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04-10-02, 05:57
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04-15-02, 16:02
I had a little trouble finding the new forum.
Warm weather is here have seen some sw on Arlington.
Anyone have any phone numbers or other tips on finding ladies in Akron,Canton, NE Ohio?

04-20-02, 22:00
In Canton, try Harrison between 6th & 9th south, Newton between 2cd & 6th north, and Spring between 4th and 7th north.
Check all around those areas, watch for black & whites, or bicycle cops.

04-24-02, 22:57
Met Kelley white female sw on Arlington 20bj.She says she is 32,looks older, an average 5, about 5'4" 120 thin tiny boobs.Brown hair in a bun.She is getting an apt here ,she is down from cleveland.Alleged cell 330-996-8812

04-25-02, 17:58
had trouble finding the new forum.
where is the closes amp in akron? or do i travel out.

04-29-02, 19:49
i was reading the old forum and it say that the sw are on alignton rd. my question is what part of alignton rd is it the by hoban or is it the part out by green.
i know it's a crap shoot when looking for sw but i have going out look for action on five different times and haven't seen a single one. whats up with that.
Thanks in advanced

05-02-02, 22:17
hey were are you guys at. on the old forum there is a least 600 message and on this one there is about four. i now that i'm some young punk, but i still need some help form the veterns. so please help out.

05-04-02, 08:17
Hey Duece,

Have you ever had any experiences you would like to share? These boards will only work if people share. Share experiences, then ask questions, you might get better results!

05-04-02, 22:21
heres a little sharing i just love to give esp to a sw. :) ok alington is good just rotate around by the 76 ramp to the gas station going towards akron. watch for the 5o there garage is around the corner. also go the other way towards the akron plaza there are sometimes a few there and dont forget about the side streets. another one is coply rd moslty crack heads there are a few good ones just keep looking. I also swing by laird not much action but a good find once in a while. you might find a red head there she is good so good i gave her a little extra. stay safe oh almost forgot tip always let her show something personal before any kind of talk for the pay begins. stay safe.

05-11-02, 14:02
hey come on guys I know your looking there are over 1300 visiters. If your worried about registering its safe your not going to be tracked you do this so we dont get the spammers. OK the other night I found erica nice give her a 7 for looks and a good 9 for atitude and comfort. found her off arlington by the matrise store. no rushing. she was about 5'6' light brown long hair small chest and waist. stuff i seen just cruse the side streets off arlington good after midnight take your time on average about 2 hours cruising. stay safe and please post.

06-04-02, 22:23
Any advice to someone new to the area looking to avoid and problems with 5o? Im new to the whole thing and am trying to stay safe but a little nervous about the first time. Any advice?

06-10-02, 09:00
Went to akron on a saturday night it was nice out and the sw were out. found a cute little butten by burger king says she was 22 but looked younger. she was bit on the chunky side but not bad. nice tits non mommy. she was good I finished real fast. time found about 1am. if you like email me at sting9952 at the yahoo. stay safe

07-09-02, 19:09
Anyone see any good action lately. I have seen almost 0 SW in the past 3 weeks. Has anyone else noticed this?

08-10-02, 21:32
Greetings from Stark county (Canton OH). This is my 1st report. I have been getting sw action in Canton for 7 yrs. There is a lot of variation of the # and quality of women on the prowl. This is no joke: Last week, I tried my favorite places a half dozen times (i.e., Newton, North 5th st east of Cherry, North 2nd, 3rd and 4th streets between Fulton and McKinley). I only saw maybe one dog available. Then, today, 8/10/02, I drove around 6 AM (a first for me), and in 15 min. I saw 3 cute white babes and one ebony mama yelling for me to "take me home". Well, I got the cutest one, Connie from Massillon, who is a little overweight, brunette, but has a real cute face. (As you may have noticed by my Log on name, I REALLY LOVE BLONDE WOMEN A LOT!!! I found a real 9 and half Blonde (very long hair!!) sw about 20 - 22 yrs old, thin, and with a cheerful attitude. I found her on 3rd St. North, east of Cherry Street, paid her $30 and got the most irresistable half hour bj since I visited the Mustang Ranch in Nevada (now closed). Back to Canton OH, it is a great place to get sw action if you are patient, vary your times, have them show you something personal before talking $, and keep safe! Later stud-meisters!

10-07-02, 13:47
what's up Akron? I'm not driving myself around for a few more weeks but I do go up & down Arlington and the area in our work truck. (That means I can't stop to play) But I have seen a few SWs out. One girl was out walking with a gas can like she needed a lift. But it was obvious what the deal was. I saw a white girl with long black hair, and a nice body...overall a 8 for an SW. (At a club she would rate a 6) walking down by the church (not the Bethal Baptist, the nicer one down the road on the other side of the street) But like I said I'm car less for a few more weeks...Hopefully I can get on the road before the cold & snow comes. I'd love to make a Canton trip too. Always good times there. Anyways let's keep this forum going.

10-08-02, 20:22
Came through akron on my Motorcycle at about 2:00 pm on a sunday. Found three sw that were all looking pretty good. The first one I talked to hopped on and we went out to where the city park area is out by the rubber bowl. Got a terrific bbbj in the woods and she insisted on spending enough time to finish. I don't worry too much about stings... can usually spot them... girl doesn't like to get in the car, and won't talk the same as the real sw. Also won't ride without seatbelt if she does get in. Just take off before talking too much.... Works for me...

10-10-02, 14:42
has anyone had any expeirience with any of the services offered in the Canton Repository's classified "entertainment" section? are any of these full service and are there any girls that are exceptional? I do know of one that is GFE and that is leather and lace but they are hard to get in touch with sometimes and I would have to use the service in morning or early afternoon. does anyone know of any independent escorts in the Canton area, how to get in touch with them and their rates?

11-17-02, 05:44
I tried a massage outcall service that advertised in the classified section in the main paper of akron. When I called the agent made it sound like I could have a choice of women but when I stated my preference she simply said that all she had available was this blond with big breasts. It cost me a $100 to get the girl to my place and when she came I was not impressed with her looks. I wouldn't say she was fat but she was a little beyond big boned. she gave me a short massage and then asked what I wanted. I was new to this so I was vague. She said another $100 would give me what I wanted. we 69 (with condom) and then she let me f*** her breasts and shoot my load on her face. It was good but it would have been better if she was a bit prettier and not so big. I thought the price was a little high for the quality of the girl but I was pleased with the service. Has anyone else had similar experience with such a service? is there a particular girl you could recommend?

11-18-02, 02:27
ianinohio, I've never used a call girl or escort service around here(or anywhere), but the pickins are pretty slim. The girls aren't necessarily pretty or slim, though. But do the math. You paid 200 for a girl you really weren't fired up over. If you do a little searching, you can find an equal or better girl and get much more "bang" for your buck. Yes, I'm talking about cruising. If a BJ is a 20 spot, for example, you could get 10 for the same price. But don't go out cruising 10 times. Find a decent girl and get her pager or phone number. Trust me, they'll usually respond. One time, this one chick was calling ME to "party". I actually made the mistake of not calling her from a pay phone. But no matter what, it sounds like outcall services are a ripoff no matter where you go. Plus, they only let you "nut" once, no matter how much you pay. And unless Heidi Fleiss is running the show, don't expect choice material. So get going and be careful (watch the LE), because it gets a helluva lot tougher in the winter. P.S. Where the hell is the Akron info? We used to get a post a day on this site. Did I miss a sting or something? Is Arlington drying up?

11-20-02, 17:45
What about strip clubs in Akron or nearby area that have some friendly and attractive women. Any recommendations? are there any that allow touching. I've been to some vegas clubs and there is a lot of touching (both directions). thanks.

11-27-02, 23:08
Well, it's officially "that time of year". Meaning the rough winter months. :( The SW action is going to slow down to a standstill. Not impossible, but damn close. So any extra info is appreciated. Some poll (huh-huh, he said "poll") questions: Are there any bars with the girls conveniently hangin' out inside that are mostly safe? Not titty bars. Just regular s**tholes. Are there any other solid streets to cruise besides the Arlington strip? Does anyone have the digits of someone who 'freelances'? Any feelings about white vs. black SWs? Safety issues? Who performs better? Should I just forget Akron as rule until spring? I'm sorry, it's tough enough as it is on a warm July night, let alone when it's like 5 below. And while I'm not picky, I try to avoid trouble. Either way, any info would be appreciated by all of us. P.S. Any consistent action down off of W. Miller, behind where the Firestone HQ is? I've seen a girl here and there over the years walkin' that area.

12-30-02, 01:53
I added a post in the Ohio section of the classified ads here on WSG. Info on a GFE provider located in the Akron/Canton area. She's very good, and she says her rates are $150/hr...I've partied with her for $100 several times and she seems cool with that. Just thought I'd share since it is wintertime here and the SW action I'm sure is virtually nill. Later Fellas!


12-30-02, 20:00

Any more info on Caroline? What's a typical session with her like? Also, I looked at her yahoo profile and her home page. Both have pictures, but they don't look like the same person. Thanks


12-31-02, 02:36
Yea, I noticed that too. The yahoo pics are her. As for a typical session I can tell you that it's what you would expect it to be from a GFE.

01-01-03, 23:06
Re: Caroline's Yahoo group name ?

What is the group name? I tried searching Yahoo under adult groups and couldn't find her.

01-02-03, 00:37
I think it's Akron Ohio Models & Escorts.

01-02-03, 04:41
Got family in akron if there out there hi cuzz jerry.

01-26-03, 04:02
Nothing good to report, but just thought I'd keep Akron from getting completely forgotten!

Someone from each city should at least report in once a month just to keep the flow goin'.

Anyway, Akron in the winter tonight was exactly what you'd expect. Nothin'. Well, actually, on S. Main around 10:30, just north of the Firestone plant, I saw a brunette (about 40) who was just standing there up against a guard rail. Was on my way downtown, but thought "what the hell". She saw me, and on the second pass walked to the bus sign, but didn't eyeball me. I had to turn around, and she was gone within seconds on a one-way street. I can't believe that she was really waiting for public transit. ANyone?

Arlington still sucks. Went South-North-South on it and saw a couple complete skanks. How skanky? One looked like the female version of Howard Stern from underneath the coat. Not good. Sometimes it's better to save the 20 spot. But I haven't been on Arlington for weeks, so like they say, "on any given day..."

Someone (streetwize!) please gimme a quick recap of Canton. I'd like to try it out sometime, probably when the weather improves.

Any 'longshot' areas in and around Akron? This could be a long winter.

***Anyone hear of any busts in Ohio that could possibly be based on this site?*** I just want to make it known that for me, this site is like Penthouse Forum fiction. Just sightings I embellish. ;)

01-26-03, 17:19
I woke up this morning (afternoon actually) to see a ton of snow outside. So I am sure there is nothing going on in either Akron or Canton. But Mr. Akronsucks, when it warms and you do stroll thru Canton I would reccomend the following area. The first area is usually the best for finding women. It's called the "Newton Zone". As the Newton is the street you turn down to get to the neighborhood off of Tusc. It's the street right next to the Canton Inn. Actually all those streets from behind the Canton Inn for about 6-7 blocks can have sw's working. They usually walk from that area (Canton Inn) towards downtown to where most of the bars are. (Market Street) Close to the Y and Burger King. They often are in the alley behind those bars. That's a good turn around point from when you are cruising. As it is in the middle of the two areas. The other area is Off Cherry street. Actully the first few sets of back streets on the far side of Cherry street. And right beofre that there an alley called "REX" where they chill too. Beware. This is an area also known for transvestites. There used to be a gay dudes they called "sheets" who had a house on REX. He (who looked like a she) would come out in a sheet to atract business. His house was/is down by where the 540 Club is (a gay bar) on the corner. Canton seems to have a high concentration of gays, as there are at least 4 gay bars I know of right in that area. So make sure whatever you are looking for is what you are looking for. Also the streets on the other side of Cherry Street are much rougher than the Newton Zone area. By that I mean you have a better chance of getting ripped off, mugged by thugs or even pulled over by LE in that area. It's a poorer section, (you can tell by the condition of the homes & yards & people) than the Newton area (not like that's the RITZ) and I think LE watches it more. Not just for SW's but for drugs, crimes, etc...Also in Akron there's usualy SW's off of Howard Street & Cuyohoga Falls ave. Back in the area by York Street. A good turn around point there would be the Harley Shop to a few streets before St. Thomas to give you an idea of what area i mean. I've pretty much given up on finding anything till spring, but please keep me posted. As I am inside more I tend to be online more...Good Luck


01-26-03, 18:58
Thanks for dropping out of the sky with the valuable 411, streetwize. You do know your stuff, no two ways about it.

I was out last night to go downtown (legit nightlife) and until spring, I won't go out with "cruising" as my main goal. I might make a pass up and down a convenient street, if the timing's right, but that's it. Still I gotta believe that there's some action out there. Do some of 'em hang out in donut shops and other places where they can stay warm? I might have seen one coming out of the "Baker's Dozen" on Arlington once, with a coffee in hand. (Looks up, whistles innocently)

Thanks for the Canton recap. Looks like "Newton's" the place. I THOUGHT I read about a heavy transvesite action area down there and that, point blank, is NOT my thing. I like real girls that are at least passable looking and I won't go into outright demilitarize zones for head. Like if the projects arond Wooster Ave and Martin Luther King drive had consistent SW action, no thanks. Or Laird. I've been back there once for a legit reason and again, NO THANKS. I'm not preaching here, but I think that all of us should consider the risk factors for what we're looking for.

I really thought that Howard St. and Cuyahoga Falls Ave were the "old hot spot". I remember reading about stings up there and whatnot. Can't say I haven't seen some girls around there over the years (whistles innocently again), but over the last couple years, there hasn't been much. One time, about 8 years ago, I remember driving through that area at night just heading to the Chapel Hill area and it looked like a freakin' million skank march. White, black, TVs, Hispanic (I think)...you name it. And some of them were obvious. Fishnet, tight pants, poofed-out hair, etc. I ALMOST picked up some decent Italian-lookin' girl, but a pair of headlights turning down the sidestreet freaked me out. It wasn't a marked car, but who knows. Plus, I don't know 'safe spots' around there very well.

Is the W. Market area still fairly active? I used to see hookers parading around there, sometimes jumping in front of cars for attention. (Laughing) One time, when I was in junior high, I remember being in the car with my father and brother and one tried to flag my dad down, even though we were both visible in the backseat. Those drugs are some powerful stuff.

Well, like I said earlier, I think that each city should AT LEAST have one post a month. I can't believe the action is so good in Columbus and Cincy and not up here in NE Ohio. I lived in C-bus for a few years, and it never seemed that great to me for SW "viewing". Escorts, sure. Sometimes the classifieds went on for a half a page in the Dispatch. One time I was on W. Broad down there, found a blond cutie, let her lick the Tootsie Pop, and afterwards she wanted to get some smokes. Pulled into a UDF, kept the car running, let her go inside, was THINKING about leaving, when the LE pulls in right next to me. I've never seen a clerk take longer to make change. This was after she told me that the cops "knew her". Somehow, nothing happened. Why am I so nice?

01-27-03, 04:05
You mentioned something I forgot. About Canton anyways. It's been about 5 years since I lived in Canton so I forget the exact street names. But there is an all night diner/cafe on the corner of Market Street and I am guessing 6th, 7th, or 8th street. It's next to george's lounge, just a few blocks down from the Burger King. Anyways there's only 1 24hr diner there so it's not difficult to find. My point is there were SW's that chilled (pun intened) in there. So maybe during these winter months they might be in there more often. Also I am sure they would be found in the bars there too. The area is low class. Draft beers were like 75 cents or something like that.
I was surfing and came across a "target 3" investigation article. Basicaly some working girls were using the singles chat lines we see on TV as a front. Anyone can brouse (sp) messages free. (Of course woman can chat free) The key words to look for would be "Looking for generous men" etc... Although I would guess those would be more pricey "escort" type girls.


01-28-03, 02:41
Thanks again, street. If I go down there in the next couple months before it's warm, I'll have to look for the clues.

I can't lie. I've been on the "Livelinks" chatlines and the like and there are plenty of girls looking for "generous gentlemen". (Pick up a "Scene" and use the trial code to get anywhere from 30-120 minutes, depending on the service.) Most of the women sound like pure trash and for whatever reason think that they'll find a guy who's:

A.) "Not playin' no head games"/"Keepin' It Real"
B.) "Willing to be a friend first...see where it goes from there."
C.) "Into long walks in the park, bowling, holding hands..." (gag)
D.) "A fine brotha/really cute guy" when THEY usually describe themselves as "plus-sized"!

It's funny stuff, and while most girls explicitly don't want phone sex, you'll find one or two lonely creatures that seek it. All the HOT GIRLS on the lines are either psycho (good or bad thing) or are pay-for-play. PLUS!--you might get tricked as to what you think you're talking to (they usually let you know upfront, but still, caution!).

Finally, a couple years ago, I talked to a girl from Lorain (I'm in the Akron area, of course) who sounded hot AND psycho. Both of us believed that the other wasn't lying substantially and agreed to meet. It was my first phone line date. As it turns out, she was B-level porn star hot. She was complimentary and seemed interested, but the longer the dinner and drinks went, the more confusing things got. She was eating an Oreo dessert, telling me how "the white stuff" was her favorite part. I'm in, right? So we get in my car, and she starts stroking my leg, giving me a knowing look. But then she didn't want to go anywhere else for more booze, and was waiting for me to do something. I think. That being give her money. She never said it, but she wouldn't let me kiss her. So what do you think? Anyway, all blue-balled (and f'in' confused), I drove her home (still lived with parents) and made some vague suggestion about "some other time". That was it.

So about a month ago, I'm on one of those lines telling some girl about my only foray into the phone dating scene, and I tell her that I (and my friends) were convinced that this girl was a hooker. I went on about how I drove for an hour to Lorain, when she stopped me. You see, SHE was from Lorain, too, and SHE sounded very unstable. Yes, you guessed it, I was talking to the same girl!

She denied being any sort of hooker/escort/freelancer and claimed to not remember me. She apologized for coming across that way and said that she wouldn't have said and done anything suggestive "if (she) wasn't interested". I thought about finding out if she was serious about not being a tease or looking for a "generous gentleman", but I remembered that blue-balled hour-long ride home and never went. I forget her name, but she's blond, busty, hot, and will chew your ear off if you connect on the phone. Anyone daring enough, try your luck. Ask her about meeting Simon LeBon from Duran Duran. But anyway, that's my phone line story. :(

01-29-03, 01:19
Why is it that Akron & Cleveland (2 bigger cities) have almost nothing going on? Warren & Toledo sound like a playground for guys. Kinda sucks.

01-31-03, 15:03
Streetwize, I'm not sure if there's one good answer why the Akron/Cleveland area seem so desolate.

One thing I have noticed from skimming the Warren and Toledo posts is that they emphasize AMPs and other "incall" places. Unless I'm overlooking some places, Akron just really doesn't offer that. Not that I care. I'm not about to pay 10X the price (or more) for the same service for a slight upgrade in the looks department. (i.e. going from a 4-5 to a 6-7). Actually, anything short of gorgeous doesn't justify that kind of quantity sacrifice ***for me***. Granted, I don't HAVE that kind of money either, but a somewhat hotter psycho druggie skank is still a psycho druggie skank.

On the other hand, I won't try to date one of the blimps that snuck out of the hangar late at night or "Howard Stern in Drag Girl" either. It's all the situtation: if a decent girl is outside of the "incall" environment, her services are seriously devalued. If she's an "employee" somewhere, it's a whole different story.

Like anything else, you can find "bargains" if you put in the effort and compromise A LITTLE. Sure, it's tougher in Akron and (I'm assuming) Cleveland, but worth it. Maybe people just don't want to divulge their secret hot spots or maybe they know that the LE is constantly looking.

But my guess is that cities that don't get updated don't get looked at. That's why I think every city should have at least a couple posts a month. Even if there's nothing new to report.

01-31-03, 19:06
Very True about the AMP's. We used to have two here in Akron. Remember Spa 77 on Arlington Rd? And for an even briefier period on S.Main street in the plaza where the DMV, Subway, and Pizza Hut there was a place called "Kyoto Spa". The sheriff doesn't seem to play in Summit county. There was one out by Beldan Village too, but I never got a chance to go there. I was 17-18 and they never would let me. I remember at 77 Spa they wanted me to show I was 18. So when I turned 18 I marched over there with my ID. Of course that wans't good enough. They wanted to see a pay stub. Now I was in high school and didn't have a job. So I promptly went and scored a job at a Pizza Hut, worked 2 weeks, got a check, and went back there. Finaly I got me some. And boy o boy was it good. I wonder how come Stanleys Spa in Akron never gets messed with by the cops. I mean it's not like they don't know what goes on. And the Sheriff busted the others down with a vengence. Someone is greasing someones palms. And you know what else I noticed? Alot of girls who work out of Canton advertise in the Beacon. Maybe that way it's out of Akron/Summit juridistion and the Stark/Canton boys don't hear much about it. Oh well...Can't wait for the spring. I agree some of these "escorts/AMP's" want WAY too much money. For $150 you could get one of them, or spend $20 the easy way and still have chedder to play with. Truth be told, some escorts are SW's. I've seen it.

02-01-03, 03:10
I don't remember either of those spas, but ironically enough, they were probably around while I was down in Columbus, where the escorts and parlors are like convenient stores and I was too chicken to take advantage of it.

While $150 sounds right based on most of the info I've heard/read, I've also skimmed posts in here that suggest that truly full service can go upwards around 300-500. That's 15-25 SW BJs. For that kind of money, I want to look at the girl and think "Catherine Zeta Clone".

I totally believe that escorts do "freelance" work on the streets, just as (from what I've heard, wink-nudge) SWs have "bulk rates" if you want to get an all-u-can-nut hour with them (usually less than 150). I haven't tried that option yet, but no matter what you claim your stamina is, you're going to get more in for the hour than with the one-and-done girls.

It's funny how the economy even forces the girls to "broaden their horizons". But the big question is: are the 'struggling escorts' on the street usually the better-looking ones? Do they still want incall prices?

And call me blind, but where's Stanley's Spa? Is it an AMP?

Finally, a couple random questions for anyone: I always read about "bbbjs". Are these really safe considering the source? I would love to eliminate the protection, but I just think that the risk is too high. And has anyone tried to videotape sessions for their private use? Are SWs unanimously opposed to this? A first-person view and no audio would pretty much keep you unidentified (in case it got out, like Tommy Lee and Pamela). It's just a twist I've never read about, but you would think that it happens all the time.

02-02-03, 02:37
Stanleys is directly across the street from XTC on Britton RD. It's in a small little plaza. It's on the end closest tot he Gas Station. There's a pizza shop on the other end of the plaza, but you can't miss it. It really is directly across the street. I think they just have one of those little neon open signs in the window. No large signs or anything. Also if you go, be sure to say you have been there before...I would advise signing in under an assumed name. (Duh) And never choose the hottest girl. For some reason the hottest ones there never seem to put out. Just my experiences. I've even go there, picked the hottie, got nothing (she acted like she didn;t know what I was talking about) only to go grab a beer, and come right back and score with another girl. Almost fotgot, they are not asians. IMHO the AMP girls give better massages. The white chicks just get down to business. For that kinda money, I want the massage too.

02-02-03, 15:59
I'm amazed Stanleys is still kicking...It used to be a great place many, many years ago. It was downtown at Main and Exchange, then up on North Hill, back to S. Arlington at a couple of different spots, then up to Tallmadge Rd, and finally there on Brittain. Last time I heard, a few years ago, there was nothing to be had there, no service of any kind. So what are we talking about...handshakes or more? What can you expect to spend there these days? Do the ladies rate about 3-5 like they used to?

02-02-03, 18:33
Does anyone have more info about Stanley's. I just moved here and I'm thinking about making a trip to Warren to see the MP action but if there is one near by I'd like to try it first. What's the price range usually? thanks.

02-04-03, 19:03
I would goto Warren/Austintown if you are looking for a good MP. Stanleys sucks. Only other Akron option worthwhile is an Escort.

02-04-03, 21:00
Thanks streetwise. I tried a classified add in the akron paper(massage) and ended up paying $200. woman was nice but I didn't get FS and she was a bit chunky. Any recommendations?

02-06-03, 05:08
I know the escorts can be hit or miss. Try emailing Tawny at ourjems@aol.com She's a good looking Akron girl. Or tailfinsholeinthewall.com has links and listings of area girls. Or head out to the Belmont Lounge on Lovers Lane in Akron and just see what happens. Those girls work out of there. Usually cheaper than an escort. However I have been in there before and recognized UC LE from the APD in there. Not like that's a shocker. Just keep it in mind.

02-07-03, 12:44
Hi guys this is my first post on the forum. I am a vetern of the warren AMP's. i was born and rasied in warren(lucky I guess). I live in akron now and i have been up and down Arlington and I think I saw a SW. I'm must admit I'm a rookie of the SW scene,and would like some help on the subject. I can't afford the AMPS much anymore, it's been about 1 year since the last time. I have been to all the ones in warren numerous times. But really would like to find some SW action soon. i wished the weather would warm up. If anyone has an info that could help me I would certainly appreciate it. I also would be more that happy to help get US ALL as much action as possible. Spread the wealth gentleman and be careful.

02-07-03, 20:54
AMPvet, if you were on Arlington and you THINK you saw a SW, then you PROBABLY saw a SW. I've seen many who actually seem like they're avoiding potential johns until their paranoid cracked-out minds are convinced that we're not...well, who knows what they're thinking. Even the "saner" ones don't usually flag cars down, but black, white, thick, thin, adolescent or ancient, hot and/or nasty, women alone on and around Arlington (esp. at night) are almost always looking for a date.

The weather all but kills the business, but a zero degree night doesn't mean a zero degree chance of scoring. Think about this: if it's suddenly sixty degrees out one night, don't you think that there will be THAT MANY more cruising, too? I've been pleasantly surprised on some cold nights. To me, the action comes in spurts (yeah, that's a bad joke...but it's true). These girls know when the LE is looking, as well as other things that the occasional guy cruisin' doesn't. Plus, as streetwize and others have mentioned, their addictions are powerful things.

Also, try Howard St., cut across Cole from Arlington and head up Main St. (around the Firestone Plant). Or W. Market from downtown to Highland Square. They're not great, but on any given night...

Bottom line is that no matter what time of year it is, "akronsucks". So if you find a girl that is worth it, get her pager, phone number, etc. I haven't "given anyone a ride" in the last couple months, so I can only comment on so much. But the more knowledge that's out there, the better. And stay safe and stay smart.

02-08-03, 13:09
Hey, streetwise are you sure stanleys sucks? I've had a good exp and a bad one. havn't been in a year though. I've had good ok time in yt, but for n.e. ohio my trip to niagra falls out scores all for mps.

02-09-03, 04:36
I don't know for sure if Stanleys sucks. But I've gone there about 10 times in the past 12 years. So I think I gave it a chance. Very first time I got FS. (It was located on Arlington Road across from Boyers Bump Shop) Afer that it's been all HJ's and somethimes nothing. Also on Tailfinsholeinthewall.com they posted that the owner was "trying" to clean up the place and not even allow happy endings. So you may get lucky or not, but I think I'm done gambling with them until I hear something good. If you do go please let me know what happened.


P.S. Can you fill me on of the Falls area? It's only 4 hrs away or so, might make a good little weekend trip. Don't they have casinos there too? Only MP's I've been too have all been here in Ohio. Spa 77, Kyoto (Both 2 Akron Spa's gone for about 10-12 years now) Stanleys, & Susi Kims. Susi Kims was BY FAR the best. The little korean girls give an execellent massage as well as FS and to top it all off they were HOTT. Although I have been out to a few of the ranches in NV. Didn't party out there though. My friend did. They take just juice the fellas too much for my budget. Actually it was fun even still at the Chicken Ranch. I picked the hottest chick there, went in her room and she showed me a hand drawn menu. $5000 for 8 hrs, $3000 for hot tub, etc...Anyways I'm like got anything else. She asks how much, I say $120. No dice. No problem, I really didn't wanna spend the money anyways. I just went with a divorced friend and it was really his deal. Besides I had like $300 and didn't want to spend almost half in 15 minutes. So I go out to the bar and order my drinks (3 drink min) and another guy in there asks me how much I offered...I say $120, and he busts out laughing he offered $80. However another girl (not too shabby either) came out and said the girl I was with told her what I wanted to spend and she said she'd like to party with me. I was about too because she was rubbing my arm, the tequilla was kickin in, and she smelled so freakin sweet. BUT my friend was done just at that time and I said I gotta go. I'm glad it happened like that because I needed all my money for the expensive drinks at The Beach & The Rio. BTW: My buddy spent $450. They have an ATM there and make full use of it. Those girls are good at what they do, and that's juicing guys. I prefered the scene at Susi Kims SO much more.

02-10-03, 01:59
Well, instead of posting questions or general advice, tonight I'm happy to actually have a report.

Was cruisin' down Arlington, saw a decent -lookin' brunette, who was either white or mixed right by the overpass. This was at 9. Couldn't turn around in time to pick her up right then and there. But she gave me "the look". Saw a beat-down blond a couple blocks closer to Exchange, and by the time I looped around (surprise) they were both gone.

I did "give a ride" to one "Tanya", a very average white woman (35-40) with long reddish-brown hair. Found her on Arlington just north of Archwood intersection. Went to my 'spot', got a BJ for 25 (I won't risk a BBBJ). She wanted 40 for half/half or straight-up sex, but was in a hurry and I wasn't turned on enough to fork over the extra cash. The BJ was adequate. For the money, worth it, but not a dime more.

She was very laid back, and was clearly on sedatives (or whatever). Claimed to have to get back to her place before babysitter left. Do these girls actually think that we believe the "kids" stories? If you're interested, she allegedly lives in an apartment (with a boyfriend who's "cool" with her freelance work!) above Karam's (sp?) on Brown and Wilbeth. Just beep and she'll be out within 5 minutes. Sure.

All in all, for being below freezing, she and I spotted (including her) no less than 5 SWs in a span of a half an hour. She saw a brunette named "Linda" and advised that I watch out for her, because she's "got something". Again, big surprise. But the point is you CAN find some action, even if it's this cold. Actually, a heated car can help in the negotiating. Good luck and be safe.

02-10-03, 16:20
anything going on in the Canton area? I can't seem to find anything decent

02-12-03, 14:28
Thanks "akronsucks". I was taking my usaul stroll up and down arlington and I saw a girl with black hair and blonde highlights, kind of chubby but overall I would say 7 for an sw. By the time I turned around she was gone. This is the second time I saw her, she hangs out on the last road on the left heading toward exchange. Right across from the gas station. I saw her on that road tha other day just leaning against the guard rail. I have seen alot of assumed sw but so far I haven't had the balls or the money to attempt anything. Is there another forum for this? It doesn't seem like vary many people post here. Well I hope you guys have more luck.

02-12-03, 21:08
AMPVet, you're welcome. No, not many people post on the Akron (or Cleveland) boards, but thankfully, there's been a flurry (pun intended) over the last couple weeks.

You're right about it taking a certain amount of COURAGE and MONEY to score a SW, but it also takes SMARTS. I wouldn't call myself prolific, but SO FAR, I've been very lucky with avoiding trouble. The worst thing that happened was one time when I was cruising, a cracked-out SW jumped in my car at the red light just south of the bypass. I didn't want her, but being the idiot that I am, I left my doors unlocked, and once we made eye contact, to her "it was on". I can honestly say that I tried to pay her ten bucks just to get out, but she insisted on the BJ for 40. Trust me, there was NO TALKING TO THIS B****. So the LE aren't the only enemies that you necessarily have out there.

The MONEY is the easy part. You should never have more than fifty on you while "cruisin'", and 20-25 is almost always enough to get a servicable BJ. That's all I'm after 99+% of the time. The risk of disease with a condom through oral is extremely low, and you get off for half the price. Plus, you avoid potentially smelling up your car, it's a quicker situation to get out of, etc.

COURAGE is just like any other risk you take for the first time, and there's always that nervous moment, but it does get easier. Just stay alert for LE, don't pick women up right off of the busy street (Arlington), and ask if she "needs a ride" and then "Are you a cop?" or something like that. ***Try to lure them at least a hundred feet away from the main street. Maybe some others can chime in on the undercover scene, but from what I understand there are magic questions that expose the undercover LE for what they are. Not that (crossing fingers) I've ever been in that situation.

Even on the nicest night, I've almost never seen SWs in "hooker gear". They always seem to downplay what they're doing. I think the days of the high heels, gold miniskirt and teased up hair are pretty much over. Now its jeans and a sweatshirt. But these girls ain't Julia Roberts, either.

I've "bummed rides" to girls that hang out on the sidestreet (by the Exchange Intersection) you mention. It's dicey, because it always seems that the LE is within a block there. But you've got to be fast and discreet. My advice? Learn how to get around the sidestreets for a quick turnaround. As you probably well know, if you pass up a halfway decent girl for more than 15 seconds, odds are 2 out of 3 she'll be gone by the time you swing around. But sometimes, you're f'ed. You don't see her until it's too late. To me, THAT'S the biggest difficulty. And I can't remember missing a girl and then seeing her later that night. They get their money, then they get their fix.

But to boil it down, here's what I've picked up over the last couple years:

-Arlington is and has been the best street in Akron for a while. But drive just below the speed limit, eyeing sidestreets and payphones.

-The action gets worse on Arlington the further south you go. It's almost non-existent south of Arlington Plaza. Turn around once you've hit Waterloo.

-I've been told by many SWs and learned from personal experience that I prefer the girls with the "fairer" complexion. Sorry, no offense. That's just the percentage play.

-Allegedly, there's a surveillance camera at the Archwood intersection.

-Try to avoid using residential sidestreets for the service. Scout out your own spot within ten minutes first.
Parking lots behind buildings aren't bad, but be a little more careful if SHE guides you there. Some SWs aren't as discreet (or coherent) as you need to be.

Keep a condom or two in the glove compartment and just accept that more often than not, you're going to either go home 'empty-handed' or settle for some total skank. Your call. But hey, "Akron Sucks". Good luck.

02-13-03, 10:08
Thanks again Akronsucks. Well I was driving down Arlington again yesterday about 4:30pm. I saw this girl with black hair and a really cute face, nice puffy lips and slighty chubby but really would have been a nice score for my first one.But as usal I swung around passed her a couple of times but she wouldn't walk down any sidestreets. I made eye contact and she smiled. Then she kinda looked at me and raised her eyebrows but I just wasn't picking her up off Arlington. I was pretty pissed because she could have sucked the chrome off my bumper and was by far the best looking that I have seen. She was probably about 18-22 give or take. I really need to find "a spot". Are back parking lots ok? I only want a bj so couldn't I just drive and accept at the same time? I'm pretty paranoid to just sit somewherte and do it. Thanks alot for your help and I hope that I can get the courage to do it.I guess it was like the first time i went to an amp. It's kind of like a drug itself,cause i get all the adrenaline pumping and well it's just exciting.I will look for the camara on Archwood.

02-13-03, 10:10
Hey guys one more question. Do you change spots each time you get service or just keep the same one a couple of times and then move on? Thanks

02-13-03, 20:39
Well, most recent question first. I wouldn't habitually go to the same spot over and over. Especially if a SW originally pointed it out. Remember, they're not always "with it" and if they're walking, they certainly have less fear than you or I or 99.9% of the people in this town. Just always remember what they're REALLY earning caysh for, and think about the thought process of that kind of individual. Regardless, I found a spot a good ten minutes from the Arlington/Exchange intersection. But I can't keep going there, because I don't like to roll the dice.

I'd say that if you use the spot no more than once a month, then you can use it three-five times before you should really think about relocating. Of course this depends how discreet you are and how "out of the way" it is, but also remember that you've also got to LEAVE it, and a guy and a girl peeling out of an abandoned warehouse area at midnight can't look normal. Sometimes, I've actually just improvised, because that means that no one can be waiting for me at "the spot" and the LE hasn't watched the girl bring car after car to the same parking spot by a dumpster or whatever.

***I've never gotten action WHILE driving, and I don't think that it's a great idea. Being paranoid while getting roadhead could be a very deadly mix. Even if you get away with it, how can you fully enjoy it?***

Good for you (I guess) for not giving in and picking her up off of Arlington. But I've seen them do that before, AMPVet. I still wonder why. Being seriously messed up? Knowing that sidestreets in the area are actually worse? Or are they undercover? Trying to lure you into getting jumped? The good news is that most of them will gladly half-sprint down a sidestreet if you make eye contact. Hell, I've seen some of them already anticipate where I'm going to turn around.

The younger girls are rarer, so I feel your pain. But again, they may be the most messed up, from a drugs and overall mental standpoint. Why else would a reasonably attractive college-age hussy be walking? Actually, once on Exchange, I found a REALLY cute young thing. Looked like a Levi's ad model. But she was tripping and really wasn't into it, and I couldn't close the deal. I ended up taking her to some campus-area house where she was probably going to drop X or whatever. Then there was the girl that looked about 18 (at most) and kinda "slow" that kept wandering around by the small building where Arlington, Exchange, and Market meet. She just would NOT get in the car Yeah, the pros all seem to be 30 and over.

But don't panic and slam on the brakes on Arlington one day out of frustration. It's a numbers game, and the odds are stacked against you scoring based on a ten minute up-and-down of Arlington. You WILL get your rush and payoff sooner than later. There's all sorts of inherent risks, but remember, that's what the rush is about. You're also starting at the worst time of the year, during one of the worst winters in years. Good Luck and Be Safe and stuff.

02-14-03, 00:56
AMPVet, two questions for you. The young thing that you couldn't bring yourself to pick up...was her hair tied back in a ponytail? Was she between Exchange and the overpass? I think that I might have seen her on the night I ended up "giving a ride" to "Tanya" (or Tonya--like it's a real name!). Actually, I'd never seen her before, and she was young and was hot enough to make me want to do a U-turn. This was at 9 P.M. a few nights ago. Honestly, I didn't get a great look at her face (I was driving towards her at 35 m.p.h.), but she looked tight. Kind of like Christina Ricci. She seemed shyer than your average SW.

***Maybe others here will disagree, but you usually don't find 'em that young around Akron***. Or they're so beat down that it's impossible to tell if they're 25, 35, or 45. But when you do find a YOUNG and reasonably HOT girl, then you have to really be direct and persistent, because I think they're also scared. I remember this blond that I picked up in front of the Adult Book Store across from Arlington Plaza. She was "using the payphone" and I swear, I had to drive by at least five times and then I almost had to pull up on the sidewalk. If you look somewhat civilized, I think that the girl is more leery of you being undercover than you are of her.

I also think that what happens is that new girls are constantly hitting the scene, and if they're "controllable" and young, then someone wants to be their Richard Gere and puts 'em up and feed 'em their favorite "candy". And the vets keep walkin'. Or they get a gig as an escort or dancer. It's gotta be something along those lines, because I almost never see legitimately hot girls more than once. Granted, I don't "cruise" more than twice a month (on average), but something tells me that their services are a "limited time offer". Until they get the boot for stealing Mr. Sugar's sock drawer loot.

AMPVet, I'm not THE expert on this at all. Posters like "Streetwize" know the game and just about all the rules, written and implied. If you go back and read the Akron archives, I think you'll see that the girls here grade out at a "C-" overall. Not on the SW curve, but all around. I have rarely seen a girl better than a solid "B" that I thought was a SW. That's because in a smaller town, those grade "A" girls don't need to do it (they become trophy wives or work at 'fine gentlemen's clubs') and probably don't have the esteem issues that drive a lot of them to hook. Plus, IF they walk, then they barely shut the front door and someone's taking them, a box of Trojans, and a mirror to cut lines on to a motel for the evening. I'm assuming that's kind of how it goes.

You know, it'll be interesting to see if it's a good selection tomorrow, seeing as how it's Valentine's Day. I wonder if the SWs are even aware what month it is. ***I'm not trying***, because I'm convinced that the LE read this site daily (sorry, AMP, but think about it) and I don't want them to know what's up when they see me driving in my--

Ha. Like I'm going to post THAT info.

02-14-03, 12:05
That was the girl the christina ricci look-a-like. I don't understand why this is so difficult. Either you need to be rich or risk going to jail to get a little action. I mean I'm sick to death of trying to pick up girls at bars. I mean I have had my fair share of legal poontang over the years but I will be damned if I fork over dinner and anything else unless those panty's are coming off. I don't know maybe I 'm at a point in my life where I just don't care about a "relationship". I just want to work and go to school and then blow my wad in some bitches mouth and be done with it. I'm sorry for complaining but this reall seems like to much trouble. Thanks again "akronsucks" for all the 411. Yeah, the LE might catch me driving my 1967 FORD MUSTANG SHELBY GT LIGHT GRAY WITH "BLOW ME" on the plates. talk to you guys later.

02-14-03, 12:09
Thanks for the props Akronsucks. But I agree with you 100% that the LE is up to date on this board. I'm sure they read ALL the escort type boards out there, as well as Tailfins, etc...In fact I would bet thats somebods full time gig at one of our many fine local LE departments is to surf the web. (Wish I got paid for this! You have a good gig Mr. LE) But I always figure if I find something online, they have too. Like the SW's. I am sure the APD know who they are on sight. Except for the brand new ones till they catch a case. But cops NEVER forget. Seems to be a job requirement. They know all the dope houses, they know what alleyways & parking lots johns use, etc...So to answer AMPVets question about spots. I would say thats just a risk you are taking. Idealy the best thing to do is use a cheap motel. Of course they aren't close to downtown. And if you goto one of her spots you risk getting mugged, etc...It's happened to me. Best thing to do is always keep the engin running and keep your drawers on. BTW: Have any of you guys had a SW try to take your keys out of the ignition? I had that happen twice when things didn't work out as planned. They never got them out, but it caused me to swerve and that ain't good either. That is the one good thing about Canton, they have Cheap motels right there for use. $10 a pop. Canton Inn and the Ambassodor. Canton is definatly the better place to play IMHO. Of course I mean in the warmer months. Right now it's bound to be hit or miss just like Akron.

02-14-03, 20:55
Canton is much better in my opinion. It used to be great. It was like shopping for "P". A few years ago you could see 6 or more girls out on just about any evening. And once you knew the regulars the risk was minimal. Now it's a crap shoot. I do like the motel option though. It's worth $12 not to have a spot light in your face catching you with your pants down. In Canton the action centers around 4th and Newton NW and expands out from there. Good luck all and be safe.

02-15-03, 04:02
Whoa, whoa, WHOA! S-wize, were you saying that a couple girls actually tried to take the keys out WHILE you were driving? How the hell does that work? (Knocking on wood) I must've been lucky so far, because no girl ever tried to take anything, at least nothing I was aware of (my wallet, cel phone, keys, junk on the backseat, etc). Once I forked over twenty to an old, skanky brunette (probably dead by now) who jumped out when I took her to her "spot". She ran, and just for my trouble, she left something in my car that would've gotten me into TONS of trouble if I got pulled over. Let's just say that it was glass.

But still, that's been it for my getting ripped off or mugged. I'm not going to lie--I've used THEIR spots, but not anymore. I will only go to places that are definitely out of the way. And I'm going to try not to go to the same spot more than three times.

Still, there is the dark side of this. The potential violence, LE intervention, getting ripped off, etc. I wonder how many of these girls are packing heat or at least a switchblade and have NO intention of doing anything but taking your money. ***That's the other good thing about summer.*** Less clothing to conceal unpleasant surprises.

See why the stuff should be legal? To me, it should be the same as going to Rally's or a drive-thru for a beer run. "Hi, welcome to BJ's. Would you like to try our half and half combo special?" "No thanks, I'll just take a regular BJ please." "With or without condom." "With." "Would you like to get it topless for 5 bucks more?" "Sure." "That'll be 25 dollars. Please pull around." It would be the best thing ever.

And on the fast food analogy, AMPVet, you're right about just wanting the White Castle and getting your fill for a tenth of the price of a filet at a fine dining establishment. Sometimes, the moment calls for the big night out (dating). But as a general rule, I think everyone would just as soon avoid the nightmare that is known as the female mind. Plus, if you're looking to score, there is no can't-miss bar scene. The meat markets are cheesy as Hell, and the more civilized bars are where girls aren't looking to get jumped (plus the girls at places like "Club Energy" in Ellet might actually be WORSE than SWs). Not impossible, but such a low percentage play for 95% of us.

All in all, it's not easy and risk-free, but I don't think that it's "too much trouble". Again, you just picked the worst time of year to start and you're not going to do better than a coin flip for scoring if you go out on the best night and drive for 10-15 minutes in an area. The girls are out EVERY NIGHT, in varying numbers, but it's just that each one is only "available" for a very short period of time overall. I'd say try Arlington 4 or 5 more times over the next couple months before you give up. And try to wait until the weather gets a LITTLE better.

I'd also add that in light of our open acknowledgement of the LE reading these boards, it might be best to lay low for the next couple weeks. At least on the obvious streets. If you listen closely outside, you can almost hear APD headquarters sounding the alarm to go to "Code Orange". But it won't be February forever. Late.

02-15-03, 09:48
Yes Akronsucks, I had 2 girls try to take out my keys while driving. The arrengement wasn't going as they wanted, and that was their way of trying to bargin with me I guess. Both times were in Canton and I am sure they were geeking too.

02-19-03, 20:06
hello LE. Answer me this why is it illegal to sell something that is perfectly legal give for free. I just don't understand.
To Akronsucks I see in the future that akron will wise up (by 2020) that selling sex will be legal.
To Streetwise and akronsucks I think you two should write a book, because I know I'll spend twenty books on it.
Maybe by March I'll have something to report.

02-20-03, 00:10
Thanks for the compliments, Deuce, but I really don't think the "sex-for-money" transaction will EVER be legal in Ohio, or 90% of the States, for that matter. My theory has always been that our society has serious issues with sexual repression AND the deepest reason why prostitution is so frowned on is because EVEN THOUGH IT'S FOR PLEASURE, it is a sexual encounter not based on attraction. In other words, it defies nature. With other species, if you're the runt, you don't get any. *** I'm not saying that everyone who goes to an AMP or gets a SW is a "runt" or a genetic freak, but the whole concept of the transaction makes MOST PEOPLE subconciously feel like some guy is cheating natural selection.*** I know it's a heavy thought, but I honestly believe that.

Think about it. What is the put-down that trumps everything else? "You couldn't get laid if...you were trapped on an island of nymphos on X." Or whatever. Not "You're stupid" or "You're poor" or "You're an ass". What hurts the most for a guy is the feeling that no woman wants to mate with him. (Notice how even murderers frown on rapists in prison? Not that I condone either!) Guys like Bill Gates can't get into a model's pants the easy way, so they take the long way around (becoming a multi-billionaire). We'll do ANYTHING for the nookie.

The whole thing about prostitution wrecking marriages is not enough to make it illegal. First, guys flat out cheat. They don't get thrown in jail for that, do they? So if a married guy cheats, either way, then it's grounds for divorce. Not an arrest. Hell, it could be argued that legal, safe prostitution could SAVE a marriage. (Wife frigid? Won't swallow? Etc? Go get off elsewhere)

And prostitution only rubs shoulders with the drug culture because it's illegal. Don't get me wrong: drugs beyond pot should NOT be legalized. Too addictive, too dangerous. But SWs are NOT addictive. Sex addicts are sex addicts in any situation. I don't feel the itch to "cruise" every night. The mood just randomly strikes me. If the transaction was legal, then pimps would be replaced by Madams who would hire legitimate security. Sure, there'd still be shady operations, but that's America today. Anywhere.

(I will say that most well-adjusted, attractive women would NOT indulge in hooking, even if it were legal, but at least those that DO walk could earn their money off the street. And drug habits permeate all classes and walks of life. It's just that the lawyers and politicians and CEOs usually cover it up better. Usually.)

And finally, isn't most dating roundabout hooking? You've got to invest so much into an evening that may go nowhere, and neither party may be looking for "their soulmate". People don't go to meat markets and warehouse rave clubs to find "the one". I think we've all been on that date where we realize halfway in that we're just being played for dinner, a concert, etc.

But no matter how many LOGICAL POINTS anyone brings up, it's not going to change the law. By all rights, "the chronic" should be legalized and regulated by now, but it's not. And I don't even smoke. Still, believe me when I say that modified pot will be available at gas stations nationwide before you can get a legal and safe BJ somewhere outside of Nevada. It's just too many instincts and our Puritan heritage that make it impossible to legalize. We're the tease society. It's okay to have a stripper waving it in your face or rubbing her bare ass on your suffering crotch, and it's okay for an adult to purchase pornography and adult toys. But heaven help you if you just want to actually "cut into the filet and take a bite." I'll just never understand how two consenting adults "cutting to the chase" and agreeing on fair compensation is so wrong, especially if neither is in a serious relationship or marriage. Hell, even the SWs see that! And if THEY can understand the point, then you KNOW that there's no LOGIC behind the LAW.

Well, let's get a petition and try to get Kid Rock to run for President in 2008. Or even Tommy Lee. Late.

02-26-03, 19:58
I vote for Kid Rock.
Akronsucks that's deep stuff. But as true as it is I can dream can't I.
Warm weather is coming back to akron. That meets a small increase in sw and large increase in le everyone be safe.
Going to Mrylte Beach petty soon everyone have any suggests where I stop at to see a little action.

02-26-03, 23:03
"Start an escort service for all the right reasons"...yeah, Kid Rock is probably the better choice.

You know, I was thinking about this site the other day. How does Jackson pull it off? See, if I were a smack addict (which I'm not), I don't see worldsmackguide.com being a site that stays up for long, and I'd think that the government would hunt down all the posters. Or at least the repeat ones. I mean, clearly, prostitution is discussed in detail occurring in places stateside that AREN'T NEVADA. You would think that at least one state or city would've made a national fuss about this by now. And a competing site would've sprung up by now.

Whatever the scene is, it's good to know that freedom of speech is still alive and well on MOST of the Internet.

Speaking of...saw a scraggly-haired SW "making a call" at the payphone just next to the gas station on Exchange and Arlington. I didn't even try to pick her up. I ran some legit business, came back over an hour later, and she was STILL THERE! And there was traffic everywhere! Maybe I'm chickens***, but what are these girls thinking?! If she stood at that payphone for that long, then she deserved it. And was probably out of her mind ten times over. There are PLENTY of other payphones on Arlington that are more conducive for a discreet "ride".

Deuce, is it really getting warmer? Do you know something that I don't? Oh well, good luck in Myrtle Beach. I gotta believe that you'll do much better down there, provided you know where to look. I don't expect good "walking" weather for another two months.

And finally, I'm afraid that you will have to keep dreaming. The way around that is to gradually impress upon single women that while they don't have to hook, if they're willing to get with a particular guy after meeting them in a legit setting (bar, dance club, restaurant), then the money is not directly related to the act. I mean, I know that this freelance work goes on, but you just never know who does it...until you know. But think about how much money some of these honeys could make. For example, if they gave a guy a safe HJ for 30-40 bucks at their place, how do they lose on that? It's five-ten minutes of "work", and is it that bad? Or how horrible could it be to give a BJ (w/condom) for 50+? That would translate to at least $500/hr!!

What I'm saying is that girls need to be more open-minded about it. If some hottie thinks that she can milk Joe Schmuck for an expensive dinner, concert, etc. and give him nothing (which happens), imagine what he'll do if he gets a no-strings-attached "happy ending" each time (which can happen, I guess)? Hell, there are some less-than-stellar girls that could probably get what they're already begging for by just eliminating the dating ritual and the guy's fear of her constantly calling. Plus, some guys actually GET OFF on paying for it. If we can get women's attitudes changed a little bit, then there's no stopping it.

I'm serious when I say that there was a co-worker that I knew once that was really hurting for rent. I almost cornered her and offered to help out...if she'd help me out. But she WAS so timid back then that I knew she'd get me canned yesterday. She wasn't repulsed by me, either. She was...neutral. Women should be more proactive about taking advantage of their services and not waiting until they're desperate. Being on your knees praying won't pay the rent, but other things in that position will.

Don't get me wrong. The ideal is a legit relationship. But that's the ideal. In the meantime, what harm would there be in a girl being a freelance escort? She doesn't have to see you if she doesn't want to. She'll let you know upfront what her limits are. Go out, have dinner, come back, fifty bucks for some relaxed sucky-sucky. You could buy her outfits...the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Women being cool about this...maybe I'M the one that's dreaming.

P.S. (Update) I thought about my proposal for more attractive and respectable women doing the unspoken freelance thing, and I realized that some guys might feel like they'd get shut out for any number of reasons. Well, first of all, not everyone can drive a Ferrari, figuratively or literally. Actually, this concept would make the bargain-basement SWs even cheaper, as the competition would go up (and down, hopefully!). So there'd be "something for everyone" to say the least.

On top of that, if a girl can get used to doing lap dances for 20, 30, 40 bucks or whatever, then I don't see how she can't get used to the routine of giving a HJ or a BJ. They're all performances that make her the money and put a smile on his face. It's "gross" only until they detach the passion. I've seen some SWs give a BJ with all the enthusiasm of making change at a convenient store. Intimate acts CAN be turned into chores, even if you're married. So a girl who thinks that she's above that can be desensitized so that you're just another customer across the counter. And ironically, once they "let go" of their hang-ups, they can actually enjoy it more, as it's truly a performance. She'd feed off of your enjoyment. And work for the tip and repeat business.

Of course, all this is EXTREMELY unlikely. But I believe that there are women out there that would treat this like their "calling". And we'd be a much happier society. Who'd argue that?

02-28-03, 22:56
My bad akronsucks. I got a little happy when I was able to walk to my car without my winter coat. So there is no warmer weather coming according to channel 8 news.
Now that I think about why not Jackson for president.
Thanks for support about Mrytle Beach.
That's all for now, no real report just chewing the fat. Later

03-01-03, 15:22
I agree with akronsucks’ comments that more ladies need to relax their own stringent mental prohibitions. I see a lot of cute ladies with whom I’d like to enjoy a quickie, and not have to go through a time wasting dating ritual under the remote presumption that we might fall in love. In this busy life, it’s too unrealistic to think you have to match someone’s personality and that there needs to be some possibility of an enduring commitment before you can have a little fun. But alas, even among professional dancers, there are widespread mental blocks. I saw one particular dancer over a period of time, talked to her, and hinted that maybe we could have a little extra fun on the side. But she reacted as if I were crazy to even suggest it.

03-02-03, 01:12
Walrus, I don't go to "titty bars", "gentlemen's clubs", "strip joints", etc SPECIFICALLY because of the phenomenon that you stated. True, it's not in the job description of a "dancer" to be a "jerker" or "blower" or "rider", but c'mon. Like the bartender that doesn't skimp on the booze and actually LISTENS to what you've got to say, a quality dancer knows how to keep 'em coming back. Sure, it may not happen right there in the club, but alternate arrangements can be made.

Still, with dancers, it's case-by-case and place-by-place. I once spoke to the owner of an establishment (recently underwent a format change) who said that a lot of the dancers wanted to work out a deal so that they could blow guys right there at the tables. This wasn't your "bring the VIPs from Tokyo" gentlemen's club, mind you. But I think every dancer can be had for a price, it's just that many of them have priced themselves right out of the market. PLUS!!--A lot of dancers HATE men and do the whole routine as some f'ed up form of sadisitic torture. But we won't get into the psychology of the low self-esteem bisexual cokehead still searching for her Daddy's love and approval. Like I said, I don't go to those places.

I think what it comes down to is that there are women and then there are nymphos. The regular women just can't emotionally detach from sex to make it a gesture. Groupies, SWs, psycho sluts...they're all the flukes. Sure SWs do what they do to support their "kids"--err--habit(s), but they still need to be off-center to even consider it. I honestly think that your average, reasonably attractive woman would rather carry bags of cement all day in August for $150 than spend an hour with a guy they're not 'into' in an air-conditioned motel room. Even if the sex only takes up 20 minutes of it. Granted, women often trick themselves into "greyer" situations where the transaction isn't so obvious, and then they become the worst of all females species: The Golddigger. No, that's not an Austin Powers character, that's a SW in denial. The would-be "john" knows what's up, but he can't necessarily make her disappear when he's done with her for the evening. The Golddigger, true to her name, sinks her claws in.

So at the end of the day, it all comes back to riding down the main street in the rough area of town, seeing the beat-down thirtysomething brunette in the jean jacket and grey sweats, hoping that you weren't imaging that she gave you that look, while trying to find a place to turn around, sweating the LE that could be anywhere....

03-04-03, 19:26
Good news! The SW's are back. I crusied Arlington from Lovers Lane down to the orphanage today around 3 pm and saw 4 decent girls out. Picked up a dark haired girl, late 20's, about a 6-7, skinny, named "Tracy". BBBJ was $20, I threw in a $10 tip just because I was impressed with the service. The other girls looked looked decent too. (For SW standards) 3 White, 1 Sista. Although 1 of the white girls was a little bit on the heavy side for my tastes. But I'm sure there are some BBW lovers out here. I'm glad it was warm today. If they keep this up looks like it might be a good spring. Has anyone been thru Canton's Newton Zone lately? I like Canton because I used to see more girls there. And the biggest reason was the cheap hotel rooms available. If there was a room around Arlington I'd shell out the $15-20 for it. I'd rather play that safe then sorry. It's hard to find a spot around Arlington, and when you do you need to be quick. With a room you can relax and enjoy yourself. Also guys, I posted an ad in the classified section of a recommended Akron area girl. Not a SW. She is of a higher class for when you feel like a treat. Although her rates are well worth it. $60 + tip (I tipped $40 to make it even) got me 3 hours of play. I will be calling her again. I think I can make that a once a month treat for me when I want the full goods. Have fun fellas, keep an eye out, & play safe!


03-04-03, 22:58

Can you go into a little detail about Tori from Playful Angels? GFE means different things to different people. Was there kissing, BBBJ, etc? Thanks


03-05-03, 03:29
Just wondering about Tori as far as height, weight, nationality? Is a slim caucasian one available from P. Angels?

03-05-03, 17:44
True, GFE does mean different things. BBBJ = yes, Kissing I did not attempt, so I cannot answer that. She was about 5'4", about 110-115lbs, white, dark brown hair - shoulder length. I have no affelation with Playful Angels, so I couldn't tell you who is available. I would just call and inquire. Also seems todays cold weather killed Arlington again. Made about 4-5 passes around my areas and didn't see any action. Springtime can't come soon enough for me! Play safe,


p.s. Any Canton info out there? I am tempted to drive out there, but it's 40 minutes up & back so a report would help me. Thanks

03-05-03, 20:41
To Streetwize:
Did you mean 160 rather than 60 in the ad area? Did Playful Angels offer incall?
Thanks for your info.

03-05-03, 20:55
Walrus, I mean it was SIXTY BUCKS plus tip. So I guess the "tip" part is the variable. But she quoted me 6-ZERO buddy. As for the incall, I don't know. I didn't ask. Uually during the times I call these services it's best for all that I stay clear of any sort of driving. I live alone, so I prefer them comming here. But all I can say is call & ask her these questions.

03-05-03, 22:54
Jeez, Streetwize, with three hours, I think you got a good deal, assuming she is not badly spoiled with sagging boobs or stretch marks.

03-05-03, 23:05

Yea I did get a good deal. But trust me, she did too. I make sure it's a party. But in any event, I was inpressed enough to want to share with you all. And believe me, as often as I see providers, they have to be somewhat special to merit a nomination from me.


03-18-03, 09:20
Anybody know about just you and me in the Beacon last week?
Is she hot? What about angels? Is it good?

03-18-03, 12:36
No new posts in a while. I guess you guys are all busy now that the weather has warmed up. I tried contact the GFE that was recommended on one of these posts but they never called me back. must be busy. too bad. anything interesting going on?

03-20-03, 02:08
Ianinohio, I WISH I were "busy" now that the weather's warming up.

The problem is that these girls are (bigger shocker) total idiots. Am I the only one who can't get some of them to wander OFF OF FREAKING ARLINGTON to a side street? They see me seein' them seein' me, but they just don't seem to know where to go. And we're not talking about the "barely legal" set, either. For example...I was at a light on a sidestreet south of Lover's Lane and on the east side of Arlington, having spotted a SW across the street. She was almost LITERALLY doing jumping jacks to get my attention, while a ton of cars were right there. All she had to do was walk down the sidestreet DIRECTLY BEHIND HER, but no. So of course I turned left and never looked back.

But that's not the exception. I guess I just can't get comfortable with picking a girl up on a busy street with headlights coming from every direction. Headlights that could turn into red and blue flashing lights. If it were Carmen Electra, then we roll the dice. But these are girls that you just don't flaunt, legal or not. And that's probably my downfall. Plus, I understand that the very habits that they support through this are the things that make them incoherent enough to turn tricks and thus they don't have fear and logic in their corner.

I did find a very average girl south of Wilbeth, but it was dumb luck more than anything. She was a "last resort" in every sense of the phrase. But again, when it's 3 A.M and it's White Castle or nothing, you get whatever they've got on the drive thru menu...

With the threat of terrorism, I wonder if some of these SWs wouldn't look better with a gas mask on.

03-20-03, 23:40
Akronsucks - HAHA! Funny report. I loved the gas mask bit!! Also you are correct, if they won't follow you, forget 'em. You & I both watch COPS on TV I'm sure, so you see how that works. They get you to talk to them out in the open, and never get in the car. SOOOOOOO never mention anything to anyone out of the car. And if they were serious about working, they would follow you. They should know the deal. Execellent post brotha. Good info for all.

03-24-03, 00:31
To akronsucks: Slow down on the main drag and try yelling out your window “Talk to me on the side street where it’s safe”. If she’s still too dumb, trying parking indiscreetly with your lights turned off and see if anyone else picks her up without a problem. If she’s a cop, you’ll soon find out. I once had problems picking up a real young hottie because she was afraid to get off the main street. I guess she thought if anyone tried to mug her she could get out and flag down help on the main drag more easily. I finally did pick her up, but only after several failed attempts over a month’s time. That was a few years ago.

03-24-03, 02:15
Thanks for the info, Walrus, and thanks for the props and 411, S-Wize. With MOST of these girls, I honestly don't think they're cops, but I KNOW that the 5-0 is constantly patrolling that area. Plus, you never know when some "righteous" loser is going to get your car description and plate number.

Either way, it WOULD be interesting to shut down in the shadow and watch what happened to some of these girls who don't "know the drill". I would really feel for anyone who got busted because it was a sting, but at least I could observe the tell-tale signs of an undercover set-up. Actually, I'd love to just "walker-watch" once on a good night.

***The only possible problem with that is when it's one of those aforementioned "hotties".*** You know, the kind you see in Akron about, oh, once a decade. Obviously, ALL of these girls have issues (and probably habits), but when I see a really YOUNG AND HOT girl, I always assume she's either A.) scared as hell, and new to the scene, or B.) undercover. The only girl I ever picked up that fit this description was on Exchange a couple years ago. I mentioned her in an old post. I think I said she was "Levi's model" cute. And she was. But she clearly was conflicted, and I think she had a bad does of X or whatever and I ended up giving her a ride to a campus-area house (no action whatsoever). She probably was a live-in SW for some shady raver/chemlab type with his dreadlocks, goatee, and pierced eyebrow. Kind of like a variation on Eric Stoltz in "Pulp Fiction". And he probably kicked her out for using too much teeth. She probably never had to go "door-to-door".

But even if it were Shakira or Britney Spears' clone, I don't want to get busted, so there's only so much I can do. (Un)fortunately, that's not a dilemma in this town very often. as most of these girls aren't too hard to pass up. They're good if it's convenient, but if it's all "Mission Impossible" 'n' shit, then forget it.

No matter what, it's good to see that through this forum we can keep each other's backs. I respect the law, but I don't want to be the guy in the cuffs. Nor should any of you be.

But compared to those overseas, this is hardly a problem. Those guys should get freebies when they get back! SWs, Uncle Sam wants you!

04-03-03, 23:36
Has anyone been to Stanleys anytime over the past two years? That's when I was there last. Strictly HJ. Every now and then I wonder about it, as a drive to the AMPs is not something I am up for. However a trip to Dreamers followed up by Stanleys is much better for me. Just wondered what the current activity level is like. Thanks.


04-04-03, 02:20
Stanleys was a freakin waste of time when I went about 2 years ago. Couldn't even get a HJ. They get more paranoid every year. If you're looking for some non-oriental entertainment, it would make more sense to spend some driving time to see someone like Paige at Bella Spa in Warren. If the drive is too much, might just as well give yourself the massage because Stanleys is boring.

04-04-03, 23:59
I was afraid of that. I remember last time I went I picked the pretty girl and she would do NOTHING. So I had some more beers and went back. Got a HJ, but that sure was a waste. Thanks Walrus.

05-15-03, 22:49
Hey Akron dudes.........no posts for over a month? Something must be happening on the streets! Somebody give us the lowdown.

play safe

05-23-03, 10:20
Not much going on in Akron except we get to keep LeBron in NE Ohio.

06-04-03, 23:07
Nothing to report, just upset that the weather has been crap. But what are going to do. NBA finals start tonight (finally) and Sosa gets bust it with a cock bat. But no nookie, maybe in mid June there will be some action. Later

Gary Dee
06-29-03, 11:18
Any update on the Akron SW scene ? I've been living in southern Ohio for the past 2 years, & have just moved back. I seem to remember that W.Mkt. and Arlington were getting a lot less active, what with the construction and LE in those areas. Anything new ? Areas, Times, etc. ?

Thanks in advance.

07-01-03, 03:33
Saw ad in Scene, any info on possible extras at this place? http://www.kendallos.com/

07-01-03, 18:25
Well, welcome back, Gary Dee (whoever you might be). First of all, thanks for 'bumping' Akron back up to the top of the list. I don't really post much anymore, but I do visit, and I don't like to see ANY cities go for more than a month without an update.

Akron is as hit-and-miss as you probably remember. Arlington (from just north of Waterloo to just north of Exchange) is where most of the action is at. Quality is anywhere from terrible to above average. Other than that, I can't say for sure, but it's very spotty. West Market never seemed very good, so I stopped even looking. Howard St. probably isn't worth the trouble, but I'm sure that you'll find something there eventually (I think it used to be a veritable red light district until about 5-8 years ago). S. Main between Cole and the 77 overpass (or is it 76?) has the odd SW, but the time of day and the quality is totally random.

Maybe there's some hidden treasure trove of a neighborhood out there where no one really looks, but I'm not aware of such a place. If anyone is generous enough to even hint that such a place exists, we'd all appreciate it.

No matter where you go, just take all the necessary precautions. You know, hide your valuables, watch for the LE, look for the signs of UC at work, don't go back to her place, don't park and 'discuss the weather' somewhere that gives you a bad vibe (or is obviously out in the open). Try to find a safe spot of your own that is invisible from the streets and is probably devoid of security cameras. And change it up every few weeks.

But again, it's the same ol' B.S.

Gary Dee
07-01-03, 19:26
Thanks for the update, a____s____.

Good to know that some things stay the same. On Arlington, I never found much south of Swan Hardware. Well, maybe a block or two further south, but that was it. When I left a couple of years ago, they were resurfacing the street, & there was NOBODY around with all the construction, no matter WHAT the time.

Howard st. hasn't had much 'visible' activity for over a decade, I don't think.

W.Market used to be good, until they razed several buildings, put up the McD's & built that Health Services corporate office in the same area. After that, even the side streets were pretty empty.

Occasionally found a SW or two on W.Market, between downtown & Arlington, but rarely.

I agree, if anyone else has some updatd info, it would HELP.

Thanxxxx GD

07-02-03, 16:44
Like I said, pretty much the same ol' s***. But one thing, G. Dee: Is my user name not in compliance with something? Why the blank spaces?

Seriously, should I change it?

Gary Dee
07-02-03, 23:17

No sweat on your screen name. When I'm posting from behind a firewall, I just have to exercise extra caution, lest the IT police get upset with what their filtering catches, you know.



Gary Dee
07-04-03, 08:29
Say, anyone have any updates on the area around the old Firestone buildings in southwest Akron ? Seems like you used to go south on Main, then before you were forced to turn slightly left by the Firestone Bank, you went straight instead, & made a right about a block later. Used to be lots of SW's around there about 10 years ago, but I'm thinking it's pretty much dried up now.

Updates appreciated.

Also, looks like LE is patrolling the Arlington area pretty regularly now, I skulked around there last night, but everytime I saw anyone 'interesting', it seemed like a patrol car showed up within a couple of blocks or so. So, I drove over to the W.Market area, pretty quiet there too.

Finally found some fun on E. Market, about 2 blocks east of the Old Joe's Tavern. Great HJ, BJ & quickie for $40.

So, there's still activity, just MUCH harder to find, I guess, than it used to be.

Play safe,


07-04-03, 15:11

There is still action found by Firestone building. Around Cole ave area, in the neighbord behind the Miller hotel you will find some fiends out working. Basicaly I found if it's a drug area, you'll find girls willing to work. W. Market street has cleaned up. But Arlington still has action, although since it's a main street, alot of LE. The north hill area around Tallmadge & Howard intersection has action. Also that street Lisas, The Adult Theatre, and the Gay Bath House has workers too. Right off of Arlington. I can't think of the street name though, but I'm sure you know where I mean. They are all around. Wherever there is drugs, there are SW's. It's just that simple.

Gary Dee
07-04-03, 19:37
Thanks, Streetwize.

I'll cruise around those areas. Hadn't thought about the Tallmadge area, ever since they closed the old adult theatre that used to be on N.Main a few years ago. Don't know where the Gay Bath House area is, but I'm sure I can find it.

Riding around last night, I saw quite a lot of LE on Arlington, & around the Police garage (old Ford dealership) on E.Market.

Play safe,


07-08-03, 15:13
That bath house is called "Akron Steam & Sauna". It's directly across from the adult movie theatre and some new nite club. Caddy corner from Lisa's Cabaret. Alot of SW's live in the Laird Street neighborhood right off that bridge on E. Market Street before the Goodyear sign. That's the area thats closest for them to walk too. At least when they first start out. I'm sure they get dropped off all along Arlington rd area. Anyone have any info on that Nite Club next to the theatre? I asked a buddy and he said he heard it was a heavy metal band club, but wasn't 100% sure. Thanks...

Gary Dee
07-08-03, 17:09
I know that area pretty well, although it sounds like there have been some changes over the past couple of years. I'll give it a looksee later this week !!


Gary Dee
07-11-03, 18:23
Found some decent SW action last evening, in between the rainstorms, about 2 blocks or so north of the Adult theatre area close to Arlington. ~25-ish black gal....good BJ, decent FS. Glad my van has darkened windows, as we parked close to the Goodyear buildings, & there WAS some foot traffic not too far away. It seems that much of the action formerly along Arlington HAS moved just slightly north.

Play safe,


Travelin Monger
07-12-03, 00:01
Hey all you Buckeyes;

Was in Tigertown for the 4th and decided to check out the action in Akron. Gee, I thought all my dreams in Akron would be nightmares, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

1st nite I fell asleep about 10 and dreamed I was cruisin Arlington. Up and down, Up and down I cruised just checkin out what was going on. Lots of low grade BSW and a couple of ok WSW. Finally got my nap going and dreamed I picked up Tina. She was blonde and medium height and build. Looked better from a distance and in the dark. Since my hotel was south of of CAK I just was looking for a girl who spoke French. Tina assured me for .3 she had the language down fluently. She lied. Went back of some parked road trailers and she started talking. Her french was sloppy and she was working hard but was doing such a poor job I couldn't even finish. Finally gave up and dropped her at the rock house off of Lover's Lane. My recommendation: forget about Tina, buy a copy of Hustler and sit home in your lazyboy, much more satisfying.

2nd nite: I am getting really sleepy and need a nice wet dream to make my nite. Cruised from north of Exchange down to Waterloo and on my 3 go round I spotted Amber, Cute late 20's and great body. Told her I was looking for the complete experience and she told me she could make me happy for .6 and would include the travel time, over 1/2 hour each way. On the way down she said she was trying to raise 4 kids and was desparate for money and anything goes. So we got up to the room and she agreed for an extra .2 she would let me take some pics, great addition to my collection. She then gave me a BBBJ and we put on the raincoat for some mish and then finish doggie. Great time. Total time including travel 1.5 hours and cost of .8. Would look for her again.

3rd nite: I headed out with a friend who wanted to try the experience. Bad idea, rain rain rain, and yet we cruised. Finally about 1 we picked up Laurie just south of Exchange. She agreed to do us both separately for $1 total. Tried to get me stop for cigarettes on the way and I am sure if I had she would have bolted with the $. Got to the room and in the light, this girl was pretty sad. Medium height with about 30-40 extra pounds in all the wrong places. Not sure but might have been preggo. To make a long story short, she was so bad all I could take was a CBJ to completion and my partner had a complete failure. I would not do that again.

Well guys, it is definately out there on Arlington. BTW couldn't make anything happen til my partner got out of the car and waited for me to work the deal. SW will not get in a car with 2 guys. Big rule for them.

All in all had a pretty decent time back in the buckeye and next time I'm going to Warren for some guaranteed fun. See ya next summer.


07-15-03, 19:26
Not every post is actually USEFUL information, but here's one of the more amusing 'observations' I've ever seen. (By the way, these are honestly all coincidental sightings. I sure as hell don't look on S. Main for anything but orange cones!)

Yesterday, early afternoon, I was driving down S. Main and where Miller intersects (right before the Firestone factory, the Church's Chicken, etc.) at the stoplight was some cracked-out version of Macy Gray. She was in a gray shirt, jean shorts and sandals. I have to believe she was a SW, but she was naz-tee and there were only about twenty cars around at any given time. She just kept vacantly looking around, and I don't even know if she was coherent enough to make eye contact.

So today, around the same time, I'm coming down S. Main and...guess what! Exact same spot, exact same clothes, exact same "not-in-touch-with-reality" stare. It was freakin' Groundhog Day, so to speak! I just laughed, thinking, "Boy, the LE must not care at all sometimes."

I was also driving down S. Main again this evening, around rush hour, and she was right there, just like a lightpost. For the life of me, I've never seen this before. If she WAS a SW, then she should've been either a.) in the can by now, or b.) trying a LITTLE harder. I mean, each of the three times, I don't think I saw her take ONE STEP in any direction. ***But seriously, go check that area out! For a laugh! I'll bet if it's daylight, she's still there!***

Then, turning on Cole from S. Main, I saw a girl who, shall we say, LOOKED like the Akron version of Jodie Foster from "Taxi Driver". I'm not saying that she was "walking" ***nor am I saying she was under 18***, but she was alone, skimpily dressed, right by Main, with no apparent "corner store" or "fast food" destination. Unless you want to count that rundown gas station across from the cemetery. If she WAS a SW, then she's BY FAR the youngest-LOOKING I've ever seen in person. Anyone seen anything similar ever? Just a curiosity, not actually stupid enough to pursue it...

Last and DEFINITELY least, was driving down good ol' Arlington last night when I saw a SW who looked good, but not great. That was until I got up close. Then, she looked like the lead singer of Rush in drag. Anyone see this skank before?

Sorry about the irrelevant info, but the 24 hour street corner girl was too funny NOT to report, and I really wonder if that GIRL that I saw on Cole was what I THINK she was. Later, be safe, yadayadayada.

Gary Dee
07-15-03, 20:20
Great report, AkronSucks (not sending from behind a firewall this evening...)

I checked out the area around Miller a week or so ago, on a tip posted by another hobbiest. Didn't see anything at all that Thursday evening, so maybe it's worth another look. I have to be in tiretown tomorrow afternoon late, might just swing by!



07-15-03, 23:45
These are some observations I made over the past few weeks. Some in this Forum have stated that the West Market area is dead. I find that is not so. I have seen several in that area but not very often right on Market. If you cruise West on Rhodes Ave. you will see them near Market on occasion. When you reach Crosby hang a left turn. Near Balch Street there is an apartment building on Crosby's west side. A SW hangs out there after dark and solicits. She has an apartment she shares with a cat acording to her. She is a white female that is a 2 or 3 at best. She can also be seen in the presence of a Black Male walking up and down Crosby (he just might be the cat!).

I have seen some other homely SWs walking the area and once saw a 20 year old dark haired white girl that would be a perfect 10 in anyones book walk across Market Street on Rhodes to enter a convenience store on the corner. I don't know if she is a SW and have never seen her again. I just wanted to share so that you know West Market Street is not dead yet.

Gary Dee
07-17-03, 06:18
Well, I found some decent activity along Arlington last night, for the first time in quite a while. Two SW's close to the old Rose Club building, & three further north by the Adult theatre. Picked up a BSW on a side street by the Rose. Good BJ, FS for $30. Saw two LE as I was leaving the area, but nothing too threatening. Somewhat like a few years back, just be careful & aware before doing anything & you'll be OK.

Drove by the S.Main, Cole areas, but only saw the biker chicks around the old Miller hotel, nothing else.

Play safe,


07-17-03, 13:13
Lot's of SW action on S. Arlington area the past two nights. A few white girls. One named "Missy" who used to dance at the Belmont & Late Nite Pub (The Belmonts prior location across from Rolling Acres) was out. She has a tattoo just above her privates that says "twist". Anyways a 20 was more than enuf for bbbj. On a 1-10 scale (looks & job performance) she's a 5. Also there was another white girl walking case down by the adult theatre. I stopped to talk and I'm sure she was not le (she kept trying to get in my car) but she was tweaking so baddly I was afraid to let her in. Don't need the drama. Also BEWARE, this is the frst time I've seen this in Akron (Although it's common in Canton). There was a TV-SW on Arlington last night. It took a few looks to figure it out too. Thick, not fat, black...Was wearing daisy dukes. Just a FYI in case anyone is trolling around and not seeing clearly. Unless that's your thing. Nothing wrong with it. I just prefer some truth in advertising. Take care fellas...


Gary Dee
07-17-03, 18:32

Have you found particular times when activity along Arlington is higher than others? Used to be only between 9P - 1A were there any SW's out, but now I'm seeing activity well before 9, & the 10-midnight times seem pretty dead. Quite a change from before, it seems.

Play safe,


07-17-03, 20:10
Valdez, alas, that girl that was the "10" probably wasn't a SW. They just don't rate over a "6" in this town very often. But more importantly, while there ARE SWs in the W. Market area, there are also regular college-age girls that are just getting started in their post-high school or college lives. Unless she was eyeing the traffic conspicuously, then she was probably just grabbing a 12 pack. :(

Still, I know how much it, uh, sucks when you see a truly fine girl who in theory should be a SW (late at night, seedy area, all alone, tight shirt and jean shorts, no legit destination within walking distance, etc.) but because she's so f'in' HOT, you just can't believe it. Or you struggle internally about the UC risk/HOT GIRL reward dilemma. That's just a product of "driving" in Akron.

Case in point. I was (honestly) driving north on Main to catch the downtown fireworks. I really didn't want to come to a complete stop, just get as close to downtown as possible, and then turn around. So I get to that little street just past the 76 overpass on S. Main (where the exit ramp bleeds into it) and I go to turn left on S. Main. Well, right in front of me at the red light (appropriately enough) was some fine-ass brunette, in a black shirt and jean shorts. Early twenties, at best. The fireworks crowd was at least a few blocks away, and no gas stations/convenient stores were anywhere to be seen. She also didn't seem to be headed towards the residential area behind that Aldi. I made eye contact, but couldn't read her. I just was caught offguard and didn't even ask. I just turned left on Main and headed south on it again. There were even people in lawn chairs camped out in that shitty grass field were Miller intersects Main. I mean, was she looking to work the fireworks crowd? Light someone's roman candle?

I think that there are girls out there who are "reluctant SWs". Meaning that they really don't want to do it, but they need a fix, and they want to get back at their lowlife man. If you don't TOTALLY gain their confidence in the first, oh, 0.0001 seconds, then they freak out. Like the little Levi's ad model minx that I ONLY gave a ride too on Exchange a couple years ago. She looked like a raver version of Mandy Moore (with her new short brown hair), but I just fumbled it by getting her too nervous. I ended up taking her back to some apartment in the campus area, where she never returned from, probably sucking off some white guy with dreads for some X or whatever. Yes, I've posted this sob story before.

The point is that while YOU don't know if a HOT GIRL is a SW in any given situation (especially if they're under 25), odds are THEY don't know if they're a SW right at that moment. Somebody, back me up here. S-Wize, you had any "that got away" because they were clearly novices with all sorts of jitters and internal conflicts? How do you close the deal with these rarest of creatures?

P.S. One other thing. It DOES seem like there are more "random" freelancers out there. You might be seeing the street-level effects of the economy right now. Maybe some women are turning to this out of desperation.

P.P.S. Sorry for my second consecutive post with no NEW info. But sometimes general discussion is just as valuable (let's face it: how often can you count on finding the same girl within the same week). I think.

L Dog
07-17-03, 21:10
Originally posted by akronsucks
Like the little Levi's ad model minx that I ONLY gave a ride too on Exchange a couple years ago. She looked like a raver version of Mandy Moore (with her new short brown hair), but I just fumbled it by getting her too nervous. I ended up taking her back to some apartment in the campus area, where she never returned from, probably sucking off some white guy with dreads for some X or whatever. Yes, I've posted this sob story before.Hey Akronsucks,

I'm not trying to flame here but I have a question for you. I read your above referenced quote here several times over trying to figure out what you mean by the white guy with dreads remark. What are you trying to say there? What does white have to do with anything? Please elaborate.


L Dog

07-17-03, 23:03

not from your area but enjoy and herald your posts.

You do what is expected here.


07-18-03, 16:50
to akronsucks,
I completely agree with your comments about the difficulty of getting an under 25 hot girl's confidence. You've got to make them feel they have ultimate control and let them know they can make the final decision on what to do and whether to go ahead and do it. Otherwise, they'll freak out and think you might get carried away and do them harm.

07-18-03, 18:40
I think that alot of the younger girls quite often have just really "stepped into" a new lifestyle. And I think that their hesitation and reactions all too often are a combination of drug paranoia and fear of arrest . And for us, they are the ones we want the most because of their "freshness" for lack of a better word. After all, you ask me what's "funky" and I'll say p**** on an old hoe.
Akron Sucks - Yes, I too have seen girls out that you weren't 100% sure about but you were definatly hoping for. I have a few stories of those. And for some reason alot of those types of girls think I'm LE too boot. I think that's because I'm clean cut & neat. Maybe they are expecting a dirty old slob??? But sometimes I've had a really good time with girls like that too. I always am calm and assuring (sp?). That's my approach. I think it depends more on the girl than actually me. I've had girls get in the car and look under the seat and all around for whatever and just totally paranoid in general. For those girls, there isn't much you can do. I think it's easier on yourself just to pass by a nervous SW until she "gets her feet wet" and calms down. Job experience bascialy. I can't stand the paranoia.

07-19-03, 14:23
First thing's first...

L-Dog, I only used the "white guy with dreads" remark because I was just trying to paint a picture of some skeevy, obnoxious college guy who feeds off of the whole hippie/raver/drug culture vibe. It was just miscellaneous imagery. And if I hadn't made a point to use the word "white" on the other hand...Sheesh! Look, ***The dreads are not supposed to make any sort of racial connotation one way or another*** Damn, I knew that someone would take it the wrong way. We truly are too sensitive about certain things, no?

Maybe I'm not giving the crowd here enough "pop culture" credit, but I was thinking of Eric Stoltz's character from "Pulp Fiction". You know, the cereal-chomping smack dealer. I'm not sure he had dreads, but I think we all know (and hate) those guys that prep the edgy-hippie role strictly to get with the loose and addicted girls. But, you know, I suppose it works.

Thanks Streetwize and Walrus for chiming in. Yeah, I suppose that SWs must be accustomed to some TRUE scum, because if you don't seem like a tweaked-out serial killer, then they can't understand why you gave 'em a ride in the first place. Either way, for young (read: "new") girls, it's hard for me to (big word alert) assuage their fears, because I'm half-incredulous that Fortune was so good to me. I guess I need to be half-in-the-bag to have any chance. :(

Oh well, I'm a "ramblin' man" again. But I just wanted to say "Thanks" and defend my colorful (if not totally arbitrary) imagery. Late.

07-22-03, 20:48
Well guys, I'll never say "NEVER", but this is 99.9999% likely to be my last post here.

I just realized that Akron (and the surrounding area) is only so big and nothing much is going to change and by continuously posting, I'm just being redundant and regardless of what I'm posting about, giving a little bit away about myself each time. I mean, we all are, and that's all I'll say on that.

So good luck to all of you with your continued pursuits and 'discoveries'. It's be informative reading on this site, and I still might even do that here and there. I just have nothing more to contribute.

I may even ask Jackson to ban me, so that I can't get tempted and start over again. Maybe even delete my posts if possible.

And lastly, while "it's been real" in this cyberspace, I hate to break it to ALL (ahem) of you out there reading, but like J.R. Ewing taking a bullet...


Stay safe, keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon...well whatever feels good!

07-24-03, 01:32
I understand Akronsucks. But don't be too quick to leave. There are a few guys in Akron/Canton taking digital pics of their encounters with SW's and posting them on this yahoo group. http://*************************femaleescortsofakronohio/ Pretty cool idea. I need one of those digital cameras. Pretty slick. Anyways I'm sure you'll still at least be lurking, so take care with whatever you decide to do.


p.s. I'm sure most of you know, but just in case you need a yahoo id to get to that groups page and you need to join. But it's all free and painless.

Gary Dee
07-27-03, 16:24
Well, this is a first, at least for me. I picked up a WSW just south of Exchange and Arlington, just after noon today. Name was Dimon, or something close to that. Kinda thin, but great attitude for a SW. I'm extra careful about picking someone up without the cover of darkness, but she did and said all the 'right' things, so she seemed pretty safe to at least stop & talk with.

Great BBBJ and CFS for $40.

Recommended, IF you can find her. she says she's not out as much lately, because of all the LE activity around Arlington, & almost never is out after 7pm.

Play Safe.


07-28-03, 00:20
was Dimon a blonde?
Thanks for your report.

07-28-03, 06:04

I bet that was "Diamond". Younger, maybe 19-20? Her pic is in that yahoo group folder I posted a few reports below. I would like to find her myself.

Gary Dee
07-28-03, 06:18
Yeah, I think you're right. Diamond must have been her name. The pix in that yahoo group looks pretty much like her, although her hair was a little different.

Had a good time, so hopefully you'll be able to hook up with her. She did say she isn't out for long periods of time, to keep away from LE, & doesn't go out much after 6PM or so.

Play safe


Gary Dee
08-02-03, 17:05
I found a cute WSW named Carly on S. Arlington, close to Wilbeth this afternoon (around 2:15PM). Short, about 5', dark black hair, walked with a bit of a limp. Great GFE, CBJ for $30 and anal for $10 more. Says she's typically only out on the weekends, mostly Saturday, since she works nights in the Falls somewhere during the week. Wouldn't give me a phone no, but says she usually is out in this same area, or walks around the Belmont sometimes for a little while.

Play Safe,


08-04-03, 14:56
Originally posted by akronsucks
Well guys, I'll never say "NEVER", but this is 99.9999% likely to be my last post here.

I just realized that Akron (and the surrounding area) is only so big and nothing much is going to change and by continuously posting, I'm just being redundant and regardless of what I'm posting about, giving a little bit away about myself each time. I mean, we all are, and that's all I'll say on that.

So good luck to all of you with your continued pursuits and 'discoveries'. It's be informative reading on this site, and I still might even do that here and there. I just have nothing more to contribute.

I may even ask Jackson to ban me, so that I can't get tempted and start over again. Maybe even delete my posts if possible.

And lastly, while "it's been real" in this cyberspace, I hate to break it to ALL (ahem) of you out there reading, but like J.R. Ewing taking a bullet...


Stay safe, keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon...well whatever feels good!


I too am sorry to see you leave. While I have not kept up with Akron action recently, I do read your comments just before visiting your area when on business to Akron. I am sure you realize that you have/do perform a valuable service for mongers in or visiting Akron. You might consider at a later time starting anew with a new moniker.

Any way, thanks for your valuable past reports and good luck.
(I usually post on Baltimore page)


Gary Dee
08-05-03, 19:50
Well, all this damn rain has at least ONE good side. The inside of my van made a good shelter for the BSW I found just east of Arlington on Market late this afternoon. She gave her name as Jewel, was kinda thick, but had a great ass & pussy. $25 for half/half, which is pretty good nowadays. All covered, but that's OK with me, with all the 'risks' these days.

She was walking east, trying to stay out of the water splashing up from the street, & not doing well at that. I think she was more than a little glad to get out of the downpour for at least a short while. I dropped her off by some apartments close by afterwards...I think she stays there during the daytime.

Plan Safe,


08-08-03, 07:16

Just got a job there and the map makes it look pretty close to Akron. Anyone have ANY info (SP. MP. SW, etc.) specific to Alliance?

08-08-03, 13:42

Alliance is not active for hobbiests, but you are only a few miles from Canto/Akron SW scenes. As for MPs, you'll have to go to Warren, about a half hour drive.

Gary Dee
08-08-03, 17:28
Saw more SW activity on Arlington last night than I've seen there in YEARS. Between Wilbeth and Archwood alone, there must have been 5-6. Picked up Star, a thin WSW around 11:15. $30 for CFS with CBJ. She is tall, thin, wears a blond wig (even though the pussy is blond).


Gary Dee
08-16-03, 17:27
Trolled around Arlington around 2AM Friday....saw quite a few SW's between 5th & Wilbeth, but also a LOT of LE...A LE van had two BSW's stopped around Lover's Lane, & an unmarked car had another in the back of the car around 5th. So, I didn't tarry in the area very long...picked up a BSW about a block north of Market on Case....good half/half for $30...

Also saw a lot of LE activity around the bath-house just off of Case about an hour before that..looked like they were taking someone out of the house & putting them in the back of the cruiser, with all the lights flashing...

Anyone seen any SW activity on Arlington, north of Market ? An earlier msg mentioned that there might be, but I haven't seen any the past couple of weeks that I've been looking.


08-19-03, 13:41
Where is the bath house in Akron?

Gary Dee
08-22-03, 06:17
Bath house is just off of Case, on a side street to the east. Sign is small : "Akron Steam & Sauna", on side of bldg.

08-22-03, 08:53
I dont know Akron well, Case is off of what street?

Gary Dee
08-22-03, 19:34
Driving north on Arlington, 2 blocks before you get to Market, Case veers off toward the right at a light.

Gary Dee
08-31-03, 15:42
Picked up a skanky-looking skinny WSW named Virginia around Swan Hdwe on Arlington late Thursday. Good BBBJ for $20, but little else. Quite a disappointment. Said she lives on Lovers' lane & gave me her number. Doubt I'll give her a call, since she's not really my type....I much prefer BSW with some T&A.

Be safe out there......GD

Gary Dee
09-17-03, 20:39
Hey...hope the LE activity hasn't closed down THIS venue like it seems to have for the Arlington area.....Anything NEW going on ?


10-04-03, 10:27
Saturday morning around 9 am quite a few WSW's in the Newton Zone.

10-04-03, 15:54
Where is the Newton zone?

10-04-03, 20:12
Newton Zone is Newton Street area in Canton.

10-05-03, 11:09
Thanks Igron. Maybe I'll make a trip down there.

10-11-03, 14:41
Here is some info about citizens targeting johns in the newton zone with cameras. http://geocities.com/rglencox/

Gary Dee
10-11-03, 18:57
Hi, all....I'm back in town after having to travel for most of the last month. Any improvement in the 'climate' on Arlington ? When I left, the 'bicycle brigade' was trying hard to close down the hobby, & there was a lot of LE presence. Thought I'd inquire before venturing back out .


10-11-03, 21:12

I was out about 11 pm Friday and picked up a WSW somewhere close to the hardware store. I don't think much has changed, or will change. However beware of WSW's on E. Market street. A LE buddy of mine said there are about 4 undercovers and they usually walk E. Market.

Gary Dee
10-12-03, 15:06
Thanks, Streetwize.....Good to hear that Arlington is still alive. I appreciate the heads-up on Market...I haven't seen much of anything there in quite a while, & will be extra cautious if I venture there.


Good Neighbor
10-13-03, 17:15
Last Thursday morning on Arlington near Family Dollar two above average young (late teens or early 20s) looking BSW. About 9:30 am one taller (5'6"), an 8 in looks, was a bit coy, but actively watching cars. She definitely gave me the look when I drove by the third time. Then, a few minutes later a shorter BSW, easily a 9, was not shy about giving the look to passing cars. She gave me a stare the first time by, and definitely was ready the second time by. Both girls were walking along as if going somewhere.

But, I was in company car, and picking us SW is not good for job security. I hope I get back to Akron in my own car.

Gary Dee
10-18-03, 07:40
Well, Arlington, this past Wednesday night around 11:30 was pretty 'dead', and crawling with LE. I motored from the convenience store north of Market all the way down past Waterloo a few times, & only saw two skanky looking WSWs around the hardware store. Nothing worth slowing down for. The side street areas were just about deserted. Stayed around until just after 1:00 AM, & gave up.


10-20-03, 11:02
New Philly? anybody go there? i was there last saturday . on the way back out of town at about 9pm i was passing the adult book store there as i was heading toward I-77 and standing out in the driveway was a blond girl. i got stuck at the light and a car pulled into the bookstore lot and she went over and talked to him for a few secs then he pulled in and parked and went in the bookstore.. she stayed out by the street..i couldnt stop but was curious as to what was up... allen

10-25-03, 05:38
I saw a few (3) decent looking WSW on Arlington and Case tonight between 2am and 5 am, but the bad thing is everytime you try to turn around they have already been picked up. Of course there was about 5 BSW out too. But I don't really care for them. LE was out in force too. So no luck. I guess the trick is to be RIGHT THERE when you see a WSW. I usually am on the other side of the road and don't wanna make an obvious turn. Other people don't seem to care. I did see LE stop a BSW on Arlington close to Market and they wound up with 3 patrol cars there.

Gary Dee
10-25-03, 13:57
Must have been a popular night/morning to be trolling on Arlington. I picked up a WSW south of the hardware store around 1:00 AM...name was jewell, I think. Good half/half for 3 Hamiltons....says that LE is beginning to let up a little, now that it's getting colder....at least the @#$% bicycles aren't out now....

I did see 2 LE around Arlington & Market as I was leaving the area, so it sounds like they stuck around for a while longer.

Play safe......GD

10-25-03, 21:23

What's Jewel look like? blonde or a red head maybe. I forgot eariler in the day (6ish) I saw good old "Twist" (Melissa, red head....I call her that because of her tattoo above pelvic area bearing the word twist.) SHe was with a skinny, good looking long dark (almost black) haired girl. Couldn't stop to check out then though. I had a friend in the car, wasn't a good time to "play". THEN on the way back from where we were comming from, I drove up thru Case street "just for fun" and saw a hot (? Latino" girl) For a SW an 8. Couldn't stop then either. Either a bad time, or you can't find them when it's good. Like when you got money and are all ready to go. Is it just me? I keep trying though.

Gary Dee
10-26-03, 11:20
Jewell was a blonde....but not 'all over'... brunette pubes. Says she rarely is out much late, & prefers early afternoon..so maybe she is one you've spied.

She was good, but pretty nervous....


12-02-03, 17:06
Online article about Akron prostitution crackdown using the Internet to post johns' pictures: http://www.ohio.com/mld/ohio/7393008.htm

Note that line about sister teams and mother-daughter teams.....LOL.

12-03-03, 20:16
I've dreamed that I've been with one of those mother-daughter teams...

Notice: All reports by PiercedWang are the fictional recounting of dreams, for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), places, and events is purely coincidental.

Be careful out there!

Gary Dee
01-05-04, 07:11
I know Akron's not the most 'lively' place in cold weather......but, no posts in a month?

Come on gang.....must be SOMETHING interesting to post about ??

OK...I'll start it off......I was driving through the N.Arlington area late Sunday night...saw what I think are 2 BSW's around 5th, at 11:30 PM or so....turned around, & they were both leaning in the window of a van...the shorter one got in & the taller one stayed behind. I drove past, turned back around, but she was already gone . In this weather, it's pretty hard to tell, especially in the rain, what they look like for sure.


01-10-04, 05:25
Req info I am looking for info on incall in the Akron are I will be there next week and see if there is any fun to be had.

Dear John 69
01-10-04, 14:10
Hello everyone,

I didn't have to cruise up and down Arlington street last night my friend came over to my house Yes she does work the streets but it was so cold last night she wanted some fast money so she came over and knock on my door around midnight which scared the crap out of me LOL. but she gave me halh and half for 40 which is a pretty good price.

But if you are looking for a good BBBJ you should try and find Samantha, but don't try anything funny with her because she will panic and freak out on you. She charges 25 to 30 for bbbj. The one thing about Sam she does have a nice body and nice tits but she is pregnate and she doesnt bath between jobs. So if you find Sam or any other girls out there please be smart and wear your rain coat even for BJ.

I pick up a smelly one a couple of weeks ago on the corner of arlington street and exchange and I paid 20 for a bj she wanted to have sex, but as soon as she took off her pants I changed my mind real quick LMAO.She was mad that I change my mind but you know OH WELL. So remeber guys be safe out there AND WATCH OUT FOR THE POLICE DECOYS.

Dear John 69
01-11-04, 20:00
I was on Arlington St by the children home and I pick up a older sw. Her name was Robin and she took me back to her house for some fuck, suck and foreplay. We went at for 1 full hour and it cost me $40 and then after that she wanted a tip so I gave her $4 and she was mad about that LOL. But she wasnt bad, nice big tits and niples but her pussy was a little loose. She did get into it: alot beter then some of the younger ones who want to do it in New York minute and want more then 40 for fs. I say Robin has to be in her 50's, but she does a better job then say like Samantha or Nicki or one of the others by Johnston and Arlington st.

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Dear John 69
01-11-04, 20:17
Wel guys I forgot to add that when this new john be gone starts up by the police. I dont think it will work. Because of one the dont have the manpower, the money or the time. And I think that as soon as they catch someone that is important like in politics the program will be over. The apd patrols and the vice cops are all jokes. What I been told by the girls out here once they are caught during the day the cops can't give them a another ticket. And most don't go to court because there is not enough room in the jail for them so they can get as many warrants as the courts dish out and they don't go to jail. And when the police try togo after us guys it wont last very long.

Take Care guys and be safe put there

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Gary Dee
01-11-04, 21:22
So.....Dear John....How about a description of Samantha ? Where does she usually work the streets ? When ?


Dear John 69
01-11-04, 23:36
Well Gary Dee you will have to read my reports that are coming up about where to find Samantha. As for a description, since you are a senior member you should of have found her already. She has been working Arlington for 5 years.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Please review the Forum's Posting Guidelines (http://www.wsgforum.com/postingguidelines.html) for further information. Thanks!

Gary Dee
01-12-04, 20:45
DJ 69.....Well, can't say I have hooked up with Samanta, but that may only be because the working staff tends to change names at times.....also, since I was based in Columbus for most of the past year (until this past June), I could easily have missed her during peak times out.

Anyway....look forward to your additional posts.


Dear John 69
01-13-04, 01:50
Well GD,

Samantha is about 5'3 125 lbs black hair and sky blue eyes.and she is usually on Arlington st,Case Ave,and East Exchange St. Well any how I did pick up this hotty name Dee tonight and she told me she was horny as hell,and that she wanted me now. Dee is about 5'1 117 lbs little boobs.Her hair color changes all the time. I pick her up at the corner or Ackerly And Arlington St. But any how she got into the sex like a animal. Dee said she might know you Gary. We were looking at the forum while we were doing it LOL.

Well take care Gary; I hope I didn't sound mean towards you with my coments in the previouse post.

Dear John 69
01-13-04, 10:07
Hey Gary,

If you want to know what Samantha looks like go to the Akron Police web site. Go to the end of the page and go to "John be gone" and you will see a picture of her and some of the other girls out there. There are some pictures of Johns the police have caught.

01-13-04, 13:48
Stanley's has closed and moved to Stow as "Serenity Point". There was an ad in the Beacon Journal sports section this week for them. I called and they seemed to be pretty busy.

Someone please give us a full report!!

01-13-04, 14:41
Just a word of caution...caught the news last night (News 5 WEWS) and they had a story about the prostitution "problem" along Arlington Ave in Akron. They featured a community group that was lobbying the Local LE to beef up patrols and to work on cleaning up the area. Not sure if this will have any affect but if you are mongering along Arlington it would be wise to keep your eyes peeled.

Dear John 69
01-14-04, 01:32
Hey everyone,

If you want to see the results of these crackdown out here go to akron police web site and scroll down to"John be gone" So please be careful out there and don't make drastic turns or look suspicouse. And please don't make sudden stop out in the streets to pick up someone. I almost saw Samantha get hit by a car.

Member #4079
01-15-04, 01:42
What exactly is "Lotering to engage in solicitation"?

Can you get busted just for cruising even with no proof of sex for money?



Dear John 69
01-16-04, 11:27
Hey Akron,

Yes the police can stop you ,if they see you in a known prostitution area and they see you going around the block a few times or if they see you circling a SW. And yes the police have increased patrols in these areas. So everyone please becarefull

Gary Dee
01-16-04, 19:43
DJ69.....Thanks for the additional info. No worries on the other posts. Always looking for insight and additional info. Glad to share what I have whenever I can, too.

I may have seen Samantha, but never have hooked up. I've been travelling out-of-state for much of the last couple of weeks, so I'll have to start looking again, now that I'm back home. Maybe IF the temp gets a LITTLE warmer out, tho...pickings are usually pretty slim in these temps.


Dear John 69
01-17-04, 10:16
Hey everyone,

I was out cruising last nite, and I didn't see too much out there to pick up. I saw one ugly chick out there but I wasn't that horney to pick her up ha. And Gary you are right there isn't much to choose out there when it is cold. One Sunday nite into Monday morning I saw tons of girls out and now with this new crack down and the weather being cold it is ruf out there.

Well guys take care and be very carefull out there.

Dear John 69
01-18-04, 02:48
Hello everyone,

I pick up a sw name Debbie in south Akron Sunday Morning around 1 a.m. She is 49 years of age. But for 20 dollars she gave me the most incredible bbbj of my life. She told me her nickname is super sonic. Believe me its a god nickname haha.

Well take care everyone, and watch out for the apd and there decoy unit.

Dear John 69
01-23-04, 13:38
Hello Everyone,

Well today around 11 a.m. Jessi stop by to see me. When I ask her what she wanted. She told me she wanted to give me a BBBJ. And let me tell you it was good. Then I told her I had no money until payday. Hey what can I say I didn't go looking for her, she cum I mean she came to me. Well anyhow she left a little disapointed but that is ok she will be back.

Hey don't anyone post anymore, or does the LE have everyone afraid to post. I know its not for the lack of women out there, because just today alone around 10 a.m. I saw 5 sw.

And beleive me guys the cops are not going to bother anyone because they don't want to leave there warm cars when it is this cold.

Bye for now

01-30-04, 22:42
two nights ago drove down Arlington around 10:30pm and saw 3 SW. One was terrifyingly ungly, the other one was too covered up to tell and the other one was doable. I picked her up. her name was "V" (Spelling?) and she was very pleasant with a slight spanish (European) accent. Some loser John began to follow us in his car, pissed off that I nabbed her first. I stopped and chased him off. what a loser. after that I took V to a parking lot and she gave a great bbbj for $25. Be careful out there.

Gary Dee
01-31-04, 16:16
Man, it's so cold outside that it's REALLY hard to tell if you're seeing a legit SW or not. I echo the 'be careful' advice.

Friday night, I found a rarity...an SW on the W.Market st. area....or, so I thought. Being always careful, I darted around the block by the McD's, & when I got back to where she was, there was also an LE cruiser with a guy inside, his car parked to one side of the street, & she was standing outside talking to a uniform.....I knew it was her because of the crazy white hat she had on......

Looking across the street, there was also what looked like another unmarked cruiser with its lights out, motor running, & two uniformed folks inside !!

Can you say 'sting' ??

I kept on driving.............didn't slow down much, either.

I then drove east to the Arlington area, & didn't see very much, so I went back to the ol' apartment.

Dear John 69
02-04-04, 01:36
Well, Guys its been cold and icy out there; but whats realy cold in Akron is the fact that LE have been hitting the girls hard out there. They have also have gone after us guys too. Some of the girls have goten sentenced from 60 to 365 days in jail. The APD it seems is not messing around with this " John be Gone" web site. I have cruise up and down Arlington st a few time but I didnt see anything worth while to pick up.

And to iminohio, I have also pick V up and got away with just paying 20 dollars for half and half. I must have been a better John then you haha.

Some of you guys need to learn how to negotiate with these girls especially in this type of cold weather. You can get more for your money when its cold outside.

02-14-04, 10:44
Hey guys,

Is anyone aware of some inside action since the weather has been so bad. Surely somebody has some numbers or knows of a dance club where girls need some extra dinero. Would appreciate any help.



Stroke Dub
02-24-04, 19:28
ANyone ever get any SW action at the adult theater? I have been there a couple times hoping to get just that, but no luck.

Gary Dee
02-26-04, 20:32
Occasionally there will be a SW standing in the shadows of the bridge overpass just south of the theater, but that's pretty rare. Given that the bathhouse is also close, I'd say the chances of safely picking up a SW in that general area are pretty bad.

The street between the theater & Arlington St. can sometimes be lucky, if you're quick about the 'stop & talk' bit. Unlucky if you hang around too long & catch the eye(s) of the ever-present LE, you know.

Play Safe.......GD

Ray the Hunter
03-01-04, 10:58
Mole408 and all others,

I have received action from Dancers and a couple times from girls who came into the Belmont on Lovers Lane. One time I paid one and a half Jackson to a BSW that was at the bar, but not a Dancer for a BBBJTCWS out in the back parking lot.

I have paid three to four Jackson’s to some of the Dancers for ½ and ½ at the no tell motel. The best way to find out is to ask the Dancer if she has made the money she needs for the night, most the time they will say no. Then ask “How much money do you need to make?” When they tell you what amount they need, if it is what you are willing to pay, then ask if they will give you a private dance at your room for that amount most of the time they will say yes.

It is best that you get to know the female bartender Melanie (Mel) tip her for drinks she serves you, buy her a drink or have her dance for you when she is dancing. (ask her when she will be dancing) she will clue you in on the girls who will give you a FS private dance.

Ray the Hunter
03-08-04, 17:20
Here is a story about the Newton Zone in Canton where I do a lot of my cursing for SW. From Friday's Canton Repository

CANTON — five women ranging in age from 22 to 38 were arrested after they solicited undercover officers for sex, police said.

The women were arrested in the areas of Fourth Street and Newton Avenue NW and Eighth Street and Shorb Avenue NW.

"This is nothing we're doing new. This is an ongoing thing," said Lt. Scott Beard of the Police Department's vice bureau.

He said the officers went to the area after receiving several complaints from residents there.

The women were arrested early Wednesday morning after approaching different officers and offering to perform a sex act for $20 to $30. But the oldest woman offered to perform it for $200, jail record said.

All but one was unemployed. The employed woman told officers she is a dancer at a Canton nightclub, jail records said.

All of the charges filed are misdemeanors.

Well guys take care and be very careful out there.

Ray the Hunter
03-09-04, 10:02
I thought I would give you guy the web site for the “Operation John Be Gone” this is the Akron Police Department web site and it shows photos of the convicted Prostitutes. If you can not get the link to work then cut and paste it into your browser. There is another link for convicted Johns at the bottom of the Prostitute page. Yes Samantha a WSW that I have picked up in the Newton Zone in Canton Ohio is on the web site, so it must cover more than Akron Ohio.


Well take care everyone, and watch out for the APD and there decoy unit, I don’t want to see any of you on the list of convicted Johns

Dear John 69
03-12-04, 22:17
Ray the Hunter, I have known Samantha for over two years and she has never work or live in Canton. As a matter of fact I talk to her every single day. And she told me she has never been to Canton. You must be mistaken her for someone else. And another thing " john be gone" web site only covers prostitution in Akron and no where else.

And guys please be carefull out there, because the L.E. are out there and they are cracking down on the prostitution and on us guys.

03-13-04, 14:36

I live in Indy and we have a new escort (to us) advertising here. She is a transplant from Akron named Mikki. Any comments as to if she is worth the trip? PM if you do not want to post.

Thanks in advance.

03-15-04, 14:57
I haven't seen Mikki myself, but from what I gathered she is a fairly attractive BBW offering massages with a happy ending.

Ray the Hunter
03-15-04, 15:58
Dear John 69 and anyone else.

The Samantha or Sam as she called herself looked just like the Samantha in the Akron John be gone web site. The same age and hair every thing, except she was a few pounds lighter from being on the pipe when I was with her. Samantha told me she is from Akron, but she was staying with a GF named Melissa who is a thin Redhead with zero tits. They were staying at the motel on Tuscarawas St and Newton Ave. until things cooled down in Akron. Since we all know that SW’s never lie and that you know that Samantha has never been to Canton, Ohio, because you talk to her every day. I must have the wrong SW. I didn’t know why a girl that I thought I was with in Canton, Ohio was on the Akron web site, so I assumed it covered more that Akron, but I didn’t say it did for sure. Now I know she got popped in Akron and that is why she is on that web site.

Well take care everyone, and watch out for the LE.

Dear John 69
03-16-04, 01:08
Yes Ray you are wrong, especialy since Sam has been in jail for awhile. I like to know when was the last time you was with her. And since you know her so well then you would know where her tatoo is and what it says. Other wise you are just one of these people who cant stand to be told they are WRONG.

Cleveland Report
03-16-04, 17:12
You got some ugly women down here in Akron. Hooofa!!!

03-16-04, 21:30


Dear John 69
03-22-04, 14:36
Well I like it when I'm right and Ray the Hunter is wrong. See everyone he doesnt know Sam at all.Because he could not answer my question. And if he does now I know he had to find someone who realy does know Sam. See I know Sam, for I have known her for over 2 years and I know she would not go to Canton because all her activities are up here. Better luck next time Ray. See you think you know so much about these girls out here but you don't know s***.

03-27-04, 22:49
Damn, sw pickings are slim in Akron/Canton lately. Particularly my usual cruising area, the Newton zone. NOTHING.

Gary Dee
03-28-04, 19:24
Well, I did find a BSW late Sat. evening in the N.Arlington St. area....name of Diamond...I think I've picked her up before, several months ago. Found her around 10:30 or so, hanging out in the doorway of a closed convenience store.

Fairly good BBBJ & CFS for $35.

Very short hair, decent fake tits & shaved.


Ray the Hunter
03-29-04, 13:40
Dear John 69

Shame on you, you should know better than to make a personal attack here! You bad boy! PM me if you'd like and I should be able to assist with the information your requested.

I am in a quandary. Normally, I am pretty quick on the draw with my 45 caliber flamethrower, but I've learned tolerance and to temper my first inclination to fire that puppy up, especially when I read very odd posts that just does not add up at all. Nothing I can put my finger on, but definitely sets my detector in motion.

So I'll reserve judgment and sit back, relax, not rock the boat and see what happens with this one.

Dear John 69
03-29-04, 15:09
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

03-31-04, 18:37

I want to thank you for your recent post of 3/29 which is a virtual copy word for word of my post on Baltimore board on 3/28.

While they say that plagerism is the sincerest form of flattery, you should of least had the common decency to quote me instead of steal!

04-01-04, 11:54
Why would anyone be so adamant that no else knows a particular prostitute. Hello! she's a prostitute, EVERYONE knows her.

04-01-04, 16:43
Hey Ray,

Just out of curiosity, are a traveling man? You seem to get around a LOT and have very detailed knowledge of the sw's you meet. What gets you around so much?

04-02-04, 17:23
Arlington early this afternoon, picked up a cute young chubber named Rachel. White girl who talks ghetto (which I find annoying). Found a parking lot and got bbbj (with tongue stud) for $20. Only saw one other sw out. A nasty looking bsw around Cole.

Me Tigger
04-08-04, 00:42
Alright! I finally made it to the forum. I've been an avid reader for some time but just never thought I had anything important to post. Well here goes.

One of my favorites is Sam or Samantha. I've known her for about 3-4 years. The first time I saw her she was about 19 or 20 and freshly knocked up (not by me). Killer body and face. Inexperienced then, but she has come a long way in her abilities and performance. I really like the Brunettes. I know she has been in and out of the LE Hotel. As far as I know, she does the pipe regularly. I am not aware that she hangs out in the Newtone Zone in Canton. The last time I saw her was late Jan or early Feb. I saw her on the "John Be Gone" web site so I suppose she is in the hotel again. Can anyone confirm this? If you see her, tell her the guy that likes to "dress her up for fun" would like to hook up again. I've always treated her right and she knows it. When I see her, I always stop. She has given me her digits a couple of times. Some times they work but most of the time they don't. So it's out cruising I go.

To help settle the "you don't know Sam like I know Sam" arguement, I've attached a couple of pics from last year around October. Enjoy!

Another one of my favorites is a girl named Darlene. I met her 10-12 years ago on West Market across from the house of LeBron. I used to work just up the street late into the evening and watched the "traffic" go by at night. One night, I'm driving home and see her at the phone booth. I picked her up and have been keeping her busy ever since. Again, another brunette. She was in jail twice during the time I've known her. She's kept herself clean and out of trouble for about 6-7 years now. She also has kept herself employed off of the street with a job for this time too. Slightly over minimum wage all this time so the extra I throw in her pocket keeps her going. By her attitude and technique, I believe her when she tells me that she enjoys the time we spend together. I dress her up on a regular basis. I haven't photographed her but I have made some videos. I'll try to get some stills and post them.

As far as Canton goes, Channel 3 had a report about the Newton Zone and a web site www.newtoncrimezone.cjb.net about 2 weeks ago. I've generally not cruised the zone. I get all I need here in Akron. My work takes me all over Ohio and the surrounding states. Just recently before CH3 did the report, I cruised the Newton Zone and saw only LE ready to make the drop on anyone stopping.

I generally try to find 2-3 regulars that I can easily pick up or gain their trust to get their digits. I regularly cruise the areas just to keep tabs so in case a regular drops out, I can "fill the void". It also helps to recognize the LE and the latest tactics they employ.

Well, that's all for now. Take it easy on me as this is my first post. I'll try to post on an every other week basis. Keep up the good work and warmer weather is coming!

04-08-04, 10:56
Anyone visit PartyTime lately? I used to go there all the time when I was on the road more. I miss it.

Guy Noir
04-12-04, 17:23
I'll be in your town in a week. Never been there before. Are there any AMPs around?



04-18-04, 19:14
Cruised Arlington Sat and Sun afternoons. Saw no one out Sat. Saw a couple unattractive wsw's on Sun along with a pretty good looking wsw and one real good looking wsw (on Market). Both good looking ones were picked up by other mongers before I could circle the block. Went home frustrated Sat, but stopped by Canton's Newton zone on Sun and got a half ass bbbj from an unattractive wsw named sandy.

Oh, Guy Noir-No AMPs in Akron, you'll have to drive 1/2 hour to Warren.

04-20-04, 16:35

4S is the closest AMP to Akron that I know of. 35 minute drive.



Me Tigger
04-21-04, 09:44
Cruised Arlington Tues afternoon/evening. Nothing but scary looking 1's and 2's.

04-23-04, 10:18
I finally got the registration to work and can help with the Canton and Akron reports. I used to have many enjoyable dreams about the Canton scene but now I'm limited to once or twice a month because of a live in girlfriend. I spent an hour or so with Kitty this week and she is a very active and fun girl. Thin, with a tatoo of a cat above her "kitty". She hangs out around 9th and Shorb. She says she now has a roommate who likes to meet men as well. Does anyone have any info on a Tiffany? My other regular (Missy) even says Tiffany is cute and when one SW compliments another she must be good. I'll keep the reports coming when I'm in Canton or Akron.

Long Johns
04-23-04, 22:27

This is my first post. You asked about Tiffany. She may the the WSW, I got digits on last summer. Red hair, thin, pale skin. Mid/late 20 s? She looks great in blue jeans, with each bull dog going a different direction, but still ending up in the right spot. Since I m a backdoor man at heart, I appreciate the rear of the bus. Basically she s anything goes. with decent prce. No sale merchandise, with her, and no bargaining, summer or winter. Last I heard, she moved from the Shorb/9th NW area, in Canton. I "make my run" regularly. Not much left to choose from in the Newton area, at this time anyway. Too many LE still out, since the TV news on SW s in that part of town. Also, this website. www.newtoncrimezone.com. They have pictures of vehicles, on that website, that are caught picking up the SW s. Also a link into the police dept. with the busted SW s names. My vehicle is not up there. I check regularly, and if you are looking in the Newton area, in Canton, may I suggest you also check for your vehicle, on this website. I make one lap. If I dont see a real looker, Im gone from the area. In any event, I just wanted to stop in, say Hello", and warn you about the Canton area, since the previous post mentioned Canton, and Tiffany. I personally have not seen her so far, this spring. Like I said, word around is she moved, but cannot help you with where. Since I live in the Canton area. I will try to see what I can find out, to help you with good info, and relieve your anxieties. So far, pickins are slim. If I see a real 10, I get first crack, but Im generous enough to save you a little something.


Long Johns
04-25-04, 10:56
Hello once again.,

Incidently, I was cruising, the Newton Zone, in Canton, Saturday afternoon, against my better judgement. I got lucky though. Picked up a young, 20ish WSW, walking down Newton, with dark hair, (my favorite.. the curtains always match the carpet with the brunettes). Plain Jane Special, and a bit thick, but her performance was adequate. Named JEWEL. Anyone know her?? Mole above the right eyebrow. Doesnt talk much. 25 bucks got me 30 minutes of near ecstacy. (no tip..she was happy with a 20 and a fin) Said she s been around for a while, but Ive never seen her before. Anyone?



Me Tigger
04-27-04, 14:05
Cruised Arlington on Monday until about 10:30pm. Nothing much to speak of. There was a brunette I saw on 2 occations but each time I got back around the block she was gone. Never picked her up before, so relatively new to me. I have seen her out walking before.

Reading some of the other posts, Dayton seems to have quite a few TV's out walking. Not my particular sceene but whatever floats your boat. 15 or so years back, West Market just west of the House of Lebron by the new car dealership, there used to be quite a few TV's. They would walk quite a strip up and down market. Give them credit for doing it in heels! The reason I ask is that I haven't seen them for quite a while. There was one out last night on Arlington. I have seen it out a few times. I can think of one other I have seen out too. But that's about it. Anyone know whatever happened to these things??

The newtonzone web site seems to be pretty stale. But I'm not taking any chances. I have no desire to see my car on the net.

Me Tigger
05-04-04, 10:59
I cruised the Arlington area last night on my way home from a little trip that was all work and no play. Nothing much to speak of. Now that I look back, yesterday had bad luck written all over it. I think it was a full moon too (or real close to it).

I was missed on a wake up call. Arrived late at the client; I brought donuts to make up for it though. I locked my keys in the rental car. I set off the metal detector at the airport and had to get frisked by Walter. I found out this morning the assholes at the client put some metal duct tape in my shoes. Good joke but paybacks are a *****.... My flights home both left from gate 13. Flights delayed due to weather. Hot brunette stewardess spills her last drink on me due to turbulence. Some of the worst I’ve flown through in a long time. On SW Airlines they carry a drink tray instead of a cart. I do manage to grope an excellent handful of tit as I catch her falling. She gives me smile and a wink. I got comp'd a free flight and because I was in the tail of the plane got some digits from Amy the stewardess. I was last to get off the plane. She actually gives me a little peck on the cheek as she apologies again and because I have my hands full with my stuff, she even gropes me and finds my woody. Winks and says now we're even. Have to get out of the plane as the next heard wants to get on the plane. Well by now I'm cranked up and ready to go. Any female 18 to 80, blind, crippled or crazy will do.

Get to my car in Cleveland and can't find my parking stub. Take a free carwash on my way out to pay. Have to do it twice as it stops half way though with my cars full of suds. Pull up to the booth to pay and meet Jennifer. Redhead/blond, maybe a 5 or 6. Easily fits the above criteria. Start talking shit while I have to fill out paper work for the lost ticket. I tell her she has nice eyes as her nips poke out of her shirt because of the chill in the air. She smiles and says thanks. I'm sporting timber again. Talk shit with her for a good 15 minutes until someone finally pulls up behind me. Jen gives me her digits. Jen says to call this weekend. I stop at a client site that I have keys for on my way home. Call a couple of my preferred vendors but no one is available on short notice. I was going to check out the Cleveland area but I needed a sure thing and I know my way around Akron/Canton better. So off to Arlington I go.

I get off the freeway by Goodyear. No shit, a black cat crosses my path at the bottom of the ramp. I’m not superstitious but I realize this is getting weird as I write it down.

There was a blond hanging out on Case by the strip joint. I circled but she was gone. I saw her again later and by the time I circled she was gone again. With it being a little cooler last night it was hard to tell the quality with the heavier clothes on. Maybe a 4 or 5.

There was a brunette on Arlington with a bandage on her chin. I've seen this girl a couple of times before but never got around to picking her up. I decided not to pick her up because I didn't want a half-assed bj from broken equipment. Maybe a 4.

There was also a bsw up by Archwood. Acting like she was on the cell phone for cover but clearly giving me the look as I drove past. She looks thin and has a pretty face. Maybe a 5 or 6. I circle but she is gone. Saw her again later in the evening but I could not double back fast enough.

I did notice that LE was missing last night; one or two here and there. Overall it was an excellent night for hunting but I had no success. Now that I look back I had a shitty technique. I was zooming up and down the area and not taking my time to really hunt slowly from in the shadows. Disgruntled I drove home, hopped on the web and called on my faithful friend Rosie Palm to help relieve the stress. It is an OK fix but nothing beats the real thing!!

I did call Amy this morning and got her VM. I left my digits and asked her to give me a call anytime. I also called Jen and kind of got the impression she’s a gangsta’ gang banger type. We made arrangements to talk on Friday. We’ll see how this goes. I got a note from a fellow monger on Sammy. THANKS and I hope to hear from you and more importantly Sammy real SOON! Attached is a picture of what I’ve had before and need pretty soon.

05-05-04, 20:24
Is there any SW by the Football Hall of Fame?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

05-06-04, 17:12
When exiting the HOF turn right on Fulton rd. Follow Fulton for about 1 1/2 miles until you reach 12th St. Turn left on 12th and drive to the next light. This will be Shorb. Turn right on Shorb and look for skanks between 11th and 6th. When you reach 6th turn right and go down the hill and acrossed Fulton to the next street. This will be the infamous Newton. Turn left (smiling for the cameras) and wave to CeCe (the neighborhood transvestite) around 4th street. Drive acrossed 4th and you will reach Tuscarawas St. Turn right on Tusc. and go to the next light (Brown) turn right on Brown you can begin the loop again.

Gary Dee
05-09-04, 10:09
Drove around Arlington area last night, between midnight & 2AM. Saw LOTS of LE (even had two of them blocking a side street for over an hour), along with very few SW's. A WSW around the cutoff for Case who looked about a 1-2, & a BSW by Archwood who was picked up by another monger before I could double back.

Looks like LE hasn't let up much over the past couple of months.....makes the hobby kinda difficult......


05-10-04, 14:19
Hey, Whatever happened to Ray the Hunter?

He gets called out and then disappears from the 5 areas he frequents?!?

05-14-04, 11:38
I was in Akron yesterday and driving in the Kenmore area. I'm not that familiar with the streets but I was east of kenmore on the road that becomes Kenmore Blvd. I don't know if it's called something different there. Anyway an attractive 20 something gave me what I would describe as the "look". I wasn't looking for fun and couldn't stop but I touched my breaks and looked in the rearview and she stopped and was looking at the car. I doubt that she knew me or was checking out the guy 20 years older than her so I came to the conclusion that she was working. I'm posting this not to cause a rush to the Kenmore area, but to make everyone aware of the possible contacts everywhere. In the poorer areas, at the end of the month when the welfare check is gone and the electric company wants $50 before next Tuesday you might find a "part-time worker" to have some fun with. A few months ago I had a friend of mine (who could be described as ghetto) tell me matter of factly that her sister "dates" when she gets low on money. She uses bus stops. If she dresses sexy and makes eye contact with guys driving alone someone will eventually ask her if she needs a ride. Just keep your eyes open and think outside the box to get in the box.

05-19-04, 19:55
That's it, I'm done with streetwalkers.
I went through Arlington this afternoon, and only saw on fat wsw and about 10 LE cars. I drove down to Canton, no girls in Newton Zone, but several LE.
I decided to go home, but cruised through east of Cherry first. Around 6:00 PM I saw a decent bsw and turned down the side street to pick her up. As soon as she got in my car, a 1970's vintage gunboat of a car turns down the same side street and an older black woman has her head out the window yelling something. At first I thought it was the bsw's mother or aunt or something coming to get the sw off the street. I turned back onto a street heading for Cherry, when the old woman pulls up on my passenger side and starts screaming AT ME! Yelling something about it's a sin to pay for "a piece of tail," and I need to "find Jesus." Remember, it's still daylight out.
Finally we turn different directions, and I proceed a couple miles down the road and park in a grocery store lot, away from the building. As I'm getting my bbbj, I see a white van drive from behind the store. There is an older man with a bushy beard driving it. He sees me. I then see him CIRCLEING around the parking lot several times, LOOKING at me. After I finish my bj, I get back on the road, and the old guy follows me. I go a couple streets and turn, so does he. I turn again, SO DOES HE! I finally lose him because of a traffic light. I think he was just trying to get some sloppy seconds, but, DAMN!
No more street girls for me. My nerves can't handle it. I'm going to limit my hobbying to AMP visits every month or so. The Akron/Canton scene just isn't worth the hassles.

05-20-04, 09:03

I know how you feel. That's why I've been sticking to my regulars. But then this past weekend I'm taking one of my regular friends home and I'm driving on Shorb and I see this white girl that's a 9.5 on the SW scale. Hell, this girl is at least an 8 on any scale. She was wearing skin tight clothes and had a great body. Her shorts were riding so high you could almost see butt cheek and she kept pulling at them so I knew she wasn't used to wearing these kind of clothes. I dropped my friend off and figured that I'd pick this new girl up just to see if she had a number for later. Of course when I went back she was gone. This kind of potential find keeps me looking. I also have thought of sticking to safer venues. I know a couple of strippers that will party after work and they are very hot, but for less than half the money a street girl is so impressed she will let you explore the greek isles or let you have more traditional fun several times. I'm getting older and I don't play as much as I used to but I still like the hunt. But hey, if you're not shopping out there it's more for me.

Good luck

05-21-04, 10:29
I talked a lady I met in the Yahoo chat rooms into driving from Lima to meet me. Does any one know of any reasonably priced motels near Lodi or Wadsworth? I was trying not to have to go all the way to The Office in Akron.



05-21-04, 18:43
She's driving from Lima and you can't spring for a nice hotel? Come on, find a suite with a hot tub, get a nice dinner out and make it a great night.

Gary Dee
05-23-04, 08:45
I agree with Torchkit......Newton is getting pretty 'strange' with the current political climate. Seems that all the loonies have taken some of the recent news as their cue to harass all the regulars & see if they can sway anyone to their way of thinking. I've seen this same effect periodically, & it always seems to die down after a few months. Hope they don't take up ALL of the summertime getting over their zeal, tho.

Play safe.....GD

Long Johns
05-23-04, 21:07
I've not been out "scouting" for a few weeks..Had a wedding in NYC, which detained me from my usual sport, for a few days, and too many relatives around, for me to satisfy my urges, in the Big Apple. I agree with the recent posts , but I have seen a tall, with long, almost black haired WSW, heading down 7th St NW, in Canton. Maybe a 6-7. decent, but lots of paint. I backtracked, but she was already hamming it up with an old fart in a black truck..She got in, and was gone.. Ive seen her before, but Im always too late, or heading the wrong erection, I mean direction. Like I said, lots of makup. Maybe 30-35ish. Other than that, Newton Zone, seems a bit dead. And with gas over $2 a gal, Im not cruising near as much. I ve seen the long legged, thin SW with legs down to there, mixed or hispanic, maybe 40ish, walking the streets over by Shorb, a real regular SW, but not my type. Too gawky. I like em lean, with a matched pair of buxom hooters, and of course, my usual specialty of the house, a nice, rounded out, caboose. No skillet asses. Im not desperate, yet. I figure if Im going out on the limb for a SW, I can be choosy, even at that. I havent seen Tiffany, the red headed WSW. I told you Id help you guys out, if I see anything, or get new info, but slim pickins, unless you are into TV s, with coal black wigs. No sense wasting the gas, or time, coming from Akron, if there is nothing going on in Canton. Ill keep you posted, periodically.



World Wise
05-25-04, 10:13
I will second LJ's report about the shortage of providers in the Newton Zone these days. I spend a couple of hours there Sat afternoon from about noon to 2PM and came up empty! Saw a few old shanks, but nothing of even average quality. Saw what appeared to be a tall black TV, who seemed to be walking the same route that I was driving. I really checked out the entire area, from Newton to Shorb to High to Wolf, even up and down Tusk, with zero results. The few I saw were not worth the risk, or the $$. Only even possibles I saw were on Tush accross from the Canton Motel, but there was much far too much activity for me.

Maybe next time.

05-26-04, 10:17
Can anyone tell me what streets in canton ir akron have some sw acti0on in Ohio I was recently in canton Last thursday for the football hall of fame and IM planning to go there again next month can someone give me a rundown.

05-26-04, 19:49
Check my post of a couple of weeks ago. Follow the directions given and you should see what's available.

Long Johns
05-31-04, 23:40
Im DONE with the Newton Zone. Some broad shot my picture, while cruising down Newton, in Canton. Ive been sweatin beads of blood, since yesterday afternoon, worried sick if my car, is up on that damn website. Its not up there yet, so maybe it didnt come out. Im not taking any more chances. I figured with it being the end of the month, I'd find myself a real deal, with at least a 4 or UP, and get a 2 for 1, or buy one, get one FREE deal. The "bargaining table" is much better, toward the end of the month, like another recent post said. At the end of the month, I get my BJ, with extras, and I pay half up front,(buy one, get one free) make an appointment for about 2/3 hours later, and pay the rest in full. She ll show, trust me. After the first round, I tell her how she did, what I like, and any suggestions, in a very non critical way, (SW still like being treated like ladies,with class..works to our benefit).and at the "second fandango", she s a real "man pleaser". Ive used this way MANY TIMES, and it works, but only at the end of the month, when the $$$ is gone, and the check hasnt arrived yet. What she going to say, NO???? But now, this is is getting to be too much of a hassel for me, and Im getting stressed out, looking over my shoulder all the time. It used to be the LE I was constantly watching for. But now, its the neighborhood camera! DAMN! IF I go back through again, it will be in my truck, with tinted windows, and not my car, the old broad took a picture of me in. She was just out standing, NO SHAME, and just CLICKED away, while I looked right at her! In daylight! Some people have a lot of nerve! PLAY SAFE, WATCH, and BE CAREFUL!

Later. L J

Chris H
06-03-04, 13:19
I did some hunting on Arlington last night and ran into Dear John69's girl. FS for $1. That was a little to much, but I felt sorry for her.

Chris H

Long Johns
06-03-04, 17:04
Has anyone heard of any action on or around Mahoning Rd, in Canton?. If the SW s are not in the Newton area, they went somewhere. Anyone? Ive driven around the Mahoning area, more than once, but spotted nothing at all. Id make the drive to Akron, up around the Arlington and Cole areas , but if the LE are everywhere, and according to the posts they are, Im wondering if its worth my time, gas, and most of all, risk. Im hungrey, but im not stupid. Cleveland s to far, and besides I think I can get a better deal south, in my own neck of the woods.



06-04-04, 19:50
Long John,

I would steer clear of Akron for a while. If you read the posts you will see that some are still successful in The Rubber City. The John Be Gone site at the Akron Police Web site is enough to scare me away. Just head over to Canada where escorts are legal and reasonable.

Dear John 69
06-05-04, 00:12
Chris H

Shame on you, for talking about your girlfriend like that, because my girl is lock up. So this just proves to me and others on this board that you are a liar. And besides this forum is about sw action not to personally attack each other.

06-06-04, 19:47
This was in the Sunday 06-06-04 Beacon Journal. It seems that Akron has become an unfriendly place.

Derek Bryant, 26, of Sutherland Avenue was charged with loitering May 25. A police officer allegedly saw Bryant slow down as he drove by a prostitute on South Arlington Street, then pull into a parking lot and call the prostitute to his car. The prostitute kept walking, but police said Bryant turned his car around and again drove by the prostitute and again yelled out to her. The prostitute apparently saw the police cruiser and kept walking, but Bryant was arrested.

Everyone should be careful out there.

06-07-04, 00:25
Long Johns:

By Mahoning road, do you mean east of Cherry st downtown? That area usually has several sw's to choose from. They usually are not right on Mahoning, but on 4th, 5th and 6th streets between cherry and mahoning. 5th st is best bet.

Gary Dee
06-09-04, 06:05
Well, Akron isn't quite 'dead' just yet....

Found a really hot BSW just north of the intersection of Arlington and Market around 10:30 last night....said her name was Patrice. Very tall, shoulder-length hair, nice tits, bushy snatch. Good CBJ, FS for .35, and she knew a driveway close to Goodyear bldg. that was really isolated.

Saw LOTS of LE on Arlington. Many more than I remember in a long time, so driving there didn't seem like much of a great idea. Also saw some of the bicycles out again.

Play safe out there


06-09-04, 09:06
I was visiting a regular friend yesterday in Canton and figured that I'd cruise the circuit just to see what was new. It was around 6:30 and I saw nothing on Newton or 4th. I saw one ugly black girl on Shorb that might have been working but who cares in her case. No one else looked like they were interested in a ride. From what my regulars have said a lot of the girls have gotten cells (prepay of course) or talked some date into getting one for them so that they don't have to be on the streets. It's going to get tougher with the HOF in July.

Gary Dee
06-13-04, 18:52
Well, all the rain lately has sure driven many of the providers inside, it seems. Driving back to the appt. in Akron late last night, I drove around the Arlington area & didn't see a soul out there worth even slowing down for.

So, I gave Newton area a try....hadn't been in that neighborhood in many weeks, ever since the zealots started using digital cameras on what seemed like most streets. Promised myself I'd only drive through once, then exit if I didn't find anything.

DID find a BSW on 4th, almost all the way to the east end of the zone.....decent CBJ CFS for $.35, but I didn't much like the area we parked in....just too much 'slow traffic' to suit me. Next time, we'll drive well away from the area.

Said her name was Star, had long braided hair, scar on her left arm (said it was from a former customer ... too bad someone wanted to seriously hurt her...) and TALL...well over 6'.

Keep it safe out there....GD

06-16-04, 09:44
There used to be a tall black girl working as an escort in the Ak/Canton area that went by Essence. Her friend she did doubles with was named Starr. She had a web site in Geocities I think. Curious, I wonder if the escort is working the streets now?

Gary Dee
06-16-04, 20:13
Well, this Star was REALLY talkative....I had a pretty hard time getting a word in edgewise, even with the CBJ in progress!
She didn't say much about her past, so it's anyone's guess.....

I'd sure look for her again, if she's out.


06-18-04, 16:16
I was in Akron at a strip club with some friends and decided to see if there was any relief to be had after we left the club. I was in the area so decide to give North Hill another try. I saw 2 SW, one white and a little heavy and one thin and black. I also saw a few younger hotties that probably wern't working but who knows unless you ask. They were around a gas station and a pizza place that was open. Anyway, I really needed some relief after seeing hot strippers for 3 hours so I picked up the black girl when she turned down a side street. It was actually good service although I was still thinking about the strippers while she was at work. Dropped her around the corner and was out of there in 20 minutes and never saw a cop.

06-19-04, 22:19
Saw a post on another board that there is a new massage parlor in Cuyahoga Falls. Pleasure Palace, had a phone number listed but no address. Supposedly you will most likely get voice mail. I checed the ad it is in the classified ads. Anyone have any info? Location, Is it really a massage parlor?


Gary Dee
06-20-04, 08:28
Cruised Arlington for a while on Friday night.....9:30 - 11:00 or so. Saw very little in the way of SW's. One scary-looking BSW close to the I76 overpass, & another (better looking) close to Swan HW. Had no interest in the first, & the other was gone (as usual) as soon as I could circle the block to get back. Didn't see much LE this trip.

Then drove up to the North Hill area, & boy, were the LE ever out there...must have seen at least 4 cruisers in the space of 3 blocks. They had a WSW in a car just north of the hospital.

Next was W.Market area....that's been pretty 'dead' for a few years now, but I took a chance.....found a BSW on the side street by the Citgo....said her name was 'J".....good half-half for .3 We parked in an apartment lot that really didn't have any traffic to speak of...reminded me of better days before W.Market became so 'dead.'

Play safe out there.....GD

Long Johns
06-27-04, 12:44
****FYI.... 26 cases of SYPHILIS in stark county, which is Canton, Ohio. In Saturdays front page newpaper. 6-26-04. Be careful out there!! KNOW your supply-er. Later L J

Syphilis increase hits Stark
Saturday, June 26, 2004 By CHARITA M. GOSHAY Repository staff writer

CANTON — City Health Department officials are worried about an unusually high number of syphilis cases detected this year.

As of Friday, 26 cases of the highly communicable disease have been diagnosed in Canton; that’s more than in the last seven years combined, said Health Commissioner Robert Pattison.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention define syphilis as a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. It is curable, but left untreated, it can lead to death.

Although 26 cases have been found in Canton, two out-of-county cases have been connected to the Canton outbreak.

“This is significant for Canton,” said Diane Thompson, Health Department disease intervention specialist. “This is a large number of cases for a large community.”

Thompson said it appears that the majority of the cases can be traced to the practice of exchanging money or drugs for sex, and that the disease has spread to spouses or partners who do not engage in high-risk behavior.

Pattison said that normally his department sees one to two cases a year.

“Starting last year, we started to see some significant activity, which has continued into this year,” he said.

“The challenge we’re having is identifying individuals who have been placed at risk over the last 12 to 18 months, and have not gotten themselves tested,” Thompson said.

Part of Thompson’s job is to canvass the streets and urge high-risk people to get tested.

The symptoms of syphilis can be latent; that is, they may not show up for some period of time after transmission. Early and secondary symptoms include the appearance of painless lesions at the infection’s point of entry; rashes on the palms, the soles of the feet and other areas of the body, and hair loss. Advanced symptoms include neurological, liver and cardiovascular damage and possibly, death.

“It’s called the ‘Great Imitator’ because the symptoms can be equated with other illnesses,” Pattison said.

Caught early enough, syphilis can be cured with penicillin or alternative drugs for people who are allergic to penicillin.

Using latex condoms can reduce the risk of infection, but only when the infected area or site of possible exposure is protected.

The Health Department offers free, confidential testing and treatment. Initial results are available within 24 hours, followed by confirmation within a week.

As required by law, positive test results are reported to the Ohio Department of Health, but the information is not shared with any other agency.

Testing is offered at the Health Department at 420 Market Ave. N from 8 to 10:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays. Call the clinic at (330) 489-3322 or (866) 812-5403, or contact Thompson directly at (330) 430-7877.

Syphilis cases in Stark County

1995 — 6

1996 — 10

1997 — 2

1998 — 4

1999 — 1

2000 — 1

2001 — 1

2002 — 5

2003 — 6

2004 — 26

Syphilis symptoms

Primary — Painless sores at the point where syphilis enters the body.

Secondary — Mucous membrane lesions; rash; swollen lymph glands; sore throat; hair loss; headaches; weight loss; muscle ache and fatigue.

Late Stage — neurological, cardiovascular and liver damage; paralysis, dementia, blindness, death.

Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

06-28-04, 22:39
Could be one girl out there infected and not using protection. Of course everyone knows that it would be stupid not to use protection, but some of these girls will do about anything for $10 extra.

Way too Horney
07-08-04, 07:44
I have noticed a few outcall service providers in the Akron area that offer FS for $1.20. Am I better off going to an AMP in the Warren area or one of the incall providers?

All advice appreciated.

Gary Dee
07-10-04, 19:50
Drove thru the Arlington area last nite late...around 11:45 PM or so. Saw only one BSW by 5th, and a WSW further south. Neither was anyone I wanted to pick up, so I went to North Hill. Found a nice BSW named Sharee just south of Tallmadge...1/2-1/2 for $.4. When I dropped her back off close to Tallmadge Ave, LE was out in full force...so, we went down a side street closer to the hospital to let her out.

On the way back to the ol' apartment, drove thru W.Market street area. Again saw some activity there....looks like the area might be coming alive again.

Play safe out there,

07-15-04, 19:43
Arlington early this afternoon...one wsw at the pay phone at Citgo. None others out anywhere. Went to Canton and saw no one in Newton zone. Continued down to Steubenville and saw one bsw. Slim pickings in the P.M.

07-18-04, 22:16
Arlington this afternoon- Saw 3 total sw's (2 black, one white) and about twice that number of LE. Went down to Canton and Newton zone is still dead. Picked up a wsw on east side of town. She said she used to work Newton, but now its "bad news." She knew about all the cameras and stuff there as well. Anyway, 20 for bbbj plus a little tip.

07-22-04, 21:44
Canton early this evening (6:30-7:30): Nothing, nada, zilch. Didn't cruise Akron.

07-22-04, 22:59
I was in Ak the other day and decided to try Arlington in the late afternoon (4pm of so). I saw one nice tall WSW that was checking out the cars, but she was gone when I circled back. Nothing else worth stopping for in Akron so I went to Canton. The regulars on Shorb but nothing I was willing to try. Maybe 2 white girls and one black in my 6 or so laps. Nothing was out on the east side or Newton.

Econ Man
07-23-04, 17:40
The APD has announced that they will:

1.) Start imponding cars.
2.) Will require a CASH bail of $500.00

Be careful out there.

07-23-04, 23:37
Wow, so now you have to cruise with $520?

Member #2364
07-24-04, 11:45
Just make sure that you grab that 5 from under your floormat when you're getting pulled from your car to get jacked by LE! Sheesh!

Pte Rosaur
07-24-04, 12:23
Greetings all,

Have been lurking for the last couple of weeks, getting acclimated to the conventions of the board, but now that I have a feel for the reporting style, it's high time to begin contributing:

Was out on the bike last night (Friday) for a series of recon runs between Arlington and North Hill. Since I was solo seat equipped only, I wasn't of great interest to LE - if you've got no place to carry 'em, they figure you're only cruising and not in the market.

During several runs north/south on Arlington between Market and Citgo, saw several W/BSWs advertising, perhaps 4s at best, nothing worth swinging ariound for a second look. On my final run north, was followed by a marked LE, but it turned out to be transporting a BSW in cuffs in the back seat downtown, so no worries. Several mongers obviously making the rounds on the circuit, easy to spot - especially a canary yellow Honda with black graphics on the hood. Be careful, guys.

Heavy LE presence on Arlington, be aware.

Light SW activity in the vicinity of the Avenue on Tallmage, though again, nothing to get overly excited about. Light LE presence in the area.

Stopped for gas at the Citgo on State and Tallmadge, *Heavy* BSW action in the parking lot, though mostly accompanied by pimps and dealers. Being a new boy on the scene, about twice the size of the next two put together, they weren't all that interested in talking to me, but it seemed a deal could have been done if that was really what I was after.

Just getting back into the scene in the next few weeks, would appreciate swapping info via PM with interested parties.

All the best, and happy hunting.

Cleavage Lover
07-26-04, 10:10
Newbie here too. I've enjoyed reading all the posts, now it's time to participate.

I have had the same Samantha the group has talked about. It has been 5 or 6 months since I've seen her, but the pictures I have seen posted on here and on LE web site is the same Samantha I have had. Nice attutude and nice, big jugs. She has never said anything to me about going to Canton. I used to drop her off in the allotment off of Market behind Goodyear, but the website now shows a different address off of Lovers lane. Hope she comes out again.

I've told her and the others I've had, that when weather permits, try and dress sexy. We men are very visual. If a SW was in a tee shirt and jeans standing next to one in a mini skirt and/or sexy low cut top, I'd take the sexy dressed one in a heart beat.

Have fun and be safe.

Cleavage Lover
07-26-04, 10:31
Anything new at the Belmont? I go there one in awhile, but didn't know the proper lingo to ask. I've seen the female bartender Mel/Melanie. I usually go earlier, 1 or 2 PM and it's usually just the male (owner) bartender there. I'm not crazy about him. Don't know if her permits any action by the girls (or what he can see from behind the bar) I would much rather have Mel there.

I did meet Jennifer there. Mediam build, shoulder length brown hair with glasses, nice hooters. She gives a good dance and has latched onto Mr. Winkie a few times and stroked him off, but don't think she is really into much else, extra. I'll have to get Mel and ask her.

About a year ago, I met "Jucinda" at Dreamers on Brittan Rd. She was tall and slender, nice firm hooters. When it was slow, we'd sit in a back corner and after she'd pull her top , she'd slide her hand under my shorts and give me a HJ. She hasn't been there in a year and the bartender said she quit there. Figures, just when you find a good one.

My presonnal preference from a SW or dancer is a good BBBJTCWS, or, BBBJCIM, but if a sexy dancer gets my juices flowing, I guess I'll settle for anything extra.

Let me know if there are any other good dance bars around that have good dancers who do a little extra on the side.

Have fun and be safe.

Pte Rosaur
07-27-04, 00:43
Greetings all,

Interesting news item from one of the local newscritter stations - be extra careful out there:


Stay safe.

07-27-04, 10:45
Here are some of the lovelies you guys are writing about in Akron:


07-27-04, 18:14
Yep, beauties one and all. Actually I picked up Kelly Harrington about a month ago. She had just been hassled by LE (I witnessed it) and wouldn't perform, so I just gave her a ride to her home. She is a lot better looking in person. Funny how she is the only one convicted of prostitution, while the rest were nailed for loitering.

07-27-04, 23:16
Actually I would do Heather. I would like a tiny 18 year old have as a friend. If I associated with those kind of people that is, which of course I don't.

Long Johns
08-01-04, 10:58
Last night was my first time out, since my last post, and I went out, after dark, in my truck this time around. I cruised the Shorb/High area in Canton, but found nothing at all. I then drove over to the Newton area, cautiously, since thats where the picture of my car was taken. But all that netted me was some car, following me, around and around, while cruising Newton, until I left the area, and followed me out! Dont the bastards ever give up? All I want is some ass. One thing that does make me feel a little better, is that no one was out, anyway, so I didnt miss a thing.