need to be more wary of approaching decoys--whose most reliable indicator is that they don't get in cars.

05-18-02, 17:55

Here's an alternative for you to driving: Take a bus from Hwy 99 in Edmonds towards Seattle, get off at around 100th St, walk south from there towards the city. When you get to Greenlake if you haven't found anything, hop another bus and take that to where 99 intersects with Denny Way. You can walk around the area in the blocks east of 99. Those are definitely the best 2 strolls around. If you don't find anything, you can hop a bus headed back north and do the Greenlake to 100th St in reverse. Finding a bus from Hwy 99 to Seattle city center is pretty easy. Good luck

05-22-02, 17:50
I was out about 2:15pm today and saw some regulars out.One was by te Safeway at 148th and 99.Dressed like she was in a 80's tiewarp and a Joan Jett hairstyle.Seen her before lots of times and might have picked her up once.Some guy was following her to the hotels by McDonalds.

The other two were the two big girls wrote abut before, one native one white girl.Poor quality but I see them out all the time.

The Everett ares are mostly dead and hadn't heard anything about Marysville in a while.roke south last night,nothing.(Probably the rain)

It's that time of year for me to do Vancouver.

06-02-02, 15:06
I cruised the Casino Rd area last night about 130am. Nothing spotted...

06-10-02, 13:03
Has anyone been to Lake Serene Spa since they re-opened with "new management"? Wondering if it's any better than the disappointing service I received there in December....

06-13-02, 02:31
Went out cruisin after I watched the Lakers win a easy one.

Went down Evergreen Way and saw one infront of the Value Village,gave me all the signs(big smile, strong eye contact).Overweight,pretty face(whatever!)I rate her a 4.Saw a cop in the area so I headed into N. Everett,which I rarily do anymore.Saw two possibles on Broadway walking together,their body language made me think they were in the game,even though no dorect contact was made.I NEVER picki up or try to pick up on Broadway!

I guess school is ut because I saw ALOT of young girls out walking around with nothing to do.(got lucky before!!)

Note:I was looking for a buddies house a couple weeks ago and ran into a SW up behind the ARCO at Rucker and 41st.It surprised the Shit out of me I was driving past he slow not even paying attention to her(she was walking the same direction I was going)when she stops and and leans down to look at me.Stared at me hard.I kept on going thinking "nutty *****!".I came to a stop sign and looked back,she started walking toward me.I drove through the stop sign and looked back to see her throw her arms up.Well...I had time.I looped around and picked her up.She gave me a fair BJ for 20.ok body kinda a tweeker, about a 6.My point is(I say it all the time)it's hit or miss in Everett.Sometimes you can find a girl in other spots not listed on the street guide,which is a great source.I think things will pick up a bit now that the weather is nice.

06-13-02, 13:08
I checked all the Snohomish County locations (with the exception of 196th & 44th in Lynnwood) in my guide Tuesday evening, but didn't see much other than one or two possibles in the unincorporated stretch of 99--and they didn't look appetizing enough to warrant turning around. I'm probably going to delete that Lynnwood location at some point because I only saw a SW there once, and nobody else has mentioned it. As you said, there is sometimes a SW at an odd spot that no other john has reported.
My policy is to list every location that is reported--at least for awhile. Eventually they will be tossed if there are no additional john or newspaper reports.

I've also noticed more pedestrians out during these warmer, longer evenings. It does kind of complicate things and lead to a lot of wasted rubbernecking.

Seattle-Tacoma-Everett street guide:


06-14-02, 15:31
Was on my way to a bootie call last night(I'll take it anyway I can get it!)anad saw a SW onEvergren Way and 4th Ave about 1:00am sitting at the bus stop.Dressed in black ,not good light so I ddn't get a good look at her.About a five seen her before.Saw another one in a skirt makin ey contact on Evergreen down by Mikes? burger joint.

Had a good night,got a freebie.


06-25-02, 19:09
Was out this last Friday and Saturdat nights in the Everett area. The onlything I saw was a fat black girl on W. Casino. Did see a Blonde around the Fred Meyers on Evergreen. Looked nice, cute face, but someone beat me to her.

Nothing in Everett center and no other action all the way down to Airport road.

06-30-02, 16:12
1030am this morning and was driving to the Everett transfer station (dump site). Saw a nice looking Asian walking on the East end of Hewitt toward I5, definite eye contact. I was with a relative though so I couldn't do much about it. Can't be 100% sure but I think she was working...

07-07-02, 21:24
Once again more SW activity while I was on my way to the Everett transfer station (aka dump) today around Noon. I was with a friend so couldn't make any second passes though...

One definite SW walking along Broadway (I saw her at Broadway and Hewitt). Brown/black hair, 30's, big butt, looked like she had been riden hard and put away wet a few times, but overall would have been fun.

And after leaving the transfer station I saw a SW get picked up at 36th and ? (one block East of Broadway). She was in the distance so I couldn't get a good look at her.

They're out there - I just think the area is too hot with LE for me, but fun to observe-only anyway. Really enjoy the info on this board guys!

07-08-02, 13:33
I saw one walking down Broadway last week in the early evening, between about 16th and 23rd. I went by her several times, and there was no doubt in my mind she was looking for a date. She was about a 7 on the 1-10 (or upper "fair" in my system), and the best-looking SW I've seen in that stretch in a long time. I'm guessing she got picked up because she disappeared quickly around 23rd. I don't see how she could have been a decoy because she was covering too much ground, and I saw no vehicles with a single male occupant being stopped in the vicinity. I also saw a suspected SW at Pacific and Smith--just north of the new train station. She then went over to Broadway, then north. There was another suspected one around Broadway and Pacific, too. Both of these latter two were only lower "fair" or upper "poor" quality.

07-08-02, 20:15
most of the action I see in the Everett area is in the late afternoon to early evening.I don't usually cruise n N.Everett because of the camaras and cops,but I have seen SW in the area int the last month.Gla to see someone else seies them to!

I think it's a time of the month thing with most SW.Since most are on some kind of government assistance,its kinda slow the first week of every month.Yuo can always find straglers though.Most willtell stories about needing money for rent but are just ot to cop some drugs.I read in one post that a hobbist pickd up a girl who said"it must be paid day".how would they know or care?THey go out when then want something just like we do.

Anyone got any #s of girls in the Everett area?mine see to keep fallin through!

07-08-02, 21:05
Yeah, I've been more paranoid of picking up on that north Broadway stroll than just about any other in the region since those cameras went in. However, after cruising it repeatedly for a couple of hours one early evening last week, I'm starting to wonder if the cameras and no-cruising signs are more bark than bite. Like I said, that nice SW I saw was obviously working, and I saw no cop hassling her. Nor was I stopped for repeatedly cruising--and I was usually going 5-10 MPH below the speed limit.
Another weird thing is that I thought I remembered all the intersections where the cameras were at--the first one used to be at 25th, the last at 12th--but at least one of them seems to be missing now. Down for repairs? Still, I advise any john who picks up here to use extreme caution. If possible, try to point the SW to a side street that isn't across from one of the cameras, or pull off there and wait for her to walk by on Broadway, then flash your high beams. In case anyone missed the article when the cameras were fired up a couple of years ago, here it is:


07-16-02, 11:42
Continuing from my Seattle posting...

3am ish... Nothing along 99 between Airport Rd and 526. Nothing along Casino Rd. And nothing along Broadway (South of Hewitt) or any of it's immediate side streets...

LE definitely in the Casino Rd area, but I always see them there. Am wondering if it's just a problem area.

07-19-02, 17:56
...hey, what exactly did the dark skin girl look like? Was she black?

07-28-02, 12:02
Saturday, 3pm. Did a bit of a daylight stroll around the South end of Broadway and near the Transfer Station (aka dump). Didn't see any SW's but did see some hidden/parked LE. Didn't make a second pass to determine why the LE was sitting in covert locations...

08-02-02, 11:55
Continuing from my Seattle tour last night...

The heavy LE presence continued into Snohomish County. Nothing spotted from 164th North and I didn't even bother with Casino Road since an LE was turning left in front of me.

I did see one possible blonde SW near Broadway and say 18th (she was skinny, perhaps late 20's, looked "worn"). She walked into the AM/PM and I thought about pulling in but (surprise surprise) LE was sitting in the parking lot so I just kept moving...

09-12-02, 16:34
what up all?

good to see things working again!!
Was out today on 99 about 1:00 pm and saw two sw that I have seen before.an older one named Bev,she gives good service for a old bag.Definitily a crack head,I see her out more than the fat indian chickl!!I give her a 6 ifor service.The other one was bigger and had her thumb out as usual,not very attractive and looks too desperate.I think the two know each other because they walked by each and said something laughing.I was going to pick up Bev as she was walking into a trailer park when I saw a cop stop and talk to the other one.I didn't see where he came from soo quick but I got out of the area.There was cop parked on the side a little further north.I posted pics of them on Chungs sight.

Last Thursday I did something I never do,I picked up a SW on Broadway by the Aquasox stadium.I directed her to a side streetand got the f**k out of the area.Her name was Renee,older pretty blue eyes,and great tan legs.Originally from Atlanta and still had a Southern accent.Cool!!Charged fifty for 1/2 and 1/2.Rate her about a 7.She wanted to set up something regular but like an idiot I lost the #!! Oh well I'll probably see her out again!

Well lets hear whats been goin on fellas!!


09-18-02, 16:13
I wasn't feeling good yesterday, but I was determined to vote against the jail tax (those new touch-screen voting machines are cool). While I was out in the early evening, I made a couple of passes up and down Broadway. I saw a couple of suspects in the northern stretch, but nothing better than a "4".

I guess you all heard about the big drug raid of two motels around the Broadway "bend" last week. It didn't take long for the Seattle TV stations to show up and do the usual story about valiant cops protecting us from evil druggies:

http://www.seattleinsider.com/partners/kirotv/news/2002/09/12/raid_video.html (the audio on this is very weak)

Speaking of KIRO 7, I noticed their van sitting on Broadway near 38th St last night. There wasn't any baseball game or anything else going on that I could tell, so I wondered what it was doing there.

09-29-02, 10:37
Rather than put the same post twice - I just made some comments on the Tacoma forum concerning Airport. Well worth the visit.

10-04-02, 21:55
Bumped into a black gal one night (maybe 4w ago?) in the adult theater near 128th and 99. She was in the theater with a guy who'd paid her to accompany him. Said she meet another time for $100 and that she lived just off West Casino. I subsequently called her but some guy answered and then she called my cell phone numerous times (read: flake). Just interesting to see a gal working the theater. Wonder if we'll get to the point like a few of the places down in Portland...

I've been out a few other times late in the evening, but haven't seen anything.

10-06-02, 02:35
Hey Wellhung, can you give a description of that black girl? Was she descent? Would you be willing to swap some #s? I live within a mile of that place, although I've only been there once.


10-06-02, 11:52
Ichirod, yeah I'd be game to swap numbers (of course they never seem to last with these gals...).

The black gal was a tad big for my liking, but she was very wild/open when I saw her in the theater.

Email me direct at wellhungguy@hotmail.com

10-10-02, 18:04
Sawa a skinny blonde SW on W Casino today about 2pm. She was trying for the Meg Ryan look but years of abusing herself wouldn't let it happen.She was just walking around in the 7-11 parking lot.By time I got to her she was walking into the Oak Tree Apartments(not sure of the name)and disappeared.Was wearing a very visiblelime-green long jacket.

Saw a regular on 99 today.I saw her get busted 3 to 4 weeks ago at that Irish bar.Shoulder lenght browm hair,overwieght and looks like she hates walking.A difinite Barracuda.

none of my regulars have been home ,so I'll be lookin tonight.


10-11-02, 15:38

funny you should ask.I talked to her yesterday and wanted to hook up she said she had something set up and that we could hookup today.but I had other plans.She's not too cool with me giving out her # soo I can't hook you up.She's got regulars but I guess she's got to build up a trust thing.Maybe later.

I've been seeing posts for the N Lynnwood area posted on the Seattle section.The Eveerett/Lynnwood area is better for daytime cruises.I sometimes see SW's down by Pacific and Broadway at dusk.


10-12-02, 13:46
Found a SW on 99 near Casino last nigth. Blonde about 5"8". A little old but about a 5 or 6. wants 30 for BJ and 60 for full sex. Was alright and likes to have regulars rather than getting picked up. Gave good BJ for 30.

10-12-02, 20:49
Buddaman, willing to share her contact info? My direct email address is wellhungguy@hotmail.com

10-16-02, 18:00
Let me ask her and see if she minds me giving out her info. If not I will e-mail it to you.

10-26-02, 09:54
Driving through MountLake Terrace toward Everett saw a spa - Crystal Spa - Full front glass entrance but looked like typical AMP inside. Stopped to check it out - Woman's voice from behind one-way glass (sounded anglo) asked what I wanted - Entrance Fee .6 with tips (cash only) starting at $1.

Does anyone have more info on quality of service?

10-26-02, 16:23
hey randy where was this spa i am a fan of amp's and would like to try it out if you could give me cross streets or something like that it would be appr. thanks in advance

10-27-02, 11:16
SweetWillyP - Got the below info from Switchboard.com
Let us know your report - Thanks
Crystal Spa
29500 Pacific Hwy S # A
Federal Way, WA 98003-3878

Services: Separate Men's Spa

Categories: Massage Therapists | Spas-Beauty & Day

Thinking about it after I pasted in this address - It was late when I was headed north and I did get off I5 in Federal Way - sorry for the confusion - I telephoned the number and verified this is the same place. Sorry for any confusion. I hope leaving the phone number is not a violation of board rules - I took from the web/phonebook.

10-28-02, 19:17
Saw Noelle out today on Everett Mall Way and 4th Ave.She didn't soo good but was definitily working>I don't think this is a usual spot for SW but i've picked her up in the same area before.She looks older from years of abuse ,service is average,body average.


10-30-02, 18:57
Does she work that area a lot? What time of day? What does she look like?

11-01-02, 17:04

I've seen her twice, dated her once for 40 FS.Older looking brown hair past her shoulders ,about 5'6".She's darker complected(maybe some hispanic or native in her.)I saw her between noon and 3pm both times.

I think I saw that blonde you talked about in one of your posts,kinda frizzy hair off the shoulders?how reliable is the # she gave you?

Noelle likes regulars to you can probably find her between 4th to Everett mall way on 112th or on Everett Mall Way shaking her ass. Weird to see her there but maybe she's avoiding cops on the other strolls.

Saw a Sw I had picked up acouple of weeks back on Evergreen Way on Weds about 2pm.Way too obvious!Last I picked her up she says she works that area sometimes(I picked her up Close to Broadway afew steets up from the new bus station.Service was good,8 looks 5.Said she was from Houston and been up her about six months,had the deep accent to prove it!Paid 40 for FS.She was surprised so if you pick her up LOW BALL!!


11-11-02, 12:38
Phone number is very reliable. Will be seeing her again very soon and will ask again if she wants me to give the number out. Her prices are 30and 60. She is very good at doing both.

11-11-02, 20:54

Post you e-mal and I will send you her number.

11-11-02, 23:09

I can be reached at pariah022002@yahoo.com.

thanks for the hookup!


11-12-02, 00:24
Saw Noelle on 4th and Everett Mall tonight. Also saw another one at Casino and Evergreen. Brunette about 5"4" white with maybe a hispanic touch.

There was also one on Casino near 5th. A little older, brownish hair.

11-13-02, 02:51

I'm from the sea board. Could you hook me up with that number?

my email is: my wsg handle @ lycos.com


11-15-02, 12:50
1030pm last night. Saw a likely SW near 4th/Evergreen standing at a bus stop. Brunette, maybe 5'9, early 40's?.

Nothing sighted on Casino, and for once I didn't pass LE on Casino either.

11-15-02, 19:58
LE has been rather scarce in the South Everett area the last several nights. We'll se what happens tonight. Saw 1 SW on 4th near Everett Mall this afternoon. I could't tell, but it looked like Noelle.

11-17-02, 08:57
hey am i right to understand that there are sw's on casino rd. itself not on 99 i am use to 99 but i have never looked on casino rd. and this girl on 4th does she normally work from everett mall way to 99 or where thanks in advance.

11-18-02, 10:46
There are some that work Casino from Evergreen to about the area of the AM/PM.

11-22-02, 14:19
Was out about 9pm last night and saw a SW around Rucker and Pacific.Seen her in this area before but I wasn't sure if she was working because shes caring something like she just got off the bus. I circled around to get a look at her and spotted her talking to someone who had pulled off on a side street.She didn't get in, so I drove by her slow and got her attention and pulled off on a side street.She started walking toward me which is a good telltale sign. She was wearing glasses,had brownish hair and was older.Not too great a quality so I passed.

Took a drive down Broadway,it looked like a cop convention.


11-24-02, 05:53
saturday/night report
went up 99 from seattle to everett from 128th to casino i did not see a thing. then i went down casino, a first for me i saw only one confirmed streetwalker a blonde with a dude about 50 feet behind her i passed she was by the am/pm walking east. i have been passing a lot lately because it seems like the girls are getting uglier or something any way i plan to goto n everett tommorow i willl post after that

11-24-02, 20:35
sunday noon report
went to n everett saw nothing went down hewitt nada nothing from everett to lynnwood on 99 must be the cold weather

11-26-02, 16:40
I was out last night about 9pm and I picked up a SW named Ronny.Haven't seen her before.Pleaseant and a little better than the average Everett SW.Told me she was from Vegas.Wanted 40 for a BJ.Gave her 20 for a CBJ.Pretty good service and she gave me her #.Told me she lived off of 37th.(Is that a requirement for Everett SW?)

Alot of LE on Broadway and din't see any LE on Casino.One possible SW spotted on Casino on the same time period.


11-26-02, 22:19
tuesday afternoon report
went cruising from 164th in lynnwood to 128th in s everett.i found what seemed to be a good looking girl, her name was kari looked and acted great until the clothes came off. i would rate her looks a 7 until the clothes were off, then about a 4-5 her service and attitude was great bbbj with deep throat.she offered bare back sex but i refused and covered it.she was very tight all and all a average deal for 60. she is about 5-10 long auburn hair skinny, small old breasts but fun

11-27-02, 00:07
Sweetwill I've seen her out there afew times too never last long.Probably new to the area.I was unsure about picking her up.Would you repeat?


11-27-02, 05:22
yeah i probly would repete. but only if i was desperete the more i think about it the more i am sure she was this girl i use to see about 5 years ago in seattle. she was a major heroin girl but a lot younger and cuter. hope this helps

12-01-02, 15:36
Last night just after Midnight... Cute little blonde at Rucker/99 at Hewit. The only problem was she was with her black pimp. I passed by them more than once since the fog was VERY thick and I wasn't too concerned about cameras (unsure if cameras any in that area) or LE. I ultimately decided the pimp thaaaang wasn't worth it and passed on the situation.

Nothing spotted on West Casino. Did see one on 99 near the FLUKE complex. She was brunette, short, very overweight, and limping. Some guy was already attempting to pick her up as I was passing by.

Nothing else spotted...

12-01-02, 18:29
sunday noon report
i was gonna goto tacoma today but decided to stay north. i saw a brunette probly 40's i rated about a 3 walking at house of clocks area of n.lynnwood/unincorp. sno county thats about 150th and hwy 99. then i saw just north of mukiltio speedway on hwy 99 i saw 2 girls one was kari that i mentioned in a earlier post then about 100 feet in front of her was a nasty looking blonde probly 40's i would rate her about a 2 then i went by casino and saw a brunette made eye contact turned around and found i didnt bring my money THAT SUCKED iwould probly rate her a 6-7 typical everett bar girl look but i like short brunettes so missed my oppurtunity but there is always tommorow haha:)

12-06-02, 02:05
Went cruisin tonight for a little while. I saw the one know as Noelle on 99 by Lincoln Way looking hardup as usual(poor baby).
When I ws down in N. Everett I saw the older one with glasses again at the Texaco on Pacific and Rucker.When I circled around to get another look I saw a above average blonde with long hair.I never seen her before and got excited.She was walking toward the TExaco and turned around when a van pulled in, she started walking toward it but it pulled off without her.She began walking N on Grand and I did a driveby to make sure things were cool.MY MISTAKE!!By time I got back around she was gone.Don't know if she got picked up or lived off in one of those shitty houses.I rate her at a 7. These sightings were between 7 and 8pm. Saw some possibles on Hewitt,but just probably princesses strutting their stuff.


12-06-02, 03:18
Pariah, how tall was the blonde? Sounds like the one I spotted the other evening (with her black pimp) in the fog...

12-06-02, 17:02

She was about 5'6" around there.She did look real good for a average SW but she was difinitely working. The biggest eye catcher was that long blonde hair!She was all alone so maybe you just saw her with some knucklehead. I'm going to check the area in hopes of finding her soon. Seen Renee lateily?


12-06-02, 21:07
Pariah, am thinking the blonde I saw was perhaps 5'3 or 5'4. But it may be the same gal. She certainly looked great!

Have never seen Renee.

12-09-02, 23:08
lynnwood s everett monday afternoon 430pm to 530 pm
went from 164th to e. mall way nothing was gonna give up but i saw this chick with grocery bags near the safeway on 148th. i pulled over she got in her name was karen early 30's blonde hair in a pony tail looked ragged but i was willing quoted 80 for fs setteled on 50 fs. took her back to my place she got off her clothes and wow, nice athletic tone body, with the exeption of the tits wich probly were c or d's before kids got to them. nice and clean inside and out and totally shaven offered bbbj and fs opted for bbbj and covered service hade a geat time in multiple positions she didnt complain about time or anything she say's she is out from 8 am to noon most days a definate value considering it's n. lynnwood

12-10-02, 03:17
Well I finally picked up the long haired blonde tonight about 8pm off of Grand and Pacific.She goes by the name of Angie and yes,Wellhung,she has a pimp.(He's locked up for drug possession,imagine that!)I must retract what I said about her in earlier posts fellas,sorry!She was pretty poor quality.I took her back to my place in hopes of doin her right,but when tha pants and the thick jacket came off, tha fantasy was gone.She had a nice big droopy belly with tits to match.No enthusiasm at all. She let me treat her kinda rough but for her sex is just a way to get money.No noise at all.She mumbled on alot about nothing and told me she was 39 years old and has 6 kids(+5 abortions)...yeah.She was quite the weirdo,talkin about how God wants her to be a drug addict and SW.She says she does crack and drinks to feel closer to him. She wouldn't shut up about her Jamacian pimp either. I almost threw her out when I was taking her back and she had a personality switch from depressed hooker to God will show you the way.

In the end I felt like I got beat out of $40 for FS. You can find her in the same spots at the same time just about every day if you feel like throwing your money away. The cops know her soo be careful about being stopped with her in your car.


12-11-02, 01:22
North Broadway is still alive: I saw 2 definite ones earlier this evening, working together. The better was about a 6 on the 1-10 scale, and Caucasian. I'm not sure about the ethnicity of the other, but she sure was big--and I don't mean just fat. Initially I thought she was a male pimp. I might have went for the 6, but had just been to the bank and didn't want to mess with a SW while holding nearly $500 in cash. LE doesn't seem to be much of a problem on this strip during evening rush hour, and the SWs were pretty blatant and didn't seem to give a shit that they might be on Everett Cop TV. I also checked most of the other recently-reported spots in Everett and Snohomish County, but saw nothing. The weather was dry when I saw the Broadway activity, but has been getting wetter. I'm now at the Lynnwood Library, and am heading to Seattle next. I'll report anything I see there to the Seattle board.

Seattle-Tacoma-Everett street guide:

12-11-02, 03:31
Pariah, I don't want to be a b_stard and say "thx for taking one for the team", but thx. Am thinking Angie is the same one I spotted that night in the fog. Too bad she only looked good with a down coat on...

12-11-02, 16:47
Was out last night and because of the cold and the wind, didn't see anything.

For those who know Renee, she has moved. She hasn't been out lately, but if you e-mail me at mtcabletech@netzero.com I have her cell phone number.

She is still working , but going through some hard times.

12-11-02, 21:07
Ha!! No big thang Wellhung!!We all run onto those every now and then!

I saw a SW on Everett Mall Way and 3rd about 1pm yesterday hitchiking.She got picked up before I coould get a good look. She was wearing a black leather jacket and had on pink tights. I rate her about a 5 from what I saw.

To the previous post,Renee is one of the better providers in Everett area,worth a try if you haven't yet.


12-12-02, 13:15
1130pm last night... Started 99/128th, drove up 99 all the way to Rucker/Pacific, then a bit in/around that area. Nothing spotted...

12-14-02, 02:16
fri afternoon 5pm
went up and down 99 from everett to lynnwood nothing worthwhile, finnaly settled on airport massage had a ok time with jenny not one of my faves. i think airport is getting too hardened not very personal experiance i will check it out again in a couple weeks overall disaponting for 2 big ones

12-14-02, 22:28

I hope everyone will like this change as much as I do. I'm also in the process of retrieving sightings on the WSG boards from the April to October period, and will be holding all unique stroll sightings for 11 months.

12-15-02, 16:15
Was out last night along Evergreen, 4th and the Casino area. Not one SW seen in a 2 hour period. I think this weater is putting a damper on the SW's.

12-17-02, 20:08
Went out last night did the Everett loop.Saw one one 99 near 156.Long brown hair couldn't get a good look in the dark,but maybe 5'7" about a 5 from what I saw.About 7:40.Saw Angie again(what a surprise!)I guess she's walking up Rucker now.

Went out today and saw a new one on Broadway that I haven't seen before.She had short brown hair and was kinda on the heavy side.She was wearing a red jacket.Made eye contact and was trying to get her off on a side street but i saw her jumping into a minivan at 12th street. I figured I had been in the area too long so I didn't wait around to she if she would show back up.Not pretty not ugly rate her at about a 5.


12-18-02, 02:05
sorry for the doulbe post(sometimes I feel soo alone,sigh) I went cruisin for about 2hrs tonight and was surprised to see the amount of action I did.I saw the girl in the red jacket(a 49ers jacket)again.This time she was on Rucker.i turned around to try and pick her up but she crosed over to the other side of the street.By time I got around she was jumping into a truck. I went and got something to eat and about 1/2hr later saw her standing at the Texaco on Rucker and Pacific.She was just standing by the phone looking stupid and there was some skinny guy standing by her. I cruised by her a couple of times to see if I could get her off on a side street, but no luck.A little later she was approached by 2 more girls.When I looped around again red jacket was gone(I don't know if she got picked up.)I mde ANOTHER loop and saw the 2 girls red jacket was talking to at Pacific and Grand,talking to that monster Angie!!She was the only one who gave me the "working look."So at least 2 of those girls were SWs,the other 2 may have just been druggies.I'm thinking all these girls know each other and may be in the same stable.(Angie told me she has a pimp and he has more girls.)They were all gone my next time around.

I headed back up Rucker and saw a nice looking,thick(not fat!!),with permed long brown hair, girl walking trying to make I contact with cars.By time I got turned around I got to see er jump into a white car at Rucker and 36th.
The day was a bust!!

I cruise about 3 to 4 times a week,times vary, and I have never seen any of these girls before.What gives?I hope the action stays around!

If anyone has info on the brown haired perm girl I would appreciate it.

To the guys lurking not posting:MAN UP!!Share info instead of just using it!


12-18-02, 13:04
Pariah, what times did you see the Rucker activity? I've been checking that Hewitt to 41st stretch (plus Grand & Pacific) more often lately, but still haven't seen anything. I made one pass through there around 8:30 last night: Nothing convincing. Same with the full length of Broadway about the same time. Continued south on Evergreen and 99 to Lynnwood: nothing. I checked the 20100 block of 48th Ave W in Lynnwood--where there was a prostitute arrested this month according to a Herald item--but am still not sure what to make of it. There are a bunch of condos in that block, and a big park & ride at 48th & 202nd. There doesn't appear to be a condo building with the 20100 address (which might point to an escort bust), so I'm leaning toward that it was a street hooker who was working the cars leaving the park & ride. Except for a few buses, the park & ride and 48th Ave were pretty much deserted when I was there about 9:15 PM. I did see a hooker a few years ago at nearby 44th Ave W & 196th St SW, but the only other non-99 Lynnwood spot of debauchery I'm aware of is Scriber Lake Park--which is a notorious fag hangout.

12-18-02, 19:39

all my Rucker sightings are between 6:30 and 9pm.I knoow that Angie is out in that area about 7:30pm all the times that I've seen her.That was the first time I've seen the others.


12-19-02, 01:01
Midnight last night. Nothing spotted on 99 from the Seattle end all the way to 99 and Hwy 526...

12-19-02, 19:47
Picked up my 2nd favorite provider today.Her name is Karen.Wanted 80 for FS but went for 50. Didn't want to take her back to my place and she said she had an appointment.(why was she strollin then?)Drove around while she gave me great head for 30. Too bad she's on the crystal meth, looks like she had a nice body and was athletic at one time in her life.This was about 1pm at 99 and Airport Rd.


12-20-02, 02:36
where did you pick up karen? i have been looking for her since last week. she is my favorite provider in the lynnwood/everett area. she has a very skinny/athletic build that i like. seeya later

12-20-02, 17:08

I picked Karen up on 99 1/2 a mile south of Airport Rd(128th). I dropped her off at the Safeway on 148th. She always works this area. Always see her between early morning to late afternoon. She says she lives in a trailer in the area, but doen't have a phone hooked up yet. She says she doesn't come out alot and I don't see her out that much.Last time I picked her up was mid summer and seen her twice since then. Probably the best provider in S. Everett.

There is a great provider named Lisa who used to work the Casino Rd and Evergreen Way strolls. Real pretty nice body shoulder length brown hair. Great GFE,but haven't seen her in awhile.Has anyone seen her?I think she may have moved on.


12-21-02, 18:54
Was out last evening around 5:00 and say Donya across the street from Fred Meyers. She got into another car before I could get back to her.

Saw Renee out this morning around 11:00am near 4th and Evergreen. I was on my way to an appointment so didn't stop.

Have not seen anything on Casino lately.

12-22-02, 11:38
Read this article regarding video cameras in Everett...


12-26-02, 01:46
Did a short cruise ater all the Christmas fun. Spotted one on 99 S. of Airport Rd.Had her thumb out so I know she was working couldn"t get a good look cuz she had an umbrella.I think she had long brown hair but I'm not sure. Saw a possible at the bus stop on Rucker and Pacific. Looked like a wet dog and was trying to make eye contaxt with passing cars. Could have been Paula but I wasn't sure cuz of the light.THis was between 7 and 8 pm.


12-26-02, 21:03
1:00pm 'ish today, South end of Broadway near 36th. Saw one possible, long red hair, chunky. I wasn't alone so couldn't swing around for another look.

12-27-02, 00:57
Saw Karen off of 99 about 12 noon.looped back but she was gone. Saw a possible on Broadway about 2pm dressed in black and white gave me the "working" stare.Brown hair kinda heavy,a little better than usual. May have been the same one I reported about in the San Francisco jacket. Saw another possible a little after 6pm on 99 being spotlighted by a Sheriff. I also saw Angie on her usual Rucker stroll with her pimp(I guess)trailing 100 yrds behind her. She tends to stick to the shadows.


12-28-02, 23:17
I will be visiting lynnwood wa. From New Jersey. Can any body tell me where the action is. email at shine66@hotmail.com

12-28-02, 23:21
action lynnwood / everett, i'll will be visting from new jersey.
email at shine66@hotmail.com

12-30-02, 22:40
Saw Renee out about 2pm today off Evergreen Way by Blockbuster.I don't know why I didn't pick her up.


01-04-03, 02:45
Did my usual Everett run.Saw two off of 99.Tthe first had her hair up and was wearing a puffy jacket.I didn't get a good look but she had kinda a slump to her.I'm sure I've never seen her before.She was walking N. on 99 toward the Safeway,when she got picked up by some guy in a SUV.The other one was walking S.on99 for the RV dealer. She walked to the bus stop across from Healing Hands Massage and turned around and started walking the other way. I pulled off of Gibson Rd. onto 99 real slow as to get her attention,she gave me the look but I couldn't get over.She was about a5 long stringy brown or dirty blonde hair.This was about 7:30.Saw a nice one on Broadway about 9:15.She was short and had some tight black jeans on.Had a black hood pulled over so I couldn't see the face,but she gave me the long following stare as I drove by. Nice ass!!also saw three pigs all in the 20 second period I saw her, so I left the area.

A SW told me awhile back girls don't work State St in Marysville,thet come to Everett.Can anyone verify that?


01-07-03, 23:44
Oh boy.Am I the only hobbist in Everett?Did a cruise and saw one I reported on earlier as the one with permed hair.I saw her at night and didn't realize it was the same one I've seen several times but wasn't sure if she was one.I always see her on Evergreen Way between 50th and Madison. Thought I would try to get her pick. I had a clear good shot of her but two yuppie cunts decided to park right next to me and I got noticed. The 2nd time I tried to get her pick she walked up to me and asked for a ride.After getting a good look at her and being turned off by her missing teeth,I told her I was going the other way. I got a couple of shots of her walking away I sent for Chung to post. Not bad ,usual Everett SW looks.Maybe I'll pick her up next time. I usually see her in the same area acouple times a month in the same spot> Her hair is usuall pulled back, and she makes no real eye contact. You have to approach her. About a 5.This was about 3:30.


01-08-03, 01:23
I'm just not out there as often as desired, Pariah... ;)

01-08-03, 09:03
Pariah, I just want to publicly thank you for all the surveillance, experiences, and photos you've filed from the Everett area. You're definitely out on this area's strolls more often than me, and indeed I haven't even picked up anyone here in years. Your work is appreciated!

I do have a question that perhaps you or someone else could answer: Does anyone know what the best cheap, sleazy motels for hobby activities are in north Everett, south Everett, and the unincorporated Hwy 99 stretch? I have a motels list on my site now, and am looking for the cheapest places in each major stroll area. It looks like the Lake Hills Motel (not sure about the name--it's the one on the east side of the highway near the Safeway at 148th) charges $29.99 minimum, but even that is rather pricey if you're only buying a $40-$50 lay.

Seattle-Tacoma-Everett street guide:


Ho Banger
01-09-03, 13:54
Hey everybody, Thanks for all the great SW info :) I've been enjoying the benefits of the forums in lurk mode. Looks like the Street Guide has been getting some hits huh? I see ttripod has restricted access for a bit :(

Pariah, I'm up in Lynnwood, but unfortunatly, i can only get out in the evenings....and the strolls seem pretty dry by the time i hit them.

anyhow, just thought i introduce myself and say HI.


01-17-03, 20:05
continued report from seattle
went thru lynn and into unincorp. sno county. at 148th and 99 saw a sw. i was suprised i havent seen any out at 530 in the morning in this area ever.i picked her up i would rate a 4 in looks and 7-8 in servce. the name was noell was in her late 30's very long brown hair bbbj option for uncovered full service for 50. probly too much for her but considering the time and place i didnt care. nice girl she says there are girls working from 164th to 128th in the mornings trying to catch the boeing workers since im on sabatical until feb. i will check this out as often as possible seeya soon

01-18-03, 17:07
I picked up this black chic the other night in S. Everett strolling between Glacier Lanes and Fred Meyer. She said that she normally works in Tacoma, but she's trying it up here. She's 18 and a little bigger than I normally prefer. About 5'5" 150. She was very cute, though. She was asking 60 for FS. I managed to talk her down to 30. Other than that, there hasn't been much action in Everett. Probably because of the cold. COME ON SUMMER!!! I've read some posts about SW on Broadway in N. Everett. I've never seen one. What is the best time and place for action. I'm only able to check in the evenings. Maybe that's the problem. Be smart & safe.


01-26-03, 20:32
Was out today around 2:30 making a run for some stuff for the game. Saw 2 on Evergreen between Casino ans 4th. #1 was a white SW about 5'10" light brown hair near the body shop. About a 6. #2 was a blond about 5'8" near Fred Meyers. I think it was Renee but couldnt get a good enough look.

01-27-03, 08:17
continued from seattle post
i came up from seattle on 99.i didnt see a thing i went into everett cruised brodway then back south to w casino then i spotted a black sw wiggling her way towards 99 on casino i picked her up"normally i dont pick up black sw's because of my past experiance but i was desperate" so she wanted 30 for a bbbj i gave 20 and got a pretty lame bbbj i didnt finish i just took her back but for 20 your not losing much. she said there is always girls working that area so i will try again seeya

01-28-03, 11:37
Was out last night between 6 and 7 PM along North Broadway. Didn't see anything. I wish the good weater would get here. Seems like the girls are not out or not even here.

01-29-03, 04:42
Oh God finally!!!
Picked up a little cutie by the name of Tina.Straight up ho. I saw her walking on Broadway, got her attention and pulled off on a side street. She walked up got in and started making BS conversation,then grabbed my wood and asked if I was a cop. I took her back to my place where we talked alittle bit more befroe she stripped down and started givin pretty good head.She let me have free reign but I didn't get too crazy.She was kissing and biting me all over. Nice chick.Could talk real well but not alot, pleasant,could almost pass for a trophy wife.She was 5'2"brown hair and green eyes.Told me she's only been doing it for a week(contridicted herself later) and ususally gives BJs and gets her pussy eaten(Do those bitches really believe the shit they're shoveling or is it just me?) Dropped her off at the Express Motel off Broadway and 23rd. Looks 7,service 8, attitude 8. I would do a sequel.


P.S. Has anyone seen that chick hanging out at the bus stop in front of the home depot on Evergeen way and Airport Rd.Says her name is sunshine. Picked her up tookher home and when I got her there she sad she wasn't a ho! Told me she's been true for 3 years.I ended up letting her sleep on my couch with no reward. Stay clear boys,she's mental.

01-29-03, 14:27
Pariah, am I correct that you picked her up on the north Broadway stroll--which is blanketed by LE surveillence cams? In the past, it always sounded like you were too paranoid to pick up there because of the cams, but I agree that it can be done safely if you can coax the potential SW far enough off the strip (or even into a business) to elude the cams--which are only at a handful of major intersections with traffic signals.

Well, it looks like goody-two-shoes Everett finally got its longtime wish, and is now exotic dance club - free:


I can't say "strip club", because the dancers there have been forced to keep bikini bottoms and nipple pasties on at all times since the city came up with a bluenose zoning ordinance in '95. I notice the article mentions that the nearest Deja Vu is now the Lake Forest Park one (where I assume the dancers still get butt-naked), but it neglects to mention Honey's not far beyond the city limits in unincorporated Snohomish County (where they also still get nude, as far as I know). This omission shouldn't be surprising, given The Herald's anti-adult entertainment, anti-prostitution editorial stance.

01-29-03, 16:48
Yes Uncir,

I picked her up on a side street.She gave me a good vib and new exactly what to do when I gave her the look.Of course I cleared the area quick. I still feel the same about the area but it was at the time when I didn't see one cop.


02-02-03, 20:41
i was up on north broadway at about 230pm sunday the 1st. and on 14th and broadway i saw bev the older lady but still cute. i coudnt get her away from her boyfreind/pimp. so i went south to lynn. on 99 i didnt see anything. oh well you can see bev's pictures on chungs site it is linked from uncirc's site it's under everett pics

02-12-03, 02:24
Made a run down Broadway about 7:30 tonight. Didn't see a thing. Checked out Casino and Evergreen down to 112th. No action. There was a lot of LE in the downtown area, so might explain the lack of activity.

02-13-03, 06:34
Saw Angie in her usual spot tonight about 8pm on Rucker.What A mess!! To the guy who picked her up,be careful man! Half the part of playing this game is not drawing attention to yourself! Direct her to a back street and get that headlight fixed! A cop doesn't need more reason than that to pull you over!


02-16-03, 23:28
I saw a probable last night about 9 PM on Broadway around 25th. I initially thought she might be a decoy because she was acting a bit blatant for that strip, and LE (marked) had someone pulled over on a nearby side street. I lingered in the area for close to 10 minutes, eventually got a better look at her, and concluded she was probably legit. Blondish hair, 30-ish in age, a bit overweight, and a face of about a "3". If she was a cop, she was substandard bait. But then again, this is "where are the ho's?" Everett we're talking about: Even a female cop this below average could probably have spectacular success. I made one more pass up and down the full length of Broadway, but saw nothing. Nor did I see anything on Evergreen or 99 to Lynnwood on one pass.

02-23-03, 07:08
saturday noon
went out looking in unincorp. sno county aka north of 164th street in lynnwood saw bev but couldnt get around fast enough so i made a u turn and ran into karen. got half and half for 50 and had a good time.then i thought i was gonna head up north so i went to vancover. and it was awesome i put a post on the vancover forum. seeya

02-26-03, 18:31
wednesday noon unincorp sno county ie north of 164th and 99
finally got bev again. today she was totally wasted so i took advantage of the situation. 40 for fs and greek i got to take my time she seemed to enjoy it totally. thats about it

03-06-03, 01:25
I did some marathon cruising last night (started in Everett, ended up in Tacoma) -- weather was completely dry during my Snohomish County cruise. I started on Broadway around 8:15 PM, saw nothing, moved over to Rucker, saw nothing, then down Evergreen to Casino, saw nothing. I saw one on Casino--about a 1 on the 1-10 scale (picture a fat, 50-year-old black grandma). Saw nothing convincing on Evergreen from Casino to Airport Rd. Just south of Airport Rd on 99, with her thumb out and walking south on the southbound side, I saw what appeared to be a light-skinned, straight-hair black of about a 7--the best quality I've seen in that stretch in a long time. I slowed down to a crawl as I passed her twice, and got a good look at her: No doubt in my mind she was working. There was also a possible (blonde) walking perhaps 50 meters behind her in the same direction. No eye contact from her, though. The black looked late 20s or early 30s, the blonde younger. Here's the real shocker: They were both height-weight-proportional (a rare sight in this county). These sightings were about 9 PM. Saw nothing else south of there to the county line. You can see the rest of my cruise on the Seattle board.

Seattle-Tacoma-Everett street guide:

03-07-03, 08:08
First post here I am currently in Seoul my post's can be read on that board. I was wondering whats the current AMP scene like? I haven't been home since october of 2002 and I noticed some places I used to frequent werent operating anymore. Is Everett Spa up and running again? And how is Airport massage doing? I heard Eurotouch down in lynnwood on 99 was good but never went there. I did go to Ann's once but was rushed and didn't like the service. I will be back home again soon and look forward to the AMP scene. And if anyone can refer me to a good Amp I would appreciate it.


03-08-03, 19:36
hey nico
the amp scene is still alive and well:) you will pay 180 to 220 for a complete bath and full service. in my opinion airport is the best for service and tokyo or eurotouch are the best for looks. anns still sucks, i try to go back to anns once in awhile and always get crappy service.eurotouch is the most expensive but it is very nice. i hope this helps. ps all the girls for the most part are koreans but you probly already know that

03-08-03, 21:34
Thanks for the info sweetwillyp, those prices seem a lil too much though. But then again times are different. I will be home in april for a bit then back to the ROK. I will try and checkout eurotouch because I always wanted to go there.


03-11-03, 02:48
These #%^&@ gas prices are #@$%! my cruisin fund!!Went out and saw one possible on 99 in front of the Royal Casino.Nuttin to brag about.Other than that dead dead deadski.Guess I have to spend some of my overtime money in Vancouver,mid high track baby!!

Nico, no offense man, but if you're in the ROK(The land of Punetang) what do you give a shit about overpriced jackshacks?????


03-11-03, 20:27
Saw Noelle out on 99 under the Muliteo overpass.She was looking hardup and rather pissed off. passed experience told me to pass her up and I did. It was about 11am.


03-13-03, 01:33
Sometimes the rain yields to a flower!
I was driving up Evergreen Way about 7pm when I spotted a possible standing at the bus stop across the Rite Aid. I circled around and drove up behind her so she could see I was looking she walked over and asked me if I could give her a ride to the bus station in north Everett. told me her name was Mellisa and asked what I was doin.I told her the usual to see if she would bite.Cool.di the touch me thing and decied on a place to go.She didn't want to my place and I didn't want to go to hers so we decided on a nuetral spot. Got a great CBJ for forty(kinda steep for Everett,but what the hell!)Nice looking girl,26,hip to the street scene but not hardened by it yet.Long permed brown hair.(I think she was the one I posted about on Rucker a few months back.)Thin but couldn't see much cause of her baggy clothes.She told me she sometimes strolls Everegreen Way but likes to work out of her pad. We talked about her prices and services and I will be using her services again.Got the contact info and will be sharing it with my buddies(those who alreay have my offlist e-mail)as soon as I clear it with her.She's really clean and even took the time to put on some makeup.And she is young!!(Don't get me wrong boys,she uses drugs and gave of the signs,why else wound she be out on a night soo rainy?)Dropped her off on Marysville on State.She had no info on girls in that area and never word State because the pigs think their Robocops.


03-13-03, 04:09
hey pariah
if ya can hook me up sweetwillyp@hotmail.com thanks in advance

03-13-03, 04:45
Hey Pariah,

Which RiteAid? Are you talking about the one by the QFC? Or further south, by the Cost Cutter?


03-13-03, 19:06
yeah man the one by QFC
I'll be in touch!


03-16-03, 04:53
I was in N. Everett at about 3:30 on Saturday, so I checked out Broadway. While I was driving south, I noticed a decent looking chic standing by the phones at the Plaid Pantry on 16th/Broadway. I turned in and parked to get a better look. She was working, because she was making allot of eye contact. She was probably a 6.5-7. Not bad at all. I wanted to get an up close look, so I walked by her and said hi as I went into the store to get some munchies. As I was in the store I was thinking that I'll go for it. As I'm standing in line, I see her get into a car and take off. Damn it. Wasted way too much time. I cruised around a bit to see if she'd come back, by no luck. I missed out tonight, however, it is nice to see something decent in N. Everett. Could be a good sign. Things may be picking up.

03-17-03, 12:31
Yesterday afternoon about 3pm... Saw a gal near Pacific/Rucker. She looked to be about 60 (and definitely not attractive) but I think she was actually working. Didn't make a second pass since I had to be somewhere.

03-20-03, 10:44
Yesterday afternoon about 2pm. Possible SW at 99/128th. Young, blonde, cute.

Definite SW about 4:45pm at a busstop at 99/Lincoln (few blocks South of 128th). She was under an umbrella so hard to judge appearance, but she did signal me to turn around again so I know she was working...

03-20-03, 17:16
Was out early today.I saw Bev on Evergreen Way in front of the Boeing Credit Union. Usually see her on 99 by the Safeway.Maybe she's staying clear of the construction.This was about 9:30am. She's older but she'll let you do pretty much anything you want to with her.


Hoe Meister
03-22-03, 01:01
This is my first post to the group. I cruise the south Everett area almost everyday. I will share my findings with the group here. Hope you will be able to find something usefull..I know most of the sw girls.

Bev, Karen, Missy, Noel, Sue, Renee, Donya and Julie. These are just a few of the south Everett SWs.

Bev is the older blonde. Does a very good $40 bbbj.

Karen is a newer sw in the last 6 months or so. Thin, blonde, short hair, smallish tits but still squeezeable.Works a few days a week around house of clocks on 99 from 10:ooam to 2:00pm. Good service $40 bbbj.

Missy is a tall amazon sized black lady. Great bbbj. Nipples are about an inch and a half long..A must see ! Usually works late evenings after dark in the area on hwy 99 between 112th st and 128th. Thats arco to home depot. She works the east side of the street. She also lives right close to there also. You can get her for anywhere from $20 to $40 for bbbj.

Noel is a straight up SKANK. I REALLY DONT LIKE THIS *****. SHES TOTALLY CRACKED OUT AND GIVES VERY POOR SERVICE. SHES THE ONE WITH THE LONG LONG BROWN HAIR. OPPS...CAPS STUCK ON...Shes out everyday on 99 usually around lincoln way area from 10:00am to about noon..Theres a texaco on one side and MOMS appliance on the other..LE likes watching her..Be careful!

Sue. Is the indian looking chic with the long black hair. Walks kinda funny. Works everyday around House of Clocks area from
10:00am to around 1:00pm. Great bbbj for $30 She always provides great service.

Renee. She is the tall older blonde lady.She does a good bbbj for $40 but she seems alittle creepy to me.Not sure why yet. She usually works on evergreen by the fred meyer near Casino road works days around lunch time. She is also good friends with Donya.
Donya is a little younger than Renee and does a pretty good bbbj for $40. She does ALOT of all kinds of drugs. Has great tits! She is usually around the motel 6 and cost cutter on evergreen. Can find her anytime of day..

p.s Watch the bus stop in front of Home Depot. Saw a very hot Blonde there yesterday . Looked about 19 wore rocker type clothes, long blonde hair. Dont know if she was working but you never know.

I will post more soon.

Hoe Meister

03-22-03, 07:43
sat morning 130am report
i was comming home and saw bev out by the 148th safeway. i took her home i got a supreme fs "no greek this time" for 40 she isnt the best looking but she makes up for it in enthusiasim.also i saw karri about a block south she is nice but worn out.

03-22-03, 15:34
Hoe, I think you and I saw the same blonde by Home Depot. Quite cute for a SW!

I think it was Noel that I saw by Lincoln. Thx for your detailed report!

Hoe Meister
03-25-03, 02:24

Was out on saturday doing my thing and picked up Missy the giant nippled amazon black chick. This girl could suck a watermelon through a garden hose...no shit !..Gave me a awesome bbbj in the secret parking spot for $30. She wasent walking but I have her ph#. Mabey I will ask her if I can post it here to help her (business). But its gonna cost her..lol

Saw a girl that goes by C.J at noon on saturday at the bus stop right across the street from house of clocks on 99. She is working this end of town again. She is short, with long blond hair. Weird tits too. Strange looking face also. She does tons of drugs. Pretty much a used up hoe but still good in a pinch. She always hangs with her boyfriend. The indian guy who is never far away. She is in the north end again because LE has run her out of the shoreline track . She moves back and forth every 6 months or so.

Took one cruise through one of my old faveorite tracks down at the Hurricane and Denny park saturday. Nothing out, but it was only 11:00am. That place usually puts out alot of good and new hoe's.

Sunday night on the rampage again. Picked up Julie. Took her to my place for an very incredible3 hour f**k fest . Julie is like a personal hoe. She only works about one day a month and only if she HAS too. So you would be very lucky to find her. But she is very beautiful..21 Years old. Long blond hair down to her ass, about 120 pounds. 5'6" tall. Very sexy and kinda slutty looking..Just like I like'em. Just thought I would throw that in there.

Tomorrow. Tuesday, will be on the strip again. Will have a new report for all.

Am very interested in the Melissa from North Everett..Where and when would I find her?


03-25-03, 23:08
tuesday 5pm report
was up by house of clocks, i think its like 155th or something. i picked up karen "one of my north end favs" good service 40 for full service. i also noticed karri, one of the girls i have talked about she is probly 5-10" tall and 110 pounds long brown hair she use to work aurora bridge in seattle a few years back. she is not really worth the time unless you can get her for 30-40 for full service. i think she asks for 80 or something stupid like that.


03-26-03, 08:09
Welcome to the board, Hoe. Where did you pick up Julie, in particular? I can only incorporate sightings into my guide if the location is specific enough to assign to an established stroll or new location, and we're all curious where the babes are.

Seattle-Tacoma-Everett street guide:

03-27-03, 18:27
Saw a decent looking blonde on W. Casino last night.Passed in front of her and made eye contact,she gave me a nice smile.I tried to direct her off to a side road but she didn't come. By time I circled around she was gone. A pig was in the area so i left. It was about 6:30. I headed to N.Everett and found a older SW by the name of Dee(sometimes Del)off of Grand about 7:30. Older dirty blonde hair glasses.(I think I reported on her before.) Pleasant had nice conversation,took her back to my plaace for FS for 40. Nice unrushed service. about a 5 overall. Not a druggy had all her teeth and had her nails done.

Also on the 25th on W. Casino I saw a SW standing on the 5th smoking a cig about 6:45. She was wearing dark jeans and a white top. Had a belly but a really slutty look to her. Came back around and she was gone. Now that it's staying lighter out,time to pull out the cam!!

Hoe good reports.Lots of good info. Your dead nuts about most of these girls. Karen isn't that new to the game(back me up Sweetwill!)but is probably the best in S. Everett. And I think Renee just wants a more mainstream job(nice chick though) Can you give better descriptions of Donya and Sue? How much does Julie run?

I got contact info for Melissa, kinda a hassle but it works if you like jumping through hoops.Haven't had FS with her yet so I don't know if she's worth it.


03-28-03, 00:58
hey homeister
do you think the native american or mexican girl you called sue could be sandy? beyond the good bbbj she will also use her tounge to lets say goto places where you wouldnt want to kiss her afterwards. ;) very nice lady not good looking by any stretch of the imagination.as far as karen goes, if its the same one her face is nasty, but she has a great body except for the tits great full service for 40-50 and old bev she will drain you if ya have the staminia i get her when i want to get nasty she will do about anything for 40.as for noell i have had her about 5 times and she just sucks. when i get her i dont give a f@#k and i just hammer the crap outta her and leave her walking funny.has anybody seen that nice looking blonde around 128th? nice and clean looking with yellow/blonde hair obviously a dye job she has the tinyist nicest butt i have seen in a while.also somebody mentioned something about that rocker couple that begs at the safeway on 148th. does she work? well enough outta me

03-28-03, 01:26
I saw the blonde from Shoreline that Hoe Meister was talking about. Beatup looking wearing a long black jacket.I've seen her in the same area before jumping of the bus. She had a hat on and I thought she was some old bag trying to act like she came from money. She did have two guys walking behind her( one looked native) about 30 feet.Probably killed her action.Saw her and her crownies later about 6:30pm at Lincoln and 99. A lot of cops out tonight

Sweetwill I made the report about the blonde begging for money .It was the I5 exit 186 heading south.It was the same time there was posts about the blonde in front of Home Depot. Thought the might be one in the same, because I have known girls to stay at the Motel 6 and work Evergreen and 99.


03-28-03, 02:16
Went shopping tonight along the known routes. Thanx un_c for the site. Didnt hear back from ya so I figured I would give it a shot.

Saw lots of EvLE tonight. One fell in behind me on Hewitt and followed me til I hit 2. LE was walking around near Broadway and Hewitt.

Saw two dirty blondes that looked like were trying to open shop in front of the Lover's Package on broadway. Looked interesting except there was some dude standing there with them with a hood pulled up over his head. White unmarked LE was traveling southbound into the area. Didnt have a good feeling about this one.

I parked on Hewitt for a bit to watch.

Saw one heavy in a black/white jacket standing on a corner N of Hewitt.

LE was definately hyperactive tonight for some reason.

03-28-03, 17:20
10:30 to 1130am:
Saw a BSW walking off W. Casino to Evergreen way then into the Jack In the Box cutehad a nice shape. Guess she was getting something to eat . I gave her the look but she didn't bite. Went cruisin the other spots came back and saw her walking down Evergreen Way in front of Fluke. She was lighter skinned wearing a black cap and darker clothes. Looked like a hassle so I passed.

Saw another SW on Broadway between Pacific and Hewitt. Short fat,bowlegged shoulder lenght blonde hair. She was barefooted and had her thumb out. Looked like something from Lord Of The Rings! She has a buddy she switches off with walking the same area,some chick from Texas,with that overly annoying accent. Yuo can get FS 20.(reported on her before.) Both are heavy druggies.

Nice to see new names posting.

03-29-03, 05:52
Was out driving south on 99 around 9:00pm. Saw one girl definitely working. She was walking south on the west side of the road about a block or two north of Honey's. Smoking a cig and occasionally looking behind her. Went around the block but by the time I got back there, she was gone. Anyone know her?

03-29-03, 07:24
hey hanuman how about a description ie hair clor and height and weight

03-30-03, 19:04
Anyone ever spotted anything on the side roads near the Everett Transfer Station (aka dump)? I keep seeing LE around there and once or twice thought I spotted a SW in the distance, but?...

04-03-03, 02:30
wow, I am surprised by what I've seen so early in the month.

Yesterday I saw a old hispanic or native Sw on Broadway with her thumb out. Poor quality so I kept on rolling.It was about 7:45.
Saw another on W. Casino about 8:15 nice shape short brown hair. She standing by the Candlewood apartments. (She was the same one I reported on earlier. Tired to loop back a pick her up but too much traffic.

Today I think I saw the same old one on Broadwayabout 10:45am. Saw Angie on Rucker and 37th. She was slinking around the for about an hour.She should stick to the nighttime hours!! Saw Noelle on 99 just N. of Licoln about 11:47.

Saw Sheila about 6:10 on Broadway just before the rains started. I was trying to get her to go off on a sidestreet but couldn't get her attention.Came back through a couple of hours later and saw her standing at the 7-11. I was afraid to approach because I wasn't sure where the Cams were!!


04-04-03, 03:33
This afternoon after 3pm...

Saw a possible blonde SW at a bus stop near 99/100th. What was odd was an older fellow standing at the next bus stop with a pair of binoculars watching her. He didn't look like LE, but?...

Saw a black SW near 36th/Broadway, but quality was poor (perhaps a 2/10?).

04-14-03, 17:01
Hello All,

Lurker here, have yet to grab a SW... In my small 2 door Saturn how in the world am I gonna get a decent BJ, let alon FS?!? Where in the hell do you all take these women, and park? I kind of wanted to be fully prepared before I make my first pickup :)

I know the area on 99 between Edmonds & Evrett. Use to live just off of it. Can't imagine where to take a SW w/o codus interuptus.

Thanks for the Info, Jim

04-15-03, 02:47
Hi all,

This is a great forum. Thanks to you who have been posting. I am a newbie, and would like to ask for some tips before I head out on the hunt.

What is your typical pickup line? Do you want a ride?

What kind of things can I say or not say that will lead me to trouble with a decoy?

If I ask the sw if she wants a ride and she does anything but get in do I have cause for worry?

Thanks in advance.

north everett

04-15-03, 22:25
hey Agrippa
goto un-circs pages it should explain all you want to know. read every page this will help you become a informed hobbyist here is the link. cut and paste the url


04-20-03, 00:05
Just lost my SW virginity. Started out around 16th and Broadway and cruised south to Everett st. where I then crossed over to Rucker. Nothing - no sign of anything. Drove south to Casino and maybe a blonde (rather tall with a neck choker), but I saw LE so continued south on Evergreen. A couple of blocks north of HDepot I saw a shorter brunett with long hair standing in front of some apartments. Turned and came back. Pulled off the rd aways and she came walking up. I asked her if she wanted a ride and she agreed. She was real suspicious that I was LE (I have short hair and kind of look the type). She asked if I wanted a BJ and I said yes. She asked for 40 and I offered 20 - we settled at 30. She had fairly nice tits and actually gave a great BJ. She inquired if I wanted anything else and I asked her if she took it in the ass. She said it would be NP for 20 more - I would have but nobody had a wrapper (she didn't care). Anyway, happy camper. She said her name was melany, but later said it was janean - who cares. BTW, I looked all over this site and never found anything that remotely covered the question I asked before. Maybe I just missed it.


04-20-03, 03:56
Most of my cars have been smaller than a Saturn, I've never had a problem getting head in them. I guess if a guy was Big or Tall or both it could be a problem.

Between Edmonds and Everett there's plenty of places to park. You just have to find them. Try looking behind businesses that front 99. The bigger the better. Loading docks are good too. There's some bus transfer stations along the way that might do the trick.

Sometimes the SW has a spot, but that's your call. I know a lot of guys that won't go where the ho wants to. I usually don't myself. If the b*tch gets pushy I ususally just drop her off. Whatever you do, don't pay until you've found a spot that you're comfortable with. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped a SW off because I didn't like her or couldn't find a good spot.

Keep it covered,

Originally posted by SeattleGym
In my small 2 door Saturn how in the world am I gonna get a decent BJ, let alon FS?!?

04-20-03, 04:23
sat night 11pm
was comming home and decided to cruise from casino and 99 down to lynnwood. between 128th and 112th i saw three sw's one fat and ugly native american with a fat blonde, i passed. then i came across a brunette who looked ok enough for a bj. i picked her up she had long hair and was chubby/fat seemed to have big t*its but i cant remember her name anyway, she had way too much attitude so i kicked her out of the car she was convinced i was a cop. i knew if i gave her any money i would get crap service.i didnt see anyting else thru lynnwood

04-21-03, 16:32
Agrippa, I tried to cover all the newbie questions in my "Police tactics & john countermeasures" essay:


You can also read the laws for yourself--they're above the essay on the same page. Here are my answers to your specific questions:

The best pickup line is no pickup line. The least you say to a possible SW before she gets in your car, the better. Unless I'm reasonably sure from observing her for awhile that she isn't a decoy, the only thing I'd do is offer her a ride. Also be wary of agreeing with her if she's outside the vehicle and initiates a sex-for-money conversation--even if she's using street euphemisms like "date" or "working". Even if you don't offer her a specific price for a specific act, you can still be busted for "prostitution loitering" if you indicate in any way that you understand she is looking for a sex deal and you want her to get in your car. The best way of separating the decoys from the real ho's are whether they'll get in your car before talking business, and how much ground they're covering: Decoys can't move around as freely because they always have to be in visual contact with their backup goons. That's why if you see a suspect crossing several blocks, walking in and out of convenience stores, parking lots, etc--then it's highly unlikely that she's LE. Once she gets in your car, closes the door, and you begin to drive off--there is virtually no chance of her being a cop. I can't say there's zero chance, but I've never seen a sting on TV or reported in a newspaper where the decoys got in johns' vehicles.

Little Tony
04-24-03, 02:41
Anybody know of a decent MP up here in Everett with caucasian workers?

04-26-03, 12:26
as far as i know there is no caucasion workers except for healing hands? across from honeys on 99 in s everett but even then she would do nothing except a legit back rub. i think she thought i was a cop.as far a good massage parlors they are almost all korean and ran by the korean mob.but there are some good ones if you want young women goto tokyo massage on 164th if you want good looks and good service goto euro-touch on 99 in n. lynnwoood if you want always good service goto aiportmassage on airport rd. aka 128th street here is a link to my map page it shows the various strolls and massage parlors.ps the map to tokyo massage is wrong http://seattlesweetwillyp.tripod.com/themaps/ cut and paste

05-06-03, 17:10
Normally I don't waste bandwidth reporting non-sightings, but I did a lot of cruising in Snohomish County yesterday afternoon and late morning (during pleasant, dry weather), and saw virtually nothing. I did 99 down to Lynnwood and Edmonds a couple of times at various times and saw nothing convincing, but spent the most time cruising north Everett in the late afternoon. I checked all the spots listed in my guide, and only saw one probable: A skank with her thumb out, walking south on Broadway between 26th St and Everett Ave. She was with two other characters--a male and female--but I didn't get any indication that the other female was in the game. Has anyone else seen anything in north Everett lately? No one has reported anything in over a month, and I'm sure I've cruised through the major strolls several times during the evening in that period without seeing anything convincing.

I can't believe this city is as dead as it often seems, and assume there are going to be a lot of frustrated sailors when the USS Abraham Lincoln returns today--or perhaps that's when things will pick up because the media have been hyping this homecoming so much. It might make sense to keep an eye on W Marine View Dr around the Naval station during the next several days for that reason. I know it's on the city's SOAP list, but I've never seen anything there in the past.

Thanks for risking your lives for your country, men. Now be good sailors and go down to Airport Video (just outside the city limits of our puritanical, zero-tolerance town), and jerk off. This surely has to be one of the most pathetic "Navy towns" in the country.

Seattle-Tacoma-Everett street guide (http://www.geocities.com/un_csd/streetguide.html)

05-07-03, 22:57
n. broadway update wednesday 5-6
i talked to a friend who lives up in the n. broadway neighborhood. he says that the sw's typically are out from 5pm till sundown in that area. also he says that thursday night is a good night by everett standards anyway to get a girl or a old bag lady as is usaually the case in n everett lol.

05-07-03, 23:49
Originally posted by un_circumcised
This surely has to be one of the most pathetic "Navy towns" in the country.Heh. Try over here on my side of the water... When I first came here in '87 it was dead, *dead*, dead, and remains that way to this day. But it's not just Everett, not just B-town, but all over the place. Reading the Charleston (S.C.) board, the place has plainly fallen far from my experience in the mid 80's there.

It's partly society, partly the rise of the 'boy scout Navy', where they don't drink, don't smoke, and it now appears, don't fuck. (My old CO, who knew where the best bars and strip clubs were all over the place wouldn't fare well in today's Navy.)

05-18-03, 01:54
I saw a probable around 9:30 PM Friday walking southbound with her thumb out on Evergreen Way about 52nd St SE: Upper fair or even lower good quality (hard to tell because it was cold and raining hard, and she was bundled up somewhat). By the way, I ended up cruising all the way to the northern downtown area of Seattle, and saw absolutely nothing else. It was raining hard most of the time, but haven't the SWs in this rain-prone urban area heard of hats or umbrellas? Incredibly dead for a Friday night.

05-18-03, 14:44
It's partly society, partly the rise of the 'boy scout Navy', where they don't drink, don't smoke, and it now appears, don't fuck. (My old CO, who knew where the best bars and strip clubs were all over the place wouldn't fare well in today's Navy.) [/i]

There are also more women serving side by side with men. I saw the begining of this before I left the shipyards. Men weren't even allowed to tuck their shirt tails in public because some woman complained it was offensive. Mens mags have even been prohibited on Military bases. The Armed Forces have truely been feminised. They may still be good fighters but they have all been P Whipped.

05-18-03, 23:00
cruised 99 164th to everett at 6-7pm i saw a total cutie on 128th couldnt get back around to get her she was short with brown hair in a pony tail looked to be early 20's then i saw noell i dont pick her up unless i have to she was getting into a car on 148th but thats it not much else seeya

05-21-03, 20:36
About 10:30 today I was headed N. on 99 and Airport Rd. when I saw a Sw crossing the street heading N. She got on the phone at the 7-11. I drove into the parking lot to observe. She got off the phone and of course about 5 hard d*ck MFs started circling! She walked into the Jack in the Box. It was soo crowded in the lot I didn't see what happened to her.Slim brown poofy hair that was just off her shoulders. not bad lookin(5).Haven't seen her before.

Everett has been dead for awhile. Its toward the end of the month so hopefully these girls will crawl out off the woodwork.


05-25-03, 00:03

I drove back and forth between casino and N. Lynwood for 2 hrs between 6 and 8 - only one spotted and she was getting in a truck at the little market across from IHOP on 99. Attractive brunette too.

The action was terrible. I thought I saw a SW at a bus stop, and then later I spotted her at another bus stop so pulled up for a closer look. She just gave me a dumb look and then turned away. Everett sucks.

05-26-03, 00:36
Better luck today. Went cruising around 4:00 and picked up Renee in front of the Totem Restraunt. Went back to her place. SKINNY! Def. on something as I think I saw marks on her while I was doing her in the ass.

Afterwards, I gave her a ride down to BECU and saw a couple of SW's from Glacier Lanes to Cost Cutter on Evergreen. Took a picture of the SW with short blond hair in front of Cost Cutter. Submitted, but I don't know if they will post it as it was kind of blurry.

If someone recognizes her let me know what her name is.

much gracias

05-26-03, 18:38

Was out and about today and I spotted Renee with her thumb out on Rucker. I see her there all the time,I guess this is her new spot instead of Evergreen Way Fred Meyers. I didn't stop. My experiense with her is either ok or bad! I checked out the car show on Colby then I went back up Rucker and saw Bev plying her trade. She was with an older rocker type slinking around by the Safeway. Probably would have dated her but couldn't get around fast enough. She cut her hair, but if you know her she's easy to spot. They both remind me of how bad we got it up here!!

Agrippa, I dated a short haired blonde the acouple of times by the name of Andrea. She lives in that area and the service is ok for 40.(FS) I don't have any contact info and haven't seem her in awhile. Maybe one of the lurkers will grow a pair and help out(doubt it!)

There have been some nice looking brunettes on Evergreen Way latily(by street standards of course),but I haven't hooked up yet. Well good luck fellow pooners and keep hope alive!


05-27-03, 00:07
Thanks P.

I picked up a goth chick at Cost Cutter today. Real young and looked good. I don't think she was dating though. She got in my rig when I offered her a ride and actuall told me to take her someplace. Her blouse was open real nice. I asked if she was looking for a date, and she said she was already - with her boyfriend. Hmmm... Anyway, dropped her off NBD.

I picked up Noell down by the house of clocks. BBBJTC for 30 but won't be back.

I saw a big BSW standing by the bus stop in front of Home Depot by Airport rd. Took a picture and sent in for posting. Looks like a hell of a ride.

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect everyone to be a great writer, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

05-27-03, 20:26
Was out to day about 10:30 am . Saw Renee at her usual spot on Rucker. An hour later a saw Bev again with her rocker boyfriend. I think they live in the area now. In between seeing these two I was at Hewitt and Rucker when I saw a asian chick stopping guys and asking for something(humm). I pulled over and saw her walking into a store. I got out and was going to walk in when she walked out. she turned around and waved me over. I said whats up. She went into a story about needing someone to buy her a beer. She also told me she was a prostitute and homeless.(All I needed to know...) It's RARE you see a asian chick working but she looked like death!She had a gut bigger than mine! Her face looked like she walked into a hornets nest. She even tried to shove money in my hand, but I told her I had to go.Rating a 1.

question: Has anyone seen a real cute chick with short hair, tied into two ponytails that are dyed black hanging around the bus station? I've seen her hanging around there alot with no real purpose. Last night I saw her walk all the way from Pacific to Casino Rd. tried to make contact but no luck. With the way SW are acting you can barily tell if they're working. Maybe I'm just hoping she's a possible Lolita!


05-28-03, 21:58
I ws on Rucker at 10:am today and surprise surprise there walked Renee. About 2:45, I saw Bev and her shadow on Evergreen Way across from Fred Meyers. As I was headed back down Rucker I saw a decent looking Blonde sitting at a busstop. Looped around to try and make eye contact as passed by again. She looked gave me a nice smile , got up and started walking the way I was headed. I looped around again and picked her on a side street. I can't give her name(tell you why in a min) but she was cool. Real pleasant and not a spaz. She told me that she had lost her job recently and she was doing this for cash. Normally I don't believe it, but she seemed real. Stopped off and bought her a soda, then we went back to my place. Great service for $50. Unrushed. Just like a GFE. She had a great body and no scars or bruises. I slammed that s**t missionary as hard as I could and put those legs behind her ears(she used to strip.)

When we were getting ready to leave, the stroll areas came up and I showed her WSG Forum And Uncircs sight. She thought it was really cool and had heard about it from some other girls.She was worried about giving guys her real name because of it,but what could I say? She gave me the contact info(as long as its good for.) We were driving back and we started talking about other girls working the are (N. Everett). She talked about six SW I never heard of!A native chik,Donelle,some short chick who thinks she's big time etc. She told me she saw Bev with her rocker boyfriend in tow at the TExaco on Pacific and Rucker, with Bev in the passenger seat of a car, giving a hummer! (Knowing Bev, it's probably true!) Then she mentioned a girl I been wanting to forget.Melissa. I know in a previous post I reported of what a great BJ I got, but about a month ago I hit her up fo FS at her place. Oh man I almost got sick. She walked me into a room where we did it on the floor. It was like f**kin a hole in a tree.And not to mention the stink!!She's not big on hygene either.Melissa is usually a phone date girl, if you don't have her # you're not missing anything.Shame, she's about 25 and not that bad looking if she fixed her missing tooth! Been around though, and knows the street game. My "date" told me that they were drivin around last night but she had a bad feeling because it was "vice night."I dropped her off close to Broadway.

From talking to this SW,I got the impression that most of these SW give out and collect phone #s. That could be why this town droughts out a lot.

Sorry for the long post fellas.


05-28-03, 23:33
Pariah, glad somebody here is having success in NoHomish!

05-29-03, 00:03
Good info Pariah. I haven't had very much luck at all on Rucker. It seems that most of the action that I have seen has been on Evergreen. Maybe I just don't know what I am looking at. Sounds like you scored.

Does Donelle have the shoulder length blond hair and wear those clam digger pants, and is usually on Evergreen between Casino and Airport? What has your experience with her been like?


05-30-03, 00:37
Went cruising today and got unlucky. Nothing between Rucker and Airport, but found 2 "beauties" just south of Honey's. I picked the one chewing pepperoni.

She climbed in and I should have given her the boot. She was a brunette with shoulder length hair and freckles or some sort of marks on her face. She said her name was shelly.

I gave her some bubble gum to freshen her breath (I sincerely don't know why I was still playing at this point...) and gave her $30 for a BBBJ. Should have just flushed it down the toilet. Terrible BJ. She asked for a tip and I asked her to vamoose.

Lots of L.E. out tonight. (Or last night by the time this gets posted...)

05-30-03, 02:03
8:30pm tonight. Three definite SW's in the vicinity of 99 and 525. I was very surprised to see three of them but I had to be somewhere and couldn't investigate.

The first was a nice-looking brunette in jeans and perhaps a jean jacket. She was walking North on 99, under 525, and hence I couldn't see her up close (but she looked the best of the three).

Second seemed to have blonde/red hair, maybe mid 40's, tad chunky.

Third short brunette with curly hair, chunky butt, had her thumb out hitchhiking, and had a Walkman on to pass the time.

Some of you might be able to put names to them. I'd never seen any of them before, but I am not in the area very often.

05-31-03, 13:07
What up Fellas?

I have seen two brunettes in the area down by the Jack in the Box on 99 and Airport a few times before mostly in te late morning. I think they stay in the trailer park by the storage place. One is good looking, like you said, and was probably a stripper at one time because she walks like she's wearing high heels! The other, well I would let her give me a hummer.Haven't used their services. This is the second time I've heard about a blondish redhead in that area. Never seen her, so I have no info. The only blonde I know that works 99 is Karen and I haven't seen her in months. The other two,Renee, Bev,Del, and a new girl all work the Rucker stroll(and Angie if she's still alive!).

I never met this Donelle,my date told me about her. From what I got from her was that Donelle worked Broadway and phone dates.I might be wrong,she told me about a lot of girls. But I have seen a good looking blonde on Evergreen Way Thursday at a busstop. She gave me the look as I drove by and when I pulledinto the parking lot be hind her she keept looking over. She had a BF/pimp maybe with her and they walked off. Oh well. I've been seeing that alot to,girls walking with a man in tow. Don't know what that's al about but it can't be good for business. Describe tha goth chick you picked up!

There is a Girl by the name of Donya that works the Casino Rd Evergreen Way strolls that is supposed to be hot. But NO ONE wants to give a description!! Donya/Donelle might be the same person.


05-31-03, 19:05
Pariah, agreed that the attractive brunette that I saw had that "stripper" look about her. Long, straight hair, slim/lean, etc. Hoping I can encounter her again when I'm not required to be somewhere...

05-31-03, 22:33
This is the second Sat. evening with very slim pickings. Nothing going on.

Pariah, I don't remember much about the young goth chick except that she was cute, and most likely not in the business.

Wellhung, one of those three was Noell (the first in jean jacket)and the other brunette was Shelly the SW chewing on pepperoni. I don't know the other blond SW, but she looked a little chubby and had big tits.

06-01-03, 21:40
Went cruising tonight (Sunday) and happened upon Angel. Found her at Everett Mall Way and Evergreen. She is the one that Well Hung and I saw previously down past Honey's.

Angel is a little chunky with sagging tits, blonde hair about shoulder length. But she does something I havent had before. She can take her bottom teeth out. Real nice BJ for $30 She also has a nicer personality and seemed real friendly. Below average in looks though. Found out that she also rooms with Noel.

06-02-03, 11:25
Agrippa, thx for the tidbits. Although your experience with Angel is "interesting", having a gal take her teeth out doesn't do anything for Big Ed & The Twins...

Any more info on Noell? I think I remember that name on here and need to go back through old postings. She looked looked good from about 500' away. If desired, my direct email is wellhungguy@hotmail.com

06-02-03, 15:37
Picked up Bev. today across from the Safeway on Rucker. Everybody seems to know her so I won't go into to much detail, except that she just about chewed my dick off. That woman is all teeth! She said she was having a tough time breathing cause of a cold. I need bandages and neosporn.

Wellhung - I didn't get any contact info on Noel. She isn't bad looking at all, but the service wasn't that great. She has those kind of teeth that look like tic-tacs - small and spaces in between.

06-02-03, 17:24

We weren't talking about the same group of brunettes then. Noele is a permanent fixture in that area. And looks good from behind!Only dated her once and probably won't again. the two I was talking about I've seen only by Jack in the Crack off Airport. More of a permed hairstyle. The other one looked like a hardcore user. There is yet another brunete named DeDe(?) who's sometimes out by Cost Cutters. Had her # but very unreliable.Will do sex for drugs. Never hooked up though.

g,Noelle is usually reported as trouble and skanky. One SW I know got ripped off by her and most of the girls know her say shes bad news. I've dated her once and got FS for 40. Nothing to write home about but when the bars about to close...If you want to chance it you can find her on 99 form Airport Rd to 156th late morning to early evening. But it's not a great place to cruise at certain times because the Sheriffs like to act like idiots.

Things will probably be dead by the end of the week. Hope you got some regulars!!


06-02-03, 19:13
Pariah, thx. I was just going by Agrippa's comments and assuming that the (ex stripper) brunette SW that you and I were both curious about was Noell. I don't know names to faces in No-Ho-mish county...

Assuming the brunette that I saw in the denim was not Noell, I'd be game to learn more...

06-04-03, 11:03
Originally posted by Pariah

Things will probably be dead by the end of the week. Hope you got some regulars!!

P Pariah, are you inferring that things dry up as the weather gets warmer? Or during Summer?

I have been looking for that blonde (Donell) that hangs around Evergreen and Everett Mall Way. I would like to get her contact info, but I havent seen her in a while.

06-06-03, 15:31
Things have been dry lately. Been cruising about every day and not much to be seen.

I was down around the House of Clocks around lunch today (today is Friday - who knows when this post will get approved) and saw a skanky SW. She was blond and had a real nice bod - about a 9 - in spandex. I pulled over and she got in, but I noticed that she had a huge coldsore on her mouth so out she went! She was about a 5-6 in looks. I will def. pick her up some other time though.

Not much going on other than that.

06-06-03, 15:52
Last night just after 8pm. Two SW's on 99 between 128th (Home Depot) and Evergreen Way. One short, perhaps redish blonde, the other more dyed blonde and a tad better looking. I was on the way to see a MILF friend so I didn't investigate.

I continued up 99 into Rucker and Everett - saw nothing on Rucker.

Made another pass at 1030pm down Rucker and 99 (down to 525) and saw nothing. It seems like the gals perhaps favor the day or evening before it gets dark???

06-06-03, 17:30
Was out yesterday about 10:30 am and saw Karen(my favorite S. Everett provider walk into the Work and More on 156th and 99. She's usually in that area, when she's working . Nice bod not much to look at. Had already made other plans so I didn't use her services.

I was referring to the tome of the month when the hoes get the assistance checks, but that doesn't always hold true.been kinda hot to cruise,so I'm thinking most girls will stick to the early morning or early evening.(Just my opinion)Damn posting seems kinda weird,so you picked up Bev?No BF/pimp in tow? Like I said I never met Donelle just heard about her. I posted about a blonde I saw with a dude by the busstop by Cost Cutters. Might be one of the blondes mentioned.


06-06-03, 18:42

Yeah I picked up Bev. She was all alone or I wouldn't have bothered. She was nice, but it was just one lousy BJ. All teeth. I just about had to stop her as I was affraid of the damage she was doing.

06-06-03, 19:16
2pm today. Nothing on 99 between 128 (Home Depot) and 525. Pariah, you might be right in that they may go for the morning or early evening...

06-06-03, 21:45
fri 5pm
just got thru with karen. she was walking south by honeys she is always a nice person and decent lay. but like you said pariah not much in the face department.anyway she seems to be trying to up her price she wanted 80 for fs, we agreed on 60, i normally pay 40 for her, but i didnt feel like going searching. anyway she said she has moved her schedule from the mornings to 3pm till dark because of the hot weather. that didnt make much sense because the warmest part of the day is 3pm on until 5 or 6 but i didnt say anything. she works from the 148th safeway to home depo on 128th and back again.other than that i have just seen the regular hags like noell and such on the strip

06-09-03, 13:16
Hey All,

I'm a hardcore Lurker, but I finaly made it from the Eastside over to 99 (112th down to House of Clocks). Last Wednesday the 4th, about 5:45 pm.

Well I didn't see jack although that just maybe that I wasn't real sure of what I was looking for. I saw two shorter, heavier set ladies walking south just past 112th. The only maybe was a woman walking south (just north of 525). She looked like she was either Asian, or maybe Native American (not real attractive, all though she had a slender body), Didn't look like she was trying to make any eye contact.

I hope that I'll get better at spotting the SW and making some eye contact. Is this a good time (5:45) to be out looking for some action?


06-13-03, 15:26
right place, right time, wrong time of the month.

Stop it man, you're cracking me up!!

Anyone make contact with those Brunettes yet?


06-13-03, 19:22
I cruised Evergreen and 99 Monday, Wed., and Friday - around 10-11 Am. Nothing going on. I will try later in the evening and see if I can't scare up some luck - hopefully good luck.

I was down in Tacoma earlier this week around the same time and I saw a little more action down there. Picked up a SW and got the full meal deal plus greek for 50.

Anyways, hopefully it doesn't rain and scare away what little we have to be thankful for.

06-15-03, 00:56
Pariah, I haven't had time to be even over in the vicinity. Am hopoing we can get clarification on that one brunette...

06-16-03, 15:23
11am 'ish today on 99 between 525 and 128th/Airport Rd. One short brunette in a white top and shorts. I think I've been her out before (don't know her name) but she didn't do anything for me.

Still haven't come across that slender brunette that I saw about two weeks ago...

06-16-03, 15:34

Don't worry boys, things will pick up by the end of the week,weather permitting! Weekend nights around Denny's and the Sunrise hotel you might find some in the area ,according to a regular.

Now that the kiddies are out of school we'll be doing alot of rubberneckin!


06-16-03, 16:51
The last 2 days I have seen a petite brunette strolling between Honey's and that Irish tavern. I picked her up and she was giving me this hard bargaining/used car salesman approach that was not working.

She finally agreed on 30 and then only if we were driving towards where she wanted to go. She kept saying she was in a hurry so I kicked her out.

That changed her tune. She was then, "come on, you don't know what you are missing..." which of course was a softball waiting for my reply, "yes I do, and that is why I am dropping you off."

Anyway, she is about a 6 for looks, 8 body, and a 2 for the hassle she is dealing.

I don't know if this is the brunette you are looking for, but if you land her let me know if it is worth it. She has a discolored front tooth for an identifier. Didn't get the name.

06-17-03, 12:48
Last night around 11pm, on 99, just a tad North of the "Honey's" strip club... There was a nice little Asian standing out there talking on her phone. Black mini, black knee-high boots, etc. Many guys tried to pick her up but nothing. I thought she was LE bait (ie., a sting) but didn't see any "after effects" when a fellow would proposition her. My spider senses said to not do anything, but damn she looked good. Perhaps a dancer at Honey's but dunno why should would stand out 99 just to chat on phone though.

Saw another one a tad farther up. Dull red coat and perhaps white stockings, maybe 5'4, tad chunky. Looked good but another fellow picked her up quick before I could swing around...

06-24-03, 19:59
Saw Karen on 99 by the 76 station about 11:30. I couldn't get turned around quick enough because of all the construction. By time I got back she was gone. Saw a possible on Broadway around noon.Short blonde hair cottage cheese legs,went into Safeway so i didn't verify.


06-26-03, 18:41
Was out last night on 99 about 8:30.Saw a bugeyed brunette by the storage place.Looking around all nervous,trying to act like she wasn't trying to get attention. About a 4. Dressed nice though. Up the road by Healing Hands massage, I saw a older possible Sw in a brownish green dress with her thumb out. She was getting pissed that no one was stopping. I passed her by like three times and she made no real move. She stood in the same spot for 15 minutes.

Today about 10am, I saw Angie on Broadway with her new sugar daddy/pimp. A regular told me he pimps her for drugs.(Yuck) Saw another blonde with a nice figure got picked up by a guy in a truck.(Dumb ,I thought, right on Broadway.)

About 1pm I picked up a SW I haven't seen before by the name of Sandy or Cindy.Wanted 40 for FS but took 30. Had a nice body but a face like a werewolf. Said she was from Vegas and doesn't do this all the time(Don't they all)Lousy BJ but good cowgirl.I picked her up onRucker and Everett Ave.

@#!$% constuction if messin up the cruise areas.Is it just me or are these Everett hoes getting too caught up in acting like they're on their way someplace that they forget the reason they're out there?

That sounds a lot like a chick named DeDe. Not too bad lookin just a lot of attitude.Rotten service. you might have saved 30 bones.


07-01-03, 20:19
tuesday 3pm
saw a cute mexican or native young sw on 168th and 99 i was gonna turn around but had to be somewhere anybody else seen this girl?

07-01-03, 23:32
Things have been scarce lately. I saw Noel on 99 looking tired.

Has anyone seen the young girl with short bright RED hair? I mean florescent red. I have seen her around and am wondering if she is a SW. From Everegreen to Everett Mall Way is where I have seen her.

07-02-03, 18:12

I saw a girl fittin your descript today. She was further N. on Evergreen Way. Jet black hairabout 5'5" ,hair was shoulder length. Had the I'm high and need attention thing going. Didn't investigate though.

I got itfrom a good source that there was a big round up last week to a week and a half ago. There was a big bust at the Sunrise Hotel on Evergreen Way that most of these junkie SW's have something to do with. I know of 6 SW's in that area that got pinched. N. Everett might have some hags early morning time(that I've seen.)


07-03-03, 11:56
11pm and then again 1am last night... Nothing spotted on 99 between 526 and 525. Blah. Things were actually looking better/busy in NoHoMish county.

07-03-03, 23:49
More here:


07-03-03, 23:53
thanx man i was planning to go north to everett tonight

07-04-03, 12:17
I was cruising N. Broadway Thursday night. I even saw a native stw around the Blockbuster video. By the time I pulled around some swinging dick sniped her in the car directly ahead of me.

I did some driving back and forth and didn't see any signs of a bust or decoys. But this was further north on Broadway.

I cruise every day and I have to say that things have really dried up in this area. Absolutely dry on Evergreen and 99 lately.

07-04-03, 16:06
Another bust?

you got to be kidding!God I would have loved to take some pics!! Will these pigs ever learn?YOU WILL NEVER STOP PROSTITUTION!!!! They only have stings on three strolls, come on pigs! I was out this morning and saw a regular on Broadway.That bust really slowed things down! If a john got busted on Broadway then he deserves it, espically if he picked up on Broadway or she was standing still. Broadway is a not that long,but there are plenty of side streets. SOAP all those hos, they'll still come out.

Try Everett Mall Way,TThe bus station off Pacific,along 128th by the Albertsons.These are alittle off the main strolls but I picked up acouple of times in these areas. Another thing to try,get the # of one of those SW that is reliable, they always have friends in the game to.


P.S. Still no news about Marysville?

07-07-03, 00:49
I have been burning up a lot of gas for nothing lately. Sometimes I think there are about 50 cruisers for every SW. Anything that moves I see people pulling over.

I got lucky on N. Broadway tonight. Saw a SW and pulled into the Texaco/Subway where she walked over. There are cops everywhere and I was very uncomfortable, so I don't know if I will do that again.

Anyway, her name was Shannon. Not very good looking, but nice attitude and excellent bbbjtc. About a 4-8-8

Thanks for the tips Pariah.

07-07-03, 14:31

Describe Shannon. I know a Shannon.


Would you be willing to share through e mail?


07-07-03, 17:49
Pariah, sure I would be happy to exchange contact info.
Shannon was about 25, 5'9", slight acne, brown hair about shoulder length. She seemed real nice.

07-08-03, 17:52
Was cruising around 1 pm today (Tuesday) and didn't see much until I hit N. Everett on Evergreen. I saw an anorexic SW just north of the old Deja Vu but she got into someone's rig before I could snag her.

So I continued north (that construction is a pain in the ass) and saw Renee hanging out by Hatloes on Evergreen. She was real spooked. She was telling me about how scary it is these days with police busting everything that moves. She said they are even making up stories and lies to incriminate the SW's. I had to do the handshake twice before she cooled down.

Went back to her place for a $30 BBBJTC. For those of you who see her she is moving back to someplace on 4th off of Evergreen. She said she is getting kicked out of her current place as of today.

The cops seem to be on a prostitution crack down so be careful.

07-09-03, 11:37
11pm last night, along 99 near Honey's. I encountered Kim. Attractive for a SW (read: didn't look like worn leather), perhaps 5'7, not super slim but not fat either, long/straight dark hair and features. Kim was very direct, said she was working, asked if I wanted a BJ. It was so direct that I was thinking LE/sting and politely passed. She started to walk on 99 and was immediately picked up.

I attempted to find her again after that, but no luck...

07-09-03, 21:11
Here goes my first post.

Saw a possible on Evergreen just off of 4th ave. Red hair, had a tatoo of somekind. Would've swung around but I had a cop on my tail so I didn't want chance it. Anyone else seen her before?

07-10-03, 22:53
Pariah and Agrippa, am thinking the one I encountered the other night (Kim) might be the same SW that you two were referring to...

Little Tony
07-11-03, 05:51
Do you have a contact # for Kim?

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Little Tony
07-11-03, 05:58
Some of my Everett favorites:


Glad to elaborate if you are interested.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

07-11-03, 15:05
What up Fellas?

I don't know man.It could be. I've seen at least 3 different brunettes working that area. Not including Noelle. I think you did the right thing walking away from that SW even though it loooked like a mistake. I've founf when they're that direct they are usually in a hurry and the service sucks.

Welcome.I don't know of any redheads working that area. Natural or dyed? Are you a S. Everett cruiser or N. Everett? Keep in mind Everett is kinda a working class town, and a lot of the women look dumpy,which doesn't mean she's a working girl.

Saw a possible on Rucker today. Dressed in black. Had blonde hair and might have seen her before.I circled a couple of times but decided she was just a burned out rocker chick.


07-11-03, 15:49
fri 10 am
i was out and around didnt see much from 112th to 168th until a came across annette.she was worn out looking but for 40 for everything i decided to jump.good bbbj and full service and a nice girl. i picked her up under the speedway and 99 she says she is out around that time every day.all and all not bad

07-12-03, 14:51
I was out on Broadway about 10:15 today. I saw a girl being let out in front of the Royal Hotel. She was dressed in the funky red dress/jacket and wearing matching red boots.She had long brown hair tied in a ponytailand was about 5'5". Had the druggie look but was tan and looked kind a good.Circled around to observe. She stopped at the busstop in front of the laundry mat.The bus came so she got up and walked to the busstop at 16th. I looped by her acouple times to get her attention anad tried to get her to walk to a backstreet. She didn't bite. On my last pass she trough up her thumb. I lookedin my rear view to see a small white truck stop and pick her up.(Hey he had more nuts than I did.)I've seen him parked on Broadway trying to pick up before.Not very safe IMHO, but he got the girl.Does any one have info on her? She had nice legs!


07-12-03, 16:44

I don't know about your SW, but I saw a SW down accross from Behars. I know she was walking. But she wouldn't give me the time of day either.

Same as last night. I stopped for a SW on 99 down by the house of clocks and she wouldn't get in. They all think I am a cop. I wish that LE would lay off, as they have everyone spooked. Pisses me off. But I am glad she didn't get in, because when she opened her mouth she only had one tooth. That thing would have put me out of comission for a week. These women are hounds!

I miss Yakima where the grass is greener and the girls are pretty.

Mariners Man
07-15-03, 14:18
Hello all,

I'm a newbie the hobby and I have a few questions:

"I had to do the handshake twice before she cooled down."

Does that mean what I think it does? :-)

I had a girl in my car Sat nite and she asked me to 'show.' I could
hardly understand her so she bolted.

If you guys could give a brotha some tips on SOP when tryin to pickup a SW, that would be super.



07-15-03, 19:07
OK ,did the Broadway cruise and picked up a short haired chubby blonde by the name of Michelle . Not very attractive, service wasn't that great but pleasant.Was at the busstop in front of the SAfeway. I directed her to a sidestreet and she jumped in.Simple. Dropped her off at the royal motel. It happened about 11:30 FS 40.


07-15-03, 19:18
Tuesday the 15th 3:30

I cruised from 164th to 112th didn't see much. On the way back I picked up what at long distance looked like a Lolita, it ended up being a girl named Tera in her 20's. She wanted 50 for a bj and 100 for full service. I told her I would give her 20 and she said 30 for full service. Once we started to my place she got a attitude so I kicked her to the curb just past honey's. I wasnt really in the mood anyway after this weekend in vancouver :)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

07-16-03, 20:12

Read the post man.Just read the posts.


07-16-03, 23:21
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Mariners Man

I had a girl in my car Sat nite and she asked me to 'show.' I could
hardly understand her so she bolted.]]]

I think she wanted you to expose yourself. She was asuming a cop would not do so. Sometimes they will ask you reach under her blouse or dress and fondle her for the same reasons.

07-17-03, 02:28
I have only picked up Shannon. What are the other's like and where did you find them?

have you seen Kim since? I have noticed that the SW's are real careful lately. It's almost like you have to sweet talk them into the car with lollipops or something.
I found a new gal on Evergreen last week down by Holly dr. Blond, attractive, and an awesome body. She was the first one I have found in a long time that didn't need a collar. She goes by A.J. Anybody else been lucky enough to find her?? No contact info.

07-17-03, 15:36
10:00am Today,

I was on W. Casino and I was headed toward Boeing. Saw two walking toward the 7-11. Both gave me the working look. One was a blonde decent body dressed in black, the other was a dirty blonde or light brown hair.Average body had on big sunglasses so I couldn't see her face. I looped back around and saw the blonde walk into the 7-11 and the other got on the phone. I came around again the blonde was on the other side of the street waalking toward Fred Meyers. She gave me the "what up?" look but a pig was coming the other way.I left the area for awhile and when I came back they were both gone. THere was a possible older one talking on the phone wearing white short shorts and a white top with a open back. She had one of those sexy tatoos on her lower back.Probably in her forties acting likeshe was 20. nice legs ass,but a face like a hellhound. Asked her if she needed a ride but she blew me off.

Saw a older native looking SW on Broadway.She was at the 7-11 not trying to give off signs. I was on a sidestreet and she passed in front of me. Another john cruised by honked his hor but she blew him off to.

Oh well, there's always tommorrow.


07-17-03, 21:53
Agrippa, negative on Kim. But I just returned from a biz trip so haven't been over in the general area of 99 either...

07-20-03, 14:57
I was cruising by IHOP/Izzy's on Evergreen yesterday and found the same Tara that Sweetwilly found. She was about 5-6" with a gut from a couple of kids. Sandy blonde with sagging tits. She gave the same crap about being a high priced ho and wanted 50/100. Gave her 30 for a lousy BJ. She said she was 19. Had a lot of rules and was having second thoughts, but then she got desperate and started really asking for the money.

07-21-03, 07:37
Originally posted by Mariners Man

If you guys could give a brotha some tips on SOP when tryin to pickup a SW, that would be super.


MM [/i]A few suggestions:

1) Everybody and every place has a different style. Read the boards for the location you want.

2) Many, many of the girls have drug habits that make them paranoid; besides, they work in a paranoid business. They often need reassurance. One way to do that, and a standard in the Seattle-Everett area is to unzip and show off Thumper; some girls prefer you put a hand under their clothes.

3) As a personal practice, I park near an area where I see commerce going on, but not so close as to invite a provider, and just watch for a while. Sometimes I choose to approach walking.

4) If you don't mind a drive, check out the Tacoma board for news about Marlo. She is becoming a Northwest legend. She's about a 5 for looks, but a 9+ for attitude. The first couple of times she's paranoid as hell, and you have to slow her down, and her room is a mess, but... the choice is yours: For $20 you can choose tidy housekeeping or great cocksucking. It's a hard choice. And she's a great girl to learn on.

Mariners Man
07-21-03, 16:59
Thanks, Titman!

Has anyone found the LE presence to be heavier in certain places? Or is it roughly the same on a relative basis? I think I want a low-LE area for awhile!


07-21-03, 23:15
Picked up Amy tonight on Evergreen down around by Madison. Blond, 23, HWP, about 5 -7" Got a serviceable 1/2 and 1/2 for 50 and she provided the room. She was pretty cute for an Everett SW, but all activities covered

07-22-03, 17:48
Originally posted by Mariners Man
Thanks, Titman!

Has anyone found the LE presence to be heavier in certain places? Or is it roughly the same on a relative basis? I think I want a low-LE area for awhile!

MM I've found LE to be as close to absolutely random as can be. In Seattle SPD has heavy regular patrols around the Hurricane and Denny Park, sometimes 23rd and Cherry. Everett appears to have pretty heavy LE on the main strolls. Tacoma is the weird one: No LE for months and months; then suddenly they're all over everywhere for a week; then nothing.

King County does "decoy" traps near the Sea-Tac Airport every once in a while; Snohomish County P.D. has done one or two.

Pierce County Sheriff and Tacoma PD have a --er-- spotty record. I once knew a provider in Fife who had been in the life for about ten years with a spotless arrest record. She said she got busted quite a bit, but it only meant Officer Friendly wanted a bj.


07-24-03, 00:05
Found another new one for me tonight about 7:00 down by the house of clocks on 99. Not very good looking, but great attitude and very good BBBJTC. Sandy blonde and HWP around 30ish and said her name was Pat.

07-27-03, 16:45
Hey guys,

I was wondering if anybody knew where you could get the best for your buck at the local amps.

07-28-03, 00:06
Saturday night about 11:30pm. Nothing spotted on 99 between 525 and 526.

07-31-03, 11:26
1:00am 'ish this morning (Thursday). I encountered Noelle (first time I'd actually met her in person) on 99 just North of 525. 0.4 for a BBBJ with CIM (she wanted 0.1 extra for the CIM option). I know I paid too much but it was late, I was tired, and just wanted some action...

Nothing else spotted on 99 though between 525 and 526.

08-02-03, 12:59
Not really Everett more Mukiteo I've had decent Asian massage experiences. For myself spending the extra cash versus a sw, is worth not playing with L.E. getting caught here I have much to loose!

I have one problem that is memory for names of people, places and streets. But here goes. Three places are around the exit of 522 and 99. One is called Anna's wich has not been used by me yet that's on the agenda for my next trip in the area. I think it's called Lake Serene spa it's near lake rd., from the 522 travel south bound, just past the Shell on your left side top of the hill you will see it. The place has apartment units running along side it. The first few times here the girls where good but full service is a little high, started at $160 plus the $40 entrance fee, talk the girls down to $130. So total was $200, you get a o.k. message from a decent looking Asian girl, than a BJ, followed by the full deal. Both times the girls started on top followed by any posistion I wished, except anal. Yes it's a little high but chances of getting arrested are low. I have a company car and may loose my Green Card, hence why I like mongering in this fashion while in the USA.

About three weeks ago I started at this place again paid my $40 and waited almost an hour for a girl to arrive, when she did she was about 55 years old and white. Not my cup of tea so I left with them refunding my fee. The problem here is the Mamason selects the girl without you first seeing them. So I headed North along 99 to hit the 522 home. Still horny I stopped at Anna's but the girls available where o.k. looking but clearly on something gut told me no try next-time. The next place down the building almost looks vacant with only a massage sign in the window almost made me not stop. The girl who met me at the door asked for the $40 entrance fee and a extra $100. I asked what for she said: "everything you want". So I gave it too her. not bad looking a little baby fat about 23 yrs. old, looks like the Asian gal on big brother 4. Started with massage, hj with oil no condom, BJ did not feel her put on protection, did this until almost ready to blow, she road me, did some 69 action, finishing in the missionary. Nice tight box, great personality. Good experience!

Sunday I'll try Anna's. If you guy's know of amps closer to Seattle let me know. Also between there and the Canadian border. I'll try them out a file reports. Hopefully my details will improve as I get into posting more and more. I'm thinking of taking note's before and after. For more info to pass along.

08-02-03, 14:21
I think I wrote 522 meant 525, my memory for important things like street's and major landmarks are not that good. Found seattlesweetwillyp's map site linked on un-circ's site. I'm also interested in trying Euro-touch and Airport massage. The place without name maybe Healing hands in my last report. I'll try at least one of these and file Monday. Hence why future visits I'll take notes.

08-04-03, 00:37
Drove out to the amps today. Forgot my wallet so only had about a $100 on me plus a gas card so getting anything at any place was not in the cards. Decided to try and find sw but found only one or two possibles around the house of clocks, other one more towards Honey's. Same old story, U-turned and she was beeing picked up by the time I arrived back. Good looker 26 to 27 brunette, sorta curly shoulder length, tattoo of spider web maybe on left shoulder. She might have been a dancer at that club waiting for BF ride!

08-05-03, 23:59
Monday night 10:30pm. I drove 99 up from Seattle, and even cruised 99 between 525 and Airport Road a few times. Nothing spotted. Figured I'd cruise up into Everett for the hell of it, but nothing spotted along Rucker, Broadway, etc.

This has been the Lame Report (old Almost Live show on King 5)...

08-07-03, 23:01
Again tried the HH amp and received the CBJ till hard, gal got on top until she was tired, than me allowed any style I wished. Same girl as last time, she answered the door so no choice. Forty to get in and a hun for the rest. Since no street action think this is a bargain in terms of time and gas driving around. Plus no threat of Police stopping you. I'm going to try some others and see if I can't get them for around these prices, wich I'm surprised I'm getting it for this. First time she said it was an intro one time price.

08-08-03, 22:09
Pariah, did Kim have long/straight, dark hair? Would appreciate a private email from you with her contact info. wellhungguy@hotmail.com

08-09-03, 02:03
Checked out the Euro AMP, the two girls working where not my style and they quoted everything $200. Told them I'm only new here not to amp's and told them I I'm headed down the street. Price came down to $120, plus entrance fee, me still walking everything for $100 was offered! This was tempting but for a little extra I would rather get what I wan't. Ann's was $120 plus the $40 at the door.

Arrived at HH where I was met by Helen, small breast's, nice skinny body, wich looked 18, but the face 25 to 30. Her attitude was allright not really into it. Did massage for about 10 min. than asked what else I wanted. Before she could say anything I got my pants to check to see how much cash. Cheepo me only a hun after the $40 left. She wanted BJ for it but I kept saying too much for that. After a minute she finally gave in, "next time $120". She BJ'd until hard and than wen't straight for missionary. O.K. CBJ and a mediocre lay.

The street scene was dead, but I only drove a short distance along 99, just past Airport Rd.

08-09-03, 11:56
Hey Pariah,

How much did you end up giving her (Kim)? You lucked out getting that in N. Everett. I've never picked up anything in N. Everett. I did, however, pick up these two hot black chics on Casino last weekend. Did them both for $100. They live on 75th. If you want to swap #'s, email me at spoondog11@yahoo.com. I'd like to get Kim's digits.


08-09-03, 14:20

I got her for 50 but she wanted to f**k more than I did!! I don't know,she was probably on somethin. Haven't had a chance to verify the # but God I hope its good!!


08-09-03, 21:47
I've seen virtually nothing in the Everett area recently. I cruised north Everett twice last night--in the early evening and about 1 AM--and south Everett about 1:30 AM--and saw absolutely nothing. There was a probable on Hwy 99 just south of 148th St SW about 1:45 AM (appeared to be mostly working with a pimp), but that was it. I did see an impressive amount of late-night action in Seattle (see my 8-9 post on that board).

Given Pariah's last report, I'm wondering if Everett has become more of a daytime scene. I expanded the Broadway listing in my guide to include "blocks around", based on his success there. Does anyone ever see anything convincing on Hoyt Ave between Hewitt and California? I saw a cop questioning some loitering youths there in the early evening, and that general area seems to be a youth hangout.

Seattle - Vancouver street guide (http://www.geocities.com/un_csd/streetguide.html)

08-12-03, 17:10
The following are the official SOAP (Stay out of areas of prostitution) zones as taken from section 10.24.210 of the Everett Municipal Code. I've reworded the descriptions for simplicity and clarity.

1) N Broadway from 700 to 1100 blocks, and two blocks east and west.

2) Broadway from 1000 to 4100 blocks, and two blocks east and west.

3) Evergreen Way from 4700 block to south city limits, and two blocks east and west.

4) Silver Lake Rest Area on southbound I-5.

5) Hewitt Ave from 1000 to 3200 blocks, and two blocks north and south.

6) Colby Ave from 2500 to 4100 blocks, and two blocks east and west.

7) Rucker Ave from Everett Ave to 4600 block, and two blocks east and west.

8) Pacific Ave from 1000 to 3000 blocks, and two blocks north and south.

9) W Marine View Drive from 1000 block to Everett Ave, and two blocks west.

Otter Trax
08-12-03, 20:58

This may come as a surprise to some of you, and please don't take this the wrong way, but you can not use my forum to promote a competing forum.

If you have info, then post it here.



08-14-03, 14:11
Was out last night about 7:45.I spotted an ugly older blond on 36 next to the Prospector. Picked her up and dropped her off just as fast.Gross! I was doing a drive by by the mission in the same area and see this nicily dressed nicily shaped chick walking away from there. Got a good look and it was young ass career criminal Melissa(didn't realize she had that nice a body,clothes on of course!)I was gonna stop and talk smack to her but decided to get the fuck out of the area. I think she just got out of the joint.

Today I was on Casino and saw a leggy chick in black boots waving at traffic. turned out to be "Dee" she's a 22 native chick with a heroin problem.A bad one. She was jonesing like a mother!Ditched her quick with no service.


08-15-03, 11:22
Just after Midnight last night... Hooked up with Noelle again. 0.4 for BBBJTCIM. Again, tad expensive but late and I didn't feel like deferring to "the Palm Seeeesters". Noelle seems to favor 99 on either side (read: no more than 3 blocks) on either side of the 525 interchange.

After I got done with her, stopped for a "Jenny Craig" burritto at Taco Bell on 99 and just South of 525. Noticed another brunette in a track outfit. I'd never seen her before and she actually didn't look skunky. Brunette, long/straight dark hair, maybe 5'7. It is not the Kim gal that I encountered 3-4 weeks ago. Am wondering if the brunette in the track outfit is a part-timer.

And... I noticed something that might be perceived as a good place to just sit and wait for SW's. I had my email up a few postings ago and will respond to the senior members if they want the details.

After all of the above, I took one for the team and cruised up 99, Rucker, and a bit through Everett. Nothing else spotted.

08-15-03, 18:43
Hey all,

Wednesday evening about 6pm I was waiting at the light heading south on 99 at the Airport RD./128th intersection, when I saw a gal crossing the street to the west side and headed south to that bus stop. She looked tall, long dark hair and had a short skirt on with almost knee high boots. She looked pretty damn good from about 20 yards away. She had a stupid looking hat on, so it was hard to tell what her face looked like. She did look kinda drunk. By the time I turned around in Home Depot and went back, she was no where to be found. Has anyone seen this chic? She looked like she'd be worth a bang.