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01-04-05, 22:25
I cruised the usual areas between 6:30-7:30 this evening and didn't see any sw's out. Finally picked up the first one I saw (on east side). Her name was Kris (sp). 31 y.o. skinny brunette wsw. Took her to a motel for bbbj and cfs, not good enough to recommend. Anything new going on anywhere?


01-06-05, 12:34
I picked a hottie off of south street. Kind of close to the highway underpass. I didn't have a nickle to my name then, but I gave her a ride to where she was headed and collected a cell phone number for future use. I was surprised she actually had a phone, it rang while she was in the car. So I'll keep you updated on this one. Tall blonde, maybe 26-29 years old. Nice body.

01-10-05, 16:37
Went cruising on Saturday night. Found Rachale heading up South street from Arlington. Got her into my car and found a spot. Andy Jackson got me a french lesson, very nice too. I finished the job to completion. Funny thing was after we were done she told me her name and I spit out her last name from memory off the APD web site. She couldn't beleive it. I kinda giggled. Anyways after dropping her off I continued down South St. and found another lady who needed a ride. About 35-40, long dark hair, decent body. She was trying to earn a few dollars she said. I told her I could offer her $10. At first she said she needed more, but then she said ok. Her lesson was not as good as the young (20yrs) Rachale, and I never did get her name. But I dropped her off on Kling and went on my way. Lot's of SW's out there while the weather is warm.

01-12-05, 13:45
I went on the APD's John B Gone site and REGINA is the older SW from the previous post.

Broad St Guy
01-13-05, 10:40
I went on the APD's John B Gone site and REGINA is the older SW from the previous post.

So which one is the younger one you said you spit her name out?

Member #2958
01-13-05, 14:21
What an ugly selection on that site! Most of em are ones I just couldn't get it up for anyway.


01-13-05, 16:48
The younger one's picture isn't on there right now. But her name is Rachale. She's 20. Brown hair, about 5'5", a little chunky, but cute. Very skilled though. If I see her pic again on the JBG web site I'll capture it. I'm sure it'll be there again soon. When I was with her and she discovered who she was, she gave me some story of the cops rolling up on her. Like it only happened once. So I hopped on the Akron Court web site and did a check and she has several loitering, drug, and the usual charges. Also an active warrent. So I'm sure it's a matter of time. Her voice was hoarse from smoking. (not cigs) So I'm she she strolls on a daily basis.

Me Tigger
03-01-05, 16:01
Greetings All,

Good to see the board back up again!! Cudo's to Jackson!!

I had the opportunity to take Susan to Vegas with me this past weekend. Met her late last year by accident. I helped her get out of her retail job and into a new job at the beginning of this year. Took a chance and hired her as my admin assistant. Someone in my office was leaving and the opportunity presented itself. You only live once! I'll keep you posted on how things go.

I had no luck gambling but Susan took home about $300 from the blackjack tables. She's been hitting the tanning booth to "build up a base for Spring Break". I've been trying to talk her into getting an all over tan but she says she is to scared of cameras in the booths. Although, since this past weekend, the tan lines are growing on me.

Again, for those looking for contact info, sorry no dice. Please don't ask. I'm a greedy S.O.B. and I'm keeping this one for myself at the moment.

Susan is keeping me busy. I ain't complaining one bit. Anything happening on the cold streets of Akron??



Nells M All
03-12-05, 16:48
seems pretty quiet around here.but at least no more dear john running his mouth maybe sombody shut it for him.dont seem to be much action around akron????

03-15-05, 10:37
I have been lucky on South lately. I haven't posted because the site was never up when I checked. I've only been looking maybe 3 times a month this year but I noticed last year the girls were farther down on Johnston and working their way down the hill to south. I've even given a few rides to girls all the way over on Kenmore.

03-19-05, 03:13
Had some luck with a girl way up on Arlington. This was up by that gay bar almost to the tracks. She was above average in looks and I wasn't sure she was working but she came right to the car when I pulled down the side street. She gave me the name "brandy" and said she used to strip in a few local bars. Gave me the, "I never do this " line and then gave me directions to Steves motel. She needed $60 to finish paying her rent (yea right) and I told her she would really have to be good for that money. She was, kissing, uncovered BJ, then mish with a cover to finish. With her above average looks (for a SW) and GFE attitude she was a bargin. I've had $200 escorts that didn't give as good of service. Maybe I caught her on a good night but I gave her the "ho phone" number and we are supposed to hook up again this weekend so we'll see if she can repeat. This was about 9:00 PM and she was the only girl I saw out in two passes on Arlington.

03-20-05, 00:29
Be careful.

I was stopped after picking up a SW near McNaughton.

Told LE she waved and asked for a ride because it was cold.

I never admitted anything, and after 10 minutes of hassle was told to stay out of area.

04-08-05, 19:53
Anyone having any luck? I haven't been out in about 2 weeks due to work and some escort fun. I was going to get a room and do some hunting Saturday night but I was thinking that it must be dead out there with the lack of new reports. Any action with the warmer weather?

04-10-05, 23:38
I was in Canton first around 8:00 PM. I made a few passes on the normal routes and saw a few SW out but nothing I would waste my time or money with. I went on up to Akron and made a few passes on Arlington and again saw a few working girls but nothing that seemed worth the trouble. I was going all the way up Arlington to work my way to North Hill when I saw Brandy of 2 weeks ago. She was around the "Rainbow lounge", which I thought was a gay bar because of the rainbow on the sign. She said it's just the local white trash watering hole. I had seen a few girls hanging around that corner before but figured they were just bar partons. She said it's not a "hooker hangout" but there are a few local girls that drink there that work part time. I'm not sure how they would treat strangers showing up to hit on the patrons and there seems to be little parking since the locals must just stagger there and home. You might want to extend your normal routes north, but don't linger too long. The locals might not want cars making too many laps around the block and it couild draw LE attention.

Member #2958
06-09-05, 19:43
Please PM me with some directions if someone could to the usual areas. I'm coming from Cleveland area. Tomorrow I'll be in Canton and need help finiding the spots.


Amish Made
06-26-05, 16:03
From my experience in the Canton scene I have found HOF festival time to be a great time for SW. Last year I met 3 girls around the Towne Manor Motel, they were staying there. All were from the Stuebenville/Wheeling area They said they came up this way for the HOF and they have been coming up this way for the last 3 years. The 2 West Virgina chicks were knock-outs 22 and 26 yrs old and the girl from Steubenville was about a 5 and in her late 30's. I had her yahoo address, but have not got a response back from her since March about being up here again this year. The younger girls said they were dancers back home along the Dallas Pike and worked some truckstops down that way. The older one told me she started coming up to Canton when they used to have pre HOF parade route parties (thats a little before my time!) but she said she would drive up with some guy that brought up 10 girls to work the whole week. They worked downton and out at the Belden village bars and nightclubs and in the BV hotels where the players stayed, but they all stayed downtown at the seedy motels because they were cheap and available HOF weekends.

So don't be afraid to venture downtown during HOF week ... remeber the cops are all working HOF duties and now a lot of cops work the fairgrounds so downtown will be jumping.

I found some new action along 12th st. between Fulton and Shorb and on Shorb south of 12th and now north of 12th.

Saturday night at 11:30 outside the shorb drive-thru I picked up a Brown haired girl named Kaley she was coming out of the drive-thru and heading north on Shorb. I circled around twice and pulled over. She asked if i was a cop then pulled up her mini skirt and pulled my hand towards her bald pussy. She asked if I had a place or a good spot to park. We drove north on Cleveland ave and found a parking lot by a video store and pulled around back. BBJ, Condom reverse cowgirl in the front seat with her grabbing the steering wheel then BBJCIM = 2 jacksons --- Nice pussy nice tits and tan as hell. Teeth were messed up. I would say 18 or 19 thin build b cup shoulder length brown hair and talks real ghetto. Wanted dropped off behind the American legion hall on shorb.

She is well worth the price, I would have paid more.

If you want eye candy and NO action ... stop by the Root Beer stand on fulton (Orange Building) grab a bite to eat and enjoy all the HOT girls waiting on the cars. The one waitress Gina, wears the smallest shorts and lowest tops and leans over to take your order .... Mmmmmm so nice! gets me every time! Also got a panty peek off the blonde in the short jean skirt when she bent over to pick up dropped money. Oh yea and they serve good root beer too.


06-26-05, 20:38
LOL. If I'n not mistaken that rootbeer stand is called "Woody's". It always gives me a woody when I stop by on my way to Shorb. I thought I was the only dirty old man who pretended to like rootbeer. :) There is action all over the area now if you look. I know girls come in from out of town to work the festival, but the cops tend to be harder on the local talent a couple of weeks before it begins. My regulars always seem to end up in jail around the end of July. I will cruise to see whats available of course but using the phone and trying to work a deal might be the safest action. I always expect a "sting" around that time of year so I'm leary of new girls that look too good. The locals might be willing to go half price to stay off of the streets. And, BTW, I am old enough to remember the drunkfest/orgy the was Fulton rd the night before the parade. You could get drunk at 16 and every guy in Canton could get laid if you could get some drunk chick to the park, or hell a backyard. After they moved the parade to Cleveland ave the ghetto crowd started trashing the place and looted some stores. After two years the cops cracked down hard and ended a 20 year tradition.

Amish Made
06-27-05, 18:34
Oh man I wish I was old enough to have experienced that. Sounded like a smaller version of Mardi Gras! lol. Why do they always have to ruin stuff like that? I have been to the Indy 500 and the Kentucky Derby and both those night before parties are HUGE and the cops just stand by and watch with no problems and everyone drinking in the streets and girls flashing everywhere.

You would think with that weekend being the big kickoff for the NFL that there would be a big tailgate party someplace in Canton?

I totally agree about the locals being cleaned off the streets before the big weekend, it seems for those 2 weeks all the garbage gets picked up and all the roads get cleaned all the lines on the roads get re-painted and the city is perfect and safe for tourists. ha ha ha.

Saw a new girl out on Shorb by Putt's Tavern went up the alley behind there and to my surprise she was Mexican!!! Barely spoke english, she said I suck for 20 and 50/50 for 40. She said she worked at a chicken plant and she came here in March from Nogales or something like that.

Name is Tia and she is 26. I opted for the BJ she wanted me to keep driving will she got busy. I pulled over and parked in this parking lot by the electric company and just when she got her top off, here comes a security guard tapping on my window saying he took my plate number down and was callaing the cops.

Well she got nervous and was screaming LeMigre, LeMigre, LeMigre take me home (wtf does that mean?)... I drove her home to some old house by the chrysler dealership and she ran and I mean ran outta of my car! She was so paranoid it was starting to scare me!

She kept the jackson and I was left beating it at home.



06-28-05, 02:01
That means "Immigration". She was afraid she would be deported.

Amish Made
06-28-05, 02:09
Thanks for the translation.

She was so fine and gave an awesome blowjob looking at me the whole time with those dark eyes. It was a total turn-on until she freaked out!

Her long hair was black and thick as a horse's mane

A Beautiful Senorita


06-28-05, 17:19
I noticed the latins hanging out around shorb and 12th. I always hoped I could find a working girl in that group. You give me renewed hope. I used to find a few nice looking latin girls on Clark in Cleveland. I need to head back up there but the reports lately have told of poor hunting.

08-15-05, 11:23
Anyone have info on the new Thai massage place advertised in the BJ? There is another location in Canton. TIA..

08-15-05, 13:45
Anyone have info on the new Thai massage place advertised in the BJ? There is another location in Canton. TIA..I called and got a recording that said "hours of operation, Tuesday through saturday 11 AM to 9 PM. If you would like to schedule an appointment please call back during those times or leave your name and number and we'll get back to you."

Doesn't sound like the type of AMP we enjoy, but, you never know. Extras might be available if the price is right.

Amish Made
08-19-05, 01:28
Tiger Town USA

Gave it my best on Thursday ... I cruised First St. then up and down Erie St. saw a BSW off S. Erie but not worth stopping for. There is a Massage Parlor next to the Roadrunner Video store at the top of the viaduct but I am not sure what kind of place it is? it looks shady.

Cruised the neighborhoods up off walnut and Rt. 21 and saw an older WSW on walnut by some bar, she was walking up to a pickup truck. Looked like Kim who used to work Canton.

Drove up Lake Ave. and saw these 2 barefoot girls screwing around at this bustop and they were watching traffic, I swooped in and took a few pics from the plaza, then tried to get the attention of the one in the white top ... she took off with some guy in a black Escalade and I was left trying to get the other one, who finally jumped in my vehicle and asked if I was dating. We worked out a deal for 50 for FS and went down off Rt. 21 by the railroad tracks ... she took her shirt and bottoms off but kept her bikini top on and gave me a BBBJ for maybe 2 rushed minutes then wanted to get on top of me in the drivers seat. Condom on ... she was all business as we fucked 10 minutes or so before I blew my load. Cute girl 23 yrs old and says her name is Lindsey.

No digits on her, but she said her and her friend work N. Erie and Lake Ave on weekends and some weekdays ... both work as dancers at the Stadium Club in Massillon


Member #3948
08-19-05, 17:15
The last picture looks like a threesome is in the making. I can hardly wait for the report and usual pictures. Why can't the SW in CT look this healthy.

Stay Hard,

Steel Blue

Amish Made
08-21-05, 02:28
I was in the Wooster area and thought I'd look around and see if they have a Red Light District. Since it is a big college town there is a lot of action around campus this time of year.

The police are heavily present but somehow it feels undermanned because of all the campus problems and parties.

There is no specific area that I could see for SW activity. I did see some prospects in the dumpy neighborhoods on the east end of town as you first come into town off Rt. 30 before you get to the RR tracks.

I pulled to the curb as I saw an older dirty blonde in jeans and was hoping to score, but she crossed the street and went into a house. I cruised some more and saw a definite Hispanic SW getting into a truck after he jacked his brakes when he saw her. She was heavyset but younger.

Heading back towards town I saw the dirty blonde again, this time drinking a tallboy from a brown bag. I went around the block and saw a cop and chickened out. Later I watched her negotiate and jump into a mustang before I could get her.

Maybe some better luck next time ... it does look hopeful over there


08-26-05, 11:43
OK...took one for the team....totally non-sexual massage only.

08-29-05, 13:14
Thanks Zauber!

I was wondering the same thing. Just wanted to let you know that the "team" appreciates your sacrifice!

12-02-05, 04:40
An archive of previous stars of the Akron PD John Be Gone site is at:

12-03-05, 15:32
It's funny to look at all of those faces, almost like they're in some f***ed-up yearbook. What's even funnier (in the 'strange' sense of the word) is that the APD site has gone as long as I've ever seen it without any new johns or prostitutes. Seriously, it seems like it's been at least five weeks.

Maybe they've realized that it's more 'free advertising' than anything?