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03-16-05, 16:32
Finally got to check out Bradenton this afternoon. Focused my search on 14th Street W. between Cortez Road and 8th Avenue. Saw a couple of WSW's at around 2 PM...picked up a chunky 25-year old blonde...$20 for BBBJCIM. I wasn't able to take a photo but I snapped a couple on another provider as soon as I dropped the chunky blonde off. The girls were walking near where the motels are concentrated - between 30th & 21st Avenue on 14th street.

I cruised for about 30 minutes. I know that they had a sting in the area about 3 weeks ago. Nevertheless, the WSW's are back! I can't wait to do a night time cruise soon, hopefully, during the summer months.

Be safe and let's resurrect the Bradenton board.

04-13-05, 06:56
After a brief hiatus, had the opportunity to cruise Bradenton yesterday am (04/12) early, around 5:30 to 6:30. Used to be able to find talent most days on the Trail at this time, but was slow today. Saw 2 WSW, a little rougher than I would prefer. One BSW I was scared to even drive by, much less pick up. Have the girls moved on or is morning just no good anymore?

Madra Bid Dog
04-13-05, 17:24
Yes Bradenton and Sarasota been a LOT slower lately. I think the girls are moving away for the season and the heat is keeping them in till nite time. Ive been out there 3 days cruising for a while but found nothing. only two roughers ones and one that dissapeared super fast. It used to be FULL of ladies a few months back!

04-22-05, 06:54
Cruised Bradenton Wednesday 04/20. Not much action, saw a ton of LEO around and decided to head south to Sarasota. A little better luck there (posted in Sarasota board). Were they running a sting in Bradenton Wed., saw one WSW that looked a little "too good" if you know what I mean, acting suspicious, cops in a lot a couple of blocks up the street.

Hard Working 19
06-14-05, 16:58
see my post under Florida Craigslist reviews, Tampa Bay.

09-20-05, 19:32
I will be in the Bradenton/ Sarasota area on Thursday, coming in from Boston, staying for the weekend. Can any body recommend a few strip clubs in the area for me to visit.

Thanks in advance,


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09-23-05, 23:20
I recommend -

Cheetah on 301 south of university pkwy - if you are looking for Full nude (only full nude in the area)

Peek-a-boo on 41 North of airport. Cosy but good looking women.

Cleopatra - though the girls are only 3-4 but they give good value for your bucks when you take personal dance.

Most of these clubs, if you get in before 8 pm, the cover charge is only $5 and at about 8pm, there is a 2-for-1 dance specials in almost all these clubs.


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09-27-05, 08:17
Picked up Donna about 5:30 this morning on the west side of 41 in front of the trailer park south of 53rd ave. She was standing by the road and stuck out her thumb, I stopped and she hopped in and asked if I was UP for anything this early. A jackson for a CBJ (cover was my choice). Nothing to brag about but well worth the price. She is about 5'6" 135, medium brown hair, about a 5 in the looks dept. on my sw scale and didn't appear to be on anything. Say's she has no "regular" stroll but usually in this area or further south near airport. I'd do her again.

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12-02-05, 11:55
Had to make a trip to Oneco last night and was driving west on 57th Ave. from 9th st. around 8:00 when I spot this girl all dressed in black walking along the side of the road just before 3rd st.

I’m moving slow due to the construction and she gives me a smile, opens her jacket (I can see she’s wearing a tank top with a little belly showing but it’s too dark to make out any detail) and gives a little wave. I pull up and stop and she hops in and say’s HI I’m Sarah, I sez Helloo, I’m Dave what are you up to? Pretty much anything she say’s, cool I answer and pull away heading for a dark secluded spot. Along the way we chit chat a little and I tell her I have a Jackson and two Lincolns in my pocket and she agrees to provide a BBBJCIM for that.

I pull into my spot and she takes off her jacket and pulls the tank top over her head and off, I now get a good look at her and realize that she is really quite pretty, about 5’4” and maybe 110 brown hair with pretty little firm titties. Looks like my lucky night! I pull out Mr. Happy and she leans over and begins to work on it as I reach under to squeeze those sweet tits. She has a pretty good oral skills and it’s feeling good as I slide my hand back over her butt and down the between her legs. She looks up and say’s you want to play with that? Sure, say’s I and she sits up, pulls her pants down to her ankles and goes right back to work! Well now I’m really having a good time. As I continue to pet the kitty she begins to respond with a little moaning and humping her butt around so I keep rubbing that thing and then she sits up again and asks, “you got a condom?” Yep say’s I, “well put it on and fuck me” she say’s and proceeds to pull her pants the rest of the way off. I’ve NEVER had this happen before but what the hell, why not so I slip cover on it and she lies back on the seat and spreads her legs. Now I have a real phobia about getting crabs, I got them one time about 20 years ago so now I always look very closely before I put my pecker in anything so I turn on the light. This girl is very clean with clear soft skin and no marks anywhere, VERY nice. Her pussy was well groomed and has those ‘puffy, outy’ kind of lips that just make me wicked hard so off goes the light and in goes me. Had it mish, then doggie and back to mish for a muscle wrenching finish. (By the way vitamin V makes me last much longer, I love it). Well I’m winded and she has a smile on her face as we clean up and get dressed while chatting some more and I ask if she would like a cup of coffee before going back out into the cold, she say’s ok so off to Perkins we go. We had coffee and those huge muffins they make spent about an hour talking, to make a long story short she is 24, from Minnesota, came here with her high school sweetheart who married her and promised her the world but wound up bringing her here, likes to drink a good portion of his paycheck and she found out he’s been “putting his pecker in places it don’t belong” for several months now. She decided to get even by getting some strange for herself and make some spare cash for herself while doing it. I asked her for digits but she said no, she said when she is out it is only in the evening (he works 3 to 11 shift) or Saturday mornings (he goes out to play then) and usually in the area where I found her. We finished up and left to take her back and I told I was getting a woody just thinking about her Sooooo for another Jackson I went back to the parking spot and hit it again! Man what a great time. If you find her take good care of her, like to keep this one around and happy for a while.

Be safe