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12-28-04, 08:41
Hey Art_collector,

Was the chick as wide as she was tall?

I work in the medical industry and I have seen women who could not fit into a 48" wide bed frame - no joke. She was 21 and 800lbs. We had to use a motorized lift that could lift 1000lbs to transport her from bed to bed. Yeah, imagine some fat b!tch swinging in the air with blubber hanging everywhere.

The Newton fire department and ambulance corps had to cut open the side of her house to get her out of it. The town forbid her family to bring her home until she lost a lot of weight because quite a few fire and ambulance workers hurt themselves moving her. To my knowledge, it is now 5 years later and she is still in the hospital.

And there is a reason why most fat people smell. It is because they can't reach everywhere to clean themselves - again, no joke.

After seeing what I have seen in the medical industry, I probably would have been screaming like a little girl if that fat chick had dropped herself on me. There is no way I could have gone through with the act - my dick would have had major shrinkage - it would have been back inside of me.


12-28-04, 10:26
Freelow asked: "Was the chick as wide as she was tall? "

I really can't say how tall she was, but she was VERY big. And had a rack that was huge! She must not have been that fat, because she didn't crush me, and could get on and off without any outside assistance, and she didn't smell, other than a little cheap perfume. But to be honest, those melons had me completely transfixed. I wouldn't have picked her up while cruising, and I sure as hell would go chasing her, but is wasn't really in a position to say no, once she mounted me.

Kim on the other hand is a whole other story.