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04-22-05, 18:10

04-24-05, 07:52
I just found the board at its new address!

Wednesday night, 10-1a.m.

Cruised Van Buren from 40th Ave through 40th St, very little action to speak of. Just as I was ready to pack it in, I found Beth across the street from the Circle K hotel, somewhere in the 20s (ave). She's a white twenty something brunette, kinda skinny, decent attitude, fs for .50, .25 for hour at Circle K. Not stunning; but far superior to the other stuff out there.

I'm new to this area, does anyone have any other suggestions as to where to look? LE presence is strong on VB, and the quality is poor. I'll keep looking and keep posting.

04-24-05, 20:07
Things look like they are picking up, at least a little. On my way home Friday about 9:30 P.M. I spyed a WSW on Van Buren and 29th street. Not bad looking a typical street girl. Got a BBBJ around the corner for $30 descent service but no CIM. Dropped her off. All in all not a bad experience.

04-25-05, 07:36
Sunday night/Monday morning, 11p.m.-3a.m:

VanBuren from 20th-20th dead from 11-12.

12:00--VB around the 30s (ave)-- One rough looking hsw, belly hanging out, wearing a wife beater and an open windbreaker w/ sweats.

3 bsws, apparantly working together, dressed the part, looked all business. Not my type of look or attitude.

Later, around 3:00--cute hsw around VB and 20th St. Crop top, belly ring, nicely groomed. Too much LE, had to pass. Shit!

Nothing at all on 27th Ave from Glendale through VB, cruised this twice.

Noting on Camelback, Indian School, or Thomas from 27 St.-27 Ave. Tried these a couple of times also.

Went home tired and frustrated. Any other areas that sometimes show promise?

Adonis AZ
05-22-05, 16:55
Hey guys,

Long time no speak. Well old Adonis started a service and hasnt hit the streets much, but last night had some late outcalls and came back down Northern @ 11p. Saw two WSW's. One had on a sling top and had great tits. As I had a rider with me, I could not partake. Went back an hour later and no sight.

If you see her, PM me, I would like to get with her.

27th is heavily monitored, and VB....is VB. In 4mos that is the hottest thing I have seen out there. Also, my one of my oldest posts (Tawny) is back and looking for biz.

PM me for info.

Adonis AZ

Mystic Pimp
06-20-05, 22:43
I was in the Valley this weekend, saw a few girls on 35th Ave between Bethany Home and Cactus, mostly by some apts on the east side of the street (don't remember the name of them). Also saw a couple on Bell (near Cave Creek? somewhere between 19th Ave and AZ 51) and in Mesa on Broadway west of Dobson.

06-28-05, 16:44
I was visiting Phoenix last week, and checked out VB and 27th. Both were extremely dead. Saw two HSWs just north of Indian School on 27th, but there was quite a bit of traffic, and I passed. I met 'Ali' on 16th south of Thomas. WSW, about 21, 5-6. 120, blonde, very cute. Very sweet and friendly. Says she's out nearly every evening between 6 and 8, but keeps a low profile, sometimes reading a magazine in the market parking lot across from the carwash. She looks quite out of place in the neighborhood. Treat her well, guys.


Matrix Neo
07-23-05, 18:18
It isn't a lot, but was out last night. 3:30 am WSW "Denise" picked up on 27th Ave south of Thomas, took her to Motel 6 on I-17 and Indian School. Didn't get to meet up with her later. Maybe in the future.


Matrix Neo
07-26-05, 21:08
51st Ave/McDowell, all kinds of girls in the area, some are jailbait, so be careful! Also 27th Ave from Northern to McDowell, and Main St in Mesa has picked up again, Dobson to Alma School. Activity last night on Van Buren around 28th St.

Matrix Neo
07-28-05, 17:05
Tue night, early Wed, nice looking HSW on Glendale near 43rd Ave. Wanted to use my cell phone, but wouldn't get in the car. Did too much talking and not coming in to help me relieve stress.

Last night, was in the neighborhood south of Bell and east of Cave Creek. Seems to be a lot of activity there, you guys might want to check it out.

Matrix Neo
08-01-05, 19:58
A couple good looking WSW on Van Buren between I-17 and 19th Ave. Too good to be true? Also a few on McDowell east of 51st Ave, 27th Ave and Northern, 7th Ave south of Indian School, and along Main in Mesa, Dobson to Country Club, Mesa Dr to Power.

Matrix Neo
08-12-05, 21:39
I found myself a latina who goes by "Melissa" over near VB and 25th Ave. Found a place out of the area to "relieve some stress."

In other news, nothing else seems to be going on in the west valley anymore. I did see what could have been some working girls on 67th Ave between Bethany Home and Olive, but maybe they weren't.

Matrix Neo
08-13-05, 21:51
Happened to see a couple younger looking females this afternoon on Camelback in the area of Grand/43rd Ave. Interesting stuff, will try to check out more later.

Matrix Neo
08-14-05, 09:41
Well, it seems that area is alive and well. Saw a variety of SWs out there on Sat night/Sun morning. Unfortunately, too many guys here in Phoenix feel the need to get laid, so there always seem to be more cars than girls, and LE happened to make a stop, so it was time for me to go.

Matrix Neo
08-17-05, 11:55
Another late night drive for me, I ran into "Shawna", WSW in good shape, clean shaven, great french skills, nice and tight. Says she's in the area often. Treat her well.

08-18-05, 01:00
Please post prices guys.


Hot Rodder
08-31-05, 19:41
Last weekend I tryied out a couple new girls. Both in there 30's One a blonde, cute very small tits. Just my type. Attatude not good. Wanted more then my .40. About the same withe Deanise. Wanted more pay. She has red hair and old transplantes which need to be reworked. I found them both at Hatcher and 7th st. These are both better than the usuall corner girls.

Thanks for the info over the years.


Matrix Neo
09-05-05, 17:09
I had cruised around VB earlier in the week, there is a lot of action now that seems to be concentrated between 35th Ave and 7th Ave. At times during the late night/early morning, no fewer than 20 girls along that strip. McDowell from 51st Ave to 43rd Ave seems to be dying down in comparison. I like cruising 27th Ave between Northern and McDowell, or the I-17 SB frontage road from Northern to McDowell. I have found a few girls in the area, and it has less traffic than VB.

Negotiating with girls I've seen I have managed a good half-and-half for .40 ... I try to find the white and latina SWs out there.

I have also seen girls that could be working along 67th Ave from Bethany Home to Olive. The southern and eastern sections of Glendale seem to have sporadic activity. I have even seen stuff go on around downtown Chandler (either on Chandler Blvd or Arizona Ave).

One final note, I have noticed that groups of good looking girls that work the hot areas of VB and McDowell tend to stay at the motels off I-17 pretty much from Camelback south.

Matrix Neo
09-10-05, 02:05
I'll call it the Buckeye Rd corridor, the neighborhoods between I-17 and 16th St. Looks like it's a rough area, but I have seen a few working girls in the area. Picked up a petite HSW the other day from around there (near 12th St and Mohave) and had a decent time. Very tight. She wanted to go to east VB to "work" so that's where I dropped her off.

09-15-05, 07:32
There seems to be a lot of activity now in quite a few areas. McDowell 51Ave to 43Ave and north along 51Ave. VB both East and West although West is definitely better and more active. 27Ave Northern all the way down past IS to the South. Even getting hotter Along 15 Ave South of VB, the rectangular street loop to the South of VB and West of I-17 going West to the Pep Boys in that area, 35th Ave North of VB to the I-10 and even byond a lot of times, the 7th Street/Cave Creek area from Hatcher to Desert Vista (?), Bell from 7th in both directions approx 1/2 mile, Bethany Home 67Ave to almost 75Ave, Apache Road from Rural on West side well into Mesa to the Dennys/Fazoli's area. Even have seen some new activity springing up along Camelback from 51Ave and heading west and much more established along Grand from McDowell all the way up to Glendale. Seems like the action is now much more splintered and sporadic than before but more active than ever as a whole. Just takes a bit more time to determine where the hot spots are on a given day, and we all know how patient that hobbyists can be!.I have noticed many times that even when Leo comes into an area with many of his co-horts that the time they have to spend is limited and the activity most always picks back up when they have to excuse themselves to handle the things that they are really compensated to handle. ....happy hunting!

Matrix Neo
09-16-05, 19:38
I have noticed a lot of working girls in Glendale, mostly in the area bordered by Camelback, 51st Ave, Olive, and 67th Ave. Had a nice time last night in Mesa w/ a girl I picked up off Country Club near Main. Lots of good looking, or at least decent looking women out there.

09-17-05, 22:23
Okay I first have to say that I love this site, and am so glad that I found it. For the last three years I have been reading all the post that you guys write and occasional asking questions or contributing my findings. But for awhile I have had nothing to contribute. Not to mention I have had some real car issues that has prevented me from taking my occasional strolls down VB. Recently I read about the sw on bell road and didn’t really believe them to be true. Mostly because I live on 7th street and bell and have never seen anything (however that most likely because I wasn’t looking). However Friday night much to my amazement I saw not one not two but six sw along bell road from about 15th ave to 19th ave. Four of them were black and looks were about a 7-8, but bodies were an 11+. The others were white sw and looked just as good. However there was one that really caught my eye. After a few times of circling I finally was able to convince her that I was not LE and get her in the car. After the routing “touch to prove” she finally calmed down and we started negotiating price. Her first offer was 150 for bj and 250 for half and half. Which I would have gladly paid she was so hot, but I decided to do my part to help keep prices down and gave her 100 for half and half. The only problem we were having was LE was everywhere. So after about 15min she asked if I had a place near by. Now normally I NEVER NEVER would take a girl to my place. In my mind it just stupid and asking for trouble. But givin the fact that she was the hottest sw I had ever seen, and I was hornier than ever I opted to take her to my place. After a few min a letting her get comfortable with her surroundings she asked if it would be cool if she could hang at my place for a while, and promised to take extra special care of me. by this time I was just wanting to bang her so I agreed. Now normally the longest I can go is for 20-30 min (very sad I know) but she insisted she make it last longer than that. I won’t go into a lot of detail, but I will say damn!!! She did things that just, well lets just say it was good. 2 hours later I was dropping her off. She is defiantly one I will be calling again! SO to the guys that were reporting on the activity on VB, sorry I ever doubted you.

Until next time, happy hunting!

09-20-05, 07:02
... but I will say damn!!! She did things that just, well lets just say it was good. 2 hours later I was dropping her off. She is defiantly one I will be calling again! SO to the guys that were reporting on the activity on VB, sorry I ever doubted you.

You pervert! :)

Keep it clean will ya! This is a family oriented website! My whole family reads it! :) LOL


09-23-05, 10:08
I have noticed a lot of working girls in Glendale, mostly in the area bordered by Camelback, 51st Ave, Olive, and 67th Ave. Had a nice time last night in Mesa w/ a girl I picked up off Country Club near Main. Lots of good looking, or at least decent looking women out there.Well, looks like they are spreading out a quite a distance. Coming home from work last night about 0130, saw what appeared to be a BSW just south of the Glendale/83rd intersection. Still a little new at this, but just seemed odd a gal out that late by herself, and moving like she was advertising something. Maybe I'm mistaken, but with reports as far out as Bethany Home/75th, could be possible. She was at least a 7-8, with a sweet booty. Too bad I didn't have any money, woulda stopped. Damn. Keep the west side updates coming guys.

Beaver Hunt
09-30-05, 14:06
During my travels of the night, I noticed a few hot HSW on the 32nd street stroll. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any interviews due to untimely traffic barriers. I was a day late and dollar short. This was between 9-10. It seems the old areas are picking up again as the night temperature cools down.

Scottish Male
10-06-05, 10:00
Stopping at the airport for one night on route to Mexico from Scotland in 2 weeks time. Hiring a car so whats the best street areas close to the airport for action and expected costs.

Many thanks

10-18-05, 14:41
Are there any HWS in the morning around 9-12 in Tempe, Mesa, or Phoenix?

Matrix Neo
10-30-05, 11:01
Over the past couple weeks, only activity I have seen has been on Camelback between I-17 and 43rd Ave. Also saw what I thought was a working girl on 59th Ave and Thomas.

11-05-05, 17:54
Are there any cheap places to stay where mongering is fruitful? Looking for weekly extended stay places near the vicinity of SW central. Bad area, good area - no matter to me for I am called "DangerBoy".

Matrix Neo
11-08-05, 11:06
I've checked out various areas of the valley, here's where I've found activity lately:

--Broadway corridor from Central to 32nd St, and west of 48th St, and in Mesa, from Mesa Dr to Gilbert
--Buckeye corridor from I-17 to 16th St
--Country Club from 8th St to US 60
--Southern around 24th St, and from Country Club to Gilbert
--Main St east of downtown Mesa (in spurts from Mesa Dr to Power)

11-08-05, 12:55
Fellow Mongers,

I'm a NY monger looking for some tips on daytime spots. I'll be in PHX Thanksgiving week, but can only get away during the daytime. Massage parlors, Strip joints w/ extras, SW's, incall ect, any action at all. I'll be staying in Surprize, but I'm familiar with Deer Valley, Sun City and the North Valley areas. I don't think I can get to Nogales with the ball & chain. Any help would be appiciated. I can help if anyone is heading up to the NYC area. Pleanty of hot spots up here. Thanks in advance.

Beaver Hunt
11-08-05, 18:23
Hey guys, just want to give you a heads up on a WSW to avoid. She used to advertise in CL and goes by the name of Krickett.

She is hot with a kickin' body, but way too many rules and a BF/Pimp that keeps calling her every 5 minutes. One of those types that once they have the money she claims her BF is really pissed so we have 5 minutes. What the ****. I knew it was not going to be a good experience, but once again the Dictator decided to make all of the decisions and overthrew the logical voice of the brain.

Not to mention the numerous rules and conditions. If she wasn't cool I would have thrown her out of the car at 50 MPH. Anyway, she only does it one way, cowgirl so she can pretend to penetrate when it is really just her hand. How stupid does she think we are. Its too bad too because she could have a lot of regulars if she dumped the overbearing loser of a BF.

If it wasn't so late at night and if I hadn't been drinking, I would have taken my money back regardless of the situation.

She is slender built about 5'6'', perfect ***, and brownish hair. She usually does the central phoenix strips of 16 ST, 32nd St. and East Thomas.

Don't get fooled by her. Cost me .6

Kool Klyde
11-10-05, 20:17

Been a few months since I was in the West Valley, but the Red Butterfly used to be good. Girls were nothing to brag about on looks but could get the job done. Pick up a copy of the Net Times at any convience store, they usually have a discount cupon in there.

good luck


Beaver Hunt
11-11-05, 12:44
Was out and about last night and was shocked to see a really cute WSW on 32nd and Indian School. Pulled around the block (along with about 3 other cars) and got a chance to see her up close. Very cute, blonde and really healthy looking in all of the right places. I was excited for a minute, until she wanted to negotiate through the window without getting in. Sorry I don't play that and she moved to the next car in line. Bummer.

Found another girl over at 16th St. and Thomas at the 7-11. HSW who used to advertise on CL. She was on her phone and would not get off after I was waiting in the parking lot for a good 5 minutes. She smiled at me, but would not get off the damn phone. Decided to cruise and come back but she was gone.

Scene has been pretty weak given the fine weather and lack of heavy LE presence.

11-11-05, 23:38
Someone told me that the Copa motel still charges by the hour, is that true? That place should be SW central, as well as UC LEO. Hmmmm, damned if you do, damned if you don't. I'll stick to the side of safety...thank you.


Beaver Hunt
11-17-05, 16:16
I was out traveling to lunch time appointments for work when I noticed a hot HSW on Grand Avenue by Encanto. She was tall and well proportioned with bright red stockings on. Got the look, but I had to go to a meeting in the area.

After the meeting, I cruised back over there and saw a different HSW down one of the side streets. I quickly doubled back and cruised up to her. She had a smokin' body and then I got up to her face. She was absolutely hideous with a 9.5 body. I nearly threw up. She was definately a double bagger. Too bad. I just could not get past the face to let her service me. She had so much make up on it looked like she had applied it with a spackle trowell. NASTY.

11-19-05, 00:59
[Photo deleted by Admin]

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Matrix Neo
12-02-05, 05:20
A couple times in the last week, I saw a HSW in the area of Horne and Brown in Mesa. May be an area for you east valley hobbyists to check out.

12-03-05, 17:01
Was in the area of 27th Ave and VB today about 10:00 AM and saw several SW walking around selling their wares in the Food City parking lot. One was a WSW and appeared to be 5-6 months pregnant and had a set of titties that were busting out of her top. She had some type of tatto across her clevage. Wonder if her pimp branded her?? She was walking with a BSW that had a killer body and ass for days. Also there was a second salt and pepper duo but these two were on the other end of the spectrum. The both were about 18-19 years old and had nice little tight bodies true spinners IMHO. Although there bodies of all the girls were within a 6-9 scale they had a worn look probably from the meth use that is taking their toll on them. I give them another 10 months and they will be not even worth looking at. Other than this area the rest of VB and Apache/Main appeared quiet today. As of 2:00PM the above SW were still selling their products on the corner

Let's be careful out there!

Alien Autopsy
12-03-05, 18:40
I love sexy street walkers.

FootluvrOne out of three ain't too bad.

12-12-05, 11:00
I posted on the General Board (Phoenix) last week and said I would leave some photos from my recent trip.

1. Pretty sure this one is a SW but did not get a face to face to see if the look was there. - Do not remember where this was - I think on West VB.
2,3,4,and 5 Were up on Bell. The I had to make a phone call, so decided to park in a fairly large strip mall, away from other cars and the BSW circled the car like a vulture waiting for a kill until mall security came out and ran her off. I saw security when I pulled in - she did too - they were pretty obvious.
6 & 7 Also on Bell - she hoped into the car and wanted 30/50. She smelled so bad I passed.
8. She walked with the SW attitude, but could not make eye contact
9. This one is not working, but was nice eye-candy.
10. This was down on Main/Apache (as was #9)

12-12-05, 11:19
More photos from a recent trip

1. - Not sure where this was, but she was watching traffic closely. I think on West VB
2. Was 43rd Ave and VB - she looked good and I circled around the block quickly, but she was gone.
3. VB near 43rd Ave
4. VB close to 27th Ave
5. Finally the last one - I saw her on VB just west of 17, walking east. She was defintely working - I saw one car stop and she talked through the window and then started walking (I suspect the car was undercover LE), because after that she turned down 21st and would not make eye contact with anyone. I went around the block to get face to face with her, but by the time I went around (this was on side streets) she was gone. Think she lived there or had a friend and went in for a visit.

I will say, the amount of LE, both marked and unmarked on Thursday night had me a bit cautious. Seemed like there were more ladies out during the day than in the evening.

Stay safe

Real Romeo
12-13-05, 09:28
Randyone and luvdahos! Great job with the pics. I can't believe the areas that have action now. I used to live there and mongered heavy from 98 to 01. I can't wait to get back out there. Be safe

Virginia Guy
12-15-05, 02:56
22 yr old blonde on apache around 6pm. she was a solid 9 on SW scale. nice firm Cs.

9pm 39 yr old WSW on VB. CBJ for jackson.

10pm 21 yr old on apache. easy 10 on any scale. CBJ in mex restaurant parking lot.

good night of mongering

12-15-05, 10:24
Thanks for the kudos Romeo. Things appear to be picking up around the Valley of the Sun as of lately.