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02-26-04, 02:03
White, in response to your question about what draws us to our hobby

I like getting what I want, when I want it and from whom I want without any hassels. Most regular girls won't work their butts off giving a good deep massage and then gladly give you a bj and then finish you off with a bronco ride.

On a couple of my trips to CR I've laied up in bed with a great gal, gotten a bbbj for hours on end while watching a sporting event on TV. My last two visits I've done it with two great ladies at the same time. With my steady girls I see there, we can have dinner or go shopping or see a movie then go to the hotel and get down to brass tacks and then they depart and I have the rest of the night to drink with my buddies and oggle the other babes.

Why DO we do it ??? I just don't know :-) :-)


02-26-04, 14:37

Bad Karma
02-27-04, 12:53
Does anyone have any information on a Lacey at Susan's Massage advertises in the Leo?


02-27-04, 16:06
Why do we do it?

We have the time, the means, the need, and because we can!

Master Monger
02-27-04, 20:21

I am addicted to sex at least 3 times a day either with my hand or a women.

But why when I have a women with tight pussy that I like to have sex with and she gives me everything I want do I want to have sex with her sister, friend, mother ect.

I would have to say the twat is always pinker on the other side and most women offer very different sexual experiences, in fact, If I am having sex with someone who is bad I will first try and tell them what to do, but if not listened to I will actually pull out throw my pants on and leave. SO MANY FISH IN THE SEA and they keep making more!!!

Curiosity, power, addiction, experience.

That is why I want to die with at least 2000 women under my belt.

Happy mongering,

Master Monger

02-27-04, 23:19
Master Monger,

I happened to drive by the Q Spa today on business. After reading your report, I thought I might treat myself to just such an enjoyable experience tomorrow. It seams, though, that I remember Q being located in the little white house. Is that right? The Q sign is still up and says "theraputic massage" underneath it. There's a newer looking building right behind the house that also has the "theraputic massage" on it. I'm just wondering if I remember this correctly, or if Q moved into that location, or if they just closed up shop? Any info would be helpful.

It seams that I've lost one of my independant regulars from the SC's. She no longer has her apartment. She's in drug rehab (I honestly didn't know she had a problem. She should win an award for the acting job she did hiding it.). I guess I should have known something was going on when my regular price of $50 for everything suddenly was offered for $30. I guess when you're horny, the little head takes over thinking for the big one, huh? Anybody got any favorites they might be willing to share? I'll be happy to return the favor.

Happy Huntin'

02-27-04, 23:47
Breastman Q has been in the newer building for at least a year. Don't know it was ever in the white house.

Hairy Johnson
02-28-04, 10:57
Looking for individual ladies that do massage services + out of their homes. Please no heavy ones.:) You can PM me if you want.


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02-28-04, 11:21
Hey all, got this in the email.

The Louisville Metro Council is voting this Thursday, Feb.26

Amongst the contents of the proposed ordinance are:

Establishing A 6 feet Distance Between Customers and Dancers.

This effectively eliminates lap dances, couch dances, bedroom fantasy, etc.

No More Tipping Of Girls, tips will be placed in a common tip bucket.

Establishing 1 AM As The New Closing Hour For All Adult Entertainment Establishments

No More Nudity

All Dancers Will be Required to Wear Bikini Tops & Bottoms. Not Even Pasties & G-Strings Will Be Allowed

This proposed ordinance will in essence put all adult entertainment establishments like us, PT's, and Deja Vu out of business.

We strongly urge you to call The Louisville Metro Council

And Tell Them That You Are Against The Proposed Adult Entertainment Ordinance. Please tell your friends also.

Thank You!

Tim Bradshaw

Marketing Director


02-28-04, 12:30
The council passed the "new law." However, as soon as the mayor signs it the clubs will get an injunction to stop it while they take it to court. The previous laws have all been struck down as being too restrictive of first amendment rights...this should fare the same fate.

02-28-04, 13:34
Please note, the infected girl at TL1 uses the stage name of "Blondie".

Let's be careful out there.


02-28-04, 15:49
Will86 what kind of 'infection' are we talking about? HIV?

02-28-04, 21:57
So what is going on here with the SCs presently. It looks like the ordinance was approved, but the mayor has not signed it as of yet. Anyway, this is so unfair. People do not want to be seen in front of TV cameras, opposing a measure like this. Speaking of that, whats with the media coverage on this. I didn't even know it happened --- the crap a couple months ago just about changing the hours lead all the local newscasts, but I didn't see a thing about this. The sad thing is, even though this type of law by all accounts should get shot down, in some places they have held up, sadly. PA and FL come to mind.

Hairy Johnson
02-29-04, 00:12
Thanks for the PM Breastman! I tried to PM you but it said you werent excepting PM's. 'Molly' in St. Louis is great and easy on the $.

Easy Does It
02-29-04, 00:28

I heard it on the radio (WHAS) on Wed morning. Didn't catch the entire story, so I wasn't sure whether it referred to Louisville or Lexington. Checked the newspapers as soon as I got to work, nothing. Checked the internet, nothing there either. Caught the news from the same station on the way home. Friday a lawyer representing several SCs was quoted as saying that the fact that they had made the law so restrictive that it would effectively put all the clubs out of buisness would make it easier to get it thrown out in court. Hope so.

You would think that with the merger, the budget difficulties, and all the other concerns that the Metro government has, they would have better things to apply limited resourses to.

So, I took a little trip Friday evening to see what the atmosphere in a couple of the clubs was like after the ordinance was approved by the council.

TL2 was very dead, of couece it was early 8pm or so. Chatted with a couple of the girls, they seemed nervous. I got the feeling that they were worried about a crackdown.

On to BN, service was same as always. No one seemed worried there. No problem geetting what I was after, same compensation as always.

Guy Noir
02-29-04, 09:40
They tried to shut down the clubs in Lex a while back. I don't remember if this was under the current Lezbo, or the last. The ordinance was passed; no nudity and booze, or something like that.

Well the courts threw it out. No only did they throw it out, the clubs went from topless to total nudity. So much for the do-gooders!

Have a nice day,


Buzz Kill
02-29-04, 10:18
Hey Everybody,

I travel on business to your town about once a month. Sorry to hear about the SC scene.

Heard a rumor that LE has had a few conventions at the local AMP's recently. Any truth to that?


02-29-04, 12:54
My personal feelings on the new restrictive ordinance is we don't need to have government resources spent trying to enforce moralist laws. The police said they were cracking down on the AMPs due to health problems. Can they present any statistics to back up their claims, I doubt it. I have not heard of any one at all ever catching any diseases at an AMP.

As far as the Strip Clubs go, you have to be 21 years old to get in. I turned 21 in Viet Nam and had already voted in a Presidential election. Now the government wants to tell us that we need to be regulated at that age and beyond. P L E A S E! get a grip, we're all adults at this stage of life.

If I want to go to a SC, it's my decision. No one drags me in, no one twists my arm, I go of my own free will. Same for the MPs.

I'm going to write emails to the local government officials and express my views that we have great budget problems and that the limited Police resources need to be spent in the areas of the most importance, violent crimes and crimes that cause great harm to citizens. The new ordinance was intended to limit porn shops in residential areas, now they expanded it to be a moralist crusade that isn't going to work, will cost all of us money we dont' have. The Police have a back log of multiple thousands of unserved warrents yet they spend their time on fluff items.

All over the world these activities are accepted and most of the advanced contries regulate them in a civilized manner. we can do better by having medical check ups on the girls and a few inspectors who are accepted as part of the business doing the job in a non criminal atmosphere.

I'm going to try, hope some the rest of the board members kick in and spend just a few minutes and do the same.

Sex isn't dirty nor immoral, it's one of the top three reasons we're on this earth, breathing and eating are the other two.


02-29-04, 13:05
Can anyone tell me the law in Kentucky regarding being "caught up" in the moment in a amp, etc. Or bargaining for service with a sw? From a man's point of view what are the laws? Thanks, hope you guys win your case. Used to b e a regular in N'ville, after the crackdown have been coming to l'ville.

02-29-04, 15:06
Will86 what kind of 'infection' are we talking about? HIV?
That's the word. I caution that I have not seen a positive report from the Health Department, but I'm pretty sure the word is correct. Keep in mind it's just one girl. However, one very active girl. By her own claim, she sees seven or more men a day/night.

Let's be careful out there.


NC Transplant
03-01-04, 02:56
Hey Shamas,

If God made anything better than Sex, he had to keep it for himself. I could not agree more with your comments about LE having better things to do. There are to many do gooders around trying to tell other how to live.


Hoosier Man
03-01-04, 07:03
My Fellow Mongers,

It does not matter what the particular disease of Blondie has, the important thing is that you protect yourself and us fellow mongers. I know many of you love bareback and other dangerous activities but remember that when your little one does the thinking for you, you are liable to get hurt. Not only that, you can infect the rest of us.

Just look at the facts.

The average girl at our favorite SC's makes $300 a night. This means she has to do the bottle 1 to 2 times a day!

If she works 4 days a week, that is 200- 400 guys. Of course there are repeat customers so we may have skewed the numbers.

Then you have Blondie that goes extra curricular and see guys offsite. Another 7 or so guys a day. This really adds up.

Most common is of course Herpes which is very contagious when it flares up but is not deadly. Once you have it, you got it forever. Of course there is also hepatitis and Chlamydia and the deadly HIV plus a bunch of warts, etc.. You got the picture. So DATY and rimming and Bareback should be avoided. Just a suggestion so we can keep our hobby safe.

All it takes is a few infected ones to pass this around and we can all say bye bye to our hobby.

On another note, I met a girl at TL2. She was selling me a $100 dance. It is in the private room for 30 minutes. Not sure of this is now the norm but it is FS . Let me know if all the girls are doing this but it seems to be with a few of them. You have to tip the bartender another $10. I always go in the afternoon and early evening (before 8pm) so it may also be a contributing factor. Things are usually slow when I go. Very little demand and enough girls to choose from.

03-02-04, 01:40
I haven't reported much on my local activities of late, here's a Readers Digest version.

I haven't seen my two old favorites, one on Dixie the other on Preston, been seeing my newest one. I stopped by the other afternoon because I had to work just half a day. Well she wasn't there yet so her partner asked me if I wanted to spend some time with her. I really don't like seeing new girls, most of them are out for mo money, mo money, mo money with less service. I opted and was very plesently surprised. M was quite good, gave a great rub down had better technique than my favorite. I might try both of them next time.

In reference to a local girl having a medical disorder, safety first. Bare back is great if you're really sure who you're dealing with. The old line of thought that only pros have diseases is out. Any decent pro will be much more concious of her health than most of the girls who frequent bars, get liquored up and bang who ever hauls her to the back seat of his car.

In my travels I've seen some real dumps and know guys who have frequented them with no problems. One guy banged a non pro local girl in SEA and his pecker turned a deep purple. We took him to the hospital and they said he had NSU, None Spacific Uritis, he had a reaction because the girl's diet was based on fish and rice, his beef and potatoes. The doc told him he may never have another problem, then and again it could kill him, some drugs work on some, others it didn't make any difference.

My primo favoritas in CR are all clean and very concious of thier safe and healty sex practices. They all are healthy looking and I always give them a complete once over prior to a session. I do it in the shower and while we're forplaying.

Safety first

One last note, I want to complement Jackson on how well he monitors this board. I used to post on another board but the webmaster was nonexistent. Many minor squabbles erupted, members departed, never to be heard from again, valuable info lost to us all. On the Thailand part of this board one of our bros reported that he had to cancel his plans to visit Bangkok because his sister had died and he had to excort her body back home for burial. All of the guys he had made plans to hook up with were shocked and deeply saddened and expressed their grief and condolences to him. Some jerkoff jumped in and splatted some totally unacceptable cheap crap about it. Jackson quickly banned the guy and erased all of the comments. We all have to live by the rules of the board and has set them up to keep this a civil and good place to visit. Keep at Jackson.


03-02-04, 10:19
I saw a segment on channel 32 lastnight (WLKY) and they were talking about the sex slave industry. Even stated that the local "spas" were in on it. They even interviewed one girl who said she was told she was getting a job at a resturant. Not only that but they had film footage of a girl and a guy INSIDE a room at a MP!

So anyway, do you think they are involved in the sex slaves industry?

03-02-04, 17:30
Just wanted to pass something along to everybody.

Yesterday around 4 PM I was driving up Preston and looked over at Paradise to notice 2 Metro Police cars in their parking lot. The way they were pulled was kind of a "block everybody int he lot" kind of way, not sure if that was intential or not.

Anybody hear if they actually got busted yesterday or something? Either way, I must say I am done for the time being. I have had many good experiences in this hobby over the past few years at several spas around, but I can only take so much heat, and I have reached that point. Maybe it will blow over, but for the time being I will focus my resources elsewhere :)

I still plan on coming to this site and participating though, because even though I do not post that often I do enjoy the information around here.

Don River
03-02-04, 23:40

The assertion that the gals in these AMPs are " slaves" is bogus.

These girls know exactly what they are coming here to do and they come of their own free will. I've been around here for years and I can tell you that I have never come across a girl that was here against her will.

For one thing, there is no one owner that has control of these places. These people are all independents. That's what is so vexing to the politicians. There is no one group in control that they can extort money from.

When Nashville had an active scene a few years ago, about half was controlled by the bikers. Now some of those girls were probably coerced into working. You don't have that situation here in Louisville.


03-03-04, 01:46
Sexual slavery is too far of a stretch to qualify. As with any news, it must be taken with many grains of salt, digested and then you see what the end really looks like. Having had the blessing of being on the front page of the local news paper a few times and haveing my main partner also splashed there, I've learned their main point is to sell. The newspapers are in the business of selling ink and paper, any way they can. The TV and radio media are out for viewer ratings. The managers of these companies are business men, not newpeople.

Back to the sexual slavery thing. In many of the foreign countries sex services are common and normal every day jobs. Girls are rarely sold into sexual slavery, they go into it willingly as a job. At any of the businesses that are owned and staffed by foreigners, the owners will sponser someone to come and work for them. They pay for the travel expenses and expect the person to repay them by working for them for the duration of their visa. It's a commonly accepted business practice.

I've visit many of the AMPs and know a few of the girls beyond the business place. They will whisper little secrets in my ear during our sessions or social meetins. Never have I ever heard one single hint at all of being indentured or controlled beyond our commonly accepted laws and rules. Many of the girls live at the AMPs but they go out all the time. I know quite a few who have their own apartments and date outside of work.

It's not slavery at all, it's a way of life. If the new girls bugs out, she will have a hard time getting a job and she woun't be able to go back home. Her family will be dishonored and the person back in the old country who set up the deal will be pissed because he is part of the deal and he has been dishonored also.

The old line, I was supposed to be a waitress, I thought I was going to work in a bank. The recruiters don't pick sweet girls for these jobs, they pick the ones with a proven track record in sexual activiites.

There still is sexual slavery in some of the very low third world counteries and it doesn't work very well. Here in the states and in the other developed counteries, nope. It just isn't good business, there are too many who are willing and able to do the job and the penalties for slavery are too severe.

Fluff, pure and simple fluff to sell, sell, sell.

MHO amigos.


03-03-04, 11:13
A pal of mine is a newspaper reporter in California. A few years back, one of his editors got a bee in his bonnet about sex slavery and sex tourism. My pal got the assignment to "investigate" the problem. He did a series of stories that were pretty lame and tame about the adult business in Riverside and LA counties.

That didn't satisfy the editor so my pal got sent off to Thailand. At first he considered just emailing in his notice, but he decided to cover the story and go back to Cali. The story was again pretty tame, most of the girls knew what they were getting in to. They weren't real thrilled with their choices in life, but sex for $ was about as good as it got. None would admit to being forced into the business. No one would say on the record that sexual slavery existed. The US Embassy in Thailand said they tried to find out if any sexual slavery was going on but couldn't confirm it. So he wrote up a story with a bunch of denials of slavery and some salacious details about night life in Bankok.

He headed home figuring that he'd get fired for doing another tame story that didn't get the goods on the editor's sex slavery angle. In fact, the editor was pretty upset, but a higher up stopped him from firing my buddy on the grounds that even the Riverside newspaper can't make up the news. Well at least they can't make it up as well as the TV creeps. He later left his job to go cover politics in Sacremento because "that's where the real story is, not some chick selling it on the street." And, he told me he had a great time "researching" the story.

I think that there are lots of women who feel like they don't have much of a choice between the sex trade and whatever else their life might offer. That's different than being a slave. I don't have much choice between my job and being unemployeed. I've got to work to pay tuition for my kids. Selling chemical's isn't exactly the greatest thing in the world either, but I still don't consider myself a slave. I'm free to quit, my wife, my kids, the University of Virginia, Duke University and my bank wouldn't be very happy about it, but I can always quit, yeah, right.

03-03-04, 12:39
Alot of girls at the AMPs have bruises all over their body. Where could those have came from?

03-03-04, 15:22
Cruised some SCs earlier this week firstly, they were all deadsville, no more than 3 girls in any of them. Pariticularly trixies, whom in case nobody knew has been experimenting opening at 1pm over the last month of so, but are going back to 4pm due to lack of interest, dissapointingly enough to me. Anyway, TL2 and 5 were total deadsville. TL2 had 2 girls working, and they have taken down the door on their bottle room, now its just a curtain -- apperently due to police pressure, and the girls seemed scared saying they were being checked. This club will be in trouble if they can't rectify these problems. Who's gonna pay all that many for a bottle with no door? BN in quite the contrast to all the other SCs I checked, was absolutely as the busiest I've ever seen it in an afternoon. Constant stage dancing, there must have been 10 girls there, and almost as many guys. The back room was as active as ever as well. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. BN has been in this operation for a very long time, but if it gets TOO popular, you have to wonder if the bubble might burst.

03-03-04, 15:58
I know that the gay club Connections is basicly and "anything goes" bar, and the reason for this is they make ANYONE who comes to their club become a member, therefore its a membership area and not a public place. Couldn't the strip clubs do something similiar to this, so they can basicly be "anything goes" to?

Don River
03-03-04, 18:17
Another issue is the immigration status of many of these women.

Once a person comes over here on a tourist visa they just do not return. The only way they get caught is by accident. AMPs are the only place they can work and make decent money with out the proper documentation.

Also, I've met several women who came over here to marry or were married to an American and split before the two years were up to get a permanent green card. About two years ago one woman who worked at Olympia offered me $10K to marry her so she could get her green card.

As for bruises, some of these women get into fights with each other. Some are drug addicts, some have jealous and abusive boyfriends or husbands. This is especially true in the case of the Thai girls.

Back in November the guy that owned VIP shot and killed his wife( her working name was Lisa) while she sat on their living room sofa. We only see the face that they want us to see. It may bear no relation to reality.


03-03-04, 23:18

Sorry about the PM situation. I changed my email address and the system restricted all of my rights until I confirmed the change. Anyway, I should be up and running now.


With all of the commotion going on locally, do you guys think Q Spa in Bullitt County is safe? I think this situation can only be beneficial for all of our independant providers, right?

Can someone give me some specifics on Sherry from the LEO?

Be smart, stay safe,


03-04-04, 04:21
Will86 shared his knowledge of his friend being pressured to make a story. Like I had posted, the news medias are not what they used to be. When I was a kid we trused Edward R. Morrow, Huntley & Brinkley, Lowell Thomas and Walter Cronkite.
Now days, no way, I always wonder what's the true story.

Again as Will says, most of the girls aren't excited about being in the business, but it pays the bills. Poverty sucks.

My four favorites in CR all have had or presently have straight jobs and try very hard to keep from having to return to full time prostituion, but they do keep in practice with their old friends. Again, it helps pay the bills. I really do like these ladies and I have great deal of respect for them. IMHO they are just good ole gals doing the best they can with what they have to provide food and shelter for them and their families. If any one thinks working in the sex trade is easy, think again. It's a hard way to make a living.

In all of the countries that I know of where prostitution is legal, it is illegal for a second party to profit from it. This makes pimping a crime.

I heard that one of the news channels had reported that there was a proposal for a Zona Rosa (Red Zone) where SC and other activities would be confined and controlled. I'm all for it.

I used to visit Nuavo Laredo, just across from Laredo Tx. They have a boys town which is a walled in compound about the size of four city block. The local government runs it, the police patrol it and man the entrance. On weekends it extremely busy with both locals and gringos, rarely any problems. In Juarez they have two accepted Zona Rosas, streed corner hookers, bars staffed with P4P and a few TVs thrown in to keep you on your toes. Again the Police partol the areas and don't tolerate any trouble at all. But the P4P is open and controlled.

Recently on one of the cable TV channels they were covering sex and the GIs of WWII. The guys were all surprised when they found out how open sex was in Europe. Here in the states we're still living out Queen Victoria's version of morality.

At work this evening about a dozen of us talked about this subject. One lady is very much anti porn/sex/drinking at all. All of the rest could care less and felt the government was wasting time and money. All agreed the youngsters need to be kept out at all costs and any one who would use a kid should be shot at sunrise.

I just hope that we at some time learn to accept our human desires and allow consenting adults to do what they want behind closed doors. It does reduce sex related crimes because you have a legal release for your primal desires.

One other bro asked about having private clubs, I'm quite sure all angles are being examined closely. Remember when they outlawed mud wrestling, next week it was oatmeal wrestling.

I'ved got to stop, I'm about to go on and on


03-04-04, 13:58
Don't know if you guys realized this but most of the 7th St establishments are in Shively. Shively was incorporated out of Louisville to get around some laws( primarily liquor). This is why they call it "lively Shively".

Now with the metro merger, this may cause problems. TL2 is not in Shively so it can be pressured by the LE. BN has been around for a long time and its reputation is well known. They have a code when an LE comes in. If you are in the back, everything stops and you can hopefully continue it afterwards. I actually suggested to the management other ways to code their presence rather than just paging a pseudonym(just like code Adam). As long as the LE gets greased everything is OK. All this crap is for more money. The LE is in the "protection business".

If you want a sure thing, that you will not get busted, a limo (offered by all TL's) can be hired for $300. Since you are out of the bar, bar rules do not apply. Very expensive but if you like to be driven around while doing it, go for it. Some people find it exciting to be having sex while looking at all the people on the street outside the limo. You can see them but they can not see you. Just do not moan too loud (-:

Bad Karma
03-04-04, 16:19
Regular Member
Reports: 10

Just wanted to pass something along to everybody.

Yesterday around 4 PM I was driving up Preston and looked over at Paradise to notice 2 Metro Police cars in their parking lot. The way they were pulled was kind of a "block everybody int he lot" kind of way, not sure if that was intential or not.

Wed. afternoon around 5:30p there was a Metro car in the driveway of Dixie spa, it was not blocking the driveway but you would definately have to squeeze pass it to get in.

03-04-04, 19:17
I just saw on the news that apprently a Judge denied a temporary injuction on the ordinance. To think I thought the mayor might be smart enough to not do it --- particularly since he obviously thought about it for a few days. Apperently all provisions including the 6-foot rule are in place. Now it remains to see if LE will actually be enforcing it (particularly at BN --- thats probably why it was busy earlier this week, people were just getting it while they can). The report made it sound as though nobody was going to be arrested for violations, the clubs would just be subject to fines. Curiosuly the report did not mention how much the fines are. This is big obviously. If they are small enough the clubs like trixies or deja vu might just ignore it, but BN type activity will obviously be hit hard if there is LE stoppping in on a regular basis. I also didn't here how long the appelent process in the court will take.

03-05-04, 08:01
Trixies and Deja vu, will not be affected as much with any new rules. They enforce a no touching rule to begin with.

I dunno why Mayor Abramson is doing this crap. He is a liberal and I heard he is also gay so it should not be a problem with him. This may all be political. He may just be pretending to be a conservative moralist to broaden his base.

Regarding the sex slavery issue. I have known many of the girls at the SC's. With the best looking ones, I suggested they dance at Trixies where they can earn $600-$1000 on a good night without sleeping with 5 guys/ day. You know what they said? "We do enjoy the sex".

There may be some forced into the business by economic necessity of raising their kids or supporting their pimps but IT IS THEIR CHOICE!

03-05-04, 12:53
Wow - sounds like Louisville is going through a lot of the same issues that Tampa is dealing with as well.

Reading all of the post, I am unsure where is a good fun safe place to go now. Any recommendations besides not in Louisville?


Leroy LaCroy

Monger on!

03-05-04, 13:21
After reading the past 3 months of post, I was wondering if any one has new or current information on Victorian Escape on Broadway? It is mention a few times on here and also shown int he article some one posted.


Leroy LaCroy

PMing me the information is fine since we all know LE is lurkign on here.

03-05-04, 15:17
Weather warming up, there are more SW's out. They all seem to all go out about the same time. Found out from a friend that Ormsby (from Floyd to about 4 blocks East ) is loaded with SW. Just be careful because there are lots of druggies in the area. My buddy was from this area and he pointed the apatments where known SW's lives. Did not check them out since the apartments looks nasty. Lots of low rent apartments in the area.

I was just parked outside talking on the cell phone when I was approached by one. Not my type though. I would not do it with her even if it is free. Just my thoughts. Maybe you are better off parked than cruising especially since the price of gasoline is so high.

I always thought that when a girl is walking a child on a stroller, that they are simply walking. I was in front of of a house we were working on in Portland area when this lady with a stroller passed by then backed up to me and asked me. I was surprised. I was with a contractor who does not know my hobby so I smiled back and told her no!. Dang, I wished I was all alone at that time. She was OK. A little older but looks good.

03-05-04, 16:57
Bill the touching is very specific. IE, putting the dollar bill between the girls tits. The clubs reps were saying on the news to be compliant they would have to use a tip jar. Also a 6-foot rule and g-strings and pasties couldn't exactly help traditionally all-nude clubs. This really defies logic. Like shamas said nobody is forcing people to go into these places. The only reasoning they could have is to want them to get shutdown so they don't even have to see them as they drive by. This has to be political from the mayor's standpoint. It can be said virtually without reservation that the city could could lose its biggest convention, the farm boat and machinery show, if this sticks. This is the SCs busiest time of year aside from the derby. Speaking of the derby, I'd almost guarantree derby and oaks attendance will suffer if this is still in place then.

03-05-04, 17:35
Kudos to WDRB for airing a good report on the ordinance. They interviewed a guy who lived up the street from BN, and he agreed it was people's choice. Apprenently they are still arguing in state court now, and are also try to appeal to a federal court at the same time. They also got a blurb for a city attornoy talking about people's rights were being violated by this type of business. Found it funny he could say that with a straight face.

03-05-04, 22:23
If anybody wants me to cut out these updates say so. Getting info on the current status of this stuff hasn't been as easy as it should be, so I just thought I'd post it. Wave reported on the 7pm news that at the end of the day the local judge did issue a temporary injuction, and that it would not be enforced, through the weekend anyway. They also reported there were 32 citations on thursday night. Ridiculues isn't it. Anyway its been reported here, that activities are still going on at Q spa, since its outside of jefferson county, and thusly the metro pd AMP crackdown. I'm wondering are any of the TLs out that way on dixie, and think 3 and 6, outside of the county? One of them is out that way and would at least be close, I don't remember which.

03-06-04, 00:12
One other quick update here. Whas just reported on the 11pm news there were only 25 citations on thursday not 32, and more importantly to us, 1 prostitution arrest. This is kinda curious that it was only 1, cause obviously if a guy got caught with a girl, that would be 2 --- can only suggest they bothered to do an undercover arrest. Certainly wouldn't be very hard at BN, but they didn't specificy where it was.

03-06-04, 01:25
Tl3, TL4 and TL6 are out on Dixie. Not sure if they are outside the Metro area but they are really far. I know there are 3 of them out there so I guess there are a total of six? I have been to 2 out of the 3. The action is inconsistent but can be had if you know what to say. There are times when they can not do much. The manager was strict. Not sure if she was still there. After she, the fun began. The girl will tell you if they can do things or not. Again, I go afternoons or early nights so I can get better deals.

The TL's on Dixie seems to be more laidback. The nothernmost one only had dancers that would not even strip even after I tipped them pretty good. I was the only one at the time and there were 3 girls plus a good looking bartender. I tip very well when the girls are dancing so it was still worth their while to dance on stage even if I was the only customer. However, the real money comes when you buy them bottles. Very negotiable. I think they are more open to negotiations because the clientele is a notch poorer than the ones frequenting TL1. I was getting a couple of dances with full contact and BJ for a total of $80. Actually I was there more than 2 dances because I was not done. She did not mind going over since I was nice to her. I think I was there about 20 minutes. I could have had an FS for another $20 but I actually prefer just a BJ at these locations. It is just too dark and I hesitate doing it if I can not see very well. Who knows what you are getting yourself into?

I have to protect my little one since he does not think well for himself.

I noticed that very little is reported regarding these TL's. I do not go there that often since it is far for me. I was just there because some guys I hang out with at TL1 told me that the ones on Dixie are better bargains. Iwould say, the girls are also on the average a little lowerquality than TL1. They are about the same as the two TL's on poplar in terms of quality and pricing.

03-06-04, 04:17
I saw it and don't believe it, there is a billboard along the Watterson x-way between Popular Level & Newburg.

Enjoy the Science of Cutting One - Grossology.

I couldn't catch the fine print, but I'll stop and read all of it soon.


03-06-04, 09:23
If anybody wants me to cut out these updates say so. Keep up the updates, Username. They are very helpful to me.

I was just parked outside talking on the cell phone when I was approached by one. ... Just my thoughts. Maybe you are better off parked than cruising especially since the price of gasoline is so high. Also, talking on a cell phone is a great excuse to be stopped. If the police come up to you and ask why are you stopped here, you can honestly say that "it's unsafe to drive and talk on a cell phone." It doesn't explain why the girl is bobbing in your lap, but hey, the best story starts out with a plausible line.

03-07-04, 01:29
If you want to voice your opinion on the new ordinance restricting adult businesses here are two good places to do it.

WLKY. They have a section where you can write you views on major news stories. So far it's a 20-1 against the new rules.

Louisville Metro Government, Metro Council, you can email Kathy Herron (direct link provided).

If we don't voice our opinions they will think everyone is happy.


03-07-04, 06:38
I did not realize the 6 ft no touching rule. I usually get my news from TV and not the newspaper. I thought it was just the early closing that was the issue.

I passed by Trixie last Thursday, before the judge made a temporary ruling and just a couple of cars in the parking lot which I thought was odd. I guess the owner decided to close temporarily until the ordinance was overturned. Did not realize how even Trixie would be affected. No wonder everyone was so concerned.

I was not that much bothered by it cause I prefer dating the ladies outside the club.
I have had a lot of contact over the years so I can go on for awhile if needed. I only use the SC's to find fresh ones.

I remember a few years back, there was the same type of ordinance. At that time, I even heard of installing glass partition between the stage and the patrons, that way, they can get around the 6 ft rule. Obviously that suggestion died and we were back to the old ways. They just keep resurrecting these issues every so many years to keep lawyers employed.

Don River
03-07-04, 18:16
This a story about the owner of VIP Spa who shot his wife Lisa- she worked at the Spa. You never know who is in the room next to you. This trial will really put the focus on the AMPS.

"One of the people police interviewed in connection with the murder investigation is Tommy Burris, a retired state trooper, president of the state police professional association and the current police chief in Lawrenceburg.

What does he have to do with this Louisville murder case? Chief Burris was having an affair with Hyo Seo, with whom he fell in love during visits to her massage parlor.

According to a police interview, and off-camera interviews with Burris and his estranged wife, chief Burris met Hyo Seo "when he went to her business to get a massage", sometime last year. Burris says he always went to the spa to get a legal massage, never a sexual one. He says he never saw any illegal sexual activity. Park's attorney says it was going on.

ďFrom our investigation, it was a massage parlor,Ē Steve Romines says. ďA massage parlor in the classic sense of the word.Ē

Pam Burris says her husband told her Seo had given up prostitution after she and Tommy Burris began their affair. Chief Burris says his lover gave up sex-for-pay long before he met her.

Burris says Seo was the beneficiary of his life insurance policy and that she was the kindest woman he'd ever met. She'd come to the U.S. from Korea seeking a better life for her daughter, who was inside Seoís home and the only eyewitness to the murder.
At the time of the killing, Burris and his wife Pam had filed for divorce, with Tommy planning to marry the woman he'd met at the massage parlor.

ďI would say that if itís determined to be true, that would raise some red flags for citizens of Lawrenceburg, just because of his position. If he were just an ordinary citizen, it may not raise any red flags for anyone, but certainly I think with his position it would,Ē says Marie Hellard, Pamela Burrisís attorney.

Burris has not been accused of doing anything illegal.

And during his state police career, he never had a single complaint filed against him. Former colleagues say Burris is one of the most honest cops with whom they've ever worked. His new boss, Lawrenceburg Mayor Bobby Sperrow, says Burris told him the entire story of his affair and didn't try to hide anything.

ďI wish that it did not occur, but I understand that it will occur,Ē Sperrow says. ďBut I will say this: Iím in complete support of Tommy Burris and I will continue to support him as police chief. I think heís done a fabulous job since heís been chief.Ē

Mayor Sperrow says Burris's actions in his personal life have no bearing on his job as Lawrenceburg police chief.

Chief Burris wouldn't talk on camera, saying he's concerned anything he'd say could affect the prosecution of Jae Park, the man accused of killing Hyo Seo, the woman Burris planned to marry.

Burris retired from the Kentucky state police last year.

Lawrenceburg Mayor Bobby Sperrow, who hired Burris as his city's police chief, is also retired from the KSP. "


Hoosier Man
03-08-04, 07:40
My adventurous spirit wants to try seedier places. I have been watching SS. Anyone got info? Looks really seedy but is it safe?

Someone posted on another board that the dances were a bargain but did not mention any price. Anyone tried this place?

Most of the clubs in the area seems to have good business last Saturday. Most of the 7th St locations were jammed. The Convention may have something to do with it but maybe we are back to normal?

03-08-04, 09:57
I am not familar with TL. I am guessing maybe Thoroughbred Lounge? I can't spell so I hope that is close.

03-08-04, 12:19
Don River,

Thanks for the info, I had heard bits and pieces of it but now you've put them together. Like most of us know, even the most upstanding of LE visits the AMPs.

Leroy LaCroy

When this board is dedicated to Inglish Grammer we'll grade you in that area. I wish I could do spell check because I know I butcher the language too often. :-)

I got a reply from my email that I sent to the Metro Council.


03-08-04, 19:30
I was reading another review site and there was a review on a girl named Sydney, but it didnt say what was included in the session. Here is a link, anyone have any info on her or this company?

03-08-04, 21:05
Lingerie and Lace hac always been known as a "jack shack" a rip off

03-08-04, 21:46
Checked out TL3, TL6, and TL4 today. They were dead. All are in the "metro" area since they are in Jefferson County. Day shift girls are real cautious and nothing will go on in those clubs per management. Most are pissed since more goes on at the AMPs than at the TLs. I say SWs may rule Louisville now.

Member #1618
03-09-04, 11:15
Does anyone know anything about Ma J's? I was wondering because I heard Mariah from GreenSpa Left and has gone to work at Ma J's. I usually see her regularly. So was wondering what was going on.

Don River
03-09-04, 14:33

I will guarantee you that you will never find any woman at Lingerie and Lace that even remotely resemble the pictures you see on their web site. You can get ripped off big time!

The AMPs are the best value.


Hoosier Man
03-09-04, 23:08
Was having a good day today that I wanted to celebrate after work. Drove by BN, Parking lot was crowded so I did not go in Passed by GL and it was also crowded. I went in but I decided I would have too much competition.

Decided to go to TL1. about 6 girls and 8-9 guys including me. Took a lap dance from La** and she was OK. Wanted the bottle but she kept inisting on the limo. Her price was steep at $300 for the ride plus another $100 tip. Get real.

I wanted a bottle from her and she explained things have changed. I appreciated her honesty. The bottle room does not have a door. Nothing happens there anymore according to her. Same is true with TL2 since I was there earlier in the week. Some girls may still do it but they were warned by management that there can not be extras. This means very hard to get any action on site.

This maybe temporary but it explains why few gils make any money anymore.

Hoosier Man
03-09-04, 23:16
The camera at all TL's are still recorded according to my girl. She said she has probaly starred in a few videos and most likely that I did too. Did you notice the bookstore nearby selling amateur action?

Be careful out there. I hate those cameras.

Tt Bomber
03-09-04, 23:43

Regarding Don River's story.

You never know the people you go to church with! I know both Pam and Tommy Burris, while Pam can be intense bible thumbing, holier than thou, b17ch that does no when to shut up - I can not believe Tommy got involved with this. He always seemed to have everything he wanted and be much smarter than that!

BTW, If any of you deal with Pam's "Young Adult" group NEVER tell her anything!
She keeps a little (Black male) log that she has been know to share and gossip about to anyone.

Anyway, I guess we all have our short comings.

I guess this explains why I never see Tommy around any more.

03-10-04, 14:27
First news on the ordinance since last friday today. Apperently a federal judge told them they won't hear the case until its gone all the way through the state system. So the temprary injuction is going to stay in effect, until the case moves forward. Now I have no idea how long this will take, maybe someone else knows, but if this is typical for the court system, could it be months?

03-10-04, 17:21
Member #1618,

Is GreenSpa on Broadway? Is that the one that used to be called Unique Relaxation Inc? If so are there extras to be had there. I went once and was totally disappointed. Thanks.

03-10-04, 23:29
I figured with all of the uproar in town, I would treat myself to something out of town. I made the trip to Q Spa last Friday afternoon. It was probably the best AMP experience I've ever had.

Saw a girl named Hendi (?) who was very sweet. She asked me if I had been there before. I told her it was my first time there, which was true. She kept saying she remembered me. Sometimes if they actually do remember you, it seems as though that may lead to a little extra special service. I paid .6 for the hour and was there for about 1.2. She wasn't rushed at all which made the experience even better. I do enjoy a good deep massage, and I must say that she rivaled many licensed massage therapists I've seen. We ended the session with FS for .9. Once I was done, she said I worked too hard and massaged me again for another 20 mins. This will definitely be on my list of favorites.

Also saw Samantha recently. She is exactly the same as she always was. Same "anything goes" service, same price, and same great set of tits.


Don't you agree with me that the independants have a great opportunity to make some excellent income while all of the city crap is going on? Anybody got any good reports of any?


03-10-04, 23:31

I was in there about 4 months ago. I was expecting the same great service I used to get when it was Unique. What I got was nothing. Not a mention of any extras. I won't be going back.


Hoosier Man
03-11-04, 02:12
Also visited Samantha. It seems I have been seeing her more often lately. She still stays busy but she cut her hours a little. She used to work till 8pm for regualrs but she has cut down.

As usual, it was good service although I noticed when I gave her some money she did not even looked at it. She just took it and put it away. I gave her extra for tip but I guess she did not even count whether I gave her enough money to begin with. I was a little displeased that she did not acknowledge that I gave her extra. It was a good session and I was happy so I guess it is OK.

I wished she has an assistant or a co employee. That would be nice and give us some other options. She mentioned she is thinking about it. I might talk to her about some of my contacts and see if they will work together.

03-11-04, 16:17
I called "FLAME" from the Leo. No answer but she returned my call within 5 seconds. Met up with her at an incall location. Cute, 19y/o with redhair and tall. Nice body. Got right to business. Pretty good for a buck fifty

03-11-04, 17:28
Does Samantha still advertise in the Leo ? I havent seen her name

Hoosier Man
03-13-04, 05:24
I was on a date with a friend who used to work at TL. She got a phone from another co worker saying that TL1 was raided along with another one on Dixie? Later on I passed by TL1 around 7pm on a Friday. There were only two cars in the parking lot (as seen from Berry). I did not dare to pull up.

Can anyone confirm? If true, does anyone know some details? Do they arrest the customers if they are just drinking at the bar/tables? I am sure they could not. I would hate to be in the room though.

On another story, My date told me about a couple of her friends who will do outcalls. They are available for $150/hr. I am trying to get dates from them but my friend did not want to set me up with them. She will not say why but I think she does not want to share me with them. I have been good to her, dating her 2-3 times a week. She said she is broke and she asked me to date her more often (sorry guys, but she only wants to date me. I am not sure if she means it but she keeps telling me I am the only one she dates out) . I said, OK for next week, we will go out everyday. I will be sore next week.

However, I am still trying to get to date those other two. I will try and maybe I can share the info to others later on.

03-13-04, 12:40
I heard on the news last night about the police going undercover at every TL bar in Louisville. All the ones on Dixie, Poplar Level and 7th Street. Heard they arrested a bunch of dancers and bartenders. Be careful everyone.

03-13-04, 18:49
I was going to goto the Eurospa today around 5:30, I had a weird feeling so I drove around the back of the building. I saw a unmarked car, but the windows were tinted real dark, I turned around and got the license plate number. It had FOP badges on it, and then I slowly drove around the car and looked in, I saw a guy on a walkie talkie talking to someone. Be careful!

03-14-04, 07:41
Samantha still advertises. PM me if you want info.

Myra is back. She charges $250/hr. She is 21 yo , caucasian, 5 ft 7 inches, good in what she does, skinny, kinda flat but is very sexy. If you are interested, PM me. I asked her for a discount but she was insulted and was a little PO'd at me.

I heard 3 girls were arrested at TL1 and 1 customer. Two girls were not in the private room but were soliciting the undercover policeman. Do not know who they were. TL1 was closed Saturday

03-14-04, 09:19
I come into Louisville for Buisness on a weekly basis. A coworker and myself have been in this forum for sometime now and finally decided to start going to some of the "guarenteed" spots. We were out Thur and Friday this week and saw nothing. It was very disappointing.

We were at 2-3 of the TL's on Dixie Hwy, almost all of the clubs on 7th and 1 or 2 more on side roads with no offer for sex made other than lapdances which to me were way over priced. Everyplace was completely dead too! (1-3 guys if that).

We thought BN was the #1 place for a guarentee after reading though many posts. However, after about 20 min all I got was paying for a $20 drink and $10 tip with a girl that wore a sweatshirt that flashed for me. Quite disappointing.

Next to SS as I thought it was #2 for a guarentee with older ladies. As soon as I came in both of us were not left alone by this vulture woman named Sheba or Sheeva. She was in her 50s and looked like she was glossy eyed either from old age, drunkness or drugs. Not that pretty but would not leave us alone stating that If either of us buy her a drink ... she would buy the next. After getting nothing in BN I was a bit hesitant. We went to the dance floor and saw that they did not strip in this club just dance because they are in the city of Shiverly or something like that and clubs on that side of the street can't but the other side of the street is Louisville and they can. I also remember reading about this and about Sheba / Sheva too. Looked like nothing was happening here so time to move on.

Next to a few other TL's and side clubs being completely dead so we came in and were not greeted and the ones we were were just after us buying them $20++ drinks which is ok if I know I would get something for it.

Finally at GL the disaster happened. We went in and the women were friendly and pleasant to be with. I was with Michele and my friend was with a Blonde. We each bought them a $20 drink and socialized for a bit. Later she told me about private dances ranging from $65 for 3 songs to $130 for 1/2 hour to $180 for a full hour. At first I was going to get the 1/2 hour but the bartender kept eluding to that fact that a much better time would be had for $180 full hour. I was hesitant but did the full hour. She brought me to the back and sat me on a couch and kept having me get up every 5 min to sign my credit card receipt. So this distraction was finally finished. The most she had done at this time was suck on my neck, nipples and never touched my cock. My friend said he girl touch his and he had a better time but still never any FS or BJ every mentioned or done. What was bad is when it was her time to dance she left me and danced 2 songs and came back to find another girl and guy in our couch next to our drinks the bartender brought out. My girl as had to get up to go to the bathroom and leave me a couple of times too. They moved for us. Also when I signed the credit card bill there was a tip line so I entered $40 hoping that it would guarentee sex. Although when the session was over she asked for a tip and I said I left one on the credit card and she said that was for the bartender. I said you have to be kidding me! I told her that I really did not have any more money to spend on this and I found my coworkers waiting for me and we left. I bitched about the $280+ I spent there on Thursday night and got nothing!! I was too the point where I did not ever want to go out to one of these "gurenteed" spots again.

On Friday my coworker convinced me to go to a couple more clubs with him. We went to the Classy lady and told her my story about GL and said I thought I would have gotten more for what I spent. What every happened to the $80 drinks+$40 tip and $10 for the bartender for FS that I have read about so many times over. Anyway, the girl at Classy lady said she would have a private dance (never said anything about FS) for $130 not the $180 that GL charged. I was not to take any more chances unless I had more of a guarentee. My friend later went to an AMPS and saw a girl that he knew from one he had been in Atlanta and since she new him it cost him $60 for the massage and I think he said about $140-$180 for FS on the table. This still seems a bit steep. Where can I go for less than $150? We even drove arround to some adult motels nearby and saw no SW. This is my story of the latest happenings in Lousiville. It is dead and overpriced!!!

03-14-04, 14:02
This is just a dream mind you.

I went out with a co-worker the other night and hit a few sc's.

I spent some time with a hot blond with bad teeth at GL, $65.00 drink and 3 dances. hot dance with touching and open mouth kissing, my breath was supper minty that night. My friend spent $200+ and got screwed. read his report.

Anyway I left and went to a spa named for a candy bar and had the most wonderfull time. Over 1 hour massage plus extras for 2 bills.

The girls in the sc's think my friend and I are undercover LE.

Should we pull our cocks out or something ???

Hoosier Man
03-14-04, 22:08

Evidently you have not been reading the latest posts. Stay away from the clubs until this crap settles down. It is your fault you spent that much money. Too many undercover stuff going on and Management has told these girls to behave properly. You will not get anything unless you are well known to the club or the girls.

My contact told me that except for PT and Trixies almost all the major clubs are shut down. One hundred twenty one girls were arrested. Ouch ...that puts a big dent on the number of girls available.

You know what this thing is doing? I am getting calls from my contacts wanting me to date them. How about that for a change? Instead of me calling them, they are calling me! Now I am going to ask for discounts. He, he, he

Hoosier Man
03-15-04, 04:31

The girls at the SC's do not normally offer anything unless they already know you. They are taking on so much risk.especially at this time. You need to act that you are knowledgeable on this.

I have no problems asking them (some guys do ). You just have to be tactful. I usually buy them a drink but after awhile, I learned how to do it cheaper. It is a hit and miss at first. Some girls will, some won't. All part of the hunt.

It comes with experience. You can tell who will give you more and who will not.

Things are a little risky right now. This is why I am staying with my regulars. No hunting for awhile.

Don River
03-15-04, 11:01

Please read the current and previous page of posts.


Big Head #2
03-16-04, 17:53

The Q Spa and the other one on the other side of I-65 in Shepherdsville were raided by police and all occupants arrested for prostitution. Soooo, be careful!

Read it at: http://www.pioneernews.net/

03-17-04, 05:36
I had a long talk with Myra. Told her that her pricing is high for the area. Convinced her to lower it down. She is new and only started dating two months ago. She is good at what she does because she really enjoy this thing. She was offering me a freebie because she was just horny. Anyway PM me if interested.

Visited several clubs but did not want to try the private dances. Girls are still wary of the raids last week.

Got a scoop on what is going on. Evidently, a high official of the City Government was behind the pressure on SC's. Do not know who he was. Turned out his daughter started dancing at one of the clubs and that shamed the family in their local church group. So, he went on a campaign against exotic dancing.

Trixies got a restarining order on the cops. The owner spent 200 big ones to get it. So Trixies is open and operating normally. Cops are not allowed to go inside at all.

Trixies however, is very strict on touching. However, action can be had if you know the right people and you are willing to pay big dollars. Some of these girls are drop dead gorgeous it may be worth it.

03-17-04, 12:23
I read the story about the Q-Spa and it said credit card receipts have been seized. That scares the shit out of me.

Guy Noir
03-18-04, 18:53
I read the Q Spa story with much interest. I have been around Korean women for more than 20 years and have never known one who smoked crack or did meth.

I wonder if LE planted the dope to bolster the anti AMP-campaign?


03-18-04, 20:57
Guys, guys, guys,

It's a basic rule. Don't use credit cards. Don't use your real name unless you've really gotten to know the lady. Most providers get busted at least once. All establishments get raided, most pretty regularly. Never, ever, ever leave a paper trail.

That said, all a receipt will tell somone is that you paid for a massage. Nothing else. Of course, if you've got a wife or girlfriend who might not understand you getting a massage, then you've got problems other than LE knocking on your door demanding an answer.

As for the current situation in Louisville, I think I'll take my hobby somewhere else for now. Thank God for business trips to more accomodating locations.

NC Transplant
03-19-04, 12:22
As long as you aren't coming to North Carolina that is. LE seems to be on the same rant here. They busted a girl in a SC the other night for just playing with herself and the owner too for letting it happen. Cops need to get a life.

Hoosier Man
03-20-04, 00:37
[Report deleted by Admin at the request of the original author.]

Don River
03-20-04, 16:28

Crack is a real problem for some of these girls. The gal at VIP that got killed by her husband had a drug problem. I've also met several who were hooked on Xanax to bring themselves down.

Don River
03-20-04, 16:42
Well Hoosierman,

You painted a big bullseye on this gal and her friends for LE to target on their next sweep. Given the current state of affairs in Louisville I can't imagine someone posting an explicit report of illegal activity unless they wanted to cause problems for people involved or get other people to volunteer information that can be used by LE. I have it from a reliable source that the political decision has been made to put these places out of business or make the cost of doing business unbearable,

On another note: Guys be careful!

If you guys are going to any of the SC's in Louisville be careful not to have any contraband( weapons or drugs), including prescription drugs unless you have the bottle with you. Also if you have any warrants outstanding best stay away. LE is insisting on ID and searching people when they raid these places.

The crux of the legal argument that they are using is that these places exacerbate the crime problem in the locations where they exist.

Every time they arrest a patron on a collateral charge it becomes one more statistic to bolster their argument.

Hoosier Man
03-21-04, 07:15

I guess, you are right. The report may be too revealing at this time. However, I never used real names in any reports plus I do not even spell out their fake names to begin with.

I dunno, I have seen these things before. They eventually die down and it gets worse than before (or better in our case).

The real problems at least from my viewpoint are:

1) Low Wages
2) Rise in the level of illegitimate children
3) Substance abuse.

These 3 facrors are the reason why these things happen.

I am editing my previous post....

03-21-04, 20:43
With LE being in a moralistic mood and being prodded on by our Metro Government's holierthanthou attitude our favorite activities are being driven more underground. The usual American attitude of outlawing and making criminals of adults pursuing adult needs is a reflection of how ignorant our officials are. I'm saving up and will do most of my adult pleasure seeking outside the country. Got a trip to CR planned for the week before Memorial Day. Labor Day week and the two weeks following I'll be heading to SEA, will hit Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. If I live through that I'll do Thanksgiving back in CR. It's nice to go to places where our activiites are accepted as a fact of life.

Don't remember where I heard this but I do believe it - Old fat women don't get sex and want the rest of the world to be as miserable as they are. Screw a fat broad and make us all happier.

That's enough for now guys and dolls

Shamas O'Dognasty

03-22-04, 00:52
Wow. I had kinda stopped my news updates because well, there wasn't any new on the ordinance anyway. Its tied up in court, and it looks like it will be staying that way for awhile. Man was a surprised to read the reports of the last few weeks. Even Q spa which sounded like being out of the county was safe is out eh? Isn't there like 1 SC in shelby county? I dunno never heard of anything happening there though. I find it surprising the TLs got busted so easily. The women all seemed even a few weeks ago to be tight lipped to all but those they knew. So is even BN dead now, or if a girl knows you will they still get with you or what? Its been widely thought for a long time BN had high level city government protetction. Not quite high enough I guess eh? Billbehr -- you say for the right price at trixies --- I assume you are talking really big money, like in the thousands right? So what are the options here now. What is the closest geographic place for safe action as we used to have here. I've been checking some areas nearby boards, Cincy appears to have a very active SW scene. Also, further investigation into non pay-per-sex seems warrented. Any like porno theater orgies --- or just places with really easy women to go to? Whats the cheapest legal way --- I dunno drive across the border up to canada and get incall? I'm just reaching at this point

Hoosier Man
03-22-04, 07:00

I deleted my report earlier due to its explicit description on what is still available. I did the report on a Saturday and by Sunday early morning, I had it deleted. Basically what I said is that there are some availability left but you have to hunt around. Hope that the LE did not work this weekend and checked my report.

Cincy is dead. Mostly air dances. I used to frequent bars in Cincy but they really cleaned it up. Still available but pricey and the girls are very reluctant unless they really know you.

This is really the norm anywhere that mongering is not legal. They have to know you and be comfortable with you.

Actually it is now easier for me to go on a date since the new crackdown began. Many girls are scared to work in the clubs. Most of them do not have any bail money and they don't want to be rearrested. There was a girl at one of the upper end club who was arrested. She was not even soliciting but when she was leading the undercover LE for a lap dance, she extended her hand for him to hold while they were walking upstairs. She inadvertently touched his legs. It was enough for the LE to arrest her. This is why many are scared.

The owner of TL's somehow pissed off the LE's. So he was really being targeted. Can not remember his name but they want him out of the business. Maybe I should buy the club myself since it is very successful. Anyone wants to join? Of course, with us it will all be legitimate. Did you read that Mr. LE ?

TL's were still open but very few people. At least that was what I gathered last Friday. Very slow due to most girls staying away.
I would predict many are going underground and will work as escorts. However many do not know how to start one and will join escort agencies which are mostly ripoffs.

Several clubs joined together to get an injunction. However, this does not stop the LE's completely. They just can not come in and raid the place but they can come in under cover and observe and gather evidence for future raids. So be careful out there.

I have talked to many of my friends on how to spot LE's. My best friend was head of the vice squad in another big city ( He did not know my hobby) and I picked his brains on what they can and can not do. I shared this info to many of my friends in the business.

Do you know that in KY, the cop can actually mess around with the girl and then arrest her? They do not get thrown out of court just because he engaged in the activity. What a bunch of horny pricks! They make it as an excuse not to pay her.

I heard of one corrupt LE who identified himself afterwards and told the girl if she does not want to be arrested to hand out what she made that night. So he had some and on top of that. her money. Crooks!

Hoosier Man
03-22-04, 07:11

Two alternatives come to mind. There are lots of loose women you can pick up at dance clubs. There are several on Bardstown Rd. but there is a big one in downtown. These are not SC's. They are dance clubs where regular people meet and hook up.

These are dance clubs where you meet/dance with girls. You have to attract them and make your move. One time I hooked up with 3 of them I did not know what to do. However, you have to be good picking up hot chicks. These are legit girls looking for fun. Buy them a drink or even a rose and beads and make your move.

The other alternative is a couple of swingers club in the area. If you have a GF, it is easy to join. However, your GF must be willing.

03-22-04, 11:55
Hoosier Man, I might be interested in buying the club with you :)
Might run good with the business Im in lol.

03-22-04, 15:14
Suggestion. Instead of giving reviews on here lets exchange Yahoo IM or AIM screen names and have a closed chat from time to time. That way our deeds aren't posted for LE to see and we can still trade valuable info. :) How could we go about doing this?

03-22-04, 18:42
Heh, well now I'm really bummed about not reading the board over the weekend. I usually don't unless I have something to contribute or I posted recently. Hoosier -- heh well I'm out then. Reminds me of why I got into the hobby in the first place. Unless you can like walk up to the girl and say hello and they're like lets go do it, or they literally come to you for doing nothing, its out of my league basically. Anyway hoosier, thats almost unbelievable. I thought there were federal laws regaurding law enforcement and entrapment of that sort. As for the girl just touching the guy's leg, thats criminal. The charges surely got thrown out, but still, its unbelievable cops could be that irresponsible. State law says prostitution is direct stimulation of the genitals, not a persons freakin leg. The thing thats really getting me here is, if was said earlier --- hundreds of dancers got arrested --- why was this not bigger news. If changing the hours they can be open can be a top story, this should be like headline material. Also hoosier --- ok don't post an explicit description. Be general. For example, is there 1 MP or 1 SC, or just SW going on --- or what. You don't have to say which one.

Hoosier Man
03-23-04, 11:06
Actually this whole thing made it easier for me. After I choose the girl I like from my 2nd Favorite club on 7th St, I usually hint to her that going out on a date with me is better deal for her than those private dances. They normally say yes after you buy them a cheaper dance. Again YMMV. I did not have a problem. Four out of 5 said yes. I dunno if they all real but I already dated one of them after she called me.

Regarding the availability, it is always best to know the bartender or other club employees.

It is also economics. The girls gets 50-70% of the dance/drinks. In some clubs the first drink goes to the club. With the recent crackdown, most girls are not making much money. Typical right now for them is $50- $100/night and maybe double that on weeknights. Considering that most of them stay there for 12 hours, and needs to pay for childcare, that is not much. Some of them also likes to drink even when no one is buying them drinks, so when things are really slow, it hurts them even more.

On a date, it is 100% and it is only for a short time.

Hoosier Man
03-23-04, 18:56
Visited my 3rd favorite club on 7th St. Things were indeed different. The dances are no longer private and contact almost nonexistent. First girl I bought a drink for was totally boring. Did not even talk much, just sat down and stared at the stage. She was the most boring girl I ever bought a drink for. My hunch was correct that she would be bad. I just forgot and mistaken her for another girl.

After 4 minutes, she stood up and I was actually relieved. I tipped the girl on stage and who was putting on a show. She just came back after a long absence and she did not know rules have changed. I then heard the bar tender warning her. After the warning , I hinted to her that I got to hook up with a hottie like her.

So I bought a dance from her which was mostly talking since contact is not allowed. She asked me if I got a cell phone. I said I do and she dialed the number I gave her. When it rang, I stored her number into the memory. She asked me if I want to call her. I said I would be crazy if I don't. This girl is about a 6 in the face and an 8 on the body. I think she is a wild one and really liked me. I will see her Thursday for 2 hours.

The place only got 4 girls and about 10 guys mostly playing pool. That is good enough ratio for me to work on. Not enough competition but enough challenge.

As I was walking out, the girl I dated last Saturday called me and asked me if I am available. She is OK (kinda older) but not really my type. So I said, "I am short of funds right now" . She said, not to worry, I do not have to have money everytime. Ok....I can use a freebie.

Like Shamas said.......Life is good

Don River
03-24-04, 09:15
Went to my favorite East End AMP last night. Things are tense they don't know you. I've been a regular at several of these places for many years,so I usually do not have any problems.

I hooked up with a cute new girl, but she was cautious until mamasan told her I was OK.

The word in the AMPS is the same as in the SC's. If you have anything illegal, don't have it on your person. Like wise if you have any warrants -traffic or otherwise- you visit these places at your own risk. If they get busted, you could end up being "collateral damage".



03-24-04, 16:59

This is just a dream I had the other night.

I went to a sc on 7th street that is not for "blue color" workers.

Real hot girl on stage brown hair 25 years old.

Tipped her a dollar and went back to the bar.

She finished her dance and came over to me and asked if I was LE. I said no and pressed up on her and kissed her breast. She grabbed my package and told me I should have a private dance.

I spent $1 and had an awsome time.

If the girls know your cool then your in.

Its taken some time but I have a few who are comfortable with me.

03-24-04, 17:18
Welp I'm out of ideas I guess. A period of chilling seems to be in order. Hopefully things will losen up again by derby time. I guess the best thing around is probably dances at trixies or deja vu, not that they touch much but its better than nothing, provided they haven't stopped too. Its surprising AMPs are getting even with people they know as Don indicated. Hoosier, if you are really trying to be non-specific, you may want to edit out the part about the pool table. I think there is only 1 7th st club that has one actually. I'll edit out this part if you do on yours. If you're not, sorry for over-analyzing.

03-24-04, 18:02
There are at least 3 clubs that have pool tables on the strip>

Hoosier Man
03-24-04, 20:05
I am spending more money than I used to since these things began. I guess in the back of my mind I want to get everything I can get my hands on just in case it really stops. I do not think it would but I want to enjoy as much as I can.

I dated another girl today. This is the girl from Saturday's date. just a quick one to relieve some tension. Anyway, she told me a cop came in and was really soliciting. She made him pay a lot of money for 5 air dances. This is your tax money at work!

I could not believe he can get away with solicitation. THIS IS ENTRAPMENT! I guess they do not care. They can not even spell it.

Visited another place. Two girls were complaining business is really bad. They had 3 guys and 10 girls all night. Go figure the math.

At another club, there were 4 girls and 8 guys but the guys were not spending any money with air dances. One girl complained I bought her first drink after 6 hrs of work. She is lucky to bring home $50 today.

When I say 7th St, I include clubs around 7th St. This even includes Taylor and Berry.

When I am traveling and people ask me where I am from, I say "Louisville". Technically, I live across the bridge but who in the world will know where Sellersburg is. So this is the same as 7th St. It is the area.

03-24-04, 23:33
WOW!! I just had a wonderful hour with Lisa of Fantasys escorts of KY. 5'9" tall, not petite but great looking, long red hair and a face that reminds me of Gina Gershon when she smiles. SHe makes sure you are having a good time and very GFE. I would highly reccomend. Pricing is a little mor ethan a AMP, but it is worth the extra $85 dollars.

03-25-04, 03:09
My bad on the pool tables. Guess I haven't payed enough attention. The entrapment you've described repeatedly is amazing hoosier. These women should join the crowd protesting at city hall. I'd suggest sueing the city if that wouldn't cost everyone money, heh. They are clearly just trying to make a point, even if the charges get thrown out. Its one of the great injustices in our system --- if you are arrested, and either acquited or the charges are thrown out, you still have an arrest record. Something has to be done here. Somebody should go on a talk radio show and describe whats going on, if the media won't. Crap call crime stoppers I dunno, doesn't metro PD have an internal affairs department? The judges can't be happy with an overage of frivelous cases either.

Don River
03-25-04, 10:02

The cops do not show up for prosecution. Charges are dropped. The girl has to pay $3-$5K for a lawyer.

03-25-04, 10:35
Anyone who wants to join a private chat via Yahoo IM send me a PM we can set up a private chat room and a time each week to talk.

03-25-04, 17:51
Heh ok perhaps the crime stoppers idea was a bad one. My thinking was its supposed to be an anonymous way to report crimes. I just wonder, how much of the PD even knows this is going on. Is this a left had doesn't know what the right is doing situation, or are they all in on it? You would certainly hope some of them would not be happy this is going on themselves --- there has to be some way to get this entrapment/over doing the arrests crap out into the open. These same people overboard moralists who wanted the ordinance passed in the first place, you would think would be equally appauled by this stuff.

03-26-04, 01:58
Ok its now been 2 weeks basically since this big arrest spreet at the SCs. Some of the AMPs as reported may have started to loosen up. I dunno about yall, but I think its questionable as to whether or not he metro PD has the resources to keep up a crackdown like this without compromising other things, which is probably a contributing reason as to why things were as they were for so long. So I guess the qustion is, at this point, well I guess its a 2 level question. 1. would you be comfortable getting with a girl you never had inside a SC and doing it there, and 2. same question for a girl you're familiar/friendly/repeat with.

03-26-04, 07:02
I saw FLAME from LEO two days ago. I was not impressed with the service for a buck fifty. PM me for details.

03-26-04, 14:42
I was driving down Preston today on other business and decided to look around and see if the AMP's were getting much business. Paradise Spa has now been closed. They already even took the sign down. I swwear when I drove by there this past weekend they were still open, not sure if they were shut down or chose to leave the market because of the new restrictions.

I didn't pull in but it appears Milky Way Spa may also be out of business. THeir was a U haul backed up to the entrance like they were moving stuff out. I didn't pull down the side road to see if that was indeed the case though. This would make sense because I believe somebody posted on here earlier that Milky Way and Paradise were under the same ownership. This is personally a sad day for me, because Paradise was kind of my first "regular" spa where I could ALWAYS get a good bargain. Never was hasseled, never overpaid and always had a good relaxing experience. Everyone stay safe out there!

03-26-04, 21:20
Thanks for the review Luvthelife. Been wondering about Fantasy and Lisa for awhile. Are her pics accurate on their site? Thanks again.

03-28-04, 09:28
Took a stroll down the strip last night. WC had only one girl (about an 8). TL and CL had several cars in the parking lot. Stopped at BN. There where at least 10 girls (several 8 - 9), customers were plentiful. The club was like it always has been; much fun to be had. However, I saw quite a few LE cars traveling in the general area of 7th Street.

Hoosier Man
03-28-04, 15:13
Hmm....What is going on?

Milky Way ad says grand opening and I saw Paradise ad saying they are open. This has been in the newspaper for the whole week. I would have thought they would pull it out if they are clsoed. it cost about $400 / week to run their ads

Can anyone confirm for sure?

03-28-04, 16:24
I met Brooke Balentyne. I give her 10 stars out of 5. Thats all I'm saying

Hoosier Man
03-28-04, 19:50

What time where you at BN? I was there around 6-8pm and there were 2 guys and 10 girls. I was not complaining but the girls did. I can only be with one.

It may have picked up later in the night.

03-29-04, 08:45
Hoosier Man, I was at BN after 8:00. Business really picked up after 10:00.

03-29-04, 11:31
Aces, she still looks the same in the face but she is a little heavier, still looks good considering she is 5'9". What an attitude though, very pleasant experience.

03-29-04, 13:20
No more Paradise? :(

Bad Karma
03-29-04, 15:09
Stopped by Victorian and saw Cynthia Sat. about 5í7, blond, very nice experience, PM me for details.

Also went cruising around Portland Ave. and 26th Sunday and hooked up with a very attractive SW, 5í9, dirty blond hair large breasts, thick but not fat, said she used to dance until recently, told me she goes by ďLynnetteĒ PM me for details on when to find her.

Hoosier Man
03-30-04, 21:46

Can the LE traced us through our posting? I am just getting a little paranoid of some private mails I am getting.

So far this week, there seems to be a slowing down of LE's undercover activity at least on the SC's.

However, the economy seems to put a dent on mongers level of activity.

One of the girls I dated recommended a former dancer. She is now mid 30's and is working at a regular job. She does not mind seeing someone occasionally for a little spending money. I do not know what she looks like but I will try to date her. Let me ask her if she is interested in seeing others.


If you want me to answer this, then it needs to be posted in the "Letter to the Editor" section.



Don File
03-30-04, 22:30
Guys and Gals,

I'm somewhat new to this, I've dated several of the girls from the SC's in the past and was wondering about hooking up with a SW. My big question is do you all drive vans, I've got a 4 door mid size sedan. I'm not really sure how this would work? It would seem obvious to anyone what was going on in the car. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


03-31-04, 17:17
Hoosier Man. I would say go with who you know on the board. Any new names I would be on the lookout for.

L V Whitey
03-31-04, 19:28
I am starting to get nervous even traveling to Louisville. Is it really as bad as it sounds ? I will be visiting tomorrow through Saturday. I guess my best bet is to stick around the hotel bar. Hope things improve for you guys. Come to Vegas if you need to un-wind.

LasVegas Whitey

Hoosier Man
03-31-04, 20:06
Don File,

I only had 2 SW experience. One was a hitchhiker on I 65 and I took her back to my office.

The other, we just pulled up behind an abandoned house. She was going to do it while I was driving but I said no. I was not too thrilled about being seen by a whole bunch of people plus I wanted to also touch her. She took her tops off and unzipped her pants and gave me a great bbbj. I did not do FS at all since my car was a small one. I just let my fingers do the exploring.

Hoosier Man
03-31-04, 22:38
Yep, Paradise is no more. They even removed the sign. Milky Way is also closed when I knocked on the door. Dang!

Thanks BK on your PM. I was there today for 30 minutes since I had to use my cell phone anyway and I did not want to drive and talk on the cell at the same time.

No sign of the SW.

Maybe the rain kept her away.

I did get approached on Broadway but she was not to my liking. I am very particular about SW since I believe they are higher risk.

Hey I got a question for everyone? Does the city require LE's to live in the metro area? I am getting lots of requests from Out of State visitor to give them a guided tour of our beautiful city. ( not really, they just want to buy me a drink). I guess they want to go to the sure winners when they visit. I am a little worried some can be posing as a fellow monger.

Hoosier Man
04-01-04, 01:21
L V Whitey,

Things have gotten bad for most clubs but they are still available. Just got to know where they are.

I called up a contact and she said, they are busy( she bartends). I even asked for her friend. I may check her out for the team. Only problem is that my contact also wants some action and is jealous. Problem is that she is a 2 or 3 on my scale. Would not really recommend her but I just get together with her from time to time for a cheap quickie. I use her primarily to introduce me to other former dancers who are semi active. she got nice rack but she is getting old (40yo). Very tight though. Not bad for a grandma.

Don River
04-01-04, 08:02
Paradise Lost!

Word is she decided to close for a while because of the heat.

Milky Way(Formerly Four Seasons) closed because it is getting too hard to get girls to work here in the present environment. The owner also owns Rainbow. She was working there and got busted within the last week. They actually jailed her and required a $ 10K bond.

The strategy of making it unecomonical for girls to come here to ply their trade seems to be effective.


Windoze Pro
04-01-04, 09:21
This post was delayed due to lack of availability of a computer-but here it is now anyway...

I hail from Baltimore, the city of sisterly love, but..

Had a chance to visit the Louisville area in early march, and stayed in Shepardsville. Only action I found was the Q spa on Rte 41 between S-ville and Dixie Highway. I must say, this spa is good, one of the best I have visited. Walked in and was greeted by the mamasan (30 ish, 5'0", maybe 110 lbs, pretty woman), she led me in, I gave her 6 jacks, and said simply "everything". She knew what that meant immediately, and disappeared for 2 minutes, and returned scantily dressed. She locked the door, stripped and proceeded with a nice CBJ, great technique (I hardly knew she slipped the condom on b/c she did it with her mouth!) Lots of rubbing, tongue, etc. Rode me for 20 mins to completion, then proceeded with a not-so-gentle massage. 6 jacks well spent.

I went back once more before I left, and got exactly the same friendly service, complete with DFK, rimming, and she let me pop twice for 6 jacks. She even orgasmed twice that time, and wanted me to come back again, but lack of funds prohibited it.

All-in-all, one of the best AMP experiences I've had, thanks KY !

Be safe out there.


04-01-04, 15:16
Anybody seen or heard of a "Nana" being around at any AMP's lately? She was at Paradise, but obviously they are gone now. She always did me well, and I would like to find her if she stayed in the area :)

04-01-04, 18:11
I think that we are pretty much safe posting on this board and others. Just use common since and don't give out any personal info about yourself. We have first amendmant rights. Saying something on the Internet is one thing, and getting caught with your pants down in an MP or SC is another. On another escort board, the LE tried to prosecute the owners. It was thrown out of court because the Internet is protected by the first amendment. With my experience I think this a pretty safe way to communicate without to much heat. If LE wanted to prosecute the users of this board or find out who we are, it would be almost impossible to get away with. First they would need to subpoena Jackson or whoever owns this board, for our IP addresses, then they would need to subpoena our ISPs for our information. No judge would allow that, they would get in deep shit. Plus alot of people who use these kind of boards are out of towners, Louisville wont spend the money to try to find everyone and prosecute them. Louisville cops aren't smart enough and are to lazy. And keep in mind. Freedom of Speech.

Easy Does It
04-01-04, 19:58
Please excuse me, this one is a little long.

Iíve had the opportunity to cruise Louisville several times in the past week. I live around 40 min south of the city, so I donít get the chance very often. I was just thinking that with the current atmosphere of oppression and all the hassle that the new Metro government is giving the clubs and parlors, added to the improving weather might just result in an increase in SW activity. The ladies Iíve talked to in the clubs (admittedly not many) have been saying that business is slow, and they arenít making the $$$ that they have become accustomed to over the past few years. Now, most of these girls arenít likely to be able to easily obtain employment in the ďrealĒ world that can replace the income that they are losing, and most if not all of them either have kids, some sort of habit, or in rare cases tuition, they have to replace this income somehow. I was thinking that some of them might just be driven to the street scene if this goes on long enough.

So, armed with all the information I could glean from this forum about the street scene in Louisville (thanks to everyone), I set out on Tuesday evening to see if there was any action to be had. Iím not normally a SW kind of guy, when I was younger and living in the SF bay area in Ca, I used to cruise the Mission and Tenderloin sometimes, more often out of curiosity than to actually hook up, but sometimes the temptation would be just too great, so I do have some SW experience. There was indeed action to be had on the streets Monday night. Between 8:00pm and 9:30pm in the area of Market, between 18th and 26th I saw at least 3. 1 chunky WSW, about a 2 on the 1-10. And a pair of WSW walking together alternating between Market and Main around 18th. These 2 looked somewhat better, perhaps as good as 5 or 6 but it was dark, hard to tell.

Over to the little park on Rowan at 19th??? (I think). One older, perhaps late 40s WSW. Curiosity got the better of me, after THOROUGHLY cruising the area looking for ďcity employeesĒ I stopped and she hopped in. Not much to look at, but not to scary. Never asked her name. We drove a way out of the area, parked on an out of the way spot, with good visibility in all directions. BBBJWS for $.2, actually pretty good, deep and wet with good energy. She swallowed every drop without missing a beat. She commented that she had seen me cruise past several times and was surprised when I actually stopped (hell, I surprised myself!!) told her that I was very careful about making sure the area wasnít under observation, which is really good advice by the way.

So, I returned on Wed, to see whether or not this was a fluke. I actually cruised downtown about 5pm, just to take a look around before dark. I wasnít expecting to see anything In the light of day. I actually saw the same WSW Iíd been with the previous evening, she was walking on Portland around 26th. Thought about it, but I had just arrived in the area, and doing anything in the daylight makes me even more nervous than usual. Went and amused myself elsewhere for a few hours, and returned about 8:00pm. Nothing, not a single SW. The weather was lousy, colder and raining, so that may be why.

Going to try again tonight. Probably wonít actually partake again, but I want to get a feel for how available SW are downtown and a better feel for quality.

On the SC front, I stopped in at BN briefly Sat evening, lots of customers, lots of ladies. I wasnít there for my usual reason (the big drink) due to lack of funds, but specifically to talk to one of the ladies Iíve seen there several times to see what the real story there is. I donít visit there very often, but Iíve always had a nice time with this lady and she always recognizes me right off. She assured me that she fun is still available for those who are known. Should have asked her about off-site, but I didnít think of it until after Iíd left.

Thanks to all for all their information and wisdom. I know I donít post much, but that is because I donít have the $$$ to hobby much. I promise, Iíll always post any information that I have.

Be careful out there!

04-02-04, 01:19
Hey guys,

I havent been around in awhile but got acouple of things to post. Found two SWs lately in Old Loiuisville. First was a WSW iine her early 20s, brunetter slim and quite cute, especially for a SW. Had a good time very unhurried and got all i wanted for $30.

Second was a BSW named Sabrina,said everyone called her Peaches. Mid 30s decent build. She was terrible. Agreed on $25 for BJ, she kept trying to give me more than that but I didnt want it, kept talking and running her mouth whlile trying to do it. Must have asked me 5 different times to hurry up. I complained so much she gave me five back and I didnt even get there. Aoid like the plauge. Hey Xerox, you mean Brooke Ballentyne the porn girl? Where the hell was she? Havent delved into the AMPs for a while but BN had been good to my in the past few weeks.

Happy Hunting,


04-03-04, 19:11
Heres my update on a few SCs. BN is semi-normal --- the dancers aren't going around trying to sell the drinks, but if they know you, they will do stuff. Someone mentioend awhile back at one point they weren't even taking off clothes when dancing on stage, or anything-- they said that only lasted 2 days. The TLs are totally trying to go overboard to get LE off their back. 1 or 2 dancers during the day max, and absolutely no use of the dance rooms (at least at TL2 for sure, but the others seem the same) they are just giving dances in a corner. They seemed to think things would be normalizing in a week or two, though.

Hoosier Man
04-04-04, 08:31
Went to TL1 and TL2 Friday. TL1 had only air dances in the open.

Tl2, there was a special of $100 drink include 2 lap dances. Bartender said it was valued at $150 for $100. Not sure what it entails but I did not see any takers. I also noticed the doors were back on the private room but not sure if it is being used at all. When I was there, I did not notice any private dances.

There were 7 girls at TL2 and were pretty decent. Mostly 6-9 and I did not know a single one . I have not been here a month but these were all new girls.

BN had 7 girls but the quality is lower. I have seen some before but the quality is about 5-7. Even though the stage is a little darker, the girls a little more teasing with their dances.

04-07-04, 17:14
I was at BN about a week ago and saw mainly 5-7's.
Most of these women are two big for me, not my style!
But there were two nice looking ones that I would give 7-9's.
But I think it is hit or miss with these two.
Goes with the trade!


Don River
04-08-04, 20:11
Are the good the good times really over for good?

Read it and weep!



04-08-04, 21:28
I was driving after 5:00pm this afternoon around rowan and 26th and all around the area. I saw lots of people out and about but no SW's. Maybe I can't spot them. What are the how to's for picking them up and how do you know if they are SW's. I'm new at this game, but I'm getting low on finances, but still need you know what.

04-08-04, 21:29
What are some of the other areas to for picking them up?

Easy Does It
04-08-04, 22:16

The WSW I picked up in the area of Rowan and 18th awhile back mentioned Preston and College St. as another area she sometimes frequents. Never cruised there so I can't verify that there is anything happening there. I also saw her walking on Portland around 26th the next day. I'll probably have the chance to get out tomorrow night, I'll try to check it out and report back.

Hoosier Man
04-09-04, 01:07
I never used AMPS. I wanted to but just did not get to try it. I am not prejudice or anything but I prefer certain types of women and I just did not have enough inclination to try AMPS. My problem with the AMP situation is the limitation on who is available. You go in and your choice maybe one or two ( usually) ladies.

I have done mostly the SC gigs. That way, I get to see them dance first then hook up with them. I know for sure whether I like them (physically) or not.

I went to my least favorite spot (not 7th street) and hooked up with a pretty 21 yo . She is about 5'2" and about 130 lbs. Very proportional and had nice body. On a scale of 10, I would rate her face an 8 and her body a 9. My GOD! she was good. I would rate her performance a 12 on a scale of 10. She did over and above the call of duty except kiss. We went offsite at a local motel for about 1.5 hours. We were going strong for that long. I am going to keep this one and I will date her at least twice a week. She gave me a nice bbbj for almost an hour (two different times) total. She did enjoy my company since I got her off at least 8 times. My cost before the motel was $$ for 1.5 hours

She said she started seeing two other guys on a regular basis and she charges higher for them. I negotiated her down for future dates so I get twice the time for the same amount of money. I think this is because I took care of her also. She also told me she will hook me up with her GF who got her started 5 months ago. This other girl just do offsite dates. I may do a 3 some next time. i just hope they are bi so I do not do all the work.

Bottom line for me is that all the police pressure are forcing more girls to start dating which is good for our hobby. If not for all the police harrassment, I would have had to see this girl several times at the SC before she would be comfortable with me. This is just the first time I met this girl and she told me that business has been so slow, she has to do something about it. She told me she only made $50 all day working for 9 hours. Within 2 minutes of talking, she agreed to see me after work. I did not even buy her a drink. I actually saved some money.

Actually, this is not an isolated case. I have dated 4 girls in the last two weeks and they were all new to the dating scene.

04-09-04, 05:50
Went cruising for SW around Portland, Rowan, Jefferson and Main. I started around 7:30PM on Wednesday of this week up through 9:30 PM. There were alot of people out, but no SW. The weather was great, just no SW's out for some reason.

Hairy Johnson
04-09-04, 09:23
Any Mp's or AMP's still open? Also if you know of any good looking black masseuses plus extras please PM me! Thank You :)

04-10-04, 13:00
Whats up all. What a slow week in the river city. Went out on the drive a couple of times this week with nothing exciting to post. Went fishing the usual streams on Weds. and Fri. and found nothing not even a little nibble depsite the good wheather. Ended up stopping through BN Weds. and didnt find anything i wanted there either so I tapped out and headed for home. Sorry about the boring post but it just wasnt there this week, some times the salmon are running sometimes they arent. Also, hey xerox never heard a repsonse from you on the Brooke Ballentyne thing, where did you see her?

Happy Hunting,


Hairy Johnson
04-10-04, 13:56
Hello? Can anyone answer my previous post? I'm going to L' ville tonite (Sat.).

Thank You

Hoosier Man
04-10-04, 23:40
Went to BN, Saturday night. As soon as I went in , I heard the bad news that last Monday, a couple of girls got busted. One guy was caught with the girl and he was arrested. The rest of the patrons were ID'd and their backgrounds were checked. Anyone with outstanding warrant or in a possession of illegal substance or weapons would have been arrested.

No more big drinks at BN ! You can still buy the cheap drinks for just chatting but that really sucks!

Somehow, some girls think this will be over in a few days. I do not think they realize this will drag on for weeks or even months. All dances are non contact and can not be in the back. So BN is out of commission.

TL's are all scared also and only offers air dances.

OK, I am po'd at the LE's. Someone suggested awhile back that a private club can operate freely. Anyone has the bucks or the knowledge to pursue this? If anyone is interested and is able to set one up, PM me and I can get you all the girls you want. I am po'd really bad, I am willing to share my contacts if someone wants to set up a private group.

The two girls that were arrested are among my contacts. This is why I am PO'd.

Easy Does It
04-11-04, 02:01
Had the chance to cruise a bit downtown this evening (Saturday). Saw a few Sw out and about. One WSW, brunette 40ish around Market and 17th, another WSW at Rowan and 20th. Wasnít really looking to partake, neither was much to look at, thin and perhaps 4-5 on the scale at best. But, Iím sure the back if either head would have looked just fine in my lap!!

Saw 2 possibles on 7th St. One WSW, blonde and thin in the 7th and Hill area, she was being very discreet, but Iím 90% sure she was working. Farther down, closer to BN saw a heavy-set BSW. Definitely working, gave me the old look and wave.

All this was between 9:30 and 11:00. Weather wasnít great, it was raining on and off, but there was action to be had.

Iíve never asked for information on this board before, I really donít post to often, so Iíve purposely avoided asking questions until I have contributed a bit. But last week I tried several times to Contact Samantha. I was really looking for a nice quick bit of relaxation, and Iíve always been able to get in touch with her before without too much trouble. Couldnít get an answer, and after several attempts I started getting a message that her VM was full. Has she retired? I hope not, sheís a sweet lady and IMHO a really good value. Any information would be appreciated. You can PM me if you prefer.

Hairy Johnson
04-11-04, 11:05

Any AMP's open today( Easter)? I couldnt make it last night.You can PM me with the ones open. This Hoosier boy is Horny! :)


04-11-04, 11:34
Rainbow Spa is open for business. I talked with Sara today. Old and bad, but the only place that was open this morning! This was my first ever time at Rainbow and probably my last. Sara is probably a 5 and speaks horrible english. If anybody wants details, PM me.

Hoosier Man
04-11-04, 12:25

Samantha is on vacation. You have to go to FL to see her.

Hoosier Man
04-11-04, 12:33
Hairy Hoosier,

Be careful or you might spend time in the slammer. AMPs and SC's are being watched like a hawk by the LE's.

As for me, I am just calling my friends from my phone. No more hunting for awhile. Too dangeorus.

I got enough to give me variety for awhile. I am going to see my 21 yo honey tomorrow for a rematch. She does not even want to work the club anymore. They can not make any money there.

04-11-04, 22:18
Thats bad news about BN ... but I dunno if it will matter much. From what I had seen recently, like last week even, the girls were not asking for the tips until afterwards. I'm not a lawyer obviously, but that probably is sufficient grounds for charges to get dropped if caught in the act as those guys were. If tipping aftterwards things change. If you didn't explicitly say what you were going to do beforehand, you can tip the girl for her company, without it being for the sex. In addition the fact that the LE did this on a monday night, and not at peak hours on a friday or saturday, would tell me they aren't really serious. In fact given that their protection seemingly held up even through the recent crackdown, I'd go so far as to say the entire bit may have been a setup or something, and buy chilling for a couple days they might just be going along with it. How's that for a conspiracy theory? Anyway I'm interested what any of yall think about any of this. Also, BN account more recently than 6 days ago would be good.

04-11-04, 23:56
We're in the middle of a killing spree in town and LE is busy with morality enforcement, wish I could misguide my priorities like that and get along at work. If they outlaw donuts for health reasons, LE will turn into the Mafia.

I've backed off on my adult visits, saving up for my next trip down south. Just got a PM from a blind man who wants to go to Costa Rica. I'm going to help him get lined up with some of the girls I know down there to guide him around and service his adult needs. Some places realize sex isn't dirty nor immoral, it's a naturally occuring adult need. The lack of use will cause the prostrate to harden up, medical studies show the more it's used, the better off you are. Don't use it and your chances of cancer are much higher. The holy rollers want to save me and send me to the cancer clinic. Geeze thanks a lot you creteans.

I posted a while back about fat women being the root cause of these morality laws, since they don't get any sex they want every one to be as unhappy as they are. I remember where I heard it, it was on a board dedicated to southeast asia. They have NGOs (nongovernment orginazations) there, all holy rollers looking to make the world chaste. The fat women try to interfear with our bros there, the fat womens counterparts, old men will confrount or bros, screaming at them that they they'll die of AIDS. Great, I'm going to die of something, hope it's something I enjoy. I feel if these creteans really wanted to help out, they would spend their time with traffic education, many more people die in road accidents than from all forms of STDs. Matter of fact STDs are very rare amoungst professions, much higher in our local bars and other places where non pros get drunk and screw who ever poured the last drink down their gullet.

I'm also planning a three week trip to southeast asia in November. Will hit Thailand, Cambodia and if I'm real lucky, Burma. Works out to be five days in Bangkok, five in Pattaya, five in Cambodia and five in Burma. Total cost will be less than $3K, airfare, hotels, travels, women, food and non sexual entertainment. Heart attack optional will try to pass on that part, but if I do have one, it'll be dong what I live for. Who want's to live to a hundred and never have any fun, go for the gusto live life to it's fullest.


Hoosier Man
04-12-04, 05:19

The BN raid was on a Monday afternoon, The girls that were arrested works daytime.

The news at BN was the most recent. I was there Saturday night. What could be more recent?

I know a lot of girls at BN. So any update, they promised to let me know. Some of the girls are personal friends of mine. I help in their personal life like help them fix their cars, give them a ride, get an apartment, buy a house, etc. In other words, I help them achieve a normal life.

The LE is pretty serious about the raids. I may be wrong but if this continues, mongering will have to go via independent massage, SW or escorting. Problem with that is that most girls are not even computer literate or do not know how to properly set up a business, so most will just disappear. This means it is hard to get an infusion of new talents.

Case in point is when I went to another bar Thursday ( out in the boondocks). I saw a young and beautiful girl walk in with her pimp/BF and applied for employment. She was so stunning, I stayed around just in case she starts working that night. The point is that these girls starts like this. They are not savvy enough to start on their own. Most of the time, even their BF or pimps are not that smart either.

To all,

I would not mind sharing a list of my contacts in the context of a private group. Problem with some asking me for their numbers is that I do not know you and I would not introduce the girls to someone I do not know. Last thing I want is trouble for the girls.

Hoosier Man
04-12-04, 05:34

It does not matter even if the charges are dropped. The fact thatt you get arrested /cited can cause you problems. You need bail money, you have to get a lawyer and go back to court. Even if charges are dropped, it is too much hassle.

Also, how many of the girls can afford the bail? Most of these girls can not even buy a decent car. Bail/lawyer cost them about $1000-$1500 so they can get out. Cost can be upwards to $5000 by the time it is done. if charges stick because they could not afford a lawyer or they are just too stupid they did not show up in court, they will have a hard time getting a normal job in the future.

If you are in the bar and you get arrested, how the hell do you explain that to the wife or GF. "Honey, I am in jail, can you get me out"?

Hoosier Man
04-12-04, 17:22
Just an update:

I dated a girl today that works at one of the TL's and she said TL provides them with lawyers. BTW, BN does not.

She said the clubs are really bad and an average night is getting 5 drinks. That is $20/drink or a $100. The girl gets $13 per drink so it is $65/night. Not really that good especially some have to pay babysitter.

04-12-04, 21:14
Well ok I stand corrected then. I guess I wasn't aware the bail situation was that serious. I mean this is the lowest level of crime on state books, a class C misdemeanor. I thought that was $50 and time served type territory. My mistake. As for wanting more recent, I guess I misunderstood. You said the raid was monday, I didn't get that as of saturday they were still in well, silent running of sorts. I apologize, I was really just trying to make logical deductions/assumptions. Its just surprising this is happening at BN. From what I can gather from talking to the girls there, things have been gong there for like 20 years. 6 weeks ago when the TLs got raided, BN basically continued to operate. As for paying lawyer --- well heh. If a case has absolutely no base you'd hope even a public defender could handle it, though I see your point.

Don River
04-13-04, 07:49
It appears that two more AMPS have bit the dust!

Oasis( formerly VIP) is closed. Tokyo was closed last night.

I had an enjoyable encounter with a Mexican girl that I gave a ride to last night. I picked her up walking along the road in the rain. We went to her apartment FS .4. She was very small, about a 6, but very energetic and enthusiastic.

I've made arrangements to see her again tomorrow.

04-13-04, 16:04
Was driving by TL1, there is a for sale sign with telephone number

04-13-04, 18:55
Let me attempt to clarify this BN conspiracy theory. Ok hoosier I know you said a lot of girls said this current lockdown of sorts is legit. However, derby is coming up so, wouldn't it practically make sense, for the BN management to allow this to happen now, unknown to those girls, to make it appear they are doing something about it, so that come derby time, they can get back to normal. Doesn't it make more sense when put that way?

Hoosier Man
04-13-04, 20:17

I think you got this wrong. The girls actually do not have to sell the big drinks during Derby Week. There are too many guys in the club, they actually just prefer to sell the small drinks where they do lap dances and do a little contact with the guys. You got to remember that in most places outside KY, very few places even have any contact.

I traveled all over the country and I could not get any action but in Louisville, and Memphis. I could not even get anything in Las Vegas except the pricey girls on the strip. Those girls cost upwards of $500 and they are not worth it compare to Louisville prices.

So when an outside visitor goes to Louisville, they are already in heaven if they can touch the girls a little bit.

Update on BN:
BN does provide a lawyer of sort . The girls arrested can not work at BN for now until their case is dismissed. However, one of the girls is in big trouble. She was planning to go on vacation and she went ahead with her plans. Real stupid. When something like this happen, you can not leave town. This is what I am saying that some of these girls are stupid. They really attract trouble.

04-13-04, 21:29
This is pretty big news IMO if Toyko bit the dust. It has been one of the few constants in the Louisville scene for a LONG TIME.

Are you sure they were closed? As in did you go knock on the door and see?

Hoosier Man
04-14-04, 05:07
Well, things have really slowed down on 7th St area. I got a call last night from one of my contacts asking me to see her at the club. The club was really slow but with the snow situation, I think it was even worse.

It tells you how bad it is when they start calling me asking for dates. I have been asking for more time for the same amount of money. I do not cut down on the money since they do need the money but I feel I got better value when I get multiple refills.

There are still some action available in other clubs (not BN or TL's) but action is limited and inconsistent. You just need to use more skills in talking to them about it. It is no longer like shooting "fish in a barrel".

The clubs are really getting hammered. They are not making money at all. When the girls make less than $50 for the night and let us say, there were 7 girls, working, that is less than $200 for the club. Will not even pay for the light bill. Even the bar tenders and the waitresses wants to quit.

I no longer will mention club names in future posts. I do not want to help the LE's at all.

Don River
04-14-04, 14:16
Toyko is closed as in the guy that owns the building said so.

Law Dawg
04-14-04, 15:13
I am looking for help while down in Lousville for the Derby weekend. I am coming from Chicago and would be happy to exchange info from my hometown or help people in the Tampa area. I don't want to drive around a strange town and would perfer hooking up with a escort, dancer, sw, etc.

Any info can be sent through PM. Thanks in advance

04-14-04, 17:35
Ok again, maybe I'm wrong about BN. I just find it infinetly odd they've been bulletproof for 20 years until suddenly now. Just seems fishy. Anyway, so this being said, whats the next best thing type stuff, thats legal, at the SCs, dance wise, I mean with touching and whatnot. The best I can remember, with the old ownership last yeat at GL, you could pay em $50 and basically get 20 minutes of feelup time. Wasn't a bad deal even with BN available at that time. What is the current dance content at FL,GL,WCSB,CL, and I guess the TLs if any of them are actually doing any non-air dances. Hoosier you certainly have people in envy of this network of contacts of yours.

Hoosier Man
04-15-04, 09:29
There is some activity still going on in some places but most are restricted to some contact only. You can make arrangement with the girls and some are open to it due to lack of funds on their part.

As I mentioned on my previous post, I will no longer mention names of the clubs. The LE's seems to be reading these posts as the clubs mentioned gets raided right after I posted.

As for being bullet proofed for 20 years. That is not really true. There were occasional undercover activities by the LE's that caused them some temporary problems. This is why most girls continue to work for hardly any money. They believe this is also temporary. However, I do not know if the new Metro government had caused all the problems. I do believe that this will change Louisville's night life forever.

I guess this may be the end of an era.

Don River
04-15-04, 20:24
Hoosier Man:

You are right on. If the reports from the media are examined objectively, you can not help but reach the conclusion that things will never be as they were before the crack down started.


NC Transplant
04-16-04, 00:21
There seems to be part of the population that thinks its morality is better than everybody elses and is trying to force its will on every body else. Can't buy no pussy, can't smoke, can't drink, and fast food is next on the target list. Some people just need to get a life and live their own life and leave everybody else alone. This country is supposed to be free, but is becoming more socialist every day. How sad it is too.

Hoosier Man
04-16-04, 10:27
Got another call from one club last night. My regulars were asking me to visit. There was only one guy and 7 girls staring at the walls. I told her I was busy. I am not spending money buying $20 drinks.

I heard some of the girls may quit if this weekend goes bad for them. They may be all right with "Thunder", maybe right after 10 or 11 pm. well see.

I think their saving grace maybe the next three weeks in a row ending up with the derby. Most girls will make $600-$1000 during the derby without selling the big drinks.

Don River
04-16-04, 17:43
Here is the latest news report on the TL's:

By Craig Hoffman

(LOUISVILLE, April 16th, 2004, 5:30 p.m.) -- A six-month investigation has landed nearly a dozen people in jail on prostitution charges. Undercover officers tell us they're keeping tabs on a string of adult night clubs, and they say this investigation is far from over. As WAVE 3's Craig Hoffman reports, police have raided offices connected to Louisville's Thorobred lounges.

Thousands will be in town this weekend, and Louisville's adult nightclubs will stay busy. But according to undercover officers, the city's half-dozen Thorbred lounges crossed the line.

One undercover officer says two women recently wanted to have sex with him for $220."I went in undercover, was propositioned by a couple dancers, money value in exchange for sex. We arrested the ladies and charged the bartender for promoting prostitution."

So far, nine people have been indicted on prostitution charges, and more arrests are expected.

A search warrant reveals detectives targeted a car lot near the Thorobred Lounge on Poplar Level Road. The warrant shows detectives discovered records that Thorbred management had knowledge of prostitution, and that it tried to hide large amounts of money taken in.

The arrests don't surprise Sandy Lawson, President of COMPASS, a group fighting to get rid of adult nightclubs near residential neighborhoods. "This verifies what we have known all along. I think most people know it, but many people don't want to deal with things like this, but it really brings the issue to the forefront of what the problems really are."

Undercover officers say some Thorbred Lounge customers were even solicited in limousines. Police say people could get in the limo for sex if they paid the asking price.

The owner of the Thorbred lounges has not returned our calls. But we do know he has not been charged in connection with this investigation.

Online Reporter: Craig Hoffman

Online Producer: Michael Dever

04-16-04, 22:59
I find that interesting from a legal standpoint. Yes the dancers may have said $220 for sex, but you were really paying the bar that, and buying a drink. Since when is buying girls a drink to get layed a crime? You can lock half the male population up for that one. TL2 has a sign up saying under new management, and as of a couple days ago it was closed and they were doing some renovating. I could really only peak inside, but it looked like they were either tearing out, or seriously modifying the dance/bottle rooms. I concur on hoosier's last statement about 7th. He dropped a couple hints in there, actually, you should be able to deduce which club it is if you've been around. Though, if they don't know you from the old days before any of the LE crackdown I dunno if you'll have any luck. As a result, go to one of the more veteran dancers who has been around first, and do something with them. Once that has happened it will demostrate you are OK to the others. Also, in other clubs, several of the old BN dancers have gone to other clubs, and are actually getting open (perhaps too so) about going on dates after work. I suggest extreme caution right now in this area. A few of the hotels used frequently (suspiciosuly not all of them though) have actually had police cars parked there. I don't even know if any officers were actually in them, but they certainly seemed to be making a point.

04-16-04, 23:35
I guess I should correcty myself on that legal comment. Buying the drink may protect the person its being sold to, however from the girl's perspective, directly exchanging any goods for sex violates the law. Though I happen to think calling a fancy wine 'goods' is a bit of a stretch.

Hoosier Man
04-17-04, 03:34
I have not bought a big drink in a while at the clubs even before the crackdown. My concern has always been those cameras at some of the bars. I was told that it was being recorded by the owners for security reason as well as to prevent the girls from undercutting the prices on the drinks. Most of the time, it is reviewed by management and then rerecorded over. Quality of the tapes do go down pretty quickly after a few recordings.

Anyway, some of those recorded tapes have ended up with the LE's. I hope I was not featured in any of them. I have dated out most of the time so I should be safe. Lesson to be learned here is that when mongering, "Safety First".

The next 3 weekends (Derby) would be a major turning point for the SC's. This will either break them or help them survive. Be careful, the LE's will be there also.

I do not think there will be any major problem except for those out of towners who do not know about the crackdown.

As I drive around town, I keep noticing more AMPS closing down for good. I never really patronized them myself but I know most of you did. I can not help but feel sorry for everyone.

It is kind of sad that among the most industrialized nation we are one of the most backwards in this area.

04-18-04, 19:25
I live less than an hour south of Louisville and leave mongering alone in the Ville. Save your money for a trip to Rio or Buenos Aires. I am currently in Buenos Aires and have no worries about LE and the Carrie Nation of today running COMPASS. God bless Francene on WHAS radio from nine til noon. Francene gives the COMPASS bitty the short end of the stick and supports the rights of legal business in the Ville.
Take a few minutes and check out the reports from Rio and Buenos Aires. Be sure to have some tissue handy to wipe the tears from your eyes.

Hoosier Man
04-18-04, 21:42
I got an emergency call today (Sunday) from one girl I used to date and who used to work at TL2. She had car trouble and asked me to help her. She then asked me if I want to go out since she did not have any money at all. She asked me for $$ for 2 hours which was what I was paying before. Seems like she quit TL2 awhile back due to lack of business. She also told me that she had talked to other girls and it is the same story. They are all hurting. She complains about being evicted and had to fix the car and not being able to work. She has applied for emergency assistance with the county.

Did not really go out anymore. I have hooked back up with an old GF and may settle down for awhile. It may be cheaper and smarter in the long run. I would rather just take care of a GF than risk the chance of being arrested. We will see...

04-18-04, 23:03
I take one other thing out of that article, upon further pondering. Where it says, the TLs "crossed the line". Well if you think about it, that suggests there is a line to be crossed --- and basically implies if it isn't, they'll be left alone.

04-20-04, 11:53
Hey Hoosier Man,

It seems like from your numerous reports that you're the man with the ladies from all these clubs. How about hooking some of your fellow mongers up with some names or numbers on the PM, side since they're all so hard up for cash!

04-20-04, 15:59
Stay clear from the club on 7th not for "blue collar" workers.

They are being watched by the bad guys.

Hoosier Man
04-20-04, 18:00
I just got a call from one of my contacts from a club on 7th St. Things were slow as usual.

Also, this Saturday's expected crowd did not materialize. It was slow this weekend for this club. Thunder did not help them at all.

04-21-04, 11:30
Don't be so sad.
Fly down to San Jose Costa Rica and your "big drinks" will cost 12,000 colones which is US $ 27 and completely legal. No Carrie Nation or Mrs. Do-Right to contend with. Delta and Continental have flights everyday. Check the usual sources for fares like Travelocity and so on.
Do a little research on the Central American board under Costa Rica and see the light. Your hotel reservations are more important than your air reservations so get a room first. Good ones fill up weeks before big US holidays which is when a lot of gringos go there.
See you there over the Memorial Day week and weekend. I do not usually file a personal report but do comment on important changes to the scene or other information of interest.

Hoosier Man
04-21-04, 19:22

I normally would not mind but with the LE reading these posts, I am worried for the ladies.

I showed you my fishing holes and showed you how to fish. Do you want me to catch the fish for you?

Hoosier Man
04-22-04, 00:07
Since everyone seems to post non Louisville tourist destinations, let me post where I had gone before, Amsterdam. As far as I know this is the best place in the World. It is not as cheap as Costa Rica but the variety is there.

When I was there, I was banging pretty teenagers for $25- $50 per 15 -20 minutes in their little cubicles in the Red Light District. This is the quickie capital of the world. There are some private clubs that offer 1 hour sessions for $100-$125. I think the girls over there can start working around 16.

If you are adventurous, you can venture out of the RLD and hook up with SW's for a little less money. However, the problem with the SW is that you better have a place close by to do the deed.

I had a dozen girls for two nights till my little one was sore. I spent close to $500 each night including watching some live shows. I also went into a club that charges per minute just to dance and grope their ladies. You go in and they start timing you. You can drink as much as you want and dance with the ladies as much as you want. Girls were dancing on the dance floors butt naked. You can touch them as much as you want but they do ask for some tips ranging from $1- $5 depending on how long you danced with them. You can touch anywhere as long as you are not too cheap. Actually, i was there one hour and I spent about $120. Not really bad since I groped about 20 girls in the process and had three drinks. Just do not pass out or you will wake up with a huge bill.

The RLD area is pricier than Latin and South America but I was getting very young and very good looking girls. For some reason I like Eastern Europen girls more. There are also some Middle Easterners, Asians and of course Western Europeans and Africans. You can bang gilrs from around the world in this place.

Every now and then I see specials to Amsterdam from Louisville. Not as cheap to stay there since the Motels are expensive but there are hostels available for a fraction of the cost. I just use the motels to freshen up and gets some sleep during the days. Who wants to sleep at night when you have all those opportunities that is even cheaper than Louisville?

Now, my Louisville report:
I went to a bar on 7th during the day. It was pretty slow.The girl dancing was really friendly. I have seen her before in the club but never had a drink from her. She stopped dancing for awhile when I approached the stage and told she me to give her a big hug while she was topless. How about that for a $1 tip? I talked to her awhile, playing with her breasts and I got her name and telephone and I will probably date her. She is about a 7 and maybe mid 30's . She goes by the name Sh***i. So much for my plan of sticking with one GF.

I just can not help dating others even if my GF gives it to me almost for free.

04-22-04, 00:44

I'll be seeing you in CR for Memorial Day. Got you're email, making arrangements for Labor Day in a few minutes.

I've posted often, as you know, about how CR trips are cost effective, especially when you stay away from the high end places.

DG has some really nice pics on his board, I don't remember Chantel, I'm going to find out where she works at. Rocio from 747 will also get a visit this trip. Your girl Anna from the Park Hotel has a good pic there also. Anna is so sweet, I'm going to work her in for a nooner this time. When Nonon takes E, R & A to the beach we'll have time to hit some new fishing holes.


Joey Greco
04-24-04, 21:24
Hello Kentucky,

I'm visiting Louisville for a few days. How dull! No SWs to be found, same blah-blah MPs and even the adult ads in LEO seem to be way down. Any hints? Even coded, any hints? Fourth St. is drier than a Dick Cheney bar b-q. Help me out here fellows.


Hoosier Man
04-26-04, 11:29
My latest report on the SC's:

Most were busy this weekend (nights). Air dances only and no big drinks available.

One of the girls that got arrested several weeks ago went to court this morning. Not sure yet what she will get. I will let you know as soon as she calls me.

Hoosier Man
04-26-04, 19:59
Went to a club on 7th. Officially, no big drink being sold.

Met a new girl for the first time at the club. She was not too bad except bad teeth which is a turnoff for me but for the money spent, she was OK. I gave her teeth a much needed massage. That should prevent gum disease.

I also met an old friend. She was not working but just visiting the club. I asked her if she wants to hook up sometime. She said, she needs to do what she needs to do . This girl never dated offsite before, inspite of the fact that I kept asking her for over a year. This time she said she will call me. She had put on a little weight but she still looks good. She has huge breasts so that it affects her overall weight. Actually, she is average weight. I know she will call me as soon as tomorrow. We will see.

04-27-04, 18:53
I've been driving around the Portland area looking for SW's but haven't had any luck. Where do you go to find one? How do you make contact with what you think may be one. If you do get one in the car, how can you tell if they're working for LE or not? Is just showing you a boob enough? Need some help!

Hoosier Man
04-27-04, 20:34
The ones in Portland/west end area is hit and miss. Sometimes you see several sometimes none at all. Just make eye contact and usually they will smile or wave at you. Then just pull up and let them come to you. If they come over, they are usually working.

They are pretty straight forward with their offers. They are so ugly, they can not be undercover IMHO.

I hate to say this but the ones I have seen in Portland are on the low side of the scale. Mostly no teeth and boobs hanging down their stomach. ( no bra is usually a sign they are working). I would not trust my little one to survive an intimate encounter. Once in awhile I hear of some that can be rated 5's but I never met them. I know the SW's are cheaper but I have my values.

Like what I used to say," Pay them now or pay the Doctor later".

04-28-04, 01:00
I am a 100% straight male, but I would rather fuck a guy then fuck the TRASH in portland.

I hear old louisville is good.

04-28-04, 10:17
Any info on any hot young AMP workers lately? I haven't been in a long while so I'm a little out of the loop. PM me any info please. :)

Fly Away
04-28-04, 17:59
Hoosier Man,

Do you have any lady friends that have moved out of Louisville and closer to Owensboro, to say clubs in Madisonville or Evansville, IN?

04-29-04, 01:04
With the changes lately at all the SC's and AMP's, I've been looking into the independant escorts who advertise on the web.

I had good luck with one who was travelling through town, a bit more expensive, but higher quality.

Anyone else going this route? Any tips?

NC Transplant
04-29-04, 11:03
A few years ago when I tried a couple of them in Louisville, all they would do is dance and you had to service yourself. Maybe that has changed. I know there are a couple in NC that do full service. If you like some kissing, be sure to look for keywords like "GFE" or "PSE" Which stands for girl friend expereice and Porn star experience. I have seen some really pretty ones advertise on the *********.net, but all these girls are expensive, and the really pretty ones are extrememly expensive. Still some will want to rush through it, so be sure to read the reviews.


04-29-04, 16:00
Amigo: as much as i like escorts, its not worth it. I'd rather sit at home in front of my computer jacking off, then paying $350 for about 20 minutes of fun. When I'm desprite I go this route, but if I have no other options, I usually just surf the web :)

Hoosier Man
04-29-04, 21:50
Fly away.

Sorry my friend but I do not know of any. Most love Louisville because they were born here. There is still a lot going on. It just went underground

Escorts advertised on newspapers are rip offs. Best bet is escorts.com. Cindy aka vixen is good . Face is somewhat a 5 but good value. She also speaks Greek and was my first Greek experience.

I am still getting some action but sporadic and you just have to improvised. Girls at clubs will do it if they know you.

Hoosier Man
04-30-04, 06:50

Portland is not really bad. There are many pretty girls ( not SW) in Portland and there are also many ugly ones. In Portland, they are either pretty or ugly. Very few in the middle. This may be due to in - breeding. The pretty ones keeps hooking up with decent looking guys and the uglies keeps hooking up with their kind. So the beauty in enhanced and the ugliness gets worse. Unfortunately, the pretty ones are usually not SW unless they get into drugs.

The only way to hook up with pretty girls from Portland is to know people from the area and start dating them. Most of the girls are poor and very easy to impress them. It will be more of a GF or mistress type relationships.

This weekend, it will be close to impossible to hook up with girls at a decent price. Many out of towners spending lots of cash and you have to compete with them. Derby is usually the time when the girls can make a thousand dollars just doing mostly air lap dances. Most clubs will be open continuosly till Sunday am starting tonight. Most girls will work 12-16 hour days.

04-30-04, 17:03
For anyone who is into black girls, or white girls who act black, you can meet alot of "freaky" girls who will do about anything for free, or for a small charge if you cruise Broadway after Derby. I remember last year seeing a gangbang on the side of the street. The cruising starts around 7th & Broadway and goes all the way up. It starts about 8pm I believe... from what I remember, not many cops, espessially if there is a gangbang on broadway :) Big traffic jams though.

04-30-04, 19:56
Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't want to be a white guy out there trying to score during the Broadway party before or after the Derby.

I don't think the brotha's would take too kindly to white guys out there period, much less hooking up with the ho's that he's trying to score himself.

You need to realize, this is a huge drunk-and-disorderly event, with young half-naked, drunken, guyz and galz. I've seen the police videos of this thing on TV, and I wouldn't be there for anything, much less trying to monger.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong....lol

Jake 4119
04-30-04, 21:40
I agree with Hoosier Man. I've seen Cyndi several times. She's reasonable attractive, very pleasant to be with, and totally open-minded. There are more beautiful providers out there, but Cyndi is a real sweetheart and certainly worth the effort to be with.

Hoosier Man
05-02-04, 22:25
I heard of that cruising stuff on Broadway and I heard that a lot of flashing going on. Most of the participants are blacks but there are also some whites participating. Due to the rain, the partying was little tempered but I heard stuff was going on that some mongers would have been lucky or unlucky. For me this is very dangerous for my health. Last thing I want is to be in a gang bang and I am next to last. Who knows what you will get?

I am not sure about some of you guys but I am very protective about my little one. I just do not put it in anywhere it pleases to go. This little guy has no brains and will go anywhere there is a chance. I have to stop it most times.

On a club on 7th on Friday night, lots of customers but most girls were complaining about the money. Most guys will not buy the air dances. There were also 4 undercover cops that came in during the night so everything was subdued. This is just one club so I do not know if every club had the same situation.

Hoosier Man
05-03-04, 03:02
I still can not believe what happened today. Everything seemed to be a dream. My heart is still pumping real hard from, the experience.

I hooked up with a 21 yo hottie. I have not called her in awhile and I had a fight with my GF so I called her up. For some strange reason, she remembered me and chastised me for not calling her back ( this should have alarmed me). Anyway, I told her I was flat broke and did not have any money. She told me I can come over for free because she really liked me.

Anyway, she gave me her address instead of going to the motel. I felt really good that this hottie was attracted to me and I am getting a free one and no motel expense.

She started talking about being kinky and wanted to tie me up. I refused. After my first cum ( she came about a dozen times) she started talking about how she likes me and wanted to hook up permanently. I told her that she is attractive and that I do not mind seeing her on a regular basis. But I have another girl. She then freaked out and took out a knife. Good that she must be on drugs cause she was a little slow. I knocked down the knife, tied her down with my belt and put my pants on and split. She was screaming her head off as I drove out of there. The whole thing was a blur and this must be the longest 30 seconds of my life.

Be careful guys, there are psychos out there. I just hope she does not call the cops on me and making up stories of how I beat her up and tied her down, I left my cum soaked condom and underwear so if they run a DNA test, she can prove I was there.

I am not revealing her name because I do not want any trouble for me or even her. I think she was just on drugs and had a split personality.

The bottom line is that do not get too involved with these girls. They have problems.

05-03-04, 10:38
What are Cindi's rates like?

Jake 4119
05-03-04, 10:40
She's usually at $200 for an hour, but there's never a rush and she's usually really great about offering incall.

05-03-04, 12:42
I saw Cindi, she smelt like an ashtry. I didnt enjoy my time that much, I did get a nice greek lesson though, but thats about all. She used to much teeth.

05-03-04, 15:42
Cindi used to do incall in Louisville for $125, if you talk with her she will lower it.

05-04-04, 13:27
Given the unpleasantness recently visited on Louisville, I was not looking forward to a trip your way this week. I got in Monday night and was hungry. Airline food has taken a major turn for the worse. Maybe we can get some of those QANTAS frogs?

I stopped to grab a bite to eat at a fast food joint. A black woman walks in, she was stacked, and had plenty of junk in the trunk. She was wearing a very short denim mini-skirt and a denim top that did nothing to conceal a very nice rack. She turned the corner to the rest room and I said "you dropped something."

She turned around and looked over her shoulder and said with a smile "I don't wear panties."

Then she disappeared into the ladies room. I frankly thought the encounter was over. But, she must have had other ideas. When she came out of the ladies room, she sat down at my table and asked me if I was a cop. Once we got that out of the way, we headed back to my rig. She gave me a quick look, she wearing neither panties, nor bra. We agreed to go to my hotel room for a party. A good time was had, and I never hit the clubs.

I tipped her a hundred for her time. She thanked me, saying business was slow lately. I'm pretty sure she's a dancer, but I didn't get her number.

I may check out the club scene tonight.

05-05-04, 04:19
Road up 7th street around 2am, 10+ cops were at Thorobred, I drove by again at about 3am and they were all still there. About 3:15 I drove up 7th again and I saw them all pull out as fast as they could and pull into the SC that is closest to BN. Not sure what was happening. Saw about 4 SW's, all of them were with males though... pimp? protection?

Drove to Preston, saw a very very hot stripper at the gas station. I asked her what was up and she told me just waiting on her boyfriend. I was hoping that wasnt going to be a miss.

05-05-04, 09:09
Checked out the clubs, not much going on. Lots of dancers making very little money. Sad times. I knocked off about midnight, looks like I missed the law.

NC Transplant
05-05-04, 11:04

Some guys like you have all the luck. You must have a magnet to attract all the women.


05-05-04, 12:19
Is there ANY action going on at the AMPs? I know we can't really talk about it on here so if anyone has been lately please PM me with any details. I want to make a trip to one maybe by this weekend. Thanks.

05-06-04, 02:19

Don River
05-07-04, 09:37

I have a direct request from three AMPS- Hawaii, Olympus, & Euro.

They do not want your review, and they do not want you naming their girls. They are fighting for their survival. If you post about them the police will show up.

The civilians that are pushing this crackdown are monitoring this board. When someone posts a report like Xerox's, the phones start ringing at Metro police.

05-07-04, 12:59
But Don, that is the pupose of the board, isn't it? How else can we share experiences, if not here?

Jake 4119
05-07-04, 13:23
I hate to say this, but the police now know where to direct their next raid.

05-07-04, 14:22
Don River,

I associate myself with your posting. A couple of weeks back one guy who just happened to be passing through the area posted a very explicit review of another spa.

I chose to inform him of the political/ LE environment through PM. He thoroughly cursed me out telling me not to read or respond to his postings in the future. I thought that was rather selfish.

Like you said, that particular spa was raided about two months ago and the girls' fates are now in the hands of the justice system. We should not "kill the goose that lays the golden egg."

Then again, LE & politicos do frequent these places too and could be among us on these boards posting explicit information for self serving purposes.

Now that you have apprised everyone (not that it was not known before), "by thy action ye shall know thee."

I hope all mongers take Don's comments to heart and please respect the parties concerned. Let us not distract otherwise hardworking LE and the "vanguards of virtues" by burdening them with unnecessary and salacious information. You go to any other business place to perform a transaction, you are not obliged to tell John Public. If you have been harmed, there are civil channels you can pursue.

Yes, Jackson is providing a service that was and still is novel and entertaining. Many of us have learned a lot using this forum; but, there is such a thing called the "law of diminishing returns."

One Love!


05-07-04, 15:03
which is why I requested a PM. :\

One Man
05-07-04, 17:53
Don River wrote:

"The civilians that are pushing this crackdown are monitoring this board. When someone posts a report like Xerox's, the phones start ringing at Metro police."

Yes, the merger with the county provided predictable results. That is, people with too much time, money, and morality on their hands have decided to dictate the behavior of the inner city residents who are mostly trying to survive and don't have the resources to focus on politics. And it's always easier to ban something than to allow it.

But I have another idea. We should identify the churches that are most aggressive in this matter and instead of posting reports about particular clubs, we should post reports about what's happening at a particular "church". (Of course, that means we mongers are going to have to know what "church" corresponds to BN or TL1. We could send a list of locations around by PM so that we all could decipher the report, but report on the results of an $80 drink at "east-side baptist"! (I made that one up, of course) It would be sort of like our own little enigma machine. Of course we'd have to change the codes say on a monthly basis.

Be well and be careful out there. I will be visiting my (at least used to be) favorite city for memorial day weekend for the first time since the crackdown. Wish me luck.

I am just

One Man

Night Fighter
05-07-04, 18:47
I fully agree with Don River,we need to be more careful inwhat we say.

I have been asked many times over the years by AMP owners to get unwelcome reports deleted.

This is not a joke! When le hit Middletown one bond was 45k while the others were 20k.
Lets see what we can do to have our fun but do whatever we can to protect the ladies that give it.

Wouldn't be great to catch a member of Citizens for Community Values coming out of an AMP, you now they do it

05-07-04, 19:44
Nice idea One Man, but the question is, how do we know who these PMs would be going to. If they can moniter this site, surely they could request a PM for the code words. How are the true mongers to be vetted? It is a problem.

Hoosier Man
05-08-04, 00:56
Wow, I knew Xerox's report will be controversial. I had a similar report when this all started and I had it deleted by Jackson ASAP. I did not even mention any names of the girls on that one.

Over the Derby, one club had 4 officers come in at different times. Another club reported to me that cops were in all day. The girls made a ton of money at one club outside the 7th ST scene just giving air dances. There were just too many horny out of towners happy to have slight contact with our beautiful KY girls. They were buying those $100 air dances for 45 minutes with the girls.

However, things have slowed down a lot. My contacts who are the prettiest in their clubs are making around $100 a night. The uglier ones are down to $50 a night. At one club, the management went back to the old system. The girls used to keep 65% of their dances. Now it is back to 50%. Management is losing their shirt from the slow business and taking it on their girls. That is the wrong approach as more girls will end up quitting.

However, we really can not say since the economy is grinding down to a halt. Good jobs are harder to find. I was told by a salary expert that in Louisville the average annual wage for our area is just around $22K. Pretty bad. I spend more than that annually on this hobby. This is why more girls are trying to get in at a time the business is getting bad.

Am I being a pessimist on the economic slowdown? Not really when you consider that oil hit $40/ barrel and milk just went up $3/gal. I predict that gasoline will hit $3.00 /gal by year's end. This would make more girls desperate but will there be enough mongers to support them?

05-08-04, 06:17
I hate to say this, but the police now know where to direct their next raid.Like, they didn't know before? They know full well where to direct their next raid, with or without any help from this forum, or any other.

05-08-04, 08:04
I agree with Will. If you operate a spa that is open past 6 pm and hsa a "ring in" system, you are going to be targeted.

NC Transplant
05-08-04, 13:33
I remember they cracked down on the spas a few years ago and all of them closed for a short while. I don't know what the deal was then, maybe they needed to be bought out or something. It seems to me that about 10 years ago or something like that, LE went on a rampage. Then all of them reopened again, and business was as usual.


05-08-04, 16:54
We have a choice about how we deal with the reality of this situation. I choose not defecate in my own nest.

Whatever floats your boat bubba. But, if you assume that the LMPD is so ignorant that they have to get their information here, you are sadly mistaken. I will continue to post as always. You are free to do as you wish, but don't insult those who do not pay attention to you.

Easy Does It
05-08-04, 17:11
Boy oh boy. Louisville sure has fallen on hard times for those of us who enjoy this hobby. Looks like a good time for a change of scenery. I've enjoyed mongering in Louisville as much as my paltry salary would permit over the last several years. Strip Clubs and Independant escorts, even a SW or two. Now I find myself with a new job in a new city. I'll be moving to Mobile AL this week, from the looks of the board there the scene is a little better down there, and I'll be making about twice my present income, so I'll be able to play a bit more. Plus I'll have a month or two down there alone before the family arrives. So I should be able to check out the fun available there.

I just want to thank everyone for all the inforrmation that they have shared on this board. I'll continue to monitor and hope thet the scene improves for everyone!

Don River
05-08-04, 19:31
Obviously LE does not need to use this board. They have always known what was going on and where. That was not my point at all.

If the people who live here and pursue the hobby choose to post explicit details that inflame those persons behind the moral crusade, then we are all going to have to live with the consequences. One of those consequences is that this thing will never die down. The fact that the owners don't want the publicity should be sufficient for most reasonable people to consider the amount of detail that they post.

I certainly did not intend to insult anyone. If someone has taken umbrage at somthing in my two previous posts, I sincerely apologize to you.


One Man
05-09-04, 13:01
It's' not that the Metro Police need our help finding a place to raid. Some of them could probably tell us a thing or two. No, the people we need to worry about coming here are the holier-than-thou crowd who get some kind of perverse (almost vicarious sexual) pleasure about finding out that someone went into the 7th street church of christ and bought an $80 drink and with a tip got a BBBJ.

Didn't I read that one of the holier-than-thou preachers had a family member who started dancing and the embarassment that caused triggered this whole crackdown? Maybe we need to find out who that was and embarass him!

Hoosier Man
05-09-04, 13:05
Checked out one of the TL's (not on 7th). I noticed they have removed the private rooms and the big bottle drink area is gone. I have had many wonderful times on that room.

The private rooms are now semi private with a small stage. I did not see anyone buying this drinks. The girls were all newer although one said she started at this location a couple of weeks ago but she danced at the 7th st location for 3 years. I could have dated this girl because she told me that she used to sell the big drink and she was open to the offsite dating. Just not my type even though she was OK. She is hispanic and was a little pushy.

The other girls were harder because they are new to the business but with the right talk can be persuaded. Most have never sold a $200 drink before.

Basically, this TL is now an ordinary club like Godfather or Trixies except they are only topless here. I think I will end up going to Trixies more often. At least I get to see their nookies.

05-09-04, 14:37
If the people who live here and pursue the hobby choose to post explicit details that inflame those persons behind the moral crusade, then we are all going to have to live with the consequences.Set up a date with a chick from the WCSB Wednesday night, BBBJ in the parking lot and then took her back to my hotel room for a serious fun. Paid her too.

TS, bubba, live with it.

05-10-04, 15:01
I would like to be able to post reports on the sw sceen but I have not found anything while out driving.

Where do the sw's hand out in this town?

I promise to post reports once I hook up.

05-10-04, 16:43
Will86, pm me about which girl, I come to Louisville very often. thanks

NC Transplant
05-11-04, 00:15

I always had the best luck finding SWs on 7th street, between Berry and Hill, but it has been a few years. I always has been hit or miss. I dont know since the crackdown.


05-11-04, 22:25
Hey guys, I am having Brooke Balentine come back in town. Not sure of the date yet, will have that shortly. Shes only taking appointments through me, so PM me if you would like to see her


05-12-04, 08:21
"Luvthelife don't waste your time.

Will's report is bogus. Here's what he posted for Wednesday night:"

Bubba, it's really too bad that you are too stupid to know the difference between Wednesday and Thursday.

Don River
05-12-04, 10:08

You are correct, it was stupid of me to lose my temper over somthing as trivial as my perception that you were mischaracterizing my original posts.

I apologize to you and the other members of this board for the tone that my responses took. They truly were stupid. I sincerely regret wasting everyone's time.


05-12-04, 18:15
Muscles were a little sore today so I decided to visit one of the few massage establishments left in town. :-) The end result was satisfying, but the provider was very bitchy and rushed. Prices seem like they are going up as well, though I wouldn't budge off my normal paying price. But I miss the days of Paradise where I didn't have to spend 10 minutes refusing their overly inflated price. Anybody that wants more infor on the where and dthe who, PM me.

Member #1773
05-13-04, 17:00
Hello all,

Thanks for the great reports from the past. I have a general question about sw's. I have used many of the amp's in the past, Rainbow and Paradise were always my favorits. But given the recent LE activity, that is too risky for a married man. I have started to locate a sw for a quick $20 bbbj (much safer in regards to STD, IMHO). The problem I have is that I can't seem to locate any. I have read before that they "give you the look". My question guys is what exactly is the "look". Each time I see what I "think" might be a sw, I give a little stair and it just seems like she is looking at me like "what the h*ll are you looking at. I hate to ask such a stupid question, but I have never scored a sw, and my interest continues to grow. Thanks for any advice and thanks for all the great reports in the past.

05-13-04, 22:04
I've heard lots of stories about 'truck stops'. Has anyone heard this? Any action going on anywhere between Shelbyville and Frankfort on i64? Just curious

05-14-04, 01:00
Member 1773, well if your out late, and your the only car on the road, some of them will basicly flag you down. also, if they are cute, they probably arent a SW :)

Easy Does It
05-14-04, 01:06
Member 1773,

I'll second what Xerox said. In the past year I had 2 WSW in Louisville. Found one in the 7th and Hill area, and another around the park at 19th(??) and Duncan. Neither were more than a 3 on the scale, neither were they young, both were at least in their 40s. Good BJ from both however and the price was right $.2. You have to be patient, the action is very hit and miss.

05-14-04, 15:54
I am definately in for a trip to Louisville next weekend. Just wanted some info on any hot spots since nothing much has been reported lately. PM me any info.....

Also does anyone know about Southern Comfort that is currently advertising in LEO?

NC Transplant
05-15-04, 02:09
I am going to be in town too the week of the 24th. I have had the best luck on 7th street in the past. I have found a decent one every now and then. Sometimes I have found SWs walking around where the car wash is across from the old distilery.I would like to know if there is anything worthwhile going on since the LE crackdown.


Hoosier Man
05-16-04, 20:42
OK, I stumbled upon a ***** house being run off the trailer park around outer loop and taylor./new cut?. They also do outcall escort service for $125/hr.

However, I heard from regulars that if you want quickies in your car at the trailer park area, it can be as low as $50.

There are 3 girls working and they are pretty. Only problem is that they are all on crack. So be extra careful cause they sometimes will try to rip you off. So if you are adventurous, PM me .

Make sure you also use protection as these girls will do a few guys per day to support their habits

05-16-04, 20:52
Just got back from a quickie trip to DC. Had some hookers just a block from the hotel, they were working the exit area of the Marine barracks. Didn't try any out I understand some are TVs.

Going to be in Costa Rica the next two weekends and planning a trip ti Rio for Labor Day weekend. If anyone wants to take a look at some stunning beauties try ciaplus. It's one of the more cost effective escort services down there. They will be running promos for the next couple of months, $42US for two hours.

Life IS Good


Hoosier Man
05-16-04, 20:53
This is probably not news and should not surprise fellow mongers.

For the sake of public safety, I will reveal the name of the club.

I am not sure if the girls are still dancing at TL2 but three dancers tested positive for herpes and HIV. They used to dance there as late as two months ago. Their stage names are Donna, Destiny and Cookie. They are active doing offsite dating/escorting so be careful.

Please, fellow mongers, observe safe sex or we will all get this thing.

05-17-04, 15:05
Hoosier Man, could you give me some details on where that is located? PM me if you don't mind.

05-17-04, 17:23
Any of you guys ever seen a girl named Nicole out of Bowling Green? If so, how about sharing specifics with me. PM me if you have info, and I will return the same should you need it.

05-17-04, 23:20
Shamas I checked out the ciaplus site. $42 thats got to be to good to be true. those ladies look awesome.

Member #1773
05-18-04, 09:10
<<<Shamas I checked out the ciaplus site. $42 thats got to be to good to be true. those ladies look awesome.>>>

Aces, if you read some posts in the Brazil board, you will see that it is not "to good to be true". H*ll, i read the Rio reports everytime i am on here, simply because it is pu*sy heavan. If we ever went to Rio, we would be ruined for life. The $160 AMP would be out of business, after having 2 Rio goddess for $42.

Be safe all, and good luck.

Dark Traveler
05-18-04, 09:26

This is how things are down there, I can vouch for that. In Germany, you can take 2 girls upstairs in a brothel for $50 USD anyday. And I mean 9's and 10's, not crack hos.

It's just economy.