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Toledo Guy
03-29-17, 18:59
I posted this in the Lima / Findlay section but that section has little participation. I thought I would re-post here for informational purposes.

On Tuesday Mar 21st I visited:

Passing through Fostoria and saw the open sign at Relaxation Station. Temptation what it is I called to see if they were really open since Vicki was mostly not there lately. An Asian answered and said they were open so I stopped. Seems Vicki sold the business and retired. The girl that met me at the door was Jane and looked pretty good. I thought it strange that she asked for the house fee to be handed through the hole in the glass and that the fee was 60 for 30 minutes plus tip. This is what most in Ohio charge for an hour. But I was there so. OK.

Jane was good looking, early 30's I would guess, very nice body probably B natural and perky breasts. I thought it strange that when she took me to the room she pointed to the table and said that I could place the tip there then left for me to get comfortable. I asked for a shower since that is usually fun but Jane said they don't have a table shower but she would wash me in the stand up shower. The place was just as Vicki left it not one improvement. Jane did wash me all over teasing during the shower, it was a good shower.

Back to the room she started the massage which was good. I rolled over and she asked if I wanted extras which was high priced in my mind. She quoted 120 for CBJ and 160 for CFS. She is a very fine girl, slim with a perfect firm ass and firm natural breasts so temptation got the best of me so I went for the lesser amount.

Jane said she was from Punta Gorda FL and was going back either Thursday or Tuesday I forgot and that she would be back April 1st. She is looking for a house to rent in the area so sounds like she will be around awhile. There is another girl there she said her name was Angle. About the same age and weight but not as pretty as Jane.

Overall a fun time just pricey but I guess there aren't a lot of choices out in the country. Since she is from Florida and Philadelphia I am sure that is the going rate for those areas. I just thought it was great to have young good looking slim girls available for an occasional fun time.