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12-31-99, 20:00
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04-13-17, 14:51
Just adding a couple of ripoffs and instagram copiers here.

04-15-17, 13:13

All pics are from instagram account https://twitter.com/AlyciaTyre?lang=en.

04-18-17, 02:56
Moved city everyday in the last 3 days, what does that tell you? Proooo.


04-21-17, 12:30

Too much expectations, not really willing to scratch the back in return.


Stay away, I have warned you.

07-26-17, 22:25


Stay away, I have warned you.Had several date's with this lady, thought we were hitting it off great. Tonight date at her apartment she was obliviously high. Should have left right then. She asked me to sit on couch and from her bedroom two guys with cloth over their lower faces came out crying guns both pointed at me. Somehow I just couldn't believe that this was real, I was somewhat scared but for the 400 I had on me I didn't think I would die3. She started in with some lame excuse so I just stood up and said I'm leaving. The guys were in their 20's so I wasn't too concerned, maybe that was a mistake. I went to the door at the same time she got there and tried to keep me in by turning the deadbolt. I'm stronger and opened the door and went out thinking any time I could be shot. Not a fun experience. For sure take the advice to stay away. Good fuck and suck but not worth dying for. PM me for her real name and digits.