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Sports Night
08-18-05, 00:12
I would like to start a thread on this specific subject. Other forums have added specific threads to help mongers concentrate on areas they are interested in such as AMP (Asian Massage Parlor, Non-Asian MP), DT (Downtown/Streetwalkers), and Escorts. I am mostly interested in SC, DT and NA-MP.

08-21-05, 23:58
Visited Sunday night. Took forever to get a drink, but finally got the attention of a very nice looking, slender student. She had a pair of nice titties and nice ass. She also had a very nice, sexy smile.

She said they are building a new bar and VIP rooms upstairs. Now that is interesting. VIP rooms can lead to all sorts of activities that the open club does not lend itself to. I certainly would have liked to have gotten her into one!!

08-25-05, 14:58
I had to make a trip to Wasilla yesterday and decided to check out the Borealis Beach Club, since its website mentioned it opens at 1pm and I was only going to be in the area until around 6. Well, after negotiating the HORRENDOUS construction taking place in WaWa, I strolled into the club around 5:30 only to be informed by the cute bartender that the girls usually don't show up until after 9pm. Talk about lame...

Anyway, I ended up checking out the rest of the Anchorage scene, and after calling Fantasies and finding out that their dancers don't start until 8, I stopped by Crazy Horse for the first time. Who the hell would ever want a lap dance in full light while sitting three feet from a table full of poker players?!?!? Thank god there wasn't a cover! Holy shit, that place sucks.

So I gave up and went to an AMP.


Looks like the only luck I've ever had while in Anchorage was at the Great Alaska Bush Company a couple months ago. Got a couple very nice dances from a visiting girl. She did just enough "accidental" touches to my shorts to keep me interested and make me wonder if there was anything more to get from her. I approached the subject of "outside employment" and ended up with her phone number and a price of $$ for an hour with her and her roommate (another visiting dancer at the club) for the next evening.

All I can say is...WOW! While not FS, the hour included lots of private lap dances in their apartment from both of them at the same time. They stripped me down to my skivies within the first five minutes, and those came off about ten minutes later. After I warmed them both up with my roaming hands, they obliged my interest in DATY, then proceeded to practice their french speaking skills with me. No translator. We then made a detour to Russia and finished with a duo HJTCCOF.

I'm assuming this isn't the norm for the Anchorage area?