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Thread: 2000-2004 Archived Reports

Closed Thread
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  1. #686
    Dude phil1686...

    Why'd you go to GF at 11am in the morning?, on SUNDAY?! Man, if you went about 11 to 12 hours before, you'd have a crazy lineup.

    If you're asian, you shouldn't have paid that much. Just bullshit to them you only have $150-$170 and you want it all. Say that's how much you paid last time. If she says "no", ask the mamasan for another girl. They have to compete with other girls to get their money, so you'll probably win the negotiations. You probably gave in too quick (but, I'd understand cause your other "head" was making most of the decisions)

    The place is generally expensive but you shouldn't have to pay so much. The more guys that give in to paying so much, the more reason for the girls to continue to charge more! So, you must resist!!

    Sorry to hear that your experience wasn't good. I'll be going up to the Bay Area in the next month or two. I'll let ya fellas know how it goes! (It's was actually the GF that influenced me to start posting on WSG!)

  2. #685
    clark77 - Some savvy players do well with Craigslist;

    my impression is, it's the bottom of the barrel, largely a waste of time and full of ROB's.

    I would avoid. Unless you know what you are doing, shopping online is hazardous to the wallet.

    Remember the Steak 'n Shake slogan:

    'In Sight, it must be Right!'

  3. #684
    I went to Golden Flower on 2nd with high hopes from the comments that I have read here. I arrived at 11am Sunday. The place was quiet. After walking in the door Mamasan assigned me to Nanshee. I would have preferred a line-up, but Nanshee was cute. I checked with Mamasan to make sure that my girl could do some walking on my back. I was assured that she did.

    Nanshee led me downstair to a clean room with a bed, mirror and shower. I told her that I had been there before. She asked for $200 for the works. This was pretty steep. I offered to pay $160 for a BJ and HJ. She agreed, but later said that I was only getting a massge and HJ for the $160!

    The massage was strong as a I like it. Nanshee did I good job walking up and down my spine. Rubbing her feet on my butt and stretching out my arms and legs with some nice foot work.

    After about 20 minutes, she asked me to flip over, got some oil and finished me off. After a quick shower, Nanshee came back and rubbed my scalp and face for a few minutes.

    I thought the techniques offered were good. They got the job done of "cracking my back" and "whacking my jack," but for the money I paid more time and services should have been provided.

    I rate the experience a 7 for technique, but 5 for value. Compared to my recent AAMP in Sunnyvale where I got it all for $160, I won't be going back to the GF

  4. #683
    Awaiting Email Confirmation

    Posts: 13

    I'm planning a weekend trip to SF within the next month or so, and I was interested in trying out something different from the usual AMP experience, so I thought I'd ask for suggestions.

    My budget is fairly tight, so I'd prefer it if the total cost of the experience would compare to that of an hour of FS in an AMP.

    However other than SW's, (who are too risky for my taste,) the only other thing I've seen mentioned here are escorts, and those tend to be a little pricier than I can afford at the moment.

    I'd consider non-asian MP's (hard to find in SF, apparently,) or any other suggestions for FS providers.

    Thanks again for your help, all you mongers in SF!

  5. #682
    Yesterday I was in the mood for a FSBM, so I called Phoebe in Walnut Creek. The damage was $160 for an hour.

    I got there only to find that she was running late (she did call as I was about to arrive). When she did arrive, she called me back and I made my way to a very secure apartment in a very nice complex.

    Once I got there she escorted me into one of her bedrooms that was set up with a massage table. After a quick shower I returned to the table and was greeted by Phoebe with a top that exposed her average size breasts, but nonetheless she was very firm.

    To make a very long story short, she rubbed with her hands, her body, her legs and her arms. Early on she placed my hand between her legs, and you can guess where it ended up. No panties and she really enjoyed the action both around and in her.

    Overall, I would say it was one of the best FSBM that I have every had. I will go back!


  6. #681
    I'm going to be in town in a few weeks. Get there occasionally, and am not a stranger, but, can anyone tell me what I should expect if I were to contact someone from CL? All ROBs? Or what?

  7. #680

    Go back and read some of the past post! And all your questions will be answer!

  8. #679
    Member - check local weeklies, back pages, and give us some names. We can go from there.

  9. #678
    Hello fellas,

    Can someone recommend a good service amp in the city. I will also appreciate some guidance/pointers etc as it would be my first time.

    I will appreciate any guidance as I don't want to look like naive tourist.

  10. #677

    Please advise, my first time at AMp in SF. Any recommendations? How much shall I be looking at paying? Please guide me through as I don't want to look like a tourist and taken for a ride.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

  11. #676
    Why do some providers perform bbbj's, even though they don't have it on their menu, and based on previous reviews, haven't performed it in the past?

    {yes, I did get a bbbj from a well known amp girl}

  12. #675
    Was cruising down Larken street at 6pm. I seen this beautiful Philipeno or Thai street walker. Maybe 21 years old. C cup size and bubble butt. She waved to me. I parkes and came back 10 minutes latter. She was in the alley talking to this guy. I was surprised she buttoned up her top. Later I seen that guy stand ing one block down the street watching her. The were cops and he was undercover. I was fooled. Good thing I passed on this one she was so tempting. Just wanted to give the heads up.

  13. #674
    Just got back from my trip. I got taken care of at GF for $160, and at King's for $150. The girl (Julie? Ruby?) at King's told me that the best time to come was around 10pm, so she wouldn't be so tired next time. Still, a good time was had by all.

  14. #673
    Visited Lucky Spa last night, picked Mimi out of the line up cute Korean about 25 years old. slim, perky tits, and beautiful eyes. I would give her a 8.5/10 looks and 8/10 body and 9/10 service.

    She gave a really good strong massage followed by a titty massage all over my body with some light licking. Wow just thinking about it turns me on. Proceeded with a decent cbj with licking up and down my shaft. Went on to a cowgirl position, she just never stopped or asked to change into a missionary position. I had to turn her over to finish doggy style. She was getting so wet that when I was laying there my legs were all wet.

    I will return maybe tonight, who knows? But I would recommend her. There were some real lookers in the line up, so I'm sure I might be tempted to try others. Cost was $160 so pretty reasonable.

    Happy hunting

  15. #672
    Went mongering last night, in the teens. What a disappointment. The first pair I saw were both 2s, and Iím generous with my numbers. One looked like a walking, embalmed corpse. The other had to be 50, if she was a dayóand I donít mean just worn out, though she was that too. Saw another grandma who Iíd picked up before, not quite so horrific (probably decent looking when she was younger), but borderline nuts so I passed. Another lady looked good from a distance, well dressed, but up close I saw that she had few teeth and look ridden hard and put away wet. Saw a nice-looking girl, 18-20, who might have been working, but by the time I got around the block I saw her walking away with some frat dick looking dude. Saw a couple of punk rockers in the alley near the roach coach, not sure if they were working either, but when I circled around one had disappeared. The other did make eye contact when I came back around, and she wasnít bad looking, but she looked angry and scary. I passed. Finally saw a heavy-set black girl, late teens, who made eye contact, but she also looked angry. I wasnít ready to take chances last night, so I went home.

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