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04-10-05, 11:11
Over the last year, there has been a few reports of action in Waukesha. Now with the warmer weather , anyone have any sightings? Email me with anything as Milwaukee is too far for me to cruise.

Big Mike
04-11-05, 15:55
Waukesha is not too far, but Milwaukee is?

04-11-05, 22:29
Seeing as how I work in Waukesha, its quite a bit closer then Milwaukee. I prefer to check out the local talent as its a bit more difficult to explain to LE when your from out of town. Seems that along with the slowdown, it appears that some people are getting a tad paranoid as well.

Big Mike
04-12-05, 15:21
You see, I live in the sticks. Driving to waukesha, is almost as bad as driving to Milwaukee. In any event, you may wish to rethink the idea of picking up SWs in a small town where you work.



04-13-05, 19:29
First of all, where did all the posts go on this board at present time I only see several?

I also live west of Milwaukee only north of the express way and I have seen very little SW activity in Waukesha but then again I don't hunt there often. It's so much easier to drive to HY100 and cruise down Sliverspring or Capitol dr. where you can most of the time have a selection and there's always low cost motels for new acquaintance that you don't trust on taking them at your home.

Since February I have really cut down on the hobby of mongering for SW's and dancers but at the same time I feel very confident and comfortable around women and can take them or leave them type of attitude. Thank you SW's cause I been out there hunting for four years.

Seems that along with the slowdown, it appears that some people are getting a tad paranoid as well.

Guess it would all depend on who you are and your position in society. "Like" myself a no good single dead beet that it makes no difference on where I meet a woman for whatever:)

I never could understand the need for the prostitution law.

06-21-18, 03:29
Where can I go to find sws in waukesha?