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04-10-02, 04:54
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05-16-02, 19:45
No one's posted here yet--Anyone have news to share? I can say that you get no touch at classy touch. from experience. share, folx!

05-21-02, 03:39

....... You would think that NKY would have more action than it does, but I have found very little, and the ones I have found mainly work in Cincy. It is just NOT WORTH the TIME SPENT, to find an SW in NKY. I found a small Bordello near the strip clubs, but they were NOT very GOOD at business, and the prices were toooooo high for the quality of ladies present. Every SW thinks her stuff and skillz are worth a yard. The most decent girl they had there left and went independent. I left those PISS-ANTS, alone.

AS FOR THE THIFTWAY LOT .... it would seem with NEWPORT on the Levy open it would draw the SW out to the surround area, but it has not. If the ladies would hang around the whiskey store near N.O.T.L., then I think they could pick up a few clients. I mean ladies who look decent, and have good hygiene. NOT A BUNCH OF SHINKIN SHANKS.


....... Word .......


05-21-02, 17:12

Share more info about this bordello--you may not like it, but what about the rest of us? YMMV, you know? Where is it? What's the price? Are the girls good looking? Will they do FS, BJ, HJ? What's up? Spread the info, share the wealth, and we can all do the same.


05-22-02, 04:43


YOU KNOW THAT .... ????



((((((( WORD )))))))


05-22-02, 07:52
Hey Word. I understand your fear & can appreciate it. Wish there was a way I could find out about this good operation from you. Especially since you complained in your previous post about no one sharing info...

Can you drop hints? Email me? Same handle, at yahoo.

06-14-02, 19:27

WELL, here is some info for you ....


They are about to do a regional sweep of the favor SW places, and it will involve Cincy & N.Ky. ....

I personally will be COOLING it for a few days, if not a few weeks.

HOW DO I KNOW THIS ....... I read it in the Newspapers, where else !!!! They printed it a few weeks ago .... missed it "huh!"


((((((( WORD )))))))

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

07-02-02, 17:50
Word you talk like fucking Poet on OZ(HBO) who has any f--king idea what you are talking about? For someone that complains about no useful information, you sure as hell don't give any out. I'm in Cincy tonight and would have loved to know about the bordello, but before you read this I will be on the road again. Jesus, you could be a real asset to this board if you would write in english.

07-02-02, 21:08
I happened upon this board by way of another site I'm a member of.

So I thought I'd read some of the posts to get a feel for this board and it seems only men are posting here.

Are ladies allowed? ;)

Another thing I'd like to ask, do any of you see independent escorts or are you just looking for SW's, AMP's and girls who advertise in LEO? That is the main feel I'm getting from the KY folks. If I'm off base please let me know.

I've been in the biz for close to a year now and do have a website if interested. For those who are picky, I am a 'meaty' gal, not thin and stick-like, just as a forewarning. For those less picky, I do bbbj, and greek.

For any other inquiries, please just ask.



07-03-02, 21:24

Could you please e-mail me at wc_chief@yahoo.com would like you ck. out your website

07-04-02, 18:31

Having said that I will move from the caps .... !!!!

>>>>> FIRST understand there is a crack down in Cincinnati, and in N. Kentucky which you may have heard on the NEW due to the damn idiots taking SW to Mt. Adams, and having sex up there. Well, folks have had to stop posting info. AND the COPS (LE) use this board to help in the round up .... SSSSSSoo, excuse me if I believe you to be LE .... Personally I trust NO ONE, and we have LE tricks on the board. Once you have built up a rep, people will trust you .... I can trust you .... there are TOO MANY DAMN STINGS to TRUST ANYONE.

>>>>> NOW .... let us assume you are the real deal ..... SPEAKING FOR MYSELF. .... I rarely if ever use escort .... honestly I am just TOO DAMN CHEAP. For the $100 I pay an Escort, I can get 2-3 SW. I know all the risk, I like the thrill of the hunt, I really dislike the quality, but the price is right.

>>>> With Escorts .... there are far TOO many RIP-OFF's, and ladies who rush the time. The times I have used them, I argued that the hour is my hour or two .... and I should be able to hit it as much as I can get it up, or get a hand job/blow job till my time is up. Instead I get some escort telling me what to do with my money, but I can't tell her what to do with my paid time. AND you will NEVER find a MP within Hamilton County.


>>>>> NOW you should know if you post here, about your business, you will be SET-UP fpr a BUST soon .... VERY SOON !!!!


....... Being a little over weight for me is NO problem in a woman. As long as you can be SEXY & NASTY & GOOD ..... I will be willing to WAX DAT AZZ. i AM A LEGZ MAN, and A close toe high heel pumps man ... so you have that and you have me .... as for price the most I will be willing to pay $100, for an HOUR unrushed. I still can get 21y/o for $50 at a hotel, and wax them for an hour or two.


.... WELL, this is my story and I am sticking to it !!!!!

....... ((((((( WORD ))))))) ........


07-04-02, 19:11
Thanks for your input Word.

I have been reading the posts and see that this board has only been active for a few short months. I can understand the reluctance in you not believing that I am legit, however I am outnumbered by the men on this board and have a lot more trust issues than you do. I don't know which of you are LE and which of you are true hobbiests.

I made the mistake of posting before I read the previous posts or I would not have posted my info as I did. So now I'm looking over my shoulder for Mr.LE to rear his ugly head. Hopefully my screening process weeds that problem out.

I started posting because I thought the men here might be looking for something more than a fast, cheap thrill. I do NOT
offer that. My service is costly and there is a reason for that. I do not ***** myself out on the street and only see a higher class of men. I treat all men with respect and expect that in return. I don't mind the straight forwardness or filthy talk, hell I was in the Military for crying out loud. I've got a worse potty mouth than a lot of men. lol

So since I read and read and re-read the posts that most men on this board are looking for SW and cheap thrills, I probably won't post much here anymore. I will stick to the other two boards I normally post on except for TBD since that whole scene is under scrutiny at the moment.

I actually go on dates and have converstations and get to know my dates. I figured some men on this board might want to try something different, but I could be wrong.

Have a safe and happy 4th!


07-04-02, 21:56

HEY TERESA ..... Glad you were on line to catch my drift !!!!

CHECH THIS .... YES alot of the WSG MEN are looking for the FAST shot .... something that won't be COSTLY .... WHICH I AM TOTALLY AGAINST .... but for the GUYS that need it ... YOUR purpose is very well UNDERSTOOD. iF any man desires your kind of pleasures ... then they "HAVE TO PAY THE COST TO BE THE BOSS."

.... aS FOR GOOD CONVERSATION ... I have as well as other WSG fella's have good conversations with some of the TRUSTED SW, and we even go to breakfast sometimes. Ones that are regulars give us dicounts because we spend the extra time with them toalk, listen, advise, dicuss .... and exchange warnings. They give us valuable info on other SW, places to go, and other things.
>>>> NOW we do not have the kind of conversations you may be us to, but with quite a few we have GGGGGREAT relationships with. Even when they are JAILED, a few have trusted associates which inform us on their progress.

>>>> RECENTLY I PAID THE ADMISSION COST OF AN SW I KNOW INTO DRUG REHABIT ..... it was only a small cost to help her. She is doing very good, and will be out in 90 days.
>>>> Another I SW very young I sent to TEXAS back home to her MOTHER. Her mother thank me, and she called me from TEXAS amd we talk a few times a month.

THESE THING NEVER GET POSTED FOR NO ONE CARES .... I am NOT the ONLY WSG poster to do a few good things, and won't be the last. I am just NOT into doing STUPID THINGS. So I think before I do !!!!

>>>> PERSONALLY .... I do NOT think you are LE ... but I do think you are a LE target NOW. Uncle Simon says .... "YOU ARE IT !!!!
Be careful, and keep posting ... I will start looking for your post, and appreciate your escort style view on things. Some of these men could NOT get LAID if a naked woman were laying right next to them ... so your Escort services are NEEDED.

>>>> RIGHT NOW .... Due to the crack down I am finding a lot of available FREEBIE AZZ in the OTR bars and Clubs. I just have to work at it NOW. AND it ain't hard work !!!!


....... <<<<<<< ((((((( WORD ))))))) >>>>>>> .......


07-04-02, 23:11

I started doing this in July of last year. I have been a target since then. I wasn't trusted when I entered the ********* scene because there was only the Ohio board at that time and they think every newbie is LE until one guy takes one for the team. Even then I was accused of getting my bf to post reviews. But that passed and a local newspaper reporter got site of my web addy, which at the time had my phone number on it. Needless to say he decided to write a story and put it on the front page of a Sunday paper. Yeah, that sucked. That caused lots of people to target me. I've had the Lexington LE bastards visit my site, call me, and try to set up a date. Low and behold it failed. So far so good. I've been pretty lucky. I still wonder why the hell they would target me, because I am one person and work alone. I know that in Ohio, particulary Cleveland, they are hot for stories and have been going after agencies. And now since TBD got busted in Florida, everyone is walking on eggshells. Go figure. I mean, don't we have terrorist out there they need to catch? Who gives a hell if people want to have a good time? We aren't hurting anyone. I mean those of us who don't do or sell drugs or anything aren't hurting anyone.

I get requests sometimes from a man that wants only a french lesson or something of that sort, can I refer him to this site for a lady that will provide only that service for small change?


07-05-02, 00:35
HEY T6, (Teresa)

....... YOU would think Terrorist and Drup Dealer would be TOP priority in any town, but with LE that is NOT the case ESPECIALLY HERE, in this area. And if you are caught they WILL nail your azz to the big time cross. I guess they think you will corrupt the poor preacher in town. You know how those holy men love you bad ladies .... YEA !!!!

...... I can't SEE how Escorts can even exist in this area. I know they are at some of the bars, and get the word-of-mouth advertisement, but to post a web site with your number "T6" come on. Uncle Simon went after Larry Flynt so why would he NOT go after you.

........... NOW these AZZholes are ready to post the pix of hooker & johns, and take away car .... but NOT the same for drug dealers. That is Bull ..... I guess if they hookers paid off the police like the drug dealers do ... then hooker would be off limited to. Drug Dealing is a 160 billiob dollar industry. Yet there are tremedous risk.

....... Well, stay out of jail, and watch out for LE .... the crack down has started, because OTR/W.E.double the Police cruising now, and they now sit at certain spots and observe.

AS WE SPEAK I HOPE THE REST OF THE READERS/POSTERS .... TAKE HEED, and KNOW .... If you are NOT a regular to the area, you are headed for trouble. LEARB to go to the bars for a while till the heat is off ..... there is a lot of Freebies" to be had, and if you NEVER LEARN to talk to a woman ..... then I guess that is where T6 cumms in.

....... (((((((WORD ))))))) .......


12-17-02, 15:01


.... If you are looking for old drunk and crack hoes you can find them now. And these hoes are old. This is in both Covington & Newport. At least in Newport you can find a few decent ones , every now and then .... if you are luck !!!!

....... I gave a ride to a young white chick around 22y/o, when I stopped at one of the drive thru whiskey stores. It was next to what I think are the projects/low income housing area. She looked nicely dressed, in a mini skirt, and long leather coat. Her high heels made her look 6'0" tall, but she was 5'8", w/o them. She had come out of the whiskey store and walk in front of my car. We caught eye sight. About two minutes latershe tapped on my glass, and asked if I was going back to Cincinnat, and I said yes. She yelled goodbye to some people across the street, and got in. She said she saw my license and knew I was probably going back to Cincy.

....... She want a ride to the Warehouse on Vine street. She had a small pint bottle of Jack Black label. She asked if it was okay to take a few drinks and I said yes. She was very polite, and I assumed she was not trickin. Once across the bridge she invited me to go to the W.H. with her, but that is NOT me. I have been with friends but it is NOT ME. Then out of the blue she said, Apologing as she went .... and asked if I would like to make a business tranaction with her. In short she would be willing to give me in short FS, for $50. I hesitated for a bit and she she is that too much. I quickly said $30 is better, so we agreed on it with a $5 tip if I liked it. We talked over this as we parked, near the W.H.. I told her I had a spot at a friends place, and took her there. She said her rarely does this, and has done it when she goes out to party at the W.H. or or Venus across the street. She is Bi-Sexual, and offered threesomes for $75-100, for more than just a few hours if I may it a party. Two women and me !!!!

...... I stopped at my friend and he wanted some to. Once in the light she was better looking and far better built than I thought. I wish I had a camera. She had skillz, and want us to do her at the some time. I told her maybe next time but I wanted to enjoy this myself. I am a LEGGZ man, and she had them, especially the ankles, feet and calves. AnywayI found her I went first. Just as I was getting my bbbj, her cell phone rang and she told her friend she was making a few drink dollars and would be there after 45 to an hour. The cell phone had a built in speak phone so I could hear. Her friend asked if she could make some of that money. She saip she was busy and hung up. She spent a good 15 minutes on the bj, and fingered herself while doing it. She stopped to have a self made orgasm. I could see my froend watching from the door. SHe girl is more a FREAK than a Hoe. I start hitting it on top, and when it got good to her, she wanted it from behind, and I did it hard to her. She hit that orgasm and fell forward, and I went zooming over her. I almost hit my head on the bed. She was into it ... NOT FAKING IT !!!! I STARTED AGAIN AND HIT MY LOAD TO HER MOANING. I had just enough left to give her one more orgasm. Then I was finished.
It was my buddy's turn and he got and did the same. We gave her $40 each. And she gave us her cell phone.

.... I want to give more details on her looks but that would alert LE, and she does NOT need the trouble. I will say she is tall, really nice plump chest, long hair styled (that night), and a great body and legz.

....... To top it all, she let me finger her all the way back to the W.H., which was a 15minute drive. Hear is the kicker. She called her friend on the phone who met us there, and as we waited on her, and I was still fingering. I stopped to flash my lights at her, as she point her out. SHe walk over to the car on the side of The Venus Club. As she walked over, the girl said finish. I say "WHAT" ???? SHE SAID FINISH FINGERING HER. I had taken the condom off my finger, so I what to put a new one on. Her friend watched me bring her to orgasm again, leaning in the window, and drank some of the Jack she had. After she came, we talked about getting together again. We again exchanged cell number, and talked about that this goes on in the two clubs alot, and no one knows. They just don't do it like the girls on Vine and in the area. They They only trick in the clubs. So she did lie about doing this alot. She does it more than she is willing to admit.

.... This is more a Cincy story, but I wrote it here for it originated in NKY .... Newport. This all happened on the Saturday before thanksgiving. I got together with her again, but now she has no more minutes on her phone. I KEEP CALLING !!!!


((((((( WORD )))))))

12-17-02, 18:47
...That was a great posting. Going to Mexico in Jan. and hope to meet up with some of the monger down their and will give a full report. As always I really enjoy reading your postings kept up the good work.

Looking Around
12-28-02, 10:23
Wordup: you da man. My hat's off to you for your informative and interesting posts.

You ever think about becoming a talk show host, with the main theme being the pursuit of pink? Ah, the possibilities...

12-28-02, 13:51

.... Believe it or NOT ...... I don't even like posting the information I presently post. Some of the people reading the post go out and truly screw up a very good thing, and the ladies end up picked up and in jail. I have seen it happen. Just a bunch of dump ass men. Look at what is happening now.

....... If I post information, I hold back 50% of the real information, just to protect the ladies. I can't see a working girl getting pick up and jailed, who does this every now and then, or once every BLUE MooN. Besides ..... I have yet too see common sense used by all of the ladies working the streets, which makes it BAD on the other girls.

........... If the brothahood would just use more common sense, and check out an area more, and be patient, you will find opportunitie all over the place. Learn to observe, and learn to hold a decent conversation, learn to SPOT the NoN Obvious signs. And AVOID .... THE OBVIOUS POPULAR AREAs. If the area is HOT and laDIES ARE WORKING THE AREA, THEY ARE EITHER DECOYS or EXTREMELY "STUPID." EITHER WAY .... STAY AWAY !!!!

.... aS FOR A tALK sHOW .... I have absolutely NO interest. That would blow the SHYT out of the whole game. Beside "THIS IS CINCINNATI .... DUDE !!!!

....... PLUS if you look like some mid aged to old gude, who has lived in a sexual bubble for years, go to the escort, before you try the streets. You have far too many stupid ways to avoid capture. If you lack a certain degree of streetwise education, then you will loose you money through scams, or run right into the LE. Worst run right into a decoy trap. You will be better off if you know someone who, can indirectly supply you with contacts.
........... I have a friend who sends me young ladies, who want to make some quick money for a night out. They WOULD NEVER street work, for some are in college and need to make a few quick dollars and have a fulfilling SEX life too.. This way you get alot more for your dollars, and a REAL experience, instead of some fake shyt.

$$$$$$$ .WELL, get a CLUE and WIZZ up .... Use unCOMMON Sense ..... and don't make thingz worse than they already are ???????

....... (((( WORD )))) .......


12-31-02, 13:51
If you travel to Lexington, or live there try the Star Light Escort Service. Its kinda expensive, but it is full service. The girls i would say rate from a 7 to 9. For 50 you can get a HJ and 50 to 100 for a BBBJ, but it depends on the girl. Some will be only 50 for the BBBJ and some will be 50 for a HJ. Full Service usally runs 200 to 250 for an hour. I'm new to this site, after having time to think i will remember some of the names of better places in the area, plus im pretty familiar with Louisville and Cincinnati.

01-28-03, 03:28
Anyone ever have any experience with this chick from escorts.com?

She calls herself "hottieforyou." She says she's out of ashland ky. Her pics on escort.com are awesome, if they're legit. She says she wants a 75$ deposit on paypal just to set up the appt, charges an additional 175 on top of that for an hour. But, by the looks of her pics, it might be worth it.

Dunno though. Haven't seen any reviews of her anywhere but *********, and i'm kinda leery about that place. Plus, i don't want to register there anyway to see the 'whole' review.

Any help?

01-28-03, 23:50
Almighty, I may suggest to you that to "register" for 75 bucks is a sure loss of 75 bucks. The website aint nothin but a scheme to part you from your money. Wish it weren't so.
Good luck in other pursuits.

01-29-03, 01:52
Just so we are clear, escorts.com, does have some legit providers on there. The dyvine chick and her friends are all on there too, and they're legit. These are from wv.

The site is not a scam, imo. I'm not tryin to pimp it, im just sayin, there are a lot of the "known" commodities on there.

I'm just wondering about that one chick. Cuz man, her pics are smokin.

01-29-03, 01:54
Oh and the 75 bucks doesn't go to the website. The escort herself is who's asking for the 75$ via paypal. There's tons of other girls on there, who don't require the paypal, or any other kind of advance deposit, for that matter.

01-30-03, 18:54

Take it from me, there is a sucker born every minute! I should know. I blew 200 bucks for an escort when I was in Louisville, and all I got was a lame hand job.
I recently joined "Adult Friend Finders". After a week I realized how much of a scam that is. Girls who respond back usually have you e-mail them at another site that prompts you to sign up for
Paypal. It is so hard to pull the no strings attached sex these days.
Anyone else fallen prey to Adult Friend Finders? Anyone successful with it?
The SW scene is pretty lame, the LE is out in full force and the weather sucks so bad.
I might as well buy porn and wait for the warmer months before I hit the streets again!



02-07-03, 08:28
Pino, just trying to help out here. Have you ever tried the Lexington swingers mag? It goes fast once it comes in to the adult book stores, but it's legit and has women from all over the state in it.

03-12-03, 18:18
Anyone seen any of the Kentucky girls that are in Escorts.Com? I am curious.

03-17-03, 00:32
I think you guys and gals may want to look into a girl I found at escorts.com. Her handle is kentuckyescort, information about her can also be found at yahoo, go to kentuckyescorts.net and you will be dirrected to the yahoo group. Join the group and take awhile to go through the board and view the pictures. I did and I can say I am more than happy right now.

03-19-03, 19:41
I will be in Lexington tomorrow night. Are there any good clubs to go to. I like working strip clubs or turning non-pros at regular clubs. If you can give me the name of some clubs where attractive ladies go, that would be great. I'll bring my game.

I post all the time on the Houston scene, so you can see I'm a player.


04-11-03, 01:02
I'm going crazy in N KY. Can you all direct me to an AMP/MP where I can get full service? Or direct me to an escort service with incall that I can go to without being totally paranoid it's a LE sting?

I checked out Sinsinnati.com and contacted an escort service. A date was arranged. I get to the hotel and the girl "forgot" to buy a condom. She asked me to go buy one, so I go outside, nothing in walking distance. I get to my car, and I see some dude in another car talking on a police radio! I bolted - thought maybe it was a sting. I'm totally paranoid now.

I'm getting desperate....

05-11-03, 14:59
I know that Northern KY is a little dead when it comes to our hobby.

I am a regular poster in the Louisville board and I decided to create a group on yahoo to facilitate communication between the ladies and those gentlemen who wants to date them.

Hey, its only an about 1.5 hours to Louisville.

Anyway, I have formed a yahoo group to facilitate dating information for members only. You will be screened to be a Senior member and have dating privileges. So far, we have interested two beauties (beautiful faces) but they are on the heavy side. I am talking to a couple of regular size girls and soon we will have some variety. One thing for sure, these girls are on the wild side and the pricing is reasonable especially for extended stay.

If interested in dating them when you are in Louisville, I set up an e mail address for any private discussion. E mail me at billbehr5193@yahoo.com. I also set up a yahoo group where I can post info and pictures later on. Sorry, I can not post recognizable faces (unless the girl OK's it) but will show enough for you guys to decide. if you want them. Try this link

06-02-03, 20:52
Received BBBJ and FS in the backroom of Liberty's Showgirls (pretty sure that was the name) was down the block from Viva LA Foxx. The girl was about a 6. bit chubby but nice rack. We went midafternoon while in town on biz. full court press from the moment I walked in the door, if you don't like pressure, stay away. A bit overpriced but was so stunned by the availability in the afternoon I went for it.

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation in this report. However, I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

06-21-03, 19:51
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Rentahoo
[i]Received BBBJ and FS in the backroom of Liberty's Showgirls (pretty sure that was the name) was down the block from Viva LA Foxx. The girl was about a 6. bit chubby but nice rack. We went midafternoon while in town on biz. full court press from the moment I walked in the door, if you don't like pressure, stay away. A bit overpriced but was so stunned by the availability in the afternoon I went for it.[QUOTE]In what City is "Liberty's Showgirls"? I am not familiar with it.

07-22-03, 13:09
Liberty's in Covington. On Scott St., I think.

Anyone know of any action in other clubs? I've not gotten lucky at Liberty's myself.

Anyone know anything about Aroma Spa in Erlanger?


08-11-03, 15:16
Was in Erlanger on business. Went to a club on Scott in Covington, on the corner at the "T" close to the river.

Offered a $80 magnum bottle. Behind the short wall.

Didn't have any luck with the extras so it turned out to be a $80 lesson.

Anyone familar with this place and is this typical of the area?

Thanks and be safe.

09-02-03, 20:11

....> If you are looking for action in NKy Strip Bars, then you are wasting your time. All of them have been busted so many times, it does not even make the news anymore. If you are getting any thing there, then it is no more than ripped off. I have been to all of them, and the last time you could get any kind of action from these bars is back in 1996-97. It has been that long ago. I have been to all the bars, and rarely done you even find anything decent. The girls look like girls that need quick money for a drug habit, more than real quality strippers. If any of these girls trick, it is strictly an after club thing. I know because I had a few buddies that had semi-girlfriends that worked NKy strip clubs. They had friends to do Partys for us, and the girls were almost always drugged up on something, which is "NOT" my thing, but I dealt with it. The SEX was exciting, because a girl hyped up can be an extremely "Horny & Freaky" Hoe.

....>> I STOPPED going to Liberty's a year ago when I went and saw fat ass hoes dancing for dollars, and asking for money for the music, and those ripoff drinks.

JUST STAY AWAY FROM THOSE CLUBS, and let them go out of Business. They are "NOT" even worth the time to post about them.

........>>> As for the SW action, I have seen little. There was a house a girl gave me the number of that ran a Prostitie outfit from it, but it closed because the Police got too close. It wasn't a good place, because the girls were always fighting among each other, and ripping each other off. TOO DANGEROUS ..... even a few fights broke out, on one visit, and I bolted, NEVER to return.
EVEN the regular areas just have crack hoes working, and they are 4's or lower. A diamond in the rough is rare ,,,, Very Rare !!!

AND KNOW THIS .... THE POLICE ARE THICK and patrol the areas heavy because they want that money from people visiting the river front ..... "THIS YOU NOW KNOW !!!!"

(((( WORD ))))

09-15-03, 15:55
I hear Classy Touch from Covington has opened in Erlanger. Has anyone been? Have any reports on their services in the new location?

10-01-03, 13:27
Aroma Spa in silverglades shopping center on Dixie Hwy? Anyone know anything about this place?

11-13-03, 17:21
I went to Covington and Newport last night, AHHHH, keep on driving, do not waste your time. Strip bars are filled with ladies (I use that term loosely) who are pros at getting your money. They want to sell drinks, sit at a booth and discuss business. Wanted to see what is was about, spent $60 and sat, for a while. ABsoutely nothing happened, couldn't take a hint, barely a touch of the leg. She says they sell lots of $110 and $220 bottles and it gets more fun. Don't waste your time. Took a $60 hit for the team.

Member #1418
12-18-03, 16:58
Whatever happened to a Dancer named Taylor? She worked at the piano bar and saw people outside their. She was simply gorgeous and had xlnt french.

Member #1418
12-18-03, 17:04
Whatever happened to a Dancer named Taylor? She worked at the piano bar and saw people outside their. She was simply gorgeous and had xlnt french.

Dark Traveler
01-27-04, 19:52
Aroma Spa!

Next to the Kroger's in Erlanger, KY there is an "Aroma Studio". It is a very different setup.

Walked in to the lobby and there was no doorbell. An asian women (in her early 40's) openned the door. She was about a 5. To my right there was an older women and, to my surprise, a white male who looked to be late 20's. He looked to be counting money or "going over the books". It was a little unnerving but I decided to stay.

The woman quickly led me back to a room, and I paid $60 for 45 minutes. I declined the shower (which is an extra $20). FS was had for $120 after my third time asking.

One thing I will say is that she was very GFE. Not cold and inpersonal as most AMP workers are.

When it was all done I accidentally laid $140 on the table. It was also strange that she didnt ask for the tip, I just assumed I should leave it. She gave me $20 back as I had overpaid!

Anyway, like I said. It was a VERY different experience compared to most AMPs I have visited. I would recommend the place though, especially since LE is so hot on the SW scene.

02-13-04, 00:36
Is KentuckyEscorts.net a scam I thought I saw some bad info in the past?

Member #1418
02-16-04, 12:39
Massage Me,

Can you tell us what these ladies looked like? I am goin to that area this week and would be interested in that info if you please

Member #1418

Dark Traveler
02-20-04, 01:36
The one I had was a 6 or 7. The other one I saw was older and a 4. Both were Korean. The one I had also had longer hair.

Dark Traveler
03-18-04, 03:28

I've used kentuckyescorts.net a couple times and both were decent experiences. The pictures are pretty current, unlike several other escort agencies in the mid-kentucky area where the girl shows up packing an extra 20 pounds.

04-17-04, 00:30
Went to the new Gentleman's club in downtown covington. Hired two ladies, older read head, and her supposedly neice, dark haired nice face and smile. Had a very nice time in the dark corner for $1.5. However, they talked me into more and it was a rip off, beware of these two ladies.

04-20-04, 08:48
What's the new gentleman's club in Covington? Details... What do you mean by good time? HJ?

Dark Traveler
04-25-04, 10:23
Aroma Spa, Part 2.

I had a terrible experience last night at the Aroma Spa. I arrived at 9:55 (they close at 10) on my way traveling north on 75. I knew I should have went to the Richmond AMPs but I had passed them up to give the Aroma a second try. If you read below you will see I had a good experience the first time around.

After 5 minutes of convincing them to take one last visitor I was lead back to a room and told to undress. When the girl returned she started giving me a rushed massage. She kept talking to me about how upset she was because it was time for her to go home.

When I asked about extras she pretended to be offended. I really think she was just ready to go home, but this pissed me off. I told her I wasn't paying $60 for a lousy 30 minute massage from someone who was going to ***** the whole time. (She spoke decent English)

Long story short, she went out and spoke to her Korean friend in English, pretending to be surprised and offended that I had asked about "extras". The gave me my $60 back and I was on my way in less than 5 minutes.

I don't know if I would give them a another try after that. I think my late arrival was mostly to blame, but if an AMP isn't there when you really need it then you are better are with the SW.

05-20-04, 15:38
I will be in Richmond in the next few days. Just wondering if there are any AMP's around and where to find them.

Cincy Sinner
06-01-04, 11:25
Made the rounds of some of the NKY clubs over the weekend. Results were kind of a mixed bag.

Brass Bull in Newport: Pretty bad. Consisted of very bored women hustling dollars for the jukebox and not much else. This used to be THE place for a little in-booth fun. Now, you may as well forget it.

Venus Lounge on CVG: This is looking up a bit. Managed to get a couple numbers for after work fun and a HJ in the back with a little brunette (if she's over 5' it'd be a miracle). Reminds me alittle of Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island. The other was an older brunette (35-ish) named Cheyenne.

Le Foxx in CVG: Sat with a 25ish brunette calling herself Jenni. She's heavily tattooed (if that bothers you), but very hot and also very nice and has considerably more on the ball than most of the others. Not much went on inside the club, but I got a number for possible after work fun.

Also saw about three SW in the Madison/Scott between 5th and 12th Friday night around 10 or so. Not too bad looking, but not really my thing. Just cruising around to have a look.

06-14-04, 13:41
Does anyone have information on I-71 between Louisville & Cincinnati? Are there any AMPs in the area? How is Racers - the strip club at Sparta?

Please PM any information you have.

Cincy Sinner
07-01-04, 08:01
Went to the new Venus Lounge Monday night and left somewhat disappointed as the girls I usually see were not there. However, on the way out, I ran into a bit of good luck. I had parked across the street from the club outside a small bar. Outside that bar was a very cute 20-ish green-eyed brunette in short shorts and a very loose tank top. As I approached my car, she came over and asked why I was wasting my money in that club and indicated that if I were to take her back to her place we'd have a great time. I don't usually pick up SWs, but this was almost too easy, so I ended up taking her back to her aprtment in Latonia. For a C-note got a couple cups including one with Ouzo. :-) Called herself Lisa and while she didn't have a phone, did say she usually only worked late in the month "after the checks dry up".

07-06-04, 22:50
Does anyone have the lowdown on a SW named Sabrina. Met her in Covington Sunday. Nice gal but quite paranoid. Not bad about a 6-7 brunette clean. She only comes out when she needs $$. She just paid rent and had no money for the kids the rest of the week. She is too clean and is in too good of shape to be heavy into drugs yet. She was working with a friend who help keep an eye on here. She was so paranoid she could not get over thinking I might be with the LE. I spen 15 mins with her but had to let her out coz she was too freaked. Would be a bit of fun if you could calm her down. Maybe next time.

07-25-04, 08:17
Hooked up with Kathy the other day. She was cruising and so was I so It worked out. about a 6 looking but definately a 10 in skill and attitude. Great GFE got BBBJTCIMWS. She seemed to enjoy as much as I did. Those of you who have been lucky enough to find her have not been sharing. She's out there and willing. Good hunting.

My Alias
08-22-04, 08:40
Northern Kentucky county being sued over stringent new anti-adult business law, http://www.kypost.com/2004/08/21/sexbiz08-21-2004.html

08-31-04, 17:15
Out late sat. and saw 2 wsw on 10th area. a cute blonde with tats was picked up as I circled around.

09-10-04, 22:53
I was out cruising yesterday and came across an new one in the area. She goes by Michelle. She gives the old line getting a divorce, need the money, only gonna do this for a little while while she figures out what to do. Good luck with that. Anyway not to hard to look at and clean. Doesn't seem to be into heavy drug action ... at least no crack yet. Still has something to hold onto. Spent plenty of time and got good 50/50. No phone yet but says she is working on that. Rate her a 6 in looks and 8 in skill. Nice ass and nice rack AND shes got a safe place. Hope shes around a while.

Member #2960
09-24-04, 13:51
Seeking information on MOREHEAD, KY.

11-18-04, 02:28
Saw Kidd03 request for information on Racers at the Sparta exit. Never knew that there was a sc there. Was travelling past and stopped at the gas station on the east side of 71. Asked about a club and was told that it was next door. Didn't see any sign and asked where. Was told it was in the rear of the resturant. Went to the resturant, named Pit Stop Resturant, and looked in. Didn't see anything that looked like a strip club to me. Walked out and around the building to the rear. Still no sign, but glass with mirrored finished and a door under a yellow awning. Went inside and behold, a strip club. Been going past this place fo rmore the five years and never knew it existed until I spoted Kidd03 message.

Talked to the daytime bouncer, Tony. He said that it usually very busy on the weekend, but varies during the week. No cover during the day, but at 6 pm they charge $10. The lap dances are $30. They sometimes have two for one lap dances. Was ready to leave since little action. There were three girls there rated 5 to 8. One girl named Astrid was getting on the stage. Really cute in short red plaid school skirt and short white top that didn't quite cover the bottoms of her great breasts.

Two song sets with shots of pussy and close up to the great breasts. As she was finishing, they announced a two for one. I tried it and the lap dance was quite good. The place is fairly open and there is no touching. She did pull the pants down several times and gave a few good views of her cute pussy.

Todd said that most of the girls come from Cincinnati or Lexington. They have to pay to dance and they split the $30 lap dance fee. He also said that at night they have 10 to 12 girls and more on the weekend. The drinks seem a bit pricy too. Beer $4.95? He said that they were considering lowering the price a bit.

11-19-04, 13:01
The question on Racers are there offsite dates to be had here?

11-20-04, 11:05
I think off- site dates are available. Timing is everything. The right girl and the right time will work. I didn't try for numbers, but will the next time out.