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Drivin for Fun
01-13-05, 10:16
I visited Harmony Spa last week and was very dissapointed. I've gone there a number of times in the past, and know how things work there. First, I got the rubber gloved TS, which was only ok. The massage was ok, but not great. On the flip, she started asking me "how much you pay me"? I held up a few fingers. She said "most pay me $.80"! Whoa, that's way too much! Some people have no idea. Anyway, after some negotiation, after all, I was there for something, we settled on $.60. Still way too much, but I had come this far. Anyway, I left wishing I hadn't gone there in the first place. I don't think I'll go back again any time soon.

02-02-05, 13:44
There is another place besides Harmony which I will check out.

The place on Berllin Road in Barre closed two weeks ago. Never much action there. Too small an area.

Member #4196
03-17-05, 20:52
Had occassion to spend the night in Burlington last night and I know...I deserve every bit of what I didn't get. I read the posts on the Burlington AMP's before I went up so I thought, just maybe, my luck might be different.

$80 at the door which is 20 more than any other AMP in New England but I already knew that. TS was like a Jiffy Lube at fast speed. She was done before I knew it and I told her I thought there was a shortage on soap or possibly there was a watering ban. Yeah, no understand. I took her hand and asked to wash Mr. Happy. I cleaned him she said. I smiled and off to the massage table.

The massage was awful compared to so many others in the NE area. Flipped and then came the tariff: 60 HR, 100 CBJ nude. So I said HJ only please and she said, need money now to which I replied it was in the car and if I had to get dressed to get it, I would pass. So she preceeed to do a supersonic HJ and breakneck speed.

The clock said 7:21 when I went in and said 7:58 when I walked out and I just waved and left with no intention of bringing back any tip.

Total Ripoff and will never set foot in ther again.

Canada on the next trip up your way.

Boy you guys have a mecca an hour away but the local scene is dismal.

04-01-05, 05:53
Hello VT!

I will be in Burlington mid April for two days (mid week). What's the best bet for finding action? Any strolls? bars? The amps sound like a rip off. Any advise would be appreciated.

04-22-05, 07:01
Was in Burlington this week and the weather was nice and the college girls looked Hot! I crusied all around and didn't see nothing. Maybe the wrong spot? Did drive by Harmony but past reports kept me away. Did Harmony used to be Ginza or something like that?

08-24-05, 20:15
Just a question: Ae there any AMP's around the area anymore?

08-30-05, 16:12
Harmony Spa in Williston is still open.

08-30-05, 23:34
Where is it located?

08-31-05, 14:15
It is located at 5649 Williston Road.

09-22-05, 14:02
I've been to Harmony a couple of times before the clean ups in Burlington. It was perfectly decent when I was there. Just nothing special.

Does anyone know of option number 2 in the area? I saw someone mentioned it here. Post or PM please, as I will be up in Burlington in a couple of weeks. TIA.


10-01-05, 22:57
I tried looking for Harmony but I couldn't find it.

Is there a sign or is it just some house?

10-04-05, 08:26
Less than a quarter mile est on Route 2A from the intersection with the road that connects with I-89. It's a single wide on the left heading East with a small sign.

10-12-05, 16:40
How are the girls there at Harmony? And what are the going rates?

10-13-05, 02:07
You sure do have a lot of questions, I8.

I think its time to go see for yourself what the story is over at Harmony. If I remember its .60 for a half hour and .80 for a full hour for the house before any tip. It seems like YMMV there so why dont you go and tell us how you did!


11-05-05, 10:08
there is no way for FS @ harmony the times I have been there have been so - so. I miss the other places we HAD in the area. Vermont NEEDS something so does UPSTATE NY Plattsburg area.