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04-10-02, 04:58
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Green Machine
06-06-02, 01:49
What about the Ocean City area? Is there any kind of action down there? AMP, Strip Clubs, escorts, SW? I know it's pretty family but there has to be something going on!

06-06-02, 21:29
Originally posted by Green Machine
What about the Ocean City area? Is there any kind of action down there? AMP, Strip Clubs, escorts, SW? I know it's pretty family but there has to be something going on!

About a year and a half ago I had to attend a conference there for a week in the winter.....lots of investigation revealed that providers can not make a living there because in the summer etc, there are too many ladies giving it away for free...or at least that was the reasoning......nearest thing, at that time, was in Delaware.......I don't think you will have much luck other than looking on TBD's board and seeing if any providers are posting that they are on vacation there for a whille and taking appointments.....I know I saw a few posts to the affect not long ago.....
Good Luck.\, if you find any update us!

06-27-02, 22:58
Anything for Harford County? I live there and am looking for something close.

Also, Alice's sounds good. What exit off of 95?

07-01-02, 02:07
I just wanted to let the moderator know that there is some problem with the main entry point of the WSG from the .org site.

01-26-03, 21:46
Still lookin for action in Prince George's county - near Largo area. Anyone have any thoughts about where a guy can bust a nut around there in the afternoon? Any SWs or massage parlours?

02-10-03, 19:43
To all AMP mongers...has anyone been to Towson Spa lately? I haven't been there in a while and wondering what the most recent status was.
Too bad Towson has become pretty lame as far as AMPs are concerned; I remember times when there were at least 4 spas in the area.
Also, I am planning on giving a couple of the "newbies" in the CP a try. I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

02-11-03, 13:09
Silver Lining Big Apple and Sun (Harrisburg area) were all closed down last week - if that was were you were headed.

02-12-03, 00:12
Yeah, whats up with Harford County?

Originally posted by m1951
Is there anything in Harford County.

02-25-03, 20:20
Hey guys, any sw action in or near westminster?

03-14-03, 12:26
Does anyone know of any action worth checking out around Bel Air/Rt. 1?
Thanks! Conn.

04-10-03, 13:14
Where shouldi go to look for info on action in and around the FedEx Field area? Is it best to go travelling to other areas? I would GUESS that an are like that with men taking trips to see the games/concerts/business functions etc. would be fairly active. Can someone let me know whats up? Thanks.

Take it,
Easy as 1-2-3

04-29-03, 11:11
Does anyone know anything about the Ocean city area? We always go to Bethany beach, but of course I have to go to Ocean City to the windsurfing shop, thats what I tell my wife anyway.

05-03-03, 23:41
HAGERSTOWN ALERT!! there is a girl on escorts.com by the name of christina34 in the area and is a rip off in my book!also has a website of www.christina69.com advertises as gfe but isnt even close to one, set up a 9am appt the day before she was on time but did not have a good attitude we talked for a while she said you have just over a half hour left! wow! got down to business she gave a very weak bbbj i started to daty but noticed a little left over tp at the Y and a little odor so i skipped it and went on to full service got done she left with a goodbye, so dont waste time or money with this one, i believe she travels to fredrick also

Willing To Pay
05-23-03, 23:38

Is that place near the Elkton exit? up here we pay 60 at door and 100 tip for f/s. How does that compare. Also heard that there was some action around 896 and 40. Was told that there were s/w but have not seen or located any. Only go down there 5-6 a year. All info would be helpful.


Willing from Philly

John White
05-31-03, 16:46
Originally posted by sleddog
HAGERSTOWN ALERT!! there is a girl on escorts.com by the name of christina34 in the area and is a rip off in my book!also has a website of www.christina69.com advertises as gfe but isnt even close to one, set up a 9am appt the day before she was on time but did not have a good attitude we talked for a while she said you have just over a half hour left! wow! got down to business she gave a very weak bbbj

I don't know what has happened with Christina! I saw here last summer and had a great time! I've tried 3 or 4 time to make an appointment with her since then - she either says she is busy or makes the appointment but cancels next day! I know she can be a gfe when she wants to - she just doesn't want to very often!

Desi Boy
07-02-03, 20:58
What's up guys,

Any AMPs in the Elkton area or near by? I've checked out the TA Truck Stop right off I95 and met this girl by the name of Chrissy on Friday night she only works the truck stop on weekends. Her regular route is New Castle, DE but got FS for 60 and she was good. Look her up some time. She has a bangin body and looks are about a 7, attitude was 8 and service was 8 also. But hit me up with the AMPs in this area if there are any



Funky Junkman
07-08-03, 21:19
Desi Boy-

Yes, there is an AMP in Elkton. From the TA, take 279 towards DE. A mile or so down 279, you'll come to an intersection with Fletchwood road, there'll be a Wawa to your left, and a liquor store across from that. Turn left onto Fletchwood. There'll be a tan building on your left with a Middle Eastern restaurant. There's an AMP in this shopping center. It's pricy ($50 1/2 hr., $70 1 hr.) and not very good, but it's there.

Desi Boy
07-09-03, 18:39
Funky -

Do you know how much they charge for extras? Have you ever been there? Anyone recommendations for who to choose are you gotta play the hands you are dealt!


Funky Junkman
07-11-03, 19:33
Desi -

I've only been there once, last week, so I don't know if I was given the normal treatment from that place, or what extras may be gotten from regulars. My experience was as follows: I walked inside and pressed the button for the bell, as per the instructions on the sign on the door. The "mamasan" (more attractive than the girl I received) took me into a room marked "office" where I paid my fee and signed the "no asking about sex" paper. She directed me to a room to undress while she fetched a girl. The girl I received was not too easy on the eyes, but I'd already paid. I got the standard table shower, followed by a decent massage, finished with a HJ. I didn't ask for it, or anything else, I just kind of assumed that I'd get one. After I was finished dressing, I was asked for a tip. I gave a $20. In all fairness to her, she did have very skilled hands, as HJs normally take forever to get the job done for me, but she managed in about 5 minutes.


Funky Junkman
07-23-03, 19:33
Re: the Apple Spa in Elkton:

Has anybody gotten anything other than a HJ from this place? Do you have to say some magic words?

Also, is there any action in Harford County? Other than the gay activities one reads about people getting arrested for in the many porn shops there? I picked up a SW on Rte. 40 once about 6 years ago, and saw another out working the same area a month later, but none since.

Desi Boy
07-26-03, 19:03
Hey Funky -

I went to the Apple Spa in Elkton after i asked you about it and all I got was the HJ. Since I only got the 1/2hr session for $50 the girl wanted a tip of $40 for HJ and she took off her top on my request and let me grope her tits. Her name was Coco and she was hot. I give her a 9 in looks. Massage was really good she really knows how to work it.

Neways, I asked her about a BJ and she said next time when I come, she told me to bring a condom for the BJ, didn't ask her about FS yet. Maybe next time I go after the BJ I will ask for FS.


Nova Guy
08-04-03, 09:26
Well -- I'll add my 2 cents about Apple Spa.

Couple years back, I lived about 10 minutes from there and frequented it.

I received FS one time for an hour fee plus 100 tip from a cute blonde (about 5'2 110lbs). I don't recall her name for the life of me though. I was a regular for her and it took at least 5 visits to get FS. Prior to the FS - BBBJ was received after the first visit for around the same price.

Young lil oriental girl was there a that time as well who would only provide HJ however she was a dirtly lil minx in a good sense.

Their MO is typical - get you in the door as a first timer and keep stringing you along with the promise(s) to keep you coming back. I guess I was extremely lucky with the blonde.

All in all though - due to the slim pickings of MP(s) in around that area - its a decent place with decent women.

Also - I ALWAYS got a line up unless they were swamped.


Philly Doc
09-22-03, 13:27
Crazy story here. I am staying in Laurel MD on a job. My car broke down, luckily it was near the hotel I was staying at. So I was on foot. I walked from the hotel to the job, I stayed there until about 12:30 am and then walked back. On the way back I decided to try and find an ATM machine to get some playing money. I walked North up to the Macdonalds where the washington/RT 1 splits coming into Laurel heading south, no ATM, But I did see a pickup on the way there, it was off in the distance so did not see much. (side question, there seems to be a couple of wsw working between the MacDonalds and main street in laurel, they show up on either side of the divide. Does anyone have any info on them?) Anyway, headed back south on RT1 on the southbound side, on the way down I was walking along and see this black suv poke its nose out of a parking lot and then pull back in, I was about a block and a half away. As I was walking up, it pulls up again. I walk in front of it, and as I was going bye the GUY inside asks ME if I wanted a ride! Now, I am in now way able to be mistaken for a woman, (I have a beard). I have to tell you I was a little freaked out. Anyway, I say "No, not today" (although if I had known how far up the ATM was I may have taken him up on it). I then continue in my search for the ATM. I walked up a little further and crossed over to the northbound side, but still headed south and walked up a few more blocks and then the SAME SUV pulls out in front of me again. Sheesh, so I duck into another parking lot and try and go around him but it is all blocked off except a path that takes me right back to him. So I wait in the parking lot until he pulls out. It was just a weird experience.

Any way, does anyone know about the action in Laurel? Let us know,



09-23-03, 17:07
Philly Doc,
Seems to me you passed up a great opportunity to make enough scratch to fix that car of yours.

I am no expert on Laurel but I believe the concensus is that what little action is to be found will be in some of the dive bars.

Joe Chang
11-02-03, 01:32
The SW area from the McD's north of Main Street to Whiskey Bottom Road all the way down to Route 198 (via Whiskey Bottom). Nothing particularly steady just the place to go if you're going to pursue mongering endevours.

There is a dive bar (horse something or stable something) at 198 and whiskey bottom that has a lot of traffic. There is a motel 6 across the street - convenient huh.

At least 2 times a year, LE has sting operations in these areas. So buyer beware.

Tommy Herr
11-03-03, 15:41
This is my first post, although I am an extensive reader.

I was just curious if anyone knew about the place that used to be the Apple Spa, on Fletchwood Road. I think it's called 21st Century Health Clinic, Inc, or something. But I went by it the other day, no signs, just a 'We're open" sign in the door with hours going until almost midnight I believe. At any rate, I was hoping to get a little advice as to whether I should spend my hard earned cash at this little establishment.

Thanks and happy hunting!


Desi Boy
11-14-03, 03:34
Matt Cecil,

All you are gonna get out of the place is a HJ. If you check my earlier post i was told i would get more action the 2nd i visited, but nope.

I recommend going to Ichi Ban in Philly. Check out the Philly board to get more info the place is good. Good service and nice looking women.

Desi Boy

12-03-03, 20:22
Hi Guys,

I live only 40 minutes from Elkton Maryland and I do come to Elkton once in a while. Is there anybody who can tell me anything about girls on the streets in that area? I do look around when I am down there but haven't seen one yet. I was told about a couple of bars where action is to be had but I prefer the outside girls better. Ok,if anybody can let me know about street walker action in Elkton I would appreciate it.



12-08-03, 17:30
I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have any info about any action on the Eastern Shore. Annapolis seems to be so dead, and it's a hassle to go to DC and Baltimore. There must be some action near Kent Island to Easton. I know of a trainer in Salisbury, but again that's a nice ride. Dover only has legit palors, and a few SW's which require quick reflexes to capture because of their lean membership.

Feel free to PM me to protect the innocent, and I'll try to return the favor.

Pole Bearer
12-23-03, 11:40
Anyone know what's up with a young SW, brownish hair, on Rte 1 near Whiskey Bottom Road. Last night she was hitchhiking in both directions (which says a lot), and looked pretty decent. Anyone have info on her, maybe even a name?

Empty Pockets
12-25-03, 01:00

I've been an avid reader of this report for several years, first time I've posted. Can report there is action in Aberdeen, on rt. 40. Mostly WSW that will go from BBBJTCIM to FS, and Greek. (my fav). Looking for some regular action, sort of GFE, but not quite. Any information would be appreciated.

Empty Pockets.

Windoze Pro
01-14-04, 16:01
Hey Woody,

I have intel on the SW you saw on Rte.1 near Whiskey Bottom Rd. Her name is Carla, she is 4 months pregnant. picked her up last week. FS for 40, she had the condom. Showed me where she lives, very close to there. Private message me for information.


Windoze Pro
01-19-04, 23:45
Hello All,

I saw Carla on Rte 1 near Whiskey Bottom Rd tonight. I didn't have the funds available, but she was there, at her usual spot just down from the Country Meadows apartments hitching rides.

Hope someone is getting lucky with her tonight.


01-21-04, 12:40
What town is this Carla near on RT.1 . I would be interested in seeing her. I am in the York, PA area but try to visit other areas as much as possible since the York area is drying up.



Windoze Pro
01-21-04, 16:12
Carla is in the Laurel area, on the Howard County side.


01-22-04, 10:01

Carla is in Laurel, MD. A couple of miles south of where Rt 1 intersects with Rt 32.

Windoze Pro
01-26-04, 10:55

Yes! On Sunday afternoon!

Picked up April on Little Patuxent Pwy about 1/2 mile from the mall, on a whim. Saw her walking all bundled up, and when she headed out away from where there was any houses, I stopped and asked her if she needed a lift. She said she was coming home from the hospital, she had two sons, lived in Columbia, etc, etc. It took me a little while to get it out of her (maybe she thought I was LE), but I finally asked her if she partied/dated, and she admitted that she did. On the way to her destination, nice BBBJCIM (no spit) for a jackson plus 5 tip. She didn't/wouldn't give her number out or any contact information, and says she is usually never out, just needed a ride. Pretty nice girl in the looks (6), and attitude (8) department. Technique was marginal (4), but she took it all, and as I said, didn't spit. She is 20, 5'6, cute freckled face with blue eyes and red hair. I tried to get info from her, but she wasn;t having any of that. Oh well, hope I get to see her again. I gave her my cell, but we see if it ever rings.


Titi Boy
02-02-04, 13:02
I found a WSW walking southbound on RT1 near the McDonalds at the split. Her name was Denise nice rack decent body brunette. I was out looking for Carla and happened to see her walking at about 10:30pm. 40 for CBJ and FS, real world rating of about 7-8. Looks like Laurel is Picking up

Too bad I woke up and it was only a dream

Titi Boy

02-03-04, 03:51
First Time Poster, World Traveled monger.

I've been a quiet fan of WSG Forum for at least 8 months.

I'd like to thank all the Maryland veterans for their detailed insight into the State's AMP scene and Baltimore's special SWs routes. It's been very helpful during my extended visit to this area.

Anyhow, I'm heading to glorious IRAQ in 6 weeks (for 2nd round of fun). The (2) AMP oil changes and (1) WSW FS I've managed to acquire over the last two weeks will make this upcoming journey alot easier.

Before going airborne east, I'll write a detailed account of my latest Maryland adventure.


PS: Has anybody noticed the late night 7-11 UCLE?

02-04-04, 00:10


I started my Maryland adventure at a somewhat popular AMP near the Baltimore area. My first mistake was to pass on the traditional shower. After spending the better part of 5 years living in Korea, I should have remembered that Korean women feel more comfortable w/ a clean man. Let's face it...after cruising the highways and by-ways of Baltimore...no matter how cold it is outside...a man's feet WILL stink. Talk about destroying an upcumming moment...

Anyhow, YOKO (not real name) started off with a very soft and mundane back rub. YOKO has VERY long hair(10), small breast, a cute patch and an average rearside.

Perdiction: One of these days, someone is going to make a million dollars marketing a new Rice and Kim-chee. Let's face it...98% of the worlds Korean women don't start getting FAT until they hit 50.


Since she wasn't wearing any panties, I decided to play my hand and unfold (5) Jacksons. ALAS, this AMP is trying to stay in business. Only received a better than average HJ. After a few lines of passion in Korean...she seemed to put more energy into her work.

After fully off-loading my built-up sexual stress into the glories of empty space, she quickly cleaned me up (NO WARM TOWELL).
My Koreans better-than-average...so most AMP experts want to know more about me. Thus, the remaining balance of my time was spent in playful conversation...

Believe it or not...she actally wanted by phone number. However, since I'm not staying in the area, I decided it wasn't worth the investment. Plus...after seeing another very attractive girl making the curtain rounds...I wanted to return for a second course with a different dish...

NEXT: Chapter #2

Titi Boy
02-04-04, 10:36
I had another Dream about Laurel again. I was driving past the California Inn Southbound on RT1. Saw someone standing in the cold, so being the kindhearted person I am I picked her up. Her name was Denise (Not the same Denise as the other day). 40 Pesos for half and half. It was not worth the money at all She looked all right at first but when she started to undress she was very CCL and she had the worst boob job in history. One boob looked like a D cup and the other a B cup. Both boobs were hard as a rock and uneven, her Oral skills need alot of work too. Banged it as hard as I could, pulled it out, ripped off the rubber and nutted all over her face. Dropped her off and sped away.

The Dreamer

02-04-04, 21:49
Chapter #2

Returned to the AMP (see Chapter #1 below) for round #2. This time, a lovely Korean named COOKIE took care of my special needs. She's a (9) for looks and (8) body (i.e. by Korean WOMAN Standards).

Scene #1

Started the session w/ a complete table shower. She made a special point to clean ALL the important areas of my body. Moving back to the room, she wanted me to take a short sauna, but alas, not wanting to waste our minutes together, I simply walked back into the room.

Scene #2

DATY. HJ. GFE. All graded areas were a 9.5.

She has lovely small breast, a firm, tight body, a pretty smile, and a rather playful personality. During DATY, my tongue discovered her slightly shaved patch was really, really really tight! This JERSEY girl is NOT screwing everything that comes thru the front door.

Despite my passionate, breathless request for F/S (almost to the point of begging), she simply stated over and over again the AMP party line (i.e. no F/S).

Howver, seeing my disappointment, she then attempted to make up the difference by giving me a highly motivated HJ. This include working her groin area into the rubbing action...

After reaching a brilliant CLIMAX, she left briefly to get a warm towel and clean me up! The HJ experience sure beat ALL that I received in Korean Barber Shops days in both Taegu and Seoul.

I know if I was staying in the Baltimore area, I'd make a bigger financial investment w/ COOKIE.

LESSONS LEARNED: Remember, learning a little Korean helps make an AMP visit alot more rewarding(see Chapter #1). A few lines in HANGUL certainly motivated COOKIE into taking more pide in her work. LOL. PLUS, I know she enjoyed the DATY. Practice makes perfect. LOL.

NEXT: SW in Baltimore

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences. Thanks!

02-04-04, 23:10
CHAPTER #3 - Baltimore SWs & other thoughts...


First, the OTHER AREAS section has been very helpful w/ my AMP shopping. However, I wish I knew more about the possibilities available on RTE 1. Is the dream mentioned below really a dream?


After reading WSG, I've been able to cruise the main SWs areas/streets without any major difficulties. Curtis Bay is the ONLY area I haven't found yet. I know I've driven thru it, but I'm not sure Exactly where it's at.

For the veteran mongers out there, feel free to laugh at me...

I would say there's ALOT of ULE & LE manning the streets. When an ULE sits in a truck at a 7-11 for three hours, you know the Baltimore men-in-blue are attempting to make quota.

I've even seen a few ULE on foot in the Wilkens area. Thus, I've been very very very careful & conservative about actually picking up a SW. Also, those few SWs that appeared 100% safe for pick up, appeared rather used and abused (i.e. 3 and below). Perhaps I just need to lower my standards...

Anyhow, after several endless nights of cruising, thusfar, I've only manage a single Baltimore SW experience. Call me parnoid and a loser, but, I don't want my car impounded! Since I'm leaving again for lovely Baghdad soon, I'd rather deal with pissed off Iraqis then having to face some Maryland judge. LOL.


In the interest of safety, here's the Readers Digest version of my only successful Baltimore link-up.

Picked up a NIKI (low 4) just off 40 and went to a no-tell MOTEL (near a popular carwash). 1/4 & 1/2 cost (2) JACKSONS. This girl needs to visit a dentist! LOL. While the whole affair was worth the money (I really needed my oil drained), I wouldn't go back for a second helping.

NEXT: To be annouced.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences. Thanks!

02-08-04, 23:51
SEE Chapter #4 in DC Section.

03-12-04, 14:38
Has anyone visit the Dinetree Spa on Eastern ave, or does anyone know of a place that gives FS?


Crazy Dick
03-14-04, 22:34

I made the mistake of visiting Pine Tree once. Numerous services were available, for the traiditional tridition. The student I had said she was 27, that was atleast 15 years ago. The location is actually great right off 95. The facilities are ok. You would do better at Moonlight.


Crazy Dick

P.S. You might get a better response to your question by posting it under the Baltimore section.

03-15-04, 18:14

Pinetree offers other services if they know you. The former Laura from Hana Spa is one of the mamasans that works there. That might help. FS spa that I know of is Hana Spa in Ellicott City. It is out in the western suburbs, but, will take care of you.

Unless you establish yourself with the mamasan or owner, most likely you won't get anywhere near FS in MD. The wildness of the early 90's Philadelphia has come to DC and if you can stand the drive and parking hassles, is worth it.

As the others have said, you will be better served posting in the Baltimore section of this BB.

03-31-04, 13:11
Hey guys,

I went to Lily's in Laurel this morning at 10. I'm not into the amp scene since I think its better to spend less and get more with an sw, but I really needed a massage so I figured whatever sexual favors come with it are fine with me.

I went in and was greeted by a pretty decent looking girl (by asian standards, again not my thing). She looked to be about 30, went by Sevi or Sebi, Seba, something like that. Told her I'd been there before. Took the $60 hour and got nice table shower, with special attention to the willie and butthole. Spent 2 or 3 short minutes in the sauna, then went back to the room. Massage was ok, she was very rough. I did like it when she straddled me since her skin was quite soft. Eventually, she started softly rubbing by asscrack and reaching under to the real business. That led to her asking if I would take care of her. I gave her 40 and she kind of got pissed, mumbling about not being enough. I let her mumble and she eventually started a hj. She turned around and sat on my chest so i could play with her ass and tits. I tried to daty, but she squealed and moved away. She gave a very good hj with a little bit of butt action. When I was finished, she got a warm towel and cleaned me up. Only took 30 minutes. As I was getting dressed, I commented that my muscles were still tight and she told me to get back on the table and massaged me for another 20 minutes. Not a bad experience, but if I was looking for sex, I would definitely go with an sw.

04-04-04, 12:16
Hello to all Md mongers:

I'm from mass and I'm planning a trip to Md in the near future. I'll be staying in or around the Annap area, and will be doing business near Chester (Kent Narrows). Are there any SW's on the east side of the bay? What are the best areas for hunting?



P.S. You can either PM me , or I'll check this board in a couple of days, thanks.

Sr Cochise
04-14-04, 16:06
Hello people,

I just wanted to say that there are girls in Elkton on Rt.40 and around Union hospital. And also on I-95 at the gas station/rest area.


Empty Pockets
04-15-04, 23:33
With the weather changing, the girls in Elkton may start showing again. Last summer, Elkton LE really busted them. Anywhere near the vicinity of the old courthouse has been good, and I hope they come back!

Havre De Grace and Aberdeen Rt. 40 spots will begin showing signs again soon to! BUT, MD State, and Aberdeen LE can be tough! I've seen them both sit and take license plates down, then bust the girl later.

05-08-04, 07:15
Cambridge report:

Spent the evening in Cambridge and took a look around. Lots of girls there, mostly bsw on High Street, west of Pace, and down all the little sides streets. It's a real rabbit warren of streets and ramshackle little houses. It was a little difficult to spot the working girls, so many people were out on the street and lots were with guys. Lots of obvious drug activity too. Just when I was about to give up when a girl on a bicycle zipped by me on Maryland. I turned my head and she quickly turned hers. We met farther down the street and she told me she needed to ditch her bike and to pick her up down the street. Stephanie was about 5'2", mid thirties, dark hair and thin. Did the LE questions and she took me to a nice quiet side street and provided a better than average BBBJCIM for a Jackson. She told me she usually hangs around the Race Street/ High Street area and that she has a place where we could do the full monty the next time. She was pretty honest, I think... asked for a couple of quarters from my ash tray for the phone, and I handed her a few along with a Lincoln tip. She gave me back the extra quarter, said she only needed two. I drove tru Friday afternoon as well and saw two tall bsw on High, almost down to Washington, one was wearing a Superman Tshirt- both looked pretty good but I didnt have the time.

Smiling Fox
05-08-04, 15:26

I'm headen to Belair late afternoon, where do i go to p/u a babe, any a neat s.w. in the area, or something reasonably priced?

I'm not familiar with the Belair area.


PM me smilingfox

05-10-04, 14:12
Hey all,

I drove by the Starting Gate lounge in Laurel at 198 and Whisky Bottom today at about 12:30pm. Saw a bsw just outside the bar. She wasn't very good looking: missing some teeth and had a beer belly. She gave me the eye and the wave as I cruised through the lot. But I didn't partake since I had neither time nor money. Just thought I'd let you all know they are out there in Laurel every once in a while.

05-16-04, 22:06
Howdy there, all. Tried out Hana this PM and I was pretty disappointed. Found the place no problem and was told "we busy, you come back 20 minutes". OK, I come back, 20 minutes.

Once inside, told only 1/2 hour available, 2 Jacksons. OK, I figure, that's not too bad.

TS, no massage, no nothin' else. I did get some nice views but that was about all.

Anyone else get an experience like this? I'll try again on a different day and see what happens.


05-17-04, 13:19
Hi Timpaniman,

I heard that there has been some changes over there. I don't know what the lineup is now. I used to know Judy, Connie and Sara but I haven't been in a while. The old bunch used to offer just about anything once they knew you.

If you have any more info on the lineup, please share with us.

05-20-04, 10:34
In a dream, Lex had the good fortune to be in the Columbia, MD area recently and decided to take a trip down memory lane.

A few years ago, Maui Health Spa on Lark Brown Rd. (off of 108, off of 175) had been a lucrative mongering spot for old Lex. He remembers having had fun with two girls at the same time at this spot.

As recently as this past winter, Lex ran into Young there. She used to work at SK spa in Brockbridge plaza. SK is now closed, as many of you know.

Lex was hoping to see Young again, as she was, in his dreams, talented at AR.

Maui seems to be under new managment as the name has changed and the interior has been refurbished somehwat. Lex will not mention the name of the new place as the dream is beginning to fade. In any event, he was greeted by a tall, but not unattractive girl who turned out to be the mamasan. He was placed in the capable hands of a Korean woman who introduced herself as Lisa.

Lisa had large boobs for a Korean, but this turned out to be the result of a bad plastic surgery job. Nothing very interesting happened during the TS. Upon returning to the room, which now has curtains instead of doors (Lex supposes this is a county law mandate), Lisa inquired as to whether Lex had been there before. Lex recounted his previous experiences with Young.

Lisa said she knew young. Soon after she began the massage, Lisa's top fell off and Lex could feel her ample boobs on his buttocks. Lisa inquired as to what Lex was really interested in and what it was worth, etc.) Lex indicated he would enjoy FS.

Lisa quickly disrobed herself of all except panties. Lex insisted they should come off as well.

Very soon, Lisa was prone and Lex was enjoying DATY. Lisa had a raincoat hidden conveniently nearby. Positions were switched, etc.

Suffice it to say,, the dream had a happy ending.

Sorry to be cryptic, but Lex does not wish that his dreams should be the cause of any problems for Lisa or the new owners. Those with the proper training and experience, will be able to interpret this dream like the true Freudians they are.

Cost was $ on top of regular house fee.


Smiling Fox
05-27-04, 18:26
I'm heading down the ocean and wondering if there is a MP or SW location or even a good pro.


Ricky Rocket
05-28-04, 16:06
True newbie here. To the board and the trade. Anyway, thanks to the many great posters here I got with the program quickly. I picked up WSW near Route 40 in northern Harford County (HaverdeGrace, I think). It was like many of you have said, when she gives you that look you know it. She's working. Not to bad looking, a 5 maybe, ok not to good looking either. Quarter for BBBJCIM in car. Didnt see any LE in the area. Also did'nt see any other SWs. Any advice on this area, SWs and/or LE? Yes I have RTFF. Not much on this area. Is it really that dead or just not getting written about?

Willing To Pay
05-28-04, 20:21
Has anyone seen any SW out in Elkton, was around that area last weekend and didn't see anything......


05-29-04, 13:44
Rickey Rocket,

Very good report for a "newbie". We appreciate it when new mongerer's do a little research first before asking all the same questions that have been answered many times before.

Great job, looking forward to more reports from you. I am usually on the MD Jessup boards, seems how it is in Howard County, so most of my reports are there.

Cloud William
05-29-04, 17:32
Hey Guys,

Ricky, congrats on joining the board and taking the time to RTFF. There is a wealth of info there and it does make for interesting reading.
I usually take RT 40 either to or from Balto when I go out mongering. I have been keeping my eyes open through Havre De Grace and Aberdeen due to reports of activity but have never seen anything. Could you provide a little more info as to when and where you came across the SW?

Typically that area is very quiet. Your best bet for mongering is good old Charm city. I usually hunt the East side, Rt 40, PP/Conkling, Dundalk areas. My last excursion was late at night without any results. LE out in overwhelming force and mongers on parade.
I usually have the best luck on weekend afternoons.

You might also try reading the Delaware board. Plenty of activity on Rt 13.

I don't know anything about Elkton and don't want to. Too close to home.


Ricky Rocket
06-01-04, 12:53
Cloud, the WSW I picked up was on Rt 40 near the McDonalds just before the bridge into Cecil County. Saw her Friday night as well walking near there (if heading south on Rt 40 make left at that McDonalds, and check the side streets). I havent seen anyone else but she says there are a few SWs out there.

Elkton is too close to home for me too, but I have done the window shopping. Never see anything though.

Good luck.

Empty Pockets
06-06-04, 00:17

I drive the RT. 40 area alot, between Baltimore and Elkton and the last SW I got from the McDonalds in Havre de Grace was across the street, about 3 months ago. She was'nt bad looking, but kinda heavy. Parked down by the boat ramps, got busted by local LE, let us go, but no more. I stopped at the 7-11 across the street and got in a conversation with another guy about the area, he advised LE is lying in wait for SW and there clients. It's pretty tough to find one in the area anyway, just do not park down at the park (boat ramps), they will bust you.

As for Elkton, the LE seems to be keeping a pretty close eye on the hospital area and roads. I didn't have the balls to even cruise it. Baltimore is your best best, Aberdeen has a few on paydays, but the Aberdeen LE love lying in wait and harrassing anybody id'd as a cruiser.

Good Luck!

Ricky Rocket
06-07-04, 08:55
Thanks for the advise Empty Pockets.

I should add. If you pick up a SW in Haverdegrace or Aberdeen, take her out of the town areas. Avoid the boat docks and other areas by the river. I have done some crusing around there watching the marked patrols and they frequent those areas every few minutes. There are plenty of areas to take the SW along 40 away from the town areas. Most of the time LE doesnt patrol outside of the main town area.

Gee Dub
06-11-04, 16:43
Was in southeast Maryland on business recently. Went to a little strip joint in Lexington Park. Don't know for sure, but I sensed that extras might be available from some of the girls. Along the same road, saw several ladies that appeared to be available for companionship. SW isn't my thing, so all I did was wave. Anyone have an experience to pass along?

06-25-04, 20:46
Pocomoke City Report:

Yes, the Delmarva peninsula has its own hidden gems for the much sought after SW scene and Pocomoke has been alive for quite some time. This is a small town along Rt13 just about the Virginia border. If you head into town, the main action streets are 4th and second along with all connecting side streets. The action is mostly BSW's and this is a drug area, so LE has been known to prowl from time to time. Lately LE has been hot, but I picked up a gem of a WSW by the name Roxanne, of all things. She is quite good looking on any scale but a definite 10 on an SW scale. We went to a house of a friend out of town, who allows her to use his pad to turn a trick or two. He wasn't home and her condoms were inside, so I had to settle for a bbbjtc. This was around 5:30pm. She is mainly a hairdresser and not strung out or drunk at all. I had hooked up with her a few years ago. Lucky me, she gave me her pager # so now I might actually have a top notch regular!! I had agreed to 2 Jacks and a Hamilton for FS and still gave up that even though I had to settle for the BJ. I will follow up on my next visit with her!

Happy Hunting!

07-01-04, 12:42
Hello all,

New to boards and very nervous to post because LE may be reading. I still have to ask is there is any possibilities of entertainment on Kent Island, Centreville, Chestertown, Md.

Thinking of changing my username to worry wart instead of Batman.

07-01-04, 20:53

Cambridge is quite active and not too far.

I Want To Spa
07-07-04, 23:57
I will be in the Elkton area visiting a friend in two weeks. We will also be by the C&D Canal Bridge (Schaffer's Canal House) and Chestertown, MD. Are there any AMP or MP in this area? If so, where are they and are they safe to visit, or are they under attach by LE?



Forget Menot
07-09-04, 17:33
REV: Lily's Spa, Laurel

Stopped in for a "quick" one, 30 minutes, $40 entry fee. First time there and did not expect much. Placed $40 tip on table (only expecting routine AMP introductory services. The individual actually gave great service in that area but bitched about the amount I gave her. "Should take care of your women better" or something like that.

Damn, are prices higher in MD than VA?

07-13-04, 18:55
Had another pleasant session with Roxanne. This time we went to a guy's house that she knows...A Lincoln to the "house" and 2 Jax for full service. Very GFE and not rushed. She claims to only have a handful of regulars and won't let me share her pager number. I filled a condom on this guy's couch very quickly as she really gets into it, then she apologizes for "rushing" me. Good service is considered rushing? May we all be so lucky!!

Happy hunting and stay safe!

07-13-04, 23:55
forget menot,

You were correct in the amount for Lilly's Spa. They are a handrub only place and you gave the standard tip. Methinks that the SW was trying to get "extra". What was her name? Some mongers had problems with Cookie in the past there but she was a 9 in looks (10 in MD LOL).

Lily Spa is usually reported in the Prince George's or Jessup forum.

07-16-04, 15:48
To all of the people pm'ing me for more info on my "find":

All of the information I am going to give is in my posts. I have already asked her and posted that she does not wish for me to share her pager #, even still I would be reluctant to do so for people who I have never seen post anything of value on this board, some with even ZERO post counts.

Lurk all you like, but this board is about sharing information. The Beatles perhaps said it best when they sang "The love you take is equal to the love you make"

All these one way, alleged mongers, just kill me.

You got the town, you got the streets, do the laps and find her yourself...she does hoof it around occasionally. End of sermon.

07-19-04, 15:51
Does anyone have any info on SW's in Ocean City?? Over my many years of going to the shore, I have seen one before downtown but that was it. There has to be some kind of action around the area, even if it is in Salisbury, Anyone have any info?


Baltimore Man

Trey Cool
07-19-04, 22:38
I visited the spa in Elkton Friday. I was told to come back the next day. Apparantly they had to close early. I left disappointed.

07-21-04, 08:47
SW in OC HAAA!! I wish! Many hours of detailed survellance has left me unsatisfied. Occassionally a"pro" will advertise a visit to the family resort but that is about it. We had a decent local "pro" a few years back but she didnt last long.

Action can be found in Salisbury though I have not been tempted by what I've seen. Gave one WSW a ride around the block but couldnt stoop down to take her up on any activity. Mostly BSW in areas on the city's east and west ends, just look carfully when you notice a street corner pharmacutical stands. Check the older east west routes beyoned RT50 on each end of the city. Be cautious of LE, small town, lots of eyes.

Vista Cruiser
07-22-04, 15:29
Hi everybody,

I'm an aspiring monger. I've been reading the boards for a few weeks now and getting ready to go out on my first cruise. I live in northern Harford County, so Baltimore is a bit far for me and I'm not too familiar with it. I've read on this board that there is some action on the Rt. 40 corridor. What nights do you think I'd have the best luck and are there any places I should stop off if I don't see any obvious SWs? I know somebody mentioned the McDonald's in Havre de Grace. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Vista Cruiser

Rookie Monger
07-22-04, 22:36
Hello Fellow Mongers,

Been reading this board for the last month now & decide to add my 2 cents. Been participating in the "extracurricular" activities for awhile now,mainly down in PP area-from what I have noticed lately-it had been really dead. Not much out but luckily I have #'s of a sw-she is a redhead(yes-with matching curtains) that is very good-looks 8,body 8 skill level 10. I have been seeing her for the last 2 years whenever there isn't much action out,I would call her. She can usually be found walking with her b/f-also a redhead-at least she tells me its her b/f-could be a brother/sister act. Have also tried the Wilkens ave area as well but that has been really slow recently as well. Will have to start taking pics for you fellow mongers. Also will be going to Montreal later in August so will keep you guys posted-Until next time-be safe!


Cloud William
07-23-04, 15:20
Howdyy Vista,

If you can drive to Havre de Grace you can make it to the East side of Baltimore. I can make it in less than 35 minutes and I live farther than you.
I have searched for sw's on Rt 40 and in Havre without any luck. Take time to read the Balt board and sit down with mapquest or a Baltimore map and see were the strolls are.
On the East side the prime areas are Conkling, Haven, E Baltimore st, Patterson park, and Eastern Ave. Rt 40 is busy from the Crown station/Burger King in each direction.
Dundalk Ave also has some action although not any way near as much as the others areas.
I would avoid Fri and Sat nights. Every monger and his cousin is out and so is LE. I usually have the best luck week nights between 5 and 8.


07-29-04, 15:23
I was in Laurel this afternoon at around 1:30. Drove by Starting Gate Lounge to see if anything was about. There was.

Across the street from starting gate, in front of the Motel 6, there was a WSW, not bad looking, not good either, very nice tan, nice big set of tits, a little thick on bottom. She was wearing jean shorts, baseball hat, and a white t-shirt that said "booty call". She looked rather clean to be an SW and didn't really give me the look, so I surrepticiously circled a few times.

Finally pulled into the motel, to pick her up. She wanted to talk through the window, so I opened the door, she wouldn't get in, just asked how I was doing, I asked if she wanted a ride, "no, I'm working". This is some shit I don't go for, so I offered her a ride again, she asked where to, and if I wanted to play. My LE alert was going off like crazy, so I left it at that.

Did any of you mongers pick this girl up? Did any of you get busted by her?

be careful out there.

07-30-04, 03:26
LE alert was accurate response based on the info you provided.
If the girl did not stray more than a few yards from her position, did not get in the car, said only that she was working, in Laurel, I guarantee you she was wired undercover LE.

Several years ago, similiar thing thing was going on but good looking babe was at Starting Gate side walll on Whiskey bottom.
I had had great sucess in that area, prior to gentrification, so I knew most of the girls, but not this one.
I wrestled with my horniness at the top and lack of funds on whether to hit a spa or SW in Laurel. Looped around to spa and back to this chick as I had bad vibes but low cash. Eventually, I stopped and she would not get in, I asked her if she wanted a ride, she said, well no "I am working" and I responded, "I know, do you need a ride?" and she fidgeted a little and said something like things are a little slow and I could tell she was searching for something to say and had no intention of getting in. I drove away ONLY because enough red flags were raised from reading boards like this on LE issues - I SAID NOTHING TO INCRIMINATE MYSELF....THANK GOD.
I went accross the street to the former 7=11 store, operational then, and watched two hispanic dudes in a pickup truck start to BS with her (note, she never moved more than 10 yards from her "station"). Within two minutes, the girl backed away from the passenger side window of the truck which coincided with about 5 cruisers literally coming out of nowhere to bust these guys - they said the wrong thing ...probably something like "how about a BJ" or the like.
ALWAYS LISTEN to the big head when cruising for SW.


08-06-04, 10:28
Well, first of all, a self administered pat on the back for attaining Senior Membership status!! Thanks so much to Jackson!

An update from the Pocomoke scene, although a week or two late:

I picked up Roxanne again, who had changed her pager number and I forgot to write down the new one, so don't ask! ;-)

She was on the streets, toting a cold 40oz back to her "crib" and I decided to go another round. We again went to the same place,which is out of town, where she knows a "guy". They upped the house fee to a ten spot, and I threw down my usual 40 for FS. Service was friendly and good as always, but if there's one thing that turns off your old friend, Firehouse, is malodiferous funkage. I played with the kitty with my hands, as I am inclined to do, and the stink was stunk. I had to stop at McDonald's to wash my hands on the way home, because I couldn't even enjoy a smoke, with out the fish mixing with the Marlboro.

I'll leave it alone for awhile. Me no like the stinky.

Happy Hunting!

Alan Duval
08-09-04, 14:50
Had very little time this morning... not enough time to get to my regular stomping grounds, and was passing through Laurel. Decided to stop at Lily's for a short session: 30 minutes.

Sophie was in uncommonly good form this morning. Sweet, gentle, and very erotic. For the short session we skipped the ts, and shortened the massage.

She slithered up on top and did a simulated fs - cowboy style - that was very, very good... almost as good as the real thing. Then she reversed herself into 69 position, with her thighls wrapped around my head. Her hj was very good, and she tasted so sweet...

When she came, the spasms running through her legs were easily felt along my head and face. Very exciting... making me pop in an unusually stong way. Haven't made that much of a mess in a room in a long time.

08-10-04, 14:47
While traveling south, I decided to try out the Pocomoke scene recently posted. I had no luck finding the big breasted beauty I read about but did score a preggo BSW for BBBJTCIM. I should say a partial CIM anyway, she slopped alot out which was not appreciated. Bargain basement of a 5 spot for the deed did help make up for the mess.

Big Tx
08-14-04, 08:38
Was crusing on U.S. 40 thru Aberdeen and notice a blond in shorts, didn't look like the sw type but pulled over, and offered a ride. She needed to pay a bill, I offered a jack for bbj, and she went to work. Didn't get her name, but will look for her again.

08-17-04, 23:23
Member 1517:
Haven't seen Roxie out in a few weeks, which after my last go around, I'm not all that heartbroken.

I think I've seen that Preggo BSW that you speak of. Can't go there for a number of reasons, but it is good to know that you got a bargain. I may slip through tomorrow and hopefully have a story to tell.

Vista Cruiser
08-18-04, 08:58

I picked up the same WSW in Aberdeen last week I think. She said her name was Amy. Good bbbj. I will look for her again.

Happy hunting everybody.


08-18-04, 09:18
Member #1517,

Five bucks for a blow. That is awesome. The best I've ever done is ten. Good job.


Vista Cruiser
08-20-04, 15:51
Cruised 40 north through Harford again on Wednesday. Saw a cute young WSW walking with her bf so I passed and another that looked like Skeletor so I didn't look twice at that one. Came back later that night at around 8 and got a really good bbbjtcim from a cute tatted and pierced brunette for a jack. I will look for her again.


09-02-04, 10:58
I tried out Hana friday nite. poor service and a bad attitude from the little chubby girl, prob. wont return.

Cum Fountain
09-03-04, 09:47
Excellent find in Laurel yesterday. Brazilian SW on Whiskey Bottom near track entrance. Huge fake titties, slim, tall, long brownish red wavy hair. Said she used to be a dancer. BBBJCIM spit with a gag. A jackson, says she gets 2 Jacksons normally, but I would not go that high. Cant recall her name.

10-04-04, 23:20
Cum Fountain,

I think I know exactly who that SW is. She matches the exact description of a dancer from the baltimore area with huge fake ta ta's. Worked in a BYOB club. She was dark skinned (bronzed not black) as I recall.

Dr. Monger

Cum Fountain
10-05-04, 10:59
Dr. M. The Brazillian was carmel colored, quite nice, also claimed to be a dental technician. Next time I will have her brush her teeth wit h the head of my dick. CF

10-17-04, 12:03
Eastern Shore Report:

Salisbury - There is a small dumpy convenience store on the west side of Rt13 just north of the hospital that has had a fairly regular assortment of wsw and bsw's. They are usually only out one at a time and nothing to write home about. This is the daytime hours, haven't scoped it out at night. Two weeks ago there was a wsw heading into the store so I went in to "buy a soda"; she was buying candy like she was having a diabetic fit and staggering around. Not terrible looking but too messed up to bother. There also looks like there might be some action around the Chesapeake Inn just north of there. Have seen what looks like dope dealers in the parking lot with a girl or two here or there.

Happy Hunting!

10-17-04, 12:06
Eastern Shore Report:

Pocomoke City - Have not seen Roxy out in over a month but I saw a new wsw near the intersection of 4th and 2nd streets around 5pm. Could have picked her up as she saw me do the turnaround, and was coming my way, but she seemed a little too aggressive for me so I lost my nerve. Haven't done much recon lately due to having a small amount of weed in the car at times. I don't need to get stopped and have that found on me. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any Delmarva mongers out there.

Happy Hunting!

10-17-04, 13:18
Hana Spa - Ellicott City. First time there. Mamasan looked me over, put me in room one, $70/hr. Connie arrived in a large t-shirt - nude underneath. She did the chore giving HJ on the flip without asking for tip. I got her to 69 HJ position and I played all corners but did not want to DATY her as she was a bit used up. Popped after 20 minutes of good HJ action. Tipped $.5. On exit I saw the chunky other attendant - no way I'd accept that one!

Any other AMPS in the area? I thought there was one in Elkridge?

Crew Dawg
10-23-04, 19:22
I've been to Lily's in Laurrel a coiple of times. Saw Sunny both times. Good TS and OK massage with walk on back. First time HJ and thigh action only(.6). Second time FS (BBBJ, CBJ, CG) for 1.0. Overall enjoyable and left satisfied.

Crew Dawg

10-25-04, 18:08
Nice petite blond in the "usual" areas not to far from 13, pert little chest and a great BBBJTCCIM w/spit for a jack. She'd be a bit more cute and schol girlish without ther facial jewelry though not too skanky with it in. Ill be keeping my eyes open and hope to see this little gal again.

10-26-04, 11:04
Hana Spa usually shows up on the Jessup thread, being its location is in Howard County. The latest reports seem to be right on as Connie has been there a long time and has done it all over the years. She can still deliver very good FS but, as Eisner said, she is pretty well worn out from too much action.

The big woman there might be Nana, but, I am not sure. She has also been around a long time. I don't think I'd go there either.

10-27-04, 19:33
This is in response to Crew Dawg's post of a couple days ago. I have known sunny at Lily spa for a long long time and feel I have to respond. I am sure that the service reported by Crew Dawg is not true. Not just Sunny but all the ladies at Lily do not give fs or BJ's. When I saw her today she was very upset after some other customer showed her a copy of that post. She said that she has now been getting others asking for this type of service and she doesn't like it. I know Lily spa is pretty tough when it comes to this type of stuff and it would never be tolerated. Sunny feels that Crew Dawg is probably a customer that wanted more than he got and this is his way of getting back at her.

So lets stop passing around lies about what is going on as it only gets the girls upset and causes problems. Lily spa performs a valuable service in giving massages and would hate to see them shut down because some people are reporting things that just are not true.

Crew Dawg
11-21-04, 00:32
I do not lie or exagerate the truth. I am sorry if Sunny was upset but what I reported was true. Before you post what you think is true, try PMing me first!

11-24-04, 06:44
Gentlemen -
There is a line which, in my opinion, should be gone up to, but crossing it kills the golden goose.
That is, many MD spas are not FS by decree of management. Should the girls give FS or pure downright Oral to completion, there are potential problems for the workers at the spa.
Certainly, there are times when "extra special" service is provided at the non-fs spas by some ladies to some customers, but to post about it is simply "crossing the line" as dipshits will follow right in demanding same not realizing the jeopardy the provider is not confronted with.

One can always convey information without outright stating it on the board and creating problems for other mongers or the ladies or managment for that matter.

I have recieved special services over the years at various non-fs spas from only a handful of ladies, I know special services do happen from time to time.
I do not doubt the veracity of Crew post, I do not condone crossing the line and posting the name of the lady who provided the services.

Be smart - there is a PM service for items that cross the line.
My two cents.
Keep on mongering.

11-24-04, 10:30
LOL, If it was true, I guess he won't get that service repeated there.

12-01-04, 09:31
Found Missy and found a great way to spent an afternoon! Tall and thin, nice a cupper, great personality and clean to boot. a wonderful and satisfying dream indeed!

12-04-04, 15:07
I know some of the "usual" areas in the Salisbury area, but any extra info on where some of these gals could be found would be great. I think one area that usually has some action is around the Chesapeake Inn on 13 and some of the nearby convenience stores. The visibility of picking up on 13 in a town where "everybody knows your name..." leaves a lot to be desired, however. More info would be super!!

12-04-04, 15:12
The tiny city of Pocomoke continues to have some regular action around 4th, 2nd and Clarke streets. Have seen some LE from time to time, but they don't seem to be too aggressive. They seem more interested in chasing the drug dealers than the girls or their customers.

I have been seeing Roxy around 2 to 3 times a month. Usually 2 jacks for FS. She has a place that is cozy and safe and gives great service. Cruise down 4th street, just past the Health dept and she is often on the porch of her house. She never rushes and sometimes says she wishes I could go longer. I am usually in a hurry and the combined tension of new pussy as well as the danger inherent in such transactions usually inspires me to finish quickly. She has long dark hair and great legs. The cleanest, most normal SW I have ever met. Does not appear to do drugs, which is a huge plus.

Silver Tibby
12-07-04, 01:21
I will be spending a couple weeks in Lusby, MD near Solomons Island, Just wondering if any fellow mongers have experienced any action there? If so please share.


12-07-04, 14:26
Just follow your nose and remember the sun rises to the east. I agree with you 13 is just to high on visibility. Hesistant to post to much detail with small town action. Good luck!

I know some of the "usual" areas in the Salisbury area, but any extra info on where some of these gals could be found would be great. I think one area that usually has some action is around the Chesapeake Inn on 13 and some of the nearby convenience stores. The visibility of picking up on 13 in a town where "everybody knows your name..." leaves a lot to be desired, however. More info would be super!!

12-19-04, 17:40
Member 1517..You can PM me with some streets to try if you'd like. I work in town but live a ways out of town. Thanks in advance.

12-30-04, 19:03
Firehouse and Member 1517,

Thanks for the info on ES activites. Can you pm me with some specific info on Pokomoke and Salisbury. I go hunting to Pokomoke at least twice a week and Salisbury at least every other week. So far, no dice. Any suggestions? Thanks.

12-30-04, 20:37
Stopped in at Rainbow in Laurel on Rt. 1 the other day. Had a massage from Kay. I did not realize that the parlors in Md are not FS. That does not bother me because I am not looking for FS at the AMPs. Anyway Kay is worth checking out big time. She has a great body and after a decent massage and some mutual massaging she rolled me over to 69 position with me on the bottom. Her muff right over my face. Then she put her finger up my butt while giving me a fantastic HJ and some light BBBJ. I have never had an AMP girl do that before and it felt great! After 3 to 5 mins of this I shot my load.

I don't know if that is a Kay speciality or not but she is worth checking out!!