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10-31-12, 00:41

Late post, last Thursday night about 9:PM there were two BSW's on Great Mills Road. First one named something like Quisha. I'm half deaf and just couldn't understand her even though I asked her 3 times. She was 5'9"+, a bit overweight and said she was 21 years old. She was walking in front of the bank. Asked. 3 for full service so took her to my spot. She wanted to go to her spot which was a big ass parking lot that belongs to a government contractor. I said no because there was only one way out if things turned bad. I'm always worried about the boyfriend or pimp showing up or a robbery. Service was sub-standard at best. I would have to be in dire circumstances to tap her again, of course YMMV, unsatisfied I moved on.

Number 2 was about 4'10" really skinny and so drunk she could barely stand. I would guess she's about 30 years old. She and her friend were in the parking lot of the McDs. The guy was probably her pimp and he negotiated on her behalf. It got a bit crazy for a few minutes because she got in the car and he wanted the money before we left but I wasn't giving anybody anything before service. Finally I told her to get out and he calmed down. We went to my spot but she was so drunk she couldn't do anything. It was a real cluster fuck so I took her back to where I picked her up, gave her. 15 and called it a night.

Unless things turn around I'll be taking that long trip to Baltimore in hopes of scoring some sweet thing.