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04-10-02, 04:57
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04-20-02, 16:24
Anybody seeing any street action in Portland? I know it's usually pretty grim, but the warmer weather sometimes gets things going.

04-26-02, 08:15
If I were you I would be VERY careful about trying to pickup a SW in Portland. I got caught about two years ago; asked her if she was a cop, she said no, we made an arrangement whereby I'd go to her apartment, she walked away from the car, and I was immediately arrested. I was taken to the jail, booked (including being photographed and fingerprinted) and had to wait 2 hours for bail.

I arranged for a lawyer and we fought the arrest. We got a copy of the taped conversation, and the cop agreed that the entire conversation did take place. End result: guilty. Cost: $200 plus costs to the city, and $1000 to the lawyer.

Portland is NOT the place to pick up a SW.

04-26-02, 18:30
I hear ya loud and clear, Hammie. I've heard that about Portland. I've crusied the city 5 or 6 times and did have a VERY nice time in my hotel room with a lovely young lady, Mary Beth, but I think it was the exception and not the rule for P-land.

Jelly Donut
04-26-02, 20:17
Just to echo what you folks are saying I picked up a SW in Portland near Grant Street in, maybe, 1996. She was very evasive about business. Basically, I think she was laying out some strange narrative about how she needed a ride and she wanted me to take her to different places in Portland where friends of hers owed her money.....I'm not sure what she was trying to prove...maybe she wanted to make it seem like she wasn't a regular SW....but it was pretty clear where things were going. I was enjoying the theater of it all, until I ran a red light and the police pulled me over.

I've got Massachusetts plates & he recognizes my passenger. So, he pulls me aside and starts giving me the third degree on what this girl is really up to - that she's aiming to seperate me from my cash.

I tried to manage my best "No shit. I did not know that." look....but his sense of smell is a little too good and he shifts into lecturing me about getting out of the Great State of Maine - something along the lines of not needing my kind around Portland.

Fair enough.

I think most girls from Maine end up outside the state. I know the Ramada Inn (not sure which one) was a reliable place for girls in the late 1980's. I got this word-of-mouth from a friend. I know some girls end up working out of motels on Route 1...but I'm not sure if this means The Danish or places north of there.

My sense is, if you live in Maine, your best deal is to go to Boston or Montreal - unless you personal know someone in the business. It seems like there are a number of operations strip clubs/massage parlors that take advantage of of the wierd post Puritan culture in Maine - places that just suck wallets dry just for the sake of seeing a tit.

05-11-02, 11:39
hi guys..just a basic rule to add......Asking if she is a cop is pointless because they are allowed to lie...... A cop will not get in the car with you though for safety reasons. She will not show her pivate parte or allow you to touch them.....Let the girl get in the car and make an offer. Real working girls will jump at the chance for a date. if she sort of waits for you to incriminate yourself,,,move on. ..good luck

06-26-02, 22:13
Hey guys,

I don't live in P-land any more, but I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.

There used to be a fantastic, very, VERY discreet spa-type place in a house in South Portland, near the Coast Guard base. It was still there last time I was in town (about a year ago). The only reason I got clued in to this house is that my uncle actually owns it, and rents it to the woman who runs it. This woman inherited the business from her mom, who ran it for something like 30 years!

This place is in a regular residential neighborhood. There are, like, 2 day care centers on this street, one right across the street, and I doubt they even know what goes on there. Like I said, it's extremely discreet -- no sign, no nothing. They do not advertise in the personals section in the Portland or Lewiston papers like some have done in the past. All of their clientele is word-of-mouth, so to speak (bad pun, I know). The only way you can even get their phone number is to know someone who knows about the place.

Extremely nice and friendly girls... I've had only good (and one so-so) experiences there in about 20 visits.

Ask around about it if you know any buddies in Portland into "the hobby" and you might just get lucky.

07-02-02, 16:18
There was a story on the TV about 6 months ago about a house in a residential neighborhood of S. Portland being busted, I wonder if it was this one?

I used to frequent the pussycat in S Portland before they closed it down too! I'd like to get an introduction if anybody has a line on this place.

09-13-02, 12:24
I *think* I might have picked up a tranny at Mellen and Grant on Saturday night. Kind of oriental/light skinned black looking, tall, pantsuit. She has a place somewhere on Grant towards the beginning, but I bailed out citing a case of nerves. We drove around the block and I dropped her off without incident. If she's really a female, she's not too bad looking, but I didn't want to risk it.

01-03-03, 11:50
I was in Portland over the week-end with a guy that I know from Florida. He is always on the look out so we cruised and hunted the bar areas. Nothing to be seen or had.

There are a lot of "gothic" chicks in Portland that look wild/slutty but they are not hookers.

Hung around a sex toy store there called the "condom" and chatted with the woman who was at the register.

She was big but also hot and got nervous when I was asking about having fun and what clubs where best.

I think she thought we were cops.
We hung out in a club called the Big Easy which was a dud and then late at night went to a club called Liquid Blue.

This club has a lot of wild and slutty chicks in it but only between 11:30pm and about 1:00am
Most are young and didn't bother with us.

Portland is not worth prowling around unless you guys know something I don't.

01-04-03, 23:00
I've only scored a coupla times in Portland with sw's, very hard town to work. Along with the vampire girls, there's tons of lezzies walking around, you can see them holding hands on the sidewalk cafes. Kinda intriguing.

02-11-03, 04:03
I was up in Portland this past weekend partying in the Old Port section. I saw a place called " Portland Hot Tub Rentals and Massage". When I got to the door, it said something about massage outcalls available. Does anyone have any info on this joint?? I won't waste my time or hard-earned $$ without a positive testamonial. Thanks!

03-20-03, 17:54
It has been quite awhile for me and getting pretty desperate. I have located an outcall service called PlayTimePen.com It is run by a Nikki or Nadia. I was interested in trying Renay.

I have never met with an escort before and not sure what I can expect in terms of what she will do.

Has anyone had any experience with her or the agency? Please be somewhat specific as I am trying to decide whether I should try them.

04-18-03, 05:04
I really like Portland. The SW scene was not very good but they did have this dance service called LOVE BIRDS (not sure if the still have it) not an escort service just lapdance and stuff and thats all I really needed or wanted they worked harder at pleasing you and they would go to those hottubs or to your house. Most escort services are rip offs, overpriced and usually rushed service. So I recomend the dance service wich is totally legal and alot of fun.

Portland at the time I was there had 1 massage parlor (that I knew of) great looking girls (only 3) very fit but like most mp they try to get as much money as they can. The woman I was with was so beautiful absolutly perfect body and big perky breasts that worked really well as massage tools on my bodyparts. But most people go to lewiston for there pleasure wich I know nothing about (since I didnt own a car)

Have fun and be safe

04-18-03, 18:03
Hey guys, there used to be a place in S. Portland called Cats. I've been there twice. It's in kind of a business, yet residential area. If that's still around, I always had fun there and would recommend a visit. Was extrememly expensive. Take care and be safe.

04-21-03, 21:54
A town with as many people, diverse as it is, I gotta beleive that Portland has an underground pro scene. I've spent many a night and afternoon working that town with only a couple of solid scores, it just doesn't ring true. Yeah, the bars and clubs should yield some action, but there's got to be an alternative for the guy in a hurry, the guy who doesn't have the time or patience to wade through layers of boozed-up bimbos looking for God knows what.

Yup, there's got to be another side of Portland, but I sure as shit don't know what it is.

05-29-03, 14:23
Have things been picking up in Portland at all?

06-02-03, 16:18
Originally posted by auto: Have things been picking up in Portland at all? [/i]

Part of the problem in Portland is the efficiency of the LE in cracking down on those of us who are in the hobby. I was born and raised in the city, and after being arrested about five years ago, you won't catch me trolling in the area!

I'd prefer a street-girl to one who works in a MP but being arrested once is enough. I'll go elsewhere instead.

08-20-03, 16:58
No report here, but an inquiry. Anybody know of a clean no-tell motel in the Greater Portland area? I have an offer for a nooner and I want to make the most of it.

08-20-03, 18:33

The streets are fairly safe, it's just a matter of taking a few of the usual precautions and knowing the situation.

12-03-03, 22:23
Hello Portland,

Wow its cold up here. Anyway, I'm in portland till next week for work. I heard about a topless doughnut shop that serves breakfast. Anybody have any more information about this?

I also saw a few post back someone mention a dance club called LoveBirds. Any one have any more information on this?


12-04-03, 19:45

The nudie bar is right at exit 8 off the 'pike, about a 5-7 minute ride from downtown. It used to be called Mark's Showplace, it's under a new name now, something more upscale. Not a bad take but the times I've been there it's topless only, no snatch shots. Probably no take home action either. Portland is a pretty dry town cooze-wise, but there used to be some good looking independents advertising on the Yahoo groups a while back. Where in town are you staying?

Mac Northeast
12-22-03, 17:58
The weather is now very cold in Portland, ME. and there doesn't seem to be any SW's on the track at this time! Several other options in the Portland area. The Phoenix, although FS is not provided by each and every listing. SW's have not been prevalent in the area for at least the past 6-8 months due to increased LE presence uptown. You may get lucky and find an occasional SW, but slim pickings for now.

Mac Northeast
12-27-03, 09:53
Streets are fairly empty most of the time. You might try perfectpleasures.net if you are here on an overnight stay. 99% of the girls are not FS. There is one that goes by the name of Justina. Great looking, nice tits, probably a 9 all around. She usually works days. Price for outcall using the service is 150. She's not usually available at night. Her pictures on this site are old. Currently much better looking.

Bill Buxton
01-15-04, 16:55
Watch out for agency girls claming RAPE! I know of a guy that had a local agency girl claim hen raped her after he paid the chick. The girl went to the dudes house paid the girl she left and 2 days later LE was at his door. They did not arrest him just questioned him about the whole thing,(not cool) who would do anything but a straight deal in there own home? This only brings out more heat to the area for the guys and girls. What kind of place are we living in when you cant even spend some of your hard earned jack on a girl in your own home. play safe!

Art Mould
01-30-04, 13:58
I'll be visiting southern Maine and wanted to know about any suggestions for that area.

Art Mould
01-31-04, 10:29
Looking for some suggestions for the southern Maine area.


02-11-04, 13:00
Pick up the Phoenix paper and saw four ads for portland area. Two were from massage parlors Asia Massage in Scarborough,
Exotic Bodyworks in Saco, and Asian Acupuncture Therapy in Lisbon Falls. Also saw ad for independent Michelle.

Has anyone had any experience with any of these places?

Safety Guy
02-11-04, 22:32
I heard bad things about Michelle.

Bill Buxton
02-12-04, 09:26
There are a few good full service companies around now. One is studio 9x there a full service provider. Another is companions, the have a great looking girl named nova, never had the pleasure but she looks good.

The streets are still not good, not much around in this oft frozen seaside hamblet we call the Portland. I guess I would say better days are on there way. I have found that most of the providers are up in the Auguste Waterville area now due to not much LE. Many of these girls will travel or do travel and work out of the Portland area. If I can help with a contact # or two give me a p/m

Play safe.

Bill Buxton
02-13-04, 11:17
I tried Michelle out you are right NOT GOOD. She is in a rush once you hit the bedroom, and tries to get every dime you brought with you. She is about a 6 or 7 in looks and a 4 or 5 in service.Things would be better if she was not in high range, and trying to grab another gear. She lives in Windham I think,if you have a back up problem I guess she will work in a pinch. And yes she is full service, I think she tries for 2 C- NOTES per session.

Play safe.

Bill Buxton
02-14-04, 10:59
If any of you guys know of any gals that want to work in this city I am sure they could make a good living here.

02-24-04, 20:39
There is lorettalips2004@yahoo.com.

Older chick, red head. Not bad, mid 40's, heard nothing but good things despite not being a spring chicken service wise. Look for incalls for about $1.25 total (30-45 minutes).

She has a yahoo group by her name. Not too hard to find.
(Can't post it these days, I suppose. oh well.)

For a cheap decent time, she'll do the trick I'm sure. No games and seems to really like what she does.

02-28-04, 15:18
Maine has a whole underground scene I've been reading as of late.

I've got plans to be heading up that way at end of May. I'll let you boyz know as I find stuff. Enjoy.

In the portland area, there is a very cute provider I've got my eyes on. Named: lisa_luvlie. She can be found at yahoo.com.

Runs incall at $1.50.

Safety Guy
02-28-04, 17:55
I have read nothing but good things about her. I contacted her once and she was prompt with her reply, she does want a refrence from another provider. I have seen pictures of a woman going by the name of Nova from Companions of Maine that is good looking, I don't have any idea of prices.

03-01-04, 16:57

I have had the pleasure of being able to spend time with Lisa Luvlie in the past. At the time I saw her, she went by Tracey of Maine. If you know the other boards, look in the review sections for her under both names.

She has a fantastic body - small and tight. She is a GFE escort. She will DFK, BBBJ - no CIM, and full service. She will give you multiple bangs for the buck.

Like every escort, she might be leary if you are new to her. If you frequent her more than once, she becomes more and more fun. If you like a GFE, she will definately meet your expectations.


Go Red Sox.

Bill Buxton
03-01-04, 23:48
Also check out s----- 9x they are also full service,but it is nice to have a real gfe not just a full service provider. Lisa is a great girl and very easy to spend time with.

Bill Buxton
03-06-04, 15:26
Things are on the up swing around here i saw 4 girls that were out last fall on the strole. I will check out the pickins and report back.

Safety Guy
03-08-04, 18:38
When and where did you see some strolling?

Safety Guy
03-15-04, 20:48
Sorry, forget I asked. Forgot you need to post more to be answered.

Bill Buxton
03-16-04, 13:14
last monday on congress st. Down by the 7/11 store.

Bill Buxton
03-17-04, 14:44
I did the Congress St. shuffle today at 11 AM. I didn't expect to see anything due to the snow storm, but discovered an old, broken down, piss pot that used to walk the street a couple of years back. She goes by the name of Bambi and said she stays in Portland 2 or 3 nights per week. She gave me her digits and said she would be available any day M-F from noon to 5 PM. She is about a 2 in looks (face). A 6 body, and her service is about a 7 if I remember correctly. Anyone interested, please PM for info.


Safety Guy
03-17-04, 21:54
Thanks for the location, that's really all I wanted. Now I can do my own looking, I did in the past but never saw anyone or was just looking in the wrong spot. I do see a provider in Portland, she is pricey for what you get. I have been visiting her for some time now so she treats me well. I got her no. out of the Portland Phoenix. If you are interested in it I will give out her no. if it's o.k with her. She has a new girl working with her, better looking, more expensive but F.S. but I'm not going there.

03-18-04, 09:12
Hello Fellow Mongers,

I have posted before about why I consider looking for street action in Portland to be unwise, but let me re-iterate.

I was born in Portland more than 60 years ago, have lived near there all my life, and have successfully mongered there and MANY times in the Lowell/Lawrence, MA area in the 1980s and 1990s. I considered myself street-smart. In 1990 one afternoon I cruised Grant St in Portland which had been a favorite pick-up location, and I spotted a likely prospect. I parked, she came up to the window, we exchanged hellos, and she asked what I was looking for. I asked if she was affilliated with the LE and she said "NO". I asked if we could get together for some fun, and she said to meet her at her apartment a block away, and gave the apartment number. She walked away and before I could start my car a cruiser came up and parked me in. I was ordered out of the car, hand-cuffed, and taken to the jail where I was booked, photographed, and fingerprinted. After about two hours I was able to make bail and walked a mile back to where I had left the car.

I engaged an attorney a day later, described what had happened, and he said he would see what he could do. He obtained a copy of the audio-tape which contained my conversation with the gal, and attempted to negotiate the dropping of charges. No luck, and I appeared in court some time later. My attorney argued that the gal had lied on the tape. The judge said it was legal, and that the city was determined to stamp-out prostitution in Portland. I was found guilty of engaging a prostitute and fined $300 plus court costs; the attorney's fee was $750. Normally all court activity was reported in the Portland paper, but for some reason mine never was printed.

That charge was a misdemeanor but is now called by the state of Maine a Class E crime punishable by fine of up to $1000 plus imprisonment of up to six month. If you are caught again within 2 years you can be charged with a Class D crime punishable by fine of up to $2000 and up to one year imprisonment (used to be called a feloney). To the best of my knowledge, the city is not yet impounding autos, as is happening in other states.

So, keep this in mind when considering mongering in Portland!

Stay safe, guys.

03-18-04, 10:16
Thanks for that sobering tale Hambone. Of the many dozens (hundreds - who am i kidding) of pickups I've made, I guess that single fear scares me the most, name in the paper, maybe picture on the net in some areas. Mind as well kiss my life as I know it goodbye. I've been laying low sw-wise since last summer but I feel a breakout coming somtime soon. Christ, maybe I'll take a good long look at the more legitimate providers even though they're much more $$$ and usually not nearly as fun as the sw's.

Stem Master
03-18-04, 11:28

That sucks. I would assume that some price was negotiated through the car window? I would think that talking about consentual sex without negotiating a fee is legal. I think that what mongers need to do is settle down. It can be exciting in the spur of the moment but several steps should be first taken to insure your safety. 1. Only ask if the girl wants to go for a ride. If she declines then drive away. 2. If she gets in the car and starts asking what you want to do, begin driving and watch for cars following you. Ask her how are you supposed to know that she's not a cop (before negotiating or mentioning anything of course). Ask if you can touch her. They will all let you and most will suggest it themselves. Once they allow you to grope them, then you're home free. Ask them to touch you too. Never, ever go to where a SW tells you to go when she doesn't get into the car with you. That would stink of a set up. The bottom line is most LE will NOT get into a car and I would assume that NONE of them will allow you to feel them up or grab your stuff. Just some words to the wise.

Be Safe

Bill Buxton
03-18-04, 13:24
Yes I know that LE, thanks to there boss MEDIA MIKE likes to hammer on the guys picking up street girls. But the girls have not ben in the area in force for a number of years.You may see a girl that worked the streets several years before out looking for a date bet thats all. I have not seen any new talent out for some time. Just the sos that we all know about. Marybeth has a cooking job at su---s fish and chips and several others work there to. I think its a program for women on parole or some kind of state assisted program. That will help teach these girls to stand up-right and not do all there work on there backs.

I did see 3-4 old street girls out the other day but they all look like they have more miles on them than a 1966 ford!!!!!

The portland is not like years past when you could pick from 6-8 good looking providers on the track. The only way to get a good looking gal now is spend the long dollar and call room service.

play safe,keep looking


03-18-04, 19:17
I hear you boys, but from what I see...the escort scene in Portland is pretty hot and wicked inexpensive compared to anywhere else I've seen.

I'm reading constantly about FS sessions ranging from $.75 to $1.50 for a very hot chick. Some are $2.00, but rare. I am also seeing FS sessions with 2 girls who are clearly a 7 or 8, for $1.75! Similar action else where is much more pricey...

The underground scene is where its at in Maine. I know more of you have to be sampling from it. Post about it and some reviews of favorites. If I was travelling to Maine, I swear there is nothing going on...yet once I started hitting the yahoo boards, its a freakin smorgasboard of fun!

Bill Buxton
03-22-04, 11:29
The # for bambi is not working her mom said she moved out. This sucks seh was a good provider even though she was only a 3-4 in looks. Don't get me wrong she had a great body 7-8 and service was a 9.

Bill Buxton
04-05-04, 23:08
Called Bambi and she is up the stump! her number is the same. So if you like gals 4 months along she is the one for you.


Bill Buxton
04-08-04, 11:05

Where did the guy go that was breaking my balls about info? You wanted all kinds of info on the portland area and now you never post a thing. Has anyone hit the portland streets? is there any action in there! Why do I have to be the one getting all the info in this area and then giving it out via PM. That shit is gonna stop I will only help the ones that post here and on other boards! There are some good providers in the area but the price is high! Well over a franklin and thats per hour! SOS.

Keep your eyes open and stay sharp;


04-09-04, 16:02

There is one provider out of Maine who will do incalls in Portland and Portsmouth hotels.

She now goes by Lisa Luvlie - she was Tracey of Maine.

Late 20's, maybe 5'2", tight body with maybe a B cup. Multiple pops for the hour with GFE service. If you catch her at the right time, you can have her $150 per hour.

Fun girl and good at what she does.

Play safe and enjoy.

Bill Buxton
04-09-04, 16:06
Yes I know Lisa she is a great gal!!!!!!!!!

Bill Buxton
04-09-04, 16:31
Got some intel on this chick called Lana, she just started working congress st. I have seen this gal out and about but never had the pleasure of her company. She walks around after 21:00 hrs and allways dresses nice. She rents a place from a guy I know and has worked in some movies on the west coast. She is 24 years old and has a tight killer body! She is 5'2'' tall at 105 lbs,blond hair with big blue eyes. From the info I got she is not here for long so I will have to move quickly. She does not like the street thing , does p/u out of some local up scale bars in the area. She is working on a deal so she said on going back to the coast for more filming. I think her rent is cheep because this guy talks about about her all the time. He bought 2 condo's back in the early 90's when things went bust and got them for short money. He has let one out to her down on the waterfront. She lives alone not on the drugs or bottle,keeps to herself so I here. She will go out and let her hair down in the old port from time to time. Now the bad news she lives with her mom and her mom wants her to stay in the area and not go back to the coast. That sounds good a little mouther and daughter action?hahaha I will keep you guys up to speed on this deal as the info comes available. PS, I here the mom is hot too!!!!!!!!! wowwwwwwwww

Check out the top of the east for all you guys that know what I am talking about. After 23:00


Bill Buxton
04-13-04, 13:08
Lana is great had lunch with her on monday and she is hot!! I had no time for a service call but saw her and I will be hooking up soon.


Bill Buxton
04-15-04, 08:57
Check out the area around the 2 bars by the post office there are some gals there. Not that high on the scale 3-5 and they all want some jack to buy that next drink!

Play safe;


Bill Buxton
04-23-04, 10:55
I got hooked up with Lana for 3 great hrs of fun. She is heading to N.Y. for a film job but will be back in late may. She is a good provider but not as good as she could be.She gives great bbbj but the fs action should get some work. She was not in to it like she said she was. She has a great body at any rate. The fs rate is .75 per hour and the 2 hr rate is .125 all in.


Bill Buxton
04-23-04, 18:09
I just got back from a tour in town it was a strike out and no rbi's.

Bill Buxton
05-08-04, 09:18
Got some info on Platnum plus. They say take out is on the menu and the later you stay the better your chance for this. They did close at 4-5 am so I have ben told.


06-11-04, 15:41
For info on Danish Health Club in Kittery, go to Other Areas on the Maine board.

Member #4063
06-13-04, 19:51
In case anybody did not see this, the DHC got raided by Federal, State and local cops, watch out.


Safety Guy
06-19-04, 10:23
May have seen a WSW just off Congress St. She was hanging around the same area when I mdrove by and was still there when I drove back by a little later. I turned around to look and there were 3 LE cars coming to the area so I went on my way. She was blonde, looked a little chubby, never got a good look at her face, she looked kinda ugly.

06-22-04, 22:12
Has anybody gotten lucky with any of the Russian women in town, some of them are smoking! I got a few glances at the Roxy, wondering if it was PforP. I have heard that there may be action in some of the hotel bars, like Holiday Inn by the Bay, The Eastland and that old Armory in the Old Port (forgot the name). I noticed a few SW's near and around The Cumbies on Congress, seems like one might have luck in that area, if looking for SW's


The Duke
06-23-04, 11:35
Has anyone been to a place called: exotic touch? their website is exotic-touch.com

Member #4196
06-25-04, 11:24
Hey Duke,

Exotic touch is another one of the Waterville rub shops. You can get a nude mutual massage with door fee and tip which will run you about 120 which is high for that type of service. Some of the girls are rush rush but I have found that Christy will provide an enjoyable session and she pushes the envelope somewhat by allowing daty but nothing else in there but you can discuss outcall opportunities with them.

The Asian in Lisbon WAS a much better alternative.


Bill Buxton
06-25-04, 16:08
A friend of mine is in town late tonight and all day sat and sun. She is a black club dancer from the mid atlantic states and a former platnum gal. She is 21 yrs old and a good find please pm for her ##. The streets are bare at the present time around here.


06-29-04, 17:12
I am in Portland today unitl Thursday morning and I was thinking about trying studio9X. Can anyone tell me if the rate quoted is a "Flat " rate or is that just for the agency and you get a seperate quote form the young lady ?

Its my first time in Portland so I read back over the posts and drove around the Streets mentioned in prior posts but I saw nothing at all. This was from 1:00PM until 3:00 PM. I will try again later this evening and report any findings.



Bill Buxton
07-06-04, 19:13
DO NOT HOOK UP WITH A GIRL NAMED tiff!!!! She lives in the BIDD, SACO area and she will scamm you for your cash!! She told me on the blower she gets paid first takes the money home and will be right out!!! She has ripped off several people as seen on the yahoo site she posts on.

Play Safe


Safety Guy
07-06-04, 23:09
So did you get ripped off? If not how do you rate to get the info. I had already heard about her, but since it was second hand info. I wasn't positive.

Member #4196
07-07-04, 13:11
To add to Bill B's warning, this girl is bad news. I had a good friend get ripped off with a pay and run scam.

She goes by two names, Tiff and Danielle in the Biddeford and Saco area.

Buyer beware.

J Plenty
07-08-04, 08:45
Confirming the warning on Tiff from Saco. She posts in a few Yahoo groups, and has burned more than a few hobbyists. I'm ucky for walking away after getting that unpleasant feeling that she was setting me up for a grab & dash! She'll ask to meet in public place, demand donation and state that she will be right back to pick you up? Whoa, out of there.

Be Careful,


Member #4196
07-08-04, 14:58
Stay away and avoid at all costs the New AMP spa that advertises in the Portland Phoenix.

I called and inquired and got an appointment and thought it might be the gals from Lisbon. When I got to the private apartment in a very residential and high profile neighborhood in South Portland for my 1100 am appointment, I was told to come back in 40 minutes.

Came back at 1140 and went upstairs and paid 60 door fee. Got undressed, No table shower as was promised on the phone as the only thing they have is a shower stall anyway.

Massage was uninspired and quick. 15 minute, half hearted rub, no teasing and then the flip and straight to MR Johnson in a rapid fire two hand marathon to see how fast it could be over.

Oh did I mention that she answered the phone 5 times and the doorbell once. No help getting dressed and out of there in 30 minutes.

She booked a 1 hour appointment for 1230 and another 1 hour appointment for 1 pm.

When she put her hand out for a tip, I said I don't think so and said C YA.

Never to return, Oh for the Lisbon place to reopen.

Stay away from this place.

Bill Buxton
07-09-04, 10:15
Anyone wanting the number for a great provider in westbrook area please let me know. The rate is 120 and the hr is a RNR not a rush and she is a great kid!!


Bill Buxton
07-09-04, 10:20
At over 20plus years of mongering she did not get the BB funds!!!!! When I saw what she looked like I said "SELF SHE IS NOT WORTH .5 IN MY BOOK!" She wanted the cash bad but I was not that dumb and yes I have ben ripped off before a long time ago!!!!



Member #4196
07-14-04, 10:49
Took a chance yesterday and called an ad in the Portland Phoenix for Kyla and Roxy.

Rates and contact info were right in the ad so I knew what to expect for F/S at 130 for the half and 160 for the hour. Kyla is a very attractive young blonde with a great bod but a little on the shy and not too much exploration on the access side.

CBJ was good followed by mish,cowgirl with one finish.

There are better options in the area for same or less money.

Take care and stay safe. CH

Member #4196
07-14-04, 10:51
Asian Spa in Freeport is still a great value for the service. I sopped in yesterday on my way up north and booked an appointment with Mina. She is by far the better of the two MP's so always best to call ahead and request her.

Authentic oriental massage with hot towels and lots of teasing and play on the flip side.

Door is 60 and tip for happy ending is 40. Full hour.

Take care and stay safe. CH

07-16-04, 08:17
Have to respectfully disagree with Hog. Been to the Fport AMP twice, had both girls, and left without much happiness. Both times I realized how much I miss a TS. A KAMP without TS is like McD's without fries. Each visit was greeted by the pleasant but ancient mamasan hurrying me to a room, followed by solo undressing until either Lily or Mina arrived. Both girls rushed me along like they had some place better to go. Quick back work, not at all like my gal Cookie in Lisbon. Flip and a coaxed bit of tool play. Happy ending, like undressing, was solo. I was able to guide Lily's hand over mine so she helped with the finish, but that was about it. Many nervous glances to the door by both girls each time. Maybe recent Maine activity elsewhere had them skittish. I am not going back.

07-16-04, 16:52
I said it before and I'll say it again. GO SOUTH!

Bill Buxton
07-18-04, 18:24


Play Safe,


Member #4196
07-19-04, 11:30
Hey, not a problem with the respectfully disagree and I do totally agree that Freeport is NO Lisbon for sure. I will NOT see Lilly due to her lackluster performance but Mina has always been worth the trip as maybe familarity breeds that playful and aggressive behavior.

But when the opportunity to go south does not become an option, this place with Mina is still my choice for a massage with happy ending.

I always call to make an appointment and make sure to identify myself to the owner as a "regular" and seem to get what I want.

Take care and stay safe. CH

Bill Buxton
07-30-04, 22:13
Call JASMINE; week days at her home location outside Portland she is a great looking tall thin shapley blond that will give you a great 1 hr session no rush fo a good price.120 will keep you both happy and she is CLEAN AND NO DRUGS. She is and has one of the most flawless bodys in the area biz.

Another related subject, the feds are not giving out any info on the Danish. Other than they have made no arrests in the case as of late.

Play safe;


08-03-04, 12:26
A handjob for $80? Where do I sign up? :D

Lab Rat
08-05-04, 08:01
Another one bits the dust

LISBON FALLS - A Korean woman faces charges of interstate prostitution following a raid on her Lisbon Falls massage parlor, and investigators say she has information about a prostitution and smuggling ring in New Jersey involving illegal immigrants.

Doo Ri Kim, 39, is being held in the Cumberland County Jail without bail after being indicted Tuesday by a federal grand jury on charges of interstate travel to facilitate prostitution and to distribute the proceeds of prostitution.

The case comes just weeks after a similar operation was broken up in Essex Junction, Vt. Authorities there said illegal immigrants from Asia were working as prostitutes and were not permitted to leave the business. Court papers in that case made reference to ongoing and related investigations in Maine, New York and New Jersey, but the case against Kim did not refer to the Vermont operation.

Kim has not been accused of forcing the women in Lisbon Falls to work as prostitutes, although the agents did question one of the women about the freedom of the workers there.

"When asked if she could come and go as she pleased, Witness 1 became very nervous and said that the girls' movements were somewhat restricted," the complaint says, though the woman would not elaborate. The woman did say they were prohibited from using the telephone.

But the manager of a Subway restaurant next to the now-shuttered business said Wednesday that the women who worked at the parlor had at least some freedom.

She said they occasionally stopped in for sandwiches or walked down the road to a nearby McDonald's.

Nissa Spaulding said she had suspicions about the Asia Acupressure Therapy Center, and was fairly sure the women lived there. She said the women spoke poor English and tended to order by pointing.

Lisbon police and agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided the parlor on June 8 and found two naked women with two clients. The two women are being processed for deportation. A third woman, who worked as a cleaning person, was found sleeping in a small massage room used as a bedroom. She also faces deportation.

The women told the agents that they were already in the country illegally when they learned about the Lisbon jobs from friends or in newspaper ads.

One of them, a 34-year old woman, said that she paid a man $1,500 in Korea to be brought to this country illegally in 2000, and that she was smuggled into the country from Canada through the border with Washington.

The women said they paid $40 to $50 a day in rent, and the only money they earned was in tips from the clients they served. They said they worked five to six days a week, and saw four to five clients a day.

Kim, they said, was paid $60 by each client. The U.S. Attorney's Office says that between January and her arrest in June, Kim traveled to New York to deliver the business' proceeds to the owner. The indictment and complaint do not name the business owner, and that person has not been charged, Assistant U.S. Attorney Donald Clark said.

Kim said she had been in the country since 1998 and had overstayed her visa, according to court papers. She was arrested in 2002 on prostitution charges in a New Jersey brothel, a business now under investigation in connection with smuggling and prostitution involving illegal immigrants.

Clark said that once the case against her in Maine is completed, Kim will be able to provide whatever information she has to assist the New Jersey investigation.

Prostitution in Maine typically results in a state charge and does not rise to the level of a federal indictment. Immigration violations are usually handled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Clark would not explain why the U.S. Attorney's Office sought an indictment against Kim.

"We prosecute those cases where we think there is a compelling federal interest," he said. "Sometimes that's not always obvious on the face of any given case. As I said, the investigation is ongoing."

Lisbon Detective Bill Tapley, who investigated the case with Detective Bryan Doyle, said illegal immigrants involved in prostitution can become indebted to those who brought them to the country or employ them, making it hard for them to leave their situation.

"They're held against their will, not physically, but financially," he said.

Tapley said they were alerted to the business by South Portland authorities. Last September, South Portland police shut down the Asian Therapy Center because it violated local ordinances requiring massage therapists to be licensed.

Federal officials took four women into custody on immigration violations at that time.

During that operation, police found information that suggested the business was linked to one in Lisbon, Tapley said.

The massage parlor shared a tidy wooden building with the Subway store, Huston Bros. Building Contractors and the Fast Flight Indoor Archery Range and Pro Shop.

At the Subway and the archery range, people said there had been odd goings-on at Asia Acupressure.

The posted hours were 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., Spaulding said, but the women who worked there tended to be there early in the morning.

"We had suspicions," she said, "but nothing we could prove.

She said the place had two showers and a laundry room. "I'm like, 'Wow! That's a lot of stuff for an acupressure place.' "

She said the place was frequented by "a lot of older gentlemen in business suits."

At the archery center, Rob Russell noted that Asia Acupressure "had unusual hours. A lot of traffic up there . . . I always thought it was kind of weird," he said.

The building that housed Asia Acupressure is on Lisbon Falls' main road, near Lisbon High School.

08-18-04, 10:31
Seems like things are drying up in in southern Maine.

I recently ran across a profile on yahoo for an escort by the name of lexxxus.

Has anyone had any experience with her?

08-19-04, 14:42

Here is a copy of a review of her from another site:

"In general, Lexus was fun to be with. I was only looking for cuddling, DATY and a HJ and that exactly what I got. The only thing the bothered me is that I paid for an hour, extended for an additional half hour and only got the hour. I was trusting her to keep track of the time so I could relax.

She arrived at 2PM and departed at 3PM. When she told me there was only 10 minutes left in the original hour, I told her I wanted to extend the time by 30 minutes. She agreed and we continued. I was relaxed and enjoying myself, trusting her to be honest with the time.

As she departed, I noticed it was only 3PM and that she had taken me for the additional funds without providing the full time.

Nice woman, but the honesty thing will stop me from repeating with her. Bring a timer and keep track of the session yourself. She seems a bit challenged in the honesty department. For the same amount of money, I could have had session with Courtney and been more satisfied."

Bill Buxton
08-22-04, 18:25

The story is in the saturday port press herald about a gal that works forv an outcall co. and said she got beat up. The real deal is she never got paid and called the cops and said the guy beat her and she had his plate number. The end result is this she got locked up for a false report prostitution, and her service got busted and the whole deal is big and bad. My friend that worked the danish got hooked up working at this place and now she is in the eye of LE again. That looks good for her. Things are not good anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chech out b dog under me, boards.


Member #4063
08-22-04, 20:32

Check out the Hartford forum, there is more being disclosed by the day. Heat could get turned up everywhere so be very careful out there. I am not a SW guy, just don't have the nerve and I think there is way too much to lose if caught in a sting.


Member #4196
08-25-04, 10:35
Hey BB

You definitely got the inside scoop on that one. No beating, false report and arrest for the gal involved.

Funny thing, according to a Maine Vet who rides with a NH Harley Vet group and has a brother in LE in Augusta and he keeps him abreast of things going on and where to avoid when things heat up and this group wasn't even on the radar screen. Seems that gal who reported the incident started the ball rolling and opened that can of worms.

According to this guy's brother, they are more interested in the "business end", the promoters vs. the actual girls. But as you saw with your friend, once the girls are brought into it they suffer the reprecussions.

Bill Buxton
08-28-04, 10:25
The heat is everywhere so play it cool.

True Hobbiest
08-31-04, 17:40
A big THANK YOU for Bill B.

Jasmine was awesome. Cute, Clean, nice body, tight and fair pricing. Great massage, great head, toy show and sexy dance (she was/is a stripper) and awesome FS. She doesn't kiss or DATY at least on the "first date" she says. A real keeper, unrushed, nice safe location.

Bill you have not let me down yet.


True Hobbiest
09-06-04, 08:59
WARNING: Lisa "Lovlie" who advertises on many Yahoo sites for ME and NH always was an awesome GFE with no bad habits and a reasonable 150-200 provider. Well I met with her a few days ago and after my usual "inspection" I found her to have so many genital warts around her ass hole and in her pussy that it looked like a pumpkin patch. Needless to say I was no longer in the mood for pumpkin pie. We all know the risk and we may actually expect more from a 150+ provider than a street girl but that just is not the case.

Careful out there,

Bill Buxton
09-06-04, 11:21
Thanks for the heads up true. The providers up here are all funked up because of LE and other things. The LL story is not hard to beleave FS with no cover how long will it take to get a dose there??? The gal was good looking when I last saw her over a year and a half ago. She asked me if I wanted with or without, and you know the answer to that!!WITHHHHHHHHH.

The good old days are gone. So get what you can, and if you have a good provider around treat her special and keep her around until the shit blows over.

That is my 2 cents;


09-09-04, 08:35
Bill and True,

I had been with Lisa back when she used to go by the name of Tracey from Maine. Not once was I given the choice of with or without - not that I would have chosen without anyway.

Shame to hear that she has changed her way because she most definately a GFE for a great price.

The warts might also explain why she was off the market for a few months.

Go Sox.

Bill Buxton
09-09-04, 20:09
She did have a gal working with her the past fue weeks. I nave not done the LISA,TRACY thing for ever.



09-10-04, 07:25
Hey Bill,

I have read her posts on other boards advertising herself and a girl by the name of Riley.

I'm curious as to what Riley looks like.

Go Sox

Member #4196
09-10-04, 08:51
Hey FL,

Not sure what she looks like but have heard she is not as hot looking as Lisa/Tracy.

Lisa/Tracy is divorced and she and Riley are living together.

Since I have learned of the speed bumps in the love canal and hershey highway, she is off my dance card.

Too bad because that was a great return on 150. I always got multiple pops and not a clock watcher at all, although she never even hinted at bareback when I saw her.

She has to be nuts with that option.

Play safe.

Member #4196
09-10-04, 12:55
Hey Fl et all

Did some checking and got a pic of Rylie from the backside and I am going to have to ask my source to check his eyesight because from that view she looks terrific.

I may need to do a close up speed bump check on her as they are posting special rates and availability.

Pic posted here

True Hobbiest
09-10-04, 14:43
Well Gentlemen, I warned everyone about Lisa's speed bumps (well put CH). But the interesting thing is that Rilie drove Lisa to meet me and I met her briefly as she sat behind the wheel. My opinion is that she is older and has way too many miles on her especially when compared to Lisa. I just don't like stretch marks around a ladies mouth. She may look good from the back but I like my ladies to be pretty and she looked more "street worthy" than "PROvider worthy" but then again "beauty is in the eye of the monger", to each his own.

Have fun and stay safe,

Member #4196
09-10-04, 18:28
Hey TH

Thanks for the input because looking at the picture from the backside I was seriously thinkg, but after your report of a first hand up close and personal view, I'll pass on Rylie the roomie as well.

Ah, the value of this group. Thanks TH and all and thank you Jackson!


Uncle Fester
09-11-04, 15:00
I was with Lisa_Luvlie about a year and a half ago when she was still calling herself Tracey of ME, she was hot, crawling all over me and before I knew it she was a cowgirl w/o the cover. I went for the ride, and afterwards I asked her if she does this with everyone, and she said "No Way", I just felt comfortable with you.

Seems she's comfortable with more than just me.

Regarding her new friend Rylie, all I can guess is 'birds of a feather flock together'.

Uncle Fester
09-11-04, 15:09
Oh, for all of you that don't know Lisa_Luvlie or remember how cute she was, here is an older picture of her.

I was going to make her an ATF back then, but she wouldn't return calls and emails, so I gave up on her - my 'bad' luck.

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines requiring the deletion of any photo in which the poster of the photo has requested that the photo be removed. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

True Hobbiest
09-13-04, 08:47
Though the information I share here is focused on getting laid I must digress and mention this assholee who is a WSG member and maybe shoud not be if I had anything to say about it. If your are not interested in BS please do not read any further I apolgise in advance for getting on a soap box, but I'm pissed off!

A few days ago I shared useful information about a provider that quite frankly as I stated was at one time very good. Some asshole who is obviously a member of WSG decides to go out side of the "Family" with it and causes a bit of trouble and confusion on a Yahoo Group. Yes, I know better to think that this is a private forum but at least my ID should have been left out.

The saga begins:

yahoo post which is really a copy of my WSG post:


paddleswingsoneway <paddleswingsoneway@I will not stoop to his level and print his email address> wrote:

Lisa Luvlie needs to confirm or deny recent troubling information
regarding her genital health. See the below post from the Portland
WSG Forum:

True Hobbiest
Senior Member
Reports: 58
WARNING: Lisa "Lovlie" who advertises on many Yahoo sites for ME
and NH always was an awesome GFE with no bad habits and a reasonable
150-200 provider. Well I met with her a few days ago and after my
usual "inspection" I found her to have so many genital warts arod
her ass hole and in her pussy that it looked like a pumpkin patch.
Needless to say I was no longer in the mood for pumpkin pie. We all
know the risk and we may actually expect more from a 150+ provider
than a street girl but that just is not the case.

Careful out there,

Lisa's response to paddle asshole:

I realize you are all concerned, and completely understand, and yes there are bumps, but it is a skin condition similar to egsima which usually is aggrivated by humidity and tight clothes. They are Not warts, they are Not contagious and I do not give the "with or without" option. If you are still concerend, please feel free to e-mail me privatley.


Another Maine Provider reponds:

I have to say, that I also know Paddle And Lisa, they are both
fantastic people. and I agree with Jewels that paddle is definately
not malicous, and would never do anything to hurt Lisa. here is
something for you all to consider while you are judging her....do you honestly think that if she had genital warts that someone wouldn't have noticed sooner, she has an incredible reputation, and many many wonderful reviews. among one of the top in this area, read the reviews for yourself, you all know where to find them!!! do you think it could be explained as razor burn, or heat rash..that kind of thing does happen you know!! besides, the guy (I refuse to call him a gentleman) that made the original posting...does he have a PhD? and did he send away the test for results...what a jackass. Thats my 10 cents, my 2 cents were free...Skittls

Now Paddle asshole responds:

The purpose of my post was simple-- to inform Lisa and the members of this community that serious statements had been made regarding her health. I am NOT True Hobbiest on the WSG Forum. You may consider his statement within the context of his longstanding positive record in the Maine Hobbyist Community just as you should evaluate Lisa based upon her good reputation among Maine providers.
Like it or not, when information of this nature surfaces the best
way to deal with it is head on and in front of the community it
concerns. I did not flame Lisa, only encouraged her to publically
address what was being posted about her so that she could clear the matter up. In fact, I saw Lisa in person after True Hobbiest's post in order to draw my own conclusions. At no time have I ever stated my own personal opinion in this matter.

I will not advocate supression of information when it concerns both the safety of providers and hobbyists alike. I do not post without thought and concern regarding the potential outcome of my words.

TH in closing:

Well, sorry to put you to sleep, but "Honor amoung Mongers should be as sacred as it is amoung Thieves" If paddleasshole did see Lisa after I did then he knows she has warts, if he thinks those growths are form humidity and tight close then he should do some research on STD's. He should have alos in fairness to me at least confirmed and defended my findings rather than to try to patronize me with; "I am NOT True Hobbiest on the WSG Forum. You may consider his statement within the context of his longstanding positive record in the Maine Hobbyist Community"

Hey PaddleAsshole if your reading this "you Suck!

Member #4196
09-13-04, 09:10

I for one do not consider your message a waste of time or bandwidth but I do consider it a breach of confidentiality when someone takes pertinent info that you have posted for our own WSG info and does a cut and paste to other forums/groups.

I don't know what if any reprecussions can be taken to reprimand or ban this self proclaimed "savante" but without a doubt he breached the confidentiality of this group and of you personally.

Keep the faith brother.


09-13-04, 16:17
"Oh, for all of you that don't know Lisa_Luvlie or remember how cute she was, here is an older picture of her."

I never post anywhere, but feel I really have to at this point-

Lisa has pointedly refrained from posting any images of her face in the past couple of years. Fester- I hope you'll edit your post to delete that image link.

09-13-04, 16:51
Glad I read the reports here. TH, you've been around long enough to know that most WSGers post multiple places and spots. Especially anything regional.

Yes, there is an honor among thieves, but we are not thieves. There is no lock on WSG. I've met many providers who actively read the forums to see what people are saying about them.

You can't blame them for it.

The fellow who took your info and went to verify did what made sense to him. (I'm not him, mind you!) I can't speak for the fellow, but if I was in his shoes, knowing the provider and reading that she's potentially a STD hazard, I'd go check it out too.

He should have seen for himself. He could verify what he had seen. He didn't. You can't blame him for doing so. What would be helpful is what was LISA's response to your lack of interest. Did you ask her about the STD? Did she seem to confirm or deny it.

Truth is, the hobby is a dangerous game. Meeting any provider is risky, folks. I can't tell you how many posts I've seen of guys hitting some street shit for a bbbjwcim quickie, then headed to meet a favorite provider for more bareback fun. Its fuckin' gross...yet not gross enough for every monger to quit the bbbj shit and keep it covered. The list of potential STDs from BBBJ is almost as extensive as the list for anal.

In this regard...it wise to protect yourself at all time when entering the "ring" so to speak.

Thanks for posting, TH. Truly appreciated as I've been aiming to meet her during my next excursion to Maine.

Good luck all.

True Hobbiest
09-13-04, 18:17
Words of well spoken wisdom. To answer your questions: I did not notice her condition until after some DFK and a BBJ ( Hey, in my defense I have known her for years and "thought" she was as spotless as could be given her line of work). It was when I decide to DATY that I saw the warts and lost all interest. I did then mention to her my findings and my apprehension to proceed. She gave me the "it is a skin condition and humidity line" but I knew better and decided to quit while at least I thought I may still be safe. For over 20 years I have mongered all over the world and have been with the creme de la creme and yes sometimes the scum de la scum. I have learned by instinct, gut and experience when to make a quit exit if the "waters" seem to be at all polluted. I have been lucky so far to avoid any hobby related STDs though at times I am afflicted with guilt and imaginary STD symptoms (yea, you all know what I mean).

I guess what pissed me off was that a fellow Monger used my entire post. He should have at least deleted my user name. But I will continue to report both the good and the bad thet I Cum across out there for the enjoyment and safety of all.

As far as I am concerned this issue is CLOSED.

Be safe, be careful and have fun,

Bill Buxton
09-13-04, 22:31
Other than my 1 and only visit over 1.5 years back.

09-14-04, 07:50

I've been reading your posts for some time now and find them to be of use for me. I believe what you have posted to be the truth.

Uncle Fester,
Take Rinto's advice, and remove the photo of Lisa/Tracey. When the shit started to hit the fan locally about two years ago, she deliverately removed all photos of herself that showed her face. She did this for her own protection from the scumbags out there and from LE.

I, personally, wish that True isn't right because Lisa/Tracey was a lot of fun for the money. I haven't been with her in about two years, but she was tiny and tight.

Have fun, be safe, and Go Sox.

Uncle Fester
09-14-04, 10:29
Rinto/Freelow - The whole point of the picture upload feature is to share pics of providers with the forum. There are even sections on this site specifically devoted to pictures. I didn't take this picture, I downloaded it from the internet (as well as many others I'm sure, including LE). If she didn't her picture posted on the internet for all to see and share, she shouldn't have posted it to begin with.

Besides, even if I wanted to (I don't), regular members can't edit their posts anyway.


Since when is this become a "private" forum? I thought anyone could read the posts, you only had to join to post. With that thought in mind, it could've been anyone that copied the post, not necessarily a WSG member.

If you don't want what you post read or copied elsewhere by others, then be careful of what you say.

All someone had to do is to come here and read the forum to determine who started the topic.

BTW, I'm glad you posted what you did, and I'm not paddle guy either!

This is the internet folks, careful what you do or say here. Your parents, spouse, son or daughter (and LE) could be reading these posts too!

09-15-04, 15:52
Got to agree with Uncle Fester on the posting of the picture.
This is a Public Board, as is the internet. If the picture is
available elsewhere for free, than there should be no problem
posting it.

I'd worry about Viva Scotty with 7 posts all the same day, exact
wording, 7 different areas, promoting ONE girl. I think that's
what is called Spam.

True Hobbiest
09-15-04, 16:22
Spam or Pimping

09-16-04, 12:50
Oldtimer and Rinto,

The only reason I feel that you shouldn't post the photo of Lisa/Tracey with her face showing is because she has made a choice to only show photos of herself without her face showing.

She does this to protect herself from LE.

I have no problem with photos posted in the forum, to be honest I like it. I could see sending a photo to another member via email, but not posting it in the forum.

Just my opinion.

Go Sox

Bill Buxton
09-16-04, 18:45
Why don't you drop the LL thing and find some nice young providers that are wart free!! Thanks for the heads up but we have beaten this up enough. Just my 2 cents fellas but wtf. Was she good in her day yes, will I do her uncovered today no!!!! Will I do her NOW NO, but thats me. The pic thing if she did not want it out there it would not have ben there the first time!!!!



Ordinary Hans
09-17-04, 09:10
Hi all,

Just wondered if you had any suggestions for a complete newbie to the scene. I've been keeping an eye on the it online, so I understand that the heat is on, especially here in Maine. I suspect the only way I'll be able to get by in the hobby is with a little help from friends, so I figure I better make some who are in the hobby.

30-something MWM, southern maine. I see many providers look for references, but without any, do you have any tips for how I could make a provider feel secure?

Bill Buxton
09-17-04, 19:51
Call her up give her your info and go for it!!! Thats what we all do to start. They do not want your info for anything other than you are not LE. The first timethey might do you straight. This means no sex but next time they will feel relaxed with you. Welcome aboard.


09-20-04, 12:01
It appears she has formally left the arena of p4p.

All I can say is:
WSG....Its not for pussies.

Old Man River
09-20-04, 12:51
Good afternoon gentlemen,

I am new to your forum but have been reading the past few weeks since the Lisa Luvlie fiasco. In doing so, I recognized only one poster from the other boards. I surmise based on the above incident and the way it went down, some of the rest of you post on the other boards with other names different from here, except for the one I recognized.

My purpose in posting is to say that, while I know that info such as was disseminated is obviously info we all want to know, a lack of sensitivity was quite evident by more than one poster. As the post below me indicates, if this one is allowed to stand, while not mentioning her, it obviously took its toll as she has turned her yahoo group over to Sydnee Sweet and quietly fading away. She is a sweet kid and a class act and deserved more respect than she got here.

It seems to me that we forget sometimes that these ladies, especially escorts, are also human beings. I know that this board seems to focus more on the streetwalkers and bar girls than the other boards, which may be why the apparent disrespect for the girls.

Gentlemen, if my initial foray into this forum has offended anyone, my apologies. However, I have no hidden agendas and kind of tell it as I see it.

Play safe, OMR

Uncle Fester
09-21-04, 14:44
OMR, I can understand that your view of LL may be a little biased as she was the one that broke your "escort cherry" last winter after a couple of years of lurking.

The plain fact is that LL didn't acknowledge her "skin condition" on your board until after others found it accidently and exposed her.

This board seems to be basically all men sharing and watching out for other men. Unfortunately it sometimes comes at the expense of the woman .... I didn't read the paddle guy post other than what was copied here, so I don't know what type of a beating she got on Yahoo.

Yes, I'll agree she was a sweet kind, but she didn't play safe with everyone and pointing this out is one of the purpose of these boards. If she is quietly fading away from Yahoo or wherever because of info posted, then these boards have done their jobs.

Do I feel bad for LL, not at all. She made her run, made her money and had a good time, now it's time for her to retire. Did she bother telling anyone upfront about her 'skin condition' in her posts of availability?
No, that's why she's lost my respect .... and my business.

Why do you assume there is disrespect for the girls here simply because they are SW's? Respect is earned, not given - you get what you give, it works both ways, a 2-way street.
My guess in most of the SW's are not "people persons".

You surminse correctly whn you say there are posters here with different s/n's there. Why? I read several posts over there from the escorts that made it loud and clear they would not see a client they knew was on this board. I guess the assumption from you over there is guys that patronize SW's are less safe. Who's being disrespectful now?


True Hobbiest
09-22-04, 07:32
To: OMR and anyone else who really gives a shit anymore.

One last Time and then let's all just get back to mongering (yes, BillB I understand but I did have to get it off of my chest):

Since I was the one who posted my findings about LL here on WSG for the benefit of my Monger brethren and not on those other boards which I am also a member and I have followed the banter about LL. But then again "Opinions are like assholes, evryone has one".

First things first, I have known Lisa and have used her services quite frequently over the last 2 years, as I had said she was awesome. When I noticed her "affliction" I told her about it right there and then, that is when she gave me the heat rash etc. excuse. I have been around for a long time and I know an STD when I see one, no mistake made on my part. I felt that the Mongers on WSG should be warned. Yes, I realize that this is not a "closed" club and that what ever is printed here can make it's way onto other boards, but I did not want to hurt LL in anyway, no malice intened. I do know that she has retired because of this publicity. Well she has retired before in fact she did this just a few months ago ( if any one out there was truly a regular LL friend they would have known that, mostly due to man issues in her life), but then again it could have also been for health reasons. I can assure you that she will be back "cured" of coarse and believe me I will see her again, medical science is amazing.

So, would I do this again? Absolutly! If I found a provider with "something" that could harm one of my fellow mongers I would post it here on WSG and only on WSG just as I would and have reported some great experiences I have had as well. Afterall we report on track marks, pimps in the background, LE and possible rip offs, whay not STDs?

I know that Stoner, who I have the ut most respect for has opened this LL issue up in the Opinion section of WSG, there are two sides to every story, I did what I felt and still feel was right.

If any of my fellow mongers cum across a provider in my CT, MA, ME, RI and ME stomping grounds with an issue that could affect my health and the health of those around me then please let me know about it, either publicly in the Forum or PM me. After all isn't that what WSG is all about?

Thank you,

PS: BY the way I met this awesome chick in Fitchburg the other day, BBBJTCIM, no spitting, cute, sweet and safe. Now this is what it is all about!

09-22-04, 21:43
Let me chime in on this.
I think you did the right thing T.H. I want to know as much as possible about a provider that is recommended on this board. Unfortunetly someone gave me the digits of a provider then after I saw her he told me she had Aids.
If I had known that up front I would never have went with her.
I think we have a responsibility to tell our fellow mongers everything we know.
I might also ad that some of you with over a hundred posts have never posted anything of use to anyone here.

09-23-04, 07:56

I hope to God you beat the living hell out of the person who gave you the info on a provider knowing that she had AIDS but didn't tell you.

For everyone's sake here, if it is a local provider, could you please post the name of her.

If you do not want to post her name, could you shoot me a message with her name and number? The reason I ask for the number is so that I can check to see if she is posting under another name.


Bill Buxton
09-23-04, 20:46
How can you tell anything about a gal if the info is 10th hand info?? And anyone not covering up like they all have aids should just get the fucking virus for being stupid.!!!!!!! AND BORIS YES IT WAAS ME WHO GAVE THE HEADS UP AND THE NUMBER FOR PAM THE AIDS QUEEN. I STILL HAVE NOT TALKED TO HER DOCTOR ABOUT IT BUT WHO KNOWS THESE GALS WILL SAY ANYTHING. When you went over after I gave you the info you could not tell anything about this Cracked out bunch!!!!! This info and board should be for everything reguarding the mongering trade. Sounds like I should not pass on anymore info because some MOPE, might get a hangnail from it. And as for the info, Read the request date and I got the heads up info two Fucking days later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I got the info it was after I got a call from PAMS runnin buddy Katie. She wanted me to fix you up with her. Not me, then she told me about stay away from her friend!! Lets get one thing straight I would never give any info to jamm anyone up. If you are gonna tell a story tell the whole story start to finish,and also be honest and please call them by NAME!!!!!!!!!.


09-24-04, 10:56
Hey Bill I tried to e-mail you but the box is full
I never mentioned your name and have no intention of getting into a shit fight with you.
Each person can make up there own mind on the subject and decide if they can trust your info.

Bill Buxton
09-24-04, 19:35
If you think my info is BS thats ok I have given it out with no problems in the past to many. There will be no shit fight here just say whats on your mind.


To all fellow mongers any in fo that I give out will be signed by my Esquire and will include the clause. You can not hold me responsable for foul language,fighting health related problems, getting turned on to drugs,ect. So when You take my word for a great provider and you get hit over the head before she opens the door for your date by some mope.


09-25-04, 15:27
Take it easy, folks. Sweet mother of God, this is nothing to get worked up into a hissyfit about. So please keep the panty waist shit down.

Folks...let me be real honest. If you see a provider, you should start with the assumption that she has something you can catch. You should start with the assumption that she could have AIDS.

Why do I say this? So that you can be in the aggressive mindset to protect yourself at all times when in the ring. Thats like going into a boxing match and expecting to not get hit in the nuts. It can happen, it will happen, so be on the defense.

If you knew every possible disease and condition you had the potential for catching day to day, you'd become a complete pussy and never let your dick see daylight again. The hobby is full of risk...hell...life is full of risks. So grow up, boys.

I cringe when I hear how many times you guys do BBBJTC. To me, thats dirtying the pool, imo. I won't be a hypocrite and say I haven't done it. Generally, its the street trash I don't care two shits about. Yet, the list of stds one can get from a bbbj is astounding...gonorrhea and herpes ringing the top of the list.

I'm not going to preach anymore, but, dammit, chill out and lets keep info flowing. Everyone can make their own call on how they will post and not post.

For me, I'd rather know than not know. Like TH, I have done the same thing, without hesitation. I would also tell a provider I know to be careful of certain mongers who I feel are too fucking dangerous behavior wise. I'm fair that way.

Even more honestly, I would still see LL, given the chance. Why? Because I am informed and can make an informed decision. Perhaps she doesn't have an STD, perhaps she does. In any case, my meat will stay wrapped as I strive to always keep it wrapped.

I'm just glad there is some dialog about ladies in Maine. You guys weren't posting jack shit for years. Keep posting and let us know whos good and who's not worth the dime. Its not like they are going to trace your IP to an WSG I.D. and ban you! lol.

Please consider ending the finger pointing. Whats done is done.

Ordinary Hans
09-29-04, 12:32
My goodness, it's going to take dental records to identify the horse at this point.

Anyway, has anyone visited with Kelsey at all? She's appears to have been around a while, but I don't see anything on *** or the other popular ones.

Member #4196
09-29-04, 17:17
Hey Ordinary

With Kelsey, she is one of those you get what you pay for. She is a GFE incall at Saco hotel at anywhere from 100-125 hour. She gives an uninspiring BBBJ and F/S that is also a "chore" more than a joy.

In the looks department, she is thick and soft with a plain Jane face and would not turn any heads in even the local red neck bars.

I saw her twice and could never figure why I went back the second time.


Member #4196
09-29-04, 17:20
Thank You Bill B and TH

Well after some persistence and perseverance, I was able to get Jasmine live on the phone and booked an appointment with her. She is a GFE and was fun to be with but TH you were right, had to keep something in her mouth to slow the chatter down but hey just a lonely kid looking for someone to talk to.

First visit was a "feeling out" and got CBJ, cowgril but absolutely NO DATY, said she would be doing her job if she did that for she is supposed to give and not take. I tried but lost that battle.

Sucking those pierced nipples was unique, almost broke a tooth I got so carried away.

I'll be back!

Thanks again BB and TH


True Hobbiest
09-29-04, 20:19
YMMV Ordinary,

Here's my Kelsey story: Hooked up with her a year ago at a Saco hotle along with one of her friends for a threesome. Her friend was late and she made me very comfortable with lots of playing..I had to hold myself back to keep from popping. Her friend finally got there, forget her name but she was young and cute ( maybe 20- 21. kelsey at the time was probaly a 6,7 but her performance was a 9. She reminds me of a hippy/natural chick, if you know what I mean. Well kelsey and the chick started playing, DFKing, eating and dildoing each other, ( I bought a double ended dildo just for this occasion) They obviously liked each other and certainly new each others sweet spots. Well I watched for about as long as I could before I jumped in. I could go into details but just imagine any scenario and I did at least twice. I finally blew my load as I was MISHing kelsey's friend as she was reaching her "O" as Kelsey was licking my balls and shaft from below and behind. Yea, just like in the movies. Best part about it all was that we spent about 3 hours together, I brought some beer along and we kind of had a fuck party, it all seemed do natural. I have tried to re-live this experience but Kelsey's friend is no longer doing it for pay. Plus, I think that Kelsey is now more jaded and hardened than she was back then. So, yea, I had a great time, oh and it only cot me 200.

Be safe, have fun and treat the ladies right but don't spoil them too much.


PS: Glad you had a good time with jasmine, the next time she will let you DATY and mmmm she sweet.

09-30-04, 15:44
I have been wanting to call Courtney for studio9x.com. Can anyone recomend her or any of the ladies for studio9x.

Thank you.

10-01-04, 18:25

Coast Hog is dead on with his appraisal of Kelsey. Not great looking, not ugly either.

Service is average.

BUT, if you like someone who can give a great massage, light or rough, she is the one to see. She is about to finish up going to school for massage therapy. She is going to be licensed by the state of Maine to be a massage therapist and she plans on opening up a shop in Old Orchard.

She is worth it for the massage alone.

Be safe and Go Red Sox.

Bill Buxton
10-01-04, 19:15
Studio 9x got busted 1 month ago do not call there ####

Kelsey was a perfect pleasures gal years back also.

10-02-04, 17:48
Christ, I'm in Maine tonight and all of a sudden alone. Jasmine's mailbox is full and so are my balls. Anybody got a number for me? Portland area or a little north, south, west is ok too. Billy Bux? Bail me out dude!

Bill Buxton
10-02-04, 19:45
AUTO CHECK THE BACK CHANNEL, ##'s for a service.

10-02-04, 20:56
Too bad to hear about the Studio, I was hoping to sample Courtney, Andrea, or Destiny. Heading up in a month, hope things improve.


10-03-04, 18:10
I left before you answered BB otherwise I would have called you. Thanks anyways, and CLEAR YOUR IN BOX! I have some info for you.

FYI I trolled Congress Mellen area in the drizzle with no sightings whatsoever. Ended up hitting a dive bar as a last resort. No joy.

Jack Spratt III
10-13-04, 18:04
I was visiting Maine a few weeks ago and driving through Biddeford, I thought I'd hit paydirt. Never seen so many good-looking sw on the streets.

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that they were just girls from the bars who had to go outside to SMOKE!

Great law, Maine.

10-18-04, 21:00
Heading up to Bath Iron Works in a few weeks for a temporary assignment, and I thought to do some WSG research ahead of time. Man, it's hard to believe how dead this part of ME appears to be!

I had thought that with a Navy shipyard there would be some decent SW action. Like in every other city with a shipyard. Apparently, the only nearby SW action is in Portland, before it gets too cold, and that is it or miss (mostly miss). This sucks! Hope I don't get stuck here too long.

Member #4196
11-04-04, 14:52
Well, it's amazing what you can discover up there in the woods of Maine. My latest wanderings took me about 30 minutes northwest of Portland to the lovely burb of Bridgton and what a treasure was discovered there. This is not a SW but an indy escort.

A full hour for 150 is the rate and the travel and money are well worth it. This hot looking little cutie has a tan athletic hard body that is found in gyms and on calendars and I covered it all and couldn't find a flaw. Completely shaved, and nice perky boobies. Long curly hair and a pretty face. Y dining is a turn on for her, french skills are terrific and she loves doggy.

Here is a website that she and her girlsfriend use. Go to gallery and click on Leanna for pics and contact info.



Member #2963
11-15-04, 17:41
Hey, I'm a new monger to the Maine/Portland area. Here from Calif.

I'm glad Jackson has the site going again and now I can find some places to do my 'hunting'. Any info for a newbie to the area is appreciated. Thanx.

True Hobbiest
11-17-04, 10:42
Had a more than wonderful time yesterday with Leanna (Thank you CH!!!!!) man, what an ASS, it is perfect!!!!

Stay safe ,

Member #4196
11-17-04, 14:20
Hey TH

Always glad to help a brother. Yeah she is one sweet thing who loves what she does.

Unfortunately I see that Lexxus has taken her off her site which is too bad because it gave her the eye candy appeal as well as contact info. I will have to look at the old cell phone bill to get her number unless a brother were to send it to mel.

Thanks in advance


Bill Buxton
11-17-04, 19:19
I have her number and will give it out via PM only. She may not be around the next fue day will know better on thursday, as for me I just left there!!!!!!!!!!

The Buxton.

True Hobbiest
11-17-04, 21:41
She will be staying at one of Maines "State Hotels" free of charge for a few days. But don't let that scare you, she is a sweetie, just don't do her wrong...LOL

Play and stay safe,

QUOTE=Bill Buxton]I have her number and will give it out via PM only. She may not be around the next fue day will know better on thursday, as for me I just left there!!!!!!!!!!

The Buxton.[/QUOTE]

Member #4196
11-18-04, 14:50
Hey TH and BB

Checked cell phone bill and have the #

Guess I will await her return..She is definitely a sweetie worth waiting for.


11-18-04, 19:24
If Leanna's in the graybar, could it mean LE was keeping an eye on her, and could she be mongerbait upon her release? Just a thoght, guys!

Member #4196
11-18-04, 20:04
BB you are a legend man.

Keep up the great work.

A humble admirer.

True Hobbiest
11-19-04, 07:14
Leanna's arrest has nothing to do with her talents as a very worthy lady for us Mongers. Oh, and it was not drug related either, so don't sweat it.

Play safe,

Bill Buxton
11-23-04, 10:00
The truth about Leana is she is a wild child,or a free spirit. She went to,or is going to go to the slammer for other reasons, than mongering problems. She is a great kid and imho the best provider in the area at this time. No bait and switch and no pricing problems, and she loves her work. I will let you know when she is up and running again. This gal is the best in the bizz from the bridge to the border! If you want to try the rest no problem, but you will see this gal again I am sure!!


Bill Buxton
11-23-04, 13:12
I spoke with Leanna at 11:20 am and she said she will not be around to day but will be around on friday, or late wed evening.

Bill Buxton
11-23-04, 18:14
Leanna got in a pissing contest with someone over the pic thing but no problem. Take my word for it she is great, every way,shape,and form!!!!
The best young gal in maine!! hands down!


Member #4196
11-24-04, 08:15
But I will surely echo all of his comments on Leanna. I have seen my share of ladies over the years and this young cuties goes right to the top of the class. She is a cute young thing who has a great bod, a personality to match and is not the least bit jaded. I haven't found anyone in quite some time who enjoys what she does as much as she does.

She is a treasure and well worth waiting for her to get reacclimated.


Member #4196
11-24-04, 15:56

I spoke at length with Leanna today, you have a PM