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Joey Kid
01-06-05, 13:02
Rhettdog and Mt. Evans,

Use to go to Fantasy Nights II all the time. Never been offered FS but have had HJ and BJ for as little as $20 but like it has been said a dozen times some of the girls aren't great to look at. I miss the old days with Tina and Zena, Zena always gave me a HJ on the second song and didn't ask for any money. Tina gave me a couple HJ's and offered a BJ for $60.


01-13-05, 15:10
Was at Night Lights II Tuesday, January 11th. What a great night. There were three girls working; Simone, Sassie and Princess. I was basically the only customer the whole night. The owners son let me order a couple of pizzas that we all shared. There are two little VIP rooms that do not offer much privacy but noone was bothering me. For $10 anything goes. F/S/HJ, you name it. It was an awesome night. Had all three girls throughout the 3-4 hours I spent there. Bring your trojans as these girls will try and mount you bare back. Probably spent $250.00 for the girl action and many, many beers. Not sure how it is there when it is crowded but when you are the only customer there it is a sex party.


Bx Loco Gringo
02-18-05, 07:28

I will be working in Syracuse for a few days in the beginning of March and was hoping that you could point me in the right direction. If anyone knows of good but reasonable please let me know . I will be there like the 5-7 for a convention!


Bx Loco

02-20-05, 21:52
To BX in Syracuse. I'm only familiar with SW scene. James st. and S. Salina was prosperous for me when I lived there, along with South AVE. good luck

Bx Loco Gringo
04-14-05, 20:44
Thanks Dude,

I will check it out - if you hear of any clubs that might have a little take out let me know or if there is a newspaper that I mguht be able to look at, at this point altough I don't want to take a mortgage out I also don't want to run into LE in a strange town

Bx Loco

Joey Kid
04-19-05, 23:34
I went to Fantasy Nights 2 on Wolf street the other night.

5 girls were working Princess, Star, Sassy, and 2 black girls. On black girl is thin while the other is thick but not fat.

Princess will do extra's in the VIP not sure of prices now but was offered a bbbj once for $60.

Star is short has black hair and is good looking for the girls that normally work here. She offered hj for $40 and bbbj $80, which I think is a bit steep considering for about $40 more you get a girl from Lovely ladies and get laid for hour.

Sassy is an older lady with blond hair, offered bbbj $40 but wnats you to have a trojan on.

The skinny black girl, not for sure if she offers extras but her buddy does and she was grabbing my johnson when she was giving me a table dance. So that is probably a good sign.

The thick black girl has a tongue ring. She gave me a great bbbj in the VIP, but would immediately get up and leave when song was done whether you blew your load or not, Price of $60 but she might be willing to do it for $40 because I told her I didn't have that much money and she asked me how much you got. So I assume she will do it for less. She definately offers fs but don't know prices. Like I said the only bad thing is she would stop immediately when song was done, but she did offer to finish me off later when she got off stage for a tip. So we went back into the VIP where she started the bbbj again, well needless to say she didn't finish it but wanted a $30 tip. I gave her $10 and walked out with a hard on and didn't blow my nut.

She might have been acting like this because the guy who normally works the bar area was not there. So the new guy might have been keeping them worried about getting caught.

So take from this what you can, but there are definately extra's a plenty at Fantasy Nights 2.

Member #2984
04-29-05, 02:00
Pulled into SYR later last Sunday and tried Night Lights II. Ordered a Molson (dealcoholized) I realized after drinking it. Got great dances from all 3 working girls. One had me stand up and totally got into me. Said I could do or have anything I want, ANYTHING including FS or BJ covered or uncovered! Damn. I wasn't so prepared but continued with the standard lap dance. Great stuff SYR! Looking forward to a return next month. Had offers on the street in front by BSW and WSW. BSW immediately and without hesitation flashed her 36d breasts. Didn't take up the WSW which I should have coz she looked nice! Maybe next time when I have a longer time to shop and enjoy.

Wild Wind
05-01-05, 22:54
As a first timer in SYR I tried 3 places. Here are the reports:

Fantasy Nights II:
Went on a Tuesday night about 9:00. Easy street parking. Place is large but run down. There were 4 dancers, 3 black and one white. There was only 1 other customer (white guy). 4 song sets. Girls get nude and each one was a good stage dancer. They put a lot of effort into their performance. I tipped the first dancer (Star). She's about 5' tall and nicely built. Pleasant face and sweet smile. She approached me after and asked about a dance. I asked what kind of dance and she said a Lap Dance. I asked how much and she said $5. Thats a good price for a Lap so I said sure. Turned out to be great. Instead of the all-too-common LD where the girl sits facing away from you and just mindlesly grinds your nuts, Star straddled me frontwards in the chair and proceeded to do a marvelous job of simulating tender loving sex. She kept her bra on but I could fondle her breasts as much as I wanted. And touch her anywhere else I wanted. After we finished she asked if I wanted a VIP for $20. I asked what can we do. She said "anything". I figured this meant that extras were available for more $. Since I was ona tight budget I figured I'd try the regular $20 and just get as much mileage as I could. The VIP booth is small but not tiny and dark and private enough. She stripped and let me suck her nipples as much as I wanted. She handled my eqpt but only thru my shorts. Even tho I unzipped them completely so she could get skin-on-skin if she was so inclined, she was careful not to do it. I enjoyed it but the $5 LD was the best value.

After resuming my stageside seat I tipped another of the black dancers. She's very young and tall, slender and pretty. She gave a lot of contact on the stage. The bartender actualy yelled at her the 2d time I tipped her because of how much 2way contact we were engaging in. I didn't stick around long enough for a LD with her but look forward to a repeat trip.

Overall, good value for mileage is available even tho the selection is limited and the accomodations are pretty run down. I like the off-the-beaten-path, slice-of-life kind of places like this but it would definitely be "slumming" for those who prefer the more upscale GC scene.

Night Lights:
Entered about 10:00 on a Tsdy evening. $6 cover and no minimum. Small club but tidy and friendly.

When I came in there was a cluster of about 6 dancers hanging at the bar and only maybe 2 other customers. Those are the kind of odds I like so I made myself at home. I sat near the stage which is only one step above floor level. I tipped the dancer. She took the dollar, folded it, got on her knees in front of me, lifted up my t shirt, inserted it in my waistband right above my equipment, then took the top part of it between her lips and moved it up and down a few times. Very cute little move.

There are large signs at the VIP booths listing the prices for private dances: $15 Topless, $20 Nude. Each girl eventually approached me and asked if I wanted a Table dance. When I asked the first one how much a table dance cost she told me that the mgt doesn't want them to charge anything for them but that she likes to get $5. So I figured I'd audition them for $5 and see if I wanted to do a private with any. I tried 4 of the girls. Contact varied. The most agressive (Jersey) handled my eqpt 3 times and let me feel her breasts thru her top. Another (Cannis) is tall and pretty w/ very small breasts and did the table dance topless. She let me feel her bare breasts (w/ nipple rings) a lot but didn't touch my eqpt. The one I stage tipped earlier wouldn't let me touch her breasts at all. The last one who approached me (Natalie) was very fine and I went right to VIP Topless. She let me feel her bare breasts as much as I wanted and lick her nipples a little even tho thats not "allowed". She also ran her hands up the legs of my shorts right to the edge of my equipment. Very nice for $15. Only downer was the 4 minute timer she used.

Although another site lists this as a Black Club, all patrons were white and dancers I saw were white and 1 asian. Pretty funky local bar kind of place. Roomy and comfortable but a bit run down. Stoppped in on a Tuesday night about 7 and again at 11:30. Both times it was pretty empty, maybe 8 patrons and 2 dancers. The dancers at 11:30 were a heavy white blond and a very attractive slender asian with perfect B cups. I saw some table dances being given by the white dancer and they looked very tame, she kept her top on and the guy couldn't touch her. I tipped the asian dancer and there was no contact at all. She just lifted open the strap of her g string at the hip and I inserted the dollar. I was thinking this was a no-contact place and was discouraged. The asian came over to me after her set and asked me if I wanted a private dance. I asked where the dance would be and she indicatd the VIP area and said $10. She was so fine that I figured I had to give it a try. The VIP area is a tiny booth (about 3' square) w/ a chair. A spotlight shines down on the chair. Its a little weird. The dancer didn't remove her top but I was allowed to feel her breasts thru the soft top and she let me nibble her nips thru it too. The songs a about 5 minutes so the value was pretty good. There was no cover and no minimum. Easy to find parking on the street nearby. I'd rate it higher if there was a bit better mileage and more dancers.

05-02-05, 06:34
Thanks for the report. Syracuse is one of my regular stops in travels for work.

Wild Wind
05-05-05, 21:34
Went on a Tsdy night to check out the $10 VIPs. Turns out they're air dances. The VIP room is private enough, but a dancer told me that b/c its an alcohol club, they can't allow touching by customers. In fact, when I went up to the stage to tip a cute dancer ("Arson") she had to walk over and pick up her top from the floor, drape it over tits and then she could accept the tip. And of course she just took it demurely in the side of her G string. On the good side, the club is clean and friendly, and the dancers (about 6 white girls and 1 black girl) were all 7's and 8's.

So, if you like safe, clean, low contact places just to watch pretty girls dance topless, this'll work for ya.

Wild Wind
05-05-05, 21:38
Went on Tsdy night about 10:00. I was the only customer. 4 girls dancing (2 white, 2 black). 3 of them I had seen the week before. Tipped the new one as she danced and she came over to my table. Name was Baby Doll. Early 20's, blonde. Pleasant face. Kind of a flabby midsection, probably from childbirth and slightly saggy C cups. A solid 6 or maybe a 7 depending on your mood. Said it was her first night back after having been at the Bada Bing for a while. Also said she is bi and enjoys watching other strippers.

She was wearing a button shirt and had unbuttoned it for her dance. She left it unbuttoned as she sat with me. So as we chatted and watched the other dancers I stroked her thighs and arms and she was cool w/ me letting my hands wander to her bare breasts. After a few songs she asked me if I wanted a dance. Since I'd been here before and had had good contact laps for $5 I said "$5?". She said yes so I said sure. She straddled me and left her shirt open so I could fondle her bare breasts as much as I wanted to. Basically the same kind of mileage you get for a $20 VIP in a lot of other contact clubs. Nice deal.

I rate this club high because of the value of mileage for money invested. Its a funky place, so don't bother if you like swankier venues and glamorous girls.

Bx Loco Gringo
05-05-05, 22:41
Well after not to much action around Syracuse , I decided to try one of the rub and tug places listed in the new times. New York body rub. I got to this office park and knocked on the door. Was answered by a small pixie who told me to go into what could have been a cleaner room and get ready. What I have found out with rub & tug places when they tell you to get ready you must strip down completely if you don't they will think that you are 5-0.

So waiting in the buff in come the pixie who look and say that for a tip she will undress completely. well need less to say I took her up on her offer. while she didn't give a great massage she did play with woody very nicely and didn't have any problem with me playing with all that she had. I would say that she did have small boobs but nice nipples, and shaved pussy. Not sure if I would go there again but I am sure that there are some things going on! well till my next trip

Bx Loco

Wild Wind
05-07-05, 16:49
Can you tell us pricing?

NENY Troller
05-08-05, 17:09
I was in town Friday night. Cruised the North and South Salina areas from 6:30 pm until 8pm and nada thing.

Went back out after the race and the game and looked in the same areas. Nothing and I mean nothing that I would want myself or any of my Monger Brethren to partake in. A few WSW in the North end areas and over by Willow and James, and a few BSW in the S. Salina area. All were fat, ugly or had spent way too much time on the street. You know that dirty, fat, skinny, scraggly, just sick look?

Went to one of the places on the far South Salina cruise- just down the street from Bada Bing- I've never been there. I believe it's called Night Lights. Nude chicks, not much to look at and they don't serve booze. Talked to Simone/Nancy- pretty black chick, decent body, tits are a bit saggy, nice ass and she actually can carry on a decent, relevant conversation. Most strippers at a place like this cant. I bought her a tasty non-beer beer and then had a VIP dance. She was offering no extras.

Wasn't interested in any of the other ones so I left about 1am, cruised around, saw nothing and then decided why not try Canadagua Ave. Looked to have potential in the past. I turned right off Salina and about a quarter mile away there was a nice young looking Latina. I circled around a couple of times and then picked her up. Said she was Abby, 26, 5-kids, Puerto Rican, 5' nothing, 95#'s, small tits, nice ass, all looked good. Said she was on the pipe. We went to my hotel, she was thrilled to go! I had some beer and smoke (not her white stuff) while she showered. She was a bit wierd, kind of paranoid. Came out and she really had a good body especially if she really had 5 kids. You could tell she had at least 1 or 2 because her tits were a bit droopy and you could see some slight stretch marks but she had a really great stomach.

I had a good time and took her home after a couple of hours. I wont go into details but all was good and I would recommend her particularly with whats been available out there recently.


07-30-05, 07:34
I was cruising Selina in between the Nightlights and Nightlight II around 10pm and found very few SW out if any.

I had decided to pack it in for the night and I spotted an attractive young, fresh looking, thin Latina SW giving the look right across the street from Night Lights II. I pulled over and asked her if she need a ride. She would not get in and kept saying, "I am trying to make some money" and "What do you want". She would not get in so I said bye and drove off.

Since she would not get in I can only conclude that it was a sting or she was so new that she did not know the rules of engagement yet.

Big Boy BG
08-01-05, 17:36
Hello everyone, if there is anyone.
I need help. I am a long time john, but new to the area. Q-town is like a 1.5 hour drive so I do not want to make a scouting trip with out some good info. I love WSW but have used AMP. Like I said right now I have not info. I can tell some streets and things form the posts, but times and LE norms would be great info. Also what AMP are the good ones.
If you are not cool with posting PM me. If you do not trust me take a look at the Toledo, OH board, I am know there.

be safe out there....

08-19-05, 00:27
A long time lurker here, I finally visited my hometown the Cuse in late July. Found an attractive WSW on Catawba up the hill a block from N. Salina on a Sunday afternoon, did the deed on a one way street nearby for 50. Seemed reasonable. Saw some terrible, sad old hags there a few nights later, but also a few not so bad BSWs scooped up quick. LE was present in numbers, but the neighborhood is terrible and it seemed like they were busy with other things. There weren't any decoys around, unless there were really ugly to blend in. Up the hill from N. Salina on Catawba, take a left, down that street and in the general region. A store on the corner seemed to be a popular spot. In my youth I mongered off of W. Onondaga, but nothing seems to be going on there anymore, unless someone knows different. Thanks to everyone here for your reports, they were valuable.

08-22-05, 23:15
Back in the Cuse, and what do I see on the front page of the local section of the newspaper? 26 guys arrested for soliciting! Yikes! It made me nervous, but, driven by my urges, I trolled the neighborhood on Sunday afternoon to find the lovely Kim (bbbj .40), and then the even lovlier and friendlier Molly on Monday PM. On Sunday, action started about 1:00, with a nice young BSW I passed on for the lovely Kim (30 something skinny WSW in jeans and shades) strolling Townsend near Catawba. Molly was on Ash near Butternut. She was a bit older, but nicer and willing to bbbjcim and swallow. Kim only briefly bbbj, then hand finish. I will be looking for Molly next time. Be safe boys, LE was not visible, but who knows what they are up to these days.

09-05-05, 12:06
I haven't visited the AMP on the east side in a year or more. Last time it was 1.00 just to get in the door, then asking another 1.00 for FS. I got CBJTC for .60 as that was "all I had" (in that pocket at least!). Same provider 3 times now over about 2 years, an enhanced 40 something skinny Korean. There is at least one more provider working there, as they had a loud fight with each other last time I was there. All in all an overpriced and disappointing experience. I prefer the streets on/near N. Salina, but now I am paranoid about LE after the big bust. I was in the Cuse right after the bust and things seemed to be happening as per my earlier posts, but I don't have any comparison info as I am pretty new to mongering this area. Most afternoons and evenings I was out I saw a potential provider. The AMP advertises in the New Times, if case you haven't seen it. Also advertising there are a number of "body rub" specialists, some promising FS. Anyone tried any of them and want to report? I will be returning to the city in a few weeks and would like to expand my horizons. I called a couple of the body rubbers last month, those I spoke to were in the 1.25 range, incall available. My schedule didn't allow me the time to visit. I did visit w/ a NYBR provider in the fall of 04, cheap (.60) but pretty gnarly provider. She was quite skilled with her hands and allowed me to roam freely, but about a 2 in looks and showed the results of several kids, so my roaming was limited. I met her in a run down office park on Malloy Rd., you have to call in advance to meet. Happy ending for less than the AMP, but even my low standards were compromised.

Happy hunting,


09-06-05, 19:04
Does anyone have any info on strip clubs? Does any particular girl do extras in the vip room? I know I have gone to Bada Bing once and this girl I have no idea her name was very friendly where she was touching and made out with me. Help me out guys im really into the stripper scene.

Member #2352
09-07-05, 08:05
Read back a few pages, it's all there, and all so true. :-)

09-10-05, 21:32
Yes, but those posts were a while ago im wondering you guys have any new reports with some new girls im kinda afraid to pick up a girl with all these rings setup.

09-15-05, 12:32
I met a nice young lady from the SNT Adult Services ads yesterday. Her ad says Cute in the face, tight in the waist. She was half right: cute face, not so tight in the waist. But she gave very good service for 1.45 (.45 to the motel off Hiawatha Blvd.), CJB, mish to completion. All in all a very happy episode.


09-15-05, 20:55
I forgot to mention my happy experience on Sunday, Sept. 11, near the Rte. 81 off-ramp at the Court St. exit (N on 81): I met an acceptable provider (Jody?) for BBBJTCIM for a jackson. She was from N. Syr. and only out for the day, she said that she didn't come down there that often. I could tell she wasn't very experience with her job, she was slow and easy, a bit nervous about the location I chose (I don't know the street name, it's right next to 81 south of N. Salina), and much happier about her job than most Syr. providers that I have met. Yet another happy experience for Mr. Happy in the Cuse. I have mongered in many other places and have yet to be very disappointed on the Syracuse streets. The ladies may not be the best looking, the cleanest, the best smelling, the best dressers, or the wittiest conversationalists, but by God, they are there when you need them (most of the time) and they are cheap. What other virtues do we need?

Be safe,


09-16-05, 16:02
Thought I would cruise the area one last time this AM before I go home. Saw 3 WSWs on N. Townsend near the converted church/school and the light on Lodi, picked up a very friendly WSW named Tina. She is on the pipe, but not for too long it seems, as she was well spoken, clean, and very very friendly. We did the deed -- BBBJTCIM, my favorite -- in a Wegman's parking lot nearby for a jackson. She is new to town, moved here from Watertown in April, lost her kids in a divorce and had a very sad story to share. She is bit over weight, not too much, and has a very cute face and sunny disposition. B cups, no bra, blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, all in all a great way to end the trip. Her co-worker was picked up as I pulled in to pick up Tina, and another WSW was approaching from Lodi, this was at about 10:00 AM today, Friday, 9/16. Highly recommended.


09-17-05, 11:36
Thanks for all the great updates Idahohoho. It certainly appears that the activity has moved yet again. I just wish I had the flexibility to do some trrolling at the times of day you mention. I do keep my eyes open and last Sunday spotted a cute young black gal - thick 'n juicy. In a good way - she'll likely be too thick in ten years but she appears to be about 20 YO or so.

This was on a tiny side street just off and parallel to East Fayette heading west towrads Cherry Street. She was walking slow, it's a little one lane alley sort of thing and I offered an innocuous but flattering remark out the window. She replied in a non-commital way, thanked me for the compliment and then asked if I had any "extra money" (no services discussed). Advised me to meet her in the Erie Blvd. Burger King parking lot (which was several hundered feet away) where she was supposed to be meeting a "friend".

I was on my way home where the GF was to meet me so could not follow through on this but she gladly gave me her digits and said we should get together soon. Name was Tiffany - very dark skin, very full lips and a slammin' booty with large breasts. Young and clear eyes - IMHO not a real pro yet and definitely not on the pipe - will definitely meet with her and report back.

The east side is usually bone dry these days except for the occasional truly scary lookin crack ho - this was a pleasant surprise.

By the way guys - there's a craigslist for Syracuse now bubt it's still lacking anything of real interest except a 42 YO BBW white provider from Canada who comes down this way and charges waaaaay too much. She's looking for 2.5 donation for an hour of her time and I think you pay the motel charge. I think she needs to rethink her fee structure. She'd be attractive enough if she lost weight (just my opinion - not into BBW).

And why pay for a GFE if that's what's offered? I already have a GF.

09-17-05, 16:55
One of the independet body rub providers who advertises in SNT now has a web site


Does not list rates but has two pics of her. Not my cup of tea (I have a strong preference for ladies of color) but she appears to be attractive enough in the photos. Have any of you guys tried her service lately and can you confrim rate structure and possible availability of optional services?

09-19-05, 08:44

I have seen Savanah several times, but not as of late. But seeing it posted here make sme want to re-visit. She is cute, some scaring, but very clean and friendly. You can expect a good rub and HJ, but there are possibilities to get a good CBJ ( make sure to bring the cover yourself) Have never heard of FS with her, but again YMMV.

Have just been checking back to the new site. Its nice to see people posting. I havnt used any street action in a long long time, ussually just try and stick to the service providers. Which are hit or miss at best.

09-19-05, 20:38
I emailed with some gals from craigslist; 2 40 something BBW at high prices: 2.5 and up. The street is cheap but a little dangerous; I do the cop check first thing and try to spot cars if I can. I think that since they got some press for the big bust they might be laying off now. Of course, since they are reading this, they know better than I!


09-21-05, 11:25
I really miss the days when I had a convenient arrangment with an older but highly talented BF who was sort of a semi-pro. Never worked the streets but had some male "friends" she could always count on to help with expenses. I could just call her, stop by, spend a solid hour or so and make sure Hamilton and Jackson were left behind to help with the groceries etc.

Damn I wish I could find her again - seems the younger gals these days are just so flaky and unreliable that when you do find one who's up for an arrangment it never seems to last too long.

I do have some digits from BF dance who works at FNII. I know that the "private dance" she's willing to do for me at my place will include FS but have no idea how to calculate a donation to compensate her for her time (obviously I can only reimburse her for her time and the rest is between consenting adults ;-)

Any ideas guys - what is a realistic donation for an hour of time with a sweet young gal?

09-21-05, 17:02
I think a reasonable amount would be $150 at max. How does she look like at FNII?

09-22-05, 11:56
She looks good. Mid to late 20's I think - short hair and a nice smile. Dances under the name Ch**a .

Nice flat stomach and a fairly tight butt with small but reasonably perky breasts. I got one VIP dance and she was very accomodating. Stripped right down to totally nude without my asking her to do so and let my hands wander where they wanted to go. No offers made for "extras" and I was not looking for them. We chatted at the bar for a bit aftwards. Seems to have a good attitude and not strung out - at least that's my perception.

I guess I've been spoiled by some lucky finds with SW in the past - had no idea I'd be looking at having three Grants for a party. Ouch. I guess we'll have to talk donation when I cal her before we make arrangements.

OT but discussed here further down the page is the AMP. It blows my mind that they still have that cold bitchy Korean woman with the implants. Nice enough body to look at but she had such a crappy attitude on my one visit there. Just terrible.

Didn't even offer a massage or pretend to give one. Walked in the room, pushed options and for an extra .6 over the entry fee all I got was to get myself off while she kneeled above me, let me see the kitty up close and cop a quick feel of those rock hard titties. I'm better off at hoem by myself!

But the initialwashdown was from a very slender, cute and shy younger gal who seemed sweet. I really wished I could have her for the session but that wasn't offered to me.

That place has GOT to be paying off someone in order to stay open as far as I can see. There's no way that SPD doesn't know what the gig is.

09-24-05, 13:00
Went to FNII and got a vip from Ch**a. Never asked for anything extra but she just decided to unzip my hands and give me a handjob. She told me everyone needed to have fun :) Well it lasted 2 vips and I gave her an extra $20.

10-07-05, 11:35
hey fellas,
Im new to the area. I have a credible posting history in Brooklyn section. I have cruised syracuse a few times over the last month. I have had a few sw sightings, but only found one worth while. She was a thick latina found on Salina near that triangular park. Decent service,bj, for a jackson plus tip. Im wondering if there are any other areas worth cruising. I have heard about recent busts and need some pointers. Any areas i should stay away from? or am I better off trying for extras at the clubs? Ill keep you posted if I see anything else?

10-07-05, 12:47
I have had a few sw sightings, but only found one worth while. She was a thick latina found on Salina near that triangular park. Decent service,bj, for a jackson plus tip. Im wondering if there are any other areas worth cruising. Was that the really little park near where Pearl Street and North State both merge into Salina? I've seen a thick really hot looking woman there a few times lately in the morning when I was doing work related erands. She was perhaps early 40's but dressed in that great slutty way like SW's used to dress back in Syracuse's heyday of SW action.

Just use your judgement but if you drive around often enough you'll start seeing some of the same girls repeatedly and no undercover LE visible anywhere - those are the girls to seek out.

I never ever pick up a girl on the Townsend and Willow area because of heavy LE action but it seems that LE has figured to look further north on the north side. Skip the South side at this point - rarely any action exceot on South Salina between Brighton and Colvin and the few I've seen around there are pretty cracked out. Also do NOT waste your time with the Asian "Health Spa" that advertises on back page of New Times.

10-13-05, 18:23
Thanks for the tips Phaelon. The Park I was refering to was further North.
I did some cruising of the areas mentioned for research purposes on Tuesday between 4 and 7 pm. My first sighting was on N. Townsend on same block as the chuch. From driving by, this girl appeared to be way hot. She was a very light skin black girl with big blue eyes. She was wearing lots of make up and dressed really sluty. She stood in the doorway in front of this yellow house flashing a big smile each time I drove by. Too good to be true for this area from what I have seen so far. There was also a sheriffs van parked around the corner 2 blocks down. The windows were tinted and I could not see in. It just didnt seem right so I stayed away. If she wasnt a decoy, I wasnt thinking possibly a TV. I didnt think the girls in this area dressed up like that. Do trannies hang in that area?
Well around the same time there was a toothless hag hanging in the doorway of the house on the corner of Ash and Townesend. The dorr was wide open.She appeared to live there and definitely working but not anything I would want to partake in. Another one was hanging on the phone where Townsend and Lodi meet. She looked like real bad news, poster girl for HIV.
She was tall and really skinny,with long black hair, dressed all in black. Her face was covered in scabs. When I made eye contact w/ her, I almost crashed out of fright.
Next stop was E. Fayette st. The only action I saw was on the same block as that housing project. This block was littered with crack dealers. The only girls I saw working were stone cold crack heads. There was a group of 3 of them , 2 black, 1 white.
Next stop was S. Salina near Colvin, as sugested. This area seemed to have some potential. Alot of LE, but girls that are working dont seem congested in one area which makes it a bit safer. Mostly BSWs. I picked up Lucy, 22 year old shorty with incredible rack. She was quite a surprise. $20 bj plus tip. I left a happy man. Besides being satisfied, I got to learn a little bit more of this citys st scene. If anybody knows any other spots, please share. Ill add them to my next trip.

Asian Shark
10-13-05, 18:53
Fellow Mongers

I will be visiting Cornell University soon and I was wondering about any action near Cornell U. Anyone with any info would be very much appreciated.

Asian Shark
From Virginia

10-14-05, 09:30
There is nothing in Ithaca besides a club called Kumas that may have potential for extras.

10-14-05, 13:34
Asian Shark -

1) Kuma's is a bit of adrive outside of the city of Ithaca and if you've had more than one cocktail it's inadvisable to be driving there and back at night- too many drunken college kids driving and LE keeping an eye out for erratic driving.

2) I lived in Ithaca fr four years back int he early 90's and occasionally had luck on or near one of the only very small (and I do mean small) parts of Ithaca that were a bit run down. Check Mapquest... drill down and look for Center Street. It's a couple blocks long and runs between S. Plain Street and Rte. 13. Every now and then I'd get lucky there or on one of the nearby streets. There were a couple BSW's who were definitely part-timers.

But in general Kane is correct - not much to be found there. But at the very least you won't have much mongering competetition. If there is a girl out she'll be discreet but unfortunately most likely a CH.

Kane - I think that must be Washington Square Park which is near Kirpatrick and N. Salina or it might be the smaller park that's right across from the Fantasy Nights topless joint. In general in Syracuse at this point in time if a girl looks to good to be SW you should assume she's LE. Just to be safe

There is no specific tranny area in Syracuse and at present no tranny SW's that I know of. There was one (Dee) who worked the West Street / Onondaga Ave / South Ave area for years (thin and 30's - could be passable when she tried but often you'd guess that ahe "might" be TV). There's another one who's bigger, butt ugly and loco crazy who simply can't pass at all but occasionally flags cars down.

Several weeks ago my GF and I were on N. State way out past Bear Street coming back from the Carousel Center mall on a Saturday morning at about 11 AM and we drove by a TV who was tall (6' 2" or so), think and dressed really slutty. She gave us that "look" when we passed by her. I said "damn" out loud (my GF is very tolerant of my ogling) and my GF immediately informed me that it was actually a guy in drag,

It's concievable that there's a newer TV/TS SW in the area but I sure haven't spotted any. As I've mentioned before - I don't get to do any rreal mongering these days as I have a GF who's keeps me on the straight and narrow (most of the time) but I still keep my eyes pen to stay informed (ya never know when you'l need it!).

5 - 7 years ago I got a half decent BBBJ w/o CIM from a BSW on S. Salina who fits that description. She was a bit rushed and a bit crazy but was likely early 20's at the time and had an absolutely incredible rack. Was wearing a T-shirt w/no bra and those babies were the real thing.

10-18-05, 11:48
"But in general Kane is correct - not much to be found there. But at the very least you won't have much mongering competetition. If there is a girl out she'll be discreet but unfortunately most likely a CH."


What is a CH? WSG abbreviations says: CH Crazy Horse, SF Strip Club. I'm wracking my brain trying to figure it out!

Thanks for all the reports, too, P. I am very glad to see the forum so active and open. I have never mongered on the South side; I'm looking forward to my next trip to Syracuse.

I have to agree with your assessment of the Townsend/Willow stroll: if it looks to good to be true it probably is. Fortunately, there usually seems to be enough regular/ugly girls around to avoid the cute ones. Thank god.


10-18-05, 21:20
Syracuse update. Had a few spare hours this early evening and some errands to run. Ran down and back on the South Salina stroll and spotted one BSW looking but by the time I circled around she was walkign with a rough looking guy and that won't work for me.

Just for the heck of it I swung over Tallman from South Ave heading towards the corner of Onondaga. Back in the day before they rebuil that block it was rip with BSW opportunity, Has been dry for a long time but lo and behold - a Latina mid to late 30's gave med the look. I offered her a ride, we did the LE ID exchange and negotiated. I just offered to have my friend Jackson leave with her along with his buddy Lincoln. Could have started lower but was curious and in a hurry. She's medium skinned, about 5' 4" on the thick and curvaceous side and didn't have great technique but we were parked on a side street and I think she was as nervous as I was about LE.

We didn't discuss future rates but she agreed to come visit me at the house when I find her again - for longer duration and more relaxed setting. Name is Lisa, is PR with a heavy accent and appears to be very new here (in the US in general and in Syracuse in particular). BBBJTC with very quick SO the window. BUt she let me suck her nipple for as long as I wanted for a warmup and she was definitely getting off on it. Nice big knockers - I'm a dark met kinda guy but I'd really like to see those babies unleashed.

Also - she had me drop her at a small convenience store - I'm guessing for beer, cigarettes or pampers - she does not appear to be on the pipe.

And East Fayette Street, which is my most direct route home from a number of places, has gone from bad to don't bother. Due to to drugs and gun viloence the LE presence has become extremely heavy. Saw two Sheriff's Patrol cars, three SPD B&W's, a unmarked car and two walking beat cops in a 6 - 8 block stretch. I'm not kidding.

10-19-05, 09:45
The sts were bare the other day when I was cruising. I saw a possible lsw on N.Toewsend. She was skinny large chested, with red dyed hair. She was dressed in an odd outfit , tight white pants covered with a white long sweatshirt with jagged edges cut out on the bottom. This gave me the the pirate reference. It looked a bit strange, reminding what people may have worn in the 80s. From the get go I was a bit hesitant.I waited for her to walk down to salina . it was starting to rain so I guess she was seeking cover. She stopped at my car and asked if i wanted a date. shelooked fine from the distance but I asked her if she was a guy. She got so f'n offended. She implied that I must be crazy and if I had any doubts to let her in the car. Being that it was raining ,I let her in. She preceded to take out her wallet. It contained pictures of a woman, vaguely resembling her, with a baby. THat was her proof. I was like no way.Lets see some anatomically correct parts. I then grabbed at her boobs which were 100% padding. I called it off at this point and asked her to leave. She said wait and took off her bra to expose a largely swollen nipple atop a flt chest.It was odd looking , nothing like I had seen on flat chested girls in the past. IN addition, I couldnt see an adams apple, but she refused to let me touch her throat.
All in All, I gave her the boot. Be careful out there.

Gentleman Joe
10-23-05, 20:43
Back in the 80's I used to get to Syracuse quite often but haven't been there in a few years.Back then there was a bar by the name of "The Open Door". it was near the beginng of the business district when you were coming in to the city from the north, I believe it was right off Salina St, anyway back then they used to let SW's work their trade right in the bar. My question is:does anyone know if they're still open & operating ?

10-25-05, 16:56
Back in the 80's I used to get to Syracuse quite often but haven't been there in a few years.

Back then there was a bar by the name of "The Open Door". My question is:does anyone know if they're still open & operating ?It's now a coffee house called "The Coffee Pavilion". Seriously. Times have changed everywhere but especially in Syracuse. The abundance of action that used to exist on on South Warren Street in downtown dried up and moved to the North side. Then the BSW action that on the South side vanished. What remained was mostly centered around Willow and Townsend but for all practical purposes it's just hit or miss these days. Mostly miss.

11-01-05, 17:16
Hey Fellas,
I took an afternoon stroll today of some of the areas that have been discussed on the board. It was a nice sunny day so I was hoping some girls would be out there. I started on the N. side. One tall, thin BSW was seen on N. Towensend. She looked okay. but as i circled to the block she was picked up by a guy in a van. Oh well, Next stop- S Salina. A couple crackheads were out, but nothing that I would pick up. I decided to head back to N. side to get a lap dance at fantasy nights 2. As I am headed down wolf St towards the club I spot a wsw standing at phone at beverage place across from fantasy nights2. Her name was sandy, blonde hair, huge fake boobs, wearing short black dress. Her body was nice, but face was a little ragged. She looked like a burnt out stripper. But the service was great. Very enthusiastic, energetic and friendly. .20 got bj with a little russian thrown in. First time I did that. It was quite enjoyable. I didnt get to check out FN2, but still had a good time.
Well, who else is getting some. How about the clubs? It sounds like fantasy 2 is the place to go for extras? How are the other clubs? Which allow roaming? Any particular favorite girls?

11-03-05, 15:08
This is my experience in clubs. The easiest place to get a hj or bj is FN2. Im sure full goes on too. There was a girl named courtney that worked at badabing that would be very free with her hands if you know what i mean during a vip. All the other places are your normal grind during dances. Any other info please share.

11-06-05, 21:31
I don't have muc experience in the clubs but have at one time or anohter visited and had one private dance at Diamond Dolls, Lookers, the old Adult World dance area (have not been to the new one), Night Lights, Fantasy Nights and Fantasy Nights II - FNII is the best bet. I'm not much for trying to get extras in a club during a private dance (too pricey and not private enough for me to justify the cost).

But at FNII I found it really easy to get digits from a dancer for a "private dance" outside the club. Have not called her and can't report on the outcome but some (not all) of the girls there are very friendly and easily approachable.

But a few summers ago (2002 if I recall correctly) I went to Paradise Found. It was early and got three private dances from a black dancer whose name escapes me. Gap in her teeth... very short hair with tight ringlets/curls and she really worked it - got a real sweat going and ground it very nicely. She didn't let me touch the coochie (did grind it on my clothed crotch endlessly). But the perk was tittie sucking. I got one nipple in my mouth and a minute oir two later she offered me the other one. Sucked those beautiful babies for all three songs and she would have kept going if I had the $$. Tried to get digits and a lunch date but she wasn't buying into that. Oh well.

Today I was just back from a week's vacation and had some work to catch up on for my part time job. The trip there and back usually entails hitting the near north side and coming from and back to the east side. I took a pass down Hawley Ave just for the heck of it and spotted a cute black gal stepping into the corner store. She saw me glance over and we shared "the look". I swung back around... spotted her walking home just up the block on Catherine and she hopped right in.

Sh'e dark skinned, probably early 40's - petitie and carrying a few extra pounds but cute if you appreciate dark and ethnic women (I do). Asked if I was LE and directed me to her apartment around the corner. We never discussed price or what activities would transpire...I confirmed that she lived alone... building was cool and in a highly visible place but discreet enough.

Ended up with a rockin' half and half that lasted about 30 minutes. She has some skills in the oral department and was adequate but not highly skilled elsewhere. Best of all is that she really appeared to enjoy it - was as close to a GFE experience as you could possibly expect to get under such circumstances.

I think she was expecting a hit and run but warmed right up to my desire to spend a little extra time. And never discussed money. The fact is that I voluntarily gave her a donation for the time she spent with me and the consensual acts were a bonus ;-)

My voluntary donation was $35 and she was thrilled - seemed very happy about the amount although I would have spent more for such relaxed and sincere good service. Gave me botgh her home digits and cell # and expressed a desire to get together regularly. Seeing as how I just split up with my long time GF - this looks like exactly the kind of arrangement I need.

11-12-05, 12:25
A few updates:

Several posts down - Idahohoho asked what I referred to by CH - I don't know if it's the standard abbreviation but I mean Crack Ho. I could just write "on the pipe" but I'm a lazy typist.

Had a second visit with the older BF I mentioned - very easy - call her at home, visit the apartment, enjoy a session and roll out of there at my convenience. She's legit and very nice but smokes an awful lot (smoking non-stop when not actually in the session) and doesn't have good pussy skills. She also has the bit of flabbiness in the midsection that's typical of women at a certain age who already had kids but she's sweet enough and not a real pro - just a nice gal picking up a part time job so to speak. I'll go back on occasion but it's not compelling enough to do reguarly.

Kane made this comment:

I did some cruising of the areas mentioned for research purposes on Tuesday between 4 and 7 pm. My first sighting was on N. Townsend on same block as the chuch. From driving by, this girl appeared to be way hot. She was a very light skin black girl with big blue eyes. She was wearing lots of make up and dressed really slutty. She stood in the doorway in front of this yellow house flashing a big smile each time I drove by. Too good to be true for this area from what I have seen so far.

I think I got the answer to this last night. Was cruising before heading home after a lame night out (got stiffed by a gal I met online who was supposed to meet me out at a bar - she did call my cell to cancel after I was already out but it was a lame excuse - bottom line is she chickened out).

About 12:30 - 1:00 AM I spotted a gal matching this description just south of Court Street near the corner of North State. Slender and tall light skinned black girl with blue eyes. Actually very pretty and lots of make-up but skillfully done (definitely 100% woman). She did the LE check and then tried to start a BJ while the car was moving before we even discussed $. My friend Jackson was the only one inthe car with us and she complained but said that would be okay this time.

Long story short - a quick trip up the block later and then back near our original spot to park - I got maybe 2 - 3 minutes of BBBJ intermingled withs ome manual stroking - it did feel good - she has skills. She pulled the whole "I'm too nervous to do this here" routine and insisted that we could go inside the house next door where her grandparents supposedly owned it and she lived in the upstairs apartment. She wanted to "go in through the front and I'll let you in the back door but you'll have to be very quiet because they live downstairs"

Every bone in my body said "classic rip-off" at this point but I went through the motions of pretending that I believed her. Not sure how she maneuvered the exit as I was so close to both entrances to the house but it's irrelevant. It's possible that she really did live there but I'd already accepted the fact that my $20 had been invested for research purposes only

It's doubtful that was going to get my money's worth from her in the car and having enjoyed this hobby for many, many years with very few problems I accept that this kind of thing may happen once in awhile even when we're careful.

She claims to be 31 years old, native of Syracuse and calls herself Denise. It's a shame that what looks to good to be true on the street usually is but now you guys know what you missed and should be relieved! Pass on this one.

The Fonze
11-16-05, 09:57
FN 2 has always been the best for your dollar, been out of the hobby for awhile, gonna get back into it. Could you save me some cruising and email me the digits of that older BF. Sound like my type. Thanks.

[Email Address deleted by Admin]

Hope to get to FN 2 soon

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

12-01-05, 13:08
I don't reall seeing anything in the paper about it but just noticed an interesting police blotter item in the Syracuse Post Standard neighbors east section today.

A woman with an Asian first name (Soon - sounds Korean) arrested for prostitution and the arrest location was the same as her address. I'm 99.9% certain that it's the same address as the Oreintal Health Spa that advertises on the back page of the SNT.

I doubt that it was the mama-san - if she got busted it would be for promotion of and not for the actual act - right? Anyway... the woman listed had an age of 53. If it's the chick I saw in there on my one visit - the one with the fake rack and the bad attitude who appears to be their primary provider... she does look pretty damn good for 53. I would have pegged her for early 40's and still looking good. But with that attitude I won't be sorry to see them just shut down and go away.

12-02-05, 00:50
[QUOTE=Phaelon]A few updates:

Several posts down - Idahohoho asked what I referred to by CH - I don't know if it's the standard abbreviation but I mean Crack Ho. I could just write "on the pipe" but I'm a lazy typist.

Duh! I can't believe I counldn't figure that out, as crack hos are my favorite kind of hos.

12-08-05, 12:35
More Syracuse busts listed in the Post Standard today. Three mongers picked up for patronizing in the 300 block of Hawley Ave, another one on 600 block of East Willow and also one in the 100 block of North Crouse (which would place it at or near the corner of Hawley).

Interesting - I drive on or near that part of Hawley regularly - usually in the mid evening hours - have long thought that it looked like an area ripe for girls but never saw any working.

One actual prostitution bust as well but the gal was picked up in the 100 block of East Colvin - just off South Salina. Be careful out there guys.

Also - not sure how long the link will stay up on Craigslist but here's an interesting post that mentions a massage joint in Binghamton. They don't posts phone number o address - I guess you ahve to email for that info. But there's a hot chick in the pic and they list having (supposedly) eight girls available. Any of you guys know about this place? Binghamton is not that far away...


12-09-05, 13:22
The Oriental Health Spa is in the news again. Appartently the neighbors are complaining. The provider, Soon, has now logged her third prostitution bust in a month and the mama-san got nailed this time also. And they found crack on the premises (the kind you smoke :-).

I won't be surprised to see this place shut down permanently.

Here's a link to the Post Standard article


12-09-05, 21:17

Do you by any chance Have the eamil of that posting? I went to check out the listing , but it was deleted. I would gladly go on a fact finding mission since I live about 25 miles or so from Binghamton.

More Syracuse busts listed in the Post Standard today. Three mongers picked up for patronizing in the 300 block of Hawley Ave, another one on 600 block of East Willow and also one in the 100 block of North Crouse (which would place it at or near the corner of Hawley).

Interesting - I drive on or near that part of Hawley regularly - usually in the mid evening hours - have long thought that it looked like an area ripe for girls but never saw any working.

One actual prostitution bust as well but the gal was picked up in the 100 block of East Colvin - just off South Salina. Be careful out there guys.

Also - not sure how long the link will stay up on Craigslist but here's an interesting post that mentions a massage joint in Binghamton. They don't posts phone number o address - I guess you ahve to email for that info. But there's a hot chick in the pic and they list having (supposedly) eight girls available. Any of you guys know about this place? Binghamton is not that far away...


N Fun
12-19-05, 23:18
Well had alot of time to kill today in your city. Most of my mongering is done in Ottawa, Canada, but made it down south today. After looking at the board and discovering the trails, I decided to hit some of them up in the early pm today. S. Salina= not good, Wolf St.= Not good, Lodi= Not good, N. Salina= not good!

I then decided to get my fix from SNT and called up the Lovely Ladies ad in the SNT. Saw a girl named Kelly at a hotel off I 90 in Liverpool. Very pleasant attitude with a pretty firm body, but maybe just maybe might have some signs of a kid. Paid $.2 for FS with BBBJ, and CFS, LFK, and was offered DATY but declined. She had redish hair with 36c tits, and a nice little landing strip. You could tell she smoked but didn't while I was around. Overall I would see her again, as I believe that the service will only get better. Digits for her are 430-3029, and again ask for Kelly. On another board that I belong to they are also strongly recommending Jewel.

So after a few pops with my mates down here, little sargent wanted round two! I cruised the above listed trails, and low and behold I found a trio on Catherine St. around 9:45pm. All three came up to the car, which freaked me out a little, but a tall black girl was the one who jumped in after the LE test. We made a right and parked on a side street alley. Well we agreed on .15 for a BBBJ, after she suggested .30, and were almost ready to start the deed. I will sublet a bit to tell you that I am a huge boob man, so I put my hand up her shirt and realized that she had no tits and had a hairy chest. Little sargent got very scared and ran into the barracks, I began to scream at it. I told it that I don't go for its and that it needs to get out. It demanded money, and I told it that I would give it money if he/she would hook me up with a girl. It told me that her cousin Cinnamon who it was walking with was down the street. We proceeded to drive back to Catherine St. and found its cousin. It got out and went up to the cousin and soon she approached and got in. We again went around the corner and dimmed the lights. She procedeed to give me a much inspired BBBJ for .20 which .5 went to it for a finder fee. She took me load like a champ and went all over her face and in her mouth, which didn't shock her at all.

She had great tits 38c I think she told me, and a sick bubble butt. She offered to take me to a friends house and really treat me right for an hour for only .40 more. I declined on this offer as little sargent isn't much for more than two rounds in one day.

Hope this helps, and if any of you get to your little brother north PM me I have some great contacts north of the border in Ottawa!! Merry Christmas to all, Happy Hanakuah, Happy Kwanza etc.

12-23-05, 11:42
Hey "N Fun" - thanks for the great report - glad you enjoyed our fair city.

Interesting story about the tall black "gal". Several months ago I posted this:

Several weeks ago my GF and I were on N. State way out past Bear Street coming back from the Carousel Center mall on a Saturday morning at about 11 AM and we drove by a TV who was tall (6' 2" or so), think and dressed really slutty. She gave us that "look" when we passed by her. I said "damn" out loud (my GF is very tolerant of my ogling) and my GF immediately informed me that it was actually a guy in drag,

Sounds like the same one - she looked so good driving by that I didn't know it was actually a guy!!But I'll sure as heck keep my eyes out for the cousin Cinnamon - sounds like a winner. I continue to keep my eyes peeled when I pass through the North side for work related reasons but have not had time to do any real monger cruising. But pickins' have been slim - and your post is encouraging but Kelly sounds like too much $$ for me.

But the holiday season must have a few girls anxious for cash - saw SNT ad this week offering 1/2 hour for $25 and full hour for $40 or $50. But I'm thinking there has to be a catch.

Big Boy BG
12-31-05, 00:44
Just thought I would drop a line.

I have ben stoping in Q-town for the last 6 months looking for some wsw. I was looking around midnight to 2 am and was not finding anything. For the past month I have been going out around 3-4 AM and I can not miss girls. I am finding them above little Italy. I really do not know the street names. The last 3 times I found girls on my first look.

The girls have been around 5-6's and looks and only one really good service one. She was a bigger girl, but cute, she did this thing with her mouth that made me almost jump out of my seat.

Like I said in the begining I just wanted to let you guys know there are wsw out there. I have seen 2 real young bsw I might try. I mean I might ID these 2.

Be safe out there.....

P.S. I can not beleave I let a girl get here hands on my wallet the other night. I noticed she was digging and she droped it and said she did not touch it, but I have seen a 100 girls and the only other time I let this happen was the first. So always remember who you are dealing with and why they are out there MONEY, protect yourself.