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03-06-05, 08:54
HIt the streets yesterday morning, only thing out there were LE. Too risky so went home, came back later in the day and only a couple of girls working but LE not around. Didn't see anything worth picking up so thought I would make one more round of the streets before going home. Was heading north on Union near the 58,waiting at a signal when a car pulls up on my left lane. I glanced down and saw a girl on the drivers side with a low cut blouse with huge tits, I looked to see who was driving. It was another girl and she was looking at me, laughing! She rolled down the window and asked me what I was looking at, I told her and I was just admiring the view. Next thing she does is lifts her blouse (no bra) and asks if this what I was looking at? Her friend does the same (no bra and huge tits!) She asked where was I going and if I wanted to party with them. I asked if they had a place, they said they had a room down the street. I pulled into a side street off Union,they followed me. I parked and they pulled next to me, they asked how much I had? Told them 30, she said look for 10 more. I said OK, followed them to there room at the Starliter. Made sure they were alone, took my clothes off and one girl gave me head while the other girl looked on, next the the girl who was watching took off her clothes and got on the next bed and raised her ass for me to hit her from behind while the girl who just gave me head watched.
After I nutted,the girls dressed to go out and the one girl told me she lives there and to cum by anytime that she would make sure I was safe and the next time the price was negotable. She gave me a hug and walked me to the door. Both girls are BSW and a little thick but are nice girls. I normally pay 30 for a half and half and that is really what I got,so I paid more than normal but with such little action out and LE out that morning it may have been worth the extra 10.
Of late I have been having good luck on Baker and Flower by older Latinas.
All have been in there 40's I would guess, and all have been nice looking.
everyone be carefull out there, topdog.

04-04-05, 21:21
Hit the streets Sunday morning, not much going on. Driving home,drove Flower for one last shot and came across a HSW. Pulled over and asked her if she needed a ride, she gets in and asks " I hope you are looking for a date", I said I was and offered 20 for a BJ and she says its usually 30 but she will take the 20 and next time bring 30. (sure ,whatever). We pull down a side street into an alley and she starts to give a decent bj, sucking the tip. After I "got off" and dropped her off down the street, I checked myself to make sure I was cleaned up I noticed that she had left a "hickey" on my dick! Its been awhile since thats happened and usually goes away in about 4 days. Bottom line is if you see this HSW who is around early 20's with a bunch of pierces, be carefull! She is a little chunky but really not bad looking,she has tats and piercings. She is cool and like I said not bad looking up close. I would pick her up again but NOT let her suck on the tip.
everyone be safe, topdog.

04-30-05, 11:27
You guys are right this place is dead.

But I found Union and drove it several times and saw a couple of things but not worth stopping for. So I got a bite to eat and drove it again and decided if thatís it I might as well get what I can.

Picked up a heavy, naw, she was fat, maybe 40, white lady. She got in and we did the are you a cop thing. Told her I wanted a BJ, she asked 30, told her 20, she agreed and took me to some side street. Not bad for 20 bucks and it got me off. Drove her back and I was out of there.

When youíre in Bakersfield you have to do what you can.


04-30-05, 19:27
I drove around for about an hour looking at was available, nothing great. I saw a couple of young girls on Union but they wouldnít respond when I tried to talk to them. Maybe they werenít working, ya think.

But as I was driving down Golden State, near Q Street, I saw a tanker truck pulled over to the curb and a girl getting out. The truck pulled out and left her standing there. I had just passed her and had to turn around. I kept track of her in my rear view mirror and saw her crossing the street. By the time caught up with her she was in front of a motel, I pulled over and asked her how she was doing. She said she was fine, I said thatís good you want some company and she said sure come on in and pointed to the motel. I follow as she walked to her room, I parked and we went in. What a dump. She asked how much and I told her 20 for 50/50, she said 50 and we would do everything, I said ok and she jumped in the shower.

She was a nice girl, around 30, not bad looking, could loose 10 to 15 pounds, bleach blond. Said she had been in town about a week. Said her name was Susie, Shery, Sally, whatever.

Well she came through like a champ and we spent over an hour together and I got two pops. Not bad for an old guy.

Iíll be out again tonight.

And thanks for the help TopDog, youíre the best.


04-30-05, 23:18
Hey nice guy, glad you got lucky! As a word of caution, a few months back I picked up a girl in the early AM around where that motel is, the girl I hooked up with was a BSW (who looked like Chaka Kahn,the singer,now everytime I hear her sing I get aroused!) who told me to be careful at that motel. She said there was a girl who would take her date there and her pimp would rob them. Now I don't know if she was telling the truth or only wanted me to just see her. But since then, I have cruised the area but have not seen anything worth taking the chance.
everyone take care and be careful, topdog

05-05-05, 12:53
My last day in town was another score. Went to the street Topdog told me about and saw three young black girls in front of two private houses. Stopped and asked what was going on and one leaned in the window and asked if I wanted a date and I said I would. Told her I only wanted a BJ, she said 30, I said OK and she told me to park. I followed her into the house and to a bedroom. Dropped my pants, sat down and she went to work. Great BBBJ and I was out of there and on my way home.


05-20-05, 23:14
There are always jewels to be found in Bakes.

One must have patience and persistence (and the gas money required to cruise the strolls many, many times).

06-12-05, 19:57
Anybody hit the new AMP in town? Hit me back in a PM if you have tried it.

06-15-05, 10:10
Mike, what street is the new AMP on I will check it out and let you know.

06-25-05, 16:16
Last Thursday I made the usual strolls in the 'Dale and a certain street near a well known hooker stroll (The pro's know what I'm talking about). Seen the usual BSW, not my thing though. I did see one HSW that caught my eye, I'd say a 7 in looks, but she was a major tweaker, jumping up and down, pacing back and forth, stretching her legs.

I was driving south and I noticed her trying to get in to a van but I guess they couldn't strike a deal and the guy wouldn't let her in, so I circled around her a few times. Got the 'look', but didn't walk over to my car so I figured she wasn't worth the wait. Anyone ever been with her before, didn't get her name obviously, but she was wearing grey nylon jogging pants and a brown and white striped shirt.

Cruzed the 'Dale only a couple Charlize Theron in 'Monster' looking WSW out there.

06-25-05, 18:30
Just a heads up, the AMP on F st was closed by vice. Went there when they first opened, got a nice massage with a finish 50hr plus 30 "tip". Not sure when they closed, they still have an ad in the local paper so thought I would drop by (had a hunch they would not last long).
Everyone take care and be carefull out there!TD

Grebo Guru
07-08-05, 18:25
I'll be in the area for a few days the week after next and looking for some fun to fill my time. My preference is young and asian. Latinas will do nicely too. Anyone want to give me some tips? You can PM me if you want. I don't really know the area but I know I will find my way around OK.


07-16-05, 18:41
Been too damn hot for working girls. Went out the last few weekends looking for some action,hit the usual spots and saw nothing! I had been going too late in the morning or in the afternoon when it was hot,so I started hitting the streets before the sun came up and saw the girls out. Two weeks ago,I saw one of the girls I had seen before and picked her up since nothing else was out there. Told her it was my birthday and was looking for a little head, she took me to her room and while we were waiting for her tweaker roommate (redhead) to leave she started taking care of business (20 for oral),as I was fingerng her under her dress she stood up and took off her clothes so I would have better access to her. Next came as a surprise, she told me since it was my birthday she was going to give me some "chocalate" and put a cover on me and laid on her back, she seemed to get into it (I know,fake)but it was nice of her. She never asked for more money,but I gave her my last 5 as I gave her a hug out the door. She is not a very good looking woman,shes around 40 on the small side.Having been with her before, I like her,she is a sweetheart. The only place I've seen her is on Union.

08-21-05, 06:55
Heard on the news the LE had a sting on Union. I think they said it was Friday and took in 14 guys, hope it wasn't anyone here. Not sure if they also took in any girls. I'm sure it was during the evening,thats why I almost never go there in the afternoon. I also try to stay away from girls that I have not seen out before or girls that look out of place (good looking). Did not see anything in yestersdays paper,will check out todays paper and see if they have any news. Its been awhile since I've heard of any busts,hopefully it won't be a regular thing.
Everyone be safe (and think with your BIG head and not your small head when out in the streets). topdog

09-06-05, 22:53
I was making the annual Labor Day weekend "Stroll Run" to Fresno.

Stopped through my old stomping grounds of Bakes.

Cruised up Union to the liquor store across from the Casino.

Not one girl in sight. Not one person in sight (music from JAWS should be playing in the background ). As I was making the obligatory u-turn to go back down Union, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a fairly good looking brunette walking towards the hotel directly across Union from the liquor store.

I turned around and headed towards the hotel (JAWS music should be getting louder).

Well, suffice it to say, she was way too good looking and CLEAN to be one of the usual suspects. She was also talking on what looked suspiciously like a small walkie-talkie. It might have been a walkie-talkie equipped cell phone, but unless things have really changed in old Bakersfield, most of the chicks on that end of the stroll can't afford to pay attention, let alone have a cell (that works, no less). Not to mention that there was not a soul on the street. Everybody must have known what was going on and just stayed in their rooms.

She was wearing a VERY CLEAN white t-shirt and jean shorts.

Be careful! I almost screwed the pooch big-time!

Union was much more Monger friendly on my way back from Fresno (around 3 AM).

09-07-05, 01:24
I have been in Bako for about 2 months now and I have yet to find any AMPs here. Do they exist? PM me with some info or the best places for a cruise

09-07-05, 09:30
Mike. AMPS don't last long here, to the best of my knowledge there are none at the moment (trust me, I've been looking!).
James. Good move, could have been LE. Girls don't usually work the westside of Union between the fairgrounds and the casino. My M.O. as been to stay away from girl that look out of place (to clean,pretty etc) unless they are hanging near girls I know are working.The working girls stay out of site if they know a sting is going on, I've had girls tell me to stay away from a new girl beacuse she is LE.
It has been slow out on the streets lately,did pick up a girl on Monday. What a waste, terribly BJ, told her when I picked her up that I only had 20 she said OK. After she was finished she kept asking for more money and would not get out of my car, until I gave her some change I had (mostly pennies).She finally did get out, I was on loose gravel so I spinnned my wheels to give her some loose rocks to go with my loose change!
Everyone be safe,topdog.

09-18-05, 08:34
Hit the streets yesterday morning, ran into a girl that I have been with a few times. Always had "car dates" with this girl, always oral. This time I was looking for 1/2 + 1/2. I asked if she had a room, she said that someone was sleeping there. Told her that I what I wanted and would pay 30, brought a big smile to her face and said lets go. We went to her room and I waited in the car a few min. then she waved me in, I sat and waited til her man came out of the bathroom then he left. In the past I've always gave her 20 for a BJ and once in awhile after she was done I would throw in another 5 (she never asked for it), done this with other girls that I would see on a reg. basis and always pays off. They always take extra care of you,(take their time, never rush you, tell you where they are staying,etc).This time was no diff. after her man left, we undressed and she started with ball licking (come close to rim),alot of licking and sucking and alot of "eye contact". She moved up so I could suck her tits while she dry humped me (all the while touching me all over) we went from CG to Mish. while doing it in this postion she was holding me tight. This is as close to a GFE as I have had with a SW. After we finished she pulled off the cover and cleaned me with wet wash cloth then bent over and "kissed" it. I was there for about 45 min, she never rushed me or asked for anything else. She is a BSW about 40 very nice body, she has a pretty face. For the price it was great, she is a very nice girl and I will see her again. She hangs out on Union and surrounding streets, she always dresses nice (clean jeans and shirts) and always looks like and smells like she just got out of the bath. You would never know she was a working girl,except for the area she hangs out at. She told me her name along time ago and I forgot it.If you pick her her up, treat her nice and you will be rewarded! Sorry for the long post, everyone take care. topdog.

10-27-05, 05:23
Wow a whole month and no one is reporting anything. I can't blame anyone, it's been quite dry out there recentely. Hit the streets a few days ago and there's nothing out there.

Had a WSW about a month ago, I'd say about an 8 in looks, kinda chunky but her face made up for it. Think her name was Joy and she went back to Vegas to work at one of the ranches (Cherry Patch?).

Been checking out CL alot lately lots of stuff on there. Anyone try Porche when she was in town? I'm sure she'll come back.

10-30-05, 12:12
Hit the streets this AM, a few working girls and more LE then usual. I suspect that LE will patroling the streets because of more then usual shootings in the area. Hit Baker and Flower streets,but not one girl out. May try again later.

11-06-05, 20:18
The streets were a little slow yesterday morning, did not see one working girl or LE. Went back around noon and saw around 6-8 girls on Union,most were BSW hanging around their "pimps",don't see that often. I passed. Saw one girl hanging out around a motel on the north end of Union, she was HOT but she had a couple of kids with her. I am pretty sure she was a working girl, dressed in a very short skirt and later seen her talking to one of the pimps. Picked up this 18-19 yr old BSW, she was a nice looking, big boned girl (not fat). We drove around til we found a place to park, give her 25 for oral and had to be one of the best BJ I've had in long time.Only problems was when I was ready to nut, she took in a little then took me out of her mouth before I could finish(I let her know when was ready to cum). I think I could of paid her 20 but was in a hurry and did not want the hassle. Her name was Stephane, had not seen her before will look for her again. topdog.

11-13-05, 16:15
Had the day off the other day, so hit the streets around 11am. A few girls out, ended up with a girl I've had a few times. She is half Black,half Latina. Older but gives very good oral,she tells me that if we went to her mom's house she has to give her 10 for the use of her home.(her mom knows what she does). Was going to get a massage before hitting the streets but knew I would only get legit massage then would horny after,so saved 80 and just hit the streets. There were two young ones out that looked cute, but not sure they were of age (doubt it) so I passed.

11-27-05, 14:12
Hit the new AMP on Friday. Place is legit, been there twice before. Sue is very nice looking and was wearing loose shorts, ran my hand up and down her legs to give her a hint of what I was there for. Naomi came in and started talking to Sue for a couple of min.while also giving me a massage, then I heard one of them walked out. On the the flip saw that Naomi was the one that stayed, she say next to me and massaged my stomach while I put my hand all over her ass. She accidently brushed against my covered cock, had enough and made my move. While still sitting she raised enough for me to run my hand between her legs (she is wearing Levis), she did not say or do anything. Finally I removed the sheets, she smiled and covered me up and shook her head and patted it a couple of times (as if to say, bad boy). Previous times were about the same,nice sensual massage, but nothing close to a release. The place has a table shower and at least 3 girls, all nice and good looking. I'll keep looking for a place with extras, am sure they are out there. Seen some ads on CL, not sure how if they are local or make Bakersfield a stop before moving on.
Everyone take care, topdog

12-23-05, 12:35
Over the last few weeks it seems that older SW are out on the streets. Picked up a HSW by the hospital a few weeks back and yesterday picked up a WSW off Union, both said they have been out trying to make extra money for Christmas. Had not seen either one before, the WSW told me she goes out at nite. Neither one were that good looking but both gave very good head,with the WSW after I was done she milked and licked till the last drop. Both times I was out had noticed more older women on the streets, I guess it is to make extra $$. When I go out looking, I don't look for any type just one that looks safe or have seen before and was satisfied with the service. Have had great service from young and old, and bad service from old and young. One of the best BJ I had was from a young BSW that looked like she was waiting for a bus to take her to church, I had to drive around the block because I was not sure she was a working girl. One of the better 1/2&1/2 was from a woman that was staying a retirement home on Union! ( you would be surprised at how many OLD women I have seen trying to make a few extra $) My only requirement is that they are over 18 and must look it (saw a couple of young girls working Union that looked like they should be in HS so I passed, also saw their boyfriends,gangsta wannnabe's). Enough with my yakking, everyone have a safe and nice Christmas! topdog

12-26-05, 01:25
I have been IM a girl for the last few months, finally got the chance to hook with her. She is in need of cash, so I got a motel and picked her up this afternoon. I gave her 60 told her I wanted a GFE, after taking about 3/4 of the blue pill we went at for about 30 min. then took a break (I'm in my early 50's). She told me she wanted some hickys to make her ex jealous,turns out her ex is a female which got me thinking that maybe she has a friend that would like to join us. She said she knew a girl but not to tell her that she was getting paid, just give her an extra 20 and she would make it happen. So we got dressed and I took her to the east part of town and parked out front as she got out to get her friend. Waited for almost 25 min. and she never came back (waited that long, thinking you know how women take forever to get ready), so I left. I was pissed! Got half way home and thought, I have a room, my S.O. is in LA, turned around and cruised Union and side streets. A few working girls out but nothing that looked nice (figure I could always look again in the AM) finally saw a tall BSW with blonde hair walking. Picked her up and she put my hand between her legs and lifted her top and I felt her tits. She is very talkative but in a nice happy way. Took her back to the motel gave her 30 for 1/2 & 1/2, this girl was great! Started with a BJ, then she moved up and nibbled on my chest and then put her tit in my mouth to suck on, she wanted me to bite her nipples and to slap her ass. She acted like she was getting turned on (great actress or?),put on the cover and did her as she put her long legs over my shoulder then she wanted to go doggie and she moved to the edge of the bed and I did her standing. We went at it for about 30 min, finally told her I wanted her to finish me with a BJ, she told me with a laugh that she gave alot for 30bucks,told her I would give her an extra 5, she said OK. Finally got my nut and she cleaned me up. Took her back to where I picked her up, all the way there she was acting happy and laughing, nice to find a working girl with a great sense of humor! Back to the TITLE. 50 for the room, 80 for the first girl, 35 for the second girl. A great time, but way more then I planed to pay. I have to find another hobby, this is killiing me! Hope everyone had a great Christmas! topdog