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12-31-99, 20:00
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02-26-16, 16:43
Anybody have intel on this one?


11-04-16, 01:35
Anybody been with this one?


11-19-16, 16:52
Is there anyone here who's seen anyone in Yuma?

I'd ask a question, but it doesn't look like it's likely to generate much. Am I wrong?


03-19-17, 17:08
Well, literally no action here. Any one with reviews or reputation here?

10-07-17, 14:25
I can't believe how dead this thread is. Not saying why'all have the greatest selection here but there are some at least. Anywho.


I got a chance to see Hazel. Her pics are not real but are pretty comparable to what you actually get. She is think and fun. Nice juicy booty and pretty pussy. Takes d well but it's weird about sweat. I would repeat only because picks are slim here. Does anyone have a UTR they want to share with a Georgia boy?


Trying to link with this one for some top but she is being difficult. Not sure she is worth the effort. I will update if I can get her here.

10-08-17, 17:01

She is just as ugly in real life as she is in the pics. I was actually surprised at how big a woman she was. Any way she can definitely suck a dick. I personally am not interested in any more than that but some might. I would repeat in a pinch. Damage was. 4 for bbjcim. Not bad at all.

11-15-17, 11:24
Thanks, Random 69, for the reviews. They're much appreciated. I'm only in Yuma for part of the winter, but did see a couple of ladies last winter. I think all were "just passing through", but if I see their ads again I'll post.

Unfortunately your links are dead. I see Hazel's ad, but not the other one.