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07-22-14, 19:50
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01-27-16, 17:00
I saw an ad yesterday in tupelo for a girl named ashley. Once you call the number on her BP ad, it directs you to her website. Her website is really well put together and it goes on to explain that she doesn't accept cash and will only take a prepaid Visa, Mastercard, etc. The website gives you her actual phone number so I called to set up a time with her. She was very pleasant and helpful over the phone on how to get her donation etc. She then told me to call her once I reached her hotel parking lot. So long story short, I bought the $200 Visa card and called her once in the parking lot. She then proceeded to tell me to give her the activation number and card numbers on the card so she could go online first and make sure the card was legit. I told her I had the receipt for the card so she could she it was legit but she kept pressing for the numbers. I told her I didn't feel comfortable giving her the numbers without first seeing her in person so just come down to the lobby and I would give it to her. CLICK goes the phone! This girl was in my opinion totally trying to scam me! She was most likely 100's of miles from Tupelo. I called her back a few times and asked her if guys really fall for her scam. She acted like she didn't know what I was talking about and she felt like I was "trying to set her up". Unreal! I just put my $200 card in my wallet and smiled all the way home! She immediately took her tupelo BP ad link down but I've googled her and found several ads for her in Manhattan, Baltimore, Tampa etc. Here is a link from manhattan BP which was identical pretty much to her Tupelo ad:


Here is her actual website she directs you to: