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Bob Amp
06-01-05, 05:12
Woke up today and went to CL - looked around and this gal said she would be her in 20 minutes for $.5. She shows one hour later and was ok, however, she had a rash that she said was getting over chicken pox. Did my stuff and prayed that I am fine. Was mostly on her butt, so no doggie for this dog.

Tonight was going to sleep. Same deal. Called some gal and for $.25 she at my hotel in 15 min. Over 1 hour later she shows up and is the girl in pic. I like skinny, but she was druggie skinny - name was Kayla. wouldnt do it again. She had some liesions etc. She just left and place smells like druggie - street hooker smell.

NO MORE for me. I will go back to AMP where girls are checked - no drugs - safe - GFE (or not) - either way is much better. I was lazy but will go to AMP in future.

Thats all for now. $$$ Today. 2 gals. Would have rather had one nice on from clean amp.

Bob Amp

Bob Amp
06-02-05, 02:42
Went to Bush tonight. Even though was a B AMP experience, still was better then the CL outcall. Anyway, at Bush didnt like the haggle. .5 at door, then the girl wont take $.2. 10-15 min later she takes $.4 but was a buzz kill. She was chinese and cute, but not sure if price is worth it, esp, with the haggle. You can go to place and pick your girl for $.7.

Happy Hunting.

Bob Amp

Sleeping Bag
08-08-05, 15:57
In my opinion, Jackson should put Craigslist reportings under each respective geographic location alongside with these AMP and SW reportings. That way, people can stay in the same geographic location but just click in and out of wanting to read/post Craigslist versus AMP/SW info. That's just my own opinion.

In any case, I saw Trisha from Tennessee today. She's staying at a hotel near SFO. If you want her #, send me a msg. She's a bit on the chubby side, but her face is cute. She's about a 6 on body, 8 on face, but the best part is that she's a 10 on performance. She absolutely rocked. $.5 for 45 min includes GFE. She's does offer bareback for $$ and rimming for $$.5. I just went with the $.5. She spent a long time bbbj and she really got into it. Later, she let me reciprocate. DATY was great. She moaned and gyrated her crotch into my mouth. She's completely shaved.

Once the spread eagle happened, she busted a nut right on my 3rd stroke. She said my DATY did it for her and that by the time we got into f***ing, she was wet and ready to bust. Needless to say, that made me feel like a king. Although her body is not physically attractive as other girls, her super attitude did it for me to cum within 3 min myself. Versus other girls were may have been 8/9/10 on body but were 2 or 3 on attitude, and I can be with them for hours and still never finish cuz of their screwed up attitude.

I strongly recommend this girl. A definite A+.