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  1. Political Jokes, Photos and Cartoons
  2. Child Prostitution
  3. Prostitution and Law Enforcement
  4. The Morality of Prostitution
  5. The Truth about AIDS.
  6. American Women
  7. Pimps
  8. The History of an Illegal Monopoly
  9. Why are ugly women so darn good at sex?
  10. Monger Poll
  11. The Social Science of Prostitution
  12. The survival guide to USASexGuide
  13. English
  14. Befriending poor women ISO pros
  15. Sex trafficking
  16. Killing the Golden Goose: How much info is enough?
  17. Infidelity Advice
  18. Rules for SW's/MP Providers
  19. The 1910 White Slave Traffic Act, aka "The Mann Act"
  20. Drug issues related to Providers (a.k.a. prostitutes)
  21. Red Light cameras
  22. Craigslist Lawsuites
  23. American Politics during the Obama Presidency
  24. Will the Swine Flu affect our mongering habits?
  25. Craigs List to close Erotic Services Section
  26. Best & Worst of the American Cities
  27. This site doesn't work.
  28. Photo Gallery Policy
  29. Canada?
  30. Jury Acquits Man Who Killed Woman for Not Having Sex with Him
  31. Streetwalker Mongering 101
  32. Levels of UTR
  33. Who is this
  34. American Politics During the Trump Presidency
  35. Backpage shuttered claims Censorship
  36. Backpage down. What's this about facebook?
  37. General streetwalking topics