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Whiskey Priest
01-06-05, 16:08
Does anyone else have Angela's number? PM me and I can swap you a # or two.

01-12-05, 21:33
I got busted picking up wsw right in front of an unmarked squad the other night i was freaking out I didn't see him. I don't want to name anyone or the district cause i just got lectured and was let go it pays to tell the truth sometimes I was lucky to run into a cool cop rare find.

Be Safe

Midwest Roam
02-06-05, 22:55
Checked out Mannheim on Superbowl afternoon, noticed some ladies outside the Lido, circled around and one made eye contact. Pulled in and met Wendy. Reddish blonde hair, petite but nice T&A, we used a room in the hotel, about the same cost as two dances at Bobby's, but much more fun.

Have untried digits, will verify later in the week. Have had major problems getting into this board to post, if I can get back in will post if digits work.


Packer Fan
02-17-05, 21:41
Just wondering if anyone has heard about LE problems at Bobby's. I went in there today, they had the big guy sitting in the back watching the dances, and they are not anywhere near what they used to be. Supposedly there was some trouble late last week, and one of the girls told me it would be like this for the next couple of months.

Jasper Malloy
03-01-05, 03:46
Can't speak to any LE problems at Bobby's, but dropped in the other evening and it was entirely business as usual.

Dick Hertz
03-03-05, 14:07
Was out on Mannheim north of Fullerton by the motels about 7 am and meet Stacy wsw about 5'4" rating of 6 nice boobs but you can tell that there once was bigger before she lost weight. Half an half for .4 got contact number but it is disconnected. I think she needed rent money. Was two others out around 9 am hope think are picking up. Also do anyone know about the Russian-American club because no work is being done there.

03-04-05, 14:25
It was in the papers last year. LE shut down the Russian Club,something to do with the mob(surprise!).

Dick Hertz
03-11-05, 08:41

I knew about it being closed be last summer the where people looking at the place and works fixing it up put I have not seen anything been done lately.

03-12-05, 01:32
I have been traveling a lot to O’Hare and noticed a little red head out on Mannheim. I wonder if it is Wendy that MIDWest's post is referring too. She is about 5'-8" to 5'-9" and knows when your looking as you drive by. The bad thing is every time I see her, it is from a distance or I turn around to park and make contact she disappears. Most of the time she has a white jacket on (winter type) and seems to be in a hurry, but friendly as she strolls. I have seen here around L Hotel and walking towards 64.

Any of you have digits or better confirm times she’s out, PM please.

As far as bobby's and LE. Some of the other providers (carls, playpen, Lou D's) have not said "things got tough at Bobby's" But about every 8 months or so the LE in stone park does check the club's, but cools down in about 2 months..

Member #4921
03-15-05, 08:05
Went to OSB for the first time in a while last night. There was a bouncer sitting behind the bar, and while a few girls let a little roaming hands happen in a discrete way, things were a little tamer. I was told that the owner sends in a bouncer, and they never know when he'll be there, but he's been there a lot lately. Maybe all these clubs are taking a little heat.

Got a series of dances from Saber, easily the hottest girl I've ever seen in any of these places. She's young and tight, with nice (implant) tits, short hair, a few piercings and tatoos. I could do without those, but the body and attitude make up for it.

She said she might go back to All Stars, where she used to work. Anyhow, it was a little tamer then usual, but she did a good job, and it was the most worthwhile time I've spent in any of those clubs.

03-19-05, 08:52
Went by OSB about 9 PM last night. Four patrol cars sitting out front, one with lights flashing, several LE standing around in front of the building. Something went down. Is it the end of OSB?

03-26-05, 15:10
OSB is still in business as usual- been a little weak on the women lately. Anbody getting any takout from OSB or Carl's please mention names no luck lately! What Days work?

Ken Blue Eyes
03-26-05, 21:40
Took my first trip to the fashion clubs on Good Friday in the early afternoon. First stop was playpen. One dancer, a black girl, 5 for looks, 8 or 9 for friendliness. This being my first visit, I was immediately struck by the lack of privacy at these clubs. The dances took place at the bar, and there were a couple of guys on either side of me looking on. The girl gave me the names and directions for a couple of other places for me to check out. Dance was 10. For being fully clothed dance, there was lots of friction.

Lou D's was next. Two younger girls, one dark blonde and the other hispanic, I danced with the dark blonde. 7 or 8 for looks, 8 for friendliness. Less friction in the dance for 10.

Couldn't find OSB (directions or my hearing must have been bad). Drove down Lake Street awhile, but the neighborhood started changing. Headed back to Manheim and down to Carl's.

I was the only guy in the place, and the three dancers swarmed all over me. Two hispanic girls, 3 for looks, 7 for friendliness. I danced with the heavier one. Lots of friction for 10. Then I danced with the young black girl. 8 for looks, 7 for friendliness, 9 for general hot dance.

Did not attempt take-out but the dance was very satisfying.

Went to Bobbie's. Very crowded. Lots and lots of dancers, and the best looking ones by far. Would have had to wait for a 20 dollar dance, and was pressed for time so took off. Bobbie's is in a strip mall behind the Burger King. Very weird location. I'm not surprised it gets some scrutiny. Bobbie's was the only place I was asked for i.d. I'm of legal age times two. I'd hit the fashion clubs again if I'm in the area. I'd rather have a fashion clothed dance, than a no touch nude one.


04-07-05, 18:14
Been visiting Carl's and OSB- Nothing lately. OSB used to have plenty of women kind of dead lately. And for Carl's well carls is carls i must be visiting on the wrong nights.

04-17-05, 05:48
Hey guys. I'm still "on leave" from the hobby, but I've checked in a couple times. RIP, Rockford. Man, I can't believe it. I wish they would have just sent those girls to the Chicago AMP's.

I just wanted to post a sighting this afternoon, about 2:30. A decent looking wsw, blonde, about a 6 on the sw scale, hangin' in front of the A&W on North Ave east of Wolf. Seemed to be waiting for someone specific. Surprising, because NPD is just down the street from there.

04-19-05, 16:31
Hey all-

LOTS of action on Manheim today. Saw at least 5 girls up and down between Grand and North. BUT< also, lots of LE> Pretty sure sting was going on near Belmont. Saw copule Cook County squads parked in alleyway. BE CAREFUL!

George W. Bush
04-19-05, 23:58
Tell you what I'll do-I'll put a big sign on the side of my car that says Free Donuts and drive by there. That'll get all those fat f**ks following me, and you guys can pick up the SW's.

04-20-05, 14:49
I'm not a regular around the Manheim area. However, I am familiar with the area, and some of the "activity." Just wondering if there is ANY good spot to pick anything up, since all I have ever seen, as well as read in the posts here, tells me that the LE is in full force! Just sounds a little too risky. Probably better off going into one of the clubs, and trying your hand there.

Take care.

04-21-05, 19:10
Mannheim and the area around the Lido used to be pretty good, but that has really changed in the last 60 days or so. First all the hoes got the "heave hoe" from the Lido, and I believe also from the El Dorado.

Second, LE is very intense. If you pull into the area outside the Lido you are taking a serious risk of being stopped. There are marked and unmarked cars in the area, including a rather sinister looking black unmarked car.

Still, there are a few girls around. TT hangs near the Lido and is constantly tweaking...sad as she was very good. A few others, but pretty much rockhounds.

In my opinion, there are better places to go now, although the best bet is taking the time machine back about 20 years :-)


Chi Guy
04-23-05, 09:21
To add to HHH's report, the sinister-looking black unmarked car is a Lumina. It has dark windows and I believe it also has a few extra antennas.

04-26-05, 18:00
Several months ago I got nailed by that black Lumina. Two male cops in the front and one female in the back. They drive around lurking waiting for someone to make a stupid move like I did. The funny thing about me was that they jumped so early no business was ever discussed with the girl at all. So technically I was just giving her a ride. However the cops knew who she was. Actually they pulled me over just suspecting because I did not do anything wrong in a driving mode.

Fortunately I was very lucky and after a very good ass chewing to me they let me go and hauled her in. I was told never to come back and believe me I have listened to their words. This was Franklin Parks finest at work.

So keep your eyes peeled and be very careful. Since that day I have not been back. Well, I have driven thru on my way to and from O'Hare and have seen girls out but have never even thought about picking anyone up.

Mr Peoria
04-29-05, 20:32
I just started working in Franklin Park. I saw a decent WSW, looks young with blondish hair, both times just north of the Russian club. Seen some scary looking post in here about LE so I'll keep watching for now. Both times I saw her was around 6:30 am.

I saw a gentlemans club on Grand about a mile west on Manheim, anything worth seeing?

Jasper Malloy
04-30-05, 23:00
I saw a gentlemans club on Grand about a mile west on Manheim, anything worth seeing?

That sounds like Allstars - west of Wolf?

I like that place, haven't been in many months (don't have as much interest in SCs lately), but the best you're likely to get out of there these days is a little bit of grinding. All the "interesting" girls don't seem to be around any more. On the other hand, you never know who's back... look for one of these three, and you might find something more (names omitted, but here's clues):

A girl whose name is a color on a traffic light.
A girl who's named for a motorcycle.
A girl whose name starts with what sounds like "naughty".

If you find yourself there, you might also want to give this Latina girl a try - big lips, big fake cans, sort of reminds me of Veronica Brazil. I had suspicions about her, but never got to confirm. And if you *do* wind up doing the research, let me know what you find...

Okey Guy
05-05-05, 20:08
I tried to upload some pictures of this girl from Playpen but it will not let me.

I think the picture size was too big?

1. How do I make the picture size smaller?



Okey Guy
05-05-05, 20:41
Took one out for some fun time.

She was great at PlayPen but she was better back at no tell motel.

I would see her again.

05-08-05, 13:36
Where are the finest looking dancers on mannheim or around the area? Just getting back in the business need advice. Went to One Step that place is way too overcrowded with dudes. Some body please help me out.

Mr Peoria
05-09-05, 23:27
Nice pics, can you share any rates?

We might be able to find her from her pics.

05-12-05, 00:24
Okey Guy - Great job with the pics and letting us know carry out is still available. What was the going rate & service?

Playpen- went in on Sunday around 11:00 PM nothing happening 1 worn out girl just hanging out at the bar. Maybe a bad time on Sundays no girls just dudes. Anyone know the time the girls show up?

Carls- drove by carls 3 squat cars outside the place. i didn't look to inviting so i jetted. Dont those pork chops have anything better to do like go arrest murderers.

05-13-05, 12:03
I passed through Mannheim about 9AM. Saw Wendy walking up from North Ave towards the Lido...I've discussed her before and don't recommend her.

A new blonde SW near the O'Hare kitchens. LE had been watching her pretty closely and she asked "wanna date" when I pulled up to her. This being Friday the 13th and her face looking like the centerfold of the Disease Control Center magazine, I passed.

Ran into Trish last Wednesday. I usually have mixed feelings about her. She did a decent $20 BBBJ in her hotel room, so perhaps she got a chit back. Skinny and aspires to being a 5 and has been known to have some of her pimps shake people down for money.


Chi Guy
05-13-05, 13:06

I saw Trish walking south on Mannheim about a week ago. She looked a lot worse than she looked the last time I saw her. Like you said, she has a history of having her pimp mess up a guy's day. I passed. I saw another brunette walking north, but she was absolutely stoned. She was all over the place on (and off) the sidewalk. A couple times, she stumbled onto the street. I was afraid someone was going to hit her. Once again, I took a pass on her. It's really been slim pickin's lately along Mannheim. Hopefully some more talent will appear soon.

05-16-05, 00:34
I must have had too much fun on Mannheim at one time...can't seem to pull away. Anyway, passed through this afternoon. Very slim pickings. BSW came to the Lido side from the Regal area. Didn't look good and waved her away.

Skanky 45-50YO on the other side in front of a house between the Regal and the 4 story Ho-Tel...gave the look, but I kept cruising.

LE doing some heavy cruising, and with no fish to catch, decided to head out. It is slowly sinking into me that this area sucks.


Dick Hertz
05-18-05, 06:50
Was out Tuesday about 7 am and saw a slim wsw on Manhiem just north of the apartment complex that I was going to pickup but on every corner there was constrution workers fixing the sidewalk. What a shame because she was the best thing I saw over he in months. She rated about a 6 and keep giving me the eye but too many people around for me. The only god thing is that LE is not out as much with the road work.

05-18-05, 15:19

Good call on your part. to stay away from that girl. LE has often disguised their folks as various workers. Even placing them among legit construction/utilitiy workers. A couple years ago, had folks posing as Public Works crew to nab drug dealers/SW. Even place them in cabs as drivers.

05-19-05, 17:54
I often cruise this area on my lunch hour just to see what's cookin', and have been doing this for months. The area has definately slowed considerably in recent weeks, but not quite dead. I'd say about 2 weeks ago, I was on my cruise when I spotted a wsw moving quickly sb in Fullerton area. I ran about 3 blocks ahead, parked, and waited. When she finally appeared, I gave a subtle head motion to get her attention, and she bit. She said that she had a hotel room nearby, which is unusual to me--they're usually needing $ up front to get a room, and I always decline as I am wary of being scammed. Then she added that she has a girlfriend!! Yep, my lucky day!! Went back to the room, and she had a knockout GF, body anyway. I was well taken care of for about 1.2, a little high but much better service than the street usually offers.

Then on Friday evening, I happened to be in the area and found some ladies behind the Eldo. I am ususally very cautious as Stone Park LE are ususally everywhere. There were a couple girls there, perhaps just leaving Carl's that needed a ride. I picked up and she had a room too. Went to the room, smoked a J, then got down to business. However, she was asking for more $ than I figured to offer, and she seemed to be stalling for time. Long story short, had CBBJ for .6 w/ happy ending.

During the noon cruise, I usually see a dark brown haired wsw, nice body (7?) along with some guy. Can't tell if this is a boyfriend, pimp, or mooch. Anyone have a story on this one?

Mr Peoria
05-25-05, 22:20
Seeing a few gals in the morning, I usually have to get gas once or twice a week at the Marathon just north of the Lido hotel.

Being sober in the morning & daylight & all the LE post. I have not had the balls to try negotiate. Any advice? Seems like you find a parking lot (weird as all stores still close) and hope she walks by you as you park 2 or 3 blocks down in the direction she is walking.

Seen some women at bus stops. Not sure if working or really waiting for a bus.

No way to share numbers of girls for everyones safety from the LE?

Mr Peoria
06-02-05, 20:58
Just North of Lake street saw a cute middle age hispanic lady walking south and looking lots over her shoulder, 2 blocks north the LE had a car pulled over. this was about 6:30 am.

I assume he was busted but I don't know if she was a cop or not. She was walking quickly so I think not, but just my guess.

06-11-05, 11:53
Has anyone ever seen Taylor from the strip clubs on Mannheim?

06-11-05, 16:33
Stopped in at OSB last night. Girls were all friendly, but most had a couple extra pounds. Veronica showed me her jewelry; rings in three lovely spots. Don't always get to see the southern locale, but she must have been in a trusting mood. The view was great. The girls all seemed interested in testing their braille skills; the sausage stayed wrapped of couse, but they certainly must have gotten a pretty solid idea of its dimensions.

06-15-05, 10:24
Cruised around Mannheim a bit...fairly sad. Saw Bonnie by the El Dorado, but passed. She looks good though.

Picked up Renee by the Lido. Not good. Ended up getting ripped off for a few bucks...wanted a room, then needed to go somewhere to get a key...I saw it coming but what the hell.

She took me to 409 14th st, went in a back door and skipped. I saw a drug drop happen about 5 minutes later. Two black guys in a Buick plate D40 5419 made the drop and some tall, reasonable attractive black woman (who looked like a BSW) was waiting outside for them, so clearly this was a set up to get some drug money. She asked me if I was waiting for Renee so this was certainly a repeat game. No big deal really to me though...it certainly eliminates any level of trust or respect for a SW, I guess the only approach is to simply get the service and drive off.

I've been pretty tentative on the hobby for a while now and this pretty much gave me clear evidence of some of the zero sum game that it comprises. A shame as I've had a lot of fun and met some nice girls.

Candy was walking near the Lido --- wanted $40...right...WTF

Trish was in a nearby alley...looked like hell, face all swollen...yuck.

Allison hung at the Lido, looked delicious, but wanted to get a room...I just wanted something quick and easy.


06-16-05, 18:19
I'm from out of state, but visited Chicago the last week and a half or so. Spent a lot of time on several nights cruising many neighborhoods, including the stretch on Mannheim from Lake to Irving Park or so. I have five tidbits to report.

First, I saw a cute Latina, probably 35-40, walking northbound on Mannheim. Possibly the same one Mr. Peoria reported on before. I first saw her around Tony's, and later she was still trudging north near Grand. I pulled into side streets intersecting her path twice, and she ignored me both times. After the second, I asked her if she needed a ride, and she said no. I think she's a civilian.

Second, around 2am on a Tuesday I found Candice near the Lido, then across the street at the liquor store. WSW, 24 years old, a little extra weight but fairly cute. I give her a 7.5 for SW looks. Took her back to my hotel. She offered BBBJ for .3 or FS for .6. Excellent service and attitude. Candice gave me a local address and cell phone number (usually kept off because it's a prepay). I won't share the number because I didn't get permission. I went to the address at 4am Wednesday night, but a clean-cut boyfriend type answered so I mumbled wrong door and didn't go back.

Third, on Tuesday or Wednesday in the early morning hours I saw an older blonde, maybe in her 50s. Decent body, face not so hot. She tried to flag me down on the street one block south of Fullerton, on the east side. I might have taken a look but she was with a tall guy with 70's-style feathered dark blonde or light brown hair. Don't know if it was a pimp or a friend, but I don't approach couples.

Fourth, on Tuesday night around 3am, I spotted a WSW, black hair past her shoulders, a little chunky. I'd guess Jewish. She walked to the liquor store a little north of the Playpen. I wasn't sure if she was working or not, so I watched her. She went into the store, then asked some black guys in the parking lot something, then kept walking north. I looped around the back alley and cut over to a perpendicular side street. She asked if I wanted a date, which I rejected (my standard anti-bust policy) and offered a ride instead. She said she did need a lift to Cicero/Lake, and I was hopeful we could arrange something. Just then, a cop car pulled up behind me (I think it was Stone Park, but your cities are so close together). I just kept rolling forward, and the cop didn't follow me. I looped back around and the cop was still talking to the chick. I moved on, never saw her again, or got her name either. Too bad.

Lastly, Thursday night there were a ridiculous number of young hotties at Noa Noa West on Lake for a "high energy foam party." Unfortunately, they were all civilians. I trolled around 4am-5am to see if anyone was stuck rideless when the party shut down, but no luck.

Anyways, thanks for a nice time in your neck of the woods. Candice was a good find, and I scored elsewhere too. Train your SWs to get into cars without asking about dates first. Better for them, better for us.

Chi Guy
06-17-05, 17:38

First of all, welcome to the windy city.

Second, thanks for the informative post. Not a whole lot of new info for those of us familiar with the area, but it may help others.

Last, I would consider yourself lucky with Candace (aka Candy). She ripped me off last year and has the reputation for doing it to others as well. Not worth any more effort on your part IMHO.

06-18-05, 02:58
I know it's on the Lake St. but I drive around and can never find that place.

Can anyone tell me a better direction?

So far I've been to Bobby's, Carl's, and Playpen and in my experience Bobby's has lot more girls and girls are lot more hot.

I wanna check out OSB next time. Please someone guide me.. there hasn't been a lot of reviews.

06-18-05, 17:27
OSB is on the south side of Lake St.

It is by 25th ave. Some nights are decent there the quality is just not there lately seems all the ladies moved to Bobbys. I haven't vistited there in a while.

06-18-05, 22:10
OSB is by 25th and Lake on Lake, south side of street. You cant miss.

Quality hasn't been that great lately and i is really crowded plan on standing around not a comfortable atmaosphere an ocasional hottie but goood luck on getting a dance the girls are usually tied up in the corners!

06-19-05, 19:11
I have to agree with Ponch. The setup, is cramped to say the least. Haven't travled there enough to comment on the talent, but the corner dances surrounded by people isn't my thang!

Take care

Tony Sop II
06-22-05, 14:44
Has anyone seen the redhead that used to or still does work at carls named maggie. As anyone seen her outside of carls.

Also I have been looking for one of the girls from the russian american club. She was a polish girl dark hair, nice enhanced rack. She used to also work lunch at hb's.

Big Bang II
06-22-05, 18:31
I was in the area today afternoon. Saw a BSW walking towards lido on manheim wearing black top. Didn't had time to check around. anybody had luck.


06-23-05, 19:22
Unless OSB moved, it is on Lake St.east of 19th St. on the south side of the street. Next to a bank.

06-24-05, 13:58
Was at Carls yesterday.

At least four nice looking girls working. One had a black leather outfit and had two guys in handcuffs!

Bartenders pretty hot too. According to the signs in the restroom, she a playmate of the year. That seems a little hard to believe. She not that quality.

Mid afternoons are a good time to go. All independents now.

06-25-05, 14:54
Yeah that bartender is Deja. She used to dance there. She's pretty good looking.

Extras can be arranged with her.

06-28-05, 13:07
I found out that the Cook County cops did a fathers day sting on Mannheim Rd.near Fullerton. SO,be careful-It is the STING season!!!

Tony Sop II
06-29-05, 17:47
I was at carls this past weekend and had a dance from a short black girl with a nicly enhanced rack. Great dance very flexible any ever have any take out from her? I think I heard people calling her Shorty. I have seen her before at Bobbys and the Playpen.

07-05-05, 20:53
Anyone getting lucky with any women at Carls? Any girls worth getting dances from?

07-07-05, 23:34
I saw Sheri and the lovely srawny-ass Trish walking around on a side street about a block South of Fullerton just off Mannheim. I passed on Trish, but Sheri looked OK and we talked for a while. She is clean of drugs and booze now and in fact in rehab.

She has grown tits back and while a little thick has mainly gained weight in the right places.

Tried to get a cheap room with her, but she had ID problems, etc. and we ended up driving around and getting partial BBBJs in about 5 different locations in the neighborhood before we said the hell with it and headed for the suburbs where she had a court appointment.

Finished the deed in a park in the burbs and I dropped her off at a courthouse.

Said she'd be back next Wednesday AM. She made a good effort, but not sure that it was a total quality experience. Sure was persistant and stuck with the task though. No contact info, but look for her out there. Tall blonde.

Says the El Dorado is closed down, at least to the trade.


Tony Sop II
07-14-05, 15:27
I saw who I think was trish. Tall blonde and very skinny around carls any info please pm me.

Mr Peoria
07-20-05, 23:08
Is it worth hanging in the bar in the afternoon for action?

07-22-05, 22:28
Trish has brownish hair, thin, about 5' 4 or so. Not pretty, but good trim figure if you like em that way.

Tall thin blonde might have been Sheri, but she is not so thin now. If down by Carl's might have been Wendy or another who's name I forget now.

I don't think the bar by the Lido has any action. Seems to be very Hispanic, pickup truck or bondo-wrapped Toyota crowd. Lido is in essence, shut down. I have NEVER seen anything happening there.


Mr Peoria
07-25-05, 20:56
Stopped by for a few beers after work. No cover til 8 pm. I talked with Dallas that said the dances were $30 which I thought was way high for the avg talent I saw dancing on stage. Miller lite $5 which is about right.

I thought I saw a web site the other day say dances were $10 but can't find the URL. I never got around to asking about anything else.

07-27-05, 11:24
Mr Peoria,
Alot of the girls quote higher prices, because most guys will not question it for fear of being thought of as a cheapskate. The going price was actually $20 the last time I was there. Next time you're in the area, head over to Bobby's or OSB instead. You'll get better mileage.

Jasper Malloy
07-27-05, 18:21
Alot of the girls quote higher prices, because most guys will not question it for fear of being thought of as a cheapskate. The going price was actually $20 the last time I was there. Next time you're in the area, head over to Bobby's or OSB instead. You'll get better mileage.
I, hmm. Either prices at Allstars has actually gone down, or I've been consistently been misquoted by all for years.

It's a "gentleman's club", to be sure, with the prices set as is common with such establishments, but I've also (over the course of the last couple of years) gotten better mileage (and observed others experiencing better mileage) at this place than I ever have at say, Carl's or OSB. Of course, this varies based upon your staff choices, and perhaps this speaks to the sort of experiences I've had at those other places, but the potential is definitely there.

07-28-05, 02:10
I went to Carl's and had dance with a black girl, didn't get her name. She danced for 4 songs and told me that she did 5. I told her I only had .9 and she still wanted $. I told her I would hit the ATM outside and be back and she wouldn't let me go. For .1 i had to hit the ATM in the bar and pay .05 for atm and use and outta state fee. She is black and skinny one. Also, she didn't even ask me if I want her to keep dancing. I would had got much better going to AMP with that.

07-28-05, 11:04
Here's the scoop. The regular, advertised, price for the dances in the vip area are $30.00. From 3:00-5:00 and again later in the night (not sure of the times) The price goes down to $20.00. You can also get table side dances for $10.00-$15.00 but they are a total waste. Plenty of grinding and fun in the VIP area.

Also, there have been some recent "relaxing" of policies.


07-28-05, 12:20
Same deal happened with me at carls. Hoe by the name of tina shes there late night and definetely does extras. She tells me i owe her 120 for 6 dances - she only gave me freakin 2 dances the rest of the time shes talkin to me about her freaken drug problem. I think im movin back to osb.

Who Ami 2
07-29-05, 03:43
Went to Carls yesterday at 1:30am. Girl called Roxana(??). short but nice rack. She gave one of hottest dance I have ever seen to one guy. She let this guy play and suck her tits so many times. I wish I would had been that guy.

07-30-05, 08:25
Jasper & Vegasmike,
Thanks for clearing up the confusion. I've only gone there after work a couple times, so that's why I thought it was $20. I did have a couple girls tell me $30 last time I was there. I thought they were trying to get a little extra out of me. Must've been after 5. It's been a few years since I've been there. DO the relaxed policies warrant another visit?

08-01-05, 09:02
I saw what appeared to be a sting near the LIdo last Thursday. Tall, slightly hard looking blonde, nice chest...too nice for the area. About 10PM.

LE was down the side street had someone stopped. Of course it could have been coincidental but I'd never seen the girl before, so it sounded like a sting.

The whole area is pretty sparse on talent now so I think greener pastures may be in order.


08-01-05, 17:54
Well I think im gonna retire from the mannheim strip clubs they re nothing like they used to be going back maybe 5-6 years ago. The whole mannheim in general is getting cleaned up. ill take a break for a few months maaybe some new talent will get hired!

08-03-05, 12:00
I haven't been to All Stars in a while. I was also wondering if the relaxed rules merit another visit. Does anyone know?


Law Dawg
08-08-05, 14:29
I picked up Michelle Friday night around 1 AM by the trailers behind Playpen. She is slender and probably a user. However gives good service and had a hotel. It was .5 for 1/2 and 1/2 CIM for completion. I have her didgits for senior members that contruibute.

Dick Hertz
08-14-05, 06:31
Was out Saturday morning and saw Stacy on Manheim near Fullerton. She still is looking good rate 6 but she must be using because she is losing her boobs. They got smaller and starting to shag but a nice half and half for .4. Also it looks like some eastern european girls are working out of one of the bars because two times I've seen them walking to the motel at the location above and they would give me the look but would not stop. If anyone knows more please pm me.

08-21-05, 12:43
Not to give them credit if they are reading this, but the black plain wrapper LE car is all over Mannheim around Fullerton. He is right on top of any girl walking alone between Armitage and Grand. One WSW I started to follow was immediately followed down a side street so needless to say I went away.

Some girl waiting for a ride sat on the edge of a flower bd on Grand and Mannheim and he was on her like flies on shit.

Very aggressive and not worth it for the little that is out there now.


08-21-05, 18:47
Adding to Hoehoehoe's comments, that black car is a Lumina. They usually have two guys a one lady LE in the car, and yes they will be on you like flies on S**T. Any girl walking in the area technically has a police escort, no PUN intended. It was those guys that got me about a year ago but I was the lucky one where they let me go and hauled the girl in. I was told not to return and believe me I have taken that advice to heart out there.

You must keep your eyes open in that area.

08-28-05, 18:11
Its been about 6 months since I have been to Mannheim. Whats new on the strip. Im really interested in finding some latinas. Any walking the strip these days. Not any when I was there. I do remember this girl from the playpen. Was a really good looking latina. Young and a little taller. Very good looking. Anyone know who Im talking about? Also, since I have been out of the loop for a while, what is the best place in the Chicago area to get a latina these days? Thanks

08-29-05, 18:40
Yeah, that tall Latina, I think shes probably like 6-3 or 6-5 with glasses at Playpen. Shes there at night all the time. Shes kind of ghetto.

How about a blond named Taylor, a little older, used to be at Playpen. Anyone know where to find her?

09-05-05, 13:10
I strolled Mannheim after work last night around 9:00pm from lake st. to Grand. I saw a couple of LE, only action was a Latino walking back and forth next to her pimp who was black. Pimps make me nervous, and I was in my tiny sports car, so I passed.

A week ago I was stopped for a car violation by unmarked car, I believe it was a navy blue Ford Torus. The cop had a batman shirt on.

09-06-05, 11:45
Picked up Wendy last week mid afternoon. She's 30's, blonde and fairly thin. Body was hot...7-8, face was not...5, performance was good...7. CBJ with good technique for $40. I have digits if you need them and are a senior member.

Fork Please
09-15-05, 01:02
Was out near Mannehiem rd on Monday night in the early evening and decided to run through that dogged out strip. I've had luck parking in motel lots and waiting...sometimes I even honk my horn a couple of quick times and sort of watch the windows. This has worked a few times for me and so...i do this.

I was parked in front of the O'hare kitchenettes, the small one (I think there are two, same owners). I was sitting there for a bit and then pulled out of my spot to continue my search and I glanced up for one more scan of the windows and the area and I see what looked like a female in one of the windows on the second floor looking out. I stop and lean over and look up and she see's me and sort of locks on and then gives me a subtle wave.

So, I re-park and go up the stairs and go to the room and the door opens and i walk in and theres this woman. sort of older maybe 40, not tooo bad. She was nice and asked if I wanted to "party". I say yeah and rates? And she says 20 and 40. I say ok and she asks to see my equipment to prove the cop thing. So I oblige and then I tell her I have to run and get some more money and and she says "get some rubbers too".

So I go to the convenience store across from the Lido and take care of biz and then I go back and knock. The door opens and we "party". It was a pretty damn good party, she had just about everything.

I haven't had any luck like that over there in years. Her roommate, another 40 ish gal was stooping next to the door, outside, waiting for us to finish when I left. She goes, "damn took you long enough", and it did.

She said she'd be there for a few days but you never know with these girls.

Dick Hertz
09-22-05, 04:34
Stejo: Sorry for the late reply but I was hurt in a auto accident but I'm back. I never saw Stacy with anyone so I don't know if we talking about the same person. With Cindy she made alot of hints for extra but wanted to visit more and at 20 buck a dance I started going to asian apartments. Sorry that I can't give you better info.

09-26-05, 12:12
Found her a while ago. Says she charges .3 for bj .6 for fs. Decent service.

Attempted to get her attention two times since. Her game seems to be upselling stating that she is waiting for someone that is going to give her 1.5 and .9 on separate occasions. More power to her.

I will not be going for that action.

She gave me contact info, think it is outdated though. Also, when picked up she gave a different name (don't remember what it was) before writing Candace.

Tony Sop II
09-28-05, 00:37
Went to Bobbys tonight and had a great dance from a girl named stephanie curly black hair and nicely enhanced rack. Was wondering if anyone had sampled anything else that could be on her menu? She did not make any advancements but overheard some things from bartenders. Also the fat doorguy was yelling at her to do airdances and not lapdances. He also had her showing him how she was giving dances, he used himself as the "customer".

Ant info let me know.

09-28-05, 09:08
Did the stroll down Manheim last night, all the way from Irving to Lake. Man was Leo out in force. Every few blocks a trooper had someone pulled. I made about four passes; saw a few WSW’s and one BSW. I was too nervous to stop.

Darn Leo.

09-30-05, 20:19
Was cruising through Mannheim on my usual lunch break mission. The offerings have been pretty lame for a while. On this day, saw a WSW heading north. Drove ahead and finally picked up at Denny's. Her name was Ally, and I remember that I had picked her up a few months ago. Good BOD, but looked better from a distance as her face was a tad pock-marked, didn't seem to matter as my best look at her was the back of her head. She was in a happy mood and talking fast, so she was most likely on something, needing more. Found a decent spot and did CBJ for .3, no tip requested. I usually don't do well with a cover, but she did an admirable job.

Its interresting that there are many of these girls that are out for a few days, then gone for months.

10-06-05, 12:38
Went to the Playpen the other night.

Two decoys in parking lot and cops in darkened windowed car waiting to bust.

This was Tuesday night 10/4, around 9pm to 11pm.

10-10-05, 09:31
Has anyone seen a blond, nice body, fake boobs, mid 30's. I saw her a few times around Fullerton, and around the Ohare Kitchenettes South. I think her name was Lori, or maybe Shelby or something. I haven't seen her around for about a month. I have a picture but if she sounds familier or if anyone has seen her out and about lately I would apperciate seeing her again.

No Id
10-19-05, 13:00
Did the stroll at Mannheim the other day. Went to Bobs for the first time, and it was the best, it was the first time I was able to fully touch up and and down, and suck on some nips. The girl (they always tell me thier names but I don't bother to remember) was white around 30 reddish hair and bright blue eyes. Great time, her hands were always on my buddy, but she wouldnt let me whip it out, maybe next time. Next was carl although there was alot of pretty girls, only one asked me for a dance so I left soon afterwards, playpen was next but it was dead and the girls working that night were not top line, Last was louie which was also kind of dead, but the I had to get a dance from this hottie latina (no name but she wears glasses) not bad especially at $5 a dance. In all not bad but I miss the anything goes attitude they had at the RAC. (russian american club) oh well.

On a side note is O. Ne S. Tep B. Eyond still open and if yes where is it, reply or pm me if you know.

Dick Hertz
10-19-05, 23:18
Was out tonight about 8 and meet AK, her real name I could not pronouce, on Manheim S of Grand. She a wsw in her mid thirdties looks rate 6 but 9.9 on her preformance. She from Croatia and for .5 did one of the best half and half I ever had. No contact number.
Also on sunday morning about 7 meet Sassy. Early twenties wsw with a small belly which I could not see because of her cloth but nice boobs with that was preirs look was a 6. for .25 bid a bbbjtccim but was all speed. Sometime I like it to start slow and end fast with some tongue in the middle.

No Id OSB is still open if you can find a place to park.

Like Rubntug
10-20-05, 21:37
Anybody know if Saber still works at OSB?

10-23-05, 10:29
Here's a link on a federal lawsuit challenging prostitution stings in Stone Park.


10-23-05, 12:52
I don't think takeout is available from Cindy, although she looks and talks like it would be hahah. Also Stejo, I have seen girls in their cars down by north look out for a blk mustang. Shes always shouting out.

10-23-05, 23:08
I met AK about a year ago in Chicago on Lincoln north of Peterson. She was staying at one of the nearby motels at the time... she gave me her number, but I was never able to get in touch with her.

She was truely one of the best experiences I've ever had cruising. Amazing BBBJCIM, allowed all kinds of access and was practically begging for a full date.

I'm going to have to take a drive out west to see if I can spot her!


The Icon
10-26-05, 07:45
Went down Mannheim for the first time in months, and noticed the El Dorado Motel is closed. It brought back some great memories... I can't tell you how many times I had take out from Playpen or Bobby's at that place. Probably one of the crappiest motels I've ever been in, but yet, I kept going back. It was the atmosphere that made it exciting. I'll never forget ringing the doorbell at the front desk, and waking up the Pakastani guy every single time to give us a room. aaaah....the good old days.

10-26-05, 18:24
Years ago,the motel at North Ave.and Mannheim that is now the Days Inn,it used to be called the Melrose Park Inn. It was really sleazy. Hookers used to hang out along the south end of the building by one of the doors. You would pull up,make a date,park your car,then go to the room they had.And of course,they would trolling that back lot as well. This was back in the eighties and the majority of the ladies were black.I'll never forget one that called herself BEATRICE. What a great piece of ass.

Whiskey Priest
10-28-05, 16:39
I had an hour to kill lastnight, which rarely happens anymore, so I took my usual ride up and down Mannheim from Lake to Grand a few times.

Lake to North was dead. There was some OBVIOUS (too obvious?) big black girl infront of the book shop. Saw her four or five times walking from book shop to White Hen to book shop to White Hen. Wasn't my type so I continued.

From the tracks by O'Hare towing to Grand though was a different story. Saw 5 or 6 girls, 20-30, 2 or 3 which seemed pretty hot. But by the time I was able to position myself for a talk, they'd get picked up by someone else or were walking back in the other direction. There was a younger black chick, but when she got to the window I changed my mind.

One girl I am interested in but never got to talk to. late 20's early 30's dark hair, long hair, in pony tail. She was probably 5'8", seemed in shape. Black jeans tucked into black, black calf-high boots. Anyone know her?

Sad to see Michelle was not out. Hope she's doing ok.

10-30-05, 10:32
Buffalo Grove woman accused of prostitution at her condo

By Avian Carrasquillo
Daily Herald Staff Writer
Posted Friday, October 28, 2005


A Buffalo Grove woman has been charged with prostitution following a Buffalo Grove police investigation.

Police said they received an anonymous tip that 34-year-old Ying Hong Cui, of 1716 Johnson Drive, Unit 114, had been performing sex acts out of her condominium in exchange for money.

Following that tip, police did records checks and set up video surveillance monitoring Cui’s activities.

She was taken into custody shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday after she offered to perform sex acts with an undercover officer in exchange for money, police said.

Buffalo Grove police Cmdr. Mike Soucy said that at the time of her arrest, Cui stated she had been a Buffalo Grove resident for only a couple of days, but surveillance showed that she had been a resident for a few months.

Soucy said that Cui has a prior arrest in August for prostitution in New York and had been advertising in the magazine Chicago After Dark listing her telephone number to attract clients.

According to police, Cui is not currently employed.

She was released after posting $100 bond and given a court date of Nov. 14 in Waukegan.

Prostitution is a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted, Cui faces up to a year in jail.

10-30-05, 21:14

About what time were you strolling down Manheim? I've tried this route at all different and have never seen much at all but alot of LE that usually scares me away. I haven't cruised Manheim in at least 6 months.

Whiskey Priest
10-31-05, 10:23

About what time were you strolling down Manheim? I've tried this route at all different and have never seen much at all but alot of LE that usually scares me away. I haven't cruised Manheim in at least 6 months.

Between 7 and 8 pm.

Also cruised around there on Saturday afternoon. Again saw three girls out, one of which was really tall (6' maybe) with REALLY long brown hair, down to about her ass I'd have to say. She was hanging around O'hare Towing. I circled a few times trying to get into a well timed position, but after my third or fourth loop she was gone.

This was at around 3/4pm

I will check it out during lunch today.

Whiskey Priest
10-31-05, 15:42
Looks like luck finally hit me.

Met Ashley from FL outside of the Econolodge on Mannheim around 12:30. Tall, thin, bleach blonde hair, late 20's. On a street scale, she's a 8 in looks, 7 in performance. Insisted on a rubber for BJ, but whatever. A little on the pricey side, but all in all was worth it. Have her numbers. We plan on getting together this afternoon for some quality time in her room.

11-03-05, 02:52
Hit Mannheim Wednesday late and saw a few out. Connected with "Mira" around Thornton's.

Mira wanted $50, I said NFW, she quickly settled on $20 with a $10 tip potential. Very good bbbj. We got into it for a few minutes and she said "do you want to touch me" and pulled her pants off and allowed all I wanted of her unshaven very clean koochie.

Dropped her off back on Mannheim.

Saw a blonde out walking just South of the Lido...looked good but Mira was already in the car. Mira is a WSW, dark hair, about 40 YO, but trim, decent face, not much on top, but good on the bottom.


Whiskey Priest
11-07-05, 13:16
Looks like the girl from the Mannheim Econolodge found a spot on the net: http://midnightchicago.com/visiting-erica-2.htm

Same number she gave me too.

Luv Nooke
11-12-05, 09:32
Is this the price she offered you too? Wow, $$$.5?

11-13-05, 00:59
I cruised about half of the civilized world last night and saw damned near nothing out there. Started in North Chicago...nada...then Mannheim...not a soul in sight...some intense LE, but no SW...then through Monroe...then up Cicero to Chicago, to Pulaski, to North...finally connected around Pulaski and Grand (yeah, I know, not this board).

Is there nothing even alive on Mannheim any more? I mean, I'll kick over dead snakes to see if they are female, but there weren't even any of them out.


Whiskey Priest
11-13-05, 11:20
Is this the price she offered you too? Wow, $$$.5?

$150 for FS when on Mannheim

Tony Sop II
11-17-05, 05:10
I was looking for more info on two dancers at Bobbys, Gina and Maggie. Was wondering if there is anything besides dances on the menu?

No Id
11-21-05, 10:29
I was looking for more info on two dancers at Bobbys, Gina and Maggie. Was wondering if there is anything besides dances on the menu?Thats funny you mention that. I had a dance with Maggie and told here we should hook up, she said yeah and took my phone and put her # down and gave me her "real" name, called a few days later and got her voicemail, the funny thing is, is that we didnt fully get into what "hang out" means so I not sure what 2 expect. Well I'll let you all know what happens

Bothan Spy
11-24-05, 22:39
Looks like the girl from the Mannheim Econolodge found a spot on the net: http://midnightchicago.com/visiting-erica-2.htm

Same number she gave me too.

I don't get her rate schedule. Why are there 2 different (drastically different) rates for incall/outcall? She's pretty cute though!

11-30-05, 11:06

I think it is a typo and the $175 is a half hour rate.


11-30-05, 17:11
I've been there many times just wanted to let you all know there is a cute little asian girl that works there days that gives great Ld's lots of touching both ways. Take a couple of songs and she will let you roam. Worth it. One step is on Lake St.

Mr Peoria
12-05-05, 23:27
7:30 am a really cute blonde standing alongside a building on east side of mannheim, got a good look at her while light was red about 2 blocks south of Grand.

But other side of building (4o feet) was a scraggy guy with a beard.

Wish I would have had time to pull over and see if she was real, especially as cold as it was this morning.

The Screws
12-14-05, 11:30
Did the stroll last night, missed out on a chubby blonde near the old russian club, fellow monger in a pickup beat me too her.

Saw another up near grand, but looks like all the skinny crack heads are too cold to go out in this weather.

12-22-05, 17:23
I have a feeling that a new one that just started working, can be had outside the club.

Always has money problems and needs a ride to and from.

Little skinny blonde thing. Check it out.

Joe Hart
12-22-05, 20:37
Haven't posted for a while but I have been lurking and enjoying the benifits. I'v heard a rumor that Wendy mentioned here a while back is now in jail for some problem with another worker in the area. (Thersa?).

Sounds like pretty heavy charges. Guess that's why we haven't seen info on Wendy lately. I did meet her once and thought she was cool. But, you never know. Anyone have more info?

Wombat Jones
12-23-05, 11:23
Fellow Hobbyists

I made an excursion to a couple of the dance halls on Manheim and on Lake Street (bobby’s and OSB) The other two have never offered me much of anything making me want to go beck.

Had some extra time and extra money so I started at OSB. Good results but I’ll talk more of that later.

I decided to give Bobby’s a shot and went there for a while. There was only one girl I recognized and she was asleep at the bar. Got two dances from two different girls and both were not worth the money. Limited touching at best. I decided to go back to OSB.

Got the girl I had earlier. Medium height small and a bit skinny (just what I like) Had a few more dances. Lots of mutual touching both ways. I asked and found out that she does “private dances” I got digits and will call her soon.

I’m not mentioning any names. I don’t think that would be too cool for the girl. The owners really don’t encourage dating while on the job I just want people to know that take out is often available.

Later, a very tall thin brunette came in. I knew her from Bobby’s in the past. I was never thrilled with her service but she said that for the same price as at Bobby’s I would have full roaming privileges. I said OK and I did.

Talking with her,she indicated that Bobby’s is under new management/ownership. The fired a lot of girls and are no longer as liberal with their touching policy.

Well, I’m going back to OSB today and will visit my special friend after the holidays.

Wombat J

The Screws
12-28-05, 12:06
Was on my way to Carl's on Tuesday night, and watched as Stone Park LE was taking a guy out in cuffs. So i passed and went to Bobby's, there parked in front of the door was another LE.

Took the hint, and went home!

Can't a guy spend his X-mas Cash!!!!