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04-30-12, 14:38
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Ed Norton
10-22-12, 12:05
Thanks to Fbtom for these maps.

Ed Norton
10-22-12, 12:22
Thanks to Fbtom for this map.

Ed Norton
10-22-12, 12:33
Thanks to Fbtom for these maps.

10-22-12, 20:56
Are any of these strolls 18 wheeler freindly?

I know a wrong turn in Philly can lead to a low bridge situation, and we don't need that!



Cephlapod Love
10-22-12, 22:39
Thanks to Fbtom for these maps.Ed, Thanks for recognizing the need for a quick search location for stroll maps and adding this thread.

I also appreciate you giving credit to to original author of those maps. Classy move!

That good monger is missed!

10-22-15, 00:19
Have you guys noticed a lot of Trannies in the Northern Hunting park area? I was looking for areas beyond K and thought it looked promising, but that's not my thing. Is that area only Trannies?