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Little Tony II
02-09-05, 22:27
Anyone use Portsmouth Tubs - hot tub place. Saw an add for them.


Boston Monger
02-15-05, 17:07
nice place, but bring a date. No action

Crest Man
02-19-05, 09:07
Yes, 2 big THUMBS UP for MP. I have seen 3 of the girls and each one was better than then next. A bit pricey, but worth every dubloon! My personal favorite was Jenna. Enjoy

Boston Monger
10-05-05, 09:27
Portsmouth police probe escort calls

By Elizabeth Dinan

PORTSMOUTH - Police were called to city hotels three times during the month of September to answer calls related to escort services. Portsmouth Police Capt. David Ferland said investigations into all three calls are ongoing.
The most recent incident occurred Sept. 29, when police received a call at 11:21 p.m. from a caller identifying himself as "a bouncer for (an) escort service." The bouncer told police that two "girls" were "attacked" in Room 236 of a Durgin Lane hotel.

Police report the attack occurred when a man who rented the room lunged at one of the escorts, took her purse and removed the cash he paid her earlier. According to the Police Departmentís public log, the man then "threw both girls out of the room," and neither was injured.

When police arrived at the hotel, the women and bouncer were at the front desk.

One of the women told police "the man wanted sex, and when she told him no, he wanted his money back and she told him no refunds - and then the man lunged at her" and took his cash back. The man, described in the police log as husky with a crew cut and crossed eyes, gave police a conflicting story about what happened.

Ferland said he would not disclose the manís version of events, citing the ongoing investigation.

The police log states neither party wanted to press charges and that a report was taken.

At 3:16 a.m. on Sept. 16, police answered a call from a Market Street hotel security guard reporting that a man was standing outside a hotel room and had been asked to leave the premises, but refused.

"Security believes this may be related to prostitution," says the Police Departmentís public log for that date. The log also notes that the "subjects" eventually left the hotel, had been told not to return and that a barment letter would follow. That police log entry indicates "no report (was) taken."

Three days earlier and also at a Market Street hotel, police were called at 12:09 a.m. to answer a complaint that a female was invited into a guest room and that her "bodyguard was already asked to leave." That police log entry also indicates "no report taken."

Ferland would not offer any additional details about the incidents, citing the departmentís investigation.

Meanwhile, an Internet search shows more than 60 on-line pages of "escort services" from Portsmouth to Boston.

Two women using the names "Danielle" and "Kacy," and citing their ages as 27 and 21 respectively, also have online postings describing themselves as "Portsmouth escorts."

Their cited credentials include their body measurements and, in the case of Danielle, a willingness to "provide service to: men, couples." Kacyís site says she offers "erotic massage" and "fetishes" and will travel from Portsmouth to Boston, Manchester and Dover.

12-06-05, 14:53
It doesn't sound like there's been much luck running the gauntlet in Manchester for some paid company. Does anyone have a number or two to share for some company in the Salem - Manchester stretch? Any good places to look other than downtown Manch Vegas?

Down this way, Lynn has been hit or miss, Eastie has been hit or miss, mostly miss, mostly skanks, and Lowell was pretty good this summer but I haven't been around since September.