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04-10-02, 05:06
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Geb A^2
04-14-02, 13:43

Pls lets keep this A^2 posting board filled with quality, and informative posts.

I was wondering if anyone had an update on SW's in Yspi along Michigan Ave., Pearl St. or anywhere else. Have you seen any there lately and a description of any experiences you may have had would be helpful as well. I am looking to find action from black women.

I also had a question about a possible new AMP in Ann Arbor called, "A2 Therapy Massage" 2385 E. Stadium. It is open late and advertises in the sports section so I am hoping...

Thank You

side note: Why do AMP continue to try and open up in Ann Arbor?
Although it is an ideal area familiar to many U of M grads with money you know that there is always a chance of getting shut down.

Ypsi makes much more sense to me. Area still familiar to UM grads. Lease probably cheaper. Many excited customers leaving Deja-Vu, Leggs, the xxx book/movie store, Velvet Touch, and guys looking for SW's. Politicans want to keep Ann Arbor free of places like these, but could care less about the poor stepchild Ypsi.

Joe Zop
04-15-02, 09:45
I haven't heard anything yet about A2 Massage -- anyone else?

>Why do AMP continue to try and open up in Ann Arbor?

Keep in mind that until the recent crackdown AMPs operated pretty freely for a very long time. New Tokyo was around for about 20 years...

And Ypsi has also gotten considerably less hospitable of late as well, as they're actively trying to get business back in the downtown area, and have created some new ordinances and shut down a couple of adult businesses. Be wary, as well, of the SW scene along Michigan, as they're doing a lot of stings.

It seems pretty bleak in the area right now -- the last time I was in Leggs all the girls were covered -- a new township ordinance that the management feels is aimed specifically at killing them off. Given that you can just head down Michigan Ave another 15 minutes or so to reach a bunch of topless places, Leggs is either going to have to do some major adjusting (such as radically dropping prices -- yeah, right) or it might not last long. It was certainly dead when I was there.

05-20-02, 23:14
does anyone know anything about this place called cypress spa? i have seen it in the paper a few times but have never checked it out please let me know about it if you know anything thanks

Joe Zop
05-20-02, 23:38
Everything I've heard about Cypress is that it's not full service -- manual at best.

10-22-02, 03:24
I haven't checked it out but one of the Detroit sports pages ran an ad for A Square Massage. An asian woman answered when I called. Said an hour's rate was $80. They're located on East Stadium.

Been to World Spa in the last month and although I liked the woman attendent, they still don't do anything. There's a reason why that place stays open while all the others close.

10-31-02, 17:57
ampitis, I was in World Spa in mid-September. Pat gave me the wildest ride of my life. Check her out.

11-04-02, 12:13
I'll be in Ann Arbor this coming weekend and looking for info about SWs and/or AMPs. Sounds like it's pretty dead in the area, but if anybody has some info it would be greatly appreciated.

11-04-02, 21:14
Go less than an hour east and south and try Windsor. The independent girls are gorgeous and delightful and escorting is legal. A great time can be had with a short-time hotel stay for $20 American (try the Bestway on Huron Church Rd). The Ladies cost $80-180. Agencies charge more because of the middle-man costs and YMMV. Independents, with rare exception, are a GFE/PSE in Windsor.

11-05-02, 11:36
damarushi: Thanks for the suggestion and I have thought about it, although I didn't want to drive that far, would rather find something local. Can anyone point me to some active strolls? Is there still any action on Michigan Ave. in Ypsi?

11-11-02, 13:22
Cruised Michigan in Ypsi around midnight and it was pretty dead, but I was able to find Amanda near Your Motel. She stays at the motel, but said she couldn't have company in her room or they'd kick her out. So, we parked a few blocks away and I had a very enjoyable BBBJ for 30. Seemed a little high, but she was worth it. BTW, she mentioned that the area was still pretty hot, so be careful out there.

11-12-02, 16:53
new lingo i am not familiar with....."PSE"?

11-12-02, 20:59
GFE= Girl Friend Experience
PSE= Porn Star Experience

Definitions of a PSE would vary from person to person but might probably include BBBJ to completion with lots of slober/visual toungue play with the pre-cum, facials or shots on breast, anal, DATY (oral on her) and a lot of positions with lots of energy, MSOG (multiple shots on goal); perhaps some provacative or dirty talk by the provider, faked or real orgasms, etc.

11-18-02, 18:45
Detroit news story on Ypsi Township bust:

Seven Men Busted In Prostitution Crackdown
Sheriff's Deputies Reportedly Pose As Call Girls

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich.-- Seven men are facing soliciting charges following a weekend crackdown on prostitution in Washtenaw County.
Sheriff's commander Anderson Brown Jr. said that two female deputies posed as prostitutes in Ypsilanti Township. The seven men arrested ranged in age from 28 to 52.

In addition to soliciting charges, which could bring up to 93 days in jail, Brown said that the men's cars were impounded. Each must pay $750 to get their vehicles back.

The men arrested were booked and released pending authorization of warrants from the prosecutor's office. (AP)
(Link for the story- verbatim):
Okay guys, be careful out there if you play in the Street :(

01-15-03, 20:01
Ann Arbor is pretty much dead, but World Health Spa isn't to far away in Belleville. The service seems to be hit and miss. Sometimes you get a girl who won't do anything but a massage, but sometimes you can get whatever you want- can't figure this place out. Does anyone know if there is any other action (AMPs, street walkers) in Belleville?

Nova Guy
01-28-03, 16:56
Bad Review

I was in Detroit last week for business, staying in Monroe. Got a lil lonely so I opened the yellow pages and called A AAA Escorts. Seemed reasonable on the phone. Told me 135$ hour to come to my hotel. Gave him my specifications and was told she'll be there in 45 minutes.

She arrived promptly and came in and did her phone call thing. Small petite Euro Asian. Very very attractive. Paid my 135$ and got to negotiating. Her prices in addition to the door fee were as follows:

100$ for nekid massage
160$ for hand release
400$ for CBJ
700$ for full service

No room for negotiations with her so I managed a lame HR from her and she departed. Total time spent with her was no more than 15 minutes.

If I'm ever in Detroit again -- I will stay far far far away from A AAA Escorts and I would not recommend them to anyone for any sort of companionship.

04-10-03, 15:08
$835 for full service????

That's a reasonable price -if the escort was a porn star!!

I will be in Ann Arbor for a weekend in mid May and i will have a rental car. Does anyone have recommendations for SW cruise areas or AMPs?

If anyone comes to Boston, drop me a line for the lowdown

Joe Zop
04-11-03, 00:40
Luvdozer -- the AMP scene in Ann Arbor was completely wiped out a couple of years ago. There's absolutely nothing left. There's also no SW scene in the city as far as I know. You can find some of that in Ypsilanti, but it's a scene that's heavily cruised by police. Best bet is either a trip out of town or an escort, unfortunately.

04-11-03, 01:39
I concur with Joe Zop- A2 Amps were closed due to a federal investigation and crackdown. Nearest Such Facilities would be in Jackson (Check the Michigan/Jackson board) or Toledo (Ohio/Toledo). There is a spa I heard about in Bellville, but I haven't visited it and don't know anything about it.

Some information might be had on http://www.scorpsguide.com in the Strip Clubs and spas section.

04-11-03, 11:34
A federal investigation of massage parlors?

i have no issue driving an hour or so out of ann arbor if its worth it

Joe Zop
04-11-03, 13:20
The feds went after the parlors on both prostitution and illegal immigration issues. There have been a lot of AMP busts in this region -- Ann Arbor, Flint, Toledo, among others. The Ann Arbor investigation, combined with city measures, effectively put them all out of business in the city, which is an absolute shame, as the scene used to be simply excellent. There are still AMPs in Jackson, but if you're willing to drive an hour your best bet, honestly, is just to go east across the border to Windsor where everything is simple and legal, not to mention far less expensive. Check out the Windsor area reports on this board for more info.

04-17-03, 15:15
Thanks, but i think Windsor will be difficult as I will be driving a rental car. I am doubtful that I will be permitted to leave to country

Joe Zop
04-17-03, 20:28
Not at all -- there are certainly no legal barriers unless your rental company has some (Dollar used to, I think, but most others do not.) I took a rental from Ann Arbor to Niagara, and went back and forth across the border there probably a dozen times and never had a single question or issue. They're interested in your passport, not your registration.

Bad Bird
05-03-03, 16:59
I need directions to Cypress.


05-15-03, 23:45
Cypress is on Jackson Rd., about 1/2 mile E of Zeeb.

Take Zeeb Rd exit from I-94 ... south to Jackson ... Michigan left ... Cypress is on your left.

- wunderboy

Dave #2
05-20-03, 01:15
Originally posted by wunderboy
Cypress is on Jackson Rd., about 1/2 mile E of Zeeb.

Take Zeeb Rd exit from I-94 ... south to Jackson ... Michigan left ... Cypress is on your left.

- wunderboy Anyone have recent experiences at Cypress? What is the expected donation and room fees?

Thanks - Dave.

05-20-03, 12:44
Originally posted by davedave
Anyone have recent experiences at Cypress? What is the expected donation and room fees?

Thanks - Dave. $60 for 30 minutes, $90 for an hour. Tip whatever you want. I've gone as low as $20 (and felt like I was an idiot for it) and as high as $100 (would have been more if I had it).

I saw Rachel a couple of weeks ago. Typical experience there. The panties stay on. Mutual massage is up to the attendant. One tip: you will be asked if you want a shower first. If you take a shower, don't make a mess. The girl has to clean the shower before she comes in the room.

07-20-03, 18:13
Ohio biy in the Great State of Michigan:

Was in the area for business, so I stopped at the Landing Strip on Goddard. I was told that if I get there early and be sweet to the girls I might get a CBJ up stairs. After a few drinks and tipping everygirl on stage, I got a dance from Kelli(?), she wanted to give me the VIP treatment and I told her I was looking for a GFE and really needed to Burp my Worm, she laughed and told me maybe, I said no dance unless she agreed. She smiled and said ok, but it had to be covered. I was one of the only guys in the place and the other girls were busy BSing, so we would have a very private time. She said if I was quick, she would'nt charge me for the dance. I said ok, but really wanted a BBBJTCWS and she said that would be extra - 100 total. I asked her if she could leave early or go to dinner after her shift, she said at 11. I said lets do it then. I came back at 10, drank a few, tipped a few and told her I would meet her around the corner at 11:10, she agreed. She wanted 100, I told her 75, she agreed. We went back to my hotel and worked it for about an hour. I told her I wanted to still get the BBBJTCWS so she did a covered half and half and reversed to the BBBJTC and WS. She asked me for some extra so I offered to buy her dinner. We went and munched and then asked if I wanted her to stay at my hotel room and play some more now and then in the morning. She said it wold cost me 200, I told her I was buying breakfast and she had a great place to sleep, 100. She really wanted 200, so I passed on it.

Great time in MI, I will have to cum up more often.

Happy Hunting - Stay Safe,


08-07-03, 11:14
Over a span of about ten years, I never was offered at World Spa. LonelyDesparate and others have described more positive experiences. Although my luck finally changed this week (Jenny 140), I think its best if people go there half-not-expecting anything. I went there for a good ole massage, which wasn't so good, but the extras were all right.

Bob Jones
08-30-03, 14:42
There was a beautiful young lady named Mercedes working at Leggs last year and a young Asian lady who was her friend. Has anyone seen them in Michigan this year? Not many ladies at Leggs earlier this year.

09-19-03, 22:28
Jocelyn, Leggs. quite yummy.

Brooklyn, soooo much more yummy.

11-21-03, 14:40
Hey there! Had a nice time at Cypress Spa today.
At the desk was Maria, a short, busty, hispanic/American. Maria was pretty, very pretty, and only maybe 5'3. Her ass was big (not to my liking butt nice) tits were nice and full.
She signed me in for $60 for half hour (golly was that too much?) but showed up in the room after 5 minutes (after asking if I wanted to shower, I said no) and gave an EXCELLENT massage! Maria has excellent energy runnin through her hands and it felt like oil. MMMMMMMMM.
She asked what I had paid in the past if I had been there before. Told her $60. I was just happy to find this place. It's a nice building on Jackson Rd. that I never saw before because it''s hidden so well.
As she massaged excellently, all over my back with wonderful technique and firmness, I reached around and touched her ass. I then (after she walked a moment away) noticed she had removed her bra and panties.
Maria was a little heavier (but by NO means fat) than I like my women, and she looked quite fine. mmmmm
I flipped over she did such a good job at being playful and firm with "brush-bys" until I reached over and grabbed her lovely J-LO ass. I massaged amoment or two and then the hand work began.
Maria asked if I wanted some lotion and I assured her it would be lovely....
Maria finished me off in my own time , smiling and being quite suggestive. I loved her service.
$60 at the door + $60 for bbhj. REEEEEEEal nice.
Be good to the girls

11-26-03, 21:10

Based of your recent report I decided to pay a visit to Cypress. Apparently 3 girls were working. I ended up with Melanie because the other two were busy. She's a short busty blonde attractive, about a 6 on my scale with 10 being like Carmen Electra. So a six is pretty good. I went into the room and got undressed. She came in about 5 minutes later and asked if I'd been there before. I hadn't but I said I had. Told her it had been awhile but I new a guy that recommended Maria. She must have been comfortable with that answer because she instantly got undressed down to her very small panties. She did have a little bit of a belly, not fat just a little belly. She rubbed my back for a bit (very poor massage experience) I could tell she was waiting for more so I rolled over ready to go. She climbed on top of me and started rubbing. She put my meat between her tits and tf'd me russian style. I asked her if she had any lotion and she jumped down and got some. Then she climbed back on top and started talking dirty. She greased the old boy up and and sat on top of me. She jerked it off between her legs, and I didn't last very long. Afterward she cleaned me up we got dressed and I gave her a hug and went on my way. Overall a good experience. I was just looking for a good HJ and massage and got one out of two. Total $120, 60 at the door 60 for a tip. I asked her and she said that the normal tip is the same as the door fee, but based on her performance. I know it was kinda expensive for a HR but I was happy with the situation. I don't think they do anymore than HR there so If you guys are looking for more than that this probably isn't your place. Very , very nice place, clean, good music playing totally comfortable. Next time I'd like to try Maria because I think I'd get a better massage. She did say that they have about 10 different girls working there.

Tiny Elvis
12-29-03, 18:30
Hey fools,

How come no one is posting? I had a good day today. I went to WorldSpa (In between Rawsonville and Belleville roads off of I 94). Greeted by Tina who gave me the shower and sauna before taking me in and giving the perfunctory massage. Then she asked what I wanted. I went for a handjob with her finger up the you know where. Heard about it on this site. The handjob was great but I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with the finger ass thing.

Anyhow, looks 6 shower 6 massage 7 HJ 8. I paid 60 for an hour (maybe I was there 30 minutes) and 80 for the HJ with finger action. I should have mader her lick the glove when she was done.

She kept saying "you come back with a little more I want to ride your big dick." I don't know if she was being sincere or not about wanting to ride the old dick (7 inches) but I just wanted to let all of you fine friends know that you can get whatever you want there.

Of course she did say not to tell anyone. So in case anyone of you is a cop. Fuck You.

02-24-04, 08:40
Hello all,

Just a question about World spa. I plan on taking a chance on this place. But before I do, is it AMP or are there american girls as well?


02-25-04, 00:14
It's strictly an AMP.

Old DB
03-23-04, 15:47
Another perspective of Cypress and Melanie. I dropped in and found the appointment book full, but one appointment was late. After waiting a few minutes he was written off as a no-show and I took his place. Very clean, well maintained establishment. Saw only Melanie.

I'd rate Melanie somewhat higher than the previous post -- partially due to appearance, but especially due to attitude. I put out the 60+60. Not a great massage -- just very light sensual. But Melanie has great hands and a nice body and knows how to use both to make a guy happy. Massuse attire can be varied.

We talked a fair amount during the session and please note this gal has a brain too. Expect better treatment if you treat her well --- and over several visits as she gets to know you. Each gal in the place makes her own rules to some extent -- they probably depend in part on what kind of a person YOU are. I seriously doubt everyone gets the same results for the same amount of money.

I'll go there again for sure for Melanies company -- and to see what other gals work there. Not a lot of detail here, but I want to make sure this place continues in business.

Tiny Elvis
03-24-04, 21:08
Is Cypress still open? I heard it got closed down. Thanks for posting. Why'd you post it here though? Isn't it in Jackson?

Old DB
03-25-04, 18:29
Maybe there's a Cypress in Jackson too, can't say. But this one is west of AA a few miles. See the phone book listing. Other previous posters here reported on it too. See those.

Tiny Elvis
03-25-04, 22:49
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contained absolutely nothing of any value and thus constituted a complete waste of bandwidth.

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange if information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Let's stick to the subject.

03-28-04, 13:53
You fellas are paying too much. You can get a girl in Windsor for $120-$150 US and get FS. In the south you can get a AMP massage & HR for $60 and the Asian women are considerably more attractive than the one up here. Now FS is $180 - $200 but once again, the women are VERY attractive.

Matt Houston
03-29-04, 00:31
Paying for convenience. Takes forever to get over that there border!

AA Dog
03-31-04, 17:10
Sad news boys,

Called Cypress today and was told Melanie was not working there anymore. Too bad, she was quite a treat.

Matt Houston
04-01-04, 17:31
So who is still there?

Matt Houston
04-03-04, 12:36
Guys check this out. I was cruising Michigan Avenue down the street from the Tap Room and passed by a very shapely blonde girl about 5'7'' 115 lbs. She was wearing a short skirt (it was nice out) and a tight top.

I was thinking she was a cop but I stopped. She jumped in and we did the verification. This girl was extremely beautiful. There is no sign of any drugs on her and she claimed to be clean and just be doing it to pick up a few extra bucks on the side to pay her rent.

I think she is a student. She said she used to work at the Vu but got kicked out for doing work on the side.

For $40 we did EVERYTHING I wanted two. Twice. She lived not to far from where I picked her up and had a nice house.

She said to tell people how to reach her cause she'd like to escort but not use an agency.

This girl can suck the sap out of a tree.
Here are her ratings:
Looks: 10
Attitude: 10
BJ: 10
Lay: 10
Massage: 10

If anyone is intersted in hooking up with this girl, Just pm me. I'd be happy to share!!!!

She says she hangs out at the Tap room by the way on THURSDAYs between 6-8. Let me know if you see her there. In fact, she is friends with the bartender chick. Just ask the bartender for Joyce.

Matt Houston
04-05-04, 02:17
I'm sorry fellas but the number she gave doesn't work. Try the Tap Room, cruise Michigan Avenue and you'll find her. Just don't bother writing down her number if she gives it to you.

Next time I will check the number before reporting.


Member #1592
04-07-04, 00:56
Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone know where I can get FS arround here. I was kind of interested in the chick that Matt Houston mentioned, but that didn't seem to work out. I tried Cypress last year, but wasn't too impressed since I was looking for something that would provide me with FS. Escort or any other MPs would be cool if you guys can suggest any. I'm not really looking for AMPs with ladies in their late 30s and 40s. I'm actually looking for someplace or someone younger. Hopefully in their 20s? Anyone got any suggestions on this?

By the way, about the Cypress thing, I'm just saying that I was dissapointed since I was expected FS, but otherwise it was a great time. The environment was very relaxing, and the lady that I had was very sweet and friendly. A little bit on the older side for my taste, but non-the-less very nice experience.

04-07-04, 11:15
Rumour has it that the Fox 2 news van has been in the area of Cypress lately. I'm not necessarily telling anyone to stay away, I am saying use your Big Head before the little one.

Check out the NW Indiana board for information on Matt Houston's reports. There seems to be links between him and the banned member, Tiny Elvis.

04-07-04, 16:43
Member #1592:

Check the Ohio, Toledo section and look for Kim's. Sounds just like what you are looking for.

Matt Houston
05-04-04, 23:48
Any news amigos? Don't believe the hype. I am not Tiny Elvis. I don't even like country music. Anyone been to Cypress lately?

05-08-04, 19:49
Hi. Matt Houston does confess to being Tiny Elvis in the NW INd forum, and is now banned. But what stops him from doing this crap again and again, just read his post and you'll understand TAZZ

Wilson Fisk
05-11-04, 06:52
Has anyone seen any SW's in the Ann Arbor, Ypil. area? Im new to the area looking for action.

Old DB
05-20-04, 22:24
Wanted to visit Cypress again on the strength of a GREAT past session with Melanie. I know she's gone but thought surely someone else there must be reasonable. Was given a good report on McKenzie and made an appointment for the next evening.

When I arrived McKenzie had called in sick, but Ann was working and said she could fill in. Stupidly I agreed. I won't waste time here knocking Ann's appearance. But I will say she gave one of the poorest sessions I've ever had anywhere. She had no enthusiasm at all for what she was doing. Her massage was way less than mediocre and she did nothing "special" at all for the $80 tip (which she claimed was about normal). I strongly advise you all to take a pass if you have the option of a session with her.

I'd still like to find out if McKenzie is a winner, but I doubt I'll ever go back to find out first hand -- Cypress just seems like throwing money away now. Would be interested in hearing any other recent experience.

No evidence of TV trucks in the area. In fact, for an early evening, Cypress was totally dead -- maybe that should have told me something too.

I made a $140 mistake -- you guys don't have to repeat it.

Happy hunting

05-21-04, 18:41
Just an FYI, Old DB:

"Melannie" of Cyprus has reinvented herself as 'Marissa' and is now an independant escort. Her email addy is marissa18695@yahoo.com . I'm sure if you've seen her previously at Cypress and she remembers you there should be NO problem scheduling- She's got reviews and picks up on scorps guide (oneword) dot com She was asking $$.50 /hr initially and seems to have adjusted her rate downward to $$ for the first hr and $50 after that, FS. Cute little blonde, too- I may be interested in seeing her myself eventually.

You aren't the first to complain that Cypress jacked you around without necessarily getting you off btw. Seems to be a hit and miss operation.

AA Dog
06-11-04, 21:04
Where are the posts?

Cypress is always busy, I can't believe none of these customers are members.

06-21-04, 01:00
It seems that a lot of the ladies at AMPs in MI are on the older side. I got my plumbing cleaned pretty good at SUN Spa in Toledo not long ago. Sometimes a young girl pops in from time to time.

I haven't tried any of the AA spas but, I had a pretty good time with a couple of AMP girls who happen to live in AA. Matt Houston's girl sounds interesting. Any girl that can suck the sap out of a tree has my interest!

Please Me II
06-30-04, 06:37
If you are mongering in the Ypsi area, be on the look out for a chick that goes by the name Kelly. About 5-5, thin, long brown hair, one screwed front tooth, late 20s. She hangs out around the porno shop on the east end of town. Do NOT trust her. However, if you don't get ripped off, she really is not bad looking. Great body.

07-21-04, 06:19
Need directions to WorldSpa.


AA Dog
07-22-04, 12:18
Directions To World Spa:

I-94 to Belleville Rd exit, go North to S. I-94 Service Dr, turn Right go approx. 1 mile and the Spa is on the left, after DiamondBack Saloon and a Party Store.

Johnny for Fun
07-31-04, 15:00
New guy in town looking to meet a lady. Maybe a massage or better yet a regular date with a young lady. Can you guys point me in the right direction.

08-11-04, 08:11
Went to A World Health Spa recently. Had pretty much the worst AMP experience ever. Well, I did get FS, but it was still terrible. The lady that serviced me was simply rushed, overweight, smelled like smoke and was nasty. When I was paying I thought that she was going to send in the younger girls to service me, but nope, I got her. And when I asked for another girl she said that it was only her.

Simply a disgusting experience. Then she asked for a tip and I simply told her that she was too rushed and left. There was no massage whatsoever in the deal either. BJ lasted all of 1 minute. Then she rushed the FS -- which I was fine with b/c I wanted my nut and then to get the F* out of there.

Terrible experience. GO TO WINDSOR FOR FS.

Stay safe,


Monaco GP
09-06-04, 09:05
I am form the Cleveland area but used to get up to Ann Arbor on a regular basis. I actually did business in jackson but always stayed in AA because the hotels closer to and in Jackson were horrible.

The point of my post here is to ask about a massage place I used to frequent. The name was Paradise Found in a word play on Milton's famous writing. The staff was American and if they knew you extras were available. When I first found it the location was in a light industrial complex. They later moved to a locatoin one exit west and were located next to an auto repair shop behind a whirlpool sales store.

Does this place still exist? Do any of you remember it? Last I was in was about 8 or so years ago and the owner, who I had a nice relationship with, told me she was trying change the business model and do only LMT massage.

AA Dog
09-07-04, 09:53

Check your mailbox


AA Dog
09-12-04, 21:57
A World Spa= Belleville

After going to Holistic and Crystal Spa and finding that they were both closed(for unknown reasons, please enlighten me). Went to World Spa on 9/8 and thought it was weird but the front door was open( no need to ring the bell, just walk right in), and I was immediately greeted by a hot Korean( she was at least a 9, with some big titties(didn't jiggle like enhancements ) wearing cargo shorts and a Mickey Mouse tshirt.

She told the prices and I went with the 1/2 hour $40. Got undressed, gave table shower, did not touch the stuff (made me wash myself), sauna, and then back to room.

She started decent massage and asked if I had been there before(yes), asked who I saw( I don't know), I tried rubbing her leg and she kind of grunted, and told me NO. Then told me that my 30 minutes was almost up. I brought up a hj and she told me to be quiet and that she doesn't do those things( says she is new).

30 minutes is up and I start getting dressed and she says tip, tip. I said "Tip, I wanted to see those"(pointing at her chest), and even offered $20 to see them and see wouldn't go for it.

Chalk this one up for the bad guys


Member #1592
10-04-04, 16:40
Any action in AA these days? I pass by Cypress now and then, and they're alyways, open with some cars, but from my last visit this spring, the visit was pleasant, but wasn't worth the $. Anyways, just wondering if anyone has any info on action in AA or close by places. Also prefferably availability of younger girls in the area.

By the way, anyone else check up on the place that AA Dog posted?

Allways Lookin
11-12-04, 23:22
I had a close all a few weeks ago while hunting in the Ypsi area. Seems that the Canton PD was watching the DeSwann Motel very closely.

I got followed while leaving there, they pulled me over for speeding - 5 over on MI ave (a 50 mph zone).

They spent over an hour trying to trick me into admiting something. They even went so far as telling me if I just told them the truth they would let me go, they just wanted information. There were three cars and 4 gestopo involved.
Needless to say I admitted nothing. They were pissed but ultimatly they had to let me go.

Circling back with the SW later, I found they snagged her when she left the room and gave her the same drill. Fortunately for me, she also denied everything.
The lesson is, if they ask you to admit something, don't!

Allways Lookin
11-20-04, 18:07
Not only was the Canton PD out in full force last night, the Ypsi PD was doing the same. Saw a lot of cars pulled over and rousted during my cruise.

I was hoping to get a hit while they were busy with someone else I stayed at it for a couple of hours. Unfortunatly they managed to scare away the SW's.

Double Pleasure
11-29-04, 15:27
I will be coming to AA in a few weeks. Was wondering about escorts in the area. Who is the best to call on for out call?

Allways Lookin
12-06-04, 00:53
Picked up Amber a few times. She has a place close by to go to. Good cbj. She prefers bbbj though if you are interested.

LE is still hot so do a drive around before picking someone up.

12-13-04, 20:42
Is she a little bit bigger girl w/ big breasts?

Allways Lookin
12-15-04, 23:52
Yup, she is. And not the best teeth.